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;Grin; is the most popular emoji on the instant messaging tool QQ in China, and was used more than 52 billion times in 2015, according to a report released by Tencent.腾讯公司发布的一份报告称,“龇牙”表情是即时聊天工具QQ上最受欢迎的表情,在2015年使用次数超过520亿次。The report was based on the data of more than 860 million QQ users, for whom means polite, cute, and friendly, and has become the best way to say hello when chatting online.该报告的数据采集自超过8.6亿QQ用户,他们认为“龇牙”表情礼貌、可爱而又友好,因而是网上搭讪的不二之选。Different people prefer different emojis. Though not listed in the top 5, icons of crying are popular among women and kids.当然,各人自有各人钟爱的聊天表情。哭泣类表情虽未能入驻前五,却赢得了女性和儿童的青睐。Females like the emoji ;sob; most, which is also used to represent acting like a child. Kids and teenagers between the age of 5 to 15 favor ;whimper;, which is frequently used for an icon representing tears.女性最喜欢“流泪” ,让人觉得她们童心未泯。5到15岁之间的青少年喜欢“大哭” ,常用来代表泪水。Meanings of emojis change over the years, too.各个表情的意思也在逐渐变化。The emoji ;smile; used to represent kindness, but now indicates unhappy and dismissive. For example, one can reply with when he disagrees with and makes fun of others.“微笑” 曾经表示友好和善,如今却代表不开心和鄙视。例如,在反对并取笑对方时就可以用这个表情。The emoji ;wave; used to mean goodbye, but now is more often used to mean to pretend that ;we are no longer friends;. For example, one can say ;I don#39;t want to see you anymore;, which is usually not taken seriously.“再见” 曾经用来告别,如今却往往用来佯装“我们不能愉快地做朋友了”。比如,我们可以说“再也不见 ”,当然这一般是开玩笑的啦。The emoji ;laugh and cry;, which was chosen as the word of the year of 2015 by the Oxford English Dictionary, is a new star with several different meanings, for example laughing out loud, expressing extreme happiness, laughing helplessly, or embarrassment.“笑哭” 当选为牛津英语词典2015年度词汇,是一颗身负多重含义的新星,表达的含义可以有哈哈大笑、喜不自胜、无力苦笑、尴尬无语等。 /201602/426710。

Agriculture in the Eastern Han was more advanced than that of the Western Han, for iron farm tools and ox plough were popular, which was not only used in the central plain, but in the remote areas, like Gansu and Guangdong, as well.东汉时期的农业生产较西汉更有发展,这和铁农具、耕牛更加广泛的使用有密切关系。不仅中原地区在使用牛耕,远至甘肃、广东等边远地区也已使用牛耕。In most cases were two oxen drawing a plough, while occasionally one ox was used.大多数是二牛抬杠,也有少数用一牛的。In the earlier years of the Eastern Han, the government had attached importance to constructing water conservancy, in the reign of Emperor Ming, the noted specialist Wang Jing and Wang Wu organized the huge project to repair and harness the Yellow River and the Bianqu canal, in which hundreds of thousands of people were recruited.东汉初年,官府已注意水利的兴修。明帝时,命民间水利专家王景和将作谒者王吴主持修治黄河和汴渠,并为这项工程而征调数十万人。As a result, major breaks in the dykes or changes in the river course did not occur through the following 800 years.黄河经过这次整治后, 大约有800多年的时间,未再发生决堤改道之事。Many magistrates also paid attention to the local water conservancy.有些郡守县令也重视本地区的水利兴修。A lot of canals and ditches were rebuilt or dug, which contributed to the agricultural irrigation and water transport.沟渠的修复或开凿,对于农田灌溉和交通运输都起了很大的作用。Water power had been applied to the production activities in the early Eastern Han.东汉初年,各地已在利用水力进行生产。Besides the hydraulic water lifting devices, winnowers and water-powered mills were introduced, which raised efficiency by a wide margin.除先进的汲水工具外,风车、水磨坊亦投人使用,极大地提高了生产效率。Landlord manors came into being gradually in this period.东汉时期地主庄园逐渐形成。A landlord possessing a large-scale field was a manor landlord, while the manor county estate.拥有大范围田地的地主可称为庄园地主,庄园就是田庄。Manors included arable fields, mountain forests as well as rivers and pools, which were all in the possession of landlord.庄园中不仅有耕地,其中的山林川泽也为地主所霸占。Most of peasants on the manors were renders ,who engaged in agriculture or sideline activities under the instruction of landlords or his agents.在地主庄园内,绝大多数农民是地主的佃户。佃农们在地主或其手下的指挥下,从事农业或副业生产。The tenant farmers did not pay taxes to the state but only pay rental money to the landowner.佃户不必向国家交税,但要向地主交租。The farmsteads comprised not only the huge buildings for the living of the noble family but also farm buildings, mills and factories, which were surrounded by a wall that made the farmstead a small fortress.庄园中不仅有供贵族家庭居住的高大建筑,还有农舍,磨坊和作坊。庄园主筑起围墙将整个庄园围起来,使得庄园有如城堡一般。A few large estate owners also possessed a private army to defend their possessions.少数的庄园主还拥有武装,用以保护自己的私产。Generally speaking, a manor was a self-supporting economic unit in landlord economy.Salt-making, iron-smelting, bronze-casting, Lacquer wares and cloth-weaving were principle handicraft trades, most of which were privately running and superior in technology to that of the Western Han.东汉时期的重要手工业有煮盐、冶铁、铸铜、漆器、纺织等,以私营为主,生产技术都较西汉进步。The iron-smelting industry was kept freely.冶铁业自由经营。The state-owned one was engaged in the making of weapons, chariot and horse gears as well as other implements of production and living.国家或官府经营的冶铁业以制造国家或官府需要的兵器、车马具及其他生产、生活用具为主。To meet the demands of market, the private industry focused on the production of commodities, including farm tools, manual instruments and living appliances.民营的冶铁业以生产商品为主,以供市场上的需要。产品以农具、手工工具及生活用具为最多。Pottery objects found their way into the daily life of the common people as they were in the families of privileged aristocrats.陶器不再是达官贵族家中的稀罕之物,也开始进人寻常百姓之家。A great progress was made in the technique of smelting, like the invention of steel making at a low temperature.东汉的冶炼技术有很大的进步,发明了低温炼钢法。With the sp of this technology, steel was more popularized.这一技术的发明和推广, 使钢的使用更加普遍。Thus, iron and steel replaced bronze in making principal weapons like swords.于是,铁兵器如刀、剑等最后完全代替了铜兵器。With an enlarged planting of mulberry and hemp, sericulture, silk and flax fabrics weaving industries grew rapidly, and the weaving technology was also improved.东汉的桑、麻种植的范围比西汉扩大,养蚕和丝织业、麻织业都有很大的发展,纺织技术也有进步。Modern Shandong and Sichuan Provinces were the major producing area of silk.主要丝织品产地在今山东、四川等省。Business was booming, for the growth of agriculture and handicraft industry brought about more products in the Eastern Han Dynasty.东汉时期,由于农业和手工业的发展,商品较多,因之商业也在发展。In 40, Liu Xiu decreed to recast 5-zhu -coin with the abolition of the old currency, which got rid of the disordered currency and promoted the economic development.建武十六年(公元40年),刘秀下令重铸五铢钱,废除了一切旧币,消除了货币混乱的局 面,促进了商业的发展。Luoyang became the commercial center of the whole country. Other cities, such as Yangzhou (present Yangzhou City in Jiangsu Province), Jingzhou (present Shashi City in Hubei Province) ,and Yizhou (present Chengdu City in Sichuan Province) all witnessed prosperities in their handicraft industry and commerce. The urban population increased argely.洛阳成了全国商业中心,南方的扬州(今江苏扬州一带)、荆州(今湖北沙市一带)、益州(今四川成都一带)的手工业商业也都很兴旺,城市人口大量增加。During the reign of Emperor Zhang and Emperor He, silk from China was becoming familiar to people as far away as the Roman Empire. In return, China received variety of exotic goods.章帝、和帝统治时期,中国的丝绸已为罗马人所熟知,而大量的异域商品也不断涌人。The increasing transaction sped up the development of traffic.陆路与海外贸易的发展,促进了交通事业的发展。The thousand-mile-long plank road leading to economically important region of Ba Shu (modern Sichuan) was repaired many times, and many official roads were built, along which there were post stations to secure the safety of businessmen and travelers, provide accommodation and facilitate traffic.自关中通向巴蜀的千里栈道多次得到整治,又修筑多条官道。这些找道、大道的沿途,多筑有亭障、邮驿,以保卫商旅,安顿食宿,便利交通。 /201512/413043。

Although a full IQ test takes an hour or more and costs hundreds of pounds, performance on this one simple test is highly predictive of your overall intelligence.虽然一个完整的智商测试需要一个小时或者更长,并且花费上千元,但这个简单的测试却可以高度预言你的大概智商。Look at the four cards above. We know for a fact that each card has a letter on one side and a number on the other. Truthful Terry says: ‘Every card that has a D on one side has a 3 on the other.’ What is the fewest number of cards you need to turn over to find out whether Truthful Terry is actually telling the truth? And which ones? The answer is shown at the bottom of the page.请看上面的四张卡片。我们已知每张卡片都是一面有字母,另一面数字。Truthful Terry说:“每张一面含字母D的卡片,其另一面都是数字3。”你需要翻至少几张牌来确定Truthful Terry究竟有没有说实话?具体又要翻哪张牌呢?在文章结尾。If you got it right, congratulations! Either you’ve seen this before or you’re a candidate for Mensa.如果你回答正确,恭喜!或许你之前看过这个,或许你是世界顶级智商俱乐部门萨的成员。Seriously, I’ve given this test to hundreds of people up and down the country, and very few get it right (the exception was an audience of Google software engineers, not a single one of whom messed up). The analytical and deductive skills you’ve shown are one of the most important components of intelligence.事实上,我把这个测试给全国成百上千的人做了,几乎没有人能做对(谷歌的软件工程师们一个也没做对,只有一个他们的观众是个例外)。你所展示的分析和推断能力是智商最重要的组成部分之一。If you slipped up, don’t worry. The reason is a phenomenon known as confirmation bias. Most people, being charitable sorts, want to turn over the 3, find a D on the back and say: “Well done, Terry!” Actually it doesn’t matter whether the letter on the back of the 3 is D, Z or something else (look back to what he actually said).如果你答错了,不要担心。这是源于一个名为认知偏见的现象。大多数人作为善良的群体,希望翻开卡片3,发现背后的D,然后说:“做得好,Terry!”事实上,无论在卡片3的背后是字母D,Z或是其他,都无所谓。(回去看一下他究竟说了什么)Confirmation bias – the tendency to try to confirm pre-existing beliefs – is one reason many people believe complete nonsense (eg homeopathy).认知偏见——趋向于实预前存在的信念——是许多人相信完全胡说八道的事情的原因(比如顺势医疗法)。Ironically the only way to check the truth of Terry’s statement is to try to disconfirm it – ie to try to find evidence that he is wrong (a D on the other side of the 7). 相反的是,唯一确认Terry的说法是正确的方法就是明其不成立,也就是说找到他是错的据(在卡片7的背后发现字母D)。Answer:Two cards, D and 7:至少翻2张卡片,卡片D和卡片7译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/414422。