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呼和浩特割双眼呼和浩特永泰整形美容医院电波拉皮The government of Ukraine will meet Wednesday to consider options in the face further reductions in natural gas deliveries from Russia. Russia's state-run energy giant, Gazprom, is assuring customers in Europe that their supplies will not be affected. 乌克兰政府将在星期三召开会议,考虑如何应对俄罗斯进一步减少对乌克兰的天然气供应量的问题。俄罗斯国营能源业巨头俄罗斯天然气工业公司向其欧洲客户保,欧洲的天然气供应不会受到影响。Speaking at a morning news conference in the Russian capital, Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov said the company would reduce Ukraine's gas supplies by another 25 percent Tuesday evening. It follows a similar cut on Monday.  俄罗斯天然气工业公司的发言人库普里扬诺夫星期二上午在莫斯科的一个新闻发布会上说,该公司将在星期二傍晚时把对乌克兰的天然气供应量再减少25%。此前,俄罗斯天然气工业公司已经在星期一进行了类似的削减。 Kupriyanov says the Gazprom decision is based on lack of progress in Russian-Ukrainian talks and the absence of signed contracts with Ukraine's Naftogaz energy company.  他说,俄罗斯天然气工业公司做出这样的决定是因为俄罗斯和乌克兰之间的谈判缺乏进展,而且俄罗斯方面也没能和乌克兰国家石油天然气公司签署有关协议。Kupriyanov said gas supplies which transit through Ukraine to Europe will remain at full capacity, nearly 357 million cubic meters, per day.  库普里扬诺夫说,在乌克兰中转最终抵达欧洲各国的天然气将保持全量供应,即将近每天3亿5千7百万立方米。On Monday, Ukraine's First Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Turchynov accused Russia of failing to pay his country as much as 0 million in pipeline transit fees for gas deliveries to Europe. 乌克兰第一副总理图尔奇诺夫星期一指责说,俄罗斯没有为输送到欧洲的天然气向乌克兰交纳高达7亿美元的管道中转费。The energy advisor for Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, parliamentarian Oleksiy Hudyma, says his country is fully prepared to pay for the gas it consumes. But he says there is no one to pay, because Gazprom is refusing to sign a contract that would eliminate intermediaries. 乌克兰总理季莫申科的能源顾问、议员古德马说,乌克兰已经作好充分准备为其使用的天然气付费。但是,他说,乌克兰还不会付这笔钱,因为俄罗斯天然气工业公司拒绝签署一项关于去除几家中间商的协议。In remarks to VOA, Hudyma noted the presidents of Ukraine and Russia agreed last month to direct deliveries of gas. 古德马对美国之音表示,乌克兰和俄罗斯的总统在上个月同意不经过中间公司直接输送天然气。The energy advisor says there are two intermediaries, which the government and people of Ukraine do not want - RosUkrEnergo and UkrGazEnergo. He says these companies have taken billions of dollars out of the Ukrainian economy in recent years. Hudyma accuses Russia of being less prepared for talks than Ukraine.  他说,乌克兰政府和人民希望去除的两家中间公司是俄乌能源公司和乌克兰天然气能源公司。古德马说,这两家公司最近几年从乌克兰赚走了数十亿美元。他指责俄罗斯在会谈上做的准备不如乌克兰充分。Gazprom owns 50 percent of RosUkrEnergo, a company registered in Switzerland. The other half is owned by two Ukrainian businessmen. UkrGazEnergo is joint venture between Ukraine's biggest gas supplier, Naftogaz of Ukraine, and RosUkrEnergo.  俄乌能源公司是一家在瑞士注册的公司,该公司50%的股份掌握在俄罗斯天然气工业公司手中,剩下的50%股份掌握在两个乌克兰商人手中。乌克兰天然气能源公司是乌克兰最大的天然气供应商乌克兰国家石油天然气公司和俄乌能源合资创办的。 The Tymoshenko government says the arrangements are costly, not transparent, and corrupt. 季莫申科政府说,这种商业安排造成了很大的开,缺乏透明度而且腐败。Meanwhile, the gas issue has become a political football in Ukraine. The opposition Regions Party issued a statement on its website accusing the Tymoshenko government of excessive ambition, which Ukrainians will pay for through closed factories, unemployment, and cold homes. 与此同时,天然气问题在乌克兰已经成了一个政治游戏。乌克兰反对派地区党在其网站上发表了一份声明,指责季莫申科政府野心过大,乌克兰人民将为此付出代价,包括工厂关门、失业和没有供暖的房屋。Oleksiy Hudyma says the previous government of Viktor Yanukovcyh, the head of the Regions Party, did not leave Ukraine with substantial energy reserves. But Hudyma notes that temperatures are unseasonably warm, and Ukrainians have the discipline to see through this latest energy crisis. 古德马议员说,地区党领袖亚努科维奇领导的上届政府没有给乌克兰留下足够的能源储备。但是,古德马指出,今年的天气反常的暖和,而且乌克兰人民能够通过自律来坚持度过这场最新的能源危机。In 2006, European gas deliveries suffered after Russia cut Ukraine's supplies during a debt dispute.  2006年,俄罗斯在和乌克兰的一场债务纠纷中切断了对乌克兰的天然气供应,影响到了向欧洲输送的天然气。200803/28570和林格尔县治疗痤疮多少钱 GQ magazine is marking the 10th anniversary with its annual Man of the Year issue. And this year, there are three separate covers, one featuring actor Vince Vaughn, another with popular recording artist 50 Cent, and the first for the magazine, a cover featuring Jennifer Aniston, its very first Woman of the Year. Mark Healy is a GQ editor who wrote the Aniston's stories with this. Mark, Good morning. Morning. All right, first thing's first, it's always been a man. Er, it's always been a number of men, (yeah) yeah, but we've, we've, we've had a few women in the past, but this is the first time we've devoted a cover to a woman. Ah, Ok, so this is the actual dissension. So, do you're going to the newest stand today, you'll have three to pick from? Yes. Three different covers to pick from. Vince Vaughn, 50 Cent and Jennifer Aniston. All right, it, what is the usual criteria, if I may ask for a person or a woman or a man of this GQ's . . Well, some(one), primarily someone we believe in, someone who's had an impact that year, um, someone who, you know, reflects the year in...in culture and, so...I gave Vince Vaughn, I gave Vince Vaughn in a big way, Vince Vaughn was we think of the mirrors of the finest actor in America today. . . , ha, ha. . . Well, you know. . . In a lot of ways he is, I mean, he is a great comedic actor. I think he, he's only provided our ers with more laughs this year, (Right) better time in the movies than they would've had ordinarily,(Right.)and, and he had been doing it for 5 years or so. (Right, yeah) 50 cent had a great year and he started out with a, with a great, (huge) with a big record and finished an ambitious, sort of revealing movie and. . . And he's busting out in all kinds of other career paths, (Yeah) even as we speak. Here is Jennifer Aniston. It's...it's a coincidence that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vanughan would have covers at the same time? It was, we decided to put them on the cover a long time before I knew this, was at all credible (Right.)if in, if in fact it is. I mean I think that we started talking about Vince in April (Yeah) and ,er, when we first started seeing screenings of 'the Wedding Crashers' and then once more, once more we saw it, you know, we all decided that was it. So let's cut it straight, you went, you hung out with Jennifer Aniston in Malibu, her house. (Yeah. ) What was that experince about?It's comfortable, you know, it's sort, sort of plush and that certainly a good place to spend some time. (Yeah.)She is good company, as you know, (yeah), and made, you know, made me feel very welcome and it was a beautiful Malibu afternoon and we just hung out. There are some fabulous pictures of her in the, in the magazine. She is in...she is in fighting shape, as you might say. Yeah, yes, I would say, she is in fighting shape. Fairly comfortable with how she looks and how she is feeling and you know, she chose to express it. A part of the reason, is it part of the reason for choosing her the way she's handled this past year? Yes. I mean I think in the glare of this public breakup, um, she's been dignified, and, and graceful, and respectful of the five years of marriage that she did have, which I think, you know, a lot of Hollywood marriages these days last 5 weeks. (Yeah) And you know, here is someone who respected that enough to, to be quiet and honor it. In the...in the article, you talked about this advice that Gwyneth Paltrow gave to Jennifer Aniston which I thought was very, very interesting. Well, I think it was, not so much advice or the comment she made in the press but one that, she said, you know, perhaps, they , Brad and Jane , when things were going well, were a little too open to press, were a little too welcoming of the world, to share their good thing and that in the end, that came back that to haunt them, and when I brought that up with her, she agreed. There you go , thanks very much for coming in this while.Thanks for having me. 200808/46260呼和浩特彩光嫩肤多少钱

呼市国际蒙医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱Anchor: Today's reaching for more focuses on the love shared by older women and younger men. Some of Hollywood's top leading ladies are paving the way when it comes to these unconventional relationships. But older women everywhere are following suit, like Lynn Snowden Picket, who is 13 years older than her husband Bronson, and they're here along with Peggy Northrop, the editor-in-chief of More magazine, good morning to you all. Bronson: Good morning. (Morning.)Anchor: You guys, first of all, I think you guys are so great together. When I first met you, I thought: Oh, look, they look like they fit. You fit well together. Yeah! Now is that true that you met, met at a black- tie, (yes) event of New York city?Lynn: Well, love at first sight. I didn't know very much about him at all.Anchor: But you did think: Oh, gosh, I hope he's at least thirty.Lynn: Yeah, yeah, I did. Well, I'd just been with a guy who was 24, and, that lasted about a year and we had broken up, then I thought, well...Anchor: Wait a minute, you had dated an older man who's twenty.., I mean a younger man who's 24? (yeah) Really? OK!Lynn: uh-huh! And it turned out Bronson was 6 months younger than the guy I just broke up with. So, uh, it was, you know...Anchor: I see what happened to you.Lynn: Yeah! Well, really, I was going for people who were more in sync with what I like to do. You know, I don't want a guy who's in a rut, who's going to look at my CD collection and go: Wow, you like this band, woo,(Right.) You're so a little crazy. You know, I just want somebody who is active, athletic, who wanted to go out, who had fun, who was interesting, and..Anchor: And Bronson, what was your first reaction when you saw Lynn? Bronson: Wow. Basically Well,May while I was sitting at a table, at this black- tie, unfortunately because at that moment I was in a tuxedo, look to girls terribly good. And my head was just like this on the table, so / my eyes were cast down, lower just little bit, and I just saw these legs coming toward the table. And I looked up the legs, kept going, and they went up to this.Lynn: I'm so glad I wore a dress like that. (yes) It wasn't a long black tie thing as it was.Bronson: So, yeah, it was definitely love at the first sight for both of us, it's still a small world, we are going to admit it later.Anchor: Now, now, Peggy, what's going on here? Because of course, I think the couple that we talked a lot about, Demy Moor and Ashton Kutcher, other, there's also Goldie Hawn. You guys, you have a whole list of More magazine this month, why is it becoming more acceptive for an older woman to be with a younger man?Peggy: I think that, really women are catching up to men. I admit, now we have all of this economic independence. There's, like, a kind of confidence that comes when you're in your forties and in your fifties, and men find that incredibly attractive. I know a lot of women who say: I'm not seeking a relationship like this. I'm not like I'm on the prowl of younger guys, but younger guys are, all of a sudden, interested in me, and you know, they, because these women feel so good about where they are, and they have economic independence, they can make these choices. And also we're no longer tied as much to fertility issues. So the issue of, you know, are you young enough to have kids with this guy is less of a, of a fraud issue, I think.Anchor: Uh, are you guys, you've been married for five years, right? And would you like to have children? (Right.)Lynn: Yes.Bronson: We're actually looking to adopt right now until.... Anchor: Looking to adopt.Lynn: Yes!Anchor: OK. She mentioned, Peggy mentioned the confidence level. Was that big for you, Bronson, the fact that here with Lynn, and she was aly established in her career and really was it looking for a man to, sort of make her complete?Bronson: Yeah. Actually yeah, confidence makes all the difference in the world, and I would imagine that till they respect the life of sex, but it is true is women get older, they do tend to get more confidence, even more so, I think than men. And It does make an extraordinary difference because a lot of sexiness come out of confidence.Anchor: You got a lot of flak from other men , / like, (Oh, yes, yes, yes) about this. When they fed up you were seeing a younger guy, what? What is that settled about?Lynn: Well, they don't like to think that a fancy car and a salary at some boring old jobs is going to impress. You know, they like to think that's what's going to allure in anyone they choose. Interestingly enough, I know they wouldn't consider me as a dating material, because I'm too old. So, but they don't wanna hear that someone they don't wanna date is dating someone who's younger, because that sort of means: Oh my gosh! she mean looks count. And you know, it's just not the norm.Anchor: Are there potential pitfalls in a pairing like this though?Peggy: Well, I think that there are pitfalls in any relationships. (that's true) look at that divorce rate. So, you know, the fact that, and in fact, it's women over 40 who are driving the divorce rate, that's the only place where the divorce rating is going up. I think the pitfall as always, you know, are the couple going to be in sync, and I think anybody can experience that. And what I hear from our ers is that women in their forties are with men who're about their age, and they're really on this trajectory of you know feeling ever more confident and more adventurous, and the guys become more and more in that rut you're talking about. Somebody said to me once that, you know, find a guy a rut, he'll lie down in it, (yeah) so, I mean, I would say, It wasn't me who said it. (it's true) but I would say that is, that's the pitfall for any relationship. The guy's gonna keep up.Anchor: OK. Wait. I hav...Before I go, I have to say that's one question, because every older woman out there is thinking: The sex must be great. So, I mean, I have to, as a journalist, I have to ask, I mean, is, is, can you in a nice way, in this morning television, tell me..., you know.Lynn: In a nice way, yes. How's that? But I think chemistry is what makes any relationship great, sexual, anything else. And...Bronson: Actually I was gonna tell you a thing before about being in sync, one of the great things is about a couple that is in sync is that, despite the age disparity, when you all are so in touch with one another, the disparity just disappears. (Yeah.)Lynn: Yeah, that's true.Bronson: Like the disparity was never there before.Lynn: You know what? Anchor: Yeah, well. I said it before, I really do feel you guys, you look like you fit. That so does.Bronson: Oh, that's nice. We look so good for the pictures.Anchor: Yeah. Lynn and Bronson Picket, thanks a lot you guys for sharing this story. Peggy, good to see you as always. I appreciate it. To more about today's topic, log on to the early show website at cbsnews.com. 200807/43963托克托县去粉刺多少钱 呼和浩特清水河县活细胞丰胸价格

赛罕区去痘坑多少钱McCain VP Choice Likely to Please Conservatives佩林:共和党首位女副总统候选人   Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, describing her as a tough political fighter. Governor Palin, who is a relative political unknown, and only the second woman to run on the national ticket of a major U.S. political party. 美国共和党总统候选人、参议员约翰.麦凯恩选择阿拉斯加州州长佩林作为他的竞选夥伴,并形容她是一位坚强的政治斗士。佩林此前在美国全国范围内不是很出名。到目前为止,她是美国主要政党总统及副总统候选人提名历史上的第二位女性。Palin, 44, was elected governor in 2006 as a political reformer, becoming the first woman and the youngest person to serve as Alaska's chief executive. 现年44岁的佩林是2006年以改革派的身份被选为阿拉斯加州州长的。她是阿拉斯加州历史上头一位女性州长,也是最年轻的州长。With an 80 percent approval rating, she has been outspoken on political ethics. 民调显示,佩林州长在阿拉斯加民众当中的持率高达80%;她以大力强调廉政而著称。McCain passed over a number of better known contenders, announcing his choice in an appearance before supporters in Dayton, Ohio. He calls Palin a fighter for principles, from outside of Washington, with working class roots. 麦凯恩参议员放弃了好几位更有声望的候选人,选择佩林作为这次竞选中的副总统搭档。麦凯恩上星期五在俄亥俄州的竞选集会上宣布了他的决定。他称赞佩林坚持原则,来自华盛顿政治圈以外,而且是工人出身。"I found someone with an outstanding reputation for standing up to special interests and entrenched bureaucracies, someone who has fought against corruption and the failed policies of the past, someone who has stopped government from wasting taxpayers' money on things they don't want or don't need, and put it back to work for the people," McCain said.  麦凯恩说:“我找到了一位勇于面对特殊利益集团以及各种官僚势力的竞选夥伴,她勇于打击腐败,打击过去那些失败了的政策,不让政府再把纳税人的钱浪费到人们不想要、也不需要的项目上,而是把这些钱投资到纳税人身上。”The mother of five children, including one born this past April with Downs Syndrome, Palin is a strong opponent of abortion. That is an important issue for conservative and evangelical voters, whose support is key to McCain in his bid to win the presidency.  佩林是5个孩子的母亲,她的5个孩子当中年纪最小的、即今年4月出生的孩子患有唐氏综合症。佩林坚决反对堕胎,这对于保守派选民和福音派基督教徒来说,都是极其重要的,而这些人的选票,正是麦凯恩这次要赢得总统大选的关键。Political analysts also see the selection of Palin as an effort to win over Democratic and independent women voters who were disappointed by Senator Hillary Clinton's loss in the Democratic Party primary process to Senator Barack Obama. It's the first time a woman has been selected to run on a Republican national ticket, and only the second time a woman has been chosen for a major party slot. Democrat Geraldine Ferraro was selected as the vice-presidential candidate in 1984 by Walter Mondale.  政治分析人士同时也把麦凯恩选择佩林做副手这一举措,看作是为了要赢得民主党派和独立女性选民的票,那些人因为希拉里.克林顿在民主党的初选当中,输给了奥巴马参议员,而感到非常失望。佩林州长这次被麦凯恩参议员选为副总统搭档,是历史上头一次有女性作为共和党总统大选中的候选人搭档,也是美国历史上第二次有女性代表主要政党出来竞选副总统。1984年,民主党总统候选人蒙代尔选择了费拉罗女士作为他的竞选搭档。Palin made a pointed reference to her status as a woman candidate as she appeared with McCain one day after the Democratic convention ended in Denver, Colorado, suggesting that Clinton supporters should now shift their support to the Republican ticket.  佩林在接受麦凯恩参议员提名的时候,强调了自己是女性这一点,并且暗示希望从前持希拉里.克林顿的那些选民,能够转而持由她和麦凯恩两人组成的共和党团队。"It was rightly noted in Denver this week that Hillary left 18 million cracks [people who voted for Clinton] in the hardest 'glass ceiling' in America, but it turns out the women of America aren't finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all," she said.  佩林州长说:“这个星期在丹佛市,希拉里在美国最坚硬的玻璃天花板上留下了个1800万个裂缝,但美国女性并未善罢甘休,我们可以一劳永逸地打破这个玻璃天花板。”Senator McCain also may be attempting to counter voter concerns about his age. If elected, he would be 72 when sworn in as president. 麦凯恩参议员挑选佩林作副手,同时可能也在试图减低选民对他年纪的疑虑。如果他当选,他在宣誓就职的时候已经72岁。Palin praised McCain for his military service in Vietnam, saying he has the foreign policy experience needed for the presidency, and political independence necessary to change the way Washington works.  佩林称赞麦凯恩的越南战争经验,说他拥有担任总统需要的外交政策经验,以及政治上的独立,来改变首都华盛顿的政治运作。"No leader in America has shown these qualities so clearly, or presented so clear a threat to business-as-usual in Washington, as Senator John S. McCain," said Palin. "This is a moment when principles and political independence matter a lot more than just the party line, and this is a man who has always been there to serve his country, not just his party." 她说:“在美国,从没有一位领导人像麦凯恩参议员那样,如此清楚地展现了这些特质,或是如此清楚地对一成不变的华盛顿官场作风展现了威胁。在现在这个时刻,原则与政治独立比政党路线更重要,麦凯恩总是在需要的时候为国家务,而不是仅为他的政党务。”The surprise choice of Palin came after Barack Obama formally accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, with a major speech before 80,000 people in a stadium in Denver, Colorado. 麦凯恩宣布他挑选佩林这个叫人惊讶的抉择,是在奥巴马正式接受民主党总统候选人提名,并且在科罗拉多州的丹佛市的一个体育场,在8万人面前发表重要演讲之后。Analysts say McCain is taking a huge political risk by choosing a relative political unknown, in contrast with the Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden, a Washington veteran who has extensive foreign affairs experience. Palin and Biden both have sons in the military and National Guard who will be deploying to Iraq.  分析家说麦凯恩选择一位名不见经传的人作为副手,是政治豪赌。相比之下,民主党的副总统候选人乔.拜登是华盛顿的老牌政治家,拥有丰富广泛的外交事务经验。President Bush in a statement Friday said McCain's selection of Palin shows Americans can trust him to make wise decisions. 布什总统星期五发表声明说,麦凯恩选择佩林,显示美国人可以信任他能够做出明智的选择。200809/47182 So I don't know if you all stayed up last night late, but we have a new Miss America this morning. She is a 22-year-old aspiring teacher,she was crowned in Las Vegas, first time the pageant was ever held outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey and here is a look at the winning moment.Miss America 2006 is Miss Oklahoma, Jennifer Berry. Miss Oklahoma, and guess what? Joining us now from Las Vegas, the new Miss America, Jennifer Berry, of Oklahoma, good morning to you, congratulations. Good morning, Kate, thank you so much. That crown looks very nice sitting up there on top of your head. Well, thank you, I don't mind wearing it. It kind of looks that you can't move your head lower. It might fall off. hahaha. . . , a little bit, a little bit, it's a little unsteady right now. I was ing that you and your sister used to actually pretend that you were Miss America that you'd(had) won the pageant, so the moment last night must have been sort of surreal for you. Very surreal, when we were little, we used to watch the pageant as a family, and um~my sister and I would, would go into tlhe utility room with our heels on, and she was the emcee, and I'd always get to be Miss America, so it, it's a very magic dream come true, and it still fight, hasn't sunken (in) yet. You always got to be Miss America , your sister never got to be? Oh yes, she's never gonna let that down, (oh~not bad.)she is like, she is like a great older sister. Especially not now, and tell us a little bit about your platform, I know that~ur you have a plan to really try to help with drunk-driving. Correct, my platform is building intolerance to drunk-driving and underage drinking, and I've worked for 5 years , in the state of Oklahoma, to diminish alcohol-related fatalities and diminish underage drinking, so now I'll be able to take that beyond the borders of Oklahoma on a national level,ur because people are still dying every single day from alcohol related fatalities, and it's just not necessary, and we need more education regarding that . Absolutely, I have to ask you about the , the venue, because this was the first time it was ever held this pageant outside of Atlantic City, what did you think of Las Vegas? It was fabulous, I've actually been to Atlanta City for ur 3 years . I attended the Miss America pageant as a member of the audience since I was able to see the venue there. Coming to Vegas has just been incredible , they have opened their arms to us, opened their hearts to us, and, just , it's been an incredible experience, I think it was a great step forward for the Miss America Organization and I will began a new tradition right here last night. Do you think that you had enough people watching last night? There has been so much talk about the moves over to Country Music Television broadcasting the event whether people are still interested, whether the pageant is still relevant? Oh, I definitely think it's still relevant, we've had more promotion, for this year's Miss America pageant than we have had in years, and I've had that strangers come up and tell me how much promotion they've seen, how much marketing they have seen. CMT has done a wonderful job with the pageant, I think it was the best union, the best decision that we could have made , for the organization, and we're definitely on our way up from now on now. Well, Jennifer Berry , Miss Oklahoma, and now, Miss America, congratulations again , thanks so much for being with us. Thank you, Kate, thanks for having me.200808/46989呼市253医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱呼市永泰整形美容医院去晒斑怎么样



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