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我最近一直在忙园艺俱乐部的事情。一年一度的玫瑰节要到了。周围地区很多园艺俱乐部都要大显身手,竞争相当激烈。我们俱乐部虽然规模不大,资金也不充沛,但是非常有创意,你可别小瞧我们哦。这也让我想起了一个习惯用语,give somebody a run for ones money. To give somebody a run for ones money, 意思是对竞争对手构成挑战。我们俱乐部就打算在玫瑰节的比赛中挑战其它参赛俱乐部,绝不能让他们轻松获胜。We plan to give them a run for their money.下面例子里的这个水手看来也是个不甘示弱的家伙。我们一起听听他是怎么说的:例句-1:Parker loves to remind me how badly he beat me in last years regatta. Since then, Ive been spending every weekend rebuilding my sailboat and practicing maneuvers. Im determined to give him a run for his money next time. Hes going to be surprised by how competitive Im.他说:帕克老是喜欢提醒我,去年帆船大赛他把我赢得多惨。那次输了以后,我把每个周末的时间都花在改造帆船、练习各种动作上。我决心,下次比赛一定要给他点儿颜色看看。他看到我的竞争实力,一定会大吃一惊。我女儿跟她小表哥Jimmy在一个学校读书。二年级学校汇演,Jimmy是重要角色,而我女儿只是个跑龙套的。她后来一定让我带她去上唱歌跳舞的才艺班,结果三年级再汇演,一下子成了主要演员之一。She gave her cousin a run for her money. 成了表哥Jimmy的竞争对象。******从上面的例子里,我们可以看出,绝不能满足于过去的成绩,一定要戒骄戒躁。让我们一起听听下面这家公司的经验。例句-1:Our motorcycle companys enjoyed being the industry leader. But lately one of our rivals has been givieng us a run for our money. Their technical innovations and bold designs have proven surprisingly popular with younger riders. We realize how competitive the market has become.这段话说的是:我们公司在托车行业一直占据主导地位,但是最近一段时间里,我们的一家竞争对手对我们构成了威胁。没想到,他们的科技创新和大胆设计深受年轻人的喜爱。我们这才意识到,现在的市场竞争越来越激烈了。To give somebody a run for their money, 最早出现在十九世纪中期,是从赛马比赛来的。最初的时候,是指某个人虽然赛马赢不了多少钱,但是能看到一场竞争激烈的比赛,也还是很开心,后来逐渐发展成了今天的意思。 /201507/382801

unit 480申请住房贷款dialogue 英语情景对话A:I am very interested in a new apartment near the Tianxing Plaza, but the price is very high, I really cant afford it.A:我很喜欢位于天兴广场附近的一套新房子,可是价钱太高了,我真的买不起。B:How much is it for each square meter? How large is the apartment?B:多少钱一平方米,房子有多大?A:Its 7500 yuan per square meter, and I really like the one with three bedrooms and a large living room. Its total area is about 80 square meters.A:要7,500元一平方米,我很喜欢这套三居室,带有一闻大客厅的房子。它的总面积有80平方米。B:That surely will cost you a lot of money. Are you going to make a full payment?B:那真得花掉你不少钱啊。你准备一次付清吗?A:Do you think I am rich enough to make it? I am thinking about buying the apartment by installments. The real estate agency says if I pay a 25% down payment, I can move in at once.A:你以为我有那么多线?我在考虑申请分期付款。房产商说如果我首付百分之二十五的房款就可以马上入住。B:If sounds so tempting. Why not go applying for a loan from the bank? They charge very low interest, so you can choose whether to pay up the balance in 10 or 20 years.B:听上去挺诱人的。你何不到去申请贷款呢?他们的贷款利患非常低,你还可以选择10年期或20年期还清。 /201607/453464

  15. Visitors and Extra Tenants (1) 15.访客和多余的房客(1)A: I have a question about my one-room apartment.A:我对我的一室公寓有个疑问。B: What do you need to know?B:你想知道什么?A: Am I allowed to have extra people living with me?A:允许有多余的人和我一起住吗?B: You are only allowed one roommate, but theyll need to have an application on file.B:你只被允许有一个室友,但是他们需要有文件申请。A: Will I be charged extra for any additional people?A:我要为新增加的人多付钱吗?B: Yes. And youll also need special permission for that.B:是的。而且你需要得到特别的批准。A: Are my visitors allowed to use any of the facilities?A:我的访客允许使用这里的设施吗?B: Yes, but you have to be present with them.B:是的,但你必须在场。A: Are occasional guest sleepovers fine?A:偶然有客人在这里过夜可以吗?B: As long as it is occasional, it should be no problem.B:如果是偶然的话,就没问题。A: Thank you. That is all I needed to know.A:谢谢你。这就是我需要知道的。B: Alright. If you have any more questions, dont hesitate to ask. B:没关系。如果你有更多问题,随时来问我。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/413651

  unit 49预约看病dialogue英语情景对话A:Would Dr.Black be able to see me at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow?A:布莱克医生明天上午9点能给我看病吗?B:lm sorry, but she wont have any openings until 11:00, unless theres a cancellation.B:对不起,她直到11点才能有空档,除非有人取消了预约。A:Would 1:OO p.m. be convenient?A:那下午l点方便吗?B:Yes, shes free then.B:可以,那个时候她有空。 /201505/373464。

  Li is annoyed because there are people who only post negative comments on her social media profiles. Neil tells her to ignore the trolls and haters — are these the new creatures of the internet era?莉很生气,因为有些人在她的社交网页上一味地发表负面。尼尔让她忽略这些网络巨魔和仇恨者,这些都是互联网时代的新产物吗?Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Li: Hello, this is The English We Speak, with me Li…莉:大家好,这里是地道英语节目,我是莉。Neil: … and me Neil. Hello! Whats the matter with you, Li? You are upset, I can tell.尼尔:我是尼尔,大家好!莉,你怎么了?我看得出来你不高兴。Li: Its about my social media profiles, Neil. Some people keep posting negative messages all the time on my pages no matter what I write. Its not that they disagree with what I post. They just criticise everything — even when they dont give a proper reason.莉:尼尔,因为我的社交媒体简介。不管我写什么,一直有人在我的社交媒体简介页面里发表负面留言。并不是因为他们不同意我发表的观点。他们只是批评所有的事情,甚至都没有给出合理的理由。Neil: Ah… Dont worry, Li. They might be what people are calling haters.尼尔:嗯,别担心,莉。这些人可能就是人们说的仇恨者。Li: Haters. Yes, Ive heard this word before… the verb to hate means to strongly dislike something, doesnt it?莉:仇恨者。我以前听过这个词,动词hate的意思是非常不喜欢某件事,对吧?Neil: Yes. And the word hater has been used to describe someone who says or writes unpleasant things about others or criticises their achievements, especially on the internet.尼尔:对。hater这个词用来形容那些说或写一些令别人不快言论的人,或是批评别人成就的人,这些人主要在网上发表这些言论。Li: Thats right. And Ive also heard troll. Is that some kind of creature?莉:对。我还听过troll这个词。这也是某种产物吗?Neil: Well, language evolves and old words can take on new meanings. A troll is an ugly creature from folk tales who often behaves in an antisocial way. But these days we call people who leave deliberately annoying or upsetting messages on the internet — while hiding their true identity — trolls.尼尔:语言在不断演化,一些旧词可能会有新的含义。troll原意是指民间故事中一种丑陋的生物,这种生物经常做一些令人讨厌的行为。不过现在则是形容那些在网络上隐藏真实身份故意发表烦人或令人不快言论的人,这些人通常会隐藏他们的真实身份。Li: Troll and hater are todays expressions in The English We Speak. Lets hear some examples of how they are used.莉:网络巨魔和仇恨者是今天地道英语中要学的表达方式。我们来听些例句,看看这些表达方式如何应用。Examples例句Joan is fed up with a troll who posts comments on her cooking blog saying that she is fat and should only eat lettuce.乔安受够了那个在她的烹饪客上发表的网络巨魔,那个人说她很胖,应该只吃莴苣。Haters will always have something negative to say. As I in a comment on Pinterest: ;Haters will see you walk on water and say its because you cant swim.;仇恨者总有负面的东西可说。我在品趣志上看到过一篇:仇恨者看到你在水上走会说那是因为你不会游泳。Neil: You shouldnt bother about haters, Li. As singer Taylor Swift says in her song Shake It Off, ;haters are gonna hate;.尼尔:莉,你不应该为那些仇恨者感到困扰。就像歌手泰勒·斯威夫特在《Shake It Off》这首歌中唱的那样,“仇恨者会继续黑别人。”Li: Yes, I like a good debate but haters and trolls dont want a debate. All they want is to annoy people.莉:对,我想好好辩论一场,可是这些仇恨者和网络巨魔并不想辩论。他们想做的就是让人们生气。Neil: Thats more like it. Now let me go and update my Facebook status and check my Twitter account.尼尔:你这么想就对了。现在我要去更新我的脸谱网状态,查看一下我的推特账号。Li: Me too. Bye bye!莉:我也是。再见!Neil: Bye!尼尔:再见! 译文属 /201509/401551

  本期内容:Cleanup continues in Chinas eastern Fujian and Zhejiang provinces following deadly typhoon Merantis landfall Thursday, but the region is also on the alert as typhoon Malakas approaches.随着强台风;莫兰蒂;在周四的登陆,中国东部省份福建和浙江遭到袭击,清理工作还在继续。但是,台风警报仍未解除,因为台风;马勒卡;正在逼近。At least 13 people in China were killed in the wake of Meranti, the Associated Press reported, and another 14 are missing. Millions of homes also lost electricity.据美联社报道,;莫兰蒂;台风在中国至少造成了13人死亡,另有14人失踪,数百万人断电。On Saturday, typhoon Malakas brushed Taiwans eastern coast, closing offices and schools and disrupting transportation in the countrys capital, Taipei. No major damage was reported, despite wind gusts near 200 kilometers per hour.周六,台风;马勒卡;袭卷台湾东部海岸,导致台北政府机关停工,学校停课,交通中断。风速达到了200千米/小时,但是没有重大伤亡报道。单词及实用短语:1. cleanup 英 [ kli:n#652;p ] 美 [ kli:n#716;#652;p ] 清扫;清除(污染物); 清理; 整顿2. deadly 英 [#712;dedli ] 美 [#712;d#603;dli ] 极端的,非常的;致命的,致死的3. landfall [l#230;ndf#596;#720;l] n.登陆;着陆4. approach 英[#601;pr#601;#650;t#643;] 美[#601;prot#643;] n. 方法;途径;接近 vt. 接近;着手处理 vi. 靠近5. In the wake of 由于,因某件事...6. gust 英 [g#652;st] 美 [ɡ#652;st] 一阵狂风;风味; 突发的一阵; (感情)迸发 (风)猛刮关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201610/469441外教带你学地道口语 第74期:爱尔兰式英语口语了解正宗,地道的爱尔兰式英语。Go wan outa that; Are you for real? /201511/410613讲解文本:put heads together 集思广益,一起商量Its better to put our heads together to fix this.我们最好一起想办法来解决这件事。What should we do next? Lets put our heads together.接下来该怎么办?大家来出出点子。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201702/494464

  好,箱子总算打好了。我要到佛罗里达的历史小城圣奥古斯丁去看朋友。现在已经整装待发了。天气预报说,这几天那边可能有点凉,不过,我渡假的兴致绝不会因此而降温。这倒让我想起了一个习惯用语,那就是:put the kibosh on。Kibosh,的来历我们先不去管它。Put the kibosh on,这个习惯用语的意思是防止一件事情,一项计划的发生。我是铁了心要去渡假,所有即使刮风下雨,也不会改变计划。Even lousy weather wont put the kibosh on my visit,你说什么?飓风?那就要另当别论了。我给大家讲个故事,这可是真事,就发生在我朋友身上。例句-1:I was walking my dog in the park when it happened. A big dog got excited and leapt toward us, pushing me hard against a light pole. My back hurt so badly for the next two weeks, I could hardly get in and out of bed. That accident put the kibosh on all my normal activities.他说:我当时在公园里溜。一条大不知为什么,忽然间向我们冲过来,结果我撞在了电线杆子上,后背肌肉扭伤,过去两星期,上下床都困难。这件倒霉事让我停止了一切日常活动。Ouch! 好在他现在感觉好多了,不仅已经回去上班,而且还准备重新开始到健身房去锻炼。说到受伤,今年是我父母的金婚。大一直在筹备家庭聚会,给老俩口好好热闹热闹,但是妈妈就要手术,That is putting the kibosh on the party. 我们只好等她老人家康复以后再说。******你见过能载人的氢气球吗?一百年前,这种本来前途无量的氢气球,因为一场事故的发生,一下子被打入了冷宫。事故发生在一艘名叫“兴登堡”的飞艇的身上。例句-2:On May 6, 1937, a German airship had made another successful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. As it was docking in New Jersey, it suddenly burst into flames. That tragedy effectively put the kibosh on such travel. But now the development of airships is once again being encouraged.这位历史学家说:1937年5月6号,一艘德国飞艇再次成功飞越大西洋,停在新泽西后突然起火。这场事故给飞艇旅行划上了句号。但是如今,飞艇的研制和开发再次受到了鼓励。我听说,现在有人考虑,用飞艇提供短程和中程的交通务,其中也包括旅游。我想,能在大峡谷上空滑翔,一定美不胜收,但是我老公却执意要去做直升飞机,我已经明确告诉他,我绝对不会挤到狭小的直升飞机里去。Youve put kibosh on that idea!说了半天,大家一定想知道,put the kibosh on,这个习惯用语里的kibosh一词的来源。有人说,这个词是犹太语,意思是压迫。也有人说,这个词最早来自德语。也许,We should put the kibosh on further speculation. 真的没必要继续猜测了,最重要的是学会这个习惯用语的用法。 /201505/375419

  小咖实用英语口语 第2期:三明治sandwich /201501/356538

  Todd: So, Katia and Fred, were going to talk about your dance school.托德:卡蒂亚,弗雷德,我们来聊聊你们二人的舞蹈学校。Katia: OK.卡蒂亚:好的。Todd: So, first can you explain where your dance school is and what it is?托德:第一个问题,你们能介绍一下你们的舞蹈学校在哪里,还有学校的相关情况吗?Fred: OK, Todd. Well, we have a school thats called International School of Dance, where we teach belly dance and Latin American dance, which mainly consists of Salsa, merengue, bachata, and it is located in Beppu, Japan.弗雷德:好的,托德。我们的舞蹈学校叫做国际舞蹈学校,我们会教肚皮舞还有萨尔萨舞、默朗格舞、巴恰塔舞等拉丁舞,我们的舞蹈学校在日本别府。Todd: So, when did you think of this idea for...?托德:你们什么时候想到要开舞蹈学校的?Katia: We thought about it maybe a month, a month ago. Not long ago. Right the next day, or right away, Fred was aly working on everything, so we just gave some e-mails, were doing this, and what about this, and so everything he started right away and we actually had an integration for the school maybe almost three weeks ago, and since we opened the following day we aly are teaching.卡蒂亚:我们大概在一个月想到的这个主意。不是很长时间以前。第二天,或者说有这个想法以后弗雷德马上就去做准备了,我们只是发邮件谈到这个想法,然后弗雷德马上就开始着手进行了,三个星期以前我们的舞蹈学校开业,开业第二天我们就开始教课了。Todd: Aly.托德:已经开始上课了。Fred: So, we have something close to twenty students in three weeks of the school opening.弗雷德:在学校开业的这三个礼拜里我们招收了近20名学生。Todd: Thats pretty fast.托德:进展好快啊。Fred: Yeah. It is very, very fast.弗雷德:对,非常快,很快。Katia: Yes. I think we are surprised.卡蒂亚:这令我们很吃惊。Todd: So, why did you choose those two dances: belly dance, right, and salsa?托德:那你们为什么选择教肚皮舞和萨尔萨舞这两个舞种?Katia: I think mainly because this is what people are interested in right now and its something that a lot of people can learn and its popular and of course I can teach this kind of dance so of course.卡蒂亚:主要原因是现在人们对这两个舞种感兴趣,而且这两种舞蹈既适合大部分人学习,也很受欢迎,当然还有个原因是我能教这两种舞蹈。Todd: So, youre saying that belly dance is popular?托德:你是说肚皮舞很流行吗?Katia: Yes, it is. Yes, it is.卡蒂亚:对,很流行,很受欢迎。Todd: I had no idea.托德:我不了解这个。Katia: Its very popular, and especially around women. Its something that gives a certain feeling to the woman so its of course you workout. You use your body movements, but also theres a special feeling about doing belly dance so its popular.卡蒂亚:肚皮舞非常受欢迎,尤其受女性的欢迎。跳肚皮舞会让女性有一种特别的感觉,而且还可以起到健身的效果。肚皮舞使身体动起来,而且还会产生一种特别的感觉,所以很受欢迎。Todd: Could you kind of explain a little bit more? Like, what do you mean it has a special feeling? Like, this dance has special... I dont know, uses special muscles or...托德:你能再说的详细一点吗?你说特别的感觉,那是什么意思?还有肚皮舞是不是需要特别的肌肉……Katia: No, not exactly like that. Of course the music has to do a lot with it. When you hear a Latin music, you feel different and you move different. When you hear Oriental music, then you have completely a different posture and for example, as a woman, you will tend to take a different posture. Your body will be different depending on the music. With belly dance, your body posture is very different, that for somehow, some reason... and maybe because of the history of belly dance, its very related to femininity, being feminine and dancing.卡蒂亚:不是,并不是那样的。当然和音乐有很大关系。拉丁音乐会让你有特别的感觉,身体的动作也会不同。而配合东方音乐的舞蹈动作则完全不同,举例来说,女性会做出不一样的姿势。你的身体会依据音乐的不同而做出不同的动作。因为某种原因肚皮舞的姿势与众不同,可能是因为肚皮舞的历史与女性气质有关,所以舞蹈展现出女性的感觉。 译文属 /201601/424230。

  今天我们要讲的美国习惯用语是:Strike while the iron is hot. Strike就是打击, iron是铁。Strike while the iron is hot, 这个习惯用语和中国人说的趁热打铁的意思是完全一样的。比如说,有个孩子考试成绩很好,父母看了成绩单非常高兴。这孩子就抓紧时机要求父母买玩具或是增加零用钱, 在这种情况下成功的机率是很大的。这就是strike while the iron is hot。我们来举一个例子。这是一个人在犹豫是不是要和一个女孩子约会。下面是他的朋友在给他出主意。例句-1:If I were you, I wouldnt wait till school starts again when all her friends get back. Id ask her out on a date right now while shes by herself and feeling a little lonely. Strike while the iron is hot or you may never get another chance!这个朋友说:我要是你的话,我会乘她现在一个人,感到有点孤单的时候就约她出去玩,不要等到开了学,她的朋友们都回来以后再约她。你要抓紧机会,不然你可能就再也没有机会了。有些人认为美国年轻男子都很大胆,都很善于接近女孩子。其实不然,有些男孩很害羞,需要朋友在旁边出主意。******Strike while the iron is hot往往有鼓励的意思。不过这个习惯用语在14世纪最初出现的时候毫无这个意思。当时惩罚盗贼的方法就是把他们的双手砍掉。Strike while the iron is hot指的是趁着刀刃火热的时候把手砍掉,免得伤口大量流血。不过,这个习惯用语现在已经完全没有它的原意了。我们再来举一个例子。这是一个人在说要抓住贷款利息很低的时机。例句-2:Now that no one is buying anything, the banks are offering good terms on business loans. I think we should strike while the iron is hot. The rates are not going to be this low forever. It may be our last opportunity to buy our building.这个人说:现在人们什么都不买,给商业贷款很优惠的条件。我认为我们应当利用这个机会。利息不会永远这么低。这可能是我们买下这栋楼的最后机会了。最近几年美国房屋和商业贷款的利率曾经到达多年来的最低点。 /201502/358234



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