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Women are twice as likely to accept a date from a stranger if they have just heard a romantic song, according to a study. French psychologist Nicolas Gueguen recruited 183 female students, aged 18 to 20, telling them they were taking part in a market research test with one other person. They were told their research partner was late and asked to wait in a room alone where either a love song or a pop song with no romantic overtones was played. The pair spent five minutes with a researcher discussing different biscuits before the scientist made an excuse to leave the room at the University of South Brittany. The actor then asked the female for a date.   梁静茹的《情歌》在2010年度红遍海鲜两岸,无数痴男怨女在听了她的这首歌后泪雨滂沱,感伤系数超高,然而情歌的作用、情歌的渲染效果真有那么高吗?据悉,科学家实,女人在听到一首“罗曼蒂克”情歌时,更容易接受男人示爱,机率是未听情歌时的两倍!法国心理学家Nicolas Gueguen 将183个年龄从18到20岁的女性加入他对于“情歌催情效果”的实验,在实验中,心理学家把这183相继单独关进小房间里让与他们年龄相仿的男性朋友前来和她们约会,听到罗曼蒂克情歌的女性接受对方的机率要高得多!  Around 52 per cent of the women who had listened to romantic music gave him their phone number compared to 28 per cent who had heard ‘neutral’ music, it was reported in the journal Psychology of Music.The study only looked at the effect of romantic music on women. Professor Adrian North, a psychologist at Heriot Watt University, said the influence of music on romance was harder to study in men. He explained: ‘The danger is if you do the same experiment with blokes, all the men will say yes.’   在调查中,有52%在听罗曼蒂克歌曲的女性给男性自己的电话号码,并成功发出“第二次约会”的信号!而与此相对,在只有28%的女性(听普通歌曲非情歌)肯给对方自己的号码。这个关于情歌的催情效果的实验结果已经在《音乐心理学》杂志上发表,但是实验目前只是针对女性对情歌的反映而做出的调查。以为在Heriot Watt 大学任职的心理学家开玩笑说:“我们也想把情歌作用在男性身上效果进行研究,只可惜现实中男性同胞对于情歌的作用反映太过迟钝,因为他们但凡看到约会对象往往不会拒绝!来者不拒!” /201101/122999好朋友就是那种即使不能救你,也不会让你掉下去的人。 /201107/146472Classical: Upper class, personable, intellectual, unattractive and boring古典乐:上层阶级、和蔼、智慧、缺乏吸引力、乏味Jazz: Friendly, emotionally stable, with a limited sense of responsibility爵士乐: 友好、情绪稳定、缺乏足够的责任感Rap: Lower class, athletic, energetic, hostile说唱乐:低层阶级、活跃、爱运动、有敌意Rock: Rebellious, artistic, emotionally unstable摇滚乐: 反叛、有艺术气质、情绪不稳定Musical tastes and personality type are closely related, according to a study of more than 36,000 people from around the world.一项针对全世界三万六千多人的调查显示,人的音乐品味与个性紧密相联。Researchers at Cambridge University say people use music to define their identity.剑桥大学研究人员表示,人们可以通过音乐来判断对方大概是怎样的一个人。People often view rock fans as artistic or rebellious, classical buffs as intellectual and rap followers as athletic or hostile.摇滚乐迷通常比较有艺术气质或者反叛、古典乐爱好者则较有文化修养,而说唱乐迷则比较有运动天赋,但容易产生对立情绪。The university's Dr Jason Rentfrow said: "Even though our assumptions may not be accurate, we get a very strong impression about someone when we ask them what music they like."剑桥大学的杰森·伦特弗洛士说:“尽管我们的假设不完全准确,但我们往往通过询问对方喜爱怎样的音乐来形成对对方的看法。”During the study, sample groups of subjects regularly made the same assumptions about people's personalities, values, social class and ethnicity, based on their music taste. The profiles of fans of each of the genres was sharply distinct.调查发现,很多人都根据别人的音乐品位来判断对方的性格、价值观、社会地位和种族等,不同音乐类别爱好者的个性有着鲜明的差异。Dr Rentfrow believes his paper, entitled You Are What You Listen To, demonstrates how music can reinforce stereotypes and social prejudices.伦特弗洛在这篇题为《You Are What You Listen To》的报告中说,音乐确实能强化人们的传统观念和社会偏见,但这往往有偏差。However, he said: "Heavy metal or punk fans ended up being much more friendly than the stereotype would have us believe; agreeable, warm.他说:“与传统观念相反,重金属或朋克音乐乐迷有时更友善、热情和平易近人。”"The basic message is that we can learn an awful lot about someone if we know what kind of music they like bit it doesn't tell us the whole story."“如果我们知道某人喜好什么音乐,就可以对他的性格有许多了解,但是尽管如此,我们也不以自以为是的断定这是他的全部性格。” /200909/83459Attractive fathers do not pass their looks on to sonsBrad Pitt attends the "Burn After Reading" news conference during the 33rd Toronto International Film Festival September 6, 2008. Attractive fathers do not pass their looks on to their sons but they will hand their good looks down to their daughters, research shows.Attractive fathers do not pass their looks on to their sons but they will hand their good looks down to their daughters, research shows.In a study of family photographs, psychologists Professor David Perrett and Elisabeth Cornwell - now at the University of Colorado have found that while both father and mother can influence the attractiveness of their daughters, the couple's good looks do not necessarily contribute to the attractiveness of their son as an adult.Handsome men with masculine looks are likely to pass on masculine features, but not facial attractiveness.The theory suggests it is not unusual for attractive parents to produce a beautiful daughter while failing to pass on the same good looks to a son.While many celebrity mothers produce stunning daughters - such as Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson or Jerry Hall and her daughter Georgia - the same is not necessarily true of celebrity fathers.Sean Stewart, the son of Rod Stewart and his first wife Alana, would probably be judged less attractive than his model sister Kimberly."We can't see a strong relationship between the parents' attractiveness and the sons. If the parents are supermodels, the chances are the daughters will be lookers," Perrett said.Prof Perrett said it has previously been suggested that a woman could increase her own reproductive success by choosing a "sexy" mate whose genes would be passed on to male offspring, making them irresistible to the next generation.But the new study, published in the current edition of the journal Animal Behaviour, contradicts the theory.He said: " When we looked at women's faces, we found clear evidence that attractiveness passed from both father and mother to daughter. For the male line, we find that facial masculinity conforms to the rule 'like father - like son'. Masculine dads have masculine sons."But we did not find any evidence that facial attractiveness is passed from father to son. 一项研究表明,帅爸的好相貌能遗传给女儿,但不见得会传给儿子。科罗拉多大学的两位心理学教授大卫#8226;佩雷特和伊丽莎白#8226;康沃尔通过对一些家庭照片进行研究后发现,女孩的相貌一般会受到父母两人的影响,但男孩就不见得了,尤其是他们成年之后。研究发现,帅爸爸也许能将他的阳刚特质传给儿子,但他英俊的相貌却遗传不了。这一理论说明,帅爸靓妈能生出漂亮女儿但不一定能生出帅气儿子其实很正常。很多女明星的女儿都很漂亮,比如戈蒂#8226;霍恩的女儿凯特#8226;哈德森,杰瑞#8226;哈尔的女儿佐治亚,但男明星就不一定了。罗德#8226;斯图尔特和他的第一任妻子阿莱娜所生的儿子西恩#8226;斯图尔特就不如他们的女儿——名模金伯丽相貌出众。佩雷特说:“我们发现儿子的长相与父母之间没有很大联系。如果父母都是名模,那他们很可能会生个漂亮的女儿。”佩雷特教授说,此前有研究认为,女性可以通过选择“性感”的配偶来提高男性后代的质量,因为帅爸能将自己的这种优良基因遗传给儿子。但这项在最新一期《生物行为》期刊上发表的研究结果推翻了这一理论。佩雷特说:“我们仔细观察女性的容貌,找到了可靠的据明她们的漂亮脸蛋遗传自父母。此外,我们发现男性脸部透出的阳刚气质的确符合“有其父必有其子”这一规则:有阳刚之气的父亲会生出具有相同气质的儿子。“但我们并没有发现父亲的英俊脸庞遗传给儿子的任何据。” Vocabulary:looker:十分漂亮的人;美人 /200811/54892

Eating Breakfast May Help You Lose WeightAll calories aren't created equal. And breakfast matters.Those are some of the lessons from today's Health Journal column, in which Melinda Beck writes that what you eat─and when you eat it─can make a big difference in controlling appetite and satiety.Ms. Beck reports on the 'The Skinny,' a new book by Louis J. Aronne, longtime director of the Comprehensive Weight Loss Program at NewYork Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. 'It's true that a calorie is a calorie,' Dr. Aronne told Ms. Beck. 'But what that doesn't take into account is how some calories affect what people eat later on.'One of Dr. Aronne's key messages is a tough one for many jugglers and their kids to follow : Eat breakfast. But don't just grab a muffin or a pastry on-the-go, for you and the kids.Instead, have the family load up on lean protein─ideally from egg whites or a protein shake. Eating protein-rich foods in the morning reduces hunger all day long, Dr. Aronne says, which lessens the chances of bingeing later on. Eating muffins, b, sugar cereal or juice does the opposite.Dr. Aronne suggests trying his plan yourself: 'Have 200 calories of egg white omelette or protein shake for breakfast, and then another day have 200 calories of juice and look at your hunger, hour after hour.'Some people argue that they aren't hungry in the morning, but Dr. Aronne notes that ghrelin, the hormone that typically signals hunger, adjusts to habitual meal patterns. After a few days of eating breakfast, you should find that you are hungry in the morning, and are eating less the night before, he writes.If it's too much trouble to make eggs, protein shakes are just as effective. What's more, you can sip them while you're getting dressed or on the commute. You can buy protein shakes in cans at health food or vitamin stores (but if you're trying to lose weight, don't go for ones high in sugar, made with sweet yogurt or ice cream.) You can also make your own. His book includes the following simple recipe:1 1/2 cups of frozen strawberries2 tablespoons ground flaxseed2 scoops of protein powder (vanilla-flavored works best)1 pint water or skim milkBlend until smooth. It's just 300 calories for two pints, if you make it with water. (More recommendations from Dr. Aronne's research can be found in today's column.)Readers, is breakfast a part of your juggle, or are you just too time-strapped, or not hungry early in the day, to eat well in the morning? What's your family's typical breakfast routine? /200904/67596

Robot that cleans - inventor's ideal womanAn inventor has created his perfect woman, a robot who can do the cleaning, remember his favourite drink and him the newspaper headlines.Le Trung, 33, has spent pound;14,000 creating Aiko, who he describes as "in her 20s" with a 32, 23, 33 figure, shiny hair and delicate features.She can speak English and Japanese and is so accomplished at mathematics she can do Mr Trung's accounts.Mr Trung, from Brampton in Ontario, Canada, said he has never had time to find a real partner – so he designed and created his ideal woman using the latest technology.The former software programmer has taken out credit cards and loans, sold his car and spent his life savings on perfecting his "fem-bot".Now he is desperate to find a corporate sponsor to help him complete and perfect Aiko.He said: "Aiko is what happens when science meets beauty."I want to make her look, feel and act as human as possible so she can be the perfect companion."I talk to her a lot, and hope to improve her knowledge."So far she can understand and speak 13,000 different sentences in English and Japanese, so she's aly fairly intelligent."Aiko recognise faces and says hello when any of my family come around to visit. She helps me pick what to have for dinner and knows what drinks I like."She even helps me with directions when we're going somewhere."She doesn't need holidays, food or rest and she will work almost 24-hours a day. She is very patient and never complains She is the perfect woman."Mr Trung has designed Aiko with a touch-sensitive face and body so she reacts in a natural way if she is shown affection or hurt. /200812/58677

Eat Fiber 多吃高纤维食品Unrefined foods, especially those that are high in fiber, stimulate appetite-suppressing hormones and make you feel full.多吃粗粮,尤其高纤维食品。因为他们能产生抑制食欲激素,容易有饱腹感。 /200911/88569

The power of attraction is a very useful thing. There is a common misconception that physical appearance completely determines attractiveness, but this is simply not true. If you want people to be drawn to you, there are a variety of things you can do as a woman that will have others flocking to you in time.Love yourself. You can be pretty but still unattractive if you don't start to love yourself.学会打扮不要相信男人说不在乎你的外表之内的甜言蜜语,女人爱美是天性,男人爱美女是本性,所以,学着让自己做一个时尚达人,任何时候不要把自己邋遢的一面表露在外,优雅的出门。从容、优雅的女人,在男人心目中比胸大的女人更有魅力。 /200912/91571

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