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Obama turns 49 with Mrs. Obama, kids out of townAlone on his 49th birthday, President Barack Obama fled the empty White House mansion and headed for a more intimate celebration with longtime friends in his Chicago hometown.Obama has been living a bachelor's life for the past several days with first lady Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha visiting Spain and daughter Malia spending the month away at an undisclosed camp.Before leaving Washington on Wednesday afternoon with the family dog, Bo, Obama got a couple of presents he didn't have to unwrap and which the White House described as being the highlight of his day: telephone calls from the women in his life.Mrs. Obama and Sasha phoned in their happy birthday wishes, followed by a lunchtime call from Malia."Needless to say ... both those calls were the highlights of his day," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters who traveled with Obama aboard Air Force One.Obama's Secret Service detail got him a present, though Gibbs would describe it only as "heartfelt."As the presidential motorcade pulled closer to his house in Hyde Park, neighbors lined the street to welcome him home with waves and signs, including "Happy 49th Birthday President Barack Obama" and "Happy Birthday Mr. President."Obama's birthday — though a year short of the milestone 5-0 — also was viewed in this election year as a prime fundraising opportunity for Democrats, who fear losing their hold on both houses of Congress come November.Vocabulary:Secret Service detail: 特工处,detail在此处表示an appointment or assignment, as of a small group or an officer, for a special task(特遣队、小分队)motorcade: a procession or parade of automobiles or other motor vehicles(车队)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110733

Embassy representatives in Washington, D.C., work regularly with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and U.S. officials at the State Department.各国驻华盛顿使馆的代表定期跟美国国会议员和国务院官员一道工作。Nearly four dozen of them also extend their diplomatic efforts into city schools. They visit hundreds of 5th and 6th graders in D.C. classrooms, as part of the Embassy Adoption Program.不过,有40个大使馆也花时间走访华盛顿特区各学校的5年级和6年级学生。这就是使馆认养项目。Getting to know youIn one classroom at Aiton Elementary School, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia is hosting a fashion show. Staffer Tarik Allagany explains the different types of robes and head scarves as students model traditional Saudi dress. 在爱顿小学校的一间教室里,沙特阿拉伯使馆正在主持一个时装表演。充当模特儿的学生展示传统的沙特装,使馆工作人员塔利克.阿拉加尼讲解各种不同的长袍和头巾。"They put patterns on them," he says. "Anything that they see in the desert - colors, flowers."“衣上有各种图案,包括人们在沙漠看到的任何东西,任何颜色和花草。”The 5th grade class is part of the Embassy Adoption Program, which matches embassies with classrooms in the nation’s capital. Each year, the program gives thousands of youngsters a unique, inside look at another country and its culture. 这个5年级的班是使馆认养项目的一部分。认养项目把使馆跟美国首都的一些班级结成对子,每年都给数以千计的儿童一个独特机会,了解另一个国家及其文化。After their fashion show, the Aiton students munch on sweet dates, and ask Allagany about other aspects of Saudi life.时装表演之后,爱顿小学的学生们大口大口地吃着蜜枣,并且向阿拉加尼了解沙特生活的其他方面。"Who's the first Muslim in the world?" asks one student.“谁是世界上第一个穆斯林?”"That would be Prophet Mohammed," Allagany answers.“那是先知穆罕默德。”Allagany wants students to know about the relationship between the ed States and Saudi Arabia which, he says, is not just about oil. 阿拉加尼希望学生们了解美国和沙特阿拉伯之间关系不仅限于石油。"We have the cultural ties, the educational ties, the healthcare ties, even the social ties and I haven't even touched on the political alliances between our two countries." 他说:“我们有文化关系,教育关系,医疗关系,乃至社会关系。我还没谈到两国的政治联盟呢。”201102/125990

But you’re still smacking your foot directly on the ground, without any padding. Wouldn’t this lead to more foot injuries? Possibly. And, of course, it takes time to develop calluses on your feet thick enough to make barefoot running comfortable. And I suppose running in cold weather could be a problem. So like most things in science, there’s more than one side to this story. Running barefoot may have certain advantages, but there are some pitfalls, too.【生词注释】smack v.啪的一声甩(或扔等)padding n.衬垫callus n.老茧,皮肤硬厚处pitfall n.隐患,易犯的错误但是光脚跑步你仍然是将脚直接猛烈地接触地面,中间没有任何衬垫。这会不会导致脚受伤?当然很有可能,而且要花上一段时间脚才能生出足够厚的老茧让你舒地跑步。我猜在寒冷的天气中跑步也是个难题。像大多数科学中的事情一样,这个说法不只有一面。光脚跑步有一定的优势,但是也有些隐患。201110/159382

Scientists have found that mindfulness meditation, known as “Samatha Meditation,” could be reducing the pain that people experience. Fifteen research subjects given 120 degrees Fahrenheit heat pulses found the pain fifty-seven percent less unpleasant and forty percent less intense after just four twenty minute meditation sessions. Isn’t it hard to measure what people are feeling? The researchers didn’t just asking people how they felt. They used an MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging machine to measure their brain activity. The MRI detects how much oxygen brain cells use. The more oxygen the cells use, the more active they are. As pain goes up, activity changes in certain areas of the brain.【生词注释】meditation n. 沉思; 冥想session n.期间measure v.测量magnetic resonance imaging磁共振成像:go up 上升;增长科学家们发现冥想,也叫作“Samatha Meditation”,能够减轻人们的疼痛感。15个人经受120华氏温度来进行试验,研究发现经过20分钟的冥想后,疼痛感减少了 57%,紧张度较少了40%。测量人们的感觉不是很难吗?研究人们不适直接询问实验人员的感觉。他们使用用磁共振成像机器来测验脑部活动。机器可以侦测到脑细胞使用的氧气,脑细胞使用的氧气越多,它们越活跃。随着疼痛的增加,脑部的局部区域细胞活动发生了变化。201111/159681

Young people in a tent city at the center of Cairo's Tahrir Square chanted a song from the 1950s, with words updated to refer to their revolution, saying they want to return Egypt to what they see as its former glory.Tension rose in Egypt Tuesday with a tough statement from the interim government and a march on a main government building where the prime minister and his Cabinet have their offices.7月12日(星期二),埃及局势因为临时政府的一项强硬谈话而更加紧张。抗议群众在总理和内阁办公的政府大厦四周游行。Young people in a tent city at the center of Cairo's Tahrir Square chanted a song from the 1950s, with words updated to refer to their revolution, saying they want to return Egypt to what they see as its former glory. While they sang, people of all ages flowed through civilian checkpoints into the square in response to a call by activist groups for yet another large protest.埃及首都开罗解放广场露营区里的年青人,高唱着50年代的歌曲,歌词被修改成与他们现在的革命理念有关,他们要恢复埃及往日的荣耀。他们唱歌的同时,人们不分老少,蜂拥穿过了平民检查站,前往解放广场,响应活跃份子举行另一次大型抗议活动的号召。The people complain that the ruling military council and Prime Minister Essam Sharaf are not moving fast enough to implement reforms and to put former regime members and security officers on trial. 人们抱怨说,执政的军事委员会和总理夏拉夫在执行改革和和审判前政府人员以及安全官员方面,动作迟缓。On Monday, the prime minister promised to reshuffle his Cabinet and appoint new regional governors by Sunday. He said he will resign if he does not achieve that.星期一,埃及总理夏拉夫承诺改组内阁,并且在星期日以前,完成指派新的地区首长。他说,如果他做不到,他就辞职。Later, the government announced that the Cabinet reshuffle had begun, with the resignation of the prime minister's deputy, and said meetings were under way to decide on further changes.稍后政府宣布,内阁改组已经从总理的副手辞职开始。并且说,正在开会讨论进一步的行动。Also, an Egyptian court on Tuesday convicted a former prime minister and two Cabinet ministers of corruption and sentenced them to up to 10 years in jail. The three served under ex-President Hosni Mubarak who also faces corruption-related charges and resigned in February.星期二,埃及的一个法院将前总理和两名前部长,以贪污罪判处十年徒刑。这三名前政府官员原先在埃及前总统穆巴拉克手下任职。穆巴拉克本人也面临贪污罪名的指控,他在今年二月间辞职下台。201107/144269

Personalised news个性化报刊Your digital paper, sir先生,您的电子报纸The struggle to make money out of news on tablets数字媒体平台的生财之道1.A CUSTOMISED, constantly-updating newspaper used to be the stuff of science fiction. Now, thanks to tablet devices like the iPad, there are several. Livestand, a news app launched this week by Yahoo!, joins a field that aly includes Zite, bought recently by CNN; Editions, created by AOL; and Flipboard, which Google tried to buy last year. Rebuffed, Google is expected at some point to launch its own news app, code-named Propeller.量身定制,随时更新的报纸以前只存在于科幻小说中。而现在由于有了像IPAD这样的平板电脑,(许多)这样的报纸变成了现实。雅虎加入了数字媒体平台研发领域,发布了其新程序LIVESTAND;此前涉足此领域的还有被B所收购的ZITE,以及AOL公司开发的Editions,还有谷歌一直想要收购的FLIPBOARD。谷歌也希望在合适的时间发布其新的个性化电子杂志应用程序PROPELLER2.These corporate giants aim to cash in on the desperation of traditional news publishers. A study last month by the Pew Research Centre with The Economist Group (this newspaperrsquo;s parent company) found that, less than two years after the iPad went on sale, 11% of American adults now own a tablet and more than half of this group news on it each day. They are more avid news consumers than those without tablets (see chart), and for long articles they prefer their tablets both to ordinary computers and (remarkably) to print. Ken Doctor of Outsell, a media consultancy, says the study is the best evidence yet that tablets are gradually replacing print.这些商业巨人都希望在身处困境的传统出版商身上大捞一笔。由皮尔研究中心和经济学人集团联合进行的研究发现,在IPAD发售后不到两年时间里,约11%的美国成年人都拥有了平板电脑,其中半数以上每天通过平板电脑阅读新闻。这些人比那些没有平板电脑的人更热衷于看新闻,而且当出现长篇文章的时候,他们更喜欢用平板,而不愿在电脑特别是报刊上阅读。奥特赛尔公司的媒体咨询师说,这项研究有力的实了传统报刊正在被数字刊物平台所取代。3.For news outlets facing dwindling print circulations and meagre online advertising rates, this is a glimmer of hope. Yet turning this ership into revenue is tricky. Not all publishers can afford to build their own tablet apps. For those that can, ers are somewhat ier to pay for subscriptions than on the web; advertising rates are (for now) six to ten times higher than online, according to Mr Doctor. But it is not yet clear how many ers will make the switch. And for publishers without an app, tablet users are just like other web users: worth very little money.新闻报刊的发行量正日益萎缩,网上的广告刊登率也乏善可陈,数字媒体平台也许是个契机。但是要将读者转化为收入来源是需要智慧的。并不是每个出版商都有能力建立自己的数字媒体平台。对于那些有能力的出版商而言,读者显然更愿意付钱订阅电子杂志而非在网上浏览新闻, 道可特先生说,其广告刊登率也是在线广告的6到10倍,但目前还不清楚到底有多少读者愿意放弃浏览网页转而使用数字媒体平台。而对于没有数字刊物平台的出版商而言,平板电脑的使用者跟其他上网浏览新闻的读者没有什么不同:赚不到什么钱。4.Flipboard and its rivals let users create a personalised digital magazine from a mix of sources, which can include magazines, newspapers, blogs and articles posted by their contacts on Facebook or Twitter. On the web, similar ;aggregator; sites, personalised or not, have a bad name as freeloaders that create no content of their own. And the app versions have been of dubious benefit thus far to publishers, which must provide their stories free (or at least the first few lines, with a link to their websites) in return for the vague hope of getting more ers. But compared with a website cluttered with links and ads for penis enlargement, the apps are clean, stylish and nice to use. And some have started carrying glossy, high-end ads and sharing the revenue with publishers.FLIPBOARD 和它的竞争对手都向其使用者提供个性化数字杂志务,允许读者从众多电子刊物中进行选择,这些刊物包括杂志,报纸,FACEBOOK和TWITTER上的客文章。在网上,有些类似于;大杂烩;式的网站,向读者提供免费下载务,但他们没有自己的原创内容。迄今为止数字报刊平台并不能给出版商带来多少利润,出版商们必须提供免费新闻(至少是几个连接其主页的新闻链接)以期吸引更多的读者。与充斥着大量网站链接和阴茎增大广告的网站相比,数字媒体平台更纯净,更时尚,也更好用。有的数字平台已开始加入了一些简洁高端的广告,与商家实现共赢。5.Livestand is the most publisher-friendly app so far. It is more like a digital news-stand than a personalised magazine: users can subscribe to various publications, but must each one separately instead of seeing all their stories together. Publishers must provide the full text of their stories, but can control their visual design, and from next year they will be able to charge for subscriptions too. There will be interactive and ads, for which Yahoo! will charge advertisers big premiums.LIVESTAND 是迄今为止最具出版商亲和力的数字刊物平台。它看起来更像是一个数字杂志摊而并非个性化定制的杂志,读者可以向不同的出版商订阅电子杂志, 但每次只能读到其中一篇文章而不是读照单全读。出版商必须提供其文章的全文内容,但可以控制浏览模式,而且从明年开始,他们便可以向订购人收取费用了。平台上会有一些互动广告或视频广告,从中雅虎可以大赚广告客户一笔。6.Some publishers may benefit from all this; others may lose subscribers from their own apps to the aggregators. Readers will be spoilt for choice. For Yahoo! and the rest it should be a nice little business;as long as there are any publishers left to fuel it.一些出版商可能会从中受益,但还有一些出版商的客户将会被那些提供免费下载的网站抢去。读者的选择余地很大。对于雅虎而言, 接下来就可以打如意小算盘了;;只要有出版商向其提供杂志。201111/161042

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