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内蒙古自治区妇幼保健院整形美容科赛罕区小腿减肥多少钱Didi Kuaidi, the Chinese ride-hailing app, has become an investor in its Indian counterpart Ola – raising the stakes as Uber tries to gain a greater toehold in Asia.中国叫车应用滴滴快的(Didi Kuaidi)已成为印度叫车应用Ola的投资者,在优步(Uber)试图扩大在亚洲的影响力之际,此举将提高竞争赌注。The size of the investment was not disclosed but the funds will help Ola expand in India, Didi Kuaidi said in a statement on Monday. Ola is aly India#39;s biggest taxi-hailing business, with 750,000 journeys a day in taxis, leased cars and motorised rickshaws giving it an 80 per cent market share.滴滴并未透露投资规模,但该公司在周一的一份声明中称,这笔资金将帮助Ola在印度扩张。Ola已是印度最大叫车公司,每日通过出租车、租赁汽车和机动三轮车提供75万次的用车务,占据印度80%的市场份额。Despite this dominance, the move highlights the intensifying competition among ride-hailing companies in Asia as US firm Uber ramps up its efforts in the Chinese and Indian markets. Chief executive Travis Kalanick has described both as the company#39;s most important global growth markets.尽管Ola在印度市场占据主导地位,但滴滴投资Ola之举突显出亚洲叫车应用公司之间的竞争日益激烈,美国公司优步正在中国和印度市场加速扩张。优步首席执行官特拉维斯愠灓尼克(Travis Kalanick)把这两个市场都视为优步最重要的全球增长市场。The deal will also indirectly fuel greater competition between China#39;s biggest internet companies: investors in Uber#39;s China unit include Baidu, the Chinese search company, while Didi#39;s backers include Tencent and Alibaba. Ola is backed, among others, by Japanese telecoms group SoftBank.这笔交易还间接加剧了中国最大的几家互联网公司之间的竞争:优步中国公司的投资者包括中国搜索公司百度(Baidu),而滴滴的持者包括腾讯(Tencent)和阿里巴巴(Alibaba)。Ola的持者包括日本电信集团软银(SoftBank)。 /201510/401912呼和浩特市253医院切眼袋多少钱 回民区做眼袋手术多少钱

呼市第一附属医院整形美容科呼和浩特溶脂针 Once the titan of global smartphone sales, Samsung is looking to retake its throne after Apple made inroads with its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. On Sunday, in a room filled with technology journalists in Barcelona, Samsung used the 2015 installment of Mobile World Congress to announce the latest models of its Galaxy line of smartphones: the S6 and S6 Edge.三星一度曾是全球智能手机销量的霸主,在苹果凭借iPhone 6和6 plus强势攫取了不少用户后,此番三星再次携新品汹汹而来,力图夺回王座。上周日在记者云集的巴赛罗纳2015年世界移动通信大会上,三星发布了Galaxy系列手机的最新力作:Galaxy S6和S6 Edge。Both devices take the Galaxy line in a completely new direction, and on multiple fronts. The most apparent change, at least the first time you lay eyes on the duo, is the noticeable lack of plastic formerly synonymous with Samsung smartphones. With the S6 lineup, Samsung opted to go with a combination of metal and a glass housing.从多个方面看,这两款手机都将Galaxy系列产品带向了一个全新的方向。最显眼的变化(至少是你一次看到这两款手机的时候),是三星手机的“万年大塑料”不见了,三星为S6系列产品首次配备了“金属+玻璃”的材质组合。The S6 Edge features a curved display on both edges of the screen, offering enhanced functionality. (An on-stage demonstration showed custom color alerts for incoming calls, and shortcuts to favorite contacts). A revamped fingerprint sensor sits below the home button, foregoing the need for a user to swipe her or her finger across the button. Instead, he or she only needs to place a finger on the button and wait for the scan to complete. The change makes the experience nearly identical to that of Apple’s Touch ID, and appears to eliminate a complaint I had about last year’s Galaxy S5.S6 Edge首次在屏幕左右两边都采用了曲面屏设计,在功能性上有所提高。(在舞台演示环节中,当有电话呼入时,曲面屏会显示定制的颜色提醒,另外从曲面屏可以快捷进入常用联系人)。Home键下嵌入了一颗经过升级的指纹传感器,使用户无需像S5那样扫屏解锁指纹,而是只需将手指放在Home键上等待扫描完成即可,使用的感觉几乎和苹果的Touch ID一模一样,从而终于打消了我一年前对Galaxy S5指纹识别功能的抱怨。Sure to disappoint Samsung loyalists, the South Korean company ditched two features long used to mock Apple’s AAPL 0.49% iPhone: expandable storage and a replaceable battery. Looking beyond the aesthetic changes are a faster processor, higher-quality camera, curved display, and wireless charging capabilities.令不少忠实三星粉感到失望的是,这次三星抛弃了历来被三星粉用来嘲笑苹果的两项“高大上”的技能,即可扩展内存和可更换电池。除了审美层面的变化外,S6还配备了更快的处理器、更高质量的摄像头、曲面屏以及无线充电功能。There are two features that have made the new Galaxy models more alluring to me than previous editions. The first is called Samsung Pay. The company’s mobile payment solution takes a two-pronged approach by combining a near-field communication (NFC) chip with the magnetic secure-transmission technology it acquired from LoopPay to transmit payment information between your device and a point-of-sale terminal.S6有两个新功能,使它比以前的Galaxy手机对我更有吸引力。其一是所谓的“三星付”功能,该方案采取了双管齐下的付方法,一是集成一块近场通讯芯片,二是集成了三星从LoopPay公司收购的电磁安全传输技术,保障了S6能够与销售点终端系统传送付信息。When I reviewed LoopPay last year, I found the technology to be magical, yet disappointing. I was forced to carry around and manage yet another device. The promise behind mobile payments is convenience; the LoopPay fob was not convenient. A quick refresher: You hold the LoopPay fob up to a normal credit card er, press a button and the machine would interpret the signal in the same manner it would a card being swiped. The payment was then processed, without the machine—and often time the clerk—realizing you did anything different.去年评测LoopPay的时候,我发现它是一项神奇的技术,但在某种程度上也令人失望,因为我得随时带着另一台设备,并且还得管理它。移动付的前景在于它的便利性,而LoopPay配件绝对不够便利。当你拿着LoopPay配件接近一台普通的信用卡读卡器并按下按钮时,机器解读LoopPay信号的方式其实与扫描一张普通信用卡没有什么不同。不要说读卡器,就连结账的售货员都没有意识到有什么区别。Now that that technology is embedded into the device and combined with the ability to use NFC for payments, Samsung Pay is very appealing. And it has a leg up on Apple Pay, which is limited to working only at retail locations and outlets with the necessary equipment to process NFC payments. (This is a drawback I experienced first-hand when I tried to go a week using Apple Pay for every purchase in my small, Colorado town.)现在这项技术被嵌入到Galaxy S6中,而且与NFC付技术进行了整合,使三星付功能变得非常有吸引力。它在技术上领先了苹果的Apple Pay一步,因为后者只能在持NFC付的零售场所和终端使用。(这也是我亲身体验的Apple Pay的一个缺点。当时我曾试着在科罗拉多的一个小镇仅凭Apple Pay购买一周的所有用品。)With Samsung Pay, users won’t be caught in the middle of a spat between competing payment platforms as Apple is with the likes of CVS completely disabling NFC terminals. So go right ahead, CVS, disable NFC. The Galaxy S6 has a trick up its sleeve.有了三星付,用户就不用再为了Apple Pay和CVS不持NFC那点事儿打口水战了。所以CVS不想持NFC就让它不持吧,Galaxy S6另有一套绝活对付你呢。Another thing: Each year when Samsung would announce the latest Galaxy device, it would announce a slew of new software-based features that served little purpose. Having a smartphone watch my eyes, then scroll a webpage or pause a based on where I’m looking? No thanks. The “enhancements” slowed down the device, drained the battery, and offered little benefit to the end user. In other words, they served only to pad the spec sheet.另一件事:每年三星推出新款Galaxy手机时,都会顺便发布一大堆基本上没有什么用的软件功能(比如眼球追踪什么的)。这些所谓的“进步”会让设备速度变慢,而且也是耗电大户,且为终端用户提供不了什么福利。换句话说,它的意义就仅限于纸面上。With this year’s release, Samsung cut the fat, at least with regard to its proprietary user interface known as TouchWiz. Any unnecessary s or overzealous prompts were left out, it seems. The litany of excess apps notoriously preinstalled on the Galaxy line has been removed. All in all, the company claims to have cut down so-called software bloat by 40 percent, and the phones now include only a trio of Microsoft apps and select Samsung apps (S Health and Milk, Samsung’s music service). At least, until wireless carriers get a hold of it.在今年的发布会中,三星把这些东西都删去了,至少在它的TouchWiz界面中,貌似所有不必要的菜单和过分热心的提示都不见了。Galaxy手机一向恶评如潮的大量预装软件也不见了踪影。总而言之,三星称已将这些无用软件删减了40%,目前手机上只预装了微软的“三件套”和一些精选三星应用(比如S健康和三星的音乐务Milk等)——至少在运营商往里掺他们那些玩意儿之前是这样。For years, Samsung’s flagship phones have been long on features, but short on follow-through—at least to me. The new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge appear to lay the groundwork for a lineup of devices that are quite the opposite.多年以来,三星的旗舰手机一直是长于功能,短于跟进——至少在我看来是这样。而最新的Galaxy S6和S6 Edge则代表了三星开始选择另一条道路,并为以后的一系列机型奠定了道路。 /201503/362742呼市国际蒙医院减肥瘦身多少钱

呼和浩特中医院做抽脂手术多少钱 The development of computer programs that can beat humans at games has a long history — from the mastery of noughts and crosses in the 1950s to Deep Blue’s celebrated defeat of world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. 能够在游戏中击败人类高手的计算机程序有着悠久的发展历史——从上世纪50年代掌握“井字棋”制胜之道,到1997年“深蓝”(Deep Blue;IBM研发的计算机——译者注)击败国际象棋世界冠军加里#8226;卡斯帕罗夫(Garry Kasparov)。 In recent years, however, the pace of advance has quickened. Data-crunching devices routinely notch up previously unthinkable victories. Computers can triumph in quiz games, as IBM’s Watson proved when it won the TV show Jeopardy in 2011. They also mimic human aptitudes with ever greater facility. For instance, machines play arcade games simply by observing the movement of objects on the screen. 然而,近年来进步速度加快了。能够运算海量数据的设备经常取得以往不可想象的胜利。计算机能够在智力竞赛中取胜,IBM的“沃森”(Watson)在2011年赢得电视节目《危险边缘》(Jeopardy)就是例。它们还能以越来越强大的“悟性”模仿人的天赋。例如,机器通过观察屏幕上物体的运动,就能学会玩街机游戏。 Even so, the triumph of the AlphaGo computer over the South Korean world champion Lee Se-dol in the first of a five-match series in the ancient Chinese board game of Go marks more than just a new notch on the computerised honours board. Mr Lee had been confident of victory and proclaimed himself “shocked” by his defeat. 即便如此,AlphaGo电脑在古老的中国棋盘游戏——围棋的对垒中击败韩国九段棋手李世石(Lee Sedol),在五局“人机对战”中首战告捷,不仅标志着电脑荣誉板上的一个新档次。赛前对胜利信心满满的李世石,在落败后坦承“震惊”。 Go is a little like a version of chess, only vastly more complicated. Indeed the possible moves within a game exceed the number of atoms within the universe. This is a challenge that would defeat traditional programmes. Indeed it can only be mastered by computers assembled into neural networks that teach themselves through observation and practice — abilities that remain at the frontiers of computer science. 围棋有点像国际象棋的变体,只是复杂程度高得多。的确,其棋局的变数比宇宙中的原子数量还要多。这个挑战会挫败传统的程序。事实上,只有多台计算机组成神经网络,通过观察和实践来“自学”(这些能力仍处于计算机科学的前沿),才能驾驭这种高难度挑战。 Demis Hassabis and his team at DeepMind, the UK-based artificial intelligence (AI) arm of Alphabet, deserve credit for the speed at which they have mastered this undertaking. True, AlphaGo, a formidable piece of IT, could be described as a computerised sledgehammer aimed at a recreational nut. Its victory, however, is a reminder of how fast the world is overcoming the obstacles in the way of AI, and its deployment in the world about us. 杰米斯#8226;哈萨比斯(Demis Hassabis)以及他在DeepMind(Alphabet旗下英国人工智能部门)的团队以如此快的速度掌握围棋制胜之道,这一点值得赞赏。没错,作为一件具有强大能力的信息技术设备,AlphaGo可以被形容为一把计算机化的大锤,其用途是敲开一个消遣的坚果。然而,它的胜利提醒世人,世界正在快速攻克人工智能及其实际部署所面临的障碍。 That is largely due to the huge amount of cash being poured into AI research by US and Chinese companies. These are poaching some of the brightest computer scientists from universities, giving them the capacity and tools to pursue their heart’s desire. 这在很大程度上归功于美国和中国企业对人工智能研究的巨大投入。这些企业从高校挖走一些最优秀的计算机科学家,并提供资源和工具,让这些科学家从事内心渴望的研究。 According to a recent survey, half of the world’s AI experts believe human level machine intelligence will be achieved by 2040. This opens up huge possibilities for the enrichment of mankind, from tackling climate change and treating disease to labour-saving devices. It also raises ethical questions every bit as profound as those posed by genetics. AI experts talk about the possibility of the human brain being reverse-engineered. Physicist Stephen Hawking last year warned that unless we take care, board games might be the least of it: AI could ultimately “outsmart us all”. 根据最近的一项调查,全球半数人工智能专家相信,人类水平的机器智能到2040年就能成为现实。这为增进人类福祉开启巨大可能性——从应对气候变化、治疗疾病,到节省劳动力的设备。这也引发种种道德问题,其深刻性丝毫不亚于遗传学所构成的道德问题。人工智能专家谈到人脑被“逆向工程”的可能性。物理学家史蒂芬#8226;霍金(Stephen Hawking)去年曾警告,除非我们小心,否则棋盘游戏可能是最无关紧要的问题:人工智能最终可能“比我们所有人更聪明”。 One does not have to believe in some future tech dystopia to believe that governments and wider society should take the implications of these developments seriously. Google, Facebook and other companies rushing into AI point out that they are establishing ethics panels to consider appropriate uses for these technologies. These are unlikely to be immune from commercial interests or indeed from the gung-ho enthusiasm of the researchers. 人们不一定非要相信未来将出现某种科技“敌托邦”才会认为,政府和整个社会应该认真对待这些发展的潜在影响。竞相进军人工智能领域的谷歌(Google)、Facebook等公司指出,他们正在成立伦理小组以考量这些技术的适当用途。这些小组不太可能对商业利益以及研究人员的热忱无动于衷。 Some external scrutiny akin to that supplied in the case of genetics by the UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is needed to protect the public from developments that may threaten more than the amour-propre of a South Korean Go champion. Granted, there may yet be no evidence that computers will ever shrug off their human masters but we should still treat these developments with the humility and caution they deserve. 需要进行一些外部监督,类似于遗传学领域的英国人类受精和胚胎学(HFEA),以保护公众免受相关发展的威胁,这些威胁所牵涉的不只是韩国围棋高手的自尊。当然,目前也许还没有据表明计算机有朝一日将踢开他们的人类主人,但我们仍应该对这些发展给予应有的谦卑和审慎。 /201603/431097呼和浩特第一人民医院激光去斑手术多少钱内蒙古省呼和浩特永泰医院疤痕多少钱




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