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All your cards altogether in a virtual wallet that goes anywhere.We’ve been asked to think about paying for things in a way we never have before. Some of the world’s biggest companies are trying to open our minds to the concept of your phone as a mobile wallet.All with a single tap of the phone.All our cards held on the SIM, the latest offering from three major phone networks will also allow stores to send a special offer alert as we walk past.We don’t want it be annoying actually and our shareholders don’t want it to annoy you. If it did, it will jeopardize their relationship with you, which is much bigger than a few advertizing messages.You choose to obtain but will people? Is this a cultural revelation or just a fat?Retailers arent gonna offer this as a service to people as a means of paying unless they know the people that can use it, but people arent gonna use it unless they know there’s a lot of retailers that they can use it at.It’s quite upset from the UK’s first credit card, which was introduced in 1966. Fears of fraud then saw chip and pin cards trialed in 2003, and rolled out nationwide a year later. The first contactless card transaction took place in 2007. And the same technology on a phone was piloted. Passport of the 2013 and the battle to control virtual wallet is heating up.From burgers to bergs.People are still to get to grip with contactless payment by card face they’re making a transaction on a phone leaves most a bit nervous.Maybe Fiat got curious on it, a lot passports … (English?)Well, obviously if something is stolen and … (Londonish?)There will be a limit to what you could buy without entering a pin but still this could make the phones even more attractive to criminal.First of all I would want to add a password to my mobile device, but then I would want to ensure there is a different password to the actual mobile wallet itself, so potentially I want so in password. And also I would register a credit card, I suppose a debit card to that wallet.Over the years, the mobile phone’s gone from a novelty, to a luxury, to a necessity for many. Its latest transformation may take a little longer to being true.Liz Lane, Sky News. /201305/238964

Wow, look at that! What a nice belly!哇 看看 多么漂亮的肚皮Oh, youre so cute, yes you are. Oh, yeah!哦 你太可爱了 太可爱了But responding to pets as though然而尽管人们对宠物的反应就像they were children can be seen in a very different light.对待孩子一样 但还是可以看出有所不同I think we can think of little puppies brought home as parasites.我认为人们把小作为寄生动物带回家They dont do anything useful, theyre not perceived它们不需要做任何事 不作为食物来源as a food source, theyre not perceived as a guard dog.它们不需要看家They are simply brought home for fun.它们只是为了给家里增添乐趣They are essentially moving our它们让我们把养育孩子的注意力focus away from having children on to having pets.转移到了饲养宠物I think its safe to say that我们可以说dogs have evolutionally been very successful.进化的比较成功If you compare them to wolves,把它们和狼比较一下youll see that wolves are now an endangered species你就会发现狼现在是频临灭绝的物种while dogs, of course, are all around the world.而呢 遍布全世界The cuckoo is perhaps quite a good analogy,布谷鸟大概是个很好的例子because the baby cuckoo, of course,因为布谷鸟的幼鸟Being planted in somebody elses nest,被放置到其他鸟的窝里prompts mother bird to look after baby cuckoo,提醒雌鸟去照顾年幼的布谷鸟even though theres nothing in it for the mother bird at all.尽管雌鸟的窝里根本没有它自己的孩子They actually, through their behaviour,实际上 它们是凭借它们的行为through their looks, get exactly what they want.和它们的外貌 得到所需要的照顾They may be parasitic in that we cannot help ourselves, but what we get也许是人类导致了它们的寄生性 in return is probably sometimes much greater than what we put in.但是我们从它们那里得到的也许更多201303/227897

As well as providing food,在作为食物的同时the animals here traditionally provided transport.这里的动物也被用于交通工具Kolya and Pasha, the oldest hunters,考亚和帕沙 这两位最老的捕猎者keep alive the skill of building walrus skin boats.有一手用海象皮做船只的绝活You dont need a welding torch to repair this boat,修理这只船不需要气焊just a juicy lump of seal fat to bung any holes.一块肥腻的海豹脂肪便能修补任何漏洞By living amongst them,通过与他们共同生活the crew had really begun to get to know the hunters,队员们才真正开始了解这些捕猎者but there was one big part of their lives但他们的生活仍有一方面which remained a mystery.保持着神秘色As spring turns to summer,随着时间由春入夏the hunters head out to an island to gather seabird eggs.捕猎者们前往一个小岛收集海鸟蛋The crew had heard stories of this,队员们曾听说过类似的故事but had little idea of what it was going to involve.但对于具体如何进行 却知之甚少Thats where they climb, those are impressive heights.他们就是从这里往上爬 高度真惊人Quite something.真了不起For cameraman Ted Giffords,对于摄影师特德·吉福德来说this was the first sight of the rock face he was about to work on.这是他初次见到自己即将攀爬的岩石These cliffs can be treacherous, as Kolya,这些峭壁异常危险the expert egg collector, knows only too well.但考亚经验丰富 已对其熟稔于心 /201212/216139

3月23日,在美国首都华盛顿白宫,美国总统奥巴马签署医疗保险改革法案,美国民主党人努力多年的全面医改目标终于将实现。 Obama signs landmark healthcare billU.S. President Barack Obama has signed the country's sweeping healthcare reform legislation. The 938-billion-US-dollar health care overhaul will bring the most profound changes to the nation's social security system in more than four decades. Tuesday's signing was more than celebration. It capped a year-long struggle to pass the historic legislation that will help define Barack Obama's presidency. Barack Obama, U.S. President, said, "Today, after almost a century of trying, today, after over a year of debate, today, after all the votes have been tallied, health insurance reform becomes law in the ed States of America." The healthcare legislation was narrowly approved by the House on Sunday. The Republicans pledged that Democrats would be punished in this fall's elections for approving the legislation over deep public skepticism. But with the major accomplishment in hand, Obama is now able to counter critics who suggested he has little to show for his 14 months in office. Barack Obama, U.S. President, said, "Once this reform is implemented, health insurance exchanges will be created, a competitive marketplace where uninsured people and small businesses will finally be able to purchase affordable quality insurance." The overhaul will extend health coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans. It will also expand the government health plan for the poor, impose new taxes on the wealthy, and bar insurance practices like refusing coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions. However, it's not an end to Obama's healthcare overhaul efforts, as he still needs to convince the public the measure will do them more good than bad.201003/99580

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