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平昌县人民医院腺样体肥大要多少钱重庆新桥医院美尼尔怎么样I have been reflecting deeply about my presidency and about the forty years in which my life has been inextricably bound to FIFA and the great sport of football. I cherish FIFA more than anything and I want to do only what is best for FIFA and for football. I felt compelled to stand for re-election, as I believed that this was the best thing for the organisation. That election is over, but FIFAs challenges are not. FIFA needs a profound overhaul. While I have a mandate from the membership of FIFA, I do not feel that I have a mandate from the entire world of football – the fans, the players, the clubs, the people who live, breathe and love football as much as we all do at FIFA. Therefore, I have decided to lay down my mandate at an extraordinary elective Congress. I will continue to exercise my functions as FIFA President until that election. The next ordinary FIFA Congress will take place on 13 May 2016 in Mexico City. This would create unnecessary delay and I will urge the Executive Committee to organise an Extraordinary Congress for the election of my successor at the earliest opportunity. This will need to be done in line with FIFAs statutes and we must allow enough time for the best candidates to present themselves and to campaign. Since I shall not be a candidate, and am therefore now free from the constraints that elections inevitably impose, I shall be able to focus on driving far-reaching, fundamental reforms that transcend our previous efforts. For years, we have worked hard to put in place administrative reforms, but it is plain to me that while these must continue, they are not enough. The Executive Committee includes representatives of confederations over whom we have no control, but for whose actions FIFA is held responsible. We need deep-rooted structural change. The size of the Executive Committee must be reduced and its members should be elected through the FIFA Congress. The integrity checks for all Executive Committee members must be organised centrally through FIFA and not through the confederations. We need term limits not only for the president but for all members of the Executive Committee. I have fought for these changes before and, as everyone knows, my efforts have been blocked. This time, I will succeed. I cannot do this alone. I have asked Domenico Scala to oversee the introduction and implementation of these and other measures. Mr. Scala is the Independent Chairman of our Audit and Compliance Committee elected by the FIFA Congress. He is also the Chairman of the ad hoc Electoral Committee and, as such, he will oversee the election of my successor. Mr. Scala enjoys the confidence of a wide range of constituents within and outside of FIFA and has all the knowledge and experience necessary to help tackle these major reforms. It is my deep care for FIFA and its interests, which I hold very dear, that has led me to take this decision. I would like to thank those who have always supported me in a constructive and loyal manner as President of FIFA and who have done so much for the game that we all love. What matters to me more than anything is that when all of this is over, football is the winner.201507/388167绵阳市404医院声带息肉怎么样 Im getting y for a lot of things. A lot of things.我已准备好了要做很多事,特别多的事。Its spring, so were starting to get the gardens y and my tomatoes are legendary here in my own neighborhood.春天到了,我们要开始了整理院子了。在我们小区,我种的西红柿可是一个传说哦!My daughter is about to start kindergarten next year, and so were moving just so she can belong to a better school.我女儿明年就要上幼儿园了,所以我们准备搬家,就是为了她能上好一点儿的学校。......My brother and I are starting our first business......我的兄弟和我正打算创业。After five years of raising my children, I am now going back to work.五年来我一直都在带孩子。现在我要重返职场了。Every day were trying to get more and more y and more prepared. Baby boy, coming your way.我们每天都在做准备。现在准备是越来越充分了。宝宝,来吧!Right now Im applying for jobs. Its a look into what the real world will look like after college.我刚刚申请了工作,对毕业后的真实世界充满了期待。Im getting married this summer to someone I really care about.我今年夏天要结婚了——跟一个我非常在乎的人结婚。Im gonna be in the play and Im gonna be in a fish costume. From little tiny fishes.我要表演话剧了,穿着小鱼衣,扮演小鱼鱼儿。Im getting y to retire soon. Retirement means reinventing yourself in many ways.我很快就准备要退休了。退休意味着在各个方面重塑你自己。Well weve been doing a lot of home renovations. But, most importantly, we just want to teach our dog to quit eating the trash.我们打算重新装修房子。不过最重要的还是教会别再吃垃圾了。And so we have high hopes for 2015 that thats going to happen.我们对2015年有很高的期待,这些期待会实现的。Ive started a new career recently. This is a fifth generation company which means a lot to me.我最近有了一份新的事业。这家公司历经了五代领导,它对我意义重大。This country was founded on hard work and it really feels good to be a part of that.公司里的人都在努力工作,成为其中一员感觉超棒。Im getting y to do something, too. Im running for president.我也准备好了要做一些事情。我要参加总统竞选。Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.美国已从艰难的经济形势中恢复过来了,但机遇仍然只是青睐顶端的人。Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.美国每天都需要捍卫者。而我,希望成为那个捍卫者。So, you can do more than just get by, you can get ahead. And stay ahead!比起得过且过,你其实可以做得更好。你是可以走在前面的,而且一直在前面。Because when families are strong, America is strong.因为只要家庭繁荣,美国就会繁荣。So, Im hitting the road to earn your vote. Because its your time, and I hope youll join me on this journey.因此,我需要你的选票,因为这是你的时代。我希望你能和我一起踏上征程。201504/371962Fortunately, Europe had the benefit of the social safety net. It held down European growth rates in good times, but it served its purpose in the downturn and the recession in Euroland turned out to be less severe than expected. Now that the fears of an economic collapse have subsided, the European Union is showing some signs of political revival. For instance, the European Central Bank has effectively bailed out the Irish banking system and Ireland has resoundingly endorsed Lisbon Treaty. So perhaps I should not be too pessimistic about Europe.幸运的是,欧洲受益于社会安全网。它在适当的时候使欧洲的增长率得到了控制。它在控制增长率方面虽有成效,但最终表明,欧元区增长率的降低对衰退并没有起到预想的作用。由于对经济崩溃的担忧已经减弱,欧盟出现了政治复苏的迹象。例如,欧洲央行已有效地挽救了爱尔兰系统,而爱尔兰也成功地通过了《里斯本条约》。因此,我们对欧洲也不应该太过悲观。The fact that the financial crisis is having different long-term impacts on different countries may turn out to be more of a problem. In the short term, all countries were negatively affected, but in the long term there will be winners and losers. Although the range of uncertainties for the actual course of events is very wide, shifts in relative positions can be predicted with greater certainty. To put it bluntly, the ed States stands to lose the most and China is poised to emerge as the greatest winner. The extent of the shift is aly exceeding most expectations. There will be significant changes in the relative positions of other countries as well but from a global perspective the one between the ed States and China is the most significant.金融危机对不同国家产生的长期影响具有差异性,这一点最终将使问题更突出。在短期内,所有国家所受的都是不利影响,但从长远来说,终将会有贏家和输家之分。虽然不确定因素涵盖的实际范围很广泛,但我们可以预见相对位置一定会发生变化。说得大胆一些,美国将会输得最多,而中国则势必成为最大的贏家。如此巨大的转变,已出乎大多数人的意料。而其他国家的相对位置也会发生很大的变化。但从全球的角度看,美国与中国之间的变化才具有最重要的意义。201409/329511都江堰市妇幼保健院打鼾看怎么样好不好

成都市仁济医院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好But to put that in context:我们把这些数字写下来:5.93 million years ago593万年前was when our earliest primate human ancestors stood up.我们人类的祖先灵长类开始了直立行走That was the first upright primate.这是第一种直立行走的灵长类动物Okay, so when we talk about how much time were currently investing因此,当我们谈论我们在游戏上花费了那么多时间时in playing games, the only way it makes sense唯一让这件事情合理的理解方式就是:去想一想to even think about it is to talk about time在人类进化进程中at the magnitude of human evolution,我们所花费的时间有多少which is an extraordinary thing.而且这是一件多么不同寻常的事情!But its also apt. Because it turns out这样去想是恰当的,因为你会发现that by spending all this time playing games,通过花费大量的时间去玩游戏were actually changing what we我们能改变我们做人的能力are capable of as human beings.我们能改变我们做人的能力We are evolving to be a more collaborative and hearty species.我们正不断发展成为一个更具有协作精神和更强健的物种This is true. I believe this.这是真的,我深信不疑So, consider this really interesting statistic;来看一个有趣的调查it was recently published by a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University:这份调查结果是由一位来自卡内基梅隆大学的研究者发布的The average young person today在一个玩游戏氛围很强的国家,当今的年轻人in a country with a strong gamer culture在一个玩游戏氛围很强的国家,当今的年轻人will have spent 10,000 hours playing online games在其21岁前,平均每人by the age of 21.花费在网络游戏上的时间可达10000小时Now 10,000 hours is a really现在,一万小时是一个很有趣的数值interesting number for two reasons.主要是因为有两个原因First of all, for children in the ed States首先,美国的儿童10,080 hours is the exact amount of time从五年级到高中毕业you will spend in school所需要的时间from fifth grade to high school graduation就是10080个小时if you have perfect attendance.当然你得表现良好(按时上课,出勤)So, we have an entire我们就有了一份并行跟踪教育的数据,parallel track of education going on它显示:where young people are learning as much about年轻人做一个好的游戏玩家所花费的时间what it takes to be a good gamer与他们在学校里面学习知识as they are learning about everything else in school.所用的时间是一样多的And some of you have probably 你们当中的有些人肯定读过Malcolm Gladwells new book ;Outliers.;MalcomGladwell的新书《局外人》So, you would have heard of his theory of success,因此你们对作者关于成功理论的见解也就不是那么陌生了the 10,000 hour theory of success.一万小时成功法则Its based on this great cognitive science research这个法则是基于认知科学研究的that if we can master 10,000 hours如果我们在21岁前能花费10000小时of effortful study at anything专心努力的学习或者是做一些其他的事情,by the age of 21, we will be virtuosos at it.那么我们一定可以在这些事情上获得巨大成功We will be as good at whatever we do我们将在我们所做的任何事情上as the greatest people in the world.成为世界级专家And so, now what were looking at现在,我们所关注的就是is an entire generation of young people擅长游戏的who are virtuoso gamers.整整一代年轻人So, the big question is,最大的问题就是;What exactly are gamers getting so good at?;“这些游戏玩家擅长于做些什么?”Because if we could figure that out,如果我们能给出we would have a virtually unprecedented我们将会发掘出一个human resource on our hands.史无前例的人力资源This is how many people we now have in the world他们就是我们现在所拥有的那些who spend at least an hour a day playing online games.每天花费至少一小时去玩网络游戏的游戏玩家们These are our virtuoso gamers,他们都是技艺精湛的游戏高手500 million people who are extraordinarily good at something.5亿擅长于某些事情的人And in the next decade在接下来的十年里were going to have another billion gamers又会有10亿多擅长于who are extraordinarily good at whatever that is.某个领域的新游戏玩家加入进来If you dont know it aly, this is coming.如果闻所未闻,那么我告诉你,这件事正在进行The game industry is developing consoles游戏产业一直在不停的发展that are low energy and that work with the wireless phone networks现如今,它的低能耗,instead of broadband Internet以及从宽带互联网到无线手机网络的变革so that gamers all over the world,让全球的游戏玩家,particularly in India, China, Brazil, can get online.尤其是来自印度、中国、巴西的玩家们,可以在同一个平台里竞技They expect one billion more gamers in the next decade.据预测,在接下来的十年里将会有10亿的新玩家加入其中It will bring us up to 1.5 billion gamers.届时,我们就会有15亿之众的游戏玩家So, Ive started to think about what these games因此,我早早的开始了思考,are making us virtuosos at.这些游戏将把我们引向何方?Here are the four things I came up with. The first is urgent optimism.对此我觉得大体有四个方面。首先就是对于紧急事件的积极心态,紧急乐观OK, think of this as extreme self-motivation.把它想象成是极端的自我激励Urgent optimism is the desire to act immediately急切的乐观精神是to tackle an obstacle,结合着combined with the belief自己必胜信念that we have a reasonable hope of success.对立马解决障碍的渴望Gamers always believe that an epic win is possible,游戏玩家始终相信and that it is always worth trying, and trying now.不可能取得的胜利也是可能的201511/409064重庆市妇幼保健院鼻炎怎么样 金堂县妇幼保健院打鼾看怎么样好不好

阿坝藏族芜族自治州妇幼保健院流鼻血要多少钱 When I was first at Facebook, a woman named Lori Goler, a 1997 graduate of HBS, was working in marketing at eBay and I knew her kind of socially.我刚到Facebook的时候,97届HBS的校友Lori Goler还在eBay做市场营销。我和认识了她并且知道善于交际。She called me and said, ;I want to think about you know talk with you about coming to work with you at Facebook.她打电话给我说,“我想和你谈谈到Facebook和你一起工作的事,So I thought about calling you and telling you all the things Im good at and all the things I like to do. But I figured that everyone is doing that.我想到给你打电话,和你说我有哪些特长以及我想做的事情。但我知道所有人都会这样说。So instead I want to know whats your biggest problem and how can I solve it?;所以我就想知道什么是你现在最棘手的问题,我又该如何帮你解决这个问题?”My jaw hit the floor.我感动得五体投地。Id hired thousands of people up to that point in my career, but no one had ever said anything like that. I had never said anything like that.那时我一路过来,雇了上千人,但是从来没有人对我这样说过。我自己也从来没有这样说过。Job searches are always about the job searcher, but not in Loris case.找工作一直是关于找工作的人是怎样,要什么。但是Lori不是这样想的。I said, ;Youre hired. My biggest problem is recruiting and you can solve it.;我说,“你被录用了。我最大的问题就是招人,你可以帮我。”So Lori changed fields into something she never thought shed do, went down a level to start in a new field.之后Lori就换到了这个她自己都从未想过去做的领域,还降了一级,重新开始。She has since been promoted and runs all of People Operations at Facebook and is doing an extraordinary job, having an amazing impact.之后她被升职,负责整个Facebook的人事运行,现在做得非常好,在公司有很大的影响力。Lori has a great metaphor for careers. She says theyre not a ladder, theyre a jungle gym.Lori对职业有个很好的比喻。她说它不是阶梯,而是游乐场里儿童玩的立方格攀登架。As you start your post-HBS career, look for opportunities, look for growth, look for impact, look for mission.当你们开始HBS之后的职业生涯时,你们要去寻找机会,追随成长,力求影响力,探求使命。Move sideways, move down, move on, move off. Build your skills, not your resume.你们可以平调,降级,升职,甚至换新的领域。培养你的技能,而不是填充你的简历。Evaluate what you can do, not the title theyre going to give you. Do real work.根据你能做的事来评判工作,而不是你可以得到的职位。做真正的工作。Take a sales a, a line role, an ops job. Dont plan too much, and dont expect a direct climb.接受一个销售目标,一个生产线上的工作,一个涉及运营方面的工作,别作太多计划,也别要求要“青云直上”。If I had mapped out my career when I was sitting where you are, I would have missed my career.如果我在坐在你们的位置上时就计划好我的职业,我会错过我现在的职业。You are entering a different business world than I entered.你们现在正迈入一个和我当时不同的世界。Mine was just starting to get connected. Yours is hyper-connected.我的世界刚刚开始被连接起来,你的世界已经高速连接在一起。Mine was competitive. Yours is way more competitive.我当时竞争很激烈。你们现在的竞争更加激烈。Mine moved quickly, yours moves even more quickly.我的世界变化很快,你的世界变化更快。As traditional structures are breaking down, leadership has to evolve as well -from hierarchy to shared responsibility, from command and control to listening and guiding.在这个传统结构正被打破的时代,领导阶层也需要演变。从设立阶层到责任共享,从命令与控制到聆听和引导。Youve been trained by this great institution not just to be part of these trends, but to lead.你在HBS这个伟大的学院学习不仅是为了能够跟上浪潮,更重要的是能去引领潮流。As you lead in this new world, you will not be able to rely on who you are or the degree you hold. Youll have to rely on what you know.当你在这个新世界里乘风破浪时,你能依靠的不是你是谁也不是你的学位。你要依靠的是你的知识。Your strength will not come from your place on some org chart, your strength will come from building trust and earning respect.你的力量不会源自你在公司的位置,你的力量来自于建立信任,获得尊敬。Youre going to need talent, skill, and imagination and vision.你会需要天赋,技能,想象力和视野。But more than anything else, youre going to need the ability to communicate authentically, to speak so that you inspire the people around you and to listen so that you continue to learn each and every day on the job.不过最最重要的是,你要成为具有真诚沟通的能力的人,既能鼓舞你身边的人,又能聆听他们的建议,在每一天的工作中不断学习进步。201502/357235巫溪黔江区武隆县治疗美尼尔哪家医院最好北碚渝北区治疗腺样体肥大价格



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