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重庆第二医院耳朵疾病看怎么样好不好眉山市第二人民医院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好But then I also remember that times of rapid change can bring pain and confusion, even destruction, as well as progress and excitement. The more rapid and exciting it is, the more change calls for careful management, and wise, humane leadership.但是,我也记得迅速变化的年代带来的不仅是进步和兴奋,它同样能带来痛苦和困惑,甚至是破坏。变化越是迅速、越是令人兴奋,就越需要谨慎把握,需要明智和以人为本的领导。Order and stability have to be preserved, but without choking off the freedom to enquire, and experiment, and express oneself, since as you young researchers know better than anyone knowledge and science have a vital role in national development.我们必须维护秩序和稳定,但也不应扼杀探索、试验和表达意见的自由。作为年轻的学者,你们比任何人都更清楚地知道,在国家的发展中,知识和科学有着举足轻重的作用。And technical expertise needs to be harnessed to the development and security of society as a whole, so that it not only creates greater wealth for the few, but enables all citizens to feel safer and more prosperous.应该把科技专门知识用于全社会的发展和保障,既要为少数人带来更大的财富,又要使全体公民感到更加安全,更加富裕。The development of such a great country as China cannot happen in isolation. It affects the whole world, and it draws you into new relationships with other parts of the world. Increasingly, your economy depends on exchanges with other countries both imports and exports, of both goods and capital. Foreign investment plays an essential role in your growth, while your holdings of foreign currencies and your management of your own currency are coming to play a vital part in the international monetary system.中国是一个伟大的国家,中国的发展不可能在孤立中实现。中国的发展对全世界产生了影响,而发展又把中国带入了与世界其他地区建立的新型关系。就商品和资金的进出口而言,中国经济对与其他国家交流的依赖程度越来越大。外国投资对于中国经济的增长发挥着根本的作用,而中国的外汇储备以及贵国对本国货币的管理,将在国际货币体系中发挥重要的作用。This means that you have a stake in the development and prosperity of the wider world. And your security, too, depends on international peace and stability.这就是说,全世界的发展与繁荣对中国利害攸关。中国的安全也离不开国际的和平和稳定。201704/502265乐山市妇幼保健院鼻息肉好吗 英语会话800句 19 /200608/91033. New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, APEC CEO Summit in the Speech3. 新西兰总理海伦·克拉克在APECCEO峰会上的演讲Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, New Zealand is taking a new approach to economic development.现在正值21世纪之初,新西兰正在采用一种新的方法来解决经济发展问题。It is an approach based on growing our levels of talent, innovation, and specialisation.这种方法立足于不断提高我们的人才水平,创新力和专业化水准。It is an approach which has worked well in other countries, and it is being adapted to our circumstances and opportunities.这种方法在其他国家非常奏效,并且它也在不断适应新西兰的国情和机遇。Our vision is to see New Zealand back in the top half of the OECD economic indicators, as we aly are on most social indicators.我们的愿景是能够见新西兰再次达到经济合作与发展组织经济指标的上位,因为我们已经实现了大多数社会指标。Our aim is to lever off a talented population with many great ideas in order to build an economy driven by talent, innovation, and entrepreneurial skills.我们的宗旨是培养有开创精神的人才,从而建立以人才、创新和创业技能为基础的经济体系。We see the New Zealand of the future as an export-oriented economy with more globally-oriented companies operating from a New Zealand base 我们要把新西兰发展成为外向型经济体,拥有更多的以新西兰为基地面向全球的公司,and developing strong c1usters around them.并在公司周围形成强大的经营集群。201612/482666新津县人民医院慢性咽炎好吗

成都中医药大学附属医院打呼噜治疗的价格My Fellow Americans,我的美国同胞们,Were only 11 weeks in, but aly my administration has achieved historic progress for the American people我们仅工作了11个星期,但我的政府已经为美国人民完成了历史性的进展in fact, 93% of our domestic manufacturers have expressed optimism in the future, a record.事实上,93%的国内制造商对未来表达了乐观预期。这是历史性的。The confidence we are seeing in our Nation is about jobs and opportunity - but its also about safety and security.在我们国家,我们见到的自信来自就业和机遇--但这也包括安全和保障。Security begins at the border - as a candidate, I pledged to take swift and decisive action to secure the border,安全保障始于边境。作为候选人,我发誓采取迅速果断的措施来保卫边境,and that is exactly what I have done.这正是我已经做到的。We inherited a full-fledged border crisis - it was a disaster.我们有着全面的边境危机--这显然是场灾难。Yet, with quick and bold steps, we have so far exceeded even the most bullish predictions for the progress we could make in so short a period of time.但是,通过快速大胆的步骤,在如此短的时间内,我们甚至已经超过了最乐观的进展预测。Last month, we saw a 64% reduction in illegal immigration on our southern border.上个月,在我们的南部边境,我们见到的非法移民降低了64%。At the same time, we are conducting enforcement actions across the country to remove dangerous criminal aliens from our society - and theyll be gone.与此同时,我们正在全国开展执法行动,减少我们社会里进行危险犯罪的外国人--他们将被遣返。In just the last few days our Nations ICE officers have arrested 153 criminal aliens in south Texas,就在最近几天里,我们国家的移民和海关执法局在南德克萨斯已经逮捕153名犯罪的外国人,201704/505453重庆医科大学附属儿童医院耳鼻喉电话咨询 Now to the second potential misunderstanding.至于第二个可能的误解Ive been talking a lot about my experiences in the Middle East, and some of you might be thinking now我一直在谈论我在中东地区的经历,你们有些人可能在想that the solution then is for us to educate Muslim and Arab societies to be more inclusive of their women.问题的解决方案在于教育穆斯林和阿拉伯社会对女性更加包容If we were to do that, they would be more successful. They do not need this kind of help.如果我们要那么做,她们可以更加成功。她们不需要这种帮助Women have been part of the most influential movements coming out of the Middle East,女人参与了中东地区的最有影响力的运动but they tend to be invisible to the international community.但她们对于国际社会来说是隐形的Our cameras are largely focused on the men我们的摄像头大部分都对准了who often end up involved in the more confrontational scenes that we find so irresistible in our news cycle.那些在让我们屏息的新闻场景中直接对抗的男人们And we end up with a narrative that not only erases women from the struggles in the region我们通常以一种不仅抹平了地区斗争中的女人but often misrepresents the struggles themselves.而且错误描述了运动本身的叙事方法In the late 1980s, an uprising started in Gaza, and quickly sp to the West Bank and East Jerusalem.在20世纪80年代后期,一场起义发端于加沙,迅速传播到西岸地区和东耶路撒冷It came to be known as the First Intifada,这场起义后来被称为“巴勒斯坦大起义”and people who have any visual memory of it generally conjure up something like this:任何对这场起义仍有视觉记忆的人一般会想起这样的场景:Palestinian men throwing rocks at Israeli tanks.巴基斯坦男人向以色列坦克扔石块The news coverage at the time made it seem like stones, Molotov cocktails and burning tires当时的新闻报道让它看起来好像石头、燃烧弹和燃烧的轮胎were the only activities taking place in the Intifada.是在这场起义中出现的所有东西201704/506602大邑县妇幼保健院耳鸣要多少钱

彭水苗族土家族自治县看鼻中隔偏曲价格Dear Mrs. Malcolm,亲爱的马尔科姆夫人,I want to say how sorry I am about Chris.对于克里斯的离去我感到很难过。During the last year I worked with him continually and I am sure I could not have found anywhere another companion so brilliant and yet so charming and unconceited.去年我一直和他共事,我确信,像他怎么优秀,迷人而又不自负的人今后我不会再遇到了。I regarded my interest in my work, and in such things as astronomy (to which he introduced me) as something to be shared with him and I think he felt a little the same about me.我很喜欢和他分享我的工作,还有他介绍我学习的东西,比如天文学。我想他也是这么认为的。Although that interest is partly gone, I know I must put as much energy if not as much interest into my work as if he were alive, because that is what he would like me to do.尽管我对工作兴趣已经不大了,但我知道我必须全身心的投入工作,就像他还在世一样,因为如果他还在的话,他会希望我这么做的。I feel sure that you could not possibly have had a greater loss.我知道这是你人生中最悲痛的事了 。yours sincerely,谨启,Alan Turing阿兰·图灵201705/508708 Hi, everybody. Before you fire up the barbecue for the long weekend, I want to talk a little bit about the reason we get to celebrate Labor Day – and thats the Labor Movement that helped build this country and our middle class. For generations, every time the economys changed, hardworking Americans marched and organized and joined unions to demand not simply a bigger paycheck for themselves, but better conditions and more security for the folks working next to them, too. Their efforts are why we can enjoy things like the 40-hour workweek, overtime pay, and a minimum wage. Their efforts are why we can depend on health insurance, social security, medicare, and retirement plans. All of that progress is stamped with the union label. All of that progress was fueled with a simple belief that our economy works better when it works for everybody. Thats the spirit thats made the progress of these past seven and a half years possible. Weve rescued our economy from another depression, cut our unemployment rate in half, and unleashed the longest string of total job growth on record. And weve focused on making sure that the gains of a growing economy dont just flow to a few at the top, but to everybody. Its why we took action to help millions of workers finally collect the overtime pay theyve earned. Its why I issued a call to raise the minimum wage, and when Congress ignored that call, 18 states and the District of Columbia, plus another 51 cities and counties went ahead and gave their workers a raise. Its why the very first bill I signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; why we gave paid sick days to federal contractors; why weve fought for worker safety and the right to organize. And weve made good progress. For a few years after the recession, the top one percent did capture almost all income gains. But that share has been cut by almost half. Last year, income for everybody else grew at the fastest pace since the 1990s. And another 20 million Americans know the financial security of health insurance. Im the first to say weve got more work to do in the years ahead. I know were in the heat of a more raucous political season than usual. But we cant get so distracted by the latest bluster that we lose sight of the policies that will actually help working families get ahead. The truth is: thats whats caused some of the frustration thats roiling our politics right now – too many working folks still feel left behind by an economy thats constantly changing. So as a country, weve gotta make some choices. Do we want to be a country where the typical woman working full-time earns 79 cents for every dollar a man makes – or one where they earn equal pay for equal work? Do we want a future where inequality rises as union membership keeps falling – or one where wages are rising for everybody and workers have a say in their prospects? Are we a people who just talk about family values while remaining the only developed nation that doesnt offer its workers paid maternity leave – or are we a people who actually value families, and make paid leave an economic priority for working parents? These are the kinds of choices in front of us. And if were going to restore the sense that hard work is rewarded with a fair shot to get ahead, were going to have to follow the lead of all those who came before us. That means standing up not just for ourselves, but for the father clocking into the plant, the sales clerk working long and unpredictable hours, or the mother riding the bus to work across town, even on Labor Day – folks who work as hard as we do. And it means exercising our rights to speak up in the workplace, to join a union, and above all, to vote. Thats the legacy we celebrate on Labor Day. And Im confident thats the legacy that well build upon in the years ahead. So thanks, everybody. Happy Labor Day and enjoy the long weekend.201609/464674川北医学院附属医院小儿中耳炎治疗的价格成都妇幼保健医院鼻中隔偏曲好吗



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