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While the anti-Tokyo protests in major Chinese cities have ended, Japanese brands in the country are continuing to suffer, as auto sales plunge and travel between the two countries slows sharply.尽管中国主要城市的反日抗议活动已经结束,但日本品牌在中国仍在继续受到冲击,汽车销售暴降,中日两国间旅游大幅放缓。Both Mazda Motor Corp. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. reported sharp declines in Chinese sales last month. Mitsubishi said Friday that its September sales in China plummeted to 2,340 vehicles, down 62.9% from September 2011, and 33% lower than 3,495 vehicles in August. Mazda sold 13,258 vehicles, off 35% from a year earlier and 20% below the 16,539 in August.Reuters位于天津的一家丰田汽车工厂,照片摄于今年早些时候。马自达(Mazda Motor Corp.Mazda Motor Corp)和三菱汽车(Mitsubishi Motors Corp.)均报告上个月在华销售大幅下滑。三菱上周五说,9月份在华销量暴降至2,340辆,较2011年9月下滑了62.9%,较8月份的3,495辆下滑了33%。马自达销售了13,258辆汽车,同比下滑35%,较8月份16,539辆的销量环比下滑20%。Japan Airlines said Friday it had passenger cancellations for 19,500 seats on Japan-China routes for the September-to-November period, and the carrier - which just held the world#39;s largest IPO after Facebook - is set to temporarily scale back flight frequencies on three routes linking Japan and China.日本航空(Japan Airlines)上周五说,9月至11月期间,中日航线有19,500个预定座位被乘客取消,该航空公司将暂时减少中日之间三条航线的航班。该公司刚刚进行了规模仅次于Facebook的世界第二大首次公开募股(IPO)。All Nippon Airways Co. had 43,000 seat cancellations on Japan-China routes as of Oct. 1, and is switching to smaller jets for some Japan-Beijing flights from Oct. 16 to 31 because of plunging demand.截至10月1日,全日空(All Nippon Airways Co.)的中日航线有43,000个预定座位被取消。由于需求大幅下滑,从10月16日至31日,该公司将把日本至北京的部分航班改用较小的客机。The sometimes-violent protests against Japanese factories and showrooms in China were sparked by Tokyo#39;s decision last month to purchase a set of disputed East China Sea islands, which Japan administers but are claimed by China. Japanese auto makers suspended marketing and closed plants. Numerous bilateral cultural events also were canceled.上个月,东京方面决定购买东中国海(East China Sea,中国称东海)的一组中日争议岛屿,由此引发了中国国内针对日本公司和商店的抗议活动,一些抗议活动中甚至出现暴力。争议岛屿目前由日本管辖,但中国声称对其拥有主权。日本汽车生产商暂停了营销活动,并关闭了工厂。很多中日双边文化活动也被取消。#39;No one anticipated that China would react the way it reacted, including the demonstrations. Given the boycotts, everyone is now seeing the risk [of doing business in China] more acutely,#39; said Shigeo Sugawara, senior investment officer at Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Asset Management. #39;This is becoming more than a mere political problem. You can no longer ignore economic effects of the issue.#39;资产管理公司Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Asset Management高级投资主管Shigeo Sugawara说,谁都没有料到中国会做出如此的反应,包括示威活动。鉴于中国抵制日货的行动,每个人如今都更深刻地看到在中国做生意的风险。这开始超出政治问题的范畴,人们不能再继续忽视此事带来的经济影响。A number of Japanese auto makers are expected to report a sharp decline in Chinese sales for September.预计一些日本汽车厂商将公布9月份在华销售大幅下滑。Toyota Motor Corp. said Friday that it plans to resume production at its factories in China next week, but at lower levels than before the unrest due to the drop in sales last month.丰田汽车(Toyota Motor Corp.)上周五说,计划下周恢复在华工厂的生产,但由于上个月汽车销量下滑,恢复生产后开工率将低于中日岛屿争端升温之前的水平。Japanese media reported Friday that Toyota#39;s sales in September were half of August#39;s levels, when it sold 75,300 cars in China. But Japan#39;s top auto maker wouldn#39;t disclose its official figures.丰田驻东京发言人科比特(Dion Corbett)说:我们的销售肯定受到了影响,但在周二数据出炉之前,我们不能披露任何具体情况。#39;There has definitely been an effect on our sales, but we can#39;t give any specifics until our figures come out on Tuesday,#39; said Dion Corbett, a Tokyo-based spokesman.日本媒体上周五报道说,丰田9月份销量为8月份的一半,8月份丰田在华销售了75,300辆汽车。但这家日本最大的汽车厂商拒绝披露官方数据。In anticipation of weaker demand, most Japanese auto makers temporarily closed their plants on Sept. 18 when the demonstrations peaked. Toyota shut its two main vehicle-assembly factories again from Sept. 26 through Oct. 7, the end of an extended Chinese holiday period.由于预期需求下滑,大部分日本汽车厂商都在9月18日示威活动达到高潮时暂时关闭了工厂。9月26日至10月7日中国国庆长假结束,丰田再次关闭了两家主要汽车组装厂。Nissan Motor Co. suspended output of passenger cars in China on Sept. 27. A senior executive at Japan#39;s No. 2 car maker said Friday that his company expects to post weaker Chinese sales in September, but declined to provide figures and said its plants would reopen Monday. #39;There#39;s no doubt that China remains an important market in the long term,#39; Executive Vice President Takao Katagiri told reporters in Yokohama.9月27日,日产汽车(Nissan Motor Co.)暂停了在华乘用车的生产。这家日本第二大汽车厂商的一位高层管理人士上周五说,该公司预计将公布9月份在华汽车销售下滑,但拒绝提供具体数据,并且说该公司在华工厂周一将恢复生产。日产执行副总裁Takao Katagiri在横滨对记者说,毫无疑问,长远来看中国仍是一个重要的市场。Last month, some Toyota dealerships in Beijing warned customers not to park their cars in unsecured areas and urged them to affix patriotic slogans to their vehicles to avoid drawing the attention of demonstrators.上个月,北京的一些丰田经销商警告客户不要把车泊在不安全的地方,并敦促他们在车上贴上爱国标语,以免引起示威者的注意。 /201210/202938

Yue Fei(1103~1141) was one of China#39;s greatest generals and national heroes.岳飞(1103~1141),中国最伟大的将军和民族英雄之一。In 1126, North China was overrun by the nomadic Juchen and the Song capital at Kai-feng taken.公元1126年中国北部被女真人侵人,宋都开封沦陷。The former emperor Hui-tsung, who had abdicated in 1125/26, together with his son, the emperor Ch#39;in-tsung (reigned 1125/26~27), was carried into captivity.1125/1126年退位的宋徽宗和宋钦宗( 1125年/1126年至1127年在位)被囚禁。Another son of Hui-tsung, later known as Kao-tsung (reigned 1127~62/63), reestablished the Dynasty in the south, hence its designation as the Nan, or Southern, Song(1127~1279).徽宗的另一个儿子在南方重建宋廷(所以叫南宋),称高宗(1127年至1279年在位)。Retreating southward with Kao-tsung, Yue Fei assumed command of the Sung forces. He prevented the advance of the Juchen by taking advantage of their difficulty in using their cavalry in hilly South China.在跟随高宗南撤的过程中,岳飞执掌着宋军的指挥权,利用女真人不善在南方多山地区作战这一特点,阻止其继续南攻。Assuming the offensive, he was able to recover and secure some of the occupied territory in central China south of the Yangtze and Huai rivers.通过进攻,岳匕收复了中原长江、淮河以南部分失地。His attempt to push north and recover all the lost Chinese territory was opposed, however, by a peace party within the capital headed by the minister Chin Kuei, who believed that further prosecution of the war would be too costly.但是,岳飞继续北进收又中国所有失地的努力受到京城以承相秦桧为首的求和派的反对。秦桧认为继续作战耗费太大。Chin Kuei#39;s faction proved more influential, and in 1141, Yue Fei was imprisoned and executed, and a peace treaty was signed that relinquished the northern territory.秦桧一派影响太大,1141年岳飞被监禁,之后被处死。南宋与女真签订和约,放弃了中国北部领土。Yue Fei became revered as a great national hero, and Ch#39;in Kuei came to be viewed as a traitor.岳飞被尊为伟大的民族英雄,秦桧被视为卖国贼。In the 20th century, Yue has been extolled as a champion of national resistance in the face of foreign domination.20世纪,岳飞被赞为最佳民族抗敌英雄。 /201508/395540

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