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Arab Summit in Kuwait Ends in Discord阿拉伯峰会结束 分歧依然存在Arab leaders tried to patch over their differences as a two-day summit in Kuwait drew to a close, but the Gaza conflict appears to have exacerbated the tensions. 阿拉伯领导人在科威特举行的为期两天的首脑会谈结束,各国领导试图弥补他们的分歧,但是加沙的冲突看来已经导致紧张加剧。Arab leaders began their Kuwait summit, Monday, amid discord, and ended it, a day later, amid more discord. Attempts to find a common position on the conflict in Gaza and towards Israel seemingly failed, leaving rival Arab camps as divided as ever. 阿拉伯领导人在不协调的气氛中从星期一开始了他们在科威特的首脑会谈,一天以后又在更不协调的气氛中结束了会谈。就加沙冲突和如何对待以色列的问题找到一个共同立场的打算似乎已经失败,让持不同立场的阿拉伯阵营和以往一样抱持分歧。Arab leaders did, however, agree to a plan to rebuild the war-torn Gaza Strip, promising a total of billion to reconstruct what was damaged or demolished in the 21-day conflict between Israel and Hamas militants. 不过阿拉伯领导人的确同意重建饱受战争蹂躏的加沙地带的计划,承诺拿出20亿美元来重建经过21天以色列和哈马斯冲突中被损坏和被夷平的建筑和设施。Iraqi Foreign Minister Houshiyar Zubeiri told Kuwaiti TV that the summit's final declaration avoided a common position on Gaza because Arab leaders had "run out of time" to reconcile their differences, and because "some [leaders] remain entrenched in their positions." 伊拉克外长祖贝里对科威特电视台说,这次首脑会谈的最后宣言避开了对加沙问题的共同立场,因为阿拉伯领导人已经“没有时间”就他们的分歧进行和解了,也因为“一些领导人固守他们的立场”。Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa sounded unusually downbeat and discouraged in a press conference after the summit. 阿拉伯联盟秘书长穆萨以一种不同寻常的悲观和气馁的口气在首脑会谈以后的记者会上发表讲话,形容阿拉伯内部关系是一种麻烦的状态。He said the Arab state of affairs remains troubled and tense. He said, "we tried, Monday, to start rebuilding after the important speech by [Saudi] King Abdallah [calling for an end to discord]." But, he concludes, "things are still not back to normal, in my view, and we must make intensive efforts in order to repair the damage." 他说,阿拉伯事务的状态仍然是麻烦的、紧张的。星期一沙特国王阿卜杜拉呼吁结束纷争的重要讲话之后,我们试图开始重建,但是,他总结说,事态还没有恢复正常,以我的观点,我们必须付出巨大的努力,来修补损失。Moussa did, however, make a special point to emphasize that the 2002 Arab peace initiative towards Israel, remains on the table, despite events in Gaza, and despite calls from Syria and Iran to withdraw it. 不过穆萨确实指出了特殊的一点,就是强调2002年阿拉伯向以色列提出的和平倡议,这个问题仍然在谈判桌上,尽管出现了加沙的冲突,尽管出现了叙利亚和伊朗要求撤销倡议的呼声。The 2002 Arab peace initiative, he says, did not figure in the summit's closing statement, but he said it remains valid, and he said Arab leaders have no quarrels over the initiative, which he calls a common point of view. But, he adds, the initiative can't remain on the table much longer, if after seven years Israel still hasn't accepted it. 他说,2002年阿拉伯的和平倡议没有在首脑会谈结束的声明中提及,但倡议仍然有效,阿拉伯领导人对这一倡议没有争议,他说这是一个共同的观点。但是他补充说,如果以色列7年以后仍没有接受这一倡议,那它则不会被保留太久。Paul Salem, who heads the Beirut-based Carnegie Center for Peace in the Middle East, explained that the Arabs had papered over their profound differences which had arisen during the Gaza conflict. "Definitely, the two camps remain; papering over some of the differences was expected and is sort of the normal course of affairs in Arab affairs. The idea of conciliation and sort of moving forward and not bringing out differences too much into the open, but nobody's position has changed, but it was necessary to save face for the Arab leaders, in general, for the regimes in general, to show that they could agree, at least after the Gaza war was over," he said.  塞勒姆是设在贝鲁特的卡内基中东和平中心的主任。他解释说,加沙冲突再次让阿拉伯世界出现分歧,但是各位领导人一度掩盖处在他们之间的这一深刻分歧。他说:“肯定,这两个阵营仍然存在,搁置一些分歧也是估计到的,是阿拉伯事务中的一种正常状态。和解和向前推进的想法,不把分歧公开表现太多的想法都有,但是没有人改变立场,总体来说,这些阿拉伯国家领导人要顾及面子,总体来说这些国家要显示他们可以同意,至少是在加沙战火停止之后可以同意。”Salem was, however, more optimistic about the long term prospects for peace. "The Gaza events certainly divided people, but there is more areas of agreement as to how to move forward in terms of bringing Hamas and Fatah together, in terms of reconstructing the Gaza Strip, in terms of trying to revive negotiations with Israel, and encouraging the U.S. administration to do so," he said.As the new Obama administration takes office, it will both have to work with the camp of traditional U.S. allies, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as to make some sort of overture to the opposing camp of foes and adversaries, which includes Iran and Syria. 目前正值美国总统奥巴马走马上任,美国新政府必将和美国传统盟友合作,包括埃及、约旦、沙特和科威特,同时也会跟对立阵营的夙敌及对手进行初步交涉,其中包括伊朗和叙利亚。01/61333Analysts Say Swing States Hold Key to US Election美大选一争高下 摇摆州举足轻重In the final days of the U.S. presidential election campaign, candidates Barack Obama and John McCain will focus on a relatively small handful of states that will provide the margin of victory on Election Day, November 4. 在美国总统竞选的最后日子里,候选人巴拉克·奥巴马和约翰·麦凯恩将会把竞选活动的重点集中在为数不多的几个州上,在11月4号的选举中如果赢得这几个州将会让候选人以较大优势获胜。In the 2000 election, Democrat Al Gore won more popular votes than his Republican opponent, then Texas governor George Bush. But Mr. Bush won the election because he defeated Gore in the electoral vote tally. 在2000年的选举中,民主党候选人阿尔·戈尔赢得的选民票数超过了共和党对手、当时的德克萨斯州州长乔治·W 布什。不过,布什得到的选举人选票超过了戈尔,从而赢得总统选举。Each state has a certain number of electoral votes based on the number of Senate and House members who represent that state in Congress. Each state has two senators, but the number of House seats for a given state depends on population. 根据在国会中代表各州的联邦参议员和众议员的人数,每个州都有一定数量的选举人票。每个州有两名参议员,但是众议员人数则要根据某一州的人口而定。California, the largest state, has 53 House members and two senators, for a total of 55 electoral votes. Wyoming, one of the smallest states, has only three electoral votes, taking into account its two U.S. senators and one House member. 美国第一大州加利福尼亚州有53名众议员,2名参议员,总的选举人票是55张。怀俄明州等美国最小的州,各有2名参议员和1名众议员,考虑进这个因素,这些州各自总共只有3张选举人票。As they campaign in the final days, both Barack Obama and John McCain will try to cobble together enough electoral votes to get to the magic number of 270 to clinch the presidency. 巴拉克·奥巴马和约翰·麦凯恩在大选之前最后这些天竞选时,都会争取拿到更多的选举人票,以便确保得到赢得总统选举所需的270张选举人票。American University expert Curtis Gans says each candidate looks at the electoral map of the country differently. 美利坚大学专家科蒂斯·甘斯认为,两位候选人在看待美国各州选举人票分布图的时候各有不同角度。"Every candidate in this polarized country at this point starts with a number of states that are clearly their states to win, and a number of states that are their states to lose," Gans said. 甘斯说:“在这个选民两极分化的国家里,每位候选人在这种情况下都会从明显取胜的州或可能会失败的州着手。”As in most presidential elections, the candidates wind up focusing on a relatively small handful of so-called swing or battleground states, states where the race is close and states that have enough electoral votes to make a difference in the outcome of the election. 正如大多数总统选举那样,候选人最后都要集中精力攻克几个州,它们是人称的摇摆州或者候选人争夺激烈的州,这些州的选情非常接近,而且(赢得这些州的)选举人票足以改变总统选举结果。Larry Sabato directs the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. 维吉尼亚大学政治中心主任拉里·萨巴托说:"Out of the 50 states, about 40 of them are almost predetermined, and we can call them today. So, the focus is on ten competitive states, relatively competitive," Sabato explained. "Some of them are complete toss-ups, could go in either direction. I think Ohio and Virginia are in that category. Others may be leaning one way or another. So, we tend to focus on these states because they are the ones in the end who determine who is going to be president." “美国50个州里,有大约40个州差不多都能提前确定选举人票的归属,现在就能预测。因此,重点是那10个竞争相对激烈的州。其中几个州完全说不准,持谁的可能性都有。我认为,俄亥俄州和维吉尼亚州就属于这一类。其它州可能不是持民主党就是持共和党候选人。因此,我们会把重点放在这些个州,因为谁会入主白宫,这些州的选票最终会起作用。”For example, Republican presidential candidates tend to do well in the deep South and the Plains states. Democrats do well in the Northeast, along the Pacific coast and in the upper Midwest. 比如,共和党总统候选人会在美国最南部的一些州和美国平原地区的州得到高的持率。民主党候选人在东北部各州、太平洋沿岸各州以及最西部的几个州持率不错。That leaves 10 to 12 swing states where both campaigns are competitive, states that will provide the margin of victory on November 4. 这样,就有10到12个摇摆州是双方必争之地。在11月4号的大选中,这些州将对候选人获胜起决定作用。Dennis Johnson is a political expert at George Washington University. 乔治·华盛顿大学政治问题专家丹尼丝·约翰逊说:"When you think about the strategy of an election, the most important number is 270. And that is the number of electors that will get you over the top (to win the presidency). And, any combination of states that has 270, that is the magic number that you are really looking for," Johnson said. “如果你考虑选举战略的话,最重要的数字是270。就是选举人票数,谁得到这些票数谁就能当总统。不论通过哪几个州,只要(加起来)选举人票数之和是270票,这就是候选人的确想要争夺的神奇票数。”Recent polls give Democrat Barack Obama an edge in some of the larger swing or battleground states, states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. 最近的民意调查显示民主党的奥巴马在包括宾夕法尼亚、俄亥俄、密西根以及印第安纳等几个较大的关键州取得领先地位。Obama has been leading even in Florida, the state that gave President Bush his narrow victory over Al Gore in 2000. 奥巴马甚至在佛罗里达领先,布什总统在2000年总统选举中正是在佛罗里达州以微弱的多数击败戈尔的。Obama is also doing well in states like Nevada, Colorado and even North Carolina, all of which have tended to vote Republican in recent years. 奥巴马还在内华达、科罗拉多、甚至是北卡罗来纳等州的民调中成绩良好,这些州在最近几年都倾向于投票给共和党。Tom DeFrank is Washington bureau chief of the New York Daily News and a longtime observer of U.S. politics. 迪法兰克是纽约日报华盛顿分部的领导人,他也是长期研究美国政治的观察家。"These are states that are usually Republican, for the most part, and states that McCain has to win," DeFrank said. "And so, Obama has an easier path. He has got a better electoral map and he has got momentum on his side and it would take a string of things to go McCain's way for this trend to be reversed. It could happen but it's not likely at the moment." 他说:“这些州通常是属于共和党的,至少它们大半如此,而这些州也是麦凯恩必须要赢得的州。所以,奥巴马已经较早赢得了优势。他的竞选版图形势大好,他的阵营动力十足,而麦凯恩必须做一连串的工作才能扭转这种趋势。这种情况有可能发生,但在目前看来似乎不太可能。”National polls are important in the closing days of the presidential race. But experts will be keeping a close eye on the race in several individual key states on election night, as they watch to see which of the two candidates will get to the magic number of 270 electoral votes first. 全国性的民意调查对总统选举的最后几天十分重要。不过专家会在选举当晚特别注意那些关键州,他们将会看到两个候选人谁先拿到决定胜负的270选举人票。200810/53928

Imagine you could find an explanation for anything in the universe from the smallest events possible to the biggest.This is the dream which has captivated the most brilliant scientists and science staff.Now they think they may have found it.The theory is breathtaking and has an extraordinary conclusion that the universe were living is not the only one.设想你能为宇宙中从最小到最大事件这样的每一件事找到一个解释。而这就是最杰出的科学家和很多科学工作者每天都梦寐以求的。现在,他们认为自己可能已经找到了这个解释。这个理论是惊人的而且有着非凡的结论,那就是我们生活的宇宙不是唯一的一个。;There could be an infinite numbers of universes each with a different law of physics.Our universe could be just one bubble floating in an ocean of other bubbles.;可能会有无限量的宇宙,每一个都有不同的物理规律。我们的宇宙可能仅仅是一个漂浮在一片海洋泡沫中的一个而已。;Everything you are about to hear is true,at least in this universe it is.所有你听到的声音都是真实的,至少在这个宇宙中是这个道理。For almost a hundred years,science has been haunted by a dark secret,that there might be mysterious hidden worlds beyond our human senses.Mistakes had long claimed there were such places.They were they said full of ghosts and spirits.The last thing science wanted was to be associated with such superstition.But ever since the 1920s,physicists have been tried to make sense of an uncomfortable discovery.When they tried to pinpoint the exact location of atomic particles like electrons,they found it was utterly impossible.They had no single location.科学一直被一种黑暗的神秘所困扰已经有将近一百年的历史。那就是也许在我们的感官之外存在着隐藏的世界。尽管早已宣称有这样的地方纯属谬论。而这个充满鬼神的地方却一直有人坚信。科学要做的最后一件事就是与这些迷信连接。自从20世纪20年代以来,物理学家们一直在试图弄懂一种异样的发现。他们试图找出像电子一样的原子的确切位置,而他们发现这根本是不可能的。它们没有单一的位置。;When went studies Puppis and ylems,we found the reality is foreign strangers than anybody would have invented in the former infection.Part of views really do have the possibility of in some sense being in more than one place at one time.;;在研究的过程中,我们发现现实是外界陌生人会比一些人在早先感染前就已经发明出来了。部分的观点确实有可能在某种程度上,存在不止一个地方。;The only explanation which anyone could come up with is that the particles dont just exist in our universe.They flee into existence in other universes too,and there are an infinite number of these parallel universes.All of them slightly different.In a fact,theres parallel universe in which Napoleon won the battle of Waterloo.In another,the british empire held on to its American colony.In one you re never born.唯一的解释是任何人都可以想出粒子不只是存在于我们的宇宙中。他们逃到别的宇宙,也有可能存在无穷多个这样的平行宇宙。它们所有都略有不同。事实上,在平行的宇宙中,拿破仑赢得了滑铁卢战役。在另一方面,大英帝国仍然把美国当作殖民地。而你则不会出生。;Essentially anything that can happen,does happen in one of the alternatives,which means thats superimposed on top of the universe that we know of,is alternative universe when Al Gore, as a president,is still alive.;;本质上任何事情都可能发生,以另外一种选择发生,这意味着在我们知道的宇宙的基础上产生了叠加,它是另一个世界。而艾伯特;戈尔作为总统时,他还活着。;Beside it was so uncomfortable that for decades scientists dismissed it.除了有些忐忑不安,几十年来科学家们一直对它不屑一顾。词语解释:1. superimpose v. 叠加2. infinite a. 无限的3. exist v. 存在163715

I, robot-manager人与机器人的管理Management thinkers need to ponder more about homo-robo relations 管理思想家需要考虑更多关于人与机器人的关系ROBOTS have been the stuff of science fiction for so long that it is surprisingly hard to see them as the stuff of management fact. A Czech playwright, Karel Capek, gave them their name in 1920 (from the Slavonic word for “work”). An American writer, Isaac Asimov, confronted them with their most memorable dilemmas. Hollywood turned them into superheroes and supervillains. When some film critics drew up lists of Hollywood’s 50 greatest good guys and 50 greatest baddies, the only character to appear on both lists was a robot, the Terminator.机器人已经被认为是科幻的东西太久了以至于把他们看做管理事实的东西惊人地难。一为捷克剧作家Karel Capek在1920年给他们取了名字(来自斯拉夫语意为“工作”)。一位美国作家以撒·阿西莫夫让他们面对他们最难忘的困境。好莱坞把他们变成了超级英雄和超级大坏蛋。当一些电影家写出好莱坞50只最好的人和50只最坏的人的名单时,唯一一位同时出现在两份名单上的角色是终结者。It is time for management thinkers to catch up with science-fiction writers. Robots have been doing menial jobs on production lines since the 1960s. The world aly has more than 1m industrial robots. There is now an acceleration in the rates at which they are becoming both cleverer and cheaper: an explosive combination. Robots are learning to interact with the world around them. Their ability to see things is getting ever closer to that of humans, as is their capacity to ingest information and act on it. Tomorrow’s robots will increasingly take on delicate, complex tasks. And instead of being imprisoned in cages to stop them colliding with people and machines, they will be free to wander.现在管理思想家是时候赶上科幻作家的脚步了。自20世纪60年代起机器人已经在生产线上做杂活了。世界上已经有超过100百万的工业机器人。现在机器人变得更聪明更廉价的比率也在增长:一个爆炸性的组合。机器人正在学着对他们周围的世界作出回应。他们看东西的能力逐渐接近人类,他们摄取信息的容量以及对其作出反应。以后的机器人逐渐能够从事精致与复杂的工作。代之把他们关进笼子以防与人类和机器对抗,机器人将会自由漫步。America’s armed forces have blazed a trail here. They now have no fewer than 12,000 robots serving in their ranks. Peter Singer, of the Brookings Institution, a think-tank, says mankind’s 5,000-year monopoly on the fighting of war is breaking down. Recent additions to the battlefield include tiny “insects” that perform reconnaissance missions and giant “dogs” to terrify foes. The Pentagon is also working on the EATR, a robot that fuels itself by eating whatever biomass it finds around it.美国的武装力量已经在这里开拓了一条路。他们现在有不下12000只机器人务于他们的队伍。智囊团布鲁金斯学会的彼得·辛格说,人类在战争上5000年的垄断正在被打破。最近增加到战场的包括执行侦察任务的小“昆虫”和吓唬敌人的大“”。五角大楼正在研发强动力自动战术机器人,一种通过吃任何在它周围找到的生物质来补充能量的机器人。But the civilian world cannot be far behind. Who better to unclog sewers or suck up nuclear waste than these remarkable machines? The Japanese have made surprisingly little use of robots to clear up after the recent earthquake, given their world leadership in this area. They say that they had the wrong sort of robots in the wrong places. But they have issued a global call for robotic assistance and are likely to put more robots to work shortly.但是平民的世界不能落后。谁通下水道或者吸收核废料的功力能比这些非凡的机器要好?日本人在最近一次地震后的清理中用到的机器人惊人地少。他们说他们在错误的地方选择了错误的机器人。但是他们已经在全球范围内发布了关于机器人助理的声援而且貌似马上会投入更多的机器人。201104/133840

  Iran's Nuclear Chief says IAEA Head 'Biased'伊朗核机构负责人称天野之弥“有偏见”It was another day of bullhorn diplomacy by Iran's top nuclear officials, who appear to be struggling to halt momentum for a new round of international sanctions. The head of Iran's atomic energy agency, Ali Akbar Salehi, began the day by calling IAEA chief Yukiya Amano "biased." 这又是伊朗高级核事务官员显示强硬外交态度的一天,他们似乎在竭力阻止新一轮国际制裁的趋势。在这一天开始之际,伊朗的原子能机构负责人萨利希指责国际原子能机构总干事天野之弥“存在偏见”。Salehi added that Iran hopes that Amano will change his approach. 萨利希补充说,伊朗希望天野之弥能改变他的态度。The remarks coincide with a meeting of the IAEA board in Vienna, which began Monday, in which Amano complained that Tehran "has not provided the agency with the necessary cooperation," and that he could "not confirm that all nuclear material in Iran is [being used] in peaceful activities."与此同时,刚巧国际原子能机构在维也纳召开董事会议。这次会议从星期一开始,天野之弥在会上指责德黑兰“没有给国际原子能机构提供必要的配合”,他“不能确定伊朗所有的核材料会被用于和平活动。”Amano's report to the IAEA board also stressed that Tehran may be working to develop a nuclear warhead, and its recent decision to enrich uranium to the 20-percent level could, in theory, give it the material needed to produce an atomic bomb.天野之弥向国际原子能机构董事会汇报时还强调说,德黑兰可能正在研制一枚核弹头,而其最近决定将铀提纯到20%的浓度,这从理论上说给伊朗提供了制造一枚原子弹所需的材料。Iran has repeatedly insisted that its nuclear program is intended for peaceful civilian purposes, but the West suspects it is covertly working to produce nuclear weapons.伊朗一再坚持自己的核项目只是出于和平的民用目的,但西方国家怀疑伊朗正在秘密制造核武器。Iran's Ambassador to the IAEA, Ali Asgar Soltaniyah, added his voice to the diplomatic debate Tuesday, insisting Iran has been cooperating in good faith with the IAEA.伊朗驻国际原子能机构的代表苏丹尼耶在星期二的外交辩论中发言,坚称伊朗一直坦诚地与该机构进行配合。201003/97736

  As the world marks UN Refugee Day on June 20, the number of people escaping violence across the Arab world is on the rise. Pro-democracy uprisings are being brutally suppressed in places like Libya and Syria, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee for an unknown future. Many of the refugees have little hope of ever returning to the place they once called home.就在全世界记念联合国世界难民日之际,阿拉伯世界逃避暴力的难民人数正在不断上升。在利比亚和叙利亚等地,亲民主的起义受到残酷镇压,迫使成千上万的人逃亡,前途难卜。许多难民返回故乡的希望渺茫。The Yayladagi refugee camp near Turkey's border with Syria is housed in the ruins of a former tobacco factory. There are around 3,500 refugees living here; more families are arriving by the day.土耳其和叙利亚边界附近的亚伊拉达吉难民营收容了大约3千500名难民,更多的人正在陆续到来。Its occupants fled in terror, leaving their homes and the land where they belong. They are part of a wave of Syrians escaping the government crackdown on pro-democracy protests; the latest refugees of the Arab Spring.June 20 is UN World Refugee Day. The thousands of people uprooted by the uprising and conflict across the Arab World make this year especially poignant, says Mans Nyberg of the ed Nations' Refugee Agency (UNHCR).6月20号是联合国的世界难民日,联合国难民署发言人尼伯格说,阿拉伯世界成千上万的人因起义和冲突流离失所,使得今年的难民日格外醒目。"It's basically the last desperate move you make when you don't have any other option," said Nyberg. "When your home is burning, you have soldiers attacking your town, you just have to leave."尼伯格说:“当你没有其他选择的时候,逃亡基本上就成为你最后一个绝望的行动。当你的家园被焚烧,当你居住的城镇受到攻击,你只能逃亡。”A sandstorm is brewing at the Shousha refugee camp on Tunisia's border with Libya.在突尼斯和利比亚边界的舒沙难民营,一场沙尘暴即将到来。201106/141207。

  Madonna Celebrates 50th Birthday 麦当娜庆寿 Madonna, the best selling female artist in the world and a chart-topper for over 20 years, turns 50 today. Sky's Sara Merchant reports on a career as diverse and difficult to define as the icon herself. ("Got no boundaries and no limits...")The Madonna hitting the big 50 is just an excuse for a party. ("Give it to get the love, arrest me...")But even she is not planning to pause for a reflection, an icon reaching the half century milestone prompts much musing on how the queen of pop manages to cling onto her crown in an industry that rewards youth. "Every time she needs to reinvent herself, she manages to do it. From the sexy kind of symbolism that she brings to her clothing to this more sophisticated glamour now. I mean, I mean she is ever-changing. "The material girl has gone from lace to leotards, Marilyn to conical bras, and dominatrix to lady of the manor. I would like people to think of me as a revolutionary.("Like a Virgin,Hey,touch for the very first time..")As a mistress of reinvention she defies convention, ("Faster than the speeding light she's flying")and even her own expectations,I wanted to be a dancer and quite frankly had no idea that my life was going to turn out the way that it did. "The view then was: oh it's just another white girl singing soul, you know. I then said:" no, she has a bit more to this one." I fixed up to interview her, to first interview her, it was in England, first in the afternoon. No one else turned up." ("You must be my lucky star...")That same young singer went on to become a super star, ("Music makes the people come together...")She’s now sold 200 million records. ("Don't cry for me Argentina")Her film career has been inconsistent, but her taste for controversy hasn’t. Religion, sex, there are few taboos. And she defied international disapproval in 2006 by adopting a young boy from Malawi. ("Tick up, tick up, break that…")Fortunately for Madge, the high priests of Kabbalah have calculated her spiritual age and may make her just 36. But for those who count in human years, the clock is definitely ticking. And yet Madonna's greatest skill is making sure nothing she does ever gets old. Sara Merchant, Sky News. leotard: n. A leotard is a tight-fitting piece of clothing, covering the body but not the legs, that some people wear when they practise dancing or do exercise.dominatrix: n. A female dominator or ruler.参考中文翻译:世界最卖座女明星,20年来都位于音乐榜首的麦当娜今天迎来50岁生日。来自Sky的SaraMerchant报道说她的演艺之路多样化而且充满艰辛。“没有界限,没有限制……”麦当娜的50岁大寿只是开派对的一个接口而已。即使她不计划停下来反思,这昭示这她已经走过了生命的半个世纪的里程碑也使人们好奇,在这个吃青春饭的行业里,这位流行音乐天后怎样一直保持了天后的的。“每次她需要彻底改造自己的形象,她都成功的做到了。从她的性感的着装路线到现在的成熟世故的魅力。我的意思是,她是千变万化的。”物质型的女孩的衣从蕾丝到紧身短装,从“玛丽莲”到圆锥体型的胸罩,从控制型的女人到庄园女主人。我希望人们把我当做一个革命者。“就像一个处女,第一次接触……”甚至就连她自己也期待,“我想做舞蹈演员,非常坦白的说,我不知道我的生活会是现在这个样子。”“他们的观点是:她是又一个歌唱自己的灵魂的女孩。我说,不,她不仅仅如此。我安排了在英国对她的一个采访,第一次是在下午。没有其他人。”(“你一定非常幸运……”)同是那一个年轻的歌唱者现在变成了超级巨星。“音乐把大家聚在了一起……”“她现在已经出售了2亿多张唱片”(“阿根廷不要为我哭泣”)她的电影演艺生涯并不一致,但是她对争议的口味一直没有变化。宗教,性,当然有一些禁忌。2006年的时候她不顾国际舆论的反对,收养了马拉威的一个小男孩。“但是时间一点一点的过去,永不停止……”“对马奇来说幸运的是,Kabbalah的神父帮她计算了精神年龄,说她只有36岁。但是对于一个普通人来说,她的年龄确实已经比较大了。”但是,麦当娜最大的本领就是确保她做的一切都不会变老。单词注解:leotard:紧身的,通常无腿的衣,通常人们跳舞或者运动时穿着。dominatrix:女性统治者。200811/56938

  Chinese Food Giant Eyes Australian Sugar Maker in Billion-Dollar Offer上海光明食品拟收购澳原糖生产商A Chinese food giant has offered .4 billion to buy one of Australia's biggest sugar companies. The huge bid could reignite concerns about Chinese investment in Australia.中国一家食品集团出价14亿美元,计划收购澳大利亚最大的原糖生产企业。这项金额庞大的投标可能重新引发民众对中国在澳大利亚投资行动的关切。Shanghai's biggest food company, Bright Food Group, is trying to buy the sugar business of CSR, one of Australia's oldest firms.上海最大的食品公司-光明食品集团,正试图收购澳大利亚原糖生产商西斯尔公司(CSR),西斯尔公司是澳大利亚历史最久的原糖生产企业之一。Bright Food has some powerful and wealthy backers. Its majority shareholder is the Shanghai City government, which would fund any takeover of the Australian company.光明食品集团拥有一些有权势和富有的持者。集团最大的股东上海市政府会对该集团收购西斯尔的任何计划提供资助。Industry experts say that such an acquisition would make sound economic sense, as sugar prices have more doubled in the past year.行业专家说,此类收购计划在经济上站得住脚,因为原糖价格去年翻了一番还多。CSR has rejected the Chinese offer and it is unclear if Bright Food will return with a sweeter deal to tempt the Australians.西斯尔公司已经拒绝了中方的收购建议,目前不清楚光明食品集团是否会重新提出一份诱惑力更大的收购建议。Some analysts believe the move could exacerbate tensions about Chinese investment in Australian firms, amid concerns about foreigners controlling vital and lucrative assets.一些分析人士认为,此举会加剧中国投资澳大利亚企业所造成的关系紧张,因为当地民众担心外国人会控制澳大利亚关键的获利资产。201001/94662英国内阁日前爆出"报销门"丑闻,《每日电讯报》率先披露13名内阁成员涉嫌利用议员身份,骗取额外补贴。"骗补"人数大约占内阁成员一半,其中包括现任首相戈登·布朗。然而随着事件的深入调查,英国民众发现,涉嫌滥用公款的并不止这13人,"报销门"已经迅速扩散至整个工党内阁。此事在英国社会掀起轩然,势必令民望下滑的执政工党政府再面临舆论压力。 Pakistan says it will leave a curfew in the Swat Valley on Sunday to allow civilians to leave the area. The army is mounting an offensive against Taliban militants. ed Nations says more than half a million have fled their homes but many are trapped in the area and can not escape.New President of South Africa Jacob Zuma has warned that the country can not escape the global recession and faces difficult economic times ahead. He was speaking after being swore in as the fourth president of the South Africa since the end of the protest.Two Labor MPs have said they are considering taking legal action against the Daily Telegraph, the publishing in accurate details about their expenses claimed. The newspaper says Margaret Moran claimed money for a second home that was not in London or her loot contingency. And the Immigration Minister Phil Woola was reimbursed for women's clothing and nappies, both were denied any wrong doing. 05/69413British schoolboy crowned world's strongest 12-year-oldBritish schoolboy Kyle Kane has been crowned the world's strongest 12-year-old after lifting a 22-stone weight at a junior bodybuilding event.The youngster smashed the previous record by over five stone after he hoisted a 308lb weight in one clean lift.At 5ft 7ins and 10.5 stone he is aly twice the size of most boys his age and has muscles to rival that of most men.The Coventry schoolboy broke the record for his age during a charity bodybuilding event at the Standard Triumph Club in his hometown on Sunday.Prior to his attempt, the World Association of Benchers and Dead Lifters World Record dead lift for a 12-year-old was 236lb, set by an American youngster.Nicknamed Little Arnie after musclemen Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kyle now trains in the gym four times a week and can shift 600lb (272kg) with his legs, 309lb (140kg) deadweight and bench-press 200lb (90kg).He started kickboxing when he was four-years-old and became a black belt by the age of nine. He began weightlifting when he was 10.When he is not training, Kyle enjoys playing with his school friends at Grace Academy where his favourite subjects are History and PE.Kyle said he hopes one day to become an Olympic weightlifter and bring gold back to Britain.He said: "I just want to be as muscley as I can be."Hopefully one day I can train in the Olympics or compete in the World's Strongest Man but failing that I'd like to be a professional bodybuilder like my dad."People may think I've been pushed into weightlifting, but I wouldn't do anything I didn't want to do, I do this because I love it.Vocabulary:dead lift: one of three power lifting events (other two are squat and bench press). Weight is lifted off floor to approximately waist height. Lifter must stand erect, shoulders back. 硬举deadweight: a thing that is very heavy and difficult to lift or move (难以搬动的)重物bench press: a weightlift in which you lie on your back on a bench and press weights upward 卧推kickboxing: a type of boxing in which the opponents are allowed to kick as well as punch each other 有氧搏击操,起源于跆拳道和拳击的一种健身运动,它是将拳击、空手道、跆拳道、功夫,甚至一些舞蹈动作混合在一起,在激烈的音乐中,进行一些拳击和跆拳道的基本拳法和腿法练习。健身者在出拳、踢腿的过程中,随着音乐挥动双拳,动作刚劲有力,能最大限度地让健身者尽情地出汗,在不知不觉中减掉全身多余的脂肪。背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108582

  Growth prospects中国的经济发展前景Beware the middle-income trap中国当小心中等收入困境China’s roaring growth cannot last indefinitely 中国经济的蓬勃发展无法永远持续下去Jun 23rd 2011 | from the print edition But will they consume enough? 中等收入家庭能够撑起足够的消费吗?CHINA’S LEADERS ARE usually shy of telling things as they are, but the prime minister, Wen Jiabao, put it bluntly when he described China’s economy in 2007 as “unstable, unbalanced, unco-ordinated and unsustainable”. Some foreigners may extol China’s handling of the global financial crisis, but Mr Wen has stuck to his guns. The phrase even crops up in China’s recently adopted five-year economic plan, standing out as an indirect admission of the failings of his own administration and as a marker for the next. 中国领导人谈论中国的情况时常常羞羞涩涩,但是温家宝总理在谈到2007年中国的经济发展时却很直截了当的认为是“不稳定﹑不平衡﹑不协调﹑不可持续”。有些外国人也许会称道中国很好的应对了全球金融危机,但是温家宝总理却坚持了自己的立场看法。他关于2007年中国经济的表述甚至出现在中国最近出台的经济发展“十二五”计划里面,这等于间接承认了他在自己任内有些问题解决得不是很好,可以作为下一届政府的前车之鉴。For all its problems, China in the coming 10-15 years is still likely to reach several symbolic milestones. The IMF predicts that in 2016 it will become the world’s largest economy on a purchasing-power-parity basis. The Economist Intelligence , a sister organisation of this newspaper, reckons that on the basis of market exchange rates China will attain that glory in 2020. By the end of this decade, according to Daiwa Securities, GDP per person in Shanghai, China’s richest city, could be almost the same as the average for America in . 尽管存在问题,中国在接下来十到十五年里还是很有可能实现某些具有象征意义的里程碑式的发展。国际货币基金组织预言,以购买力平价计算,到2016年中国将成为世界最大的经济体。本刊的兄弟机构“经济学家资讯中心”认为,按照市场汇率计算,中国将于2020年获得那份荣誉。根据大和券公司估计,到这个十年(2010-2020)末,中国最富有的城市上海的人均国内生产总值将几乎与美国在年的人均国内生产总值持平。201107/142840Interest Rate Cuts, Job Losses Hit European Markets欧洲各中央降息应对衰退恐惧It is another nervous day on the trading floors in Europe as various European banks dropped interest rates again. The move is designed to address fears that Europe could get caught up in a deep and difficult recession, spanning all of . 随着欧洲各中央再次削减利率,欧洲股票交易所经历了又一个紧张的交易日。削减利率的举动是为了对付欧洲可能会陷入一场持续明年全年的严重衰退的恐惧。The European Central Bank cut interest rates by 0.75 percent - its biggest ever move and its third cut in two months. 欧洲中央将利率削减了75个基点,这是该有史以来做出的最大的降息,也是两个月来的第3次。Recent economic data in the 15-nation Eurozone has been grim and many European countries have been calling for this latest drop. 15国欧元区最近出台的经济数据都相当黯淡。很多欧洲国家都呼吁采取最近做出的降息行动。Elsewhere in Europe, even stronger medicine was administered. The Swedish Central Bank cut rates by 1.75 points - a record there. In London, the Bank of England dropped rates one percent to a level not seen since 1951. 在欧洲其他地方,一些国家给经济下了更猛的药。瑞士中央将利率削减了1点75个百分点,创下记录。在伦敦,英格兰降息1个百分点,使利率达到自1951年以来没有见过的水平。Economist George Johns from Barclays Capital says the move has not come as a surprise to those in London's financial district. 巴克莱资本公司的经济学家约翰斯说,对于伦敦金融区的人来说,这个举动并不是一个意外。"The city was expecting something in the region of a percentage point cut," he said. "That is what we got. I think looking ahead, we are going to see more decisive action from the bank and I would see rates falling perhaps another percentage point over the coming months to a one-percentage trough." 他说:“伦敦本来预期会出现一个百分点左右的降息。这也是我们所得到的降息幅度。我认为,今后,我们会看到英格兰采取更加果断的行动,而且在今后几个月的时间里,我会看到利率也许会再下降一个百分点,达到1%的低谷。”As is the case elsewhere in Europe, the British economy is stagnant and real estate, in particular, is taking a big hit. Throughout Britain, home foreclosures are increasing and mortgage lending is down a massive 70 percent from one year ago.  就像欧洲其他地方一样,英国经济停滞不前,房地产尤其受到冲击。在整个英国,丧失房屋赎回权的案例在增加,房屋贷款比一年前大幅度减少了70%。Michael Coogan from the Council of Mortgage Lenders says the hope is most of this latest cut will be passed on to help get the property market moving again, but as he points out, there is also a downside for savers. 房贷理事会的库根说,现在的希望是,最新削减的利率的大部分将会传导到借款者,从而帮助房地产市场再次启动起来。但是正像他所指出的那样,对于储蓄的人来说,这个做法也存在不利的一面。"I think where lenders can pass it on to borrowers they will," he said. "But actually the moral obligation to the very many savers who rely on investment income, charities similarly, they are going to want their savings rate to be kept up. And indeed for economic purposes, we want savings rates to be kept up to encourage savings because it is the savings money that can be lent out next year." 他说:“我认为,如果提供贷款的机构能够把更低的利息传导给借款者,他们会这样做。但是从道义上来讲,对于很多依靠投资收入的储蓄者来说,他们希望保持较高的储蓄利率。确实,出于经济目的,我们希望通过保持较高的储蓄利率来鼓励储蓄,因为到来年,要用这些存款来发放贷款。”Beside the interest rate drops, the markets here were again influenced by a series of job cuts. 除了削减利率,欧洲的股市也再次受到一系列裁员的影响。Banking giant Credit Suisse announced it is eliminating another 5,300 jobs after revealing a net loss of .5 billion in October and November. 巨头瑞士信贷在10月和11月份出现了25亿美元的净亏损之后宣布再裁减5千3百个工作。In London, the Japanese financial group Nomura says it will cut up to 1,000 jobs in its British operation. Earlier this year, Nomura bought parts of the failed U.S. bank, Lehman Brothers. 日本金融集团野村表示,公司将削减多达1千个设在英国的职位。今年早些时候,野村购买了倒闭的美国雷曼兄弟的部分资产。200812/58004

  India is urging its oil companies to expand overseas to meet the soaring demands of its growing economy. India 's massive dependence on imported oil has prompted the country to look for energy assets overseas.印度敦促其石油公司扩大在海外的业务,以满足印度日益增长的经济猛增的需求。印度严重依赖进口石油促使该国在海外寻求能源资产。Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told a petroleum conference Monday in New Delhi that over the coming decade, India 's demand for fossil fuels is set to increase massively. He said domestic production, though rising, will not keep pace with this demand.辛格总理星期一在新德里召开的一次石油会议上说,今后10年,印度对化石燃料的需求注定要大幅增加。他说,尽管印度国内的石油产量也在增长,但还是跟不上这样的需求。"In India, the demand over the next 10 years will increase by about 40 percent, whereas the increase in supply from the maturing oil fields is expected to be about 12 percent," said Sing.辛格说:“在印度,今后10年对石油的需求将增加40%左右,而预料从国内已达到饱和状态的油田供应的石油只能增加大约12%。”Mr. Singh told delegates that India 's state-owned oil companies will search for energy assets overseas. "Indian government is therefore encouraging all national oil companies to pursue equity oil and gas opportunities overseas. For these reasons we seek to build strong economic partnerships with other producing countries, and their oil and gas industries, to the mutual benefit of all us." 辛格对与会的代表们说,印度的国有石油公司将在海外寻求石油资产。辛格说:“因此,印度政府正在鼓励所有天然气公司在海外寻求外国石油公司的股本油和股本天然气。由于这些原因,我们寻求与其他国家以及他们的油气工业为了我们的共同利益而构建强大的伙伴关系。”The push to acquire overseas oil assets aly has acquired momentum in a country that imports about 70 percent of its energy needs. This year, India 's oil minister, Murli Deora, traveled to several countries, including Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan, Angola and Venezuela, to lend diplomatic support to the search for oil and gas fields by state-owned companies.印度目前进口的石油占其需求量的大约70%。辛格总理推动购买外国石油资产的努力已经获得了势头。今年,印度石油部长前往包括尼日利亚、乌干达、安哥拉和委内瑞拉在内的几个国家,为国有公司寻求油气田的努力提供外交持。201011/117081

  High-speed rail in China中国高速铁路Tracking slower“悄然”降速A showcase line, but throttling back 一条用于示范但“缩水”的高铁线路Jun 30th 2011 | SHANGHAI | from the print edition THE heart of China’s national railway policy has been the pursuit of speed. And having built the world’s longest high-speed network from scratch, this week the country proudly launched its showcase project, the 1,318km (820-mile) Beijing-Shanghai line. Running at speeds of over 300km an hour, the sleek electric train cuts the travel time between China’s two most important cities by nearly half, to four hours and 48 minutes.中国国家铁路核心政策向来唯速度是瞻。如今,中国已建成了世界上最长的高速铁路网络,填补了之前的高铁建设空白。本周,中国自豪地将其高铁示范项目——高铁京沪线投入运营,该线路全长1318公里(820英里),运行时速为每小时300多公里。这列流线造型的电气列车将中国两座最核心城市间的旅程时间缩短了将近一半,运行时间仅4小时48分。The service is designed as a rival to air travel. Indeed, at Beijing South station, the ultra-modern facility resembles an airport. The other terminus, meanwhile, actually is at Shanghai’s domestic airport. But that means travellers lose the benefit of a downtown arrival, often touted as an advantage of trains. Even on intermediate stops, stations are far from urban centres.高铁务的设计初衷就是与航空务竞争。实际上,拥有超现代化设施的高铁北京南站,其建筑模式与机场极其相似,同时高铁的另一终端站实际上就位于上海虹桥机场。但这也意味着旅客失去了到达市中心的便利性,而市中心设站经常被追捧为铁路的优势所在。甚至是京沪高铁的各沿途停靠站,其站点位置也都远离市中心。201107/143053。

  A visit to a Chicago high school was on the agenda as Chinese President Hu Jintao wrapped up his visit to the ed States. Walter Payton College Preparatory High School is one of dozens in the U.S. that offers Chinese language and cultural instruction through a program called "Confucius Classrooms," which is partially funded by the Beijing government.中国国家主席胡锦涛1月21号结束美国之行前访问了芝加哥的沃尔特·佩顿高中。佩顿高中是美国几十所通过一个叫作“孔子课堂”的项目教授汉语和中华文化的高中之一。孔子课堂得到北京政府的部分资助。记者走访了参加这个项目的第一所美国学校--俄勒冈州梅德福市的圣玛利学校。The first U.S. school to take part in the program was St. Mary's School in Medford, Oregon, where an 11th-grade class is running through a list of words for traditional Chinese instruments. The 16 and 17-year-olds are in their fourth year of learning Mandarin Chinese. 在俄勒冈州梅德福市圣玛利学校,11年纪的一个班正在学习传统中国乐器的名称。这是这些16、17岁的学生学习汉语的第四年。尽管他们的词汇量仍旧有限,但用汉语自我介绍已经非常自然了。Popular choice Carly Irvine is not sure when she'll use her Chinese language skills outside the classroom. But she figures that day will come. "Since China and America are working so closely and our relationship is growing more and more," she says. "I think it will be very important in the future to know Chinese."卡尔利·欧文还不能确定她什么时候会在课堂以外的地方使用汉语。不过她想那一天会来到的。她说:“中国和美国现在这么密切地合作,我们的关系日益发展,我觉得懂汉语,将来会非常重要。”Confucius classroom is expanding rapidly around the world. St. Mary's added Mandarin to its foreign language curriculum in 2005, and three years ago, became the first school in the country to sign up for the Confucius Classroom program.圣玛利学校是一所私立高中。学校2005年在外语课里增加了汉语,并且在三年前成为美国第一所报名参加孔子课堂项目的高中。Here's how it works: The Chinese ministry of education sends a teacher to a school in the ed States, pays about half of that teacher's salary and living expenses, and supplies educational materials such as books and computer programs. 孔子课堂由中国教育部派遣一名教师前往美国一所学校,付这名教师一半的工资和生活费,并提供课本和电脑软件等教材。St. Mary's principal, Frank Phillips, says some parents of students at the private college-prep school were skeptical at first.圣玛利学校的校长弗兰克·菲利普斯说,学校刚刚开设汉语课的时候,一些学生家长持怀疑态度。"It was so off-beat and weird then," says Phillips. "We got a lot of feedback from parents, 'Why would you teach Chinese off all things? Why not Spanish?'" St. Mary's does offer Spanish, along with German and Latin. But Phillips says knowing Chinese will give his students an advantage in a world where China is fast becoming a global economic superpower. 他说:“这事当时看上去特别不合拍,显得非常怪。很多家长问,这么多东西,你们为什么偏要教汉语?为什么不教西班牙语?”圣玛利学校实际上有西班牙语课,另外还有德语和拉丁语。但是菲利普斯校长说,中国正迅速成为一个全球经济超级大国,如果他的学生懂得汉语,在这个世界上就会占有一点优势。201101/124612

  Obama Likely to Change US Leadership Style奥巴马称将外交上更多使用软实力  President-elect Barack Obama has indicated his administration is likely to be less reliant on the threat of military force to persuade and influence other countries, and more likely to use so-called "soft power," the attractiveness of a nation's ideals, culture and way of life. 美国当选总统奥巴马表示,他的政府很可能减少通过军事威胁的力量来说或影响其他国家的做法,而更多地使用所谓的“软实力”,也就是美国的理念、文化和生活方式等。The sheer military might of the ed States is unquestioned - U.S. troops are among the best trained and equipped in the world and they are stationed in some 130 countries. But as American military superiority has increased, its reputation and ability to persuade others appear to have taken a hit.  美国军力的绝对优势是不容质疑的,美国的军队在世界上是经受过最好的训练、配备最精良装备的军队之一,他们在130来个国家有驻军。但是在美国军力独占鳌头的势力不断加强的时候,它的声望和说力却似乎有所减弱。A recent Pew Global Attitudes survey shows that positive views of the ed States declined in 26 of the 33 countries where the question was posed in 2002 and 2007, with even close U.S. allies critical of American foreign policy. Recent surveys show majorities in nearly all countries think it is time for U.S. troops to leave Iraq and Afghanistan. 民意调查机构皮尤公司最近所作的全球态度调查显示,2002年和2007年,该机构在33个发放了调查问卷的国家中,有26个国家对美国的正面看法有所下降,有些美国的紧密盟国也对美国的外交政策持批评的态度。最近的调查显示,几乎所有国家中的多数人都认为,现在是美国军队撤离伊拉克和阿富汗的时候了。Nancy Snow is associate professor of public diplomacy at Syracuse University in New York. She says the election of Barack Obama itself is likely to boost America's standing in the world, before he even sets foot in the White House.  南希.斯诺是纽约州雪城大学公共外交副教授,她说奥巴马当选总统这件事本身就很可能提高美国在世界上的地位,甚至在他入主白宫之前就显现效应了。"The world was holding its collective breath, hoping that the outcome would favor Obama-Biden," said Snow. "And it did. And I think there was an immediate downtick of the anti-American sentiment. Now how long that will last is another thing. Because now he has to govern. But just as candidate, a candidate of change, to use his words, really symbolically represented a release from a very unpopular president worldwide."During his victory speech on election night in Chicago, President-elect Obama promised "a new dawn" of American leadership in the world. 奥巴马赢得选举当天晚上在芝加哥所做的胜选演讲中承诺要开启美国在世界上领导地位的“新曙光”。"And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright - tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from our the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope," he said.  “对这些想知道美国的灯塔是否还依然明亮的人们来说,今天晚上我们再次明,美国真正的力量不是靠我们军队的威力,不是靠我们国家的财富,而是来自我们理想持久的威力,这就是民主、自由、机会和坚定不移的希望。”Mr. Obama has promised to take the nation in a different direction than the Bush administration. He has said he will close down the prison at Guantanamo Bay as one of his first acts in office, and declared the ed States will not use techniques such as water-boarding to obtain information.  奥巴马承诺将领导美国走向与布什政府不同的方向。他说过,他要关闭设在关塔纳湾的拘押中心,以此作为他执政的以后最新的行动之一,他还宣布美国将不再利用把犯人的头部强按到水里等手段获取口供。Nancy Snow say Mr. Obama knows that restoring trust is key. 南希.斯诺说,奥巴马知道,恢复信誉才是关键。"He said he wants to restore trust in government. He wants to restore trust in American leadership, both abroad, and at also here at home," she said. "I think what is required now through soft power, it includes non-violent practices of attracting people, through what you represent, and what you do, and that is the type of president he has said he would be." “他说,他要恢复人们对政府的信任。他要恢复人们对美国的领导地位的信任,不仅让国内民众,也让海外民众信任。我认为这就要通过软实力,包括吸引民众的非暴力行为,通过你所代表的政策,通过你的所作所为来说话,这就是奥巴马所说的,他要当这样的总统。”Snow says Mr. Obama can make use of his excellent communication skills and his multi-cultural background to restore America's ability to wield soft power through diplomacy and development programs.  斯诺说,奥巴马可以利用他优秀的沟通技巧和他多元的文化背景来恢复美国通过外交和发展项目来运用软实力的能力。Kristen Lord is an expert on U.S. relations with the Islamic world at the Brookings Institution in Washington. She says she is optimistic Mr. Obama will immediately change the tone of dialogue with other countries, from a "go it alone" approach, to one of mutual respect and cooperation. 克里斯顿.洛德是华盛顿布鲁金斯学会中美国伊斯兰世界关系研究部门的专家,她说,她对奥巴马保持乐观态度,他认为新政府会在和其他国家对话中改变腔调,从过去美国特立独行的做法,改变为相互尊重、相互合作。"When Americans show that they are willing to listen, when they are willing to engage, when they are willing to address some of the underlying challenges that Muslim societies are facing, perhaps paradoxically to some, that actually makes the ed States more secure," said Lord. 她说:“当美国人显示出他们愿意听取别人的意见,愿意接触,愿意应对穆斯林社会所面临的挑战,那么 ,尽管有些人认为这自相矛盾,这样实际上可以让美国更安全。”At her Senate confirmation hearing, Mr. Obama's choice to be Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, vowed to move away from what she called the "rigid ideology" that many analysts have associated with President Bush's foreign policy.  在奥巴马提名希拉里.克林顿为国务卿的参议院听会上,克林顿参议员强调要摈弃她所称的“僵化的意识形态”。很多分析人士把这种僵化的意识形态和布什总统的外交政策联系起来。"I believe that American leadership has been wanting, but is still wanted. We must use what has been called smart power, the full range of tools at our disposal - diplomatic, economic, military, political, legal, and cultural - picking the right tool or combination of tools for each situation. With smart power, diplomacy will be the vanguard of our foreign policy," she said. 希拉里.克林顿说:“我认为美国过去和现在都没有展现领导力量。我们必须巧妙地使用我们的实力,就是充分利用我们的各种手段,以外交、经济、军事、政治、法律和文化手段,选择最恰当的方法,或者结合某些方法,来处理具体情况。巧妙的使用实力,让外交将成为我们对外政策的先锋。”Clinton said she and Mr. Obama would always try persuasion first, and would rely on military force only as a last resort. Mrs. Clinton said the ed States needs to make more friends and fewer enemies, and called for the State Department to be fully empowered and funded to seize the many opportunities for leadership. 克林顿说,她和奥巴马都将首先尝试说对方,军事能力只能作为最后的手段。克林顿说,美国需要结交更多的朋友,减少敌人,并呼吁国务院能得到充分授权和充足资金来抓住巩固领导地位的机会。President Bush's former defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, was a well known skeptic of the notion of soft power, saying popularity is fleeting and should not guide U.S. foreign policy. Rumsfeld maintained the U.S. is strong enough to pursue its interests as it sees fit, and must accept that others will sometimes resent it. 布什总统前国防部长拉姆斯菲尔德被认为是怀疑软实力的代表人物,他说,美国是否受欢迎是经常变化的,不能用它来指导美国的外交政策。拉姆斯菲尔德坚持认为,美国有足够能力以恰当的方式来追求自己的利益,并且必须接受别人有时会产生反感这样的事实。Others caution that many people in the ed States and abroad have such high expectations for Mr. Obama to resolve the world's many problems, that some measure of disappointment is inevitable.  还有一些人警告说,很多美国人和外国人都对奥巴马解决国际问题抱有过高的期待,这将不可避免地带来失望。But millions of people across the world are expected to watch the inauguration of the new president with a sense of pride and hope for a better future, and will look to Mr. Obama's administration for a new kind of American leadership. 但是世界上数以百万计的人们都以一种自豪和对未来希望的心情期待着观看新总统的宣誓就职仪式,希望奥巴马政府让美国展现一种新的领导能力。01/61105

  Some Economists, Officials in Asia Seize on the Positive on Economic Data亚洲各项经济数据相互矛盾  Recent economic data from Asia continue to show big declines in key indicators. But some economists say there are hints of a recovery.从亚洲各国传来的经济数据显示,关键指数均有大幅下跌。但是一些经济学家说,出现了一些复苏迹象。Every economist in Asia has probably been asked this question: is the worst over yet? The numbers across the region are conflicting.亚洲的每一名经济学家可能都被问过这个问题,最糟糕的阶段过去了没有?整个亚洲地区的经济数据相互矛盾。There is bad news: Japan's economy contracted an annualized 15 percent rate in the first three months ending in March from the same period last year - its deepest fall in more than 50 years. Exports - a key component in the economy - shrank 26 percent. 从日本传来的是怀消息。日本经济今年头三个月跟去年同比收缩了百分之15,这是日本经济50多年来最深重的下跌。日本经济的关键行业出口业则收缩了百分之26。But there are what some describe as "green shoots" of recovery. Consumer confidence in the world's second largest economy reached a 10-month high in April. Exports increased in March from February.不过也有一些被形容为是“萌芽”的复苏迹象。日本这个世界第二大经济体的消费者信心4月份上升到10个月以来的高点,3月份的出口比2月份有所增长。Kaoru Yosano, Japan's finance minister, looks forward. He says it seems the January to March period was the worst and that the economy is turning up a bit.日本财务大臣与谢野馨展望前景时说:“看起来一到三月份是最糟糕的阶段,经济开始有了一些上行迹象。”Elsewhere, officials say things are looking up too. Indonesia's president says recovery is in sight by next year, while Hong Kong's financial secretary expects a slight rebound in exports by the end of the year. Taiwan's president proclaimed the worst is over, although the economy is still in recession.亚洲其他国家的官员也表示局面开始好转。印度尼西亚总统说,明年将看到复苏,与此同时,香港财政司长预计年底将看到出口有些许反弹。Singapore's president warned of a worse year, with the economy contracting by between six to nine percent. However, on Thursday, Singapore's Trade Ministry said the decline in the island's gross domestic product - a measure of overall economic activity - slowed in the first three months of the year, compared with the previous quarter.新加坡总统警告,这是最糟糕的年景,经济将收缩百分之6到百分之9。不过新加坡贸易部长星期四表示,标志着整体经济活动的国内生产总值今年头三个月与前一季度相比,下降速度放缓。There are mixed signals too from one of few economies in the region that is not in recession - China. Retail sales in April rose 15 percent from last year. Authorities see this as proof that China's 6 billion economic stimulus package is working. 中国是亚洲地区没有陷入经济衰退的不多几个经济体之一,那里同样传来了混杂的信息。零售跟去年同比上升了百分之15,当局将此看作是中国5千8百60亿美元的经济刺激方案在起作用的明。But exports continue to plummet, dropping nearly 23 percent in April from the same month last year. Industrial output, a measure of factory production, fell more than seven percent, a bigger-than-expected decline.但是出口继续下滑,4月份出口跟去年同比下降近百分之23。工业产出下降了百分之7以上,这个标志着工厂生产活动的指标数据跌幅比预期要大。Xu Lin is director-general of fiscal and financial affairs at China's National Development and Reform Commission. He says the economy has shown signs of a rebound since November, as seen in electricity consumption figures - an indicator for industrial activity. He says the government's main concern now is to maintain this momentum.中国国家发改委财政金融司司长徐林说,自从11月份以来,可以从表现工业活动的指数--电器消费数据上看,经济出现了反弹迹象。他说,政府现在主要关注的是如何保住这个势头。"The current indicators have shown that the economic recovery is moving in a "V" shape. But some indicators may not support that. But we cannot say by the indicators in April that we can prove that the "V" shaped recovery has been changed to a different direction," he said. "But if there will be more indicators to show that the recovery is changing the direction, then maybe we have to take additional measures to further consolidate the "V" shape."徐林说:“目前的指数显示,经济正在以V字形复苏。但是,有些数据也许并不持这一点。可是我们不能根据4月份的数据说,我们能够实V字形的经济复苏已经改变了方向。但是如果出现更多数据显示,经济复苏改变了方向,我们也许需要采取进一步措施来巩固经济的V字形复苏。”A "V" shaped recovery is the best anyone can hope for - the economy bottoms out quickly and sharply recovers. However, economists also talk about a "U" shaped recovery, where there is a longer slump before a gradual upturn. Worse is the "L" shaped recovery - which means a sharp drop and then no real growth for a long time, or a "W" shaped recovery - when the economy starts to recover, then quickly falls back into recession.V字型的复苏是一种最好的状况,因为经济在短时间之内触底,然后随即复苏。然而,经济学家同时也在谈论U字型复苏,也就是在经济谷底时间较长,而复苏的速度则比较缓慢。最糟糕的是L字型复苏,那表示经济直坠落地,并且长时间之内没有真正的成长。W字型复苏也很糟糕,这是当经济开始复苏的时后,又很快掉回衰退。Alan Oster, group chief economist of the National Australia Bank, says a "W" recovery will be unlikely because of the massive amounts of government money pumped into the world's economies over the past year.澳大利亚的首席经济学家艾伦.奥斯特说,不太可能出现W字型复苏,因为在过去一年政府对世界经济注入了大笔资金。"You push a lot of money into economies - through interest rates and fiscal policies - I think the machine works. To get to "W" you need something else - you need an interest rate followed by an oil price shock, which is what the '80s were," said Oster. "You need to say to me something else is going to come along and clobber us."他说:“通过调整利率和恰当使用会计政策,你向经济投放很多资金,我想这有用。要出现W字型复苏需要不同的条件,你需要利率随着石油价格震荡,就如1980年时一样。你需要告诉我还有其他的事物将来冲击我们。”Governments in the region have been spending their way out of the crisis - handing out cash to citizens, building new highways, funding new programs, to revive business activity. Some countries, such as China, have indicated that they will take additional measures if their first stimulus efforts are inadequate. 在亚洲地区各国政府花费许多钱来脱离这场危机,包括发放现金、兴建新的高速公路、资助新的计划,来恢复商业活动。有些国家,例如中国,已经表明如果第一批的刺激力度不够的话,他们将会采取额外的措施。"For the central government, I think we have enough resources to support the economy to move to the "V" shaped recovery," said Xu.徐林说:“对于中央政府来讲,我想我们拥有足够的资源来撑经济走向V字型复苏。”No matter the shape of the recovery, economists say one thing is certain: when Asia passes the worst of the crisis, the economic landscape will have aly changed. Asia's export-driven economies will have started to seek a less vulnerable growth model. Xu says, in the aftermath of the slump, China's exporters will face different business conditions, and the economy will have to rely more on domestic demand for growth.不管是哪一种字型的复苏,经济学家说有一件事是确定的,就是当亚洲渡过了危机最糟糕的时刻,经济版图已经改变。亚洲出口导向的经济必将开始寻找不那么脆弱的成长模式。徐林说,衰退的后果就是,中国的出口商将面临不同的商业局面,而经济成长将必须更加仰赖国内需求。05/70946

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