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广元市第九人民医院中耳炎怎么样遵义市妇幼保健院小儿扁桃体肥大好吗重庆三峡中心医院百安分院小儿鼾症怎么样 Bake potatoes. 烤马铃薯Contrary to popular belief,potatoes don’t have that many calories. a filling meal,bake or microwave one.Top it with low-fat yogurt,chives,broccoli or other tasty vegetables. Be sure to eat the skin,too. It contains lots of nutrients.和一般想法相反的是,马铃薯所含的卡路里并不是那么多.吃顿填饱的一餐可以烤或用微波炉加工一个马铃薯来吃.食用时可以加上低脂酸奶、香葱、花椰菜或其他好吃的蔬菜一定要连皮一起吃,马铃薯皮含有很多营养成分健身短语contrary to... 与……相对相反 357711. I am sorry, but could you please speak a little slower?抱歉,你能说得稍微慢点儿吗?. Excuse me, could you slow down a little?劳驾,你能不能说话慢一点儿?3. Pardon? Would you speak a little faster?抱歉,你能说得快一点儿吗?. Excuse me, but could you speak in a slower pace?抱歉,您能说得慢点儿吗?5. Excuse me, I cant follow you;could you speak more slowly?劳驾,我没听明白你能说得慢一些吗?6. Yes, I am sorry speaking too fast.好的,很抱歉,我讲话太快了7. I will try my best to slow down.我会尽量说慢点儿8. Sorry, I am used to speaking in a slow pace, but I will try to be faster.抱歉,我习惯说话的慢节奏了,不过我会试着说快点9. That is the proper speed of speaking, neither too fast nor too slow.这样说话挺好的,不快不慢. Your way of articulating is too slow.你的讲话速度太慢了Dialogue 1对话 1A: Hello, is that Mr. Li?A: 你好,是李先生吗?B: Yes,speaking. What can I do you?B: 是的,我是有什么事吗?A: I am calling to check your inmation bee the interview. What position did you apply?A: 我想在面试前核实一下你的信息你申请的是什么职位?B: I am applying the waiter in your pub.B: 我申请的是你们酒吧的务生A: Excuse me. Could you slow down a little? I couldnt catch you.A: 劳驾,你能不能说话慢点儿?我听不明白你在说什么B: Sure. I will try my best to slow down.B: 当然,我会尽量说慢点Dialogue 对话 A: Hi, this is China Southern Airlines. Is that Miss. Ye?A: 你好,这里是南方航空公司你是叶吗?B: Yes, speaking. What can 1 do you?B: 是的,我是有什么事吗?A: I am responsible verifying your inma?tion bee you come the interview. What, uh, position do you want...uh...to do?A: 我负责在你来面试前核实你的信息你……嗯……想做…… 嗯……什么工作?B: Pardon? Your way of articulating is too slow. Would you speak a little faster?B: 抱歉,你的讲话速度太慢你介意说得快一点儿吗?A: Sorry, I am used to speaking in a slow pace, but I will try to be faster. What position do you want to do?A: 抱歉,我习惯说话儿慢的节奏了,不过我会试着说快点儿你想做什么工作?B: I have been yearning a job as a stewardess in an airline like yours.B:我一直渴望做一名空,在贵单位这样的公司工作 359成都市仁济医院耳鸣治疗的价格

自贡市第三人民医院小儿扁桃体肥大好吗Karzai Accepts Runoff, Ending Political DeadlockPresident Hamid Karzai yielded to international pressure and accepted a runoff in Afghanistan's controversial presidential election, ending a debilitating political deadlock and triggering preparations for a new vote on Nov. 7.Mr. Karzai's decision, announced after days of meetings in Kabul with Sen. John Kerry and phone conversations with world leaders, opened a way out of the political crisis that undermined the legitimacy of the country's democratic process and reinforced the sping Taliban insurgency.Allegations of widesp fraud in the Aug. 20 election had created uncertainty as to whether the U.S. and its allies have a credible partner in Kabul, and prompted President Barack Obama's administration to launch a second review of its Afghan policy in nine months. On Tuesday, Mr. Obama -- who is still examining a request by the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan for tens of thousands of more troops -- called Mr. Karzai to congratulate him on his 'constructive' action.'This election could have remained unresolved to the detriment of the country,' Mr. Obama said in a written statement. 'The Afghan constitution and laws are strengthened by President Karzai's decision, which is in the best interests of the Afghan people.'Mr. Karzai, a member of Afghanistan's biggest ethnic community, the Pashtuns, is widely expected to win the second-round vote. Former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah is seen as representing the ethnic Tajik minority. The next two finishers in the first round drew much of their support from Pashtun areas.阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊(Hamid Karzai)在国际压力下做出让步,接受对该国富有争议的总统大选进行第二轮选举。卡尔扎伊此举结束了导致阿富汗内耗的政治僵局,启动了11日新选举的准备工作。在卡尔扎伊做出这一决定前几天,他在喀布尔会见了美国参议员约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry),并与全球领导人进行了电话讨论。卡尔扎伊此举为阿富汗走出政治危机开辟了一条道路。阿富汗当前的政治危机削弱了该国民主进程的合法性,增强了势力不断壮大的塔利班叛乱分子的实力0日的大选一直饱受大规模舞弊的非议,这给美国及其盟友是否在喀布尔拥有一个可信的伙伴带来了不确定性,促使美国总统奥巴Barack Obama)政府个月内对阿富汗政策进行了第二次评估。奥巴马周二致电卡尔扎伊,对后者这一“建设性”的举动表示祝贺。奥巴马目前仍在审议驻阿富汗美军最高指挥官要求增兵数万人的申请。奥巴马发表书面声明说,如果卡尔扎伊不做出这一决定,大选问题可能会迟迟得不到解决,从而会损害到阿富汗的利益。卡尔扎伊的决定巩固了阿富汗宪法和法律,符合阿富汗人们的最佳利益。卡尔扎伊来自阿富汗最大族裔普什图族,外界普遍预计他能够赢得第二轮大选。阿富汗前外交部长阿卜杜Abdullah Abdullah)被视为代表着少数民族塔吉克族。第一轮选举中,得票排在三四位的两位竞选人有不少选票来自普什图族地区。来 /10/87210四川省人民医院腺样体肥大要多少钱 自贡市第四人民医院耳鼻喉专家医生

四川成都416医院成人鼾症好吗 1.惯用口语句子:Can you tell me how to go through customs?你能告诉我怎样办理通关手续吗?Can you tell me the procedures of going through customs?你能告诉我办理通关手续的步骤吗?Im through now.我已经办完手续了customs n. 海关,海关手续,进口税procedure n. 程序,步骤go through“顺利完成,通过”Would you please show me your passport and papers?请让我看看您的护照和件好吗?“paper”在这里指的是“件”Ive filled out all the customs ms. I have filled in all the customs ms.我已经填完所有的通关表格了fill outfill in.都是“填写”的意思I have my declaration m here. This is my customs declaration这是我的报关单Do I have to include everything in the declaration?我要在报关单上填上所有的东西吗?declaration n. 申报,宣布,声明I have nothing to declare.我没什么可申报的Ive only got some clothes and things like that我只带了些衣之类的东西:declare v. (向海关)申报进口应纳税之物品 5雅安市妇幼保健院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好重庆第二医院声带小结治疗的价格



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