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2018年10月23日 18:03:28

While Samsung Electronics unveiled its new Gear 2 smartwatch to much fanfare, China#39;s Huawei Technologies also made its own foray into the wearable device market this weekend.在三星电子(Samsung Electronics)隆重推出其新款Gear 2智能手表之际,中国的华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies)上个周末也开始进军可穿戴设备市场。Huawei#39;s TalkBand B1, unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Spain, is similar to most other smart bands worn around the wrist, keeping time and offering health-tracking features. But Huawei adds a little twist by making the device act as a Bluetooth headset for wireless phone calls.华为在西班牙举行的世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)上发布了智能手环TalkBand B1。与大多数腕式智能设备一样,TalkBand具有时钟和健康追踪功能。但略显不同的是,该智能手环配备了蓝牙耳机,可持无线通话。Part of the wristband-like device comes off and turns into a earpiece, allowing users to make calls without taking their phones out of their pockets or bags. Huawei says the new device is compatible with both Android and Apple#39;s iOS operating systems.这款智能手环的一部分可以取下来当作耳机,用户不用将手机从口袋或包里掏出来就可以拨打电话。华为称,这款新设备可以兼容安卓(Android)和苹果(Apple)的iOS操作系统。The Shenzhen-based company, whose mainstay business is supplying telecommunications networking gear to carriers, is the latest company to enter the fledgling market for wearables. Ahead of the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Huawei, still little-known as a consumer brand, was teasing its first wearable device on Chinese social media sites.华为是最新一家进军新兴可穿戴设备市场的公司,这家总部位于深圳的公司的主营业务是向运营商提供电信网络设备。在巴塞罗那的世界移动通信大会开幕前,华为就已经在中国社交媒体网站?其首款可穿戴设备造势。不过,作为一个消费者品牌,华为还没有什么知名度。The market for smartwatches and smart bands is getting increasingly crowded and competitive, even though many consumers are still not convinced that they need yet another connected device in addition to smartphones and tablets. A person familiar with the situation told The Wall Street Journal Sunday that Google is preparing an Android smartwatch with LG Electronics.越来越多的公司正涌入智能手表和智能手环市场,使得竞争不断加剧,哪怕许多消费者仍不确定除了智能手机和平板电脑之外他们是否还需要另外的连接设备。一位知情人士周日向《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal Sunday)透露,谷歌(Google)准备与LG电子(LG Electronics)合作推出一款安卓智能手表。Huawei says the TalkBand will become available in China next month, and then in Western Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Japan in the second quarter. In Europe, the suggested retail price is EUR99 (6).华为表示,TalkBand下个月将在中国市场发售,第二季度将登陆西欧、中东、俄罗斯和日本市场。在欧洲,这款智能手环的建议零售价为99欧元(合136美元)。The price isn#39;t very low compared to more fitness-oriented smart bands. Nike#39;s FuelBand SE, for example, sells for 9 on the company#39;s online store.与其他更注重健康功能的智能手环相比,TalkBand的价格算不上很低廉。以耐克(Nike)的FuelBand SE为例,其官网售价为149美元。Other than the wireless calling function, Huawei says the TalkBand#39;s podometer-like feature counts your steps and calculates how many calories you have burned. The company also claims that the device can keeps track of the duration and quality of your sleep.华为表示,除了无线通话功能,TalkBand还可以计步、记录卡路里燃烧量。该公司称,这款设备还可以监测用户的睡眠时间和质量。 /201402/277268呼和浩特永泰整形医院抽脂手术好不好呼和浩特去狐臭手术Mike Senna, a computer programmer from Orange County, California, has spent the last two and a half years building a real-life Wall-E robot, from scratch. It moves around, rolls and talks, but he doesn#39;t collect trash.经过了两年半的努力,来自加州奥兰治县的电脑程序设计师麦克-森纳终于造出了一个真实版的机器人瓦力。它能动,能绕圈,能说话,不过还不会收集垃圾。In 2009, shortly after the movie Wall-E was launched, we featured some photos of cool Wall-E computer case mod, but that feat simply pales in comparison to Mike Senna#39;s awesome achievement.2009年,电影《机器人瓦力》上映不久,我们曾拍到过几张用电脑机箱搭建的瓦力照片。但在森纳所取得的无以伦比的成就面前,这些照片显得异常苍白。The robot aficionado spend between 3,200 and 3,800 man hours building his very own version of the adorable Pixar trash-collecting hero. His computer programming skills definitely came in handy, but seeing as there were no Wall-E parts available anywhere on this planet, he had to construct the whole thing from scratch. He worked on it about 25 hours a week, after his day job, but all the hard work certainly paid off.这个机器人狂人花费了3200到3800工时,来建造这个独一无二版的热衷于垃圾收集的皮克斯动画可爱主人公。森纳的计算机程序设计技术无疑派上了用场。不过鉴于在这个世界上还没有任何类似瓦力的存在,这一切都必须从零开始设计。森纳每天在白天的工作后开始动手制作瓦力,每周在这上面花费25小时,终于这辛苦的劳作获得了成功。This isn#39;t Mike Senna#39;s first robot, either. In 2003, he created his own version of R2D2, so he#39;s pretty well-known in select geek circles. His latest creation has started making appearances at various events, putting a smile on children#39;s faces and getting praised by adult geeks.这并不是森纳制造出的第一个机器人。2003年,他制造出了专属的《星球大战》中的R2D2机器人,因而在技术宅们的小众圈子里已经小有名气。这次他最新造出的真实版瓦力已经开始在各种场合登场得孩子们一笑,这同样也赢得了很多成年电脑迷的赞赏。 /201208/193996内蒙古自治区妇幼保健院祛疤痕多少钱

呼和浩特永泰整形美容医院切眼袋好吗武川县祛斑多少钱Let#39;s face it. Condoms are a bit of downer. So how do we convince guys to put it on? And make durex the favorite choice.事实是,带套真的比较不爽。要如何说男人们使用套套并选择杜蕾斯的套套呢?When you are a twenty-one year old stallion, what might be the best reason to put it on?对20来岁的小伙子来说,戴套的第一大理由是什么?;I#39;m pregnant.;我怀了。To be honest, guys don#39;t really care that much about sexually transmitted diseases. But babies, they just won#39;t disappear with a visit to the doctor.说实话,什么淋病梅毒男人没在怕的,但小孩?他们不会随着拜访医生而消失。So we thought, let#39;s simulate the experience of having a new born. And give you a taste of what it really feels like.所以我们做了个手机程序,让你尝尝那到底是什么滋味。We created a mobile application where you can knock-up a friend#39;s phone. Downloadand install the application. Find a phone to mate, and gently rub the two phones against each other. And there you go!这个程序不仅模拟养小孩,还可以“搞大”朋友的手机。下载安装,去搞别人的手机,轻轻地前后擦,成功。The baby will require your utmostattention: feed it, tickle it, rubble, bubble, or hugit...using every trick in the book to make it stop crying!这个模拟程序会跟真小孩一样烦你,要喂奶,要逗他玩,要哄睡觉,还要抱,要想尽办法让他不要哭闹。Everytime you close the application, you will be reminded: use durex. With facebook connect, the world will know you#39;ve become a dad. Invitations for baby events will start poping up on your profile.而每次你关闭这个程序,会显示用杜蕾斯的提醒。它还会更新你的facebook状态“我当爹啦”。各种婴儿相关活动的邀请也会随之而来。On durex condom packages we place QR texts that link to a durex baby anti-knock-up application. Download it, and you are baby-free, at least until the real magic happens...我们在杜蕾斯的盒子上印了个二维码,它连接到杜蕾斯“防小人”手机程序的下载地址,下载这个程序,世界终于清静了—至少在你真的搞大了女朋友肚子之前。 /201306/244795New evidence in the Apple-Samsung patent trial bolstered a widesp suspicion: this case might as well be called Apple v. Google. 苹果公司(Apple)与三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)专利诉讼案流出的新据持了外界的一个广泛猜测:或许这同样是一场苹果与谷歌(Google Inc.)之间的战争。Apple on Tuesday introduced a deposition by Google lawyer James Maccoun, who verified emails that the search giant had offered to cover some of Samsung#39;s legal costs and agreed to foot some of the damages if the Korean electronics giant lost. AP苹果周二出示了一份谷歌律师麦考恩(James Maccoun)的词。麦考恩实了一批谷歌与三星的往来电子邮件。这些邮件显示,谷歌愿意承担三星的部分诉讼成本,如果三星败诉,谷歌还同意承担部分赔偿。Google#39;s legal protection pertained to two of the five patents asserted by Apple in this case. Apple is seeking .2 billion from Samsung for infringing those five patents. Samsung has countered by saying that Apple infringed two of its patents and is seeking million. 苹果在该案中指控三星侵犯了其五项专利,索赔22亿美元,谷歌提供给三星的法律援助就涉及其中的两项专利。三星反诉苹果侵犯其两项专利,要求苹果赔偿700万美元。The deep links between Google and Samsung are not surprising. Earlier in the trial, Samsung has said that four of the five patents Apple is asserting were covered by Google#39;s work on the Android operating system and Google engineers testified on Samsung#39;s behalf during the trial to counter Apple#39;s claims. Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of smartphones and tablets running Android. 谷歌与三星过从甚密并不令人意外。在案件审理早期三星就曾表示,苹果提及的五项专利中,有四项是谷歌为安卓(Android)系统研发的,谷歌工程师也出庭为三星作。三星是全球最大的安卓智能手机和平板电脑生产商。In the deposition, Maccoun confirmed that Google agreed to help defend Samsung against some intellectual property claims as part of the #39;Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA)#39; between the two companies. This agreement allows Samsung to use Google applications on its devices. 麦考恩实,根据两家公司签署的“移动应用分销协议”(MADA),谷歌同意帮助三星应对知识产权诉讼。该协议允许三星在其设备上使用谷歌开发的应用。The deposition was introduced by Apple to refute an earlier statement by Samsung saying that it was not seeking indemnification from Google in Sept. 2012 for the patents in question. This deposition authenticated emails from April 2012 of Samsung discussing indemnification terms with Google. 苹果出示麦考恩的词,是为了反驳三星之前在一份声明中说它没有在2012年9月就纠纷专利向谷歌索要补偿。而这份词实了2012年4月起三星与谷歌讨论补偿事宜的多份邮件的真实性。Introducing the deposition was a slight departure from Apple#39;s legal strategy so far in the trial, which is taking place in U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif. Throughout the trial, Apple#39;s lawyers had been downplaying Google#39;s role in the case, making clear that Samsung was the main party in this case. 本案目前正在加州 何塞地区法院(District Court in San Jose)审理,出示这份词标志着开庭以来苹果的诉讼策略有了小小的变化。在之前的庭审过程中,苹果律师一直淡化谷歌在本案中的角色,明确三星才是案件主体。Earlier on Tuesday, Apple defended itself against the two patents that Samsung is asserting by noting that the Korean firm had purchased the patents after the iPhone maker filed its first patent suit in 2011. Samsung has argued that it regularly acquires patents as part of building its intellectual property portfolio. 周二早些时候,苹果为自己被指控侵犯三星两项专利做了辩护,称三星是在2011年苹果提起首桩专利诉讼后才购买的这两项专利。三星则表示,为了扩充知识产权组合,自己定期购买专利。 /201404/290986呼和浩特祛褐青色痣要哪家医院好内蒙古医学院第一附属医院做隆鼻手术多少钱

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