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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security could begin deporting families in the country illegally by early January, according to a published report.有媒体报道,美国国土安全部可能从明年1月初开始驱逐非法移民家庭。The Washington Post reported late Wednesday that the U.S. is preparing a series of raids that would target families who have come to the ed States illegally since the start of last year.华盛顿邮报星期三晚间报道说,美国有关当局正准备展开一系列突袭,目标是自去年年初以来非法进入美国的家庭。The paper, citing unnamed sources, says the nationwide campaign by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement could start as early as January 2016.华盛顿邮报援引匿名消息人士的话说,美国移民及海关执法局最早将016月在全国范围内展开驱逐行动。The report says it would be the first large-scale effort to deport the more than 100,000 families who have entered the country through the southern border since last year. Many of those families were fleeing violence in Central America.报道说,这将是美国当局首次采取大规模行动,驱逐去年以来越过南部边界非法进入美国的10万多个家庭。其中很多家庭进入美国是为了逃离中美洲的暴力。But the Post says the operation is expected to target only adults and children who have aly been ordered by an immigration judge to leave the country, and the operation has not been given final approval by the Department of Homeland Security.不过,华盛顿邮报也表示,预计这次行动只针对那些已被移民法官勒令离境的成人及儿童,而且这项行动尚未得到国土安全部的最后批准。来 /201512/418101Germany and Austria are welcoming thousands of migrants within their borders Sunday.德国和奥地利星期天在各自国内欢迎成千上万名移民。Most of the migrants have opted to seek refuge in Germany - Europes wealthiest country - where an estimated 8,000 are expected to arrive by days end. German officials have said they will accept as many as 800,000 asylum seekers this year.绝大多数的移民选择在欧洲最富裕的国家德国寻求庇护。估计星期天结束前,会有8千移民抵达德囀?德国官员已经表示,他们今年可以接收多达80万的寻求避难者。European Union countries have been divided amid an unprecedented migrant influx. EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini has warned that the migrant inflow is “here to stayand called for a unifying European approach to effectively respond to it.欧盟成员国在面对史无前例的移民涌入的问题上陷入分裂。欧盟外交事务主管莫盖里尼警告说,移民潮会“存在下去”,呼吁采取团结一致的做法,对移民问题做出有效回应。Pope Francis on Sunday called on ;every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary in Europe; to host a refugee family.教皇方济各星期天号召“欧洲的每个教区,每个宗教社区,每个修道院,每个教堂”都接待收留一个难民家庭。The pontiff told pilgrims and tourists gathered in St. Peters Square that two parishes in the Vatican will take in two families of refugees.教皇告诉在圣彼得广场的朝圣者和游客,梵蒂冈的两个教区将接收两个难民家庭。Meanwhile, refugees on Turkeys border with Syria told VOA Sunday that more and more newcomers are going directly from the borders to buses to begin the next phase of their dangerous journey towards Europe.与此同时,聚集在土叙边境的难民星期天告诉美国之音,越来越多的新来难民正在直接通过边界,乘坐巴士,开始他们下一阶段前往欧洲的危险旅程。来 /201509/397491

U.S. senators welcomed an overhaul of Americas visa waiver program contained in a massive federal spending bill expected to pass both legislative houses in the coming days.美国参议员欢迎对免签项目进行全面审 这一计划包含在预计未来数天内将获得通过的大规模联邦开法案中。Once approved, the measures would constitute the full Congress first concrete steps to boost domestic security following the terrorist attacks in Paris and California.一旦获得通过,这些举措将使得美国国会首次可以采取切实步骤来加强国内安全。此前,在法国巴黎和美国加州接连发生了恐怖袭击。Under the overhaul, most nationals from more than three dozen countries would retain the ability to travel to the ed States without a visa. They would be excluded from the program, however, if they have traveled to Syria, Iraq, Iran or Sudan in the last five years.按照这项全面审查计划,来0多个国家的绝大多数公民将保持免签前往美国的能力。但是如果他们在过去5年中曾经前往叙利亚、伊拉克、伊朗或者苏丹,他们会被排除在这个项目之外。The legislation also aims to strengthen information-sharing among governments, and empowers the Department of Homeland Security to terminate a countrys participation in the visa waiver program if its data sharing is deemed inadequate.这项立法还旨在加强各国政府之间的信息情报共享,授权美国国土安全部在数据分享缺乏的情况下,中止某个国家免签的资格。The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the changes last week. Attaching them to a massive yearlong spending bill will help speed them to President Barack Obamas desk to be signed into law.美国国会众议院上周以压倒性多数批准了这些调整变动。把这个审查项目加入大规模的年度开法案之中,将有助于使之加速被奥巴马总统签署成为法律。来 /201512/416443

  ATHENS Greece rejected the punishing economics of austerity on Sunday and sent a warning signal to the rest of Europe as the left-wing Syriza party won a decisive victory in national elections, positioning its tough-talking leader, Alexis Tsipras, to become the next prime minister.雅典——周日,随着左翼政党激进左翼联Syriza)在全国大选中赢得决定性胜利,使得该党语气强硬的领导人亚历克西斯·齐普拉Alexis Tsipras)成为下一任总理,雅典开始抵制严格的经济紧缩政策,并向欧洲其他国家发出了一个警告信号。With 60 percent of the vote counted, Syriza had 36 percent, almost eight points ahead of the governing center-right New Democracy Party of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who had conceded defeat. The only uncertainty was whether Syriza would muster an outright parliamentary majority or if it would have to form a coalition.在目前已经统计的60%的选票中,激进左翼联盟赢得了36%的投票,领先执政党——现任总理安东尼斯·萨马拉斯(Antonis Samaras)领导的中右翼政党新民主党(New Democracy Party)将近八个百分点,萨马拉斯已经承认败选。唯一不确定的是,激进左翼联盟是会获得议会的大多数席位,还是需要组成联合政府。Appearing before a throng of supporters outside Athens University late Sunday night, Mr. Tsipras, 40, declared that the era of austerity was over and promised to revive the Greek economy. He also said his government would not allow Greece’s creditors to strangle the country.周日深夜0岁的齐普拉斯现身雅典大学(Athens University)校园外,对众多持者表示,紧缩时代结束了,并承诺重振希腊经济。他还表示,他领导的政府不会允许希腊的债主们压制希腊的发展。“Greece will now move ahead with hope, and reach out to Europe, and Europe is going to change,he said. “The verdict is clear: We will bring an end to the vicious circle of austerity.”“希腊现在将带着希望前进,向欧洲求助,而欧洲将会出现改变,”他说。“这个决定很明确:我们将终结紧缩举措的恶性循环。”Syriza’s victory is a dramatic milestone for Europe at a time when continuing economic weakness has stirred an angry, populist backlash from France to Spain to Italy, as more voters grow fed up with policies that demand sacrifice to address the discipline of financial markets without delivering more jobs and prosperity. Syriza is poised to become the first anti-austerity party to take power in a eurozone country, and would shatter the two-party political establishment that has dominated Greece for four decades.激进左翼联盟的胜利对于欧洲来说是一个戏剧性的里程碑,目前,欧洲经济依旧疲软,从法囀?西班牙到意大利,民众已被激怒,引发民粹主义反弹,越来越多的选民对紧缩政策感到厌烦,这种政策要求民众做出牺牲,对金融市场加以惩戒,却带不来工作机会和繁荣。激进左翼联盟即将成为欧元区国家中第一个反对紧缩政策的执政党,并且终结了希0年来的两党政治体制。“Democracy will return to Greece,said Mr. Tsipras, speaking earlier to a swarm of reporters and photographers as he cast his ballot in Athens. “The message is that our common future in Europe is not the future of austerity.”“希腊将回归民主,”齐普拉斯早些时候在雅典投票时对一群记者和摄影师说。“此次发出的信息是,欧洲共同的未来不是一个紧缩的未来。”Youthful, with a seemingly unflappable demeanor, Mr. Tsipras has worked diligently to soften his image as an anti-Europe radical, joking that his opponents had accused him of everything except stealing other men’s wives. On the campaign trail, he has promised to clean up Greece’s corrupt political system, reform the country’s public administration and reduce the tax burden on the middle class while cracking down on tax evasion by the country’s oligarchical business class.充满朝气、看起来从容不迫的齐普拉斯努力软化自己反欧洲激进分子的形象,并开玩笑称,他的对手对他提出了各种指责,除了与别人的老婆偷情。在参加竞选时,他承诺整顿希腊腐败的政治体系,对公共行政系统进行改革,减轻中产阶级税负,同时打击该国寡头商业阶层的逃税行为。But his biggest promise and the one that has stirred deep anxiety in Brussels and Berlin as well as on financial markets has been his pledge to force Greece’s creditors, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, to renegotiate the terms of the country’s 240 billion euro financial bailout. Squeezed by belt-tightening policies intended to stabilize the government’s finances, Greece has endured a historic collapse since the economic crisis, as economic output has shrunk by 25 percent and unemployment still hovers at roughly 26 percent.但他最重要的承诺是,迫使以德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)为首的债主们就2400亿欧约合2.07万亿元人民币)的金融援助计划条款重新进行谈判,这个承诺在布鲁塞尔、柏林及金融市场引发极大的担忧。旨在稳定政府财务状况的紧缩政策致使希腊捉襟见肘,自年经济危机以来,希腊经历了一场空前的崩溃,经济产出减5%,失业率仍旧6%上下徘徊。In setting up a showdown in coming weeks with Germany and the country’s other creditors, Mr. Tsipras has argued that easing the bailout terms would allow more government spending, stimulating more economic growth and employment as well as helping the Greeks who need it the most.为了在未来几周与德国及其他债主摊牌,齐普拉斯辩称,放宽援助计划条款将增加政府开,进一步刺激经济增长和就业,给最需要这种举措的希腊人带来帮助。“Tsipras won because those who imposed austerity never thought about the effects of such drastic policies that impoverished millions of people,said Paul De Grauwe, a professor at the London School of Economics and a former adviser to the European Commission. “In a world where people are so hit, they just don’t remain passive. Their reaction is to turn to the politicians who will change the process.”“齐普拉斯赢得选举是因为,那些实施紧缩政策的人从未想过这种极端政策带来的影响,这种政策让数以百万计的人陷入贫困,”伦敦政治经济学London School of Economics)教授、前欧盟委员European Commission)顾问保罗·德格罗韦(Paul De Grauwe)说。“遭受如此打击的人民,是不会逆来顺受的。他们的反应是求助于将会改变这一过程的政治人士。”Mr. Tsipras will face immediate challenges. Greece is still waiting for a 7 billion euro bailout payment that Athens needs to keep the government running and to pay off billions in debt obligations due in the coming months. He has also demanded that creditors write down at least half of Greece’s 319 billion euro public debt in order to give the country more breathing room for a spending stimulus that he says would give the economy a much-needed jolt.齐普拉斯很快就会面临挑战。希腊仍在等0亿欧元的援助资金,希腊人需要这笔钱维持政府运转,偿还未来几个月就要到期的数十亿欧元的债务。他还要求债主至少将希190亿欧元的公共债务减记一半,以便让该国有更多的喘息空间刺激消费。他认为,刺激消费将会给该国经济带来急需的提振。Mr. Tsipras has pledged immediate action, including restoring electricity to poor families who have lost services for unpaid bills. He has promised to raise the minimum wage to 751 euros a month from 586 euros a month for all workers; restore collective bargaining agreements;prohibit mass layoffs; and create 300,000 jobs.齐普拉斯许诺立即采取行动,包括向因未付账单而被断电的贫困家庭恢复供电。他还承诺将面向所有行业的最低工资从每月586欧元提高51欧元、恢复劳资双方集体谈判协议、禁止大规模裁员并创0万个就业岗位。Jens Weidmann, president of Bundesbank, the German central bank, warned that Greece would remain dependent on outside financial support and that the new Greek government “should not make promises that the country cannot afford.”德国央行德国联邦银Bundesbank)行长延斯·魏德Jens Weidmann)告诫称,希腊可能依然会依赖外部的财政持,并且新一届希腊政府“不应许下国家负担不起的诺言”。“I hope the new government won’t call into question what is expected and what has aly been achieved,Mr. Weidmann said in an interview with Germany’s public broadcaster.“我希望新一届政府不要质疑目标和当前现状,”魏德曼在接受德国公共广播公司的采访时说。On the streets of Athens, voters expressed a range of emotions as they went to the polls, from anger to betrayal to fear to hope.在雅典街头,选民在前往投票站时表现出了各种各样的情绪,有愤怒也有觉得被背叛,有恐惧也有希望。At a polling station in Mets, a middle-class district near central Athens, Achilleas Mandrakis, 47, said he runs a garage but was struggling to stay afloat after his wife lost her job at a shoe store. “I always voted New Democracy, and I never trusted the leftists,he said. “But enough is enough, really. We kept giving them a chance, but they messed up. They’ve made our lives miserable.在雅典市中心附近的中产阶级聚集区梅茨的一处投票站7岁的阿希里斯·曼德拉基Achilleas Mandrakis)说自己经营着一家汽车修理厂,但自从妻子失去了在一家鞋店的工作后,他就难以维持下去了。“我一直投新民主党,从不相信左翼,”他说。“但真的够了。我们一直给他们机会,但他们却搞砸了。他们害得我们生活悲惨。”“At least a different party might change something in this mess, anything.”“至少另一个政党可能会给这烂摊子带来一些变化,什么都行啊。”In a brief news conference late Sunday night, Mr. Samaras vowed that his party would continue to play a role in Greek politics and defended his government. “I received the country at the edge of a cliff,he said. “I was asked to take burning coals into my hands and I did it.”在周日深夜的新闻发布会上,萨马拉斯誓称他领导的政党将继续在希腊政坛发挥作用,并为他这一届政府进行了辩护。“我临危受命,接手这个国家,”他说。“我被要求接过烫手的山芋,我照做了。”Mr. Samaras said that Greece had moved away from deficits and recession and that his government had “restored the credibility of the country.”萨马拉斯表示,希腊已经摆脱了赤字和衰退,并且他领导的政府已经“恢复了国家的信誉”。For Syriza, the immediate question was whether the party would win the 151 seats needed to have an outright majority in Parliament. Projections showed that the result would be very close, and if he falls short, Mr. Tsipras might align with the fringe party, Independent Greeks, a center-right, anti-austerity movement that might push for a harder line in any debt negotiations. Early returns also showed that the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party was in third place with roughly 6 percent of the total vote.对激进左翼联盟来说,迫切的问题是,该党能否在议会赢得占绝对多数所需51个席位。预测显示,结果可能会非常接近,并且如果达不到这个席位数,齐普拉斯可能会与边缘政党独立希腊人(Independent Greeks)结盟。该党是一个中左翼反紧缩团体,可能会要求在一切债务谈判中采取更强硬的立场。早期反馈还显示,新法西斯主义政党金色黎明党(Golden Dawn)获得了大%的选票,位居第三。While Greece sees itself as being punished by creditorsdemands, Germany and a host of European officials have argued that Greece and other troubled eurozone nations must clean up the high debts and deficits at the root of Europe’s debt crisis. They say Athens has still failed to make enough headway on the structural reforms necessary to put the economy on better footing, and they are pressing Greece to raise billions of euros through more budgetary cutbacks and taxes.希腊认为自己是在债权人要求下接受惩罚,但德国和很多欧洲官员表示,希腊和其他身处困境的欧元区国家必须清理高额债务和赤字,它们是欧洲债务危机的根源。为了改善经济基础,必须进行结构改革,但他们表示,雅典依然未在这方面取得足够的进展。他们正在向希腊施压,要求其通过进一步削减预算和征税,以筹集数十亿欧元。Many analysts say Mr. Tsipras must moderate his campaign promises and take a more centrist approach if he wants to save the economy and keep Greece solvent. “That will be the best possible outcome for Greece and for Europe, because it would show that these protest movements ultimately recognize reality which is that they are in the euro, and they have to play by the rules,said Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington.许多分析人士表示,如果想挽救经济,保持希腊有偿债能力,齐普拉斯必须让自己的竞选承诺变得温和些,并采取更中间派的方式。“不管是对希腊还是欧洲来说,这可能都是最好的结果,因为事实会表明,这些抗议团体最终会承认现实,那就是,它们身在欧元区,必须遵守规则,”华盛顿彼得森国际经济研究所(Peterson Institute for International Economics)高级研究员雅各布·芬克·柯克加德(Jacob Funk Kirkegaard)说。Otherwise, he warned, “things could get a lot worse.”否则,他警告称,“形势会进一步恶化。”“Very, very quickly,he added.“而且会非常非常快,”他接着说。来 /201501/356854

  When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke on the southern island of Okinawa last week he faced loud heckling but Japan’s media did not report it.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)上周在日本南部的冲绳岛发表讲话时,遭到大声诘难,但日本媒体却并未报道此事。Such heckling is highly unusual in decorous Japan so the decision to ignore it by many news outlets, including national broadcaster NHK and the top circulation Yomiuri newspaper, shows how successfully Mr Abe has cowed, or co-opted, the Japanese press, say critics of the prime minister.安倍的批评者称,在注重礼仪的日本,这样的诘难十分罕见,因此,包括日本国家广播电视机构日本放送协NHK)和日本发行量最高的报纸《读卖新闻Yomiuri)在内的诸多媒体决定忽略此事,充分表明安倍在胁迫和笼络日本媒体方面做得有多么成功。Mr Abe appointed a close supporter as director-general of NHK and targeted the liberal Asahi newspaper’s coverage of wartime “comfort womenin moves that stoked fears about press freedom in Japan.安倍曾将一名与其关系密切的持者任命为NHK的会长,并针对自由派报纸《朝日新闻Asahi)关于战时“慰安妇”的报道采取了多项措施,这些措施引发了对日本新闻自由的担忧。It emerged at the weekend that a group of young parliamentarians from Mr Abe’s Liberal Democratic party want to put pressure on businesses to withdraw advertising to discipline recalcitrant media outlets.上周末有消息称,安倍所在的自民LDP)中,有一群年轻议员打算对商界施加压力,要他们撤回在不管束的媒体发布的广告,以惩戒这些媒体。“In terms of the heckling in Okinawa, the fact NHK didn’t really report it shows that the Abe government has largely succeeded in emasculating the Japanese media,said Koichi Nakano, professor of politics at Sophia University in Tokyo.东京上智大学(Sophia University)政治学教授中野浩一(Koichi Nakano)表示:“就安倍在冲绳受到的诘难而言,NHK实际上并未予以报道。这说明,安倍政府在很大程度上成功地阉割了日本媒体。”Speaking at a war memorial ceremony, Mr Abe was heckled with shouts of “Warmonger!and “Go home! showing the depth of feeling on Okinawa about plans to build a new US Marine Corps base on the island.当时,在一个战争纪念仪式上发表讲话的安倍,遭到一些人的大声诘难,这些人高呼“战争贩子!”和“滚回家去!”。这些口号突显出冲绳民众对在该岛新建美海军陆战队基地的计划有多么愤慨。But a NHK news bulletin just showed brief clips of Mr Abe’s appearance at the end of an item about the 70th anniversary of the second world war battle of Okinawa. Both NHK and the Yomiuri declined to comment on editorial decisions.但NHK的新闻节目只是在一则关于二战冲绳战0周年纪念活动的新闻的末尾,播出了安倍在此次活动中亮相的几个简短镜头。NHK和《读卖新闻》都拒绝就其编辑决策置评。Concern about freedom of the press mounted after reports that the Culture and Arts study group of young LDP politicians, regarded as close to Mr Abe, had discussed ways to target hostile media at a meeting on June 25.有报道称,由年轻自民党政客组成的“文化艺术恳话会Culture and Arts study group)曾在65日的一次会议上,讨论了对付敌对媒体的办法,这些年轻政客被认为与安倍关系密切。这则报道令人们更加担心日本的新闻自由状况。“The most effective way to punish the mass media is to make them lose advertising revenue and to do so, the government should apply pressure on Keidanren [Japan’s main business body],one participant was reported to have said.据报道,一名与会者曾表示:“惩戒大众媒体的最有效方式,就是令它们失去广告收入。要做到这一点,政府应对日本经济团体联合会(Keidanren,日本主要商业团体)施加压力。”Naoki Hyakuta, an author who spoke at the meeting, was ed as saying that the two main Okinawa newspapers “must be closed down by any means报道援引在会上发言的作家百田尚Naoki Hyakuta)的言论称,“必须动用一切手段关闭”冲绳的两家主要报纸。The LDP party moved quickly to stem the damage by attacks from its parliamentarians on the press becoming public. It sacked the convener of the Culture and Arts group from his position as head of the party’s youth division.自民党迅速采取行动,遏制该党议员攻击媒体一事曝光所产生的破坏性影响,解除了此次文化艺术恳话会召集人的自民党青年局局长职务。“Freedom of expression is the root of democracy so it’s unacceptable for the LDP not to show our clear support for it,Mr Abe said.安倍表示:“言论自由是民主的根基。因此,对自民党来说,不显示出我们对言论自由的明确持,是无法令人接受的。”His government is struggling to push security laws through parliament. The laws reinterpret Japan’s pacifist constitution to let it fight in defence of allied forces.目前,安倍政府正在艰难地推动安保法案在议会获得通过。这一法案重新解释了日本和平宪法,以使日本能够为保卫盟军而作战。One reason for the stability of Mr Abe’s government over the past two and a half years has been his success in managing the media. Professor Nakano said it was “certainly truethe press has become weaker since Mr Abe came to power but that cracks are emerging as the prime minister’s popularity falls.安倍政府在过去两年半里保持稳定的原因之一,就是他成功地控制住了媒体。中野教授表示,安倍掌权以来,媒体“无疑”已经弱化,不过,随着安倍持率下滑,这种控制正在出现裂缝。“The fact that the [Culture and Arts] story came out indicates that the control over the media by the government is getting less firm,Mr Nakano said. “The government is becoming weak enough for the media to feel emboldened.”中野表示:“(恳话会)那件事会曝光,说明政府对媒体的控制力没有那么强了。政府正在变弱,因此媒体的胆子也大了起来。”来 /201507/383688。

  WASHINGTON President Obama could leave office with the most aggressive, far-reaching environmental legacy of any occupant of the White House. Yet it is very possible that not a single major environmental law will have passed during his two terms in Washington.华盛顿——奥巴马总统可能会成为入住白宫者中以最积极、最影响深远的环境遗产卸任的人。然而,在他的两个总统任期中,也有非常大的可能连一项环境立法都通不过。Instead, Mr. Obama has turned to the vast reach of the Clean Air Act of 1970, which some legal experts call the most powerful environmental law in the world. Faced with a Congress that has shut down his attempts to push through an environmental agenda, Mr. Obama is using the authority of the act passed at the birth of the environmental movement to issue a series of landmark regulations on air pollution, from soot to smog, to mercury and planet-warming carbon dioxide.奥巴马取而代之的做法是,充分利用1970年通过的《清洁空气法》,一些法律专家称之为世界上最强大的环境法律。面对阻止他推动环境议程之努力的国会,奥巴马正在动用这项环保运动诞生时通过的法律的权威,来发布一系列针对空气污染的具有里程碑意义的规定,从控制烟灰和雾霾,到控制汞和让地球变暖的二氧化碳。The Supreme Court could still overturn much of Mr. Obama’s environmental legacy, although the justices so far have upheld the regulations in three significant cases. More challenges are expected, the most recent of which was taken up by the court on Tuesday. The act, however, was designed by lawmakers in a Democratic Congress to give the Environmental Protection Agency, which was created at the same time, great flexibility in its interpretation of the law.虽然最高法院仍可能会推翻许多奥巴马遗留下来的环境规定,但是迄今为止,大法官们在三个重要案件中都维持了这些规定。这些规定预计将面临更多挑战,其中最新的一个周二由最高法院处理。然而,《清洁空气法》是民主党控制下的国会立法者为在法律解释方面赋予同时成立的国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency)极大的灵活性而设计的。“It’s the granddaddy of public health and environmental legislation,said Paul Billings, a vice president of the American Lung Association. “It empowers the E.P.A. and states to be bold and creative.”“这是公众健康和环境立法的鼻祖,”美国肺脏协会副会长保罗·比林Paul Billings)说。“它赋予环保局及各州力量,让它们变得大胆且有创造性。”Gina McCarthy, the E.P.A. administrator, credits the act for the authority that Mr. Obama claims in setting environmental policy. “The administration is relying very heavily on this tool that Congress provided us 44 years ago,she said.环保局局长吉娜·麦卡锡(Gina McCarthy)把奥巴马赖以制定环境政策的权威归功于《清洁空气法》。她说,“政府高度依赖国4年前为我们提供的这个工具。”Jody Freeman, director of Harvard University’s environmental law program, and a former counselor to the president, said Mr. Obama was using the Clean Air Act “to push forward in a way that no president ever has.”哈佛大学的环境法项目主任、总统的一位前顾问乔迪·弗里Jody Freeman)说,奥巴马用《清洁空气法》“推进环保的方式,在总统中前所未有”。Taken together, the Clean Air Act regulations issued during the Obama administration have led to the creation of America’s first national policy for combating global warming and a fundamental reshaping of major sectors of the economy, specifically auto manufacturing and electric utilities. The regulations could ultimately shut down existing coal-fired power plants, freeze construction of new coal plants and end demand for the nation’s most polluting fuel.总地来说,奥巴马执政期间颁布的《清洁空气法》规定让美国首次制定了针对全球变暖的全国性政策,在根本上重新塑造了重要的经济行业,尤其是汽车制造业和电力行业。这些规定可能最终导致现有燃煤发电厂的关闭,冻结新燃煤发电厂的建设,结束美国对这种污染最严重的燃料的需求。Republicans and the coal industry have attacked the new rules as a “war on coal.”共和党人和煤炭工业已抨击这些新规是“向煤炭宣战”。Mr. Obama’s most recent regulation, proposed on Wednesday, would curb factory and coal-plant emissions of ozone, a smog-causing pollutant linked to asthma, heart disease and premature death. That regulation is the latest of six new rules intended to rein in emissions of hazardous pollutants from factory and power-plant smokestacks, including soot, mercury, sulfur and nitrogen oxide.奥巴马周三提出的最新规定将减少工厂和燃煤发电厂的臭氧排放,臭氧是一种引起雾霾的污染物,与哮喘、心脏疾病和过早死亡有关。这项规定是旨在限制工厂和发电厂的烟囱排放有害污染物的六项规定之一,被限制的污染物还包括烟灰、汞、硫,以及氮氧化物。The most consequential regulations are those that cut emissions of carbon dioxide, the gas dispersed from automobile tailpipes and coal plants and which contributes to global warming.那些旨在减少二氧化碳排放的规定最为重要,汽车排气管和燃煤发电厂都排放这种导致全球变暖的气体。More rules are on the way: By the end of the year, the E.P.A. is expected to announce plans for regulating the emission of methane at natural gas production facilities.还会有更多的规定出台:环保局预计将在今年年底宣布限制天然气生产设施甲烷排放的计划。Republicans and industry leaders have fought back against the rules, attacking them as “job-killingregulations. “The Clean Air Act is a direct threat,said Hal Quinn, president of the National Mining Association.共和党人和工业领袖对这些规定进行了回击,抨击它们“扼杀工作机会”。美国国家矿业协会会长哈尔·奎Hal Quinn)说,“《清洁空气法》是一个直接的威胁。”Among the fiercest critics is Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, who is expected to take over as majority leader in the next Congressional term and whose home state is a major producer of coal. Mr. McConnell has vowed to put forth legislation to block or delay the administration’s regulations.批评者中最激烈的是肯塔基州共和党参议员米奇·麦康奈Mitch McConnell),他预计将在下届国会中接任多数党领袖,他的家乡是主要的煤炭生产地。麦康奈尔已发誓要用立法来阻止或延缓政府规定的实行。Although the E.P.A. regulations are today the target of Republican ire, in 1970 the Clean Air Act passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, clearing the Senate with a vote of 73 to 0. President Richard M. Nixon, a Republican, signed the bill into law. “The idea was to give E.P.A. broad authority, making sure that it had tools to exercise this authority,said Robert Nordhaus, an environmental lawyer who, as a staff lawyer in the House legislative counsel’s office, helped draft the law. Today Mr. Nordhaus is a senior partner at the environmental law firm Van Ness Feldman.虽然环保局的规定如今是共和党愤怒的目标,但970年,《清洁空气法》得到了压倒性的两党持,以73的票数于参议院通过,共和党人、理查德·尼克松总统将该法案签署为法律。“当时的想法是赋予环保局广泛的权力,并确保它有行使这种权力的工具,”环保律师罗伯特·诺德豪斯(Robert Nordhaus)说,那时他作为众议院立法委办公室的一个专职律师,协助起草了该法律。如今,诺德豪斯是环境律师事务所Van Ness Feldman的高级合伙人。Another Republican president, the first George Bush, enacted a 1990 update to the Clean Air Act, which strengthened the E.P.A.’s authority to issue regulations. Mr. McConnell was among the 89 senators who voted for passage of the 1990 law. “I had to choose between cleaner air and the status quo,Mr. McConnell said at the time. “I chose cleaner air.”另一位共和党总统,老乔治·布什(George Bush),在1990年让更新后的《清洁空气法》生效,加强了环保局发布规定的权威。麦康奈尔是1990年对通过该法律投了赞成票9名参议员之一麦康奈尔在当时曾说,“我要在清洁空气和现状之间做出选择。我选择了更清洁的空气。”The 1990 iteration of the Clean Air Act also included requirements that the E.P.A. issue, and periodically update, regulations on pollutants such as ozone and mercury. Some of Mr. Obama’s new regulations are a result of that requirement.1990年版的《清洁空气法》还包括了要求环保局发布并定期更新限制例如臭氧和汞等污染物的规定。奥巴马的新规定中有些是这一要求的结果。Mr. Obama, however, is the first president to use the law to fight global warming. After trying and failing to push a new climate-change law through Congress aimed at curbing greenhouse gas pollution, the president went back to the Clean Air Act.但是,奥巴马是第一位用《清洁空气法》来对付全球变暖的总统。在推动国会通过一项新的气候变化法律以限制温室气体排放的尝试以失败告终之后,总统回到了《清洁空气法》。来 /201412/345437

  China will host the 2016 Group of Twenty (G20) summit in the eastern city of Hangzhou, best known for its scenic West Lake, on Sept. 4-5, President Xi Jinping announced here Monday.中国国家主席习近平周一宣布016年中国将于风景秀丽的西湖湖畔——美丽的东部城市杭州,举办二十国集团领导人峰会(G20)。Its theme will be ;Building an innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy,; Xi said while addressing a working lunch during the just-concluded 10th G20 summit in this Turkish resort city.习主席在即将结束的土耳其安塔利亚二十国集团领导人第十次峰会上发表讲话称016年G20峰会的主题将是“构建创新、活力、联动、包容的世界经济”。Chinas preparations, Xi told world leaders, will be focused on innovating upon growth patterns, improving global economic and financial governance, boosting international trade and investment, and promoting inclusive and interconnected development.习近平主席告诉二十国领导人,中方将从创新增长模式、完善全球经济金融治理、促进国际贸易和投资、推动包容联动式发展个领域进行筹备工作;We need to increase the representation and voice of the emerging-market economies and developing countries (in global governance), so as to enhance the capabilities of the world economy to resist risks,; the president said.“我们要努力提高新兴经济体市场国家和发展中国家在全球治理中的代表性和发言权,从而提升世界经济抵御风险的能力”,他表示。Explaining Chinas selection of the theme and priorities, Xi noted that although the world economy has walked out of crisis, the recovery remains highly fragile and growth underpowered.习近平向各位领导人解释,中国选择这一主题的原因是要强调世界经济虽已经走出危机,但复苏的新经济仍非常脆弱、增长动力仍不足。The president also called for concerted efforts to help the group shift from a mechanism of crisis response to one of long-term governance, so as to consolidate its status as a main forum for global economic governance.习主席还呼吁二十国集团成员国需要共同努力,使二十国集团从危机应对的机制向长期管理转变,从而巩固其作为全球经济管理主要论坛的地位;China will take an open, transparent and inclusive attitude in the preparations, and will enhance communication and coordination with all G20 members to jointly maintain, build and develop the group in a sound way;.“中国将保持开放、透明、包容的姿态,同各成员国加强沟通和协调,共同把二十国集团维护好、建设好、发展好”。China will take over the G20 presidency on Dec. 1, 2015, and a series of related meetings will be held next year, according to Wang Xiaolong, the Chinese Foreign Ministrys special envoy on G20 affairs.据中国外交部二十国集团事务特使王晓龙透露,中国将0152日接任G20轮值主席国,相关会议将在明年举行。US President Barack Obama voiced support for Chinas presidency, saying that he looks forward to attending the Hangzhou summit. The ed States is willing to work with China closely to ensure the success of the meeting, Obama told Xi on the sidelines of the Antalya summit.美国总统奥巴马对中国表示持,并期待出席杭州峰会。奥巴马在安塔利亚峰会上表示,美方愿与中国保持密切合作,以确保会议取得成功。来 /201511/410580




  Pope Francis, the first South American pontiff, has returned to that continent to begin an eight-day visit to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay.首位来自南美洲的罗马天主教宗教宗方济各星期天返回南美洲,对厄瓜多尔、玻利维亚和巴拉圭进行八天访问。The 78-year-old Jesuit pope landed in Ecuadors capital, Quito, Sunday afternoon, on the first leg of his visit, where he was greeted by President Rafael Correa and church dignitaries.78岁的教宗方济各星期天下午抵达南美之行的第一站厄瓜多尔首都基多,厄瓜多尔总统科雷亚和教会要人前往迎接。Huge crowds also gathered along the route from the airport to the papal nuncios residence, where Francis will be staying. ;I am happy for the blessing of having a Father who comes from so far away to see his children,; said one pilgrim.从机场到教宗下榻的教廷大使官邸,沿途有很多欢迎的人群。一位朝圣者说他很高兴教宗远道而来,看望他们。The pope is planning to celebrate a Mass in eight languages Monday. Later in the trip, he is planning a visit to a violent Bolivian prison, a meeting with Bolivian trash collectors and a stop at a flood-prone Paraguayan shantytown.教宗星期一将用8种语言主持弥撒。他还要访问一个玻利维亚暴力犯人监狱,跟玻利维亚收垃圾的工人见面,并访问巴拉圭一个易受洪水袭击的贫民区。As he left Rome, Francis said he wanted to emphasize the plight of impoverished people in the three countries he is visiting, ;especially children in need, the elderly, the sick, the imprisoned, the poor, those who are victims of this throwaway culture.;教宗在离开罗马的时候说,他要强调这三个国家里穷人的困境,特别是需要救助的儿童、老人、病人,囚犯和穷人等,他们都是用过即丢消费主义文化的受害者。The Roman Catholic Church has about 1.2 billion followers, with a large portion of them in Latin America. Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay are three of South Americas poorest and smallest countries.罗马天主教会有大2亿信徒,其中很大一部分在拉丁美洲。厄瓜多尔、玻利维亚和巴拉圭是南美洲最穷和最小的国家。来 /201507/384396

  North and South Korea have held high-level talks for the first time in nearly two years, with both sides expressing a desire to improve long-strained ties.朝鲜和韩国举行了近两年来的首次高层会谈,双方都表示愿意改善长期以来的紧张关系。The vice ministerial-level meeting was held Friday at the Kaesong industrial complex, just north of the tense demilitarized zone separating the two countries.这次副部长级会谈于星期五在开城工业园区举行。开城工业园区位于朝鲜半岛非军事区的北方一侧。South Korean Vice Unification Minister Hwang Boo-gi and his North Korean counterpart, Jon Jong Su, struck an optimistic tone as they shook hands at the beginning of the dialogue.韩国统一部副部长黃富起和朝鲜和平统一委员会书记局副局长田钟秀在会谈开始时握手,显示了乐观的态度。There is no official agenda for the talks, and no significant breakthroughs are expected, though each side is thought to have clear goals.这次会谈没有正式议事日程,外界也不期待会谈将取得重大突破,不过据信双方都有各自明确的目的。Pyongyang is expected to push for the resumption of South Korean tours to its scenic Mount Kumgang resort. The South canceled the tours in 2008 after a South Korean was killed there.预计平壤将敦促首尔恢复韩国人对朝鲜旅游胜地金刚山的观光活动008年一名韩国人在金刚山被杀后,首尔取消了前往该地区的观光。Seoul wants the North to agree to more frequent reunions between North and South Koreans separated by the two countries 1950s conflict. The last such meeting was held in October.首尔希望平壤同意更经常地安排韩战离散家庭团聚活动。上次团聚活动是10月举行的。来 /201512/415500


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