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内蒙古呼和浩特永泰整形医院激光祛斑手术多少钱乌兰察布市妇幼保健医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱(Reuters) - A large proportion of women in India were married when they were still children, a study has found, and researchers warned that such unions carried higher risks of unwanted pregnancies and female sterilization.香港(路透社)——一项研究发现,大部分印度女子结婚时尚属儿童。研究者警告说,这种结合伴有更高的意外怀和女性绝育的危险Nearly all the women who were married before they reached the legal age of 18 reported that they used no contraception before they had their first child, according to the study, which was published in The Lancet. 在达到18岁法定年龄之前结婚的女子,几无例外地告称她们在生育第一胎之前都没有采用避手段。这是根据发表于《柳叶刀》上的此项研究所述。UNICEF defines child marriage as marriage before 18 years of age and such a practice has been increasingly viewed as a violation of human rights.联合国儿童基金会把童婚定义为18岁前结婚。人们越来越倾向于把这种做法看作是对人权的侵犯。 /201005/104810呼和浩特赛罕区治疗蝴蝶斑多少钱 It may have taken him two decades, and the income saved from tons of recycled trash, but Wu Zheng finally fulfilled his wish to buy his wife a piano.尽管老人吴政花了近20年时间,倾尽靠回收垃圾攒下的积蓄,但他终于圆了妻子的钢琴梦。;It was not just an instrument, but a witness of the love from my husband,; said his wife, Xie Guizhi, who has made the piano the centerpiece of her narrow and crowded guestroom.“这不仅仅是一件乐器,也见了老伴对我的爱。”他的妻子谢桂枝说。钢琴已成为了拥挤狭小的客厅中最重要的物件。;I clean the piano every day and don`t allow other people to touch it,; said Xie, 58, a retired worker in Luoyang, Henan province.“我每天都会把钢琴擦得干干净净的,不许别人碰它。”58岁的谢桂枝说,她是河南洛阳的一名退休工人。Wu, 68, said he made up of his mind to buy his wife a piano long ago, even though their life was poor.68岁的吴政说,尽管家境并不富裕,但他很久以前就下定决心要为老伴买架钢琴。;My wife enjoys music and loves piano very much,; Wu said. ;I dreamed of buying her a piano as early as 38 years ago when we fell in love with each other.;“我老伴特别热爱音乐,喜欢钢琴。”吴政说。“早在38年前我们谈恋爱的时候,我就梦想着给她买一架钢琴。”Yet the cost of the piano - at 22,550 yuan (,500) - was a big sum for the family. His wife suffered from backbone problems for years and Wu`s salary at the rural credit cooperative could only cover the basic expenses of food and medicine for the whole family.然而一架22550元的钢琴对这个家庭来讲是笔不小的出。吴政的妻子常年饱受脊椎病的折磨,而吴政在城关信用社的收入仅仅能够撑整个家庭食品和药品的基本出。To make more money to support the family, Wu decided to pick up recyclable waste after work in the early 1990s.;It was a hard decision because there were lots of prejudices toward waste recyclers at that time,; he said. ;Most people thought that collecting recyclable stuff from the dustbins was shameful.;为了多挣些钱养家,吴政从上世纪90年代初就决定利用业余时间捡破烂。“这是个艰难的决定,因为当时人们对拾荒者持有偏见。”他说,“大多数人觉得从垃圾桶里捡破烂是件丢脸的事。”To avoid being identified by his acquaintances, Wu wore a mask and a pair of dark glasses at first. ;It felt like I was committing some wrongdoings when I started to search for recyclable waste in the street,; he said. ;The most worrying thing for me was being identified by my colleagues.;为了避免被熟人认出来,起初吴政会带上口罩和墨镜。“刚开始在街上收废品时,我觉得自己就像做坏事一样。”他说,“最怕被同事认出来。”By collecting all kinds of wastes including rubber shoes, plastic bottles, glasses and newspapers, Wu could earn about 4,000 yuan per year and save about 1,000 of that.通过回收胶鞋、塑料瓶、玻璃和报纸等各种废品,吴政每年能有4000元的收入,从中能存下1000元。The realization of his dream was accompanied by lots of sad memories - he described as feeling ;like a beggar; when he would wait for customers at a roadside barbecue to drop their empty beer bottles.在实现梦想的过程中,也有许多伤心的经历——他说自己在路边烧烤摊边等待人们丢下空啤酒瓶时,感觉自己像个乞丐。;Sometimes I had to wait for more than half an hour until they finished their drinking and left the bottles for me,; he said.“有时为了等他们喝完酒留给我空瓶子,我要等半个多小时。”他说。;Some young men would rather break the glass bottles in front of me on purpose, and it felt like breaking my heart,; he said.“有的年轻人甚至故意当着我的面把玻璃瓶摔破,当时我特别痛心。”他说。He was also moved sometimes when the others gave him some plastic bottles ;in a respectful manner;.而有时人们会“礼貌地”把塑料瓶递给他,他也备受感动。He had to travel around the city twice every day for more than 10 kilometers to find as much stuff as possible.为了尽可能多地回收废品,他每天要在城里走上两圈,能走10多公里的路。Since Wu has fulfilled the dream of buying his wife a piano, he does not go out to pick up waste any more, though he still keeps the habit of saving his family`s recyclable waste.如今吴政已经实现了给老伴买钢琴的梦想,不用再出门拾荒了。但他仍旧保留着收集家中废品的习惯。;There are no differences between so-called noble or humble jobs,; said Wu Yuanhong, the couple`s 36-year-old daughter, adding that she felt proud of her parents.“工作没有所谓的高贵、低贱之分。”两位老人36岁的女儿吴艳红(音译)说,她为自己的父母感到自豪。;People deserve to be respected if they are dedicated to their dreams and don`t rely on others.; For Xie, the piano was a surprising gift - she had never played the piano before and she is trying hard to study how to play.“不依赖别人,为自己的梦想而奋斗的人,理应得到尊重。”对谢桂枝来说,这架钢琴是一份令人惊喜的礼物。之前从未弹过钢琴的她目前正在努力学习。;People could hardly connect the piano - a symbol of elegance and nobility - with waste recyclers, who are always thought of as dirty and messy,; she said.“人们很难将象征高贵优雅的钢琴与拾荒者联系起来。人们总是认为拾荒者脏兮兮的。”她说。;I really appreciate that my husband has done so much for me.; The biggest joy for Wu is to sing songs to the accompaniment of the piano, and his favorite song is The Most Romantic Thing.“我真的很感谢老伴为我做了这么多事。”吴政生活中最大的乐趣就是在钢琴的伴奏下唱歌,而他最喜欢的歌就是《最浪漫的事》。;The most romantic thing I can imagine is to get older slowly with you,; Wu sang to the melody of the piano.吴政老人随着钢琴的美妙旋律唱道:“我能想到最浪漫的事,就是和你一起慢慢变老。” /201206/185517呼和浩特空气去眼袋价钱

呼和浩特光子脱毛多少钱The Japanese government may not have yet confirmed reports on Wednesday that it has reached a deal to purchase part of a chain of islands at the heart of a long-standing diplomatic feud with China, but that didn#39;t stop China#39;s Foreign Ministry from issuing an emotional response. 有报道称,日本已就购买处于日中外交争端核心的部分岛屿达成协议。日本政府周三还没有对这些报道予以实,但这并未阻止中国外交部发表相当情绪化的回应。 ;In disregard of China#39;s solemn representations and firm opposition, Japan single-mindedly pushes forward the island purchase process which severely harmed China#39;s territorial sovereignty and hurt the feelings of the Chinese people,; Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a regular press briefing in Beijing on Wednesday afternoon, his voice climbing in pitch as he spoke. ;We cannot help but ask where is Japan trying to lead China-Japan relations to?; 中国外交部发言人洪磊周三下午在北京举行的例行记者会上说,日方不顾中方多次严正交涉,对中方要求置若罔闻,执意推进所谓;购岛;进程,严重损害中国的领土主权,伤害中国人民的民族感情。我们不禁要问,日方究竟要把处理钓鱼岛问题引向何方? The Senkaku Islands —— three of which are owned by Japan#39;s Kurihara family —— are administered by Japan but claimed by both China and Taiwan. In China, they are referred to as the Diaoyu Islands. 尖阁列岛(Senkaku Islands,中国称钓鱼岛)目前处于日方控制之下,中国和台湾均称对其拥有主权。尖阁列岛中有三座岛现为日本栗原(Kurihara)家族所有。 Japanese media reported that an agreement had been reached between the Japanese government and the Kurihara family to transfer ownership of the three islands for roughly 2 billion yen ( million). The Wall Street Journal has not been able to independently verify those reports. 据日本媒体报道,日本政府与栗原家族已就这三座岛的所有权转让问题达成协议,转让金额约为20亿日圆(合2,600万美元)。《华尔街日报》一直无法独立实这些报道。 In the event those reports turn out to be true, what will the Japanese government be getting for all that cash? Thanks to China Real Time#39;s sister blog, Japan Real Time, we have at least a partial answer. 如果这些报道被明属实,那么日本政府花这么一大笔钱得到的岛屿究竟长得什么样呢?;中国实时报;(China Real Time)栏目的版;日本实时报;(Japan Real Time)让我们有机会一睹其部分真面目。 JRT recently returned from accompanying the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which had been undergoing negotiations of its own with the Kurihara clan, on a survey of the Senkakus. Along the way, WSJ#39;s Eleanor Warnock captured a few short clips that give a sense of what China and Japan have been fighting over. 之前一直与栗原家族举行谈判的东京都政府前不久对尖阁列岛进行了一番调查,;日本实时报;栏目记者沃诺克(Eleanor Warnock)随同前往。沃诺克在沿途拍下了几个视频短片,人们可通过这些短片对于中日双方争夺不休的岛屿有一个直观了解。 Here, for example, is a spiky outcropping on Minamiko Island that Japanese officials believe was the inspiration behind the name Senkaku, which means ;pointed; in Japanese: 例如,下面这张图是南小岛(Minamiko Island)露出水面的尖顶,日本官员认为这个该岛是;尖阁列岛;名字背后的灵感来源。 (A close-up of the shoreline of Uotsori, a Kurihara-owned island that Tokyo officials believe has tourism development potential, is available here, along with other snippets from the expedition here and here.) (还有一张栗原家族所有的鱼钓岛(Uotsori)海岸线近景图片,东京都政府官员认为该岛具备旅游开发潜力。另外,点击这里和这里还有多张这次调查过程中拍摄的其它图片。) Tokyo#39;s aim in conducting the survey was to see whether any of the islands could be developed for tourism and generally assess their worth. The survey team was unable to go ashore, however, because the Japanese government, which is currently leasing the islands from the Kurihara family, would not grant them permission. 东京都政府此次调查的目的是看看这些岛屿是否能进行旅游开发,对其价值进行粗略评估。不过,因为没有得到日本政府的许可,调查团不能登岛。日本政府目前从栗原家族手中租借了这些岛屿。 But if China had any hopes that Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara might oppose the deal because of the city#39;s competing desire to buy the islands, they took a hit Wednesday afternoon when Mr. Ishihara told reporters he wouldn#39;t ;butt in; if the Japanese government were to go through with the purchase. 东京都政府与日本中央政府均有购岛意愿,但如果中国因此对东京都知事石原慎太郎(Shintaro Ishihara)可能反对日本中央政府购岛而抱有任何希望的话,那么周三下午这一希望可以说是落空了。石原慎太郎当天告诉记者,如果日本政府要完成购岛计划,他是不会插手的。 Japan#39;s Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura refused on Wednesday to confirm or deny reports of a deal, saying the government is still in talks with the Kurihara family and could not give specifics. 日本内阁官房长官藤村修(Osamu Fujimura)周三拒绝对购岛交易的报道予以实或否认。他说,日本政府目前仍在与栗原家族进行商谈,不便透露详情。 Beijing was ;monitoring developments of the situation closely,; the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said, adding that the China would ;take necessary measures to defend national territorial sovereignty.; 中国外交部发言人洪磊说,中方正密切关注事态发展,采取必要措施维护国家领土主权。 China#39;s official Xinhua news agency chimed in with a commentary later in the day that dismissed Japan#39;s efforts to purchase the islands as ;a prank,; a ;farce; and ;a daredevil move that could further wreck its ties with Beijing.; 中国官方通讯社新华社(Xinhua news agency)周三晚些时候发表文章,将日本的购岛举动斥为胡来和闹剧,说这一鲁莽之举可能会进一步损害日本与中国的关系。 /201209/198336呼和浩特永泰整形美容医院瘦腿针多少钱 Over the weekend, new data showed a severe drop in Chinese exports.整个周末的最新数据显示,中国出口大幅下降。China reported May exports were up 1%, compared to up nearly 15% in April, and 24% in the first two months of the year.中国发布数据说,5月份出口增长了1%,相比之下,4月份出口增长了接近15%,今年头两个月的出口增幅为24%。That’s a dramatic plunge. But the data actually say more about the black box out of which all Chinese numbers emerge rather than the Chinese economy, albeit it says something about the latter as well.这表明增速已经大幅下降。但是相关数据反映出来的,与其说是中国经济,不如说是中国产生数据的暗箱,虽然它也能反映出中国经济的一些信息。Back in March, we cited one research firm, SouthBay Research, that had noticed the export data coming out of China was way off from the export data coming out of other Asian nations. “One wonders if the surge smacks of desperation, a mad scramble to find profits where normal ways have failed, ” they wrote at the time.今年3月,我们报道了研究公司SouthBay Research的一些看法。这家机构注意到,中国的出口数据与其他亚洲国家的出口数据差距很大。他们当时写道,人们自然会怀疑,中国出口的大幅跃升可能带有一丝绝望色,是一些人在正常道路走不通的情况下为获取利润而采取的疯狂之举导致的。It took some time, but we are finally getting “clean” numbers, or at least, numbers that are probably closer to reality than the previous data, said Patrick Chovanec, chief strategist at Silvercrest Asset Management.Silvercrest Asset Management的首席策略师程志宇(Patrick Chovanec)说,虽然花了一些时间,但我们终于得到了“净”数字,或者至少可能比之前的数据更接近真实情况的数字。Indeed, the rather placid market reaction to the data shows that most people are well aware of the games that get played in China with the economic numbers.实际上,市场对数据相当平静的反应显示出,大多数人都非常清楚中国在经济数据上玩的把戏。The earlier export numbers were being gamed by companies looking skirt restrictions on capital inflows (the proverbial “hot money”). The crackdown on the bad data was at least partially an attempt to slow down this flow of capital, said Chovanec, who was previously a professor at Tsinghua University’s school of economics in Beijing. Amid consistent fears of investing bubbles over the years, this is no small thing.早些时候,出口数据被一些寻求逃避资本流入(俗称热钱)限制的公司所篡改。程志宇说,对不良数据的打击至少在一定程度上是为了使这种资本流入放缓。鉴于多年来对投资泡沫的持续担忧,这并不是小事。程志宇曾经是清华大学经济管理学院的教授。The new numbers were an eye-opener, to the observant eye. Exports were expected to rise 7.3%; they rose only 1%. Imports were expected to rise 6%; they actually fell 0.3%. The new numbers “could be” honest numbers, said Robert Hardy, who writes the GeoStrat newsletter. “If so, they could send a chill through the markets.”对于有心人来说,新的数据发人深省。预期的出口增幅为7.3%,结果仅增长1%。预计的进口增幅为6%,实际上却下降了0.3%。Geostrat的哈迪(Robert Hardy)说,新的数字有可能是真实数据,如果这样的话,它们可能会让整个市场感到寒意。“I continue to be deeply concerned about China, ” said Kiron Sarkar, a former Rothschild banker who runs the research shop Sarkar Global Macro. “However, the authorities do not seem to be y to stimulate the economy, which I believe is declining far faster than most analysts think. Current forecasts that GDP will grow by +7.5% this year are fanciful in my humble opinion.”前Rothschild Inc.家、目前运营着业务通讯Sarkar Global Macro的萨卡尔(Kiron Sarkar)说,我仍然对中国深感忧虑。不过,有关部门似乎不准备刺激经济,我认为目前中国经济下滑的速度比许多分析师认为的要快的多。以我的愚见,目前对今年GDP增速将达到7.5%的预测简直是异想天开。The economy is very likely growing slower than the government is letting on, Chovanec said. He estimates that GDP in 2012 was closer to 5.5% than the official rate of 7.8%. But China’s GDP is a “black box, they control it.”程志宇说,中国的经济增速很可能低于政府发布的数据。他认为2012年的GDP增速更接近5.5%,而不是官方发布的7.8%。但是中国的GDP是个暗箱,控制权在他们手中。The government’s gotten itself in a bad cycle of issuing debt to fuel growth. A lot of the credit is going into bad, unproductive investments (think the infamous ghost cities). Rather than take the loss, the government issues more debt to cover the payments on the older debt. Every year the returns get smaller and smaller.政府已经陷入了靠发行债券来刺激增长的恶性循环。许多贷款都被用于不良的、无成效的投资(想想臭名昭著的鬼城吧)。政府非但没有承担损失,还发行了更多债券来偿还更早的债务。这些债券的回报每年都在缩水。It sounds scary, but it may or may not lead to a “Minsky moment” event, Chovanec said. It could just as well be a Japanese style slow burn. Indeed, Chovanec said China’s economy has plenty of potential growth, but without some kind of correction or adjustment, the cycle just keeps feeding itself and investors keep buying the bad debt in expectations that the government will keep covering it. If you’re thinking right now, that sounds familiar, well, it is.程志宇说,这听起来很可怕,但它是否会引发“明斯基时刻”(Minsky moment)式的事件还不好说。它也可能只是日本式的慢烧过程。实际上,程志宇说,中国经济有足够的增长潜力,但是如果缺少某种修正或调整,这个恶性循环将会持续下去,投资者将继续购买不良的债券并期待着政府将会买单。如果你现在觉得这听起来耳熟,的确如此。Either way, the new export numbers show the Chinese economy is not at all what it’s cracked up to be.无论怎样,新的出口数据能够说明的是,中国经济根本不像它自己所说的那样好。 /201306/245335和林格尔县妇幼保健人民中医院治疗痘痘多少钱

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