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《哈克贝里·费恩历险记》第8章:第1节 相关专题:· 有声读物-安徒生童话故事·有声读物-浪漫满屋· 新概念优美背诵短文50篇 Article/200809/47895

Marketing is a funny thing. Sometimes I like it, other times I hate it. There is definitely an art to marketing. Some of the advertising campaigns you see are the work of a genius. Someone has thought of a great idea, slogan and advertising campaign to sell us or tell us something. I like it when I can see the creativity. There are other kinds of marketing that make me angry. Ads and campaigns that are directed at children make my blood boil – especially the McDonalds ads that do not mention food, but show lots of free, cheap toys. I also hate viral marketing – that’s when you receive spam mail trying to sell you something. I also get annoyed with marketing campaigns that have slogans that are just untrue, like smoking is cool. Article/201105/138409

;Two days slow!I told you that butter wasn#39;t good for watches!;he said angrily to the March Hare.;慢了两天!我告诉过你,黄油对表没好处。;他气哼哼地对三月兔说。;It was the best butter,;said the March Hare sadly.;这是最好的黄油,;三月兔说,很是失望。Alice was looking at the watch with interest.;It#39;s a strange watch,;she said.;It shows the day of the week,but not the time.;爱丽丝好奇地看了看表。;这表真奇怪,;她说。;它只报星期几,不报时间。;;But we know the time,;said the Hatter.;It#39;s always six o#39;clock here.;;可我们知道时间,;制帽人说。;在这儿永远是六点钟。;Alice suddenly understood.;Is that why there are all these cups and plates?;she said.;It#39;s always tea-time here,and you go on moving round the table.Is that right?But what happens when you come to the beginning again?;爱丽丝一下子明白了。;这就是为什么有杯子和盘子的原因吗?;她说。;这儿永远是喝茶的时间,你们就绕着桌子转。对不对?但你们回到开始后又会怎么样呢?;;Don#39;t ask questions,;said the March Hare crossly.;You must tell us a story now.;;别问来问去,;三月兔生气了。;你现在得给我们讲个故事。;;But I don#39;t know any stories,;said Alice.;可是我什么故事也不知道,;爱丽丝说。Then the March Hare and the Hatter turned to the Dormouse.;Wake up,Dormouse!;they shouted loudly in its ears.;Tell us a story.;然后三月兔和制帽人转向睡鼠。;醒醒,睡鼠!;他们冲着它的耳朵喊起来。;给我们讲个故事。;;Yes,please do,;said Alice.;对,请讲个故事吧。;爱丽丝说。The Dormouse woke up and quickly began to tell a story, but a few minutes later it was asleep again.The March Hare poured a little hot tea on its nose,and the Hatter began to look for a clean plate.Alice decided to leave and walked away into the wood.She looked back once,and the March Hare and the Hatter were trying to put the Dormouse into the teapot.睡鼠醒了,马上开始讲故事。可过了几分钟,它又睡着了。三月兔把热茶倒在睡鼠的鼻子上,制帽人开始找一个干净的盘子。爱丽丝决定走,就进了小树林。她回头一看,三月兔和制帽人正想法子把睡鼠塞到茶壶里去呢。;Well,I won#39;t go there again,;said Alice.;What a stupid tea-party it was!;Just then she saw a door in one of the trees.;How curious!;she thought.;But everything is strange today.I think I#39;ll go in.;;我再也不到那儿去了。;爱丽丝说。;这茶会真愚蠢!;这时,她看见一棵树上有一扇门。;真奇怪!;她想。;今天什么事都很奇怪。我想我该进去。;So she went in.And there she was,back in the long room with the little glass table.At once,she picked up the gold key from the table,unlocked the little door into the garden,and then began to eat a piece of mushroom.When she was down to about thirty centimetres high,she walked through the door, and then,at last,she was in the beautiful garden with its green trees and bright flowers.于是她走了进去。她又回到那个有张小玻璃桌的长的房间里。她马上从桌子上拿起那个小金钥匙,打开通往花园的门,再吃一片蘑菇。当自己缩小到差不多30厘米高时,她就穿过门,终于又到了那个美丽的花园,里面尽是绿树和亮丽的鲜花。 Article/201203/174995

Flavia smiled.#39;Oh,why do I love you now?#39;she said softly.#39;I didn#39;t love you before,but I do now.#39;弗蕾维亚微笑了:“哦,为什么我现在爱你了?”她温柔地说,“以前我并不爱你,可现在我爱了。”How happy I was! It was not the King she loved.It was me -it was Rudolf Rassendyll! But as I looked into her lovely face,I knew I could not live with the lie.我多么幸福啊!她爱的并不是国王,而是我——鲁道夫·拉森狄尔!可是当我望着她可爱的脸,我知道我没法再对她撒谎。How could I pretend to be the King any longer?我怎么能继续装扮我是国王呢?#39;There#39;s something I must tell you…#39;I began in a low voice.“有件事我必须告诉你……”我低声说。#39;Your Majesty,#39;said a voice from the garden.#39;People are waiting to say goodbye.#39;“国王陛下,”花园里有人说道:“人们都在等着跟您告别呢。”It was Sapt.He had heard me talking to the Princess.是萨普特,他听见我和公主说的话了。#39;We#39;ll come,#39;I replied coldly.“我们就来。”我冷冷地回答。But Flavia,her eyes full of her love for me, held out her hand to Sapt as he came into the room.He took it and said softly and sadly,#39;God save your Royal Highness.#39;可是弗蕾维亚的眼里充满了对我的爱,对走进房间的萨普特伸出手去。他握着她的手,温柔而又伤感地说:“上帝拯救公主殿下。”And then he added,#39;But before all comes the King-God save the King!#39;然后他又加了一句:“可是国王高于一切,上帝拯救国王!”When Sapt told the people that Princess Flavia had accepted the King as her future husband,they were wild with happiness.当萨普特宣告说弗蕾维亚公主接受国王作为她未来的丈夫时,人们都乐得发疯了。#39;You know,Sapt,#39;I said sadly,#39;I could marry the Princess and let my people kill Duke Michael-and the King.#39;“你知道,萨普特,”我悲哀地说,“我可以娶了公主,并且让我的人民杀了迈克尔公爵,还有国王。”#39;I know,#39;Sapt replied quietly.“我知道。”萨普特静静地回答。#39;So we must go to Zenda and bring the King home atonce!#39;I said.“所以我们必须立即去曾达,把国王弄回来!”Sapt put his hand on my shoulder.#39;You#39;re the finest Elph-berg of them all,#39;he said with feeling.萨普特把手放在我的肩上:“在所有艾尔弗伯格家族的人当中,你是最好的一个。”他动情地说。Before we left Strelsau,I saw the Marshal and asked him to stay near Flavia,to take care of her and to keep her safe from Duke Michael.在我们离开斯特莱索之前,我见了元帅,并且请他呆在弗蕾维亚身边,照顾她并且使她免受迈克尔公爵的打扰。Then I went to say goodbye to her.At first she was cold with me.She did not understand why I wanted to leave her.然后我去向她告别。起初她对我很冷淡,她不明白为什么我想离开她。But her anger changed to fear when I told her that I was going after Duke Michael.但当我告诉她我去追赶迈克尔公爵时,她的怒气变成了恐惧。#39;Oh,Rudolf,be careful!#39;she cried.#39;He#39;s a dangerous man!Please come back safely to me.#39;“哦,鲁道夫,小心点儿!”她说,“他是个危险的家伙!请你一定要平安地回到我的身边。”#39;Duke Michael can never keep me away from you,#39;I promised.But in my heart I knew that another man could.“迈克尔公爵永远也别想让我离开你。”我保道。但在我心里,我知道另一个人却能做到。 /201205/183574

His aunt seemed to be sleeping, so the young man whispered in his uncle's ear. "I saw a snake." But his uncle was too groggy to respond, and he slid back under the covers. The young man searched the room quietly, looking into drawers and cupboards and corners. He peered under the bed and behind chairs. He was beginning to think he was going mad when suddenly his aunt sat up in bed, narrowed her eyes, and gave him an evil look that made his flesh creep.  "I'm sorry to bother you," he cried, racing to his bedroom and firmly shutting the door.  When he awoke the next morning, he noticed that the bottom of his bedroom door was arched up in the center, leaving just enough space for a snake to slither through. He bolted out of bed trembling. When he went downstairs, he was shocked to see that every door in the house had a snake-sized arch beneath it.  His aunt was sitting at the table, eating. "Your uncle left for the day," she said, licking her lips with her forked tongue. The young man was too terrified to speak, but his silence only made matters worse.  "I don't like the way you treat me," she said and grabbed his arm. Then she pressed her fingernails so deeply into his skin that he felt as if he were being bitten. He rushed outdoors and saw his arm was swelling. His hand and fingers were beginning to throb.   见婶婶像是睡着了,年青人就小声在叔叔耳边说:“我看见一条蛇。”但他叔叔此时睡得迷迷糊糊的根本反应不过来,开了门以后就回到床上钻进被子里去了。年青人悄悄地开始在房间里面找,抽屉里,碗橱里,墙角处,连床底下和椅子底下都看了。突然婶婶在床上坐起来,眯着眼睛恶狠狠的瞪着他,他被看得汗毛都竖了起来,也觉得自己有点鲁莽了。  “很抱歉打扰您睡觉了!”他大叫着,飞快地跑回自己的房间并使劲关上了房门。  第二天早上他醒来的时候,发现房门下面正中央有个弧形的小缺口,刚好够一条蛇溜进来。他浑身哆嗦着下了床,走下楼来以后发现每间屋子的房门下方都有这么一个小洞,他简直惊呆了。  婶婶正坐在餐桌前吃早饭,“你叔叔今天出去了,”她说道,同时用自己分叉的舌头舔着嘴唇。他被吓得连话都说不出来了,然而,他不说话,事情反而更糟糕。  “我不喜欢你那样对待我,”她一边说着一边抓住他的胳膊,然后指甲深深的抠进皮肤里去,年轻人觉得自己像是被咬了一样。他赶忙跑出去,见到胳膊已经肿了起来,手掌和手指也隐隐作痛。 Article/200809/49984

国王的理由是:只要有头,就能砍,你刽子手执行就行了,少说废话。王后的理由是:谁不立即执行她的命令,她就要把每个人的头都砍掉,周围的人的头也都砍掉(正是她最后这句话,使这些人都吓得要命)。 The executioner's argument was, that you couldn't cut off a head unless there was a body to cut it off from: that he had never had to do such a thing before, and he wasn't going to begin at HIS time of life. The King's argument was, that anything that had a head could be beheaded, and that you weren't to talk nonsense. The Queen's argument was, that if something wasn't done about it in less than no time she'd have everybody executed, all round. (It was this last remark that had made the whole party look so grave and anxious.) Alice could think of nothing else to say but `It belongs to the Duchess: you'd better ask HER about it.' `She's in prison,' the Queen said to the executioner: `fetch her here.' And the executioner went off like an arrow. The Cat's head began fading away the moment he was gone, and, by the time he had come back with the Dutchess, it had entirely disappeared; so the King and the executioner ran wildly up and down looking for it, while the rest of the party went back to the game. Article/201103/127676

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