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吉安医院打溶脂针多少钱吉水县人民中医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱吉安哪家医院割双眼皮最好 Do you ever wander through the grocery store and end up spending more than you were budgeting for? Don#39;t beat yourself up over it — supermarkets actually have several different strategies to trick customers into blowing bucks. Be on the alert and watch out for the sneaky psychology tactics these stores will try to use on you.你有过在超市里逛来逛去,最后却发现买的比预计要多吗?对此你不用自责——事实上,超市为了诱导消费者买更多东西,有很多不同的策略。对这些超市试图用在你身上的心理学诡计,你可要保持警惕。1. 10 For 1. 10元钱买10样10 for sounds like a great deal. However, you#39;ll get the same savings even if you only buy one item, according to the New York Times. A grocery store survey recently found that people bought way more items when they see 10 for deals vs. five for and one for sales. Even if you aren#39;t buying 10 items, your mind will trick you into thinking that the item is such a great deal that you end up buying more of it.10元钱买10样听起来很合算,然而,据纽约时报报道,你就算只买一样也同样能省钱。最近一项针对百货店的调查发现,当人们看到“10元买10样”、“5元买5样”、“1元买一样”时,他们会买更多东西。即使你没有买十样,但你会想既然东西这么划算,那就多买一些好了。2. Growing Carts2. 变大的购物车No, you#39;re not shrinking; it#39;s the grocery carts that are growing. The larger the cart, the more likely you#39;ll end up spending more, so try to stick to a hand basket instead.不,不是你在缩小,是超市的购物车在变大。购物车越大,你就越有可能消费得更多,所以你还是拿手提篮子吧。3. Pre-Cut Vegetables and Fruits3. 事先切好的蔬菜和水果Pre-cut veggies look so attractive, with their colorful packaging and its promise of less work (no need to wash or chop!). However, they aren#39;t exactly a good deal. Consumer Reports found that pre-cut veggies and fruits can be a lot more expensive than the whole items. The team noted that a .50 six-ounce bag of shredded carrots costs about five times more than a similar amount of whole carrots.Not to mention, these pre-cut veggies and fruits go bad faster than their whole counterparts.事先切好的蔬菜看起来很诱人,有色鲜艳的包装,并且也省去我们不少功夫(不需要清洗和切了)。然而,他们却并不划算。消费者报告发现事先切好的蔬菜和水果要比未经处理的贵不少。该报告指出,一包1.5美元切好的6盎司胡萝卜比没切过的要贵5倍。更不用说这些处理好的蔬菜水果,比那些完整的坏得更快。4. Items at the Checkout Counter4. 收银台前的商品Ever wonder why all those magazines and yummy candy are crammed in the front of checkout counters? It#39;s one of the supermarket#39;s tricks to get you to succumb to last-minute purchases while you#39;re waiting in line.你有想过为什么这些杂志和美味的糖果都摆在收银台前卖吗?这是超市的诡计之一,当你排队等候时,还能抓住最后的机会让你买东西。5. Where Is Everything?5. 东西摆在哪?You think you have the layout of your local supermarket down pat when you find out they changed shelves again! The stores are actually doing it on purpose, because if you don#39;t know where the items are, you#39;ll end up spending more time in the store. More time to browse means more chances to tempt you into buying more items.当你认为对超市布局了如指掌时,他们又把货架换了地方!事实上,超市是有意这样做的,因为如果你不知道东西在哪儿,就要花更多时间在超市里找,找的时间越长,就越可能诱惑你买更多东西。 /201302/224920网民年轻化 上网化Most of the country's Internetusers go online to chat or seek entertainment rather than look for jobs or conduct business.According to a report released by China InternetNetwork Information (CNNIC) yesterday, China's Internet users totaled 162 million in the first six months of this year. The country reported 137 million users last year.The rapid growth could be translated into almost 100 new users per minute in the past six months.At this rate of increase, China is expected to overtake the ed States, the world's leader, by the end of next year. The US had 211 million Internet users at the end of last month.Although the number of China's Internet users has been on the rise since 1994, when first introduced to the country, the research showed most users were interested in chat rooms and entertainment, and not job searches, education, and e-banking.About 75 percent online news and used search engines for information.More than 60 percent regarded online music and s as an important source of entertainment.Only 21 percent used e-banking services, and 3.9 percent booked tickets through the Internet.Wang Enhai, an official with CNNIC, and an author of the report, said the phenomenon is due to China's Internet infancy and the fact most users were young people."China's Internet market is just emerging and there are still a lot of things to be done before a mature online business environment can be established," Wang said.According to CNNIC, the number of China's Internet users under 24 years old was 58 million, about 35.8 percent of the country's total Internet population.This segment of the population, comprising mostly students, spends a lot of time playing online games, listening to music and watching s. 我国大多数互联网用户上网进行的主要活动是聊天和,而不是找工作或从事商务活动。中国互联网络信息中心昨天发布的一份报告显示,今年上半年,中国的网民总数达到1.62亿人。去年这一数字为1.37亿。在过去六个月中,中国网民的数量以每分钟近一百人的速度激增。按照这一增速,中国有望于明年年底超过美国,成为全世界网民规模最大的国家。截至上月底,美国的网民数量达到2.11亿人。尽管自1994年互联网引入中国以来,网民数量一直增长,但调查显示,大多数网民对网上聊天和较感兴趣,而不是网上求职、网络教育和网上。约75%的网民在网上浏览新闻以及使用搜索引擎搜索信息。超过60%的人将在线音乐和在线视频视为生活的重要组成部分。仅有21%的人使用过网上务,3.9%的人曾在网上订票。中国互联网络信息中心官员、调查报告的撰写者之一王恩海说,这一现象的主要原因是中国的互联网尚处于起步阶段,而且大多数互联网用户都是年轻人。他说:“中国的互联网市场才刚刚兴起,建立一个成熟的在线商务环境仍有很多事情要做。”据中国互联网络信息中心数据,中国24岁以下的网民达到5800万,占网民总数的35.8%。而且其中的大多数人是学生,他们经常在网上打游戏、听音乐、看视频。 /200803/31205江西省吉安保仕柏丽医院光子脱毛多少钱

吉安哪里有做埋线双眼皮价格峡江县祛痘要多少钱 Any new relationship comes with the initial rush and happiness of being with someone and of having found oneself a companion. Yes, a new relationship brings along with it the promise of love and joy.任何恋爱最初总是充满懵懂和甜蜜,生命突然出现了另一半,爱情与快乐亦随之而来。But things might not always be as rosy as you’d have pictured them to be. Sometimes, relationships are doomed well before or soon after they take off. In some cases, the relationship might go downhill after having spent a couple of blissful years together.但事情并不总是像你心中勾画得那样美好甜蜜。有时候,明明相处愉快的恋人有可能突然分手。有时候,融洽生活多年的夫妇也会劳燕分飞。Here are a few signs that point to the impending failure of your relationship.下面是有些恋爱注定失败的几大原因:1. One is smarter than the other一方比另一方更聪明The chances of the relationship failing are higher and almost guaranteed if one partner is smarter than the other. In such cases there will be little to talk about after a point and even if you’ll do communicate, there will be this nagging voice in your head who says, ‘she/he is not smart enough to understand what I’m saying’.如果一方远比另一方聪明,那么关系破裂的几率很高,几乎毋庸置疑。在这种情况下,双方几乎很难交流,即便试着沟通,也会抱怨不已:“她/他哪有什么头脑能听懂我说的话!”2. Immaturity不成熟This one catches up quicker than you can say ‘immature’! Things that you find ‘cute’ and ‘kiddishly sweet’ at one point, will soon begin to feel immature and stupid. The thing about puerile behaviour is that it wears the relationship out much soon and is responsible for taking the fizz out of the bond.另外一个致命原因便是“幼稚”。一开始看起来“可爱”或“孩子气般讨人喜欢”的优点,到后来就会觉得是幼稚和愚蠢。不成熟的言行举止更能摧毁一段关系,是恋爱失败的元凶。3. Jealousy嫉妒The relationship simply won’t last if either or both of you are jealous of one another. The green-eyed monster will wreck havoc on the relationship and be the reason behind its doom.如果一方或双方总是醋意十足,那么恋爱也不可能长久。嫉妒也会扼杀彼此关系,造成最终的破裂。4. You want different things心有旁骛This one is perhaps one of the most common reasons behind break-ups. Nothing can save the relationship if both the partners involved want different things from life. And given that the wants are not the same, it does make perfect sense to call off the relationship.有很多分手都是因为给不了对方最想要的东西。如果两个人各自都渴望别样的生活回报,那么恋爱也难以维持,还不如早些理智地拜拜。5. Lack of intimacy/attraction缺乏亲密/魅力If sparks don’t fly in the bedroom then the relationship is sure to hit rock bottom sooner than later. Also, what’s the point of being in a relationship with someone you’re not attracted to?两个人如果朝夕相处都没有火花,那分手只怕也是迟早的事。而且跟一个自己根本就不喜欢的人谈恋爱,难道很有意思吗?6. Too close/too detached from the parents太依赖/孤立父母Being uncomfortably close or ruthlessly detached from parents is never a good thing. If your partner falls in either of these categories, then beware. The relationship will get affected in some way due to the troubled relationship she shares with her parents.太依赖父母或与父母太生疏都不是好事。如果你的另一半恰好是这种人,劝你还是多留个心眼吧。他/她跟父母的尴尬关系必然会影响到你俩的关系。7. Fights争吵Fights are an obvious part of any/all relationships. But when the fighting gets too much, too often then there is trouble in paradise (or war zone, if you may so call it). Fighting often will cause your stress levels to go up and will certainly harm the relationship, thus signalling its end.任何恋爱都少不了争吵。但如果争吵太过频繁,说明你俩关系也亮起了红灯(或处于“战争状态”)。吵架很容易激起压力,最后搞得两败俱伤以结束感情收场。 /201305/241571吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院地址

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