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上饶激光祛斑费用上饶铅山县鼻翼整形多少钱上饶婺源县去除腋毛多少钱 探索世界奥秘之万里长城 1Its a thousand times longer than any monument ever built. Started before the Birth of Christ, it was still being built when Columbus sailed to America and millions died in its making. What unspeakable fears drove the Chinese to build the Great Wall, a wall they called “the longest cemetery in the world”.This is the wall that everybody knows about, where American presidents pose and millions of tourists visit every year. But few of those visitors realize that the floor they are rapidly wearing away and the walls they carve their initials on is younger than they are, rebuilt only a few decades ago.But there is a lost wall, rarely visited and seldom filmed that lies just over the horizon. This is the real Great Wall of China. It starts on the shores of the Yellow Sea, and stretches through the mountains north of Beijing and into the heartland of North China. It has great fortified castles and watchtowers at crucial mountain passes where enemy armies could easily breach the defenses.It runs down to the shoreline of great rivers, then for thousands of miles it stretches through uninhabited deserts across unscalable mountains. At first, it is built of stone, but as it reaches the desert, it reverses into mud brick. And finally, the Great Wall ends here at this lonely watchtower overlooking the White River. Its the greatest feat of engineering in the world, running a staggering total of more than 4,000 miles from start to finish.This is the 15th dawn Chen Daling has photographed in this month alone. But Chen is not only a photographer. He is a man who has dedicated his life to discovering everything he can about the Great Wall of China. For years, he searched the Chinese countryside for evidence of long forgotten and abandoned walls.breach: break through, burst intounscalable: not possible to scale200707/15840White House Renews Appeal for End to Georgia-Russia Conflict布什呼吁结束南奥塞梯流血冲突 The White House is making a renewed appeal for an end to the bloody conflict between Georgia and Russia over the Georgian breakaway province of South Ossetia, and accusing Russia of 'disproportionate' action. U.S. President George Bush is pushing for a cease-fire. 白宫再次呼吁结束格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯就格鲁吉亚主张分裂的南奥塞梯地区发生的流血冲突,并谴责俄罗斯采取过分的行动。布什总统正在北京促成双方停战。President Bush is engaging in some personal diplomacy in an effort to halt the bloodshed and bring all parties to the negotiating table. 布什总统正在进行私下的外交活动,争取停止流血冲突,促使有关各方坐下来谈判。The latest move: a call to French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who holds the six-month rotating presidency of the European Union. 布什最近采取的行动是和法国总统萨尔科齐通话。法国总统现在担任为期六个月的欧盟轮值主席。A White House spokesman says the U.S. and French presidents share the same position on the escalating conflict between Georgia and Russia over South Ossetia. He says both want to see a cease-fire, disengagement and respect for Georgia's territorial integrity. 白宫一位发言人说,格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯就南奥塞梯地区问题而发生不断升级的冲突,美国和法国总统在这个问题上的立场一致。他说,美国和法国都希望看到停火,撤军,并尊重格鲁吉亚的领土完整。Their conversation follows calls Saturday by Mr. Bush to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. Mr. Bush also discussed the matter in person Friday with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, when both attended a reception in Beijing. 在两位总统对话之前,布什总统星期六和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫和格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利通了话。布什总统还在星期五亲自和俄罗斯总理普京讨论了这一问题。布什和普京在北京参加了一个招待会。White House officials will not provide details of the Bush-Putin conversation. But they leave no doubt they are extremely concerned about Russia's actions, and are waiting to see what Moscow will do next. 白宫官员拒绝提供布什和普京对话的具体内容。但是他们毫无疑问对俄罗斯的行动极为关注,正在注视俄罗斯下一步的行动。A senior member of President Bush's National Security Council says the administration does not want to jump to conclusions. But Jim Jeffrey leaves no doubt the White House is concerned that Russia wants to expand the conflict even further.  布什总统“国家安全委员会”资深成员吉姆.杰弗里表示,布什政府不想急于得出结论。不过,杰弗里的话让人们相信,白宫担心俄罗斯有意要进一步扩大冲突。Georgia sent troops into South Ossetia on Friday to try to bring the breakaway province back under its control. Russia supports the separatists and has peacekeepers in the region. And when Georgia made its move, it sent in more troops and eventually launched bombing runs outside the borders of South Ossetia. On Sunday, Georgia said it had withdrawn its troops from South Ossetia's capital as a goodwill gesture. 格鲁吉亚星期五向南奥塞梯派去军队,试图让这个闹独立的省份回到格鲁吉亚的控制之下。俄罗斯持南奥塞梯独立,并在该地区派有维和人员。格鲁吉亚采取了进一步的行动,向南奥塞梯增派军队,并最终对南奥塞梯边界地区发动一连串的轰炸。格鲁吉亚星期天表示,格鲁吉亚军队已经从南奥塞梯首府撤出,以表善意。Jeffry told reporters traveling with President Bush in Beijing that the Russian response has been disproportionate. He said if it continues, there is the potential for a significant long-term impact on U.S.-Russia relations. 杰弗里对随同布什总统访问北京的记者说,俄罗斯对格鲁吉亚冲突的反应是过分的。他说,如果俄罗斯继续这样作,这有可能对美国和俄罗斯的关系产生长期的重要影响。White House press secretary Dana Perino makes clear the Bush administration is doing all it can to prevent that scenario. She says the White House is trying to get all the parties back to the negotiating table and end the bloodshed. 白宫新闻秘书佩里诺明确表示,布什政府正在尽其所能避免出现这一局面。她说,白宫正在争取让所有各方重回谈判桌,结束流血冲突。"I think what we need to do right now is continue to work to solve this peacefully, and if it is true the Georgians have started pulling out, that might get us to where we need to be to start the cease-fire," said Perino. 佩里诺说:“我认为,此刻我们需要继续努力用和平的方式解决问题,如果格鲁吉亚真的开始撤军,这就使我们到了可以开始停火的时机。”Perino says the main U.S. objective is to prevent further loss of life. She says too many people have aly died because of the dispute - both troops and civilians. 佩里诺说,美国的主要目的是防止进一步造成人员伤亡。她说,这场争端已经导致太多军人和平民的死亡。200808/45714玉山县人民医院吸脂手术多少钱

上饶韩美整形美容医院妊辰纹怎么样Top US General in Iraq to Head Regional Command 彼得雷乌斯被提名领导中央司令部 U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has named the top U.S. commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, to lead the U.S. Central Command, which oversees the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as U.S. military operations and security cooperation throughout the Middle East and in Central Asia and East Africa.  美国国防部长盖茨提名美军驻伊拉克的最高指挥官彼得雷乌斯领导美军中央司令部。美军中央司令部监管伊拉克和阿富汗战区以及美军在整个中东地区、中亚和东非的军事行动和安全合作。The move was not a surprise, but it confirmed Secretary Gates' desire for continuity in Iraq strategy, and the expansion to Afghanistan of the kind of success the administration says General Petraeus has had in Iraq.  美国国防部部长盖茨的这一提名并不出人意料,但是这一举措实了盖茨部长要继续坚持在伊拉克的政策,并且要把布什政府所说的彼得雷乌斯将军在伊拉克取得的成功扩大到阿富汗。"The kind of conflicts that we're dealing with not just in Iraq, but in Afghanistan, and some of the challenges that we face elsewhere in the region, in the Central Command area, are very much characterized by asymmetric [guerilla] warfare," said Secretary Gates. "And I don't know anybody in the ed States military better qualified to lead that effort." 盖茨说:“我们目前处理的一些冲突不仅只存在于伊拉克,阿富汗也存在这些冲突,我们在这个地区、在中央司令部管辖的其他地方,也要面对这些挑战。这些冲突的主要特征是游击战。我认为美军中没有人能比彼得雷乌斯将军更有资格领导这方面的工作。”Secretary Gates also announced that General Petraeus' former deputy in Iraq, Lieutenant General Raymond Odierno, will replace him, even though Odierno has only been home from Iraq for two months, much shorter than the minimum one year. 盖茨部长还宣布在原来彼得雷乌斯将军手下担任驻伊拉克美军副指挥官的奥迪尔诺中将将接替彼得雷乌斯的职位,虽然奥迪尔诺从伊拉克返回才两个月,这比规定的至少一年的时间要短得多。Gates was asked whether that reflects a 'stay the course' strategy, an approach that hurt President Bush's Republican Party in the 2006 election. The secretary indicated things have changed since General Petraeus was put in place early last year, including a surge of U.S. forces and a new counterinsurgency strategy.  有人问盖茨,这么做是否体现了“坚持到底”的战略?这项策略在2006年的选举中损害了布什总统的共和党的地位。盖茨指出,自从去年年初任命彼得雷乌斯将军为美军驻伊拉克总指挥以来,事情已经发生了变化,其中包括美国军队增强了兵力以及镇压叛乱分子的新策略。"The course, certainly, that General Petraeus has set has been a successful course," he said. "So, frankly I think staying that course is not a bad idea. I would say it's a good idea." 盖茨说:“可以肯定的是,彼得雷乌斯将军制定的战争路线是成功的。因此,坦率地讲,我认为坚持这条战争路线不是坏主意。我认为,这是一个好主意。”The secretary said he expects General Petraeus to stay in Iraq for several more months while the process of Senate approval of his nomination proceeds. He says that, and the fact that the general will still supervise the Iraq war from his new post, means he will be intimately involved in the assessment that U.S. commanders will make in August and September, after the last of the surge forces leave Iraq. That assessment will determine when additional U.S. forces will be withdrawn, and how many.  盖茨说,他预计在参议院批准这一提名的过程中,彼得雷乌斯将军将在伊拉克再呆几个月。他说,事实上,彼得雷乌斯将军在新的岗位上仍将指导伊拉克战争,这意味着,在美军最后一批新增的部队离开伊拉克之后,他将密切参与美军指挥官在8、9月份对局势作出的评估。这些评估将决定更多美军撤离伊拉克的时间和数量。During testimony before U.S. congressional committees this month, General Petraeus called for a 45-day period of assessment and he cautioned against withdrawing U.S. forces too quickly. 彼得雷乌斯将军这个月在国会几个委员会作时,要求有45天的时间对伊拉克战争局势作出评估,并警告说,不要过快撤出驻伊拉克的美军。"We haven't turned any corners," he said. "We haven't seen any lights at the end of a tunnel. The champagne bottle has been pushed to the back of the refrigerator. And the progress, while real, is fragile and is reversible." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“我们还没有取得任何具有转折性的进展。我们还没有看到隧道尽头的光亮。我们已经把用来庆祝的香槟酒放回冰箱。我们取得的真正进展是脆弱的,是可以逆转的。”At Central Command, General Petraeus will replace Admiral William Fallon, who announced his retirement six weeks ago. An article published in Esquire magazine last month portrayed Admiral Fallon as standing against many people in the Bush administration who, the magazine said, wanted to go to war with Iran. Officials deny there were any substantive differences. 彼得雷乌斯将军将取代海军上将法伦任中央司令部司令。法伦在六个星期前宣布退休。时尚先生杂志上个月发表的一篇文章说,法伦上将和布什政府中的许多人看法有分歧。该杂志说,法伦上将主张对伊朗开战。美国官员否认他们之间存在实质性分歧。On Wednesday, Secretary Gates said all American commanders involved in Iraq, including Petraeus and Fallon, have the same view of Iran."It is a hard position because what the Iranians are doing is killing American servicemen and women inside Iraq," he said.U.S. officials say the Iranian Quds Force, an elite unit of the country's Revolutionary Guard Corps, supports Iraqi Shi'ite insurgents, giving them funding, training and technology for high-powered roadside bombs. Wednesday's announcements also included the withdrawal of General Odierno's nomination to be vice chief of staff of the army. That nomination goes instead to another former Iraq deputy commander, Lieutenant General Peter Chiarelli, who has been Secretary Gates' chief military aide. 200804/36463德兴市中医院点痣多少钱 上饶韩美整形美容医院疤痕修复怎么样

上饶中医院开双眼皮手术多少钱Hello and welcome again to English at Work, where things are a little tense.你们好,欢迎回到职场英语,这里的情况有点紧张。Anna is finding it hard to work with new employee, Rachel.安娜发现很难和新同事瑞秋一起工作。Shes told Paul, the boss, about Rachels incompetence but hes done nothing about it.她告诉老板保罗瑞秋有多么不称职,但他却什么也没做。So Anna, how are you feeling today?安娜,你今天感觉怎么样?Frustrated.烦恼。All that work I put in, getting the contract for Imperial Lemons and Rachel has sent out a load of second-hand plastic oranges!我付出的所有努力换得皇家柠檬的合同,瑞秋却送出了一堆二手塑料橙子!I guess youre going to have to call your client and sort out the mess.我想你应该给你的客户打电话,解决这个烂摊子。I guess so.我想是的。Oh hi Tom.嗨,汤姆。Is she about?她在吗?The man-eater?少男杀手?No its all clear, shes gone out for a cappuccino.不,现在很安全,她出去买卡布奇诺了。Good good.Look I managed to call the guy she bought the second-hand oranges from, and I cancelled the order.很好。我给她买二手橙子的供货人打电话了,我取消了订单。Phew, great!太好了!Yeah, yeah… and last night I managed to order some Imperial Lemons and sent them to that company in France – Fruit Traders International.是的,昨晚我定了一些皇家柠檬,并发给了法国公司Fruit Traders International。Heres the paperwork.这是文件。Tom, thats brilliant!汤姆,太棒了!Here, let me give you a big hug – you saved the day!让我给你一个大大的拥抱,你扭转了危机。Ooh, thats a bit tight.有点紧了。 /201705/508475 'State of the Planet' Summit Concludes Climate Change Causes Poverty气候变化对发展中国家特有风险? International concern is mounting that global warming could put millions of people at risk through drought, floods and other extreme weather. A group of economists, scientists, and international leaders met in New York recently to discuss how climate change poses a particular risk to developing countries, and what solutions can be taken by rich and poor countries alike.  国际社会越来越担心,全球气候变暖可能会引起干旱、洪水和其他极端天气,从而威胁到数以百万计的人。最近,一些经济学家、科学家和国际领导人在纽约召开会议,讨论气候变化对发展中国家造成的特有风险以及所有国家可以采取的解决办法。Rich and poor countries generally agree that climate change must be addressed, but often differ on how to go about it. Developed nations, including the ed States, Britain and Japan, have focused on curbing their own greenhouse gas emissions, caused mainly from burning fossil fuels for energy. Poor countries are calling for assistance in dealing with climate-related impacts, like food shortages and drought, while also meeting energy needs to spur economic growth. 富裕和贫穷国家一般都认为,气候变化的问题必须要加以解决,但是,他们往往在如何解决的问题上意见分歧。包括美国、英国和日本在内的发达国家关注的焦点在于如何限制他们自己的温室气体排放量。这些温室气体的排放主要是由于燃烧化石燃料来获得能源所造成的;贫穷国家则呼吁国际社会帮助它们在满足经济发展所需能源的同时也能够解决食品短缺和干旱等因气候变化所产生的影响。A summit on "the State of the Planet" hosted by Columbia University examined the link between poverty and climate change, and called for a new, global plan of action to deal with the two issues. 美国哥伦比亚大学主办的地球现状高峰会探讨了贫困与气候变化之间的联系,并且呼吁有关各方针对这两个问题采取新的全球性的行动计划。Conference participants argued that poor countries remain especially at risk to the effects of global warming. They say if left unchecked, global warming could spur conflict and puts millions of people at risk drought, mudslides, food shortages and illness. 与会人士认为,贫穷国家特别容易受到全球气候变暖后果的影响。他们表示,如果不加以控制,全球气候变暖会引发冲突,会引起干旱、泥石流、食品短缺和疾病等问题,威胁到数以百万计的人。Former ed Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said climate change is exacerbating the problems faced by poor nations. 前联合国秘书长安南说,气候变化加剧了贫穷国家所面临的问题。"The international community must work to arrest this downward spiral," said Kofi Annan. "Developed countries carry the greatest responsibility for climate change yet the least developed suffer its impact the most. Developed countries must accept their responsibility to help poor countries deal with these changes, and must do so as a matter of urgency." 他说:“国际社会必须努力阻止这个旋涡的下滑。发达国家对气候变化负有最大的责任,而最不发达国家受到的影响最大。发达国家必须接受自己的责任,帮助贫穷国家对付这些变化,必须把履行这份责任看作是当务之急。”Economists at the conference focused on what steps could be taken to lessen the impact of climate change as the population expands and energy needs rise around the world. 与会的经济学家关注的焦点是,在目前世界各地人口持续增长、能源需求不断扩大的情况下能够采取哪些措施才能够减少气候变化所带来的影响。Topping the list of recommendations was the promotion of clean energy technology, including solar, wind and hydrogen power.  在他们提出的一系列建议中,首要的就是推广太阳能、风能和水力发电等清洁能源技术。Jill Shankleman, a consultant to the World Bank's political risk insurance arm, says global hunger for oil and gas will not decrease in the near future. She said eradicating poverty and addressing conflict in developing countries requires new energy initiatives and a new approach to managing resources. 世界政治风险保险部门的顾问尚克曼女士说,全球对石油和天然气的饥渴在近期内不会减弱。她说,消除贫困和解决发展中国家的冲突需要新的能源倡议以及新的管理资源的途径。"Although the awareness of climate change is expanding, for the next few decades we are also going to see the expansion of the oil and gas industry in many, many new places," said Jill Shankleman. "This will happen until the emerging, developing countries secure access to the oil and energy they need. So what's to be done? We need a new paradigm that explicitly links resource extraction with development." 她说:“尽管对气候变化的认知在不断扩大,但是在今后几十年的时间里,我们也会在许许多多新的地方看到石油和天然气工业不断发展。这个发展过程将一直持续到新兴的发展中国家能够确保获得他们所需要的石油和能源。应该采取那些行动呢?我们需要建立一个把资源开采和经济发展这两个方面清晰地联系起来的新模式。”Economist Jeffrey Sachs said addressing climate change requires a firm commitment by rich countries to also address extreme poverty and the growing global population. 经济学家杰弗里.萨克斯说,对付气候变化问题需要富裕国家做出坚定承诺,解决极端贫困和世界人口不断增加的问题。He said current benchmarks set by rich countries for cutting greenhouse gas emissions are insufficient. He also argues the international community is unprepared for the changes that are taking place in the world, like soaring energy and food prices.  他说,富裕国家目前为削减温室气体排放所设定的目标是不够的。他还表示,国际社会还没有做好应对正在世界各地发生的变化的准备,比如能源和食品价格的快速上涨。He says economic systems need to be revamped and more money and attention should go toward pursuing sustainable, renewable energy sources. 他说,我们需要改进现有的经济体系,应当把更多的资金和注意力放在寻找可持续的和可再生的能源资源上。"But, the science only takes us part of the way," said Jeffrey Sachs. "Linking the science to all of the rest that has to happen involves government, business, international organizations, civil society and each of us in our own communities and our own households. That's an extraordinarily complex challenge." 他说:“科学只能帮我们解决部分问题。要把科学和其它所有要发生的事情联系起来就需要政府、企业、国际组织、公民社会以及我们社区和我们家庭中的每一个人的参与。这是一个极其复杂的挑战。”On Wednesday, leaders from Japan and the European Union called for an ambitious and binding new international agreement on limiting greenhouse gas emissions. They say the pact should replace the Kyoto Protocol, which is set to expire in 2012. But, the proposal did not set specific targets for emissions reductions.  星期三,日本和欧盟领导人呼吁在限制温室气体排放上达成一个大胆且具约束力的新的国际协议。他们表示,这个协议将取代在2012年到期的京都议定书。但是,这个提议没有规定具体的减排目标。200804/36562上饶市第二人民医院割双眼皮多少钱上饶激光脱毛医院



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