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One of the world#39;s largest meat processing companies is taking a 5-percent ownership stake in a company that produces plant-based faux meat products.世界最大的一家肉制品加工公司于日前购买了一家生产植物人造肉制品公司5%的所有权股份。Tyson Foods announced last Monday that it#39;s investing in Beyond Meat, a privately held company best known for creating the ;Beyond Burger,; a vegan burger that ;bleeds; beet juice.泰森食品公司上周一宣布将投资;超越肉类;公司。这是一家私营企业,以开发能流出甜菜汁的;超越素食汉堡;而著名。The amount Tyson is investing has not been disclosed, The New York Times reports.据《纽约时报》报道,泰森公司的投资数额尚未对外披露。;This investment by Tyson Foods underscores the growing market for plant protein,; said Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown in a Tyson press release.超越肉类公司创始人兼首席执行官伊森·布朗在泰森的新闻发布会上表示:;泰森食品公司的投资展示了越来越大的植物蛋白市场。;;I#39;m pleased to welcome Tyson as an investor and look forward to leveraging this support to broaden availability of plant protein choices to consumers.;;我很高兴地欢迎泰森公司作为投资者加入我们,我们很期待这能够帮助拓宽消费者对植物蛋白食品的选择。;Demand for plant-based meat alternatives is growing worldwide due to a variety of factors, including concerns about animal welfare, desires to eat healthier and increased awareness of industrial animal agriculture#39;s impacts on the environment and climate.世界范围内对植物人造肉的需求越来越大,原因有很多:担心动物福利、为了吃得更健康以及人们越来越关注工业化畜牧业对环境和气候的影响。Tyson#39;s not the only food giant hoping to cash in on trends spurred by eco-conscious consumers.有生态意识的消费者引领了各种趋势,泰森并不是唯一一家向这些趋势投资的食品业巨头。In May, processed meat leader Hormel Foods Corporation ― which makes Spam ― purchased Justin#39;s, an organic, vegetarian nut butter company based in Boulder, Colorado.5月份,加工肉制品领域的龙头老大荷美尔食品公司(就是生产世棒午餐肉的那个公司)收购了位于科罗拉多州波尔德、专门生产纯天然有机坚果酱贾斯汀氏公司。 /201610/473051。

I know I got what I asked for, but I had hoped for a different solution ...我知道我得到了我所要求的,但是我原期望另一个解决方案的(事与愿违)…… /201612/484298。

Do money and language go hand in hand? You might be surprised at the powerful effects bilingualism has on income and employment.语言能力和薪水有着密切的关系吗?双语能力对收入和就业的重大影响力,也许会让你感到吃惊。Everyone#39;s got their own ideas about how to make a little extra dough, but few people today realize the economic benefits of speaking two languages.对于怎么赚外快,每个人多少都会有点自己的想法,不过很少有人会意识到双语能力给自己带来的经济效益。Skeptical? Let#39;s look at the figures.你不信?让我们看一下数据。Some number crunchers at The Economist have determined that workers with more than one language can earn an extra ,000 over their lifetime. And that#39;s on the low side; according to estimates on the high end, bilinguals can make an extra 8,000 due to their language proficiency. That means monolinguals (that#39;s people who speak just one language) could be missing out on the equivalent of a new home or luxury car.《经济学人》的数据表明:懂超过一门语言的工人一生可以多赚67000美元,而且这只是一个保守数据;按较高水平估计,拥有双语能力的人可以因为他们的语言能力多获得128000美元。这意味着单语者(只说一种语言的人)可能会错过相当于一个新房子或豪华车的钱。Let#39;s check out some more intriguing statistics. According to language expert and CEO Ryan McMunn, learning a second language boosts your salary anywhere from 10-15%. How#39;s that for a raise?让我们来看看一些更有趣的数据吧。根据语言学家兼首席执行官瑞·恩克的说法,会两门语言不论在什么地方都能让你的薪水涨10%到15%。你觉得这个涨薪水平怎么样呢?In fact, 9 out of 10 European recruiters consider bilingualism critical to hiring new employees. Similarly, a survey of North American job recruiters found 66% agreed that bilingualism will steadily gain importance in the next 10 years.事实上,十分之九的欧洲招聘官都将双语能力视作招聘人员的一个重要标准。相似地,一份关于北美招聘官的调查表明,66%的招聘官觉得双语能力在未来十年的重要性会稳步上升。But how does knowing a second language really help you earn more? In addition to jobs like interpreters and translators (two professions, incidentally, which the Bureau of Labor predicts to grow 28.7% over the next 10 years), there are many ways learning a second language immediately boosts a worker#39;s chances at earning more.不过,会两门语言是怎样使你赚的更多的呢?除了口译或者翻译这种工作以外(顺便说一句,根据劳动局预测,这两种职业的薪酬在接下来十年会增长28.7%),还有许多方面可以增加双语者的收入。For job seekers looking to stand out from the crowd, hiring managers notice the increased cultural sensitivity and intelligence that come with being able to speak a foreign language.对于想要脱颖而出的求职者来说,招聘经理会注意到那些有外语能力的人,他们往往在文化敏感度和理解力方面更突出。Similarly, service industry workers see an increased chance at promotion merely by showing that they#39;re in the process of learning a new language. Large or small, companies always need employees to travel to and communicate with foreign markets.相似地,务业的工作人员如果表现出自己正在学一门外语,那么就更有机会得到升职。不管是大公司还是小公司,他们总是需要员工能够出国沟通并开拓国外市场。Just being able to ;meet and greet; gives you an immense leg up. For those who run a small business, a second language can prove critical in connecting with your customers and community.即使你仅仅能够“见面问好”,这就足以给你一个巨大的帮助了。对于做小生意的人来说,会一门外语是联系客户和社会的必不可少的纽带。The list of financial benefits to bilingualism is endless. So don#39;t miss out — do yourself a favor and pick up a new language today.双语者所能得到的经济利益是无穷无尽的。所以,不要错过它--为了你自己,从今天开始学一门新的语言吧。 /201703/500713。

As man#39;s best friend, dogs often want to get as close as possible to their human companions.们作为人类最好的伙伴,通常想尽可能与人类伙伴靠近些。But some affectionate hounds appear to lack any spacial awareness, thinking they#39;re just as able to hop on a lap or be picked up as their pint-sized canine counterparts.不过一些心中充满爱意的猎似乎缺少主人的关注,于是乎它们学着与之相比巴掌般大小的同类们,跳到主人的大腿或是希望被抱起。And owners of clumsy large breed dogs have been sharing the amusing snaps of their pets in the most awkward of positions.而拥有这些蠢萌大型犬类的众主人,正一一分享着爱宠们的搞笑照片,其中有他/她和它最尴尬的姿势。These two old English sheepdogs can#39;t bear to be without their owner and try to hitch a ride on his motorbike.图中这两只个头不小的英格兰牧羊犬简直对主人寸步不离,而且想搭主人的顺风托车。 /201609/464653。