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Chinas top legislature has debated repealing the crime of sex with underage prostitutes and reclassifying it as rape, which would face a tougher punishment.中国最高立法机关已经就是否取消嫖宿幼女罪而定性为强奸罪进行审议,一旦成立,将面临更为严重的处罚。The National Peoples Congress (NPC) Standing Committee deliberated the draft amendment to the Criminal Law as its six-day bimonthly legislative session started on Monday.全国人民代表大会常务委员会从周一开始对刑法修正草案)进行每两月一次每次为期六天的立法会议。Under the current law, people who have sex with prostitutes less than 14 years old face a maximum of 15 years in prison, while those convicted of raping a child may face death sentence.根据现行法律,与不4岁的幼女发生性行为最高面5年的监禁,而被判犯有强奸幼女罪则可能面临死刑。Legal professionals have been questioning whether to scrap the crime of sex with underage prostitutes since it was written into the Criminal Law in 1997.1997年刑法修订时,嫖宿幼女罪被写入刑法成为了单独的刑法罪名,自此法律专业人士一直质疑是否应该取消嫖宿幼女罪。Legislature has carried out multiple investigations on the issue and consulted academics and specialists.立法机构在这个问题向有关学者和专家进行了多方考和咨询;There is no need to define such a crime. Having sex with minors should be considered rape, no matter who she is and what she does,; said Jia Chunmei, a prosecutor from North Chinas Hebei province and an NPC deputy, during a legislative session last August.“嫖宿幼女罪应该废除。只要是与未成年人发生关系就应当定为强奸无论她是做什这样才能确保刑法对幼女实行无歧视(差别)的保护。”身为检察官的贾春梅作为河北省全国人大代在去月的立法会议提出该建议。。The conflicting provisions have helped offenders escape harsher punishment, as they have argued that the underage girl has consented and was paid, Jia said.在贾春梅看来,“该法规的争议之处给罪犯以可乘之机,使其逃避了更为严厉的处罚,因为在他们看来,是在受害者同意并且给付金钱的情况下发生的关系。Gu Yongzhong, an expert with All China Lawyers Association, said having sex with underage prostitutes was extremely vile that should be firmly cracked down upon.中华全国律师协会的法律专家顾永忠表示,与未成年女性发生性关系的行为非常恶劣,应该坚决打击,予以严惩。Although establishing the crime of sex with underage prostitutes is to increase the protection of minors, in practice, it caused more controversy as lighter penalties were imposed on the crime which brought complaints from families of victims, Gu said.虽然初衷是为了加大对未成年的保护,但在司法实践许多嫖宿幼女案被害人和家长对该罪名都非常不满,抱怨对罪犯处罚过轻,因此引发了极大争议,顾永忠说。Especially when the criminals who had sex with underage prostitutes were government officials, the public reacted strongly to the lenient sentence instead of tougher punishment when sentenced as rape, Lao Dongyan, associate professor of the Tsinghua University Law School.清华大学法学院的副教授劳东燕表示,当与未成年女性发生性关系的对象是政府官员时,公众反应尤为强烈,认为应该按强奸罪论处进行严厉处罚而不是予以轻判。Moreover, the crime imposed stigma on young girls who might engage in forced prostitution, but as victims of the crime, ;prostitutes; forever became the label of the girls.此外,嫖宿幼女罪给受害幼女贴上了“卖淫女”标签,这无疑是对她们的侮辱。虽然是犯罪的受害但“”一词却永远成为女孩身上的标签。Lao proposed separating ;rape of minors; into its own law, in order to stress the protection of young girls, adding that lawmakers have responded to the publics calls while considering if to abolish the crime.劳东燕提出,为了加强对年轻女孩的保护,应当将“嫖宿幼女”当作强奸罪定罪,并称立法者已对公众的要求进行回应,考虑是否应当废除“嫖宿幼女罪”。In a high-profile case in , eight people, including four government officials and a teacher, were jailed for terms ranging from seven years to life for child rape in Southwest Chinas Guizhou province.年发生在中国西南部的贵州省一个案件备受关在本案中包括四名政府官员和一名教师在内的八人因强奸幼儿被处以七年有期徒刑至无期徒刑不等。Yuan Ronghui, an unemployed woman who abetted and forced 10 schoolgirls into prostitution in Xishui county from October 2007 to June 2008, received a life term handed down by local court.0070月到2008月期在一名叫袁蓉晖(化名)的失业妇女威逼利诱下,浠水县10名在校女生开始卖淫。最终袁蓉晖被当地法院判处无期徒刑。Yuan offered her own apartment as a venue for the rapes, after her two teenage accomplices abducted schoolgirls, three under the age of 14, from a primary school and three junior high schools, the court heard.法院审理时发现袁蓉晖(化名)伙同两名十几岁的青少年诱拐了六名在校女生后,便将自己的住所当做卖淫场所。六名女生中三名是高中生,另外三名则为小学生,年龄尚不满十四岁。Seven other people were jailed for terms of seven to 14 years after being convicted of child-rape.与本案有关的其余7人因被指控强奸儿童而被判处7年至14年有期徒刑。来 /201508/395995China has lost the first round of a major legal fight with the Philippines after an international tribunal agreed to hear a case about contested islands in the resource-rich South China Sea.一家国际法庭同意审理关于南中国海争议岛屿的案子,中国在与菲律宾的重大法律交锋中先失一局。The Philippines last year asked a court in The Hague to invalidate the “nine-dash linea demarcation on Chinese maps that China uses to lay claim to most of the South China Sea. China has refused to participate in the case, but has made clear through other channels that it does not believe the court has jurisdiction. But the court decided on Thursday that it had such authority.去年,菲律宾要求海牙常设仲裁法院(Permanent Court of Arbitration)判定“九段线”无效。所谓九段线,是中国地图上的一条分界线,中国用该分界线宣示对南中国海大部分海域拥有主权。中国已拒绝参与该案件,但已通过其他渠道明确表示,中国不认为该法院拥有管辖权。然而,该法院周四认定自己拥有这种权力。Manila brought the case after concluding that efforts to address assertive Chinese behaviour in the region had run their course without any resolution. China and its maritime neighbours have had bitter disputes over dozens of islands, reefs and atolls in the waters for decades, but tensions have risen in recent years as China has grown its maritime presence in the waters.菲律宾政府在认定应对中方在该地区强硬行为的种种努力已无果而终后,将该案提交到了海牙法庭。几十年来,围绕该海域数十个岛屿、礁石和珊瑚礁,中国与其海上邻国之间始终存在激烈争端。不过,最近几年,随着中国在该海域的存在不断增强,这种紧张关系也日渐升温。“It is big and welcome news,said a senior US military official. “It demonstrates the relevance of international law to territorial conflicts in the South China Sea and it shows that sovereignty claims are not indisputable.”一位美国高级军官表示:“这是个值得欢迎的重大消息。它显示了国际法可适用于南中国海领土冲突,并明主权主张不是无可争辩的。”The Philippine department of foreign affairs also hailed the ruling. “We welcome the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal that it has jurisdiction over our case. We look forward to the tribunal’s further hearing on the merits of the case,it said in a statement.菲律宾外交部也对这一裁决表示欢迎。它在一份声明中表示:“我们欢迎该仲裁法庭(Arbitral Tribunal)做出的它对该案拥有管辖权的裁定。我们期待法庭对该案的是非曲直开展进一步听。”The decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration which hears disputes related to the UN Law of the Sea (Unclos) but cannot arbitrate sovereignty issues came in the same week that the US challenged Chinese territorial claims over the Spratly Islands chain in the South China Sea.就在海牙常设仲裁法院做出这一裁定的同一周,美国挑战了中国对南中国海斯普拉特利群岛(Spratly Islands,中国称南沙群岛——译者注)的领土主张。(海牙常设仲裁法院对与《联合国海洋法公约Unclos)有关的争端进行仲裁,但无权仲裁涉及主权的案件。)China accused the US of making an “illegal incursioninto its waters after the USS Lassen, a destroyer, sailed near Subi Reef, a formerly submerged feature in the South China Sea that China has converted into an island. The move marked the first time since 2012 that the US Navy has sailed through the 12-nautical-mile zone around any islands claimed by China.当时,美国海军“拉森”号(USS Lassen)驱逐舰驶近了渚碧礁(Subi Reef),该岛原本是南中国海一个水下地submerged feature),却被中国改建成一个岛屿。中国指责美国“非法进入”该海域。美国政府此举,012年以来美国海军首次驶进中国声称拥有主权的岛屿周边12海里水域。The manoeuvre, which the US labelled a freedom of navigation operation, was designed to underscore that the US does not recognise territorial claims over artificial islands in the South China Sea. International law allows nations to claim the territory surrounding naturally formed islands, but not around submerged features that have been raised above sea level via construction.这次行动被美国称为航行自由行动,旨在明确表示美国不承认对南中国海人工岛的领土主张。国际法允许国家对天然岛屿周边海域声索主权,但不允许它们对人工抬升至海面以上的水下地物周边海域声索主权。Admiral John Richardson, chief of US naval operations, held a one-hour call on Thursday with Admiral Wu Shengli, his Chinese counterpart who protested the US operation. A US navy official said Adm Richardson stressed that the US would conduct freedom of navigation operations in waters that it believes to be international and not the territory of China.周四,美国海军作战部长约翰理查森上将(Admiral John Richardson)和中国海军司令员吴胜利上将召开了一个小时的远程会议。吴胜利对美方的行动表示了抗议。一位美国海军军官表示,理查森上将强调说,美国会在它认为是公海(而非中国领海)的水域实施航行自由行动。China has stepped up activity in the South China Sea, through which 30 per cent of global trade passes, over the past two years. It has increased the number of patrols by its coast guard, and also constructed five artificial islands by dredging thousands of acres around reefs and atolls. One of those islands a reef called Fiery Cross now has a 3km runway that is capable of handling military aircraft.目前,全0%的贸易活动要经由南中国海实现。过去两年,中国加大了在南中国海的活动力度。它增加了海警船的巡逻次数,还通过在礁石和珊瑚礁周边吹沙填出数千英亩土地,建造了五个人工岛。目前,其中一个被称为永暑Fiery Cross Reef)的岛屿上已修建了一公里长的跑道,足以起降军用飞机。The Philippines, Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia and beyond have protested the “nine-dash linewhich China start printing inside Chinese passports in 2012. The US remained silent on the issue until last year when the state department called on China to clarify its meaning.菲律宾、印尼及东南亚和东南亚以外的其他国家,都曾对“九段线”表示过抗议。自2012年起,中国开始把九段线印在新版护照内。去年,美国国务院呼吁中国澄清九段线的含义,在那之前,美国对这个问题始终保持沉默。China published a paper last year which claimed that the court had no jurisdiction to hear the case since Manila was asking it to referee questions about sovereignty. But the court sided with Manila, which had argued that it was only asking the court to conclude that China could not derive territorial claims from islands that did not convey such rights under Unclos.中国曾在去年发表一份立场文件,声称该法庭并无听该案的管辖权,因为菲律宾政府要求该法庭裁断的是与主权有关的问题。然而,该法庭却站在了菲律宾政府一边。菲律宾政府曾声称,它只是要求该法庭判定,中国不能通过那些依据《联合国海洋法公约》规定不承载此类权利的岛屿提出领土主张。The tribunal on Thursday “rejected the argumentin the Chinese paper that the dispute was “actually about sovereignty over the islands in the South China Seaand therefore beyond its jurisdiction. The court has not set a date for the next stage of the case, which will be behind closed doors.周四,该法庭“否定了(中国立场文件中的)论点”。该文件主张,这一争端“实质是南海部分岛礁的领土主权问题”,因此超出了该法庭的管辖范围。该法庭还未确定案件进入下一阶段审理(将为非公开审理)的日期。来 /201511/407453

China is imposing a 0bn municipal-bonds-for-debt swap on banks in a bid to shift some of the financing costs of cash-strapped local governments back to lenders, local media reported on Wednesday.据中国国内媒体周三报道,中国正在让用1600亿美元的地方政府债券置换存量债务,以便将现金短缺的地方政府的部分融资成本转嫁回手中。Ballooning debts at municipalities estimated at .9bn by mid-2013 as local governments engaged in a frenzy of debt-fuelled infrastructure building have emerged as one of the fault lines in China’s economy as growth slows and property prices dip.随着增长放缓及楼市价格下跌,地方政府不断增大的债务已日益成为中国经济的断层线(fault line,取自《断层线》一书,借用地质学概念形容金融危机的源头——译者注)之一。截013年中,中国地方政府的债务估计9万亿美元。当时,各地方政府开展了一轮靠债务驱动的疯狂的基础建设。Beijing is seeking to limit debt servicing costs for municipalities by obliging banks to switch out loans, which frequently carry interest rates over 7 per cent, in return for municipal bonds with a capped coupon.中国政府正试图通过强制将贷款换成地方政府债券,限制地方政府的偿债成本。贷款的利率通常%以上,而地方债券的折扣却有上限。The swap will crimp banksincome, but the central bank will cushion the blow by accepting municipal bonds as collateral for key lending facilities through which it provides liquidity to commercial lenders.这种置换过程会影响的收入。不过,中国央行(PBoC)将通过接受地方债券作为抵押品,缓冲由此带来的冲击。这类抵押品可用在关键的贷款机制当中,央行会通过这类贷款机制,向商业提供流动性。The debt swap will also avoid public bond auctions that had threatened to drain Rmb1tn (0bn) in liquidity from the financial system and expose lacklustre demand for municipal paper.这次债务置换也将避免公开拍卖债券。公开拍卖债券可能会耗去1万亿元人民币(合1600亿美元)的流动性,并暴露出地方债券需求疲软的问题。Instead, the swap will occur through bilateral negotiations between localities and individual creditors, the central bank, finance ministry, and bank regulator said in jointly issued guidelines obtained by Sina Finance.相反,根据新浪财Sina Finance)所获的中国央行、财政部和银监会共同下发的指导意见,置换过程会通过地方财政部门与特定债权人间的双边协商展开。The reduction in credit risk will mitigate the negative impact on banksbottom lines, analysts said.分析师表示,信用风险的降低将缓解对盈利的负面影响。“Although banksearnings will be hurt by the lower yields of bonds (relative to higher interest on loans), we believe the market will value banksgain in risk reduction and liquidity over their loss in interest revenue,wrote Tao Wang, chief China economist at UBS.瑞士(UBS)首席中国问题经济学家汪涛写道:“在我们看来,虽然利息收益可能会有所降低,但将受益于风险资产规模下降、资本充足率提高、流动性提高,以及资产质量改善。”China’s finance ministry in March revealed a plan for provincial governments to refinance Rmb1tn in debt due to mature this year by issuing municipal bonds. The goal is to lower debt-servicing costs and extend maturities by converting short-term loans to long-term bonds.今年3月,中国财政部披露了一项计划,要求各省政府通过发行地方债券,为今年到期万亿元人民币债务再融资。该计划的目标,是通过将短期贷款转换成长期债券,降低偿债成本并延长还款期。But the plan hit a snag last month when two provincial governments were forced to postpone bond auctions in the face of weak demand from banks, who balked at the low yields.然而上个月这一计划却遭遇了小小的挫折。当时,由于对过低收益率不满而导致的需求疲软,两个省政府被迫推迟债券拍卖。The latest rules say that the new local bonds must not carry yields of more than 30 per cent above prevailing yields on Chinese central government bonds with matching maturities. Chinese treasuries yield 3.2 to 3.5 per cent for maturities of one to 10 years.最新规定表示,新地方债收益率上限不得高于发行日前1个工作日相同待偿期记账式国债收益率平均值上浮的30%。目前,中国10年期的国债收益率.2%.5%之间。The yield cap will not apply to the Rmb600bn in new local bonds that will be auctioned this year outside the debt swap program.对于此次地方债务置换计划以外拍卖000亿人民币的新发行地方债券,这一收益率上限并不适用。Beyond the issue of yields, market watchers were also concerned that Rmb1tn in new bonds, if sold in the open market, would suck liquidity out of China’s financial system, choking off the flow of funds to other borrowers.除了收益率的问题,市场观察人士还关注这样一个问题:1万亿元人民币的新债券,一旦在公开市场出售,会吸收中国金融体系中的流动性,从而阻碍资金流向其他借款方。Under the latest guidelines local governments will negotiate directly with individual creditors to swap maturing loans for newly issued bonds. As such, no cash payments will change hands so liquidity will be unaffected.根据最新的指导意见,地方政府将直接与特定债权人协商,将到期贷款置换成新发行债券。这样,置换过程中不会涉及现金换手,从而让流动性不受影响。Private placements will be used to refinance bank loans as well as maturing debt from non-bank financial institutions like trust companies, securities brokerages and insurers, the guidance said.该指导意见还表示,这种定向承销方式除了可用于贷款的再融资,还可用于信托、券、保险等非类金融机构的再融资。来 /201505/375061

  John D. Rockefeller built a vast fortune on oil. Now his heirs are abandoning fossil fuels.约翰·D·洛克菲勒(John D. Rockefeller)凭借石油积累了大量财富。现在,他的后代却正在抛弃化石燃料。The family whose legendary wealth flowed from Standard Oil is planning to announce on Monday that its 0 million philanthropic organization, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, is joining the divestment movement that began a couple years ago on college campuses.洛克菲勒家族具有传奇色的财富来自标准石油公Standard Oil),该家族计划于周一宣布,旗下拥.6亿美元(约合53亿元人民币)的慈善组织洛克菲勒兄弟基金会(Rockefeller Brothers Fund)将加入几年前开始于大学校园的撤资运动。The announcement, timed to precede Tuesday’s opening of the ed Nations climate change summit meeting in New York City, is part of a broader and accelerating initiative.声明的发布时间被定在周二联合国气候变化峰会在纽约开幕之前。这一举动是一项规模更大而且正在加速的运动的一部分。In recent years, 180 institutions including philanthropies, religious organizations, pension funds and local governments as well as hundreds of wealthy individual investors have pledged to sell assets tied to fossil fuel companies from their portfolios and to invest in cleaner alternatives. In all, the groups have pledged to divest assets worth more than billion from portfolios, and the individuals more than billion, according to Arabella Advisors, a firm that consults with philanthropists and investors to use their resources to achieve social goals.近年来,80家机构——包括慈善机构、宗教组织、养老基金和地方政府——以及数百名富裕的个人投资者承诺要出售他们持有的与化石燃料企业相关的资产,并对更加清洁的替代能源进行投资。艾瑞贝拉咨询公Arabella Advisors)表示,这些机构承诺要撤资的金额共计超00亿美元,个人投资者则承诺撤走超过10亿美元的投资。艾瑞贝拉为慈善基金和投资者提供咨询,以利用他们的资源来达成社会目标。The people who are selling shares of energy stocks are well aware that their actions are unlikely to have an immediate impact on the companies, given their enormous market capitalizations and cash flow.那些出售能源股票的人非常清楚,他们的行为不可能对这些公司产生直接影响,因为这些公司具有很高的市值和充裕的现金流。Even so, some say they are taking action to align their assets with their environmental principles. Others want to shame companies that they believe are recklessly contributing to a warming planet. Still others say that the fight to limit climate change will lead to new regulations and disruptive new technologies that will make these companies an increasingly risky investment.即便如此,有些公司和个人也表示,他们采取行动是为了使公司的资产配置,与他们的环境原则保持一致。其他人则希望,在他们看来肆无忌惮地加剧全球变暖的那些企业,会因此感到羞愧。还有人则表示,这场遏制气候变化的斗争,将促使官方制定一些新的监管规定,并催生一些打破常规的新科技,从而提高投资这些企业的风险。Ultimately, the activist investors say, their actions, like those of the anti-apartheid divestment fights of the 1980s, could help spur international debate, while the shift of investment funds to energy alternatives could lead to solutions to the carbon puzzle.这些激进投资者表示,0世纪80年代的反种族隔离撤资斗争一样,他们的行动最终将在国际社会上引起讨论,而投资基金向替代能源的转移,也有助于解决碳排放的难题。“This is a threshold moment,said Ellen Dorsey, executive director of the Wallace Global Fund, which has coordinated the effort to recruit foundations to the cause. “This movement has gone from a small activist band quickly into the mainstream.”“这是一个跨越性的时刻,”华莱士全球基金(Wallace Global Fund)的首席执行官埃伦·多尔Ellen Dorsey)说。号召其他基金会加入这项事业的行动就是由这家基金协调开展的。“这项运动很快就从一个小规模运动变成了主流。”Not everyone will divest completely or right away, Ms. Dorsey noted, and some are divesting just from specific sectors of the fossil fuel industry, such as coal.多尔西指出,并非每个人都会完全或立即撤资,有些只是从化石燃料行业的特定领域撤资,比如煤炭。“The key thing is that they are moving along toward a common destination,she said.她说,“关键在于,他们在朝一个共同的目的前进。”Among the individual investors joining in the announcement on Monday is Mark Ruffalo, the actor. The news conference will include a taped message from Bishop Desmond Tutu, who said that because climate change has a disproportionate impact on the poor, it is “the human rights challenge of our time.”周一发布声明的个人投资者中,包括演员马克·鲁法洛(Mark Ruffalo)。新闻发布会上将播放一段大主教德斯蒙德·图图(Desmond Tutu)的视频讯息。他表示,因为气候变化会给穷人带来相当大的影响,所以这是“我们这个时代所面临的人权挑战”。Just how transparent the various funds and institutions will be about the progress of their asset sales is uncertain.各个基金和机构投资者出售资产的进度会有多大的透明度尚不得而知。At the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, there is no equivocation but there is caution, said Stephen Heintz, its president. The fund has aly eliminated investments involved in coal and tar sands entirely while increasing its investment in alternate energy sources.洛克菲勒兄弟基金会总裁斯蒂芬·海因兹(Stephen Heintz)说,该基金会不是在含糊其辞,只是较为谨慎。基金会增加对替代能源的投资的同时,已完全撤出了涉及煤炭和沥青砂的投资。Unwinding other investments in a complex portfolio from the broader realm of fossil fuels will take longer. “We’re moving soberly, but with real commitment,he said.在该基金会持有的庞杂投资组合中,将其他资金从化石燃料领域撤出,需要花更长时间。“我们的行动很慎重,但却是诚心诚意的,”他说。Steven Rockefeller, a son of Nelson A. Rockefeller and a trustee of the fund, said that he foresees financial problems ahead for companies that have stockpiled more reserves than they can burn without contributing significantly to climate damage. “We see this as having both a moral and economic dimension,he said.纳尔逊·A·洛克菲勒(Nelson A. Rockefeller)之子、该基金的受托人之一史蒂文·洛克菲Steven Rockefeller)表示,他认为那些囤积的储量超出消耗量,并且没有给气候事业做出贡献的公司,将来会面临财务困境。“我们认为,这个问题既有道德影响,也有经济影响,”他说。Activism to divest from fossil fuel companies began on college campuses, but the record of success there has been mixed.呼吁从化石燃料企业撤资的行动始于大学校园,但那里的收获情况却成败参半。The university with the biggest endowment, Harvard, has declined to divest, despite pressure from many students and outside organizations.尽管受到了许多学生和外部组织的压力,但获得捐款最多的哈佛大学(Harvard)却拒绝撤资。Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard’s president, has issued statements that she and her colleagues do not believe that divestment is “warranted or wise,and argued that the school’s .7 billion endowment “is a resource, not an instrument to impel social or political change.”哈佛大学校长德鲁·吉尔平·福斯Drew Gilpin Faust)发表声明称,自己和同事不认为撤资是“必要或明智的”,并称哈佛27亿美元捐款“是一笔资源,而不是用来推动社会或政治变革的工具”。Stanford recently announced it would divest its holdings in the coal industry; Yale University’s investment office asked its money managers to examine how its investments affect climate change and to look into avoiding companies that do not take sensible “steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.The announcement did not satisfy students pressing for divestment.斯坦福大Stanford)前不久宣布将放弃煤炭行业的股份;耶鲁大学(Yale University)的投资办公室要求自己的基金管理人员,研究其投资对气候变化的影响情况,并考虑不要对那些采取逃避态度、没有实施合理的“温室气体减排举措”的公司进行投资。该声明未能让迫切要求撤资的学生满意。Pitzer College, however, is one of a number of schools that have promised more extensive efforts to remove fossil fuels from their endowments. Donald P. Gould, a trustee and chair of the Pitzer investment committee and president of Gould Asset Management, said that everyone involved in the decision knew that the direct and immediate effect on the companies would be minimal.然而,有许多院校已经承诺会做出更广泛的努力,从其捐赠基金中剔除化石燃料企业,匹泽学Pitzer College)就是其中之一。匹泽学院投资委员会主席兼受托人、古尔德资产管理(Gould Asset Management)总裁唐纳德·P·古尔Donald P. Gould)表示,所有参与决策的人都知道,相关企业立即受到的直接影响是非常小的。“I don’t think that anyone who favors divestment is arguing that the institutionssale of the fossil fuel company stock is going to have much impact, if any, on either the stocks or the companies themselves,he said, since the market capitalizations of the companies is immense.“我认为,赞成撤资的人不会认为这些机构出售化石燃料公司股票的作法,会对股价或是公司本身造成很大影响。可能毫无影响,”他说,因为这些公司市值巨大。Even if the movement were to depress share prices, the energy companies, which make enormous profits from their products, do not need to go to capital markets to raise money, he noted. But in the long term, he said, “divestment seeks to work indirectly on these companies by changing the conversation about the climate.”他指出,即使这一运动会压低股价,从产品中获取巨额利润的相关能源公司,也不需要去资本市场筹集资金。但他表示,从长远看,“撤资行动的目的是,希望通过影响关于气候的讨论,来间接地影响这些公司。”来 /201409/331766



  Human Rights Watch said Tuesday that Turkey needs to control its security forces and investigate the deaths of civilians who were killed during police operations and clashes with armed groups in recent months.人权观察星期二说,土耳其必须对本国安全部队加以控制,并对近几个月来警方行动以及警方跟武装组织发生冲突所造成的平民死亡事件展开调查。The group said it documented 15 such deaths in a limited investigation and that local groups report more than 100 deaths since July.人权观察说,他们在一次范围有限的调查中记录到5起这类死亡事件,而当地有组织报告说,月来已有100多名平民死亡。Turkish forces launched a new offensive in July against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in southeastern Turkey, a move that ended a cease-fire of more than two years. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan further pledged in November to continue until every one of the militants was defeated.今年7月,土耳其军队在东南部地区对非法组织库尔德工人党发动新攻势,致使持续两年多的停火宣告结束。土耳其总统埃尔多安11月誓言继续进攻,直至打败库尔德工人党的所有激进分子。Human Rights Watch said the state had put neighborhoods under curfew and cut off peoples access to water, electricity and food.人权观察说,土耳其当局在当地实行宵禁,并断绝水电和食品供应。Turkey, the ed States and European Union all consider the PKK to be a terror group. The conflict between Turkey and the PKK has left 40,000 people dead since 1984.土耳其、美国和欧盟都把库尔德工人党视为恐怖组织。自1984年以来,土耳其当局与库尔德工人党之间的冲突已造成4万人死亡。来 /201512/418099

  Yemen’s violent conflict has intensified in the run up to a five-day ceasefire scheduled to start on Tuesday as aid experts warn that the war-ravaged country is close to a “humanitarian catastrophe在定于周二开始的为期5天的停火开始之前,也门的暴力冲突已大大升级。救援专家警告说,这一饱受战火蹂躏的国家已接近一场“人道主义灾难”。The Saudi-led coalition, which launched an aerial bombing campaign in March to dislodge Houthi rebels who had seized control of the capital, struck the northern city of Saada at the weekend after proposing the ceasefire. Reports also emerged that Saudi warplanes had bombed the Sana’a home of the Houthisally, former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who later spoke to news channels outside the damaged building.今年3月,以沙特为首的多国联盟向也门发动了空袭,以赶走已控制也门首都的胡塞(Houthi)叛军。周末,该同盟轰炸了也门北部城市萨达,并宣布了将于周二开始停火的消息。还有报道称,沙特战机轰炸了胡塞武装盟友、也门前总统阿卜杜拉#8226;萨利Ali Abdullah Saleh)位于萨那的住宅。萨利赫后来在被这栋被毁坏的建筑前,向新闻媒体发表了讲话。In spite of the renewed strikes on the Houthisheartland, the group said it would accept “any truce that will service the nation’s welfare尽管胡塞武装的核心地带遭遇了新一轮空袭,该组织已表示会接受“任何有利也门国家利益的停火协议”。But the UN’s humanitarian co-ordinator for Yemen said on Saturday that the “indiscriminate bombing which came after a four-hour warning, contravened international humanitarian law.不过,联合国也门人道主义协调员约翰内#8226;范德库拉Johannes van der Klaauw)周六表示,在警告四小时就后发动“狂轰滥炸”的行为,违反了国际人道主义法律。“Many civilians are effectively trapped in Saada, as they are unable to access transport because of fuel shortages,Johannes van der Klaauw said in a statement.他在一份声明中表示:“由于燃料紧缺导致无法搭乘交通工具,许多市民实际上被困在了萨达。”A Saudi-led blockade of the country has been in place since late March and has nearly exhausted Yemen’s dwindling supplies of fuel and food.月底以来,沙特已带头对也门实施了封锁。这一举措令也门日渐减少的燃料及食品供应接近枯竭。Petrol stations have aly run dry in the capital, Sana’a, residents say, while supplies are so scarce in north Yemen that prices have risen as much as tenfold, according to charity Oxfam.萨那居民表示,该市各加油站的油料早已用光。同时,根据慈善机构乐施Oxfam)的说法,由于也门北部物资供应匮乏,当地物价已升至原来的十倍。Supplies of staples such as rice as well as medicines and other basic goods are also running out and cannot be transported because of fuel shortages, aid officials say, with one government economist estimating that northwest Yemen could run out of basic goods within two weeks.此外,救援官员表示,大米等主食、药品及其他基本物资也已耗尽,而燃料短缺则导致这些物资无法运抵当地。一名政府经济学家估计,也门西北部的基本物资或许会在两周内耗尽。Aid workers and government officials also warn that fuel shortages pose a grave threat to Yemen’s water and electricity supplies, as well as to its transport network, amid predictions that the country of 24m people will grind to a halt.救援人员及政府官员还警告说,除了运输网络,燃油紧缺还严重威胁到也门的水电供应。同时,多方预计这个2400万人的国家将陷入停顿。“The idea that the country will come to a complete standstill is very real,Mr van der Klaauw told the FT last week.上周,范德库拉乌告诉英国《金融时报》:“那种认为也门将陷入彻底停顿的想法非常现实。”“It’s very, very alarming we need to address the humanitarian crisis before it is too late.”“我们需在一切都已太晚之前,解决这场人道主义危机——这一点非常非常令人担心。”来 /201505/374628Human Rights Watch said Tuesday that Turkey needs to control its security forces and investigate the deaths of civilians who were killed during police operations and clashes with armed groups in recent months.人权观察星期二说,土耳其必须对本国安全部队加以控制,并对近几个月来警方行动以及警方跟武装组织发生冲突所造成的平民死亡事件展开调查。The group said it documented 15 such deaths in a limited investigation and that local groups report more than 100 deaths since July.人权观察说,他们在一次范围有限的调查中记录到5起这类死亡事件,而当地有组织报告说,月来已有100多名平民死亡。Turkish forces launched a new offensive in July against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in southeastern Turkey, a move that ended a cease-fire of more than two years. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan further pledged in November to continue until every one of the militants was defeated.今年7月,土耳其军队在东南部地区对非法组织库尔德工人党发动新攻势,致使持续两年多的停火宣告结束。土耳其总统埃尔多安11月誓言继续进攻,直至打败库尔德工人党的所有激进分子。Human Rights Watch said the state had put neighborhoods under curfew and cut off peoples access to water, electricity and food.人权观察说,土耳其当局在当地实行宵禁,并断绝水电和食品供应。Turkey, the ed States and European Union all consider the PKK to be a terror group. The conflict between Turkey and the PKK has left 40,000 people dead since 1984.土耳其、美国和欧盟都把库尔德工人党视为恐怖组织。自1984年以来,土耳其当局与库尔德工人党之间的冲突已造成4万人死亡。来 /201512/418099



  Gazprom’s 30-year contract for gas supplies to China was based on an optimistic view of the oil market and offered no protection in the event of a prolonged period of low prices, the Russian company said yesterday.俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)昨日表示,其向中国供应天然气0年合约当初是基于对石油市场的乐观看法,没有针对价格持续低迷的情形安排保护措施。The contract between the state-controlled Russian gas group and China’s CNPC was signed with much fanfare in May 2014, envisaging 0bn of gas deliveries over 30 years in what Gazprom said was the largest contract in its history.这家国有控股的俄罗斯天然气集团与中国石油天然气集团公CNPC)014月大张旗鼓地签署了这份合约,计划0年期间输送价000亿美元的天然气。Gazprom当时称,这是其史上最大的合同。However, since then oil prices have fallen more than 50 per cent, potentially imperilling the economics of the project, whose development cost Gazprom has estimated at bn.然而,自那以来油价已下跌超0%,潜在危及该项目的经济性。据Gazprom估计,项目开发成本将达到550亿美元。Gazprom confirmed yesterday that the gas price under the contract with CNPC would be linked to a basket of oil- product benchmarks.Gazprom昨日实,按照与中石油签署的合约,天然气价格将与一篮子石油产品基准挂钩。Asked whether the contract built in protections to ensure that Gazprom would not make a loss in the event of a prolonged period of low oil prices, Pavel Oderov, a director at the company, said: “We have registered high-risk appetite for this contract and we do not envisage such an event.”在被问及这份合约是否包括保护机制、以确保Gazprom不会在油价持续低迷的情况下亏损时,该公司的一名总监帕维尔攠德若Pavel Oderov)表示:“我们在这份合约上表现出高风险偏好,没有设想这样的情形。”Ildar Davletshin, oil and gas analyst at Renaissance Capital in Moscow, said that if current oil prices persisted, the project, named “Power of Siberia would probably be unprofitable for Gazprom.莫斯科晋新资Renaissance Capital)油气分析师伊达达夫列特申(Ildar Davletshin)表示,如果油价维持在当前水平,被命名为“西伯利亚力量Power of Siberia)的这个项目对Gazprom来说很可能是无利可图的。Analysts estimate that the gas price implied by the contract was about 0/thousand cubic metres when it was signed; given the 50 per cent decline in oil prices since then “it could be as low as 5/thousand cubic metres clearly a lossmaking level Mr Davletshin said.分析师们估计,合约签署时,其隐含的天然气价格约为350美元/千立方米;鉴于自那以来油价下0%,达夫列特申表示,“现在有可能低至175美元/千立方米——显然是一个亏损的水平”。Separately, the Russian government is preparing to support the project. According to a document published by the Kremlin yesterday, President Vladimir Putin ordered the government to draw up, by the start of September, a “comprehensive action plan to ensure government support for the construction of gas transport infrastructure, including the Power of Siberia pipeline与此同时,俄罗斯政府正准备持该项目。根据克里姆林宫昨日发布的一份文件,弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)总统下令政府最迟在9月初拿出一份“全面行动计划,以确保政府对天然气运输基础设施建设的持,包括‘西伯利亚力量’管道”。Gazprom said it had no plans to request state support, but that such a step might be necessary in the future.Gazprom表示,目前没有计划请求国家持,但这一步可能在未来是必要的。来 /201508/392150

  Malaysian officials expressed confidence that a piece of aircraft debris washed up on a beach on the Indian Ocean island of La Réunion is from a Boeing 777 jet, increasing the likelihood it comes from flight MH370, the Malaysia Airlines aircraft that disappeared 17 months ago without a trace.马来西亚官员表示相信,被冲上印度洋法属留尼汪La Réunion)的一块飞机碎片来自一架波77(Boeing 777)飞机,这意味着这块碎片很有可能来自17个月以前消失得无影无踪的马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines) MH370航班。Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, confirmed earlier comments by one of his ministers that the piece of wreckage was almost certainly from a Boeing 777 aircraft. “Reports suggest that the debris is very likely to be from a Boeing 777, but we need to verify whether it is from flight MH370. At this stage it is too early to speculate,Mr Najib wrote on his official blog.马来西亚总理纳吉布拉扎克(Najib Razak)实了他手下一名部长稍早前的言论,即这块残骸几乎肯定来自一架波77飞机。“相关报道似乎表明,这块碎片很可能来自一架波77,但我们需要验它是否来自MH370航班。目前阶段要作出推测还为时过早,”纳吉布在自己的官方客上写道。If the part is from a 777 twin-engined jet, it is highly likely to be from MH370, since other known losses of the aircraft type including last year’s shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine occurred over land.如果飞机碎片来自一77双发喷气客机,那么它极有可能来自MH370,因为这种机型的其它已知坠毁事件——包括去年马航MH17航班在乌克兰上空被击落——都发生在陆地上空。Mr Najib said the piece of debris would be sent to a laboratory in Toulouse, France, for inspection by investigators from the Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses. La Réunion is a French territory east of Madagascar, which under international law makes the BEA the lead investigative body.纳吉布表示,这块碎片将被送到法国图卢兹的一个实验室,由法国航空事故调查Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses, BEA)的专家进行检验。位于马达加斯加以东的留尼汪岛是法国领土,按照国际法,这使法国航空事故调查处成为牵头调查机构。The Malaysians, Australians and Chinese have been conducting an extensive search for the aircraft off the west coast of Australia since it disappeared on March 8 2014. The jet was carrying 239 people on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.自这架飞机在2014日失联以来,马来西亚、澳大利亚和中国一直在澳大利亚西海岸外的大片海域进行搜寻。该机载39人,当时在执行从吉隆坡飞往北京的航班。Warren Truss, Australia’s deputy prime minister, described the discovery of the debris as a significant development. “It’s the first real evidence that there’s a possibility that part of the aircraft may have been found,he said. But he cautioned: “It’s too early to make that judgment, but clearly we’re treating this as a major lead.”澳大利亚副总理沃伦礠拉Warren Truss)将发现这块碎片形容为一个重大发展。“这是第一个实实在在的据,明这架飞机的一部分有可能已被找到,”他说。但他告诫称:“现在要作出那样的判断还为时过早,但显然我们把它当作一个重大线索。”There were also unconfirmed reports that a badly damaged piece of luggage has been found close to where the debris washed up on La Réunion. Journalist Julien Delarue, who works for a local newspaper, posted a photograph of the suitcase on Twitter. It is not known whether the luggage came from MH370.此外,还有未经实的报道称,一件严重受损的行李也被冲上留尼汪岛,其发现地点靠近飞机碎片。为当地一家报社工作的记者朱利安德拉Julien Delarue)在Twitter上贴出了这个行李箱的一张照片。尚不清楚这件行李是否来自MH370航班。The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said yesterday that the discovery of the wreckage on the island was “not inconsistent with the current search locationwhich is 4,200km east of La Réunion. The search teams are working on the theory that MH370 crashed within a 120,000 sq km area of the southern Indian Ocean, 1,800km south-west of Australia.澳大利亚交通安全局(Australian Transport Safety Bureau)昨日表示,在留尼汪岛发现飞机残骸“与当前的搜索位置并不矛盾”;当前搜索位置在留尼汪岛以200公里。搜索团队依据的理论是,MH370航班在南印度洋一2万平方公里的区域内坠毁,大致位于澳大利亚西南方向1800公里。If the part is from the missing flight, it could provide critical clues to the fate of MH370: radar tracking showed the aircraft changed course to the west after heading north-east from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing without any further communication from the pilots. Later analysis of satellite signals suggested the aircraft had then turned south and headed out over the Indian Ocean.如果发现的残骸被确认来自失联航班,它有望提供关于MH370失事真相的关键线索:雷达跟踪数据显示,该机从吉隆坡起飞后,最初朝东北方向、即目的地北京飞行,后来改变航向向西飞行,而且没有再接到机长或副驾驶的进一步呼叫。事发后对卫星信号的分析似乎表明,该机后来又朝着浩瀚的印度洋向南飞行。Assumptions were made about the aircraft speed and height and it was decided it was likely to have ditched in the sea somewhere off Australia’s west coast when it ran out of fuel.专家们对飞机速度和高度作出了一些假设,最后得出结论认为,它很可能在耗尽燃油后,在澳大利亚西海岸外的海上某处坠落。A multinational force of ships and aircraft have spent months searching a large area of the Indian Ocean without success. Experts said the discovery of the wreckage so far from the theoretical crash zone was consistent with the direction of the ocean currents.多国派遣船舶和飞机,花了好几个月在印度洋的一大片海域进行搜寻,但一直查无下萀?专家们表示,在距离理论推定的坠机海域那么远的地方发现飞机碎片,与洋流方向是吻合的。The undersea search for Flight MH370 is one of the most complex and expensive in aviation history, costing about 0m to date.海底搜索MH370航班是航空史上最复杂和最昂贵的搜寻行动之一,迄今已耗资.5亿美元。来 /201507/389609


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