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呼和浩特脱腋毛呼和浩特激光脱毛哪里比较好呼和浩特市曼托丰胸的价格 Top tips on the best ways to cut your living costs, from changing your shopping habits to changing how you spend your free time. A for those on a budget!本视频提供了削减生活成本的最佳途径的建议,从改变购物习惯到怎样配空闲时间,对那些正在做预算的人有很大帮助。Step 1: Travel1.交通One of the best ways to cut your living costs is to get rid of the car. Walk or cycle to work. If you have to drive, get a car that has a low petrol consumption. If you commute to work or do the school run by car, team up with neighbours to share the journey and the cost. You can also save on public transport fares by travelling off-peak, outside the rush hour.削减生活成本最好的方法之一就是放弃汽车,步行或骑自行车去上班。如果必须驾车,可以购买一辆汽油消耗量比较低的汽车。如果你打车去上班或上学,可以和邻居一起,既有人作伴,又可以节约费用。如果你乘坐公共交通工具,在高峰期之外乘坐也可以节约费用。Step 2: Shop locally2.在本地购物You may think that going to supermarkets and chain stores are the cheapest way to shop, but try visiting your local market stall, as lower overheads should mean lower prices. Using local stores and markets will also support your local community.你或许认为去超级市场或连锁商场购物是最便宜的,但是试着光顾当地的市场,因为较低的营运开意味着更低的价格。光顾当地的市场和商场还可以持当地社区。Step 3: Shop online3.网上购物Carry out research on the internet for the best bargains, before you go out to buy something. Price comparison websites such as pricerunner.co.uk will help you find the lowest prices even if you dont end up buying online. Online grocery shopping will also save you time and travel costs.在外出购物之前先上互联网进行研究,找出最便宜的商品。pricerunner.co.uk这样的价格比较网站可以帮助你找出最低的价格,即使你最后并不在网上购物。在网上购物还可以节约时间和交通费用。Step 4: Cancel your gym membership4.取消健身馆会员If you dont use your gym regularly cancel your membership immediately. Even if you do, its easy to exercise for free. Try running home from work. Youll soon save enough money to buy an exercise bike or even a rowing machine.如果你不经常去健身馆,立即取消会员资格。即使你想锻炼,也有许多非常简单的免费锻炼方法。试着跑步从工作地点回家。你将很快有足够的时间来购买一辆用于锻炼的自行车甚至划船练习器。Step 5: Use your library5.使用当地图书馆Dont waste your money buying books if youve got a local library. Theyre not only good for borrowing novels - they also stock cookbooks,guidebooks, CDs and s. Visit Whichbook.net to find a book and check whether its available at your local library.如果你们当地有图书馆,不要浪费任何钱来买书。图书馆不仅提供小说,还有许多食谱,旅行指南,CD和视频。Whichbook.net可以查看你当地的图书馆是否有某本书出借。Step 6: Take up a money-saving hobby6.养成省钱的好习惯With a bit of thought and creativity you can find a hobby which is both interesting and cheap to do. Rather than going to the pub, try something new. Take up painting or go fishing. If you prefer going to the theatre or a concert, you can save money by buying the tickets when they first go on sale.稍微动一下脑子就可以找到既有趣又省钱的好习惯。不要去酒馆,尝试一些新的东西。可以涂鸦油画或去钓鱼。如果你喜欢去剧院或音乐会,在他们打折的时候买票也可以省钱。201505/372924Dr. Hawa Abdi现代史怀哲:Hawa Abdi医生My mother was dreaming that I would be a great person. She became pregnant with her seventh child when I was eleven years old. As her stomach swelled, she felt weakness and pain, but she said, ;No problem, Hawa. Everything will be okay. Whether it comes to us through violence, disease or even childbirth, that is not the end of our story. You have to get up and help someone who needs you.; I became a doctor because I wanted to save others from feeling the pain after my mother died.那时我的母亲梦想我会变成一位很伟大的人。她在我十一岁时怀上她的第七个小孩。随着她的肚子越来越大,她感到虚弱而且痛苦,但她说:“没问题的,Hawa。一切都会好转的。不论它(死亡)是透过暴力、疾病或甚至分娩迎向我们,那都不是我们故事的结局。你必须要坚强起来并帮助那些需要你的人。”我成为一位医生,因为在我母亲过世后我想要拯救其他人免于病痛。The Somalia I grew up in was so much different than today. Mogadishu was the best place in all Africa. In the rural area, children had fresh milk, fresh meat, fresh air. Life was very beautiful, very simple and very peaceful.我成长过程中的索马里和今天大不相同。Mogadishu(索马里第一大城)曾是整个非洲最棒的地方。在乡村地区,孩子们有新鲜牛奶、新鲜的肉、新鲜空气。生活非常美好、非常简单也非常平静。It started to go bad in 1988. When the government collapsed, more and more people came to us to escape the fighting. The Somali people have tradition of hospitality. When a traveler comes to you, you have to give him the best of what you have. It seems only natural that the problems we could solve, like giving someone a place to stay and the feeling of safety should be solved.一切从1988年开始恶化。当政府崩解后,越来越多的人来找我们以逃离斗争。索马里人有好客的传统。当旅人投靠你,你必须要给他你拥有的最好的东西。我们可以解决的问题应该要被解决,像是提供某人住宿的地方以及安全感,这似乎就是自然而然的。When space became full, families began to sleep under the trees. After more than twenty years, it became ninety thousand people. These people have become my family. Here we are all Somali. If you wont identity with your ground, you cannot stay.当空间人满为患时,家家户户开始睡在树下。在二十多年后,变成了九万人。这些人变成我的家人。在这里我们全都是索马里人。如果你不认同你的土地,你就不能留下来。In time, my children become doctors, and now, we work together. Each crisis we face gives way to the next as a new group takes control of our area. Sometimes these children, with their guns, they told me, ;You are an old woman. You cannot be in charge.; I said, ;And you are a strong young man, what have you done for these people?;最后,我的孩子们都成了医师,而现在,我们一同工作。当一个新的组织控制我们这地区时,我们所面对的每个危机都会被下一次的危机取代。有时候这些孩子,拿着他们的,他们告诉我:“你是个老女人。你不能掌权。”我说:“而你是个强壮的年轻人,你为这些人们做过些什么?”Whether for fighting or the famine, we have lost as many as fifty people per day. But we get up. We go on. And we help someone who needs us.不论是斗争或是饥荒,我们每天失去多达五十人。但我们振作起来。我们走下去。我们帮助某些需要我们的人。Today our one-room clinic is a four hundred beds hospital. I live for the hope that peace will come; that my children and my grandchildren will someday know the Somalia I loved. Until that time, they can build on what I have started.今天我们那只有一间房的诊所成了有四百张床的医院。我活着是抱持着和平终会到来的希望;我的孩子和我的孙子们终有一天会了解我深爱的索马里。到那时之前,他们可以在我着手建立的成果上发展。Im Dr. Hawa Abdi. This is my Vital Voice. Now, raise yours.我是Hawa Abdi医生。这是我的Vital Voice。现在,发起你的(言论)吧。201504/369109呼和浩特第一医院韩式隆鼻多少钱

呼和浩特市第一医院做祛疤手术多少钱呼和浩特市唇部激光脱毛价格 Though our lifestyles are now more尽管我们今天的生活sophisticated than our ancestors,比祖先们的丰富多theres nothing like a bit但是还没有什么东西of raw fruit and veg to put us in touch with our inner ape.能像新鲜蔬果那样 给我们带来最本能的感受The thing that excites me most is...fruit.最让我兴奋不已的就是水果了I tend to eat it more in its raw state我更喜欢生吃蔬果than when its been messed about with.而不是榨汁或处理过的Hey, look. Its juicy, isnt it? Mmm.看呀 美味多汁 不是吗We humans enjoy fruit and even some vegetables -人类喜欢吃水果 甚至一些蔬菜a very good thing,这是件好事given the modern mantra of ;Five a day;.现代人有句口号 一日五蔬果What, then, could be better than a那么 还有什么能比back-to-basics diet of natures finest...in the raw?回归自然的饮食方式更好呢 生吃吗And thats exactly what eight volunteers are going to do.我们的八名志愿者便要一探究竟Theyll live in a West country zoo他们将住进西部国家动物园alongside our cousins, the apes, for two weeks和我们的;亲戚;猿猴朝夕相处两周的时间and theyll eat like them too.并且模仿它们一样进食201504/370123呼和浩特永泰整形美容医院整形美容科

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