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It is said that there was no man when the sky and the earth were separated by Pangu. It was Nuwa who made human beings after her own model with yellow clay.盘古开天辟地后,世上本没有人,是女蜗按照自己的样子用黄 泥塑出了人类。From then on, man began to live in peace and happiness on the earth.此后,人们便开始在大地上幸福的生活着。Unexpectedly, one year, the four-pillars supporting the heaven suddenly collapsed and the earth cracked.天有不测风云,一年, 忽然天崩地裂,大火肆虐,洪水滔天,野兽横行伤人。A great fire raged; torrential water flooded all the lands;fierce animals preyed on men. Then Nuwa melted five-colored stones, using them to mend the cracks in the sky.女蜗把五石融化,再用这些熔化了的液体把天上的洞补好。To replace the broken pillars, she cut off the four legs of a huge turtle and used them to support the fallensky.然后,她又将一只万年巨龟的四足斩下,把它们用作擎天柱,撑住了天地的四方。Thus the sky was patched up, its four corners were lifted, the flood was tamed, harmful animals were killed, and the innocent people were able to restore their happy lives.就这样,天补好了,四个角撑住了,洪水被驯, 猛兽被消灭,人类的生活又恢复到往日的幸福祥和之中。 /201510/404395“Move quickly to the closest usable exit, taking nothing with you.” Yet here again are images of passengers trundling suitcases and carrying hand luggage across the runway, after evacuating a British Airways aircraft that caught fire before take-off at Las Vegas.“快速走到离你最近的可用出口,不要携带任何物品。”然而,英国航空公司(British Airways)的一架飞机因在起飞前着火而进行疏散后,这样的情景又一次出现:飞机跑道上的乘客们拖着行李箱,拿着手提行李。The last time such safety breaches were publicised was after the fatal crash of an Asiana Airlines jet in San Francisco in 2013. Some commenters on social media even attributed passengers’ thoughtlessness to a Chinese tendency to put material things ahead of human lives (Chinese nationals accounted for half those on the flight).上一次媒体曝光这样的违反安全规定现象,是在2013年一架韩亚航空(Asiana Airlines)飞机在旧金山发生致命撞击事故后。一些社交媒体上的者甚至将乘客的轻率之举归咎于中国人把财物看得比人命重的倾向(航班上的乘客有一半为中国籍)。If nothing else, the BA accident has disproved that slur: under pressure, the British are just as capable of the same act of stupidity.撇开别的不谈,英国航空的事故至少驳斥了上述诋毁:在压力之下,英国人也会干出同样的蠢事。Jacob Steinberg, a Guardian journalist who was on the BA flight, gently admonishes critics: “If you weren’t there, how do you know how you would have reacted? People do odd things when they panic.”乘坐了此次航班的《卫报》(Guardian)记者雅各布斯坦伯格(Guardian journalist)温和地责备批评者:“如果你不在现场,你怎么知道你会作何反应?人们在惊慌的时候会做奇怪的事情。”True. One Asiana passenger recalled he had gathered his belongings out of habit. When we are allowed to carry so much, and of such material value, on to aircraft, it may be natural to grab those things before exiting. In the end, the Asiana accident report did not refer to the problem.的确。一名当时在韩亚航空航班上的乘客回忆,他收拾自己的东西只是出于习惯。如果我们被允许携带那么多的贵重物品上飞机,在离开前拿走这些东西或许也是自然而然的。最后,韩亚航空的失事报道并未提及这个问题。But plenty of other incidents are complicated, sometimes fatally, by bag-toting passengers. A study of 46 evacuations from June 2000 found half of passengers tried to take items with them, including large framed pictures and musical instruments.但乘客在事故发生时依然带走物品的行为让其他许多事故复杂化,有时这是致命的。有人研究了2000年6月以后的46次疏散,发现有一半的乘客试图带上个人物品,包括大相框和乐器。As pilot and author Patrick Smith has written: “Leave your stuff. It will all be returned to you later. [If] it winds up incinerated, well, you should be happy to have lost it. Lest it have been you in there.”飞行员兼作家帕特里克史密斯(Patrick Smith)写过这样的文字:“把你的东西留下。之后自会归还给你。(如果)它最终烧成了灰烬,你应该为失去它感到高兴。否则就是你在那里了。”Happily, there were no fatalities in the BA fire. But if I had been the last passenger out, I might well have asked those in front of me why their carry-ons came first.所幸英国航空的这次飞机起火事故中没有人死亡。但如果我是最后出来的乘客,我很可能要问问我前面的人,为什么他们的行李在我之前离开。 /201509/398772NEW YORK — Three Yorkshire terriers nestle in a man#39;s arms on a train. A pug lounges on a bench. A chow chow on a leash mingles among commuters.纽约——地铁上,三只约克夏犬依偎在一个男人怀里。哈巴懒洋洋躺在长椅上。用皮带拴住的松狮犬混入了乘客之中。If you are a regular subway rider, chances are you are seeing more dogs these days, and they are often riding out in the open (or close to it), right alongside their owners.如果你经常乘坐地铁,近来你有机会看到越来越多的。它们跟在主人身边,往往没有栓链(或者是几乎没有拴)。Once rare, such sightings elicit coos and smiles from plenty of pet-friendly riders, but perhaps just as many steely glares from passengers who are perturbed by the intrusions.这种以前很罕见的情况,现在能引起大量喜欢宠物的乘客的问候和微笑,但许多觉得受到骚扰的乘客,也会投来冰冷的目光。The scofflaw pooches appear here and there on platforms and trains in plain sight, defying the rule that they must be in closed carriers of some sort and surfacing often enough on social media the instant the train is back in cell range.藐视法律的在众目睽睽下出现在月台和地铁车厢各处,主人们罔顾必须把犬只放进某种封闭箱包携带的规定。在地铁返回有信号覆盖的区域的那一刻,它们经常就会跃上社交媒体。When Hannah O#39;Keefe, 24, spotted the chow chow on an A train in Manhattan the day before Thanksgiving, she snapped a photo and posted it on Twitter to express gratitude for the chance encounter.感恩节前一天,当24岁的汉娜·奥基夫(Hannah O’Keefe)在曼哈顿一列地铁上看到一只松狮犬时,她拍了一张照片并发表在Twitter上,来表达不期而遇的美好心情。“If it#39;s a cute dog, I#39;m like, `I know you#39;re not supposed to be here, but I#39;m happy you#39;re here,”#39; said O#39;Keefe, who lives in Brooklyn and works at a nonprofit.奥基夫说道,“如果它是一只可爱的小,我会想,‘我知道你不应该出现在这里,但我很高兴你在这里’。”她住在布鲁克林,为一家非营利组织工作。Unmistakable as the increase may be to daily riders, it is impossible to quantify how many dogs are riding the rails. Many pet-toting riders might never cross paths with a police officer. Or an officer, instead of issuing a summons, might ask the owner — and the dog — to leave the system.对每天乘坐地铁的人来说,出现在地铁上的次数肯定是在增加,但现在到底有多少会乘坐地铁,并没有具体的数字。许多携带宠物的乘客可能根本不会被警务人员制止,又或者警务人员只会要求的主人带着一起离开地铁,而不是发出传票。Only 219 riders were issued summonses last year for having unauthorized animals on subways and buses, down from 261 in 2014, according to the police.据警方数据,去年只有219位乘客因未经许可将宠物带上地铁和公共汽车而收到了传票,比2014年的261人有所下降。To put those totals in perspective, more than 75,000 summonses were issued across the transit system in 2015, for everything from fare evasion to seat obstruction.与总体数字相对比,2015年整个公共交通系统共发出了超过7.5万张传票,原因各种各样,从逃票到霸占座位应有尽有。Police dogs, of course, are not an unusual sight in the transit system, nor are service dogs, aiding people who are blind or otherwise disabled. But such animals are highly trained and generally accustomed to the underground environment.当然,公交系统中警犬不是罕见的景象,帮助盲人和其他残疾人的导盲犬也不是。但是这些动物都训练有素,也习惯了地铁的环境。The seemingly scant enforcement does not mean that dogs do not occasionally create headaches for subway officials. In November, a Rottweiler puppy escaped its leash and had to be rescued from the tracks by a subway worker. Last February, a dog had to be similarly extracted after ending up on the tracks near the Fordham Road station.看似宽松的执法,并不意味着不会偶尔给地铁官员带来麻烦。11月,一只罗威纳幼犬挣脱了皮带,地铁工作人员不得不从轨道上将它救起来。去年2月,工作人员不得不用同样的方法,将一只在福德姆路站附近走上铁轨的拉了出来。They are not the only pets to get into trouble. Two kittens wound up on the tracks in 2013, snarling service and inserting themselves into the mayoral race when Joseph J. Lhota, a Republican candidate and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority#39;s former chairman, said trains should have kept running (Lhota lost to Bill de Blasio). Another cat, this one named George, got onto the tracks at the Canal Street station in July, delaying dozens of trains.它们不是唯一一种会惹麻烦的宠物。2013年两只小猫走到了地铁轨道上,扰乱了整个交通系统,并将自己卷入了市长选举中。当时共和党候选人和大都会运输署(Metropolitan Transportation Authority)的前主席约瑟夫·J·洛塔(Joseph J. Lhota)说,地铁不应为此停止运行——洛塔输给了白思豪(Bill de Blasio)。另一只名叫乔治(George)的猫,7月份时出现在坚尼路(Canal Street)站的轨道上,造成了几十个车次延误。While most dogs prompt nothing more pointed than a stare from riders, they occasionally draw more aggressive displays of displeasure. In December, a man was arrested after he punched a pit bull therapy dog as well as the man who had brought the animal onto the No. 4 train. The assailant had asked the man to move the dog away from him, the police said.尽管大多数不会引发让乘客瞪眼更尖锐的反应,但偶尔也会出现更为激进的不满反应。12月时,一名男子因为殴打一只用于心理治疗的比特犬,和将其带上4号线地铁的人而遭到了逮捕。警察说袭击者曾要求该名男子让离他远点。The day-to-day commotion underground could seem overwhelming for dogs, but some appear to enjoy the adventure. Marnie the Dog, a celebrity Shih Tzu with nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, recently pranced through the subway on a leashless joy ride chronicled in a posted online.地铁里日复一日的喧嚣对来说往往难以承受,但有些似乎享受冒险。一只在Instagram上有近200万关注者的知名狮子玛尔妮(Marnie the Dog),最近在没有拴皮带的情况下,神气活现地在地铁上兜了一圈,并且还被拍近了视频里,发到了网上。Many riders claim to be unaware of the rules. Unlike signs that remind riders that smoking and moving between train cars are not allowed, the restrictions on dogs are not widely posted. On a No. 7 train from Manhattan to his home in Queens, Amaru Alzogaray, a dog walker, was transporting three Yorkshire terriers for which he regularly cares. A taxi ride could cost , he said.许多乘客声称自己不知道这条规定。不像地铁上有提醒禁止吸烟和不得在车厢间走动的标志,对的限制标志还没有广泛张贴。阿马鲁·奥佐加雷(Amaru Alzogaray)是一位遛者,他会带着经常照看的3只约克夏犬乘坐7号线,从曼哈顿到其位于皇后区家中。乘坐出租车要花费60美元,他说。“I didn#39;t know that you had to have them inside a bag,” he said. “I thought only that they have to be well-behaved and not dangerous to other people.”“我不知道必须把它们装进袋子里,”他说。“我只觉得它们必须乖巧,不对其他人造成危险。”To some, bringing a dog onto the subway is not unlike mansping or nail-clipping. They say it should be similarly scorned by subway officials and included in the current campaign for improved subway etiquette.对一些人来说,携犬乘坐地铁跟叉开双腿多占座位或修剪指甲没什么不同。他们说,这些行为应该同样受到地铁官员的劝导,并纳入当前改善地铁礼仪的活动中。Mariel Conway, 28, was miffed last year when she saw a dog taking up two subway seats while an older rider was left standing nearby.去年,28岁的马里埃尔·康威(Mariel Conway)看到一只占了两个座位,而一位老年乘客只能在旁边站着,于是她变得有点恼火。“This guy was just letting the dog sp out, which during rush hour was really annoying,” said Conway, who works in the entertainment industry.“这家伙就让摊开趴着,在高峰时段这真的很烦人,”在行业工作的康威说道。Riders with unauthorized animals can face a fine, lower than the penalty for smoking () or fare evasion (0). If a dog poses a “direct threat” to other passengers, the animal and the owner can be ejected from the system.未经授权携带动物乘坐地铁的乘客可能面临25美元的罚款,比吸烟(50美元)或逃票(100美元)的罚款要低。如果对其他乘客构成“直接威胁”,动物及其主人将被从公交系统中驱逐出去。Chris Cerritelli, 25, knows he is breaking the rules. On jaunts to Central Park and the Brooklyn waterfront with his boxer Mister, friendly riders say hello and ask to pet the dog. He has been stopped by an officer just once, he said, and he thinks the police are right to focus on other matters.25岁的克里斯·塞瑞特里(Chris Cerritelli)明白自己违反了规定。在带着他的拳师犬米斯特(Mister)前往中央公园和布鲁克林海滨的短途旅行中,友好的乘客跟过来打招呼,并要求抚弄他的宠物。他说他只被警察截停过一次,而且他认为警方专注于其他事务才是正确的。“It shouldn#39;t be their priority — they have a hundred thousand other things to worry about,” said Cerritelli, a furniture designer.“这不应该是他们的优先处理事项——他们有无数其他的事情要操心,”家具设计师塞瑞特里说。Marie Leger came across an unusual sight on the subway last year: a dog riding on a seat near a cat that was wandering the aisle, both with the same family. Riders did not bat an eye as the cat rubbed up against passengers#39; legs. Leger, 42, a dermatologist, said she often sees dogs riding the subway outside carriers.玛丽·莱杰(Marie Leger)去年在地铁上看到了一个不寻常的景象:座位上趴着一只,附近还有一只猫在走道上徘徊;它们属于同一家人。当猫擦着乘客的腿来回走动时,乘客甚至连眼都没眨一下。42岁的莱杰是一名皮肤科医生,她说经常会看到没有装入携带器具的乘坐地铁。“I usually find it charming,” she said, “but if the whole subway was full of misbehaving animals, I probably wouldn#39;t be so delighted.”“通常我会觉得这很有趣,”她说,“但如果整个地铁满是上窜下跳的动物,我可能就不会这么高兴了。” /201601/422978Good books take ers on journeys in their minds. The announcement of this year’s US National Book Awards finalists has highlighted a number of modern literary gems.一本好的书能带领读者徜徉心灵的海洋。今年美国国家图书奖的入围书目无疑是现代文学的瑰宝。The books tackle a range of topics, from science to friendship to culture. Here are some standouts to add to your ing list.图书涵盖了各种主题,从科学、友谊到文化。下面为各位推荐其中几本好书。 Between the World and Me《世界和我之间》by Ta-Nehisi Coates作者:塔那西斯科茨Publisher: Spiegel amp; Grau出版商:兰登书屋Ta-Nehisi Coates, a correspondent for The Atlantic, explains what it means to be an African-American in the US in his latest book Between the World and Me.塔那西斯科茨是《大西洋月刊》的记者,他在新作《世界和我之间》中探讨了在美国当一名非洲裔美国人意味着什么。Drawing from the style of James Baldwin’s 1963 book The Fire Next Time, Coates addresses the rampant racism in the US. Interestingly, the book is written in the form of an open letter to Coates’ 14-year-old son Samori. Through its pages, Coates hopes to prepare Samori for the challenges that young African-Americans face on the street and even in school.从詹姆斯贠德温1963年的著作《下一次将是烈火》中寻得灵感,科茨提出了美国肆虐的种族主义问题。有趣的是,这本书作者是以给他14岁儿子萨莫里的公开信的形式写成。通过该书,科茨希望萨莫里做好准备,迎接一个非洲裔美国人在马路上甚至学校里将会面临的挑战。Coates shares his tough childhood in West Baltimore and his inspiring college life at Howard University. He also depicts prominent incidents of social injustice in the US.科茨分享了他在西巴尔的的艰苦童年,以及他在霍华德大学度过的鼓舞人心的大学生活。他还描绘了反应美国社会不公平的典型事件。What makes this book stand out is Coates’ great writing. “The language of Between the World and Me, like Coates’ journey, is visceral, eloquent, and beautifully redemptive,” US Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison commented.这本书最出的地方还是科茨卓越的写作技巧。美国诺贝尔文学奖得主托妮莫里森评价说:“《世界和我之间》的语言读起来就像是在看科茨的个人历险,它感人至深,生动形象,完美地引人反思。” /201512/413729

;In the long term, we will probably see equal or higher sales in China than in the ed States. That may take five or six years,; Elon Musk, CEO of electric automobile maker Tesla Motors, told Xinhua on Friday.10月23日,特斯拉电动汽车首席执行官埃隆·马斯克表示,“从长远来看,特斯拉在中国的销量将有望达到或赶超美国,这可能需要五六年的时间”。Sales in China in the first three quarters of 2015 reached 3,025 cars, with 791 sold in Q1, 882 in Q2 and 1,345 in Q3, respectively, Musk said at a press conference to unveil Tesla’s new Autopilot system in Beijing.2015年前三季度特斯拉在中国共售出3025辆,第一季度销量为791辆,第二季度销量882辆,第三季度1345辆。马斯克在北京新闻发布会揭开了特斯拉新自动驾驶系统。Musk said the figures are good on a percentage growth basis, and he is very optimistic about Tesla’s future in China. He said he wants to emphasize that Tesla is still a small company. ;We get the press of an elephant, but are the size of a mouse,; he said.马斯克表示,这些数据的百分比均呈上升态势,他十分看好特斯拉在中国的未来。他强调,特斯拉现在仍然是小公司,“媒体看来我们看起来像只大象,但从规模上讲我们还只是只老鼠”。The company is in talks with officials at the national and provincial levels about potential joint ventures in China, according to Musk. In a previous interview with Xinhua, Musk said Tesla plans to localize production and engineering in China in three years. ;That timetable is still approximately correct. It’s my best guess,; he said on Friday when asked if there had been any change of plans.马斯克表示,目前公司正与国家级及省级官方举行会谈,探讨潜在的合作关系。在早前接受新华社的采访时,马斯克表示特斯拉计划三年内在中国实现本地化生产和工程设计。周五的新闻发布会上,当被问及计划是否会有变时,马斯克回应,“乐观估计,公司未来发展和这一计划基本一致”。Tesla has been increasing its retail outlets and supercharging networks in China, having aly installed 84 superchargers and 1,500 destination chargers after sales in the country reportedly fell below expectations last year.自去年报导特斯拉在中国的销售额未达到公司预期值,特斯拉便一直在中国增加其零售网点及超级充电网络系统,已建成84个超级充电站及1500个目的地充电站。Musk said Tesla is now in a ;pretty good place,; even as traditional car makers such as BMW and Audi unveiled their own electric vehicle concepts in China. ;We are trying to put localized production in China. In the years to come, you’ll see some fairly significant partnership announcements,; Musk added.马斯克表示,虽然诸如宝马、奥迪等传统汽车公司纷纷发布电动汽车的概念,但特斯拉在竞争中还是占据良好的位置。马斯克补充说,“我们计划在中国实现本地化生产,在不久的将来,你们就能看到一些重要的合作关系”。China’s automobile sales rebounded in September mainly due to growth in passenger car and new energy vehicle sales. Official data showed that electric and hybrid electric cars outperformed their peers in September, registering 210- and 220-percent year-on-year growth in output and sales, respectively.由于小轿车和新能源汽车的销量增加,中国的汽车销量在9月有所回升。官方数据显示,电动和混合动力汽车在9月份的销量表现优于其他汽车,年产量增长率达到210%,年销量增长率达220%。Industry analysts said his choice of Beijing as the launch site for Tesla’s Autopilot indicates Tesla’s determination to win over China, the world’s biggest auto market.业内人士分析,特斯拉选择北京作为其自动驾驶系列的首发地,表明特斯拉要赢得中国这一全球最大汽车市场的决心。However, Musk did not shy away from admitting that Tesla had ;made some mistakes; on its initial entry into China. The lesson learned is that no matter how anxious customers are to get the product, it shouldn’t be launched unless everything is y, he said. Tesla is limiting expansion into other markets as a result of the lessons learned in China, Musk said. ;We shouldn’t make that mistake in the future.;然而马斯克并不否认,在初入中国市场时,“犯了一些错误”。但我们从中吸取到教训:无论市场顾客对这一产品多么期待,都不能在产品还没完全准备好的时候投入市场。由于中国这一市场的经验教训,特斯拉现在并不急于拓展其他市场,马斯克表示,“在将来我们不能再犯这样的错误了”。Meanwhile, he is also optimistic about China’s economy, despite the recent slowdown. ;If you look at China’s fundamentals over the long term, they are extremely good,; Musk said, citing the country’s highly educated workforce and high percentage of engineering graduates.同时,他对中国的经济前景持乐观态度,尽管近期有所放缓。“要用长远的眼光看待中国的经济基本面,形势还是一片大好”,马斯克和有高等学历的员工和工程专业的学生交流时说到。Apart from Tesla, Musk is also the CEO of private rocket firm SpaceX and chairman of solar company Solarcity. He dismissed the possibility that all the companies under his helm would be restructured to follow Google’s recent reorganization under conglomerate Alphabet Inc.包括特斯拉,马斯克同时也是私人火箭太空探索技术公司(SpaceX)的首席执行官,以及太阳能公司的董事长。他否认了他掌舵的所有公司将进行重组的消息,因为谷歌最近重组成立了Alphabet公司。He said he enjoys getting involved in the ;front line execution; of the companies, but said Tesla will add new brain power to its team, which will ;make it easier; for him.马斯克表示他很享受参与到公司一线执行活动的过程,但特斯拉团队需要输入新的智慧,这能使他轻松不少。 /201510/405983

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