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Europe has a rich history in its backdrop and a scenic geographical heritage that makes it a no.1 vacation destination among tourists from all over the world. Be it a romantic getaway, a family picnic or a teenagers’ world tour, Europe holds an indispensable position among travel locations. Enlisted below is a list of the 6 best places to visit in Europe.欧洲有着悠久的历史,其广袤的地理环境造就了优美的风景,是吸引了来自世界各地的游客最多的旅游胜地无论是作为适合情侣旅行的浪漫之地,抑或作为全家人一起野炊的地方,还是青少年环球旅行的去处,欧洲是绝不可或缺的一个旅游胜地以下搜罗了欧洲6大最适合旅游的城市 91。

  • 佛像前的祈祷者:缅甸Taken in Myanmar, Rakkhine. These people said that your wishes will come true if you pray to that Buddha statue in the evening bee sunset照片拍摄于缅甸的拉坎当地人说如果在傍晚也就是日落前向佛像祈祷的话那么你的愿望就会变成现实 19。
  • This natural wonders unparalleled beauty inspired the U.S. government to create the worlds first national park. a young country just coming of age in the early 1800s, the discovery of Yellowstone helped define America s identity with its vast, bold landscape. 这一自然奇观以其无与伦比的美景促使美国政府辟建了世界上第一个国家公园作为一个19世纪初叶才发展起来的年轻国家,黄石地区的开辟得以使美国以其辽阔而雄浑的自然风光著称于世Today, Yellowstone s identity is closely associated with its powerful, natural geysers such as the ever present: Old Faithful. Old Faithful erupts about every 85, 87 minutes. Its 0, 0 feet tall, its magnificent.今天,黄石国家公园的特色是与其许多天然间歇泉紧密联系在一起的,诸如迄今尚存的"老忠实喷泉""老忠实喷泉"每隔85到87分钟喷射一次,高达0到0英尺,十分壮观500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:www.bbker.comviewimg?idF778');}" alt"" src"http:www.bbker.comviewimg?idF778" width500 onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0 pop"点击在新窗口中打开" resized"true">老忠实喷泉The incredible geysers and picture postcard landscape brought Yellowstone its fame. But today, its wildlife population is just as popular. The most controversial of these is Yellowstone s wolf population. Until recently, the wolf was almost extinct. 奇特的喷泉与印在明信片上的美丽景色使黄石国家公园闻名遐迩但今天,这里的野生动物数量同样引人关注,其中最有争议的是黄石国家公园狼的数目到最近,它们已濒临灭绝This world has been obsessed with killing wolves. We have been killing wolves centuries, probably thousands of years. Afraid of the threat wolves would pose to their livestock, government bounty hunters in the early 1900s, killed Yellowstone s grey wolves the price of fifteen dollars a head. They were hunted to near extinction. It would be almost a century bee an eft would begin to reverse this damage. 狼群一直在遭受捕杀,人们杀狼已有数百年,可能有几千年的历史担心狼群会危及家畜,政府在世纪初开始奖赏猎手,杀死黄石公园一头灰狼赏美元它们被捕杀殆尽直到近一个世纪后,人们才开始弥补这个损失In 1995, Yellowstone s wolf population was almost gone, so Douglas Smith (Yellowstone s Wolf Preservation Project Leader) went to Canada to capture fourteen of the animals in an eft to revive Yellowstone s wolf population. Douglas said: " Catching a wolf is a tough thing to do. And theres nothing more exciting than flying over a wolf in a helicopter. You throw a net over them, they get tangled up, and then you go up and sedate them. When you move a wolf from one location to another, they try and get back home. We held them about ten weeks inside the pens." 1995年,黄石公园已经几乎没有狼了于是,道格拉斯·史密斯(黄石国家公园狼群保护计划负责人)从加拿大捕来只狼,希望能够恢复黄石国家公园狼的数量道格拉斯说:"捕狼并非易事再也没有比坐在直升机上捕狼更令人兴奋的事了你扔下一张网罩住它们,它们就被裹住了,然后你走上前去,给它们注射镇静剂当你把狼从一个地方移居到另一个地方时,它们总是试图回到原来的家我们把它们在围栏里关了有周左右"One of the transplanted wolves in particular, has had a lot to do with the parks wolf repopulation. This wolf, a female known as No.9, is one of the park s top breeders, and 70% of the wolves born in the park today have her genes. Wolves are now the marquee animal in Yellowstone. Many people said it was a lifetime experience seeing a wolf in the wild in Yellowstone. 在这些被移居的狼当中,特别有一只与公园内狼群的重新形成关系密切这是一只被称为"9号"的母狼,它是公园里繁殖能力最强的狼之一;今天,在公园里出生的狼70%都有它的基因狼现在已经成了黄石国家公园的招牌动物许多人都说在黄石国家公园看见野生的狼是一种终生难忘的体验 inspiring the vision to preserve one of the worlds most beautiful natural wonders, Yellowstone lands at number six on our list. 为了鼓励人们去保护世界上这最美丽的自然奇观之一,黄石国家公园在我们的排名中位居第六 968。
  • WEVE HAD A lovely heatwave in Ireland this summer, but our temperatures were nothing compared to those experienced in other parts of the world.今年爱尔兰经历了70年代以来最热的一个夏天,但是我们的温度和世界上别的国家比那是大巫见小巫啊In China, they’ve been experiencing record highs, with a temperature of 0.8° recorded earlier this month, so they’ve had to get creative when it comes to keeping cool.今年夏天,在中国的很多地区的温度都达到了最高纪录,这个月初的气温已经达到了0.8度,在这样的高温情况下,中国人的抗高温创意也是层出不穷啊One trend which has emerged is that of children wearing suits made of watermelon.有一个很有创意的降温方法是给孩子做一套西瓜皮套装Apparently parents have been posting photos of their kids in melon-y attire on Weibo, although reports indicate that dermatologists don’t recommend it.孩子的爸爸妈妈将自己宝宝身穿西瓜皮套装的照片发布到微上尽管皮肤科医生指出这样的套装不推荐穿Frankly, we just wish they made watermelons large enough us to wear.其实,我们真诚的希望在这炎热的酷夏,我们也想有一套西瓜皮套装可以穿 Or indeed, us to sit inside, this kid looks like he’s having a great time!或是有个西瓜皮让我们坐进去也行啊看图片上的孩子,穿上西瓜皮套装是多么神气啊本译文属 56。
  • A photographer has made a real meal out of a selection of classic th century paintings by recreating them using fruit and vegetables.一位摄影家通过水果和蔬菜重新创作世纪的古典画作,成就了一顿美画大餐New York based photographer Klaus Enrique Gerdes was inspired by Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo who created real-life portraits using fruit, vegetables, meat and flowers. He then painted his creations on to canvas creating a selection of unique artworks between 7 and 93.纽约摄影家Klaus Enrique Gerdes受意大利画家Giuseppe Arcimboldo启发创作了这些作品,后者曾于7-93年间利用水果、蔬菜、肉类和鲜花拼凑出现实画像,随后他把这些独特的创作画在了画布上Klaus Enrique Gerdes now does the same, except that photography allows him to capture his subject instantly - bee any of the ingredients begin to wilt.Klaus Enrique Gerdes现在做了同样的事情,只不过现在照片使他有机会在原料枯萎前抓住这一主题Getting his five a day: A portrait of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II as the Roman God of the seasons Vertumnus by photographer Klaus Enrique Gerdes, left, and the original painted in 90 by Italian Giuseppe Arcimboldo, right.左边为Klaus Enrique Gerdes创作的圣罗马帝国鲁道夫二世画像,右边卫意大利画家Giuseppe Arcimboldo90年的原作。
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