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呼啸山庄 Chapter20 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱 Article/200809/47514Her and her family was sleeping peacefully when her mother smelled smoke. She woke up and got her robe on so she could have a look around. When she opened her bedroom door she saw smoke pouring out of the small office. This room is situated directly across the hall from her room. She immediately turned and woke her husband up and rushed to Michelle's room that was situated at the end of the hall. Her room faced the stairwell so when they were all together they ran down the stairs and out the front door. They ran to the neighbor's house and called for the firemen. The firemen came but were unable to save the bulk of the house. They have since rebuilt on the same property.  They were to find out later what the cause of the fire was. This is the part I hate talking about. Because the cause of the fire was unknown. They never did find out what it was from. They did however find out where it started. You guessed it, in the closet where the Ouija board was found and always kept with the other games family liked to play. The only problem was that the Ouija board was hardly even singed in the fire. The firemen found it among all the ashes in the worst part of the house. Michelle and her mother took the board to the garbage dump and left it there. They have never seen it since. Now that I look back on the situation Kelly and I were probably used to warn Michelle and her family about the fire. I wish we would have known then what was going to happen. I'm just glad no one got hurt. Article/200905/69803;Ladies first, partner?; Edward asked. I looked up to see him smiling a crooked smile so beautiful that I could only stare at him like an idiot.  ;搭档,女士优先?;爱德华问。我抬头看见他一脸坏笑,可笑得是那样的好看,害得我只能像个白痴似的盯着他瞅。  ;Or I could start, if you wish.; The smile faded; he was obviously wondering if I was mentally competent.  ;要不我先来,如果你愿意的话。;笑意逐渐消失了;他显然是想知道我的智力是不是能够胜任这个问题。  ;No,; I said, flushing. ;I#39;ll go ahead.;  ;不,;我红着脸说道,;我先来。;   I was showing off, just a little. I#39;d aly done this lab, and I knew what I was looking for. It should be easy. I snapped the first slide into place under the microscope and adjusted it quickly to the 40X objective. I studied the slide briefly.  我这是在卖弄,不过也就一点点吧。我早就做过这个试验了,知道我要找的东西。应该很容易。我啪的一声把第一张玻璃片放到了显微镜下面合适的位置,并迅速调整到了40倍物镜。我简短地看了一下玻璃片。  My assessment was confident. ;Prophase.;  我对自己的估计很有信心:;前期。;  ;Do you mind if I look?; he asked as I began to remove the slide. His hand caught mine, to stop me, as he asked. His fingers were ice-cold, like he#39;d been holding them in a snowdrift before class. But that wasn#39;t why I jerked my hand away so quickly. When he touched me, it stung my hand as if an electric current had passed through us.  ;可以让我看一下吗?;我准备把玻璃片拿开时,他说了一句。说这话的时候,他的手抓住了我的手,不让我拿。他的五指冰凉,仿佛上课前一直插在雪堆里似的。但那还不是我把手猛一下子抽出来的原因。他碰我的时候,把我的手扎了一下,就像一股电流从我俩身上穿过去了似的。  ;I#39;m sorry,; he muttered, pulling his hand back immediately. However, he continued to reach for the microscope. I watched him, still staggered, as he examined the slide for an even shorter time than I had.  ;对不起,;他喃喃道,马上把手缩了回去。不过,他还是继续去够显微镜。他察看玻璃片的时候——时间比我的还要短——我看着他,心还在跳。  ;Prophase,; he agreed, writing it neatly in the first space on our worksheet. He swiftly switched out the first slide for the second, and then glanced at it cursorily.  ;是前期,;他同意我的判断,并在我们的活页练习题的第一个空白处工整地记下来了。他迅速将第一块玻璃片拿走,换上了第二块,然后好奇地瞅了一眼。  ;Anaphase,; he murmured, writing it down as he spoke.  ;后期,;他低声说道,边说边记了下来。  I kept my voice indifferent. ;May I?;  我尽力保持我的语调如常,;我可以看一下吗?;  He smirked and pushed the microscope to me.  他得意地笑了一下,把显微镜推给了我。  I looked through the eyepiece eagerly, only to be disappointed. Dang it, he was right.  我急切地把眼睛对准了目镜,结果很失望。该死,他没弄错。  ;Slide three?; I held out my hand without looking at him.  ;第三块呢?;我伸出了手,连看都没看他一眼。  He handed it to me; it seemed like he was being careful not to touch my skin again.  他递给了我;看上去他好像很小心,生怕再一次碰到我的皮肤。  I took the most fleeting look I could manage.  我以最快的速度看了一眼。  ;Interphase.; I passed him the microscope before he could ask for it. He took a swift peek, and then wrote it down. I would have written it while he looked, but his clear, elegant script intimidated me. I didn#39;t want to spoil the page with my clumsy scrawl.  ;间期。;他还没来得及要,我就把显微镜递给了他。他快速地扫了一眼,便记下了。他看的时候我本来可以记的,但他那一手秀丽、优美的字把我吓得不敢班门弄斧了。我不想我那笨拙不堪的鬼画符把作业纸给毁了。  We were finished before anyone else was close. I could see Mike and his partner comparing two slides again and again, and another group had their book open under the table.  在所有的小组都还没头绪的时候,我们第一个完成了实验。我看见迈克和他的搭档拿着两块玻璃片在那里比来比去,另外一组则在桌子下面翻着书。  Which left me with nothing to do but try to not look at him… unsuccessfully. I glanced up, and he was staring at me, that same inexplicable look of frustration in his eyes. Suddenly I identified that subtle difference in his face.  这让我无事可做了,惟一可做的就是努力不去看他……结果还是没忍住。我抬头瞥了一眼,而他正盯着我看,眼神还跟原来一样,充满了莫明其妙的失望之情。我突然发现他脸上的微妙差异。  ;Did you get contacts?; I blurted out unthinkingly.  ;你戴了隐形眼镜?;我想都没想就冒出这么一句话。  He seemed puzzled by my unexpected question. ;No.;  他似乎让我这出乎意料的问题给问蒙了:;没有。;  ;Oh,; I mumbled. ;I thought there was something different about your eyes.;  ;噢,;我咕哝道,;我觉得你的眼睛有什么地方不一样了。;  He shrugged, and looked away.  他耸了耸肩,望到一边去了。  In fact, I was sure there was something different. I vividly remembered the flat black color of his eyes the last time he#39;d glared at me — the color was striking against the background of his pale skin and his auburn hair. Today, his eyes were a completely different color: a strange ocher, darker than butterscotch, but with the same golden tone. I didn#39;t understand how that could be, unless he was lying for some reason about the contacts. Or maybe Forks was making me crazy in the literal sense ofthe word.  实际上,我敢肯定有什么地方变了。我清清楚楚地记得,上次他瞪我那一眼的时候,两眼是百分之百的黑色——和他苍白的皮肤及赤褐色的头发形成了极为明显的反差。今天,他的双眼完全是不同的颜色:一种怪怪的浅橘黄色,比淡棕色要深一点,但却有着同样的金色调。我不明白这怎么可能,除非他出于某种原因,不承认自己戴了隐形眼镜。要不可能就是福克斯使得我成了真正的疯子了。  I looked down. His hands were clenched into hard fists again.  我垂下了头。他的双手又使劲地攥成了坚硬的拳头了。 Article/201204/179472CHAPTER XXIIIFire RisesTHERE was a change on the village where the fountain fell, and where the mender of roads went forth daily to hammer out of the stones on the highway such morsels of b as might serve for patches to hold his poor ignorant soul and his poor reduced body together. The prison on the crag was not so dominant as of yore; there were soldiers to guard it, but not many; there were officers to guard the soldiers, but not one of them knew what his men would do--beyond this: that it would probably not be what he was ordered. Far and wide lay a ruined country, yielding nothing but desolation. Every green leaf, every blade of grass and blade of grain, was as shrivelled and poor as the miserable people. Everything was bowed down, dejected, oppressed, and broken. Habitations, fences, domesticated animals, men, women, children, and the soil that bore them--all worn out. Monseigneur (often a most worthy individual gentleman) was a national blessing, gave a chivalrous tone to things, was a polite example of luxurious and shining life, and a great deal more to equal purpose; nevertheless, Monseigneur as a class had, somehow or other, brought things to this. Strange that Creation, designed expressly for Monseigneur, should be so soon wrung dry and squeezed out! There must be something short-sighted in the eternal arrangements, surely Thus it was, however; and the last drop of blood having been extracted from the flints, and the last screw of the rack having been turned so often that its purchase crumbled, and it now turned and turned with nothing to bite, Monseigneur began to run away from a phenomenon so low and unaccountable. But, this was not the change on the village, and on many a village like it. For scores of years gone by, Monseigneur had squeezed it and wrung it, and had seldom graced it with his presence except for the pleasures of the chase--now, found in hunting the people; now, found in hunting the beasts, for whose preservation Monseigneur made edifying spaces of barbarous and barren wilderness. No. The change consisted in the appearance of strange faces of low caste, rather than in the disappearance of the high-caste, chiseled, and otherwise beatified and beatifying features of Monseigneur. For, in these times, as the mender of roads worked, solitary, in the dust, not often troubling himself to reflect that dust he was and to dust he must return, being for the most part too much occupied in thinking how little he had for supper and how much more he would eat if he had it--in these times, as he raised his eyes from his lonely labour, and viewed the prospect, he would see some rough figure approaching on foot, the like of which was once a rarity in those parts, but was now a frequent presence. As it advanced, the mender of roads would discern without surprise, that it was a shaggy-haired man, of almost barbarian aspect, tall, in wooden shoes that were clumsy even to the eyes of a mender of roads, grim, rough, swart, steeped in the mud and dust of many highways, dank with the marshy moisture of many low grounds, sprinkled with the thorns and leaves and moss of many byways through woods. Such a man came upon him, like a ghost, at noon in the July weather, as he sat on his heap of stones under a bank, taking such shelter as he could get from a shower of hail. The man looked at him, looked at the village in the hollow, at the mill, and at the prison on the crag. When he had identified these objects in what benighted mind he had, he said, in a dialect that was just intelligible: `How goes it, Jacques?' `All well, Jacques.' `Touch then!' They joined hands, and the man sat down on the heap of stones. `No dinner?' `Nothing but supper now,' said the mender of roads, with a hungry face. Article/200904/68376lsquo;They#39;re going to attack you,and murder you!rsquo; I told him. ;他们将袭击你并杀害你!;我告诉他。 lsquo;What!rsquo;he cried,jumping up.lsquo;Will ye stand with me,against them?rsquo;;什么?!;他惊叫着,跳起身来。;你能站在我这边,反对他们吗?; lsquo;I will! I#39;m no thief or murderer!rsquo;I replied bravely. ;我会!我不是贼,也不是杀人犯!;我勇敢地对答道。 lsquo;Are ye for King George?rsquo; ;你拥护乔治国王吗?; lsquo;More or less,rsquo;I answered. ;差不多,;我回答。 lsquo;Well,Mr More-or-Less,what#39;s your name?rsquo; ;好的,差不多先生,你叫什么?; lsquo;David Balfour,rsquo;I said,and then,thinking that a man with so fine a coat must like fine people,I added,lsquo;of Shaws.rsquo; ;戴维;鲍尔弗,;我说着,接着我想到穿着这么好外衣的人一定喜欢杰出的人物,于是补了一句话:;肖家族的。; lsquo;My name is Stewart,rsquo;he said proudly.lsquo;Alan Breck,they call me.And Stewart is a king#39;s name,so it#39;s good enough for me,although I have no name of a farmhouse to add to it.rsquo;He looked around him.lsquo;Now,David,I#39;ll take any man who comes in through this door.You must watch the window, and the door behind me,and shoot anyone who tries to enter.;我姓斯图尔特。;他骄傲地说道,;他们叫我艾伦;布雷克。而且斯图尔特是一个国王的姓氏,所以虽然我身无农居,但有斯图尔特这个出身背景对我来说已经够好的了。;他环顾四周。;听我说,戴维,我要干掉从这扇门进来的任何人。你一定要看守着这窗户和我身后的门,并打死任何想进来的人。; He gave me a pistol.I was very frightened,but tried hard not to show it.The ship seemed very quiet.Suddenly there was the sound of running feet,and a shout,and then I heard fighting in the doorway.I looked over my shoulder,and saw Mr Shuan, just as Alan drove his sword into the officer#39;s body.Then several men ran at my door.I did not want to hurt them,but it was now or never.I lifted my pistol and shot at them.One man fell,and the others ran away.After a few moments,the sailors attacked again.Alan fought as bravely as before, his sword now red with blood. He was clearly enjoying himself.I had no time to think,but when two more men appeared at the window,I shot them too.Now there were several bodies on the floor,and blood everywhere.他给了我一把手。我非常害怕,但我尽力掩饰着不显露出来。船上似乎很安静。突然有跑步声,并有一声喊叫声,接着我听到门廊处有打斗声。我掉头看了看,就在艾伦把剑刺进了那个高级船员的身体时我看见了那是舒安先生。接着,又有几个人跑向我的门这儿来。我并不打算伤害他们,但事不宜迟。我举起手朝他们射击起来。一个人倒下了,另外的几个人跑掉了。过了一会儿,又有船员攻上来。艾伦一如既往地英勇战斗,他的剑这时都被血浸红了。很显然他很开心。我没有时间思考,但当窗户边又有两个人出现时,我也用射死了他们。现在地上有几具尸体了,血则到处都是。 Suddenly I realized that we had won,and that the danger was over.Alan was driving the men out of the round-house like sheep.When he returned,he took me in his arms. 忽然间我意识到我们已胜了,危险结束了。艾伦像赶绵羊似地赶着那班人出了后甲板室。当他回来时,他把我抱在怀里。 lsquo;David!rsquo;he cried.lsquo;I love ye like a brother.And oh,man,am I not a grand fighter?rsquo;I had to agree.He took a knife from the table and cut a silver button off his blue coat.lsquo;Take this,David.The buttons come from my father,Duncan Stewart.where ye show that button,the friends of Alan Breck will come to ye.rsquo;He spoke as proudly as a king,and I tried not to smile. ;戴维!;他叫道,;我爱你像爱我的兄弟一样。噢,伙计,难道我不是一个了不起的斗士?;我得同意。他从桌子那儿抽出一把刀,从他的蓝外衣上割下一颗银扣子。;拿着这个,戴维。这些扣子是从我父亲邓肯;斯图尔特那儿传来的。无论你在哪儿拿出这颗扣子,艾伦;布雷克的朋友们都会来到你身边。;他像国王一样骄傲地说道,我控制着自己不笑出来。 We slept in the round-house,one of us keeping watch all night,and the next morning the captain came to speak to us. lsquo;Ye#39;veve won the fight,sir,rsquo;he said to Alan.lsquo;We#39;re sailing through the Little Minch now,and I#39;ll keep my promise to take ye to Loch Linnhe.But ye#39;ve killed my chief officer,Shuan,and without him I can#39;t find my way safely round these rocky coasts.We#39;ll go round the island of Mull,but I warn ye,it#39;ll be dangerous. 我们睡在后甲板室里,整夜都有其中一人放着哨;第二天早晨船长过来对我们说话。;你赢得了战斗,先生。;他对艾伦说道,;我们现在要穿过小明奇,我将遵守诺言把你带到林荷湖。但你杀了我的主要的高级船员;;舒安,没有了他在这些多石的海岸边我不能安全地找到路。我们将围着马尔岛走,但我警告你,将会是危险的。;Hoseason was right to be worried.All that day Alan and I sat in the round-house and told each other the stories of our lives,but by night the wind was growing stronger and the sailors found it hard to keep the ship away from the dangerous rocks.As we came round Earraid,a small island close to the larger island of Mull,there was a sudden,terrible crash,and we realized that the ship had hit a rock.There was only one thing to do-leave the ship and try to reach land in the ship#39;s boat.But as we were climbing down into the boat,a great wave hit the ship and knocked some of us into the sea.霍齐亚森的担心是对的。一整天我和艾伦坐在后甲板舱室,互相讲述着我们自己生活中的故事;但是到了晚上时风刮得更紧了,水手们发现很难让船远离这些危险的岩石。当我们来到伊锐德岛(即较大的马尔岛的附近的小岛)时,忽然间有一声可怕的撞击声,我们意识到船撞到了一块岩石上。现在只能做一件事了;;弃船并尽力通过小艇到岸上去。但当我们爬进小艇时,有一个大浪打过来,把我们中的一些人打进了海里。 I went down and came up again several times . Then,luckily,I managed to find a piece of wood,which helped me to stay up in the water.I looked round,but could not see Alan , or any of the sailors,or the boat.My only hope was to try to swim to Earraid,which I could see,not far away,in the moonlight.It was hard,tiring work,but I reached it,and was very grateful to step on to dry land at last.我沉下浮上好几回。接着,我幸运地发现了一块木头,这块木头帮助我浮在水面。我看了看四周,但看不见艾伦,也看不见水手或小艇。我唯一的希望就是试着游到伊锐德岛,在月色中我能看见它离得不远。这很难,也很耗人体力,但我还是到了,终于踏上干地上时我感到特别愉快舒适。 Article/201203/175049

Do as the Romans Did? 巨蛋始祖:罗马竞技场Inaugurated1 in A.D. 80 by the emperor Titus, the Roman Colosseum is the earliest prototype of the modern superdome. With a perimeter of 527 meters, 80 entrances, and the capacity to hold between 50 and 70,000 spectators, it rivals even the most advanced sports stadiums in size and utility of design, while greatly surpassing them in architectural grandeur. Inaugurated in A.D. 80 by the emperor Titus, the Roman Colosseum is the earliest prototype of the modern superdome. With a perimeter of 527 meters, 80 entrances, and the capacity to hold between 50 and 70,000 spectators, it rivals even the most advanced sports stadiums in size and utility of design, while greatly surpassing them in architectural grandeur. The Colosseum was constructed with tens of thousands of tons of a type of marble called travertine and held together with 300 tons of iron. When completed, it rose up 57 meters in four levels. The lower three provided seating for the spectators and were surrounded by magnificent arcades and 80 perfectly symmetrical arches, each embellished with a statue. The attic story contained brackets which could suspend a canopy for shade. In spite of its glorious design, the Colosseum was built largely for the distraction of the masses in a cynical age, providing dramatic and often gruesome entertainments. Armies of slaves fought for their lives in horrific recreations of famous battles. Gladiators fought wild animals and one another to the death in return for their continued survival, the glory of victory, and precious gifts from their benefactors. These spectacles of gratuitous violence may seem a little anachronistic, but they are also analogues in many ways to professional sports today. Perhaps the Colosseum is not really such an "ancient" artifact after all. 公元前80年由提多书大帝宣布落成的罗马竞技场,可谓是超级穹顶的最早原型。罗马竞技场周长527米,有80个入口,可容纳五至七万名观众,其规模及多用途的设计堪与最先进的体育馆媲美,其建筑之宏伟壮丽,更是后者望尘莫及的。 罗马竞技场是由数万吨名为“石灰华”的大理石加上300吨的钢铁铸建而成。完工后,有四层楼57米高。底下三层是观众席,环绕著巨大的环状拱廊,还有80座完全对称的拱门,座座都刻有雕像。顶层部份有托架用以悬挂罩篷,可以遮荫。 尽管设计得金碧辉煌,建造罗马竞技场的主要目的是,在愤世嫉俗的时代中,供人们忘情,演出戏剧张力十足、不时令人毛骨悚然的节目。在以著名战役为背景的骇人节目中,成群奴隶为生存而战。战士们与猛兽搏斗或自相残杀,至死方休,换来的除了继续生存的权利、胜利的荣耀、还有赞助者馈赠的厚礼。 这些暴力场面或许有些过时,然而类似的场景在现今职业运动中仍屡见不鲜。或许是罗马竞技场毕竟不是一座真正的“古迹”。 Article/200803/30103

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