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I have heard many renditions of this story of the Jacksonboro Light on Parkers Ferry Road in Jacksonboro, South Carolina. It is said that in the late 19th century, a man went out looking for his daughter who had ran away from home. It was at night and the man was said to have carried a lantern. While the man was out looking for his daughter, he was somehow hit by a train that ran through this area. It said that the light that you see is this man looking for his daughter.   I was told that to see this ghost, you turn on Parkers Ferry road and drive approximately 2 miles until you see a church on the left side of the road. Turn around and drive back in the same direction that you came (probably about 1/4 mile) until you can see about 1 mile of road in front of you. Stop, turn off your car, and flash your lights five times. Sit quietly and listen for the faint sound of a train. After you hear the train, the light is supposed appear somewhere on road in front of you. I was told that the light would come towards you and if it touches your car, it will not crank. Article/200905/68798。

Everybody loves juice. It’s the yummiest thing in the world. I can’t think of anything tastier than a cold glass of any kind of juice. I have to have a glass of orange juice every morning. I like to spend a little extra to make sure it’s 100 per cent juice. I don’t really like the stuff that says it’s juice on the box, but is really 70 per cent water and sugar. Of course freshly squeezed juice is the best - you can really taste the fruit. One thing I love about going to another country is trying different kinds of juice. Tropical countries have all kinds of really delicious juice. One time I remember trying sugar cane juice. I was in heaven. It’s a shame I can’t buy it where I live. I also love coconut juice, or is that coconut milk? Article/201105/137036。

It was only three days after Thanksgiving. The Santa Ana winds had returned to Los Angeles for the weekend. Fire crews were on the alert throughout the county, y for more fires. Just a month earlier, 20 fires had occurred throughout four southern California counties. Almost half of them were the result of arson or human carelessness. Officials hoped that this weekend would be uneventful.Near the end of the road that goes into Coral Canyon, which is only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean and Malibu, is a small park. That park is a popular weekend gathering place. People party there until early morning hours. These people do not live in Coral Canyon. They are outsiders. They do not pay any attention to park rules about hours (the park closes at dusk), fires (no fires of any kind are permitted), or littering. But because of a constant lack of funds, no park rangers are ever available to enforce these regulations.Early Sunday morning, Jimi Hendrix, a resident of Coral Canyon, heard loud rock music as a car drove down out of the park. That car was followed by another vehicle, also playing music loudly. “For crying out loud,” Jimi muttered, “it’s 3:00 a.m. Do these a-holes have any consideration for others?” He tried to go back to sleep. Ten minutes later, his friend Bill Gahr called. Article/201105/135738。

How Dictionaries Are Made It is widely believed that every word has a correct meaning, that we learn these meanings mainly from teachers and grammarians, and that dictionaries and grammars are the supreme authority in matters of meaning and usage. Few people ask by what authority the writers of dictionaries and grammars say what the say. I once got into a dispute with an English woman over the pronunciation of a word and offered to look it up in the dictionary. The English woman said firmly, "What for? I am English. I was born and brought up in England. The way I speak is English." Such self-assurance about one's own language is fairly common among the English. In the ed States, however, anyone who is willing to quarrel with the dictionary is regarded as either eccentric or mad.Let us see how dictionaries are made and how the editors arrive at definitions. What follows applies only to those dictionary offices where first-hand, original research goes on - not those in which editors simply copy existing dictionaries. The task of writing a dictionary begins with the ing of vast amounts of the literature of the period or subject that the dictionary is to cover. As the editors , they copy on cards every interesting or rare word, every unusual or peculiar occurrence of a common word, a large number of common words in their ordinary uses, and also the sentences in which each of these words appears.That is to say, the context of each word is collected, along with the word itself. For a really big job of dictionary writing, such as the Oxford English Dictionary, millions of such cards are collected, and the task of editing occupies decades. As the cards are collected, they are alphabetized and sorted. When the sorting is completed, where will be for each word anywhere from two or three to several hundred ations, each on its card.To define a word, then, the dictionary editor places before him the stack of cards illustrating that word; each of the cards represents an actual use of the word by a writer of some literary or historical importance. He s the cards carefully, discards some, re-s the rest, and divides up the stack according to what he thinks are the several senses of the word. Finally, he writes his definitions, following the hard-and-fast rule that each definition must be based on what the ations in front of him reveal about the meaning of the word. The editor cannot be influenced by what the thinks a given word ought to mean. He must work according to the cards, or not at all.The writing of a dictionary, therefore, is not a task of setting up authoritative statements about the "true meanings" of words, but a task of recording, to the best of one's ability, what various words have meant to authors in the distant or immediate past. If, for example, we had been writing a dictionary in 1890, or even as late as 1919, we could have said that the word "broadcase" means "to scatter" (seed, for example), but we could not have states that from 1921 on, the most common meaning of the word should become "to send out programs by radio or television." In choosing our words when we speak or write, we can be guided by the historical record provided us by the dictionary, but we cannot be bound by it, because new situations, new experiences, new inventions, new feelings, are always forcing us to give new uses to old words. Looking under a "hood," we should ordinarily have found, five hundred years ago, a monk; today, we find a car engine.各类词书都是怎样编成的人们普遍认为每个单词都有准确的词义,人们还认为我们主要是向教师和语法学家们学习这些词义,人们还谥为一切词典和语法书都是解释词义和词的用法的最高权威。几乎没有人会提出这样的问题:词典和语法的编著者们根据什么权威资料来说出他们所说的那些话。我有一次曾和一位英国妇女争论过一个英语单词的发音。我让她查一查英语词典。这位英国妇女坚定地说:"还查词典干什么?我是英国人。我生在英国,长在英国。我讲的话是英语"。在全体英格兰人当中这种对自己语言的十分自信的态度是相当普遍的。可是,在美国,若是有人想同词典争论,那或者会被认为是颠狂或者是疯子。让我们来看看各类词书都是怎样编成的,看看编者们是怎样给每个词条下定义的。下面所述的方法是那些汇集第一手的原始研究资料的词典编纂机构所采用的,而不是那些只是简单地抄一抄现有的一些词典的内容的那些编词典的机构所采用的方法。编词典的工作始于览所编的词书内容所包括的该段时期里该门学科内有关的浩瀚的文献资料。在词书编者们览群书的过程中,他们把每一个有趣的词汇,罕见的词汇,每一个普通词汇的不普通的特别的用法,大量常见词的种种常见的用法,以及这些词汇所出现的例句都一一作成卡片。这也就是说,不但要汇集该词汇,而且还要把每个词所出现的上下文语言环境也汇集起来。对于编写词典这样十分庞大的工程来说,例如编像《牛津英语大词典》之类,要汇集数百万张卡片。因此要完成这样一部巨著需要费时数十年。在汇集卡片的过程中,要把卡片按字母顺序排列加以分类整理。分类整理工作完成之后,整本词典不论在任何位置上的单词都应当有从二三句到数百个例句的引文出现在该单词的卡片上。为了确定单词的义项,然后,词典的编者就把能说明该单词用法的那一堆卡片摆在自己的面前;每一张卡片都阐明了某一文学作品或某一重要历史文献的作者对该单词的实际用法。词典编者要仔细认真地研读,再根据词典编者认为单词所含有的几个义项将这一推卡片加以分类。最后词典编者写出每个义项的定义,在下定义时,编者必须遵守这样一条不容改变的铁的规则:那就是每个义项的定义编者必须根据摆在面前那些卡片上的例句所含有的该词的词义来写。词典编者不能接受到自己认为某词应该有某个义项的这一想法的影响。词典的编者必须根据所汇集的卡片来编词典,不然的话,就根本不必去汇集那些卡片了。因此,编写一部词典并不是这样一种工作:编者以权威的身份给所有的单词都规定出一些所谓的"真正的词义";编写词典是一种记录工作,编者要尽自己的最大努力记录下在很久以前或在最近刚出版的著作中,各种不同的的单词所具有的意义。例如,如果我们是在1890年或者迟至1919年或者迟至在1919年编写一本词典,我们本来可以说broadcast这个词的意思是"撒播"(例如:撒播种子),但是从1921年起我们就不能再这样说了。从1921年起这个词最普遍的意义应该是"通过收音机或电视机播出节目"。当我们说话或写作时在精选推敲用词方面,我们要依词典提供给我们历史上的记录为准绳,但也不能受词典上的记录所束缚,因为一些新的情况,新的经历,新的发明,新的感情总是迫使我们给旧的词汇赋予新的用法。我们查一下"hood"这个词,就会发现,在500年前,意思是"修道士"(a monk),今天这一词条下的解释却是汽车引擎或汽车发动机。 Article/200802/27815。

It was early in the month of June,1751,when I shut the door of our house behind me for the last time.All my life I had lived in the quiet little village of Essendean,in the Lowlands of Scotland,where my father had been the dominie,or schoolteacher.But now that he and my mother were both dead,I had to leave the house .The new dominie would soon arrive,and he would teach at the school and live in the dominie#39;s house.So,although I was only seventeen,there was nowhere for me to live,and no reason for me to stay in Essendean. 我最后一次关上身后我们家的那扇门时,那正是1751年6月的头几天。我一直生活在苏格兰低地的埃森丁这个安静的小村庄里。我的父亲曾经是那儿的教师。但既然他和我的母亲都去世了 ,我就不得不离开那幢房子。新教师很快就要到了,他将在学校里教课并住在供教师住的房子里。所以说虽然我只有17岁,但已经没有我的栖身之地了,我也没有理由待在埃森丁了。 But my heart was beating with excitement as I walked down the road,because in my hand I carried the letter that my father had given me just before he died.lsquo;Davie,rsquo;he had said,lsquo;when I am dead,take this to the house of Shaws,near Cramond.That#39;s where I came from,and that#39;s where you must go.Put this letter into the hands of Ebenezer Balfour.rsquo;但是我走在路上时心激动地跳着,因为我手中拿着我父亲临终前给我的那封信。;戴维,;他曾说,;我去世以后,拿着这封信去克莱蒙德附近的肖家大院。那儿是我的出生地,也是你应 该去的地方。把这封信亲手交给埃比尼泽;鲍尔弗。;Balfour!The same name as my own!It was the first time I had heard of any of our family outside Essendean. 鲍尔弗!和我一样的姓氏!这是我第一次听说埃森丁地域以外我的家族成员。So I decided to walk to Cramond,hoping that perhaps this Mr Balfour,in his fine big house,would receive me kindly,and help me to become a rich man one day. With my plaid over my shoulder,I walked fast up the hill away from the village.What an adventure,to leave that sleepy place,where nothing ever happened,and go to a great,busy house,to be with rich and important people of my own name and blood!But when I reached the top of the hill,I turned a little sadly,to take my last look at the dominie#39;s house,and Essendean churchyard,where my father and mother lay. 于是我决定走到克莱蒙德去,盼着有一天这个鲍尔弗先生能在他的豪华的大房子里友好地接待我并帮我变成富人。方格肩巾披在肩上,我大步流星地走上山岗,离开了那个小村庄。离开 那寂静的、从未发生过什么事的小村庄而去一个热闹的大宅院里与姓氏和血缘和我相同的、有钱有势的人待在一起,这可真是一次历险!但当我到达山顶时,我带着一丝悲哀转身看了最后一 眼供教师住的房子和我父母长眠着的埃森丁墓地。 My journey northwards took almost two days.By midday on the second day I could see the smoking chimneys of Edinburgh in front of me,and soon I arrived in Cramond.我往北差不多走了两天。到第二天中午时我能看见前面爱丁堡冒烟的烟囱,很快我就到了克莱蒙德。 Now I began to ask people on the road for the house of Shaws.Their answers worried me a little.Some people seemed surprised,some afraid,and some angry,when I spoke the name of Ebenezer Balfour.I could not understand this,but it was too far to go back to Essendean that day, and I wanted to find the rest of the Balfour family very much So I continued on my way,and when I met a dark,wild-looking woman coming towards me,I asked her where the house of Shaws was She took me to the top of the next hill,and showed me a large building standing alone in the bottom of the next valley.Although the fields around were green,and the farmland was excellent ,the house itself looked unfinished and empty.Part of its roof was missing.There was no road to it,and no smoke coming from any of its chimneys,nor was there any garden. 我开始向路上的行人打听肖家大院。他们的回答使我心里有点儿担忧。当我说出埃比尼泽;鲍尔弗这个名字时,一些人显得惊讶,一些人恐惧,一些人愤怒。我不明白这个,但那天回埃 森丁是太远了,而且我也特别想找到鲍尔弗家族其余的人。于是我继续走着走着;而且当我看见一位皮肤黝黑、看似野蛮的老妇人向我走过来时,我向她打听肖家大院在哪儿。她把我领到下 一座小山的顶峰,指给我看下一个山谷里的一幢孤零零的建筑物。虽然四周的田野一片葱绿,庄稼长势很好,但那幢房子本身好像没有建完,也显得空旷。有部分屋顶不见了。没有路通到那 儿,烟囱里没有烟冒出来,也没有花园。 lsquo;That!rsquo;I cried.lsquo;No,it can#39;t be!rsquo; lsquo;It is!rsquo;cried the woman angrily.lsquo;That is the house of Shaws!Blood built it,blood stopped the building of if,and blood shall bring it down!Black is the heart of Ebenezer Balfour!Ye can tell him from me that I hope to see him die,and his house fall down around him!rsquo;;那个?!;我惊呼着,;不,绝对不是!;;就是!;那个女人愤恨地说道,;那就是肖家!它是用血筑成的,血停止了修建,血还将把它给毁掉!埃比尼泽;鲍尔弗的心是黑的!你 可以告诉他我说我希望看到他死了并看到他的房子塌下来把他给埋了!; The woman turned and disappeared.I stood where she left me,shaking like a leaf,and looking down at the house for a long time.But when it began to get dark,I noticed some smoke coming out of the chimney,and felt a little more hope ful.lsquo;There must be a fire,and cooking,and people in the house,rsquo;I thought.So I walked up to the front door.The house seemed locked up and unwelcoming,but there was fire light shining through the kitchen window,and I could hear someone talking quietly to himself.Bravely,I lifted my hand and knocked loudly on the strong wooden door.The house was suddenly silent,and there was no reply.I knocked and knocked,and shouted as loudly as I could.Finally,the win dow opened,and a man holding a gun put his head out. 那个女人转身不见了。我在她离开我之处站着原地不动,像一片树叶一样颤抖,久久地俯视着那幢房子。但当暮色开始降临时,我发现有烟从那幢房子的烟囱冒出来,便感到稍微有点希 望了。;那里面一定有火,有人在做饭,也一定有人,;我心想。于是我走到前门。房子似乎紧锁着,不欢迎来访者的样子,但是厨房的窗口透着火光,而且我能听到屋里有人悄声自言自语 。鼓起勇气,我举起手,在那扇结实的木门上大声地敲起来。屋子忽然间静了下来,没有人回答。我敲了又敲,还使劲地喊起来。最后,窗户开了,一个手握一枝的男人探出头来。 Article/201203/174084。

And A Ghost Will Follow You Home 01鬼魂随你回家 01  In 2004 three friends and I headed from Tucson to Tombstone for the day, as two of my friends were from RAF in England and had never been there. It was also my first trip also.  After hitting a show, taking a picture where you dressed up in clothes from that era, we headed for a bite to eat. I think we ate the Long Horn’s Restaurant. The four of us grubbed and after drinking lots and lots of ice tea, the only other female and I hit the bathrooms. The bathrooms were like regular bathrooms; two of them, each with their own separate room, including door, sink and toilet in one room. I took the one to my left. There was a weird sign on the wall in the bathroom, it struck me as odd, it something along the lines of: If you don’t wash your hands you can die! And then proceeded to explain how a girl died of some disease. Of course I washed my hands, but when I did I had this overwhelming feeling like someone was watching me. I felt very claustrophobic, which is abnormal for me since I only get that feeling in large crowds. I shook off the feeling since the bathroom was small and cramped, and met back with my friends and we drove back to Tucson.  The next day, after returning home from work alone, I found my kitchen cabinets open, as well as my dishwasher. It was strange since my roommate at the time was staying somewhere else and nobody was there besides my dogs. All night long my dogs kept barking, their stares always in direction of the kitchen but they wouldn’t step foot in there. Which was very weird, as this had never happened before, and the kitchen is where I kept their food and water.  2004年,我和三个朋友从图森市到墓碑市去玩儿,其中的两个朋友是驻扎在图森市的英国皇家空军,从没去过墓碑市。这也是我的第一次到那儿。  看了一场表演,穿着那个年代的衣照了张相后,我们就去吃东西。我们吃了很多,我想我们是把整个长角餐馆给吃了。饭后,我们四个人大吃一顿,又喝了很多冰水,我和另外一个女性朋友一起去洗手间。那儿的洗手间和平常的洗手间没什么区别,有独立的两间,每间都有门、洗手池和座便器。我进了左手边的一间。洗手间的墙上有个奇怪的标志,旁边还有几行字:如果你不洗手,你会死!接着就是讲某个女孩子死于某种病的故事。我当然洗了手,但当我洗手时我强烈的感觉到有人正在看着我。我觉得非常压抑害怕,这太不寻常了,因为我只有在面对很多人的时候才会有这种感觉。而这个洗手间却是又小又窄,所以我摇摇头,将这种感觉挥散。然后我又回去和朋友们会合一起回图森市。  第二天下班后我独自回家,发现厨房的储物柜和洗碗机开着,这有点奇怪,因为我的室友当时正在别的地方,家里没有人,只有我养的。们盯着厨房的方向叫了一整晚,但却不愿踏进厨房一步。这也很不寻常,因为之前这种事从没发生过,而且粮和水也是放在那儿的。 Article/200811/55010。

The Meeting 相识 In the autumn of 1930 Edward went to stay with his friends Lord and Lady Furness. This is how he described that weekend in a book called A King#39;s Story:1930年的秋天,爱德华去他的朋友弗内斯勋爵夫妇那里小住。在《一个国王的故事》一书中,他是这样描述那个周末的:On Saturday the weather was cold and windy. It was raining heavily so we could not ride our horses. We decided to stay in the house and have an early lunch with some of Lady Furness#39; friends.星期六,天气很冷,刮着风。雨下得很大,所以我们无法出去骑马。我们决定待在屋里,早点开午饭。与我们共进午餐的是弗内斯勋爵夫人的一些朋友。At one o#39;clock Wallis arrived with her husband. She was beautifully dressed and she smiled all the time. She spoke with Lord Furness for a few minutes, and then Lady Fur-ness brought her over to see me.1点钟,沃利斯和她的丈夫来了。她穿得很漂亮,始终面带微笑。她与弗内斯勋爵夫人谈了几分钟,然后弗内斯勋爵夫人把她带到我面前。;Sir, I would like you to meet one of my dearest and sweetest American friends, Mrs Wallis Simpson.;“殿下,我想介绍您认识我的一位最可爱、最甜美的美国朋友,沃利斯·辛普森夫人。”;How do you do, Mrs Simpson,; I said. ;Please come and sit down.;“您好,辛普森夫人,”我说,“请过来坐坐。”Lady Furness left us and we began to talk.弗内斯勋爵夫人走开了,我们交谈起来。I could see that Wallis was not felling very well. She had a bad cold and her eyes were red. ;I#39;m afraid that our English houses aren;t very warm,; I said. ;We don#39;t have American central heating here.;我看得出,沃利斯不太舒。她得了重感冒,眼睛红红的。“恐怕我们英国的房子不够暖和,”我说,“我们这儿没有美国的中央供暖系统。”There was a long silence. Mrs Simpson turned her face and looked out of the window. Then she said: ;You have disappointed me, Sir.;接着是长长的一段沉默。辛普森夫人转头向窗外望去。然后她说:“您让我感到失望,殿下。”;And why is that?; I asked.“为什么?”我问。;Because everybody asks me about American central heat-ing. I thought that the Prince of Wales would talk about something more interesting.;“因为每个人都问我美国中央供暖的事儿。我想,威尔士亲王准会谈些比较有趣的事。”I began to laugh.我大笑起来。;What;s the matter, Sir?; Wallis asked. ;Have I said something wrong?;“怎么了,殿下?”沃利斯问,“我说错什么了吗?”;No,; I replied.;I#39;m laughing because you didn;t lie to me. You told me the truth.;“没有,”我回答,“我笑是因为你没对我说谎。你讲了真话。”;But why is that funny? Doesn;t everybody do that?;“可这有什么可笑的?难道大家不都这样吗?”;One day I#39;ll be King of England,; I replied. ;And people are afraid of me. If I say that the sky is yellow, they say, ;Yes,Sir,you are right.;“有朝一日我会成为英国的国王,”我答道,“所以人们都怕我。如果我说天是黄的,他们会说,“对,殿下,您说得对。” /201204/177517。

Can a Full Moon Really Affect Our Behavior? 月光光,心慌慌?You have probably seen it in movies: When the moon is full, a man turns into a hairy, frightening creature and runs around the city, tearing people to pieces. You may laugh at stories of wolf men, but have you ever wondered where the association of a full moon with crazy goings-on came from? Such notions have been around a lot longer than scary movies. The word lunacy, meaning "madness," is derived from Luna, the Latin name for the Roman goddess of the moon. And, a hundred years ago in some European hospitals, fear of violence during full moons led doctors to chain up patients thought to be lunatics. It is surprising how many people still believe that the moon can affect human behavior in unusual ways. For example, many medical workers are convinced that the number of emergency cases increases during a full moon. Considerable research has been conducted to establish a link between the cycle of the moon and the biological clocks of humans and other animals, with varying results. One study in the ed States found that people drink less alcohol and eat more during a full moon. Italian researchers found that more babies seem to be born in the one or two days following a full moon. And Britain's largest telecommunications company claims that Internet use increases during the seven days before a full moon. Other researchers, however, have found serious methodological flaws in some of the studies that claim to demonstrate a relationship between a full moon and human behavior. Also, no research has yet found a direct link between the phases of the moon and attacks of depression or mania. With only weak scientific evidence relating madness to the moon, perhaps the best way to explain the existence of this myth is to call it a relic of the past: Long before electricity, bright moonlight was an invitation for extra nighttime activity. And for some people, even just one night without sleep is enough to induce mania in them—whether or not they have hair on their hands. 你可能曾在电影中看到:月圆时分,一个男人变成毛茸茸的骇人怪物在城市里四处横行,把人撕成碎片。你也许对狼人的故事感到好笑,但你可曾好奇过满月与疯狂举动之间的联系从何而来?这种观念在恐怖电影出现之前便已流传许久。“lunacy”这个表示“疯狂”的词源自“Luna ”一罗马神话中月光女神的拉丁名。一百年前,欧洲的一些医院在月圆时因为担心会出现暴力行为, 而用链子绑住那些被认为是疯子的患者。令人惊讶的是现在仍有很多人相信月亮会让人行为失常。例如,许多医务工作者相信月圆时急诊病例会增多。很多研究工作已着手进行以建立月亮圆缺与人类和其它动物生物钟之间的联系,而且得到了各种不同的结果。美国一项研究发现人们在满月时饮酒量减少而食量增加。意大利研究人员发现,月圆后的一两天内,婴儿的出生人数较多。而英国最大的电讯公司则宣称,在月圆的前7天,网络使用率会增加。然而其他研究人员发现,某些宣称能明月圆与人类行为有关的研究存在方法上的严重错误。而且没有一项研究发现月亮圆缺与人类忧郁症或颠狂症的发作有直接联系。只有微弱的科学据能明疯狂举动与月亮有关,也许解释这个说法存在的最好方法是把它当作一种过去的遗俗。在发明电之前很长一段时间,皎洁的月光会诱发特别的夜间活动。对一些人来说,即使只是一晚不睡,也足以让他们发狂──不管他们手上有没有长毛。 Article/200803/28356。

Percy was in his element. Follow me! Stick together, first years! No need tofearthe troll if you follow my orders!珀西自然是驾轻就熟。跟我来!不要走散了,一年级学生!只要你们听我的吩咐,就不用害怕什么巨怪!Stay close behind me, now. Make way, first years coming through! Excuse me, I#39;m a prefect!好了,紧紧跟在我后面。闪开,一年级学生要通过了!请原谅,我是级长!How could a troll get in? Harry asked as they climbed the stairs.巨怪怎么能钻进来呢?他们上楼梯时,哈利问道。Don#39;t ask me, they#39;re supposed to be really stupid, said Ron. Maybe Peeves let it in for a Halloween joke.不要问我,巨怪们应该都傻得出奇,罗恩说,也许是皮皮鬼把它放进来的,为了给万圣节前夜增加点儿乐子。They passed different groups of people hurrying in different directions.路上,他们遇到了一些匆匆赶往不同方向的人群。As they jostled their way through a crowd of confused Hufflepuffs, Harry suddenly grabbed Ron#39;s arm.当他们费力挤过一堆神情困惑的赫奇帕奇学院的学生时,哈利猛地抓住罗恩的手臂。I#39;ve just thought -- Hermione.我刚想起来——赫敏。What about her?她怎么啦?She doesn#39;t know about the troll. Ron bit his lip.她还不知道巨怪的事。罗恩咬着嘴唇。Oh, all right, he snapped. But Percy#39;d better not see us.噢,好吧,他果断地说,但最好别让珀西看见我们。Ducking down, they joined the Hufflepuffs going the other way,他们埋下身子,混在赫奇帕奇的人群里,朝另一个方向走去。slipped down a deserted side corridor, and hurried off toward the girls#39; bathroom.他们悄悄溜过空荡荡的侧面走廊,急匆匆地赶往女厕所。They had just turned the corner when they heard quick footsteps behind them.刚转过拐角,就听见身后传来了急促的脚步声。Percy! hissed Ron, pulling Harry behind a large stone griffin.珀西!罗恩压低声音说道,拉着哈利躲到一个很大的狮身鹰首兽石雕后面。Peering around it, however, they saw not Percy but Snape.他们从石雕后面望过去,却发现不是珀西,而是斯内普。He crossed the corridor and disappeared from view.他穿过走廊,从他们的视线中消失了。What#39;s he doing? Harry whispered.他在做什么?哈利低声问道。Why isn#39;t he down in the dungeons with the rest of the teachers?他为什么不和其他老师一起,待在下面的地下教室里?Searchme.我怎么知道 /201205/184770。