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It is more difficult to spend money than to earn money, said Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Alibaba Group, during a commencement speech.钱太多也有会烦恼?那是一定的,起码阿里巴巴集团的CEO马云是这么想的,而且马云认为“花钱比挣钱难太多。”Ma was invited to share his insights about charity with the first batch of students who will get Master Degree of Public Welfare years later from the Peking University.据人民网报道,9月15日,马云受邀为北京大学公益管理硕士项目新生讲授开学第一课。;Entrepreneurs should use money to invest in the first place,; Ma said, ;It is no good for entrepreneurs to donate money if they do not create more jobs and fortunes in the first place.;After the massive Tianjin blasts on Aug. 12, 2015, Ma was under fire because he did not donate to the victims of the blasts.马云表示,“企业家的第一责任应该是把钱花在投资、创造更多就业和财富上,如果不先把这个做好,就把钱捐出来,反而没好处。”Netizens turned the weibo account of China#39;s second richest man into a battlefield debating charity giving after other celebrities publicized their donations.8月份,天津发生化学品爆炸,有网友在微上留言,“逼迫”马云捐款。In response to the netizens#39; questions, Ma said he was bothered when he owned more than 10 million yuan. ;I have to take depreciation of the RMB and investment into account,; Ma said, ;If one has hundreds of million yuan, one should always bear in mind that such amounts of money do not belong to oneself but to the whole society. One should do the right thing to pay off the confidence from society.;对此,马云认为,“一个人有一两百万很幸福,这是你自己的钱,有一两千万时麻烦就来了,要考虑人民币贬值、投资的问题。当你有几个亿、几十亿时候,千万记住这不是你的钱,这是社会委托你进行投资,这是对你的信任,是一种担当和责任。”China at present lacks infrastructure, legal systems and personnel nurturing system in the field of charity, said Ma in the speech.同时,马云指出,中国的慈善缺乏基础设施、法律体系和人才培养,捐款要面对很多问题。 /201509/400487

China’s previously overheated property market has been in the doldrums for most of this year but things are likely to get a lot worse, because of demographic shifts that are about to reverse a main driver of the decades-long boom.中国先前过热的房地产市场在今年大部分时间持续低迷,但今后可能会更加糟糕,因为过去数十年房地产繁荣的主要推动因素——人口结构即将发生变化。According to newly published research, the size of China’s main property-buying population — people aged 25 to 49 — will peak next year and then start to decline, just as a huge glut of new apartments hits the market.根据新公布的研究报告,中国购房主力人口(25岁至49岁之间人群)将在明年达到峰值,随后就会开始下降,而与此同时还有大量超过需求数量的新公寓投放市场。This demographic will shrink drastically from 2018, with the number of urban homebuying Chinese falling much faster than contemporaries from the countryside, who are far less likely to have the means to buy expensive apartments, according to Ai Jingwei, an expert on Chinese real estate and author of the research.中国房地产专家、报告作者艾经纬表示,购房人口数量将从2018年起大幅下降,城市购房者人数下降速度将远远超过同时期的农村购房者,而且后者有能力购买昂贵公寓房的可能性也要低得多。The real estate sector has been the most important driver of growth in the world’s second-largest economy for most of the past decade, as house prices soared and construction of apartments mushroomed across the entire country.在过去十年的大部分时间里,房地产业一直是这个全球第二大经济体最重要的增长引擎,在此期间中国房价飙升,新开工楼盘在全国遍地开花。Moody’s Analytics estimates the building, sale and outfitting of apartments accounted for 23 per cent of Chinese gross domestic product last year.据穆迪分析(Moody’s Analytics)估计,去年房地产的建造、销售和配套占到中国国内生产总值(GDP)的23%。The long-term health of the property sector is still seen as crucial to maintaining the high growth rates to which China has become accustomed.中国已习惯了高增长率,房地产行业的长远健康仍被视为保持高增长率的关键因素。But after years of white-hot growth, Chinese property sales fell 10 per cent in the first 10 months of 2014 from a year earlier, prompting the steepest annual drop in nationwide prices in October since the data series began in 2011.但在多年过热增长之后,中国房地产销售在今年前十个月同比下降10%,促使10月全国房价出现自2011年官方开始发布这项数据(即国家统计局发布的70个大中城市新建商品住宅销售价格变动情况——译者注)以来的同比最大跌幅。Still, the fall in volumes and prices has so far been relatively mild and developers across China have continued to expand their inventories, albeit at a slower pace, in the hopes of a recovery next year and beyond.然而,房地产销量和价格的下跌迄今仍相对温和,中国各地的房地产开发商寄望于明年乃至更远的未来市场会出现复苏,仍在继续扩大库存,尽管步伐有所放缓。Most analysts argue this worsening oversupply is the biggest threat to China’s all-important property market.房地产市场对中国至关重要,大多数分析师认为,这种日益恶化的过度供应是房地产市场面临的最大威胁。“Developers are currently sitting on 5.6m units of unsold property, according to official statistics, a figure that has almost doubled in the space of two years,” says Mark Williams, economist at Capital Economics. “In reality the overhang is probably even larger.”凯投宏观(Capital Economics)经济学家马克#8226;威廉姆斯(Mark Williams)表示:“官方统计数据显示,目前开发商手中的待售商品房数量高达560万套,这一数字在两年的时间里几乎翻了一番。实际的待售商品房数量甚至可能还不止这么多。”Mr Ai calculates that China probably now has more than seven years worth of unsold real estate inventory. But he argues that a shrinking pool of potential homebuyers is an even more worrying long-term challenge.艾经纬估算,中国现在待售和在建的住宅很可能需要7年多时间才能消化完。但他认为,从长期来看,潜在购房人口缩减是更令人担忧的挑战。“From 2015 China’s house-buying demographic will start to shrink and the property market will undergo a structural shift in demand,” Mr Ai told the Financial Times. “We are actually likely to see a serious structural shortfall in purchasing power.”艾经纬向英国《金融时报》表示:“从2015年开始,中国购房年龄人口数量将开始下降,房地产市场将经历需求结构改变,事实上,我们有可能看到购买力出现严重的结构性短缺。”He calculates the number of people in China in the 25 to 49 age group will peak next year at about 568m, before dropping to 543m in 2020 and falling below 500m by 2025, compared with 547m in 2010.他估计,中国25岁至49岁人口数量将在明年达到5.68亿的峰值,随后在2020年降至5.43亿,到2025年降至5亿以下,而在2010年该数据是5.47亿人。China’s official working-age population (people aged 15-59) peaked in 2012 and has shrunk by several million in each of the past two years, according to government statistics.政府统计数据显示,中国劳动年龄人口(15岁至59岁之间)的官方数据在2012年达到峰值,并在过去两年里每年下降数百万人。This demographic shift has been exacerbated by the one-child policy introduced in the late 1970s and early 1980s to control the country’s population.中国在上世纪70年代末和80年代初、为控制人口数量而出台的计划生育政策,加剧了人口结构变化形势的恶化。The shift has aly been manifested in tighter labour markets and higher wages in many sectors.劳动力市场趋紧和许多行业工资上涨已经体现了这种转变。One of the more alarming revelations from Mr Ai’s research is the apparent correlation between a declining working-age population and the bursting of real estate bubbles in other countries in the past.艾经纬的研究报告中更令人不安的发现之一是,历史上其他国家劳动年龄人口下降和房地产泡沫破裂之间看上去存在相关性。The most obvious and disturbing example from China’s perspective is that of Japan, which saw its working-age population peak in 1992, just one year after an enormous real estate bubble began to deflate.从中国的角度来说,最明显且最令人不安的例子是日本的房地产市场,后者的劳动年龄人口在1992年达到峰值,仅仅一年后巨大的房地产泡沫就开始破裂。 /201412/347259

Investigators now look closer to solving the riddle of where missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 met its end. But they still have little idea why, so the search for the wreckage, and the all-important black box data recorder, goes on.调查人员看上去正逐渐解开马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines) MH370航班的最终下落之谜。但他们仍对失事原因几乎一无所知,因此,搜索飞机残骸以及最重要的黑匣子(飞行数据记录器)的行动继续进行。So far, cost seems to have been no object. When Hishammuddin Hussein was asked recently how much money was being spent on the search, the Malaysian defence minister stressed it had not been an issue in discussions with other countries.迄今成本似乎不是一个问题。当希沙姆丁#8226;侯赛因(Hishammuddin Hussein)最近被问及各方在搜索行动中投入了多少经费时,这位马来西亚国防部长强调,那个问题从来没有与其他国家讨论过。“Nobody, not the Malaysian government, none of our partners, have talked about dollars and cents,” he said on Saturday. “It is all about trying to find the aircraft. It did not even cross our minds.”“没有人,无论是马来西亚政府还是我们的任何合作伙伴,曾经谈到美元和美分,”他在上周六表示。“一切努力是为了找到飞机。我们想都没想经费的事。”But the longer the search continues, the more countries may have to consider their commitment to what could be a long haul – it took two years to find the black box in the case of Air France flight 447, which crashed into the Atlantic in 2009.但是,搜索行动持续越久,就越可能会有一些国家不得不考虑自己对这场可能旷日持久的行动的承诺。以2009年在大西洋失事的法国航空公司(Air France) 447航班为例,有关方面花了两年时间才打捞起黑匣子。Since MH370 vanished on March 8, Malaysia has received help from more than two dozen countries, including Australia, Japan, China, the UK, New Zealand and the US.自MH370航班在3月8日消失以来,马来西亚已经从20多个国家,包括澳大利亚、日本、中国、英国、新西兰和美国等得到了帮助。The Pentagon has set aside m, but that is expected to run out in early April. The US has not said how much more it would provide, but Rear Admiral John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman, last week said it would “stay with this as long as the Malaysians need our help”.五角大楼已拨出400万美元,但这笔经费预计将在4月初用完。美国尚未表示还将出多少力,但五角大楼发言人、海军少将约翰#8226;柯比(Rear Admiral John Kirby)上周表示,美国将“继续参与这场行动——只要马来西亚方面需要我们的帮助”。China faces more pressure than most countries to stay the course because 153 of its nationals were on the flight, making the issue one of “political face”, says Rory Medcalf, an Asia security expert at the Lowy Institute.澳大利亚罗维国际政策学院(Lowy Institute)的亚洲安全事务专家罗里#8226;梅德卡夫(Rory Medcalf)表示,与大多数国家相比,中国面临更大压力,因为失事飞机上有153名中国公民,这要求中国坚持搜索,这个问题关系到中国的“政治面子”。Beijing has sent 11 ships to what is known as the “southern corridor” – a search area that stretches from Malaysia to the southern Indian Ocean roughly 2,500km southwest of Perth. Two Chinese Ilyushin IL-76 transport aircraft arrived in Perth at the weekend, joining the international reconnaissance operations yesterday.北京方面已向被称为“南部走廊”的搜索区域(从马来西亚延伸至南印度洋)派出11艘舰船,目前搜索力量集中在澳大利亚珀斯西南方向大约2500公里处的海域。中国的两架伊尔-76(Ilyushin IL-76)运输机周末飞抵珀斯,昨日加入国际侦察行动。Premier Li Keqiang has said China will continue “as long as there is a glimmer of hope”. But although the search has become the country’s largest military operation beyond exercises, analysts say there are limits to what it would be able to do alone.中国总理李克强曾表示,“只要有一线希望”,中国就应继续尽最大努力。但是,尽管这场搜索已成为中国除演习以外规模最大的军事行动,但分析人士表示,中国单独行动的能力是有限度的。Gary Li, a Chinese military expert at IHS Maritime, said there were questions about sustainability if others cut their commitment, particularly since aircraft are more important for the search than ships.IHS Maritime的中国军事专家加里#8226;李(Gary Li)表示,如果其它国家削减自己的承诺,持续搜索就会出现问题,尤其是鉴于在这场搜索行动中飞机比船舶更重要。“They have to rely on the goodwill of others,” said Mr Li. “If China goes completely alone, they have very, very few options other than using ships and satellites – a very scaled down version of what we have now.”“他们必须依靠别国的善意,”加里#8226;李说。“如果中国完全单干,他们除了使用船舶和卫星外,选择很少——那样的话,行动规模将远远小于我们目前所看到的规模。”China has sent one Y-8 surveillance aircraft to Malaysia to fly search missions, but the aircraft does not have the range to reach the search area. While China could deploy the aircraft to Perth and fly missions from there, Mr Li said that would have security ramifications.中国此前派出一架运-8侦察机到马来西亚执行搜索任务,但该机的航程使其无法到达新的搜索区域执行任务。尽管中国可以将该机转场至珀斯,从那里起飞执行任务,但加里#8226;李表示,那么做会有安全后果。“Any specialised Y-8 aircraft would run the risk of being analysed by other countries if it operated abroad, for very little in terms of search and rescue gain,” he said.“任何运-8特种飞机如果在海外执行任务,都有受到别国分析的风险,而在搜救方面的获益很小,”他表示。Japan has committed 113 personnel and five aircraft – even more than the US – to the search, said Masaru Sato, a Japanese foreign ministry spokesman. But he declined to say how much had been budgeted for the operation.日本外务省发言人佐藤胜(Masaru Sato)表示,日本已向这场搜索行动投入113名人员和5架飞机——规模甚至超过美国。但他拒绝透露日本方面为这场行动编列了多少预算。“The outlook for the search operations is yet to be decided. Japan will continue to extend as much assistance as possible.”“搜索行动的前景仍有待明朗。日本将继续尽力提供协助。”Mr Medcalf said that with the search focused on the southern Indian Ocean, where satellites have detected possible debris, Australia, which has played a key role, would be unlikely to walk away.梅德卡夫表示,随着搜索集中在南印度洋(卫星在该处海域发现了疑似碎片),迄今扮演关键角色的澳大利亚将不太可能退出。“Assuming that the search continues in the southern zone, the last countries to pull out will be Australia and China,” he said. Australia was involved “for the long haul”, said Mr Medcalf, partly because it had responsibility for search and rescue operations in the area, and also because Tony Abbott, the prime minister, last week revealed Australia had received “credible” leads from satellite images.“假设搜索行动继续在南部走廊展开,最后退出的国家将是澳大利亚和中国,”他说。梅德卡夫称,澳大利亚已准备好投入长期行动,一方面是因为该国负有在这个地区展开搜救行动的责任,另一方面也是因为澳大利亚总理托尼#8226;艾伯特(Tony Abbott)上周透露,该国从卫星图像得到了“可信的”线索。A spokesman for Warren Truss, Australia’s transport minister, said there were no plans to end the search soon and that Australia would “take it one day at a time”.澳大利亚交通部长沃伦#8226;特拉斯(Warren Truss)的发言人表示,短期内没有计划结束搜索行动,澳大利亚将“走一步看一步”。“We haven’t considered the costs,” he said. “We have an obligation to the passengers and crew and their families.”“我们还没有考虑过成本,”他说。“我们对乘客、机组人员和他们的家人负有义务。”Additional reporting by Jamie Smyth, Jeremy Grant and Julie Zhu杰米#8226;史密斯(Jamie Smyth),杰里米#8226;格兰特(Jeremy Grant)和朱莉(Julie Zhu)补充报道 /201403/281819

Thousands of workers have downed tools at the shoemaking factory that last year suffered one of the biggest strikes in China’s modern history, as labour relations grow increasingly fractious amid the slowing economy.去年曾爆发中国现代史上最大规模罢工的鞋厂的数千名工人再次放下了生产工具。随着经济发展放缓,中国的劳资关系正变得越来越紧张。Millions of migrant women — and men — provided the muscle behind China’s export-driven economic rise. But protests are rising as the balance of power slowly shifts from employers to workers because of demographic and technological trends.数以百万计的男女农民工曾经充当中国出口导向型经济增长背后的“肌肉”。但由于人口结构和技术上的发展趋势,力量平衡慢慢地由雇主向工人倾斜,抗议活动正在增加。Workers and labour rights groups said at least 3,000 went on strike at Yue Yuen Industrial, a Taiwanese shoe manufacturer for the likes of Nike and Adidas, after management announced plans to merge two production operations.工人和劳工权益组织表示,在为耐克(Nike)和阿迪达斯(Adidas)等品牌代工的台资制鞋企业裕元工业(Yue Yuen Industrial),至少有3000名工人发起罢工。此前,管理层宣布了合并两块生产业务的计划。Last year tens of thousands of workers at Yue Yuen’s facilities in Dongguan, a manufacturing centre in southern Guangdong province, took to the streets after alleging their employer had not been making pension payments. The industrial action ended after Yue Yuen agreed to make back payments.去年,裕元位于广东省制造业重镇东莞的工厂有数万工人走上街头,这些工人声称,厂方未能足额缴付社保。这场劳工行动在裕元同意补缴社保费后结束。“With the transformation of manufacturing, a lot of problems affecting workers’ social security and other benefits have accumulated,” said Pang Kun, a labour lawyer. “There will be more strikes such as this.”“随着制造业逐渐转型,有很多影响工人社保和其他福利的问题日积月累,”劳工律师庞坤表示,“像这样的罢工还会发生。”In a notice obtained by China Labor Watch, a New York-based group, Yue Yuen said the merger of the two plants would affect only clerical and logistics staff, and not assembly-line personnel.总部位于纽约的“中国劳工观察”(China Labor Watch)获得的一份通知显示,裕元表示,两家工厂的合并将只影响文秘和后勤人员,不会影响组装线上的工人。The workers, however, fear it could be a prelude to lay-offs if the company relocates operations to cheaper locations in China or to other countries in Asia.但工人们担心,这可能是裁员的一个前奏——如果公司把业务迁往中国或亚洲其他国家劳动力成本更低的地方。They demanded the immediate release of money they have accrued under a “housing fund” — allowances required under Chinese law, which can range from 5 per cent to 20 per cent of workers’ monthly incomes.他们要求立即发放他们积累的“住房公积金”,这是中国法律规定由雇主及其在职职工缴存的长期住房储金,雇主缴纳的金额相当于工人月收入的5%至20%。Dongguan recently moved to restrict the circumstances under which workers may draw down their housing funds, sparking a strike at another factory in the area last week.最近东莞出台新政策,对工人能够提取住房公积金的情况作出了限制,此举上周在当地另一家工厂引发罢工。“We are at the factory today but nobody is doing any work,” said one Yue Yuen employee, who asked not to be identified. “Our main request is to be able to withdraw our housing fund freely. If the merger goes ahead, then we also want severance.”“我们今天在厂里上班,但没有人干活。”一位要求匿名的裕元雇员表示,“我们的主要诉求是能够自由提取我们的住房公积金。如果合并变成现实,那么我们还想拿到遣散费。”Jerry Shum, head of investor relations for Yue Yuen, said the strike involved less than 5 per cent of the company’s China workforce and would not have a material impact on its operations.裕元的投资者关系总监岑立(Jerry Shum)表示,此次罢工涉及该公司不到5%的中国员工,不会对公司经营产生实质性影响。Late last year, similar concerns sparked a wave of school strikes in northeastern Heilongjiang province involving as many as 20,000 teachers.去年晚些时候,类似的担忧在中国东北的黑龙江省引发了一连串教师罢工,涉及多达两万名教师。Additional reporting by Wan Li万丽补充报道 /201503/365378

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