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呼和浩特永泰整形美容医院副乳切除怎么样内蒙古自治区妇幼保健院韩式隆鼻多少钱Third, our network-y PCs enable people to transmit information to friends around the world or to share it with people they dont even know by posting it on a Web site. And, of course, were providing the capabilities to print and duplicate that information. In fact, our all-in-one products do more than that. They print. They scan. They copy. They send and receive information via fax. This is just what the home user or small-business requires, because they dont have room for lots of different pieces of equipment. An E-Commerce competency is becoming a critical success factor for financial institutions around the world. HP has been working closely with Chinese financial institutions for several years to pioneer best E-Commerce practices in China. Let me highlight some of HPs contributions in this area. In 1995 we began to work with the China Construction Bank to develop a fund clearing system run on HPs UNIX platform. Today, HPs servers, PCs and support services are used throughout the banks 44 branches across the country, helping to reduce typical transaction clearance times from up to 10 days to now less than 24 hours. This month, we are launching a trial solution with the Bank of China to enable their corporate customers to perform their standard banking transactions on-line. This marks a first for China. HPs VirtualVault solution was chosen over other solutions for its superior security and reliability, as well as service support. HP, together with our VeriFone subsidiary, is continuing to work with Bank of China to build on this platform, so that by the end of the year a full range of E-Commerce services will be available on line, again marking a first for China.第三,我们的网络型PC机可使人们向世界各地的朋友发送信息或通过把信息貼到网上与陌生人分享信息。当然,我们也提供了打印和复制该信息的功能。实际上,我们的一体化产品涉及的功能更广。它们可以打印、扫描和复制信息,可通过传真发送和接收信息。这就是家庭用户或小型企业所需的产品,因为它们没有太多的空间安置不同的设备。如今,具备电子商务的能力已经成为全世界金融 机构成功的关键因素。惠普公司开始与中国的金融机构密切合作,在中国率先开创最佳电子商务。请允许我概述一下惠普公司在这一领域所做的贡献。1995年,我们开始与中国建设合作,在惠普的UNIX 平台开发了资金清算系统。如今,惠普的务器,PC机和持务用于该行在全国的44家分行,帮助它们缩短了交易清算的射间,从原先的10天缩短为现在的不到24小时。本月,我们将与中国试行一个解决方案,使其公司客户在线进行标准的交易。在中国,这是首次进行此类项目。在所有方案中,惠普虚拟保险箱(Virtual Vault)方案因其卓越的安全性和可靠性,以及其务持而入选。目前,惠普与分机构VeriFone正与中国继续合作,建立这一平台,以便在年底之前确保在线提供电子商务务,从而在中国再拔头筹。 201411/340183新城区妇幼保健人民中医院激光去痣多少钱 However, to me, the 500 is但是对我来说这500个(遗产)really just the first 500.只是一个开始In order to sustain our work into the future,为了在将来把我们的工作持续下去we use technology centers我们通过与技术中心where we partner with和当地高校local universities and colleges合作to take the technology to them,授权他们使用我们的技术whereby they then can help us帮助我们with digital preservation of their heritage sites,进行遗产数字化保存的工作and at the same time, it gives them同时这也给了他们the technology to benefit from in the future.可以长远获益的技术Let me close with another short story.让我以另一个小故事结尾Two years ago, we were approached两年前by a partner of ours to digitally preserve一个遗产数字化保存工程的合作伙伴an important heritage site,为一个重要的遗迹找到我们a UNESCO heritage site in Uganda,这是一个位于乌干达的联合国教科文组织认的遗迹the Royal Kasubi Tombs.卡苏比皇陵The work was done successfully in the field,保存工作很成功and the data was archived所有的数据都收集归档and publicly disseminated并通过CyArk网站through the CyArk website.对外发布并开放Last March,去年三月we received very sad news.我们听到一个不幸的消息The Royal Tombs had been destroyed卡苏比皇陵已经被纵火嫌疑犯by suspected arson.毁掉了A few days later, we received a call:几天后,我们接到一个电话:;Is the data available“收集的数据and can it be used for reconstruction?;能用于重建吗?”Our answer, of course, was yes.我们的当然是肯定的Let me leave you with a final thought.最后留给各位一个想法Our heritage is much more than我们的遗产our collective memory --不仅是我们的共同记忆-its our collective treasure.更是我们共同的珍宝We owe it to our children,我们要留给我们的our grandchildren and the generations子孙还有we will never meet永远见不到的后代to keep it safe我们要保护好它们and to pass it along.使它们代代相传Thank you.谢谢(Applause)(掌声)Thank you.谢谢Thank you.谢谢Thank you.谢谢Well, Im staying here because我还在台上we wanted to demonstrate to you是因为要向各位展示一下the power of this technology这项技术的力量and so, while Ive been speaking,在我刚才说话的时候you have been scanned.你们已经被扫描了(Laughter)(笑声)The two wizards that I have我的两名正在幕后的that are behind the curtain助手will help me bring将在屏幕上the results on the screen.把结果呈现给我们(Applause)(掌声)This is all in 3D and of course这些都是三维的you can fly through the cloud of points.你可以用自由视角观察这些数据点集合You can look at it from on top,你能从天花板的角度from the ceiling.俯瞰它You can look from different vantage points,也可以从不同的高度看but Im going to ask Doug to zoom in我可以让道格拉近画面on an individual in the crowd,看看人群里的某一个人just to show the amount of detail让你们看到我们能达到的that we can create.细节程度So you have been digitally preserved你们在四分钟的时间内in about four minutes.全部被数字化保存了(Laughter)(笑声)Id like to thank the wizards here.我要谢谢我的助手We were very lucky to have我们很幸运two of our partners participate in this:有两个合作伙伴参与:the Historic Scotland,苏格兰文物局and the Glasgow School of Art.和格拉斯哥艺术学院Id like to also thank personally我个人想向the efforts of David Mitchell,大卫·米切尔致谢who is the Director of Conservation他是苏格兰文物局的at Historic Scotland.文物修复主管David. 大卫(Applause)(掌声)And Doug Pritchard, whos the Head of还有道格·普里查德Visualization at the Glasgow School of Art.他是格拉斯哥艺术学院视觉艺术的主任Lets give them a hand.让我们致以掌声(Applause)(鼓掌)Thank you.谢谢201409/329620Compare this to 1939 with ;The Wizard of Oz.;对比一下1939年的《绿野仙踪》。How does Dorothy win her movie?多萝西是如何取得胜利的?By making friends with everybody她通过跟每个人都成为好朋友and being a leader.变成他们的领袖。Thats kind of the world Id rather raise my kids in --我更希望自己孩子可以在这样的环境中——Oz, right? -- and not the world of dudes fighting,奥兹的世界——长大,而不是打来打去的世界,which is where we kind of have to be.——这种世界倒是很贴近现实。Why is there so much Force -- capital F, Force --为什么我们给小孩子的电影中in the movies we have for our kids,有那么多的暴力and so little yellow brick road?那么少的黄砖路(绿野仙踪中的道路)?There is a lot of great writing about the impact关于男性暴力电影对于女性的影响,that the boy-violent movie has on girls,有很多出色的分析文章,and you should do that ing. Its very good.你应该去看看。写的很好。I havent as much on how boys are picking up on this vibe.这种氛围对男孩的影响,我读的文章不多。I know from my own experience that就我自己的经验而言,Princess Leia did not provide the adequate context从莱娅公主所处环境中得到的经验that I could have used in navigating the adult world不足以指导我在现实生活中引导孩子进入成人世界that is co-ed.成人世界是"男女混居的"。I think there was a first-kiss moment我认为荧幕上的初吻when I really expected the credits to start rolling应该发生在电影的最后,最好是演员表出现的时候,because thats the end of the movie, right?因为这是电影的结局,对么?I finished my quest, I got the girl.我完成了使命,赢得芳心。Why are you still standing there?为什么还要呆站在这里?I dont know what Im supposed to do.我不知道应该做什么。The movies are very, very focused on defeating the villain这些电影把重点放在打败坏人and getting your reward, and theres not a lot of room获得奖励上,以至于没有多少时间for other relationships and other journeys.处理其他关系和经历。Its almost as though if youre a boy,基本上,如果你是男孩you are a dopey animal,你就是一个呆笨的动物,and if you are a girl, you should bring your warrior costume.如果你是女孩,你就应该穿上战袍。There are plenty of exceptions,当然反例也很多,and I will defend the Disney princesses in front of any you.而且我会在你们面前为迪斯尼的公主们辩护。But they do send a message to boys,但是这些电影给男孩子的感觉是that they are not, the boys are not really the target audience.他们不是这些电影预期的观众They are doing a phenomenal job of teaching girls这些电影有很大的一个功劳how to defend against the patriarchy,就是教会女孩子如何反抗父权社会,but they are not necessarily showing boys但是这些电影并没有how theyre supposed to defend against the patriarchy.向男孩子们展示如何反抗父权社会。Theres no models for them.孩子们没有偶像可寻。And we also have some terrific women我们也有一些了不起的女性who are writing new stories for our kids,开始为我们的孩子写新的故事and as three-dimensional and delightful as Hermione and Katniss are,包括像赫敏和凯特里斯这样生动形象的角色,these are still war movies.但是还是属于战争电影。And, of course, the most successful studio of all time当然,史上最成功的电影工作室(皮克斯)continues to crank out classic after classic,连续不断的创造经典电影every single one of them about每部电影都讲述一段故事the journey of a boy, or a man,一个小男孩的,或一个大男人的,or two men who are friends, or a man and his son,或两个大男人,或父与子,or two men who are raising a little girl.或是两个男人抚养一个小女孩。Until, as many of you are thinking, this year,终于,你们很多人都已经知道,when they finally came out with ;Brave.;今年他们终于推出了《勇敢传说》。I recommend it to all of you. Its on demand now.我向你们所有人推荐这部电影。现在正在上映。Do you remember what the critics said when ;Brave; came out?你还记得《勇敢传说》刚上映时的批评么?;Aw, I cant believe Pixar made a princess movie.;“哦,不敢相信皮克斯也开始做公主电影了。”Its very good. Dont let that stop you.这很好。别止步。Now, almost none of these movies pass the Bechdel Test.现在,这些电影几乎都没有通过“贝克德尔测试”(Bechdel Test)。I dont know if youve heard of this.我不知道你们是否听说过,It has not yet caught on and caught fire,这个测试并不为人所知,but maybe today we will start a movement.但是今天或许我们能做些推动。201510/404429内蒙古医学院附属医院做去疤手术多少钱

呼和浩特武川县微创丰胸的价格这段TED2006闭幕节目滑稽可笑,表演者为非洲灰鹦鹉爱因斯坦与她的教练斯蒂芬尼.怀特。观看爱因斯坦与阿尔.戈尔的现场互动。201505/375906乌兰察布市韩式三点双眼皮的价格 呼和浩特市鼻翼整形多少钱

呼和浩特永泰整形医院脱毛多少钱When I asked people why they were digging their houses from the ground,当我问人们为什么要地上往下挖洞建房子时,they simply replied that they are poor wheat and apple farmers who didnt have the money to buy materials, and this digging out was their most logical form of living.他们只是很简单的告诉我,他们是种小麦和苹果的穷农民,没钱买材料,而这种挖窑洞是他们最符合逻辑的居住方式。From Makoko to Zabbaleen, these communities have approached the tasks of planning,从马卡卡到扎巴林,这些社区解决了规划,design and management of their communities and neighborhoods in ways that respond specifically to their environment and circumstances.设计的任务,并总结了一套管理社区和邻里的的方法,以一种特别针对他们的环境和实际情况的方式。Created by these very people who live,由那些居住,work and play in these particular spaces,工作,生活在这种特殊空间的人们创造而成,these neighborhoods are intuitively designed to make the most of their circumstances.这些社区是由人们本能地设计来最大利用他们的生活环境。In most of these places, the government is completely absent, leaving inhabitants with no choice but to reappropriate found materials,这些大多数地方,政府完全没有管理,因此让居民没有选择只能重新利用现成的材料,and while these communities are highly disadvantaged,虽然这些社区的环境十分恶劣,they do present examples of brilliant forms of ingenuity,他们却真的显示出一种杰出的创造力,and prove that indeed we have the ability to adapt to all manner of circumstances.明我们确实有能力 适应不同的生存环境。What makes places like the Torre David particularly remarkable is this sort of skeleton framework where people can have a foundation where they can tap into.让像托雷大卫这样的地方尤其突出的就是这种框架建筑,让人们可以有一个能够进入改造的基础。Now imagine what these aly ingenious communities could create themselves,设想这些已经很有创造力的社区可以创造出什么,and how highly particular their solutions would be,而他们的解决方案将有多么特别,if they were given the basic infrastructures that they could tap into.假如他们拥有使他们可以进入的基本的设施。Today, you see these large residential development projects which offer cookie-cutter housing solutions to massive amounts of people.今天,你看到这些大型的房屋住宅建设工程给大量的人提供千篇一律的住房解决方案。From China to Brazil, these projects attempt to provide as many houses as possible,从中国到巴西,这些工程试图提供给人们尽可能多的房子,but theyre completely generic and simply do not work as an answer to the individual needs of the people.但他们完全是大众化的, 并且简单来说不是一个针对人们个体需求的解决方法。I would like to end with a e from a friend of mine and a source of inspiration,我想引用一句话来收尾,它来自于我的一个朋友和一种期望,Zita Cobb, the founder of the wonderful Shorefast Foundation,查塔·科巴,出色的Shorefast基金会创始人,based out of Fogo Island, Newfoundland.总部在纽芬兰的福戈岛。She says that ;theres this plague of sameness which is killing the human joy,;她说:这里有一种名为相同的瘟疫在杀死人类的快乐,and I couldnt agree with her more.而我非常赞同这句话。Thank you.谢谢。201602/424982 Hello GW. Thank you very much, President Knapp, for that kind intro. Alex, trustees, faculty and deans of the university, my fellow honorees, and especially you the class of 2015. Yes.Congratulations to you, to your family, to your friends that are attending todays ceremony. You made it. Its a privilege, a rare privilege of a lifetime to be with you today. And I think thank you enough for making me an honorary Colonial.Before I begin today, they asked me to make a standard announcement. Youve heard this before. About silencing your phones. Those of you with an iPhone, just place it in silent mode. If you dont have an iPhone, please pass it to the center aisle. Apple has a world#8209;class recycling program.You know, this is really an amazing place. And for a lot of you, Im sure that being here in Washington, the very center of our democracy, was a big draw when you were choosing which school to go to. This place has a powerful pull. It was here that Dr. Martin Luther King challenged Americans to make real the promises of democracy, to make justice a reality for all of Gods children. And it was here that President Ronald Reagan called on us to believe in ourselves and to believe in our capacity to perform great deeds. Id like to start this morning by telling you about my first visit here. In the summer of 1977 – yes, Im a little old – I was 16 years old and living in Robertsdale, the small town in southern Alabama that I grew up in. At the end of my junior year of high school Id won essay contest sponsored by the National Rural Electric Association. I cant remember what the essay was about, what I do remember very clearly is writing it by hand, draft after draft after draft. Typewriters were very expensive and my family could not afford one.I was one of two kids from Baldwin County that was chosen to go to Washington along with hundreds of other kids across the country. Before we left, the Alabama delegation took a trip to our state capitol in Montgomery for a meeting with the governor. The governors name was George C. Wallace. The same George Wallace who in 1963 stood in the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama to block African Americans from enrolling. Wallace embraced the evils of segregation. He pitted whites against blacks, the South against the North, the working class against the so#8209;called elites. Meeting my governor was not an honor for me.My heroes in life were Dr. Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy, who had fought against the very things that Wallace stood for. Keep in mind, that I grew up, or, when I grew up, I grew up in a place that where King and Kennedy were not exactly held in high esteem. When I was a kid, the South was still coming to grips with its history. My textbooks even said the Civil War was about states rights. They barely mentioned slavery.So I had to figure out for myself what was right and true. It was a search. It was a process. It drew on the moral sense that Id learned from my parents, and in church, and in my own heart, and led me on my own journey of discovery.201507/387463乌兰察布哪家隆鼻医院比较好武川县做疤痕修复多少钱



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