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Humans do weird stuff. Sometimes, we dont even realize our behaviors are strange until we really stop to look at ourselves objectively. Then, it only natural to wonder why we do that weird stuff. So in the spirit of analyzing ourselves, here are some of the odd things we do every day and the leading explanations why we do them.人类总是做一些奇怪的事情有时候直到我们真的停下脚步,以客观的眼光看待自己时,才会发现我们的所作所为非常奇葩之后,我们自然很想知道为什么当初自己会做这些奇怪的事情本着自我分析的精神,以下罗列了一些我们日常做的怪事,并解释了我们做这些事情的原因.Not Replacing The Toilet Paper Roll.不换厕所的卷纸On the scale of difficult things to do, replacing the toilet paper roll lands way down near the bottom of the list. Still, some reason, many of us have a difficult time completing this simple task with any level of consistency. Why is that? The reason our TP sloppiness, according to a pair of psychologists from the University of New York, isnt really due to laziness but because replacing the roll isnt the slightest bit stimulating and offers virtually no intrinsic reward (except to the anal retentive).如果以难易程度将事情排序,换厕纸这事儿一定可以滚到单子的最后一行了然而,出于某种原因,虽然换厕纸是很简单的一件事,但我们大多数人都不会在用完厕纸之后很自然的换上新的这是为什么呢?根据纽约大学两位心理学家的分析,我们对换厕纸马马虎虎并不是因为懒惰,而是因为换厕纸一点都不刺激,也几乎无法给我们带来任何;内在奖励;(除了培养出;滞留人格;)Similar chores like taking out the trash or doing the dishes are equally boring and unmotivating, but at least they give us the satisfaction of keeping things stink- and rodent-free. Properly loading the toilet paper might make things look a little better, but so what?The NYU psychologists, Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan, say that humans to be truly motivated to do anything, the task must meet three psychological needs: competence, autonomy, and relatedness. The chore should be challenging enough to make us feel competent when we complete it. It should make us feel like we have some sort of control over what were doing. And it should give us the sense that were enhancing our relationships with loved ones. This theory is known as the self-determination theory. Replacing the TP falls far short of meeting those three criteria. The only one it might fulfill is relatedness—that is, if you live in a very ;were all in this together and we all pitch in with the chores; type of household.Thus, getting a spouse or roommate to always properly replace the toilet paper or to do any other mundane task is probably a lost cause. Unless you can psychologically convince them that doing so takes a certain level of proficiency, that theyre by no means a ;slave; to ever doing the chore, and that it will make them more connected to others. Now that a difficult task.类似的家务例如清理垃圾和洗碗都同样很无聊,让人没有动力去做但是至少做这些家务可以给我们带来清除臭味和老鼠的满足感适时更换厕纸也许会使事情看起来好一点点,但那又如何呢?纽约大学心理学家爱德华·戴瑟和理查德·瑞安表示,要有效地驱使人们去做某件事,那么这件事就必须满足三个心理需求:能力、自主性和关联性家务应具有足够的挑战性才会使我们在完成它们时感受到自己的能力;它应使我们对自己的行为感受到某种控制力;它应赋予我们一种自己与所爱事物之间的联系正在增强的感觉这就是所谓的;自我决定论;更换厕纸这一行为远远无法满足这三个标准;关联性;可能是唯一能够达到的标准,但前提是你生活在一个;我们都是一家人,我们要干一家活;的家庭氛围下,要想让配偶或室友一直适时地更换厕纸或做其他无聊的家务注定是会失败的除非你可以使他们从心理上相信,做这种家务需要具备一定的专业技能,以及长期做这种家务可以拉近彼此之间的距离而绝不是;奴隶;的行为但至少现在这很难做到9.Desire To Bite Cute Things9.想咬一口萌物Any time there a baby around, someone invariably tells the baby (in the obligatory cutesy voice) that theyre ;gonna eat them up; or ;bite their toes; or eat some other body part. Similar conversations happen when puppies are around, and you may have even seen someone (or caught yourself) pretend-chomping on a puppy paw. What the deal with this? Why do we have the urge to jokingly munch on cute things?无论什么时候只要有一个小宝宝在身边,就一定会有人以嗲嗲的命令式语气告诉他她:;我要吃了你;或;我要把你的脚趾咬下来;,或者把身体某个其它的部位吃掉类似的对话也会出现在身边有小的情况下,可能你曾经还发现有人(或你自己)假装想要咬掉小的爪子这到底发生了什么呢?为什么我们会有想要大嚼萌物的渴望呢?Scientists have two main theories this phenomenon. The first idea is that somehow our pleasure-sensing wires are getting crossed in the brain. When people (women in particular) catch a whiff of a newborn baby, we get a rush of dopamine similar to what happens when eating delicious food. It thought that we relate cuteness to this dopamine-inducing scent, which also reminds us of food. This overlap in senses unconsciously gives us the desire to put cute things in our mouths.The other explanation is that it a m of play biting, which is common in many mammals and is a behavior from our animalistic sides. Many animals nip, pseudo-bite, and wrestle in a friendly, playful manner. It not entirely clear whether this is done to hone fighting skills, boost motor skills, or simply fun, but the behavior usually happens between trusted allies. It takes a lot of trust to put your hand in someone mouth and let them bite down. So, if nothing else, play biting is used to increase social bonds, and that could explain why we unconsciously do it when we feel the urge to get emotionally close to something cute.科学家提出了两个理论来解释此现象第一个观点是:在某种程度上,我们大脑中感知愉悦的系统发生了混乱在人们(尤其是女性)闻到新生婴儿身上的气息时,大脑就会分泌多巴胺这种物质,这与人们享用美食时也分泌多巴胺的情况类似科学家认为我们的大脑将;可爱;和让我们想到美食的香味联系起来,诱发了多巴胺的分泌这种在感觉上的无意识重复令我们产生将萌物放入嘴中的欲望另外一个解释是:这是;啃咬嬉戏;的一种形式,这种行为在许多哺乳动物中很常见,体现了我们兽性的一面许多动物相互啃咬摔跤都是以一种友好玩耍的方式进行的我们还不完全清楚动物这样做到底是为了磨练打架和运动的技能或者还只是为了好玩但是这种行为通常只发生在相互信任的朋友之间试想,将你的手放入某人的嘴里并让他她一口咬下去,这得要取得多大的信任啊所以,如果不是出于其他目的,;啃咬嬉戏;可以增进人与人之间的关系,这也是当我们与可爱的事物亲近时就会无意识地想要咬一口的原因8.Inappropriate Laughing8.不合时宜的大笑Most of us are guilty of laughing inappropriately at one time or another, such as when we see someone fall down and get hurt or when were relaying bad news. And although we know there nothing funny about Grandma death, we may still find ourselves trying to hold back fits of laughter at her funeral. Laughing in these types of situations isnt necessarily okay by social standards, but it apparently fairly common, and there a good reason it.我们大多数人都会对自己曾经不合时宜的大笑感到愧疚,就例如在我们看见别人跌倒受伤抑或是在传达坏消息的时候另外,虽然知道祖母的逝世并不是一件搞笑的事情,但我们可能仍旧会发现自己在葬礼上竭力忍住阵阵笑声.在这些场合中大笑并不符合社会的标准,但是这种现象显然相当普遍,并且往往都有它的原因When we laugh in a solemn circumstance, it doesnt mean were cold-hearted or disrespectful. In fact, it likely a sign that were under a great deal of emotional stress and our body is using laughter as a way to relieve some of the discomt or tension. Similarly, chuckling when someone falls down or otherwise gets hurt is believed to be an evolutionary function letting the tribe know that, although the person might be embarrassed or slightly injured, he not gravely wounded, and there no need alarm.Laughing, in general, is rarely a response to something being legitimately funny. Neuroscientist Sophie Scott explains it used most often as a method of social bonding—to let people know that we like them, we agree with them, or were in the same group. Knowing that, we shouldnt feel so horrified if our neighbor lets out a chuckle while explaining how he ran over our dog. It possible he simply feels really uncomtable and is instinctively trying to connect with us during an awkward situation.在庄严的场合下大笑,并不意味着我们铁石心肠或者目无尊长事实上,这有可能是表明我们面临巨大的心理压力的迹象, 所以我们的身体用大笑作为途径来缓解不安和焦虑同理,当有别人跌倒或以其他方式受伤时,我们咯咯大笑的这种行为被认为是一种进化功能,该功能目的在于让我们知道虽然摔倒的这个人可能会尴尬或者轻微地受伤,但他并不会受到重创,我们,也没有必要感到惊恐通常来说,大笑,极少是对合理有趣的事情作出的反应精神学家索菲·斯科特解释说,大笑很多时候都是作为社会的联系的一种方法被人们使用,它让人们知道我们爱他们、我们赞许他们以及我们站在同一战线这样的话,如果当邻居在向我们解释他如何碾压我们的的时候咯咯大笑,我们大可不必感到震惊有可能他仅仅觉得十分不安,本能地试图在这尴尬的情境下与我们维系感情7.Fascination With Psychopaths7.对精神病患者极度迷恋A good size of the population has a fascination with the macabre and specifically psychopaths. Nightly entertainment is chock-full of crazy, psychotic killers, and some reason, we cant get enough of them. What might our insatiable interest in the vilest of humans say about us as a people? There are three main theories floating around to explain this obsession.很大一部分人对某种特别可怕的精神病患者极度迷恋夜间总是充满着疯狂的气息、变态杀手作为人类最粗鄙最贪婪的欲望,它会对我们说些什么呢?以下有三大主要理论来解释这个困惑The first idea is that watching or hearing about psychos allows us to temporarily step out of our conscientious, law-abiding shoes and vicariously step into the shoes of someone who only thinks about himself. He doesnt do any of the things we automatically do every day, like worrying about others feelings or being fair. Imagining ourselves as that person (even unconsciously) temporarily liberates us from these obligations without actually causing any harm. In contrast, ensic psychologist J. Reid Meloy says that psychopaths are a type of predator, and hearing about them connects us with our primal existence of constantly being both the hunter and the hunted. Entertaining ourselves with the stories of human predators allows us to relate with our primal, animalistic selves without experiencing the real danger of the natural world.Finally, psychiatrist and Harvard professor Ron Schouten says that our draw to psychopaths is similar to our attraction to horror movies or roller coasters. Sometimes we just like to be frightened, and tales of psycho killers can definitely fulfill that need. This is because being frightened sends a rush of neurotransmitters, including dopamine, which evokes feelings of pleasure. In an entertainment setting where there no real danger, our fear doesnt last long. On top of the dopamine-induced pleasure, we usually leave the theater or turn off the TV feeling a sense of well-being or justice (depending on how the film or show ends). This type of satisfaction keeps us coming back more.第一个原因是,对于精神病患者的所见所闻使我们暂时地摆脱恪守良心,奉公守法的角色,而间接地闯入那些只顾及自己感受的角色精神病患者的所作所为与我们每天自然而然做的事情不尽相同,例如,是否关心别人的感受和公平地对待他人假设我们成为了那种人(甚至无意识的想像),这可以使我们暂时从克己守法的义务中解放自我,并且不对社会造成任何伤害相反,犯罪心理学家丁里德·洛埃声称精神患者是一种类型的捕食者,关于他们的传说总是与原始的捕猎者和被捕者联系起来用人类肉食动物的故事自娱自乐容易使我们联想到那种没有经历过自然世界真正危险的原始兽性最后,精神病学家兼哈佛教授罗恩·苏雷顿表示,我们对精神病患者的迷恋正如被恐怖片和坐过山车吸引一般有时候,我们就是喜欢被恐吓的感觉,而精神病杀手的故事毫无疑问能满足我们的需求这是因为恐吓使得包括多巴胺在内的神经递质快速传输,因而产生了一种愉悦感在的环境下,因为不存在真正的危险,所以我们的恐惧感也不会持续太久在多巴胺诱导的乐趣中的高潮部分,我们通常会离开剧院或者关掉电视,这时候我们就会有一种幸福感或者正义感(依电影或者节目的结尾而定)这种类型的满足感使得我们回头继续迷恋精神病患者6.Pretending To Know Stuff6.装作万事通Most of us have probably been in the situation where someone casually asks, ;Hey, have you heard of such and such?; And almost unthinkingly, we respond, ;Yeah,; even though if we took time to genuinely think about it, wed realize we dont actually know what theyre talking about. Similarly, some folks habitually feign knowledge when theyre well aware they know nothing about the topic at hand. Whether we purposefully pretend to know stuff or if we just sort of do it accidentally, scientists say there an explanation this behavior.生活中我们总有被别人提问;你知道某某吗;的情况,通常我们都会不假思索地给予肯定的回答然而,当我们静下心来仔细思考时,就会发现其实有些问题我们并不懂同样地,有些人明知道自己不了解某方面的知识,却装作很懂的样子科学家表示,无论是有意还是无意的,装作万事通这样的行为都是有科学解释的Cornell professor David Dunning has researched this psychological quirk and explains that most people fake it out of convenience or to reaffirm their identity. He says that many of us dont have a very clear understanding of what we do or dont know and might unconsciously fake knowledge. This is because in the instant when someone asks us if we know about something, our brains start to infer, assume, and invent explanations things. In that moment, we may say that we know something (even if we dont) partly because we dont want to bog the conversation down with questions and partly because our brains think we should know something about the topic. In short, the feeling of knowing is more of a sensation than it is actually sifting through our brains stores of inmation and coming up with a conclusion.Another, perhaps more obvious, reason people pretend to know stuff is because they like feeling like a know-it-all. But why? Neurologist Robert A. Burton explains that our society glorifies knowledge, and to have an awareness of something is a notch on the social belt—especially if you came from know-it-all parents. Being a know-it-all can become kind of an addiction. In fact, the same area of the brain lights up and the same reward pathways shoot dopamine whether were rewarded with a right answer or if were taking drugs or gambling. Thus, pretending to be the person who knows everything can be a hard habit to break.康奈尔大学的心理学教授大卫·邓宁研究了这种心理怪癖并给出如下解释:大部分人不懂装懂是为了方便起见或者是为了掩饰自己的无知他表示大多数人都不清楚自己所掌握的知识的范围,这样就可能无意中编造一些知识这是因为在别人提出问题的时候,我们的大脑就会开始做推断、假设、思考以及如何解释之类的事情这时候我们就可能会说自己对此有些许了解(即使实际上我们并不了解),这是因为我们希望对话继续下去,也有部分原因是我们自以为自己对这个话题是有所了解的总的说来,与其说对某事是真的了解,倒不如说这只是一种自以为了解的错觉还有一个更常见的原因是很多人都喜欢自己被当做万事通的感觉这又是为什么呢?神经学家罗伯特·伯顿指出,社会需要知识型人才,如果有人在某方面有所研究,尤其这个人还是个万事通的话,那么他在社会上绝对是会被推崇备至的其实回答别人的问题后得到赞扬的效果与吸毒、一样,都会促进大脑分泌多巴胺,使我们感到愉悦所以装成无所不知的人是会令人上瘾的,想要改掉装作万事通的习惯还有很长的路要走审校:喵喵 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 8961Chinese netizens recently have found out that some outstanding Chinese athletes surnamed Zhang are frequently captured with an indifferent expression, deemed their ;poker faces;.中国网友最近发现,我国一些姓张的杰出运动员,频频被抓拍到一脸冷漠的表情,被网友纷纷调侃为“张氏冷漠”Chinese table tennis players Zhang Yining and Zhang Jike, as well as shooting athlete Zhang Mengxue are representatives of this phenomenon.中国乒乓球运动员张怡宁和张继科,以及射击运动员张梦雪便是这一现象的典型代表Netizens subtitled their photos with Chinese characters ;lěng mò;, as a new ;emoji package; set.网友们将他们的表情PS上汉字“冷漠”,作为新的表情包Some even compared their poker faces with Chinese Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui dramatic facial expressions, which have been an Internet favorite, since her extreme facial expressions also went viral from an interview given after the race that won her the bronze in the women 0m backstroke on August 8th in Rio.有些人甚至将他们的“张氏冷漠”脸与奥运会上中国女子游泳选手傅园慧的魔性夸张表情作对比,这也成为社交媒体一大趣事8月8日,在里约奥运女子0米仰泳比赛中获得了铜牌的傅园慧,因其在随后的采访中夸张的表情而迅速走红网络Zhang Yining is a mer Chinese table tennis player and has been considered one of the greatest female table tennis players in the history of the sport.张怡宁是一名前中国乒乓球队的运动员,被人们认为是乒乓球运动历史上最伟大的女子运动员Zhang Jike is a Olympic champion in singles and the fourth male player in the history of table tennis to achieve a career grand slam.张继科是一位奥运乒乓球男子单打冠军,并且是历史上第四位完成大满贯的男性运动员Zhang Mengxue is a member of China national shooting team. She won the country first gold medal at the Rio Olympic Games.张梦雪是中国国家射击队的一员她在年里约奥运会上为中国代表团赢得了第一枚金牌 67



  Shanghai Disneyland, which opens June , begins selling tickets Monday. The theme park urged visitors to only purchase tickets through authorized avenues, which include its official website, its official store on Alitrip, and via phone through the Shanghai Disney Resort reservation center.上海迪士尼乐园的门票本周一正式开始发售这家主题公园将于6月日开园,园方建议游客仅通过上海迪士尼度假区官方网站、阿里旅行官方旗舰店、致电预订务中心等官方授权售票渠道购票People can also purchase tickets through the resort official travel partners and its mobile app, as well as on site at the resort. A maximum of five tickets can be purchased with one valid identification card.游客还可通过度假区官方旅游业界合作伙伴、度假区手机应用购票以及现场购票每个有效身份件最多可买5张门票The theme park offers both regular and peak-priced tickets, with regular pricing set at 370 yuan () and peak pricing high-demand dates set at 99 yuan. Pricing during the grand opening period (from June to 30) will be 99 yuan. Reservations Shanghai Disney Resort hotels can also be made beginning on March .该主题公园提供平日票和高峰票两种价格的门票平日票的票价为370元(折合56美元),而高峰票的票价为99元盛大开幕期(6月日至30日)的门票价格为99元上海迪士尼度假酒店预订也于3月日开始Chris Yoshii, vice-president and global director of leisure Asia at AECOM (Hong Kong), said Shanghai Disneyland will likely have a daily limit of visitors to ensure safety.AECOM香港公司的副总裁兼休闲环球总裁吉井贵司表示,上海迪士尼乐园很可能会有每天游客数量的限制以确保安全;Once this capacity is reached, the park will need to close its gates to more visitors,; said Yoshii. ;It possible that people may arrive at the park and not be able to get in. The city should help maintain order and inm people of the situation.;吉井贵司说道:“一旦达到这一容量,园区将不会对更多游客开放游客到达公园而不能够进入的事情是有可能发生的市政府应帮助维持秩序,并通知游客具体情况”Xiang Nan, 36, visited Hong Kong Disneyland with her son, husband and in-laws this month. She said she plans to book tickets to visit the park in Shanghai.今年36岁的向楠,这个月和她的儿子、丈夫及其公婆一起游玩儿了香港迪斯尼乐园她表示,她计划预定游玩儿上海迪士尼的门票;I enjoyed our stay at the Disney resort in Hong Kong and we hope to visit there again,; said the Nanjing native. ;I think the amount of visitors Shanghai Disneyland will exceed what I experienced in Hong Kong.;这位南京人表示:“我喜欢我们一家在香港迪士尼的度假,我们希望还能去那里我还认为,上海迪士尼乐园的游客数量将会超过我在香港所经历的” 8

  A: I think that I would enjoy living here, but I would like to make improvements.我想我很喜欢住在这里,但是我想做些改善B: What would make this apartment better you?怎样才能使这座公寓更加符合你的要求?A: I think that it would look better with a better quality carpet.换个质量好些的地毯看起啦会更好B: You can have a different carpet, but you have to pay more if it costs more.可以换地他,如果你愿意付更多的钱,因为好地毯更贵A: How much more would it cost to upgrade?会花多少钱?B: It could vary quite a bit, between and dollars per square yard.每平尺码在至美元之间A: Do you think that I could have a different paint color in my apartment?公寓的墙漆可以更换颜色吗?B: I have to see a sample. Bring me one this week, please.我必须得看下样本请这周给我带个样本A: How long will it take my new apartment to be y?新公寓得花多长时间才能准备好?B: Both the new paint and new carpet will be finished by next week.下周新墙漆会耍猴,新地毯也会换好 193



  A: We would like you to stop by again so we can show you some more problems that have come up with our apartment.B: I am kind of busy right now, but maybe later next week I could stop by.A: We sent you an e-mail the first week we moved in; it listed the problems we found.B: What problems did you find?A: The roof leaks when it rains, there is mold on the bedroom walls, and the dishwasher doesnrsquo;t work.B: I donrsquo;t really consider any of that to be my responsibility. You can fix those things yourself.A: Maintaining basic health and safety standards is your responsibility.B: I am maintaining the building. You are way too picky!A: Untunately, you wonrsquo;t be getting a rent check unless these problems are fixed by Friday.B: You wouldnrsquo;t dare do that! 61。


  5.Spear5.长矛Long spears were one of the earliest weapons used by humans and it also a popular choice in prison – if the inmates can hide them. The spears are several feet long and the handles are made of rolled up newspaper or magazines, and it is held together with strips of clothing. This makes the spear both light weight and sturdy.长矛是人类最早使用的武器之一,也是监狱一个受欢迎的选择——如果囚犯可以藏住它长矛有几英尺长,手柄由卷起的报纸或杂志制成,并用布条系在一起这样的矛又轻又坚固As the tip of the spear, it is a sharp piece of steel cut out of the bunk. Getting this piece of steel, which can also be used as a shiv, is a fairly time consuming process. If the prisoner is lucky and has a binder clip, they break the clip in half and this gives them a sharp edge. Then they just keep running the edge over the same track of steel bed posts. After a while, they eventually cut through the steel. If they dont have a binder clip, then they can use dental floss and toothpaste to increase the friction. Of course, this takes a lot more time. But, if youre doing life in prison, free time isnt exactly something youre lacking.矛尖是从床上切下的锋利钢片这样的钢也可以用来制shiv刀,切下它是一个相当耗时的过程如果囚犯够幸运,有一个长尾夹,就能把夹子掰成两半,这样就有了锋利的刃然后他们只需要一直用这个刃刻钢床柱的同一个地方,一段时间后最终能切穿钢铁如果没有长尾夹,也可以用牙线和牙膏来增加擦这样当然耗时更久但是在监狱生活,最不缺的就是空闲The spear has ultimately proved itself to be useful in at least one prison murder. a few weeks in in 1985, several inmates at San Quentin counted how many steps it could take a correctional officer to walk through the door and down the hallway. By counting the steps, they were able to figure out where the correctional officer was without even seeing him. Then, on June 8th, 1985, Sgt. Howell Burchfield was walking down the hallway, and the prisoners counted his steps. As soon as he got near, they stabbed him through the heart with the spear.至少在一次监狱谋杀中,矛最终派上了用场1985年的几个星期,圣昆丁州立监狱的几名囚犯记下了狱警从门前和走廊走过需要的步数,通过数步数,不用看就能知道狱警在哪然后,1985年6月8日,豪厄尔·伯奇菲尔德经过时,囚犯们数着他的步数,他一靠近,就用矛刺伤了他Three men were convicted of the murder; Andre Johnson the stabbing, Lawrence Woodard ordering the murder, and Jarvis Jay Masters making the weapon. Johnson and Woodard were given life in prison while Masters was sentenced to death.三名男子被判谋杀罪,安德烈·约翰逊因为行动,劳伦斯·伍德德因为组织,贾维斯·杰斯·马斯特则是因为制作武器约翰逊和伍德德被判终生监禁,而马斯特被判处死刑.Zip Gun.拉链Prison-made guns, known as zip guns, are one of the most dangerous weapons behind bars. In fact, they are so dangerous that the Correctional Services of Canada has a chapter about them in their manuals new hires. Zip guns are popular in prison because they are easy to hide, small, and they are deadly.监狱制造的,即拉链,是铁窗后面最危险的武器之一事实上,它危险得让加拿大惩教局在入职手册中专门有一章讲它拉链在监狱中很受欢迎,因为好藏,小而致命When prisoners arent using the gun, they keep it disassembled and when it taken apart, the pieces look pretty innocuous. This makes it easy to hide the pieces around the cell in plain sight. Then, within minutes, the gun can be assembled.囚犯不用时就把拆开,零件看起来完全无害,随便放在牢房也不会暴露而几分钟之内,就能被重新组装完毕As their size, sometimes they are just the size of a pen. This makes the gun easy to move around and hide, even when it is assembled. Finally, they are popular because they are effective. example, a zip gun that was found in a penitentiary in Canada that was hidden among leather hobby-craft tools could fire . caliber bullets. Another . caliber handgun was found in Folsom State Prison, made from a staple gun.至于大小,有时它只有钢笔那么大,即使不拆也很容易携带和隐藏它受欢迎还因为它很有效比如在加拿大一座监狱发现了一把藏在皮革手工爱好者工具中的拉链,可以发射口径的子弹在福尔瑟姆州监狱也发现过用口径手,由钉书机制成3.Water Bombs3.水弹Unless youre drowning, water doesnt seem to be that dangerous. However, materials that ;dont seem to be that dangerous; are exactly what inmates make weapons out of.只要不溺水,水似乎都没什么危险然而,“似乎没什么危险”的材料正是犯人制作武器的原料What some inmates do is fill up plastic bags with water and this makes the bags really heavy. example, one grocery bag can hold to liters of water, which is about to pounds. Just some perspective, the heaviest regulation bowling ball is about pounds. Then they drop them from high levels on to unsuspecting people below. If they were to drop a bag with liters of water, which weighs as much as .75 bowling balls, from the fifth tier of the prison, it would hit someone at 77 miles per hour. This very thing actually happened to an inmate in October . The man was hospitalized and he was lucky to be alive.有囚犯把塑料袋装满水,让它非常重一只购物袋装-升水后,重约-磅作为比较,最重的保龄球一般也只有磅然后犯人在高处让水袋砸向楼下毫无防备的人如果从监狱五层扔下装有升水、重达.75个保龄球的袋子,它能以每小时77英里的速度击中别人这种事在年月真的发生过被攻击的囚犯住了院,但幸运生还了.Bed Post Shotgun.床柱猎This impressive feat of prison engineering was made by two inmates at a prison in Celle, Germany. The shotgun was made from iron bedposts and then the cocking handle is made using pieces of lead from curtain tape. Also, instead of gunpowder, they used match heads that were sparked by a broken light bulb and AA batteries.这个令人印象深刻的监狱工程师伟业属于德国策勒监狱的两名囚犯猎是由铁床柱制成,机柄来自窗帘带此外,他们用火柴头取代火药,由破灯泡和AA电池点火Luckily the prisoners, who clearly put a lot of time and eft in constructing it, this prison weapon was actually used. On May 1, 198, two inmates used it to take a correction officer hostage. To show the power of the shotgun, they fired it at some bulletproof glass causing it to crack. The crack is on the bottom right hand corner of the picture. In the end, the shotgun worked and the two inmates escaped in a car. There was no inmation if they were ever apprehended again.对花了大量的时间和精力制作的囚犯来说,幸运的是,这种监狱武器确实派上了用场198年5月1日,两名囚犯用它挟持了一名狱警为了明猎的威力,他们向一些防弹玻璃射击,玻璃裂了,就像图片右下角那样最后,猎起了作用,两名囚犯逃进汽车,从此杳无音信1.Crossbow1.弩箭Stony Mountain Institution is a medium security prison in Manitoba, Canada. In 1998, in the segregation area where inmates are held being punished, correctional officers found this rather ingenious crossbow.石山所是加拿大马尼托巴一座中等安全监狱1998年,在囚犯关禁闭的地方,狱警发现了这把相当巧妙的弩Altogether, this contraption used different types of materials. This included toothbrushes, parts of a cigarette lighter, aluminum cafeteria tongs, and a piece of wire coat hanger. The arrows were made from tightly rolled paper, Q-tips, rolled up masking tape, aluminum foil used in cigarette packs, and pieces of wire. After the guards confiscated the crossbow, they tested it and found that it accurately shot up to 0 feet.总之,这种设计使用了种不同类型的材料,包括把牙刷,打火机部件,自助餐铝钳和一件钢丝衣架箭头由卷紧的纸、棉签、卷起的遮光胶纸、香烟包装中的铝箔和线头制成警卫没收弩后测试了一下,发现它能准确击中0英尺外的目标The crossbow was so impressive that it was housed in a museum at one of Canada maximum security prisons in Kingston, Ontario.这把弩令人印象太深,甚至被收藏进了安大略省金斯敦安全监狱的物馆,这是加拿大最高安全级别的监狱之一 53


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