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Apple is pushing for the legal dispute over unblocking the San Bernardino gunman’s iPhone to be taken up by a Washington DC committee instead of being handled through the courts.苹果(Apple)正在争取由华盛顿哥伦比亚特区的一个委员会(而不是法院)审理围绕解锁圣贝纳迪诺案凶手的iPhone的法律纠纷。Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, wrote in an email to employees yesterday that the “best way forward” would be for the US government to withdraw its judicial order, issued last week.苹果首席执行官蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)昨日在一封写给员工的电子邮件中写道,“最佳出路”将是美国政府撤销上周发布的司法命令。Instead, he suggested Apple would “gladly participate” in a “commission or other panel of experts on intelligence, technology and civil liberties to discuss the implications for law enforcement, national security, privacy and personal freedoms”.他提出,苹果将“很高兴参加”一个“涵盖情报、技术和公民自由的委员会或者其他专家小组,讨论这件事对执法、国家安全、隐私和个人自由的潜在影响”。The plan echoes a similar proposal for talks last month, before the latest row began, from Michael McCaul, chairman of the House homeland security committee, and Mark Warner, a member of the Senate intelligence committee.该计划呼应上月(最近的争吵爆发之前)美国众议院国土安全委员会(House homeland security committee)主席迈克尔麦克考尔(Michael McCaul)和参议院情报委员会(Senate intelligence committee)成员马克茠纳(Mark Warner)提出的类似商谈建议。Last week, the House energy and commerce committee invited Mr Cook and James Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to testify over the “ongoing debate related to encryption technologies”.上周,众议院能源和商务委员会(House energy and commerce committee)邀请库克和联邦调查局(FBI)局长詹姆斯科米(James Comey)就“正在展开的关于加密技术的辩论”作。“Apple is a uniquely American company,” Mr Cook said. “It does not feel right to be on the opposite side of the government in a case centring on the freedoms and liberties that government is meant to protect.”“苹果是一家纯正的美国公司,”库克表示。“在一起围绕政府理应保护的自由的案件中站在政府的对立面,让人感觉不对劲。”Mr Comey made an emotional appeal to Apple and the US public on Sunday in a blog post on legal site Lawfare, saying the case was “quite narrow” and not intended to set a precedent.周日,科米在法律网站Lawfare的一篇客文章中向苹果和美国公众发出情感诉求,称此案“意义相当狭窄”,并非意在设立一个先例。“We can’t look the survivors in the eye, or ourselves in the mirror, if we don’t follow this lead,” he said. “We don’t want to break anyone’s encryption or set a master key loose on the land.”“如果我们不追查这条线索,我们就无法正眼注视幸存者或镜子中的自己,”他说。“我们不希望打破任何人的加密,或者是释放一把万能钥匙。”He wrote the tension between privacy and safety “should not be resolved by corporations that sell stuff for a living. It also should not be resolved by the FBI, which investigates for a living.”他写道,隐私和安全之间的紧张“不应该由以销售产品为生计的企业来解决。它也不应该由以调查为生计的FBI来解决。”Instead, he said it should be settled “by the American people” and called for a “long conversation” on the matter.他表示,相反,这应该“由美国人民”解决,并呼吁在这个问题上开展“长时间对话”。Apple’s legal response is due this week in a case that began last Tuesday when a judge in California ordered it to create tools that would help the FBI unlock a device used by Syed Rizwan Farook before he killed 14 people in December.苹果应于本周作出法律回应,本案始于上周二,加州的一名法官命令该公司创建工具,帮助FBI解锁去年12月杀害14人的赛义德里兹万法鲁克(Syed Rizwan Farook)在作案前使用的iPhone。Mr Cook has refused to comply with the order, calling the demand for a “back door” into the iPhone an “over-reach” by the authorities that has “chilling implications” for its customers’ privacy. Several other Silicon Valley companies, including Google and Facebook, have supported Apple’s position.库克拒绝遵守这一法庭命令,称要求开辟进入iPhone的“后门”是当局“伸手过长”,对苹果顾客的隐私具有“可怕影响”。谷歌(Google)和Facebook等多家硅谷公司已表态持苹果的立场。 /201602/428203。

The Silk Road丝绸之路In the Han Dynasty,China established extensive contacts with various nationalities and kingdoms outside its domain through the Silk Road.Zhang Qian pioneered this route. During the reign of Emperor Wu,the Huns in the North often harassed the frontier of the Han Dynasty,and controlled dozens of small kingdoms in the Western Regions.汉代,中国通过“丝绸之路”与域外各民族建立了广泛的交往。这条线路的开辟,首先要归功于张赛。汉武帝时,北方匈奴常常袭扰汉朝边境,还控制了当时西域的几十个小国。In 138 .,Emperor Wu sent Zhang Qian with a delegation of over 100 people on a diplomatic mission to the Western Re-gions to seek allies against the Huns.Zhang Qian was captured by the Huns just as he left the Han territory,and was held prisoner for a dozen years. During this period,he learned the Hun language,and got to know well the geography of their territory. Escaping from the Hun encampment, Zhang Qian made his way back to Chang’an,with only one companion left of the 100 who had set out.公元前138年,汉武帝派张赛带100多人出使西域,联络大月氏,准备左右夹攻匈奴。没想到刚出边境,张赛就被匈奴抓住了。在被扣留期间,他学会了匈奴语,掌握了匈奴的地形。十多年后,张鸯逃了出来。当年与他同去的100多人,只剩下两人回到长安。In 119 ,Emperor Wu sent Zhang Qian on a second diplomatic mission to the Western Re-gions. This time,he had an entourage of 300,with tens of thousands of cattle and sheep anda large amount of gifts.They visited many countries,and these coun-tries sent envoys to return their visit to the Han court.From then on,the Han Dy-nasty had frequent contacts with the countries in the Western Regions,later setting up a Western Regions Frontier Command in today’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Re-gion,which was under the administration of the central government. The Silk Road was another outcome of Zhang Qian’s journeys.公元前119年,汉武帝再次派张赛出使西域,这次随行的有300多人,带去了上万头牛羊和货物。他们访问了许多国家,这些国家也派了使臣带礼物回访。从此以后,汉朝和西域的往来越来越多。后来,汉还在今天新疆地区设了西域都护府,归中央政府管理。张赛出使西域,开辟了中西交流的“丝绸之路”。The Silk Road started from Chang’an in the east and stretched westward to reach the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the Roman Empire. Trade caravans from China carrying large amounts of silk fabrics exchanged merchandise with traders from Persia,India and Greece, and brought home walnuts, grapes and carrots from abroad. In the fol-lowing several centuries,Sino-Western exchanges mainly characterized by the silk trade were mostly carried on through the Silk Road.“丝绸之路”东起长安,向西到地中海东岸,转至罗马帝国。汉朝的商队,运大量的丝织品同波斯人、印度人、希腊人交换商品,同时带回了外国的核桃、葡萄、胡萝卜等。此后的许多世纪,以丝绸贸易为主的中西交流大多经过“丝绸之路”进行。 /201512/410688。

A restaurant that serves Japanese ramen made by two robot ;chefs; became a hit when it opened on Thursday in Shanghai, icpress.cn reported.据icpress.cn报道,星期四在上海开业了一家主营日本拉面的餐厅。但是,拉面主厨竟是机器人,实在是太逆天!According to its owner Liu Jin, the two machines cost one million yuan (4,000) and were made by a company in Japan. He said he considers them a gimmick but thinks robots will play a larger role in catering in the future.据该店老板刘进先生介绍,两位机器人“大厨”是他花了100万元(约合15.4万美元)从日本某公司定制的。他说,引入机器人做拉面只是一个噱头,但他认为在未来的饮食行业,机器人将发挥更大的作用。The one million yuan price tag is about the same as it would cost Liu to employ two human chefs for six years. That#39;s possibly the reason for the 58 yuan price tag on a bowl of ramen at his restaurant, which is about twice the price at another chain.100万元的价格相当于刘先生雇用2名厨师工作六年所付的薪水。这可能也是他的餐厅里一碗拉面标价58元的原因,这个价格几乎是其它餐厅的两倍。As with robots that have been used in car production for decades, Koya and Kona are programmed to complete a sequence of tasks, which they do with mesmerizing efficiency and no lack of panache. While the bots can#39;t make noodles, they can boil and serve them and pour out the correct amount of soup into a waiting bowl. A waiter then adds the required garnish and delivers the dish to the customer.如同已经使用了几十年的汽车生产线机器人一样,机器人Kona和Toya也被植入程序来完成一系列任务,他们工作起来高效且颇具看点。虽然机器人不能做出面条,但他们能下面,煮面,控汤,并完美的倒入碗里,然后会有个务员添加所需的配菜,并送到顾客手上。 /201512/418245。

Coming to San Francisco for the first time in a few years brings home how much it has been transformed. Whatever you call what is happening — a boom, a bubble or a flood of money into what was known as new technology before the “new” became redundant — has augmented the city’s reality.有些年没来过旧金山,这次来到这里,我意识到这座城市发生了巨大的变化。不管你怎么形容这里正在发生的事情——繁荣、泡沫或者大量资金流入技术(以前曾被称为“新”技术,现在“新”字可以省略了),这座城市的现实状况因此而提升。Once, there was a gaping divide between southern and northern California — between Hollywood and Silicon Valley. To the south was the dream factory of fantasy and imagination; in the north was science, hardware such as the transistor and chino-clad venture capitalists who worked in business parks on Sand Hill Road and lived in sprawling suburbia. San Francisco was a pretty, but unexciting tourist town.过去,加利福尼亚州的南部和北部——好莱坞和硅谷——之间存在巨大的鸿沟。南部是制造幻想和想象的梦想工厂;北部则属于科学,属于晶体管等硬件,以及那些在沙山路(Sand Hill Road)商业园工作、在不断扩张的广大郊区居住、衣着休闲的风险资本家。旧金山那时是一个美丽,但也平淡乏味的旅游城市。It feels more like Hollywood now, full of people writing scripts and honing pitches. “Brave new world companies create something that was not there before. They do not just save somebody money,” a middle-aged man told a young entrepreneur at a nearby table in a diner on Monday morning. The ingénu should portray his venture as more than “faster, better, cheaper”.现在这里给人感觉更像好莱坞了,满是写“脚本”和打磨推介词的人。那个周一的早上,餐馆邻桌的一名中年男子对一名年轻创业者说:“这些建造‘美丽新世界’的企业创造过去不存在的事物。它们不仅仅是帮某些人省了钱。”这个生涩的小伙子应该将他的项目描述为不只是“更快、更好、更便宜”。Later that day one venture capitalist described his own firm’s decision to turn down Uber when it was first raising money as “a lamentable failure of imagination”. The partners should have realised that the pitch for a smartphone limousine service in San Francisco implied a platform to revolutionise global transport. Instead of thinking of the legal obstacles, they ought to have suspended their disbelief.当天晚些时候,一名风险资本家讲述了他自己的企业在优步(Uber)首次募集资金时拒绝了它的事情,称那个决定是“一次令人惋惜的想象力失灵”。他的合伙人们当时应该意识到,那场关于一款旧金山智能手机叫车软件的推介活动,预示着一个将为全球交通出行带来变革的平台。他们本不应考虑法律方面的障碍,而应暂时放下自己的怀疑。The old things are shrunken — the San Francisco Chronicle is thin and full of wire stories — and others are exploding. An entire district has sprung up around China Basin on the edge of the city; Apple, which used to carve its stores into old buildings, has levelled a building by Union Square to build a Foster + Partners retail temple; the city’s bars are sleek and vibrant.陈旧的东西正在萎缩——旧金山的编年史不长,充满了新鲜事物——其他的东西则在爆炸。在这座城市的边缘,围着China Basin,一整片城区拔地而起;过去曾将门店挤进老旧建筑中的苹果(Apple),拆除了联合广场(Union Square)上的一栋大楼,建造了一座由Foster + Partners建筑事务所设计的标志性零售门店;这座城市的酒吧既时髦又充满活力。Silicon Valley is at one of those historic moments when a set of technologies start to work — and to work together — in unexpected ways. In this case, the interaction of mobile, robotic and artificial intelligence is producing a wave of applications and devices, from voice-activated software to self-driving cars. The machine knows what you want and where you are, and is steadily learning how to serve you.硅谷正处在这样一个历史性时刻:一系列技术开始以一种意想不到的方式发挥作用——并且协同并进。在这种情况下,移动智能、机器智能和人工智能的互动产生了大批应用和设备,从语音激活软件到自动驾驶汽车。机器知道你想要什么,身处何地,并且不断地学习如何为你务。Andrew McAfee, co-author of The Second Machine Age, describes the experience of being transported in one of Google’s self-driving cars as going “from terrifying to thrilling to boring in 15 minutes”. The machine not only drives competently but with tedious predictability, always observing the speed limit and slowing at every obstacle, as if constantly trying to pass a driving test.《第二次机器革命》(The Second MachineAge)的合著者安德鲁#8226;麦卡菲(Andrew McAfee)称自己乘坐谷歌(Google)自动驾驶汽车的心路历程是“15分钟内从害怕到兴奋到索然无味”。机器不仅能胜任驾驶,还开得极为标准,其驾驶表现毫无悬念到令人厌烦的地步——总能观察到限速标志,在每一个障碍物前都会减速,就像总在参加路考一样。Behind innovations that have suddenly come to feel routine, such as facial and voice recognition, lie rapid ad#173;vances in pattern recognition and emerging forms of artificial intelligence. The capacity of computers to sift through databases and comprehend what people are saying, what they mean and what they desire is evolving faster than many researchers had anticipated.在面部和语音识别等人们骤然感觉习以为常的创新背后,模式识别迅速发展,各种新型人工智能纷纷涌现。计算机筛查数据库并理解人们在说什么、意思是什么、以及想要什么的能力,发展得比许多研究者预想得更快。As a result, plenty of investors are eager to throw money at start-ups that look as if they possess a piece of technology and a business idea that will form at least part of the brave new world. The fear of missing out is overwhelming the fear of losing money, as Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital warned recently.结果是,许多投资者急切地向这样一些初创企业大举投资——它们看上去拥有一样技术或一个商业点子,能至少部分构成这美丽新世界。Benchmark Capital的比尔#8226;格利(Bill Gurley)最近警告称,错过的恐惧压倒了赔钱的恐惧。History’s famous investment bubbles often formed around such combinations of easy money and fantastical inventions, and some of today’s venture capitalists suffered through the dotcom bust of 2000. Prod them about that and the optimists respond that the bn invested by US venture capital funds last year is only half the amount sloshing around at the last peak 15 years ago.历史上著名的投资泡沫往往萌生于这种轻易可得的金钱和美妙非凡的发明的结合。如今的风险资本家中,有一些曾经历过2000年互联网泡沫的破灭。我故意问起关于那次泡沫的事情,一些乐观的人回应说,美国风投基金去年投资了480亿美元,这仅是15年前上一次高峰时期总额的一半。This ignores the fact that a lot of the new money is coming not from venture funds but from other investors, including mutual funds such as T Rowe Price and Fidelity. Three-quarters of recent fundraising rounds by “unicorns” — start-ups valued at bn or more — were led by “non-traditional” investors, according to a recent study by Fenwick amp; West, a Silicon Valley law firm.这种说法忽略了一点,很多新投资并非来自于风投基金,而是来自其他投资者,包括普信集团(T Rowe Price)和富达(Fidelity)等共同基金。硅谷律师事务所Fenwick amp; West的最新研究表明,“独角兽”公司(指价值10亿美元或者以上的初创企业)最近几轮融资中,有四分之三是由“非传统”投资者牵头。One is Carl Icahn, the activist investor, who this week put 0m into Lyft, a rival to Uber. Mr Icahn often makes life difficult for his investment targets but is as enamoured as everyone else with his Silicon Valley picks. “We’ll be the first to admit that you are more knowledgeable in these areas than we are,” he wrote fulsomely to Apple this week.维权投资者卡尔#8226;伊坎(Carl Icahn)就是其中之一。不久前伊坎给优步的竞争对手Lyft投资了1亿美元。伊坎经常让他的投资目标公司日子不好过,但他还是像其他所有人一样迷恋于他挑选的硅谷公司。不久前他写给苹果的信极尽恭维:“我们将头一个承认你们更懂这些领域。” /201505/377707。

Hernando de Soto, the Peruvian economist whose work centred on the informal economy and property rights, has much to contribute to the dialogue raging in the so-called developed world about privacy and data.在所谓的发达世界,一场关于隐私和数据的对话正如火如荼地展开。主要研究非正式经济和财产权的秘鲁经济学家埃尔南多#8226;德索托(Hernando de Soto),可为这场对话贡献不少真知灼见。Mr de Soto showed how enabling individuals to own property legally would drive economic prosperity. Many credit him with the surge of wealth creation happening in some parts of Latin America.德索托阐释了,为何让个人拥有合法财产权能够推动经济繁荣。许多人认为,拉丁美洲一些地方财富创造大大加快就要归功于他。Meanwhile, US technology platform companies and the European Union are engaged in an arms race around privacy. The issue is not whether my data are private. We lost that battle a long time ago. As Scott McNealy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems said: “You have zero privacy#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;get over it.” The issue is over who owns my data and to whom the value accrues.与此同时,美国科技平台企业和欧盟(EU)正围绕隐私较劲。问题不在于我的数据是否隐私。这场战斗我们早已打输。如太阳计算机系统公司(Sun Microsystems)联合创始人斯科特 #8226;麦克尼利(Scott McNealy)所说:“你没有丝毫隐私……别纠结这个了。”问题在于谁拥有我的数据、这些数据的价值又属于谁。Google’s use of my data drives their business model and their multibillion-dollar market capitalisation. We get no economic benefit for that beyond free search and online stalking. My bank account does not benefit from its success.谷歌(Google)使用了我的数据,这推动其建立了商业模式,实现了巨额市值。除免费搜索和在线追踪之外,我们不从中获得任何经济利益。谷歌的成功不会让我的账户余额增加一分钱。I long thought an entrepreneur would develop a business model to incentivise individuals for the use of their consumer data. I found one such entrepreneur,John Paleomylites, who was running BeatThatQuote, a UK price comparison site that my firm Ariadne Capital advised.我早已设想过会有一位企业家,开发一种商业模式,激励个人允许别人使用自己的消费者数据。我曾发现过这样一位企业家,约翰#8226;帕莱奥米利提斯(John Paleomylites),他曾管理过一家英国比价网站BeatThatQuote,我的公司Ariadne Capital曾为这家网站提供过咨询。BeatThatQuote was providing cash back deals and discounts. Despite having less than #163;500,000 of earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation, it was sold to Google in 2011 for #163;37.7m, having articulated its strategic value (or threat) to its acquirer. Who says Goliath does not get scared?当时,BeatThatQuote提供返利和折扣。尽管这家网站的息税折旧和摊销前利润(EBITDA)还不到50万英镑,但在2011年,谷歌以3770万英镑的价格收购了它,因为它明明白白地展示了自己对谷歌的战略价值(或者说威胁)。谁说巨人歌利亚(Goliath)不会害怕?The battle is no longer about incentivisation. If we believe that my data — whether related to my finances, telecoms, health, transportation or property — are my data, than their use surely must accrue value to me.这场战斗已不再关乎激励机制。如果我们相信,我的数据——无论是关于我的财务、电信记录、健康情况、交通记录还是持有房产情况的数据——是属于我的,那么使用这些数据当然必须让我获益。Re-enter Mr de Soto. He changed the world for Peruvian farmers by establishing property rights for them. What if data were established as legal assets for everyone?再回到德索托。通过确立秘鲁农场主的财产权,他改变了这些人的命运(见上图)。如果数据被确认为每个人的合法财产,那会怎样?Those of us who have had property rights have the ability to build other assets on top of our property assets. If you are still securing your basic needs at the bottom of thepyramid described by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow — a model that features an individual’s survival at the bottom and their self-actualisation at the apex of the pyramid — then you advance more slowly and with less certainty, if at all.我们中已经拥有财产权的人,能够在我们的财产基础之上创建其他资产。美国心理学家亚伯拉罕#8226;马斯洛(Abraham Maslow)提出了需求层次理论,该理论认为人的需求呈金字塔形状,处于金字塔最底层的是生存需求,金字塔顶端是自我实现需求。如果你仍在努力满足处于需求层次底层的基本需求,那么你的进步速度会更慢、并面临更大不确定性,甚至根本无法进步。So if data are the new universal assets, instead of arguing about privacy, should we just argue about money?因此,假如数据是为人们普遍享有的新资产,那么我们是否应该仅争论钱的问题,而别再争隐私不隐私?If the starting point is “they are my data”, then there should be a corresponding accrual for their use in the financial accounts for any business whose model uses them. Data, and the cost of purchasing them, would become a “cost of sale” in transactions.如果以“那是我的数据”为前提,那么任何企业,只要它们的商业模式用到这些数据,那么就应该为使用这些数据向我们付相应的费用。数据,以及购买数据的成本,将成为一项“销售成本”。If a large bank or telecoms group opened up its customer data to start-ups for applications using that data and then sold those applications on, a percentage of the revenue would have to accrue to those customers, or be netted against any other monies they paid in. The value of what is owed to any one individual would be 1/N where N is the size of the customer base used.如果一家大型或电信公司向一些初创企业开发的应用开放自己的用户数据,供这些应用使用,并销售这些应用,那么就必须将所获收入的一部分交给那些用户,或者从用户缴纳的费用中扣除这部分金额。应付给每个用户个人的费用将为总收入的1/N,N为用户总数。At each point in history where power has shifted towards the individual from a hierarchy, power is forcefully taken. There is a net social gain for the common man and woman if their data are valued. Prosperity will rip across society if we set up the right data architecture for business.回顾历史,每次权力从特权集团转移到个人手中时,权力都被牢牢地抓住了。对普通民众来说,如果赋予他们的数据以价值,会为社会带来净收益。如果我们建立合适的数据商用结构,财富将迅速席卷社会各个阶层。The non-technology traditional business — whether retailer, bank, transportation company — has an ace to play. By engaging with entrepreneurs and embracing consumer data as a legal asset of the individual, the incumbents in all traditional industries could deliver singularly spectacular growth.无论是零售商、还是交通公司,各种非科技传统企业都有了一张可打的王牌。通过与初创企业合作,持让消费者数据成为个人的法定财产,所有传统行业的现有企业都能实现非凡的增长。This is a system-level challenge. A start-up is at best today a car — a revenue-generating algorithm — in need of a highway. What big companies have is distribution, audience and reach. They can be a very smart highway.这是一种系统级挑战。如今一家拥有能创造收入的算法的初创企业最多算一辆汽车,它们需要公路。大型企业有的是分销体系、听众和影响力。后者可能成为非常智能的公路。The judo move would be for large, traditional enterprises to recognise consumer data rights and proactively value them in their business models.关键的一步将是,大型传统企业承认消费者的数据权,主动在自己的商业模式中赋予这种权利价值。One can never win by playing by the rules of someone else’s game: you must change the rules of the game. Every successful entrepreneur knows this. It is time for the judo move.按照别人的游戏规则来玩,你永远不可能赢:你必须改变游戏规则。每个成功的企业家都明白这一点。是时候走出关键一步了。 /201505/374473。

A patent dispute has dealt a blow to Xiaomi’s international expansion, leaving the fast-growing Chinese smartphone maker facing a temporary ban on sales in India and further pressure on margins.一场专利纠纷给小米(Xiaomi)的国际扩张造成打击,这家发展迅速的中国智能手机制造商在印度遭遇暂时禁售,利润率面临更大压力。Xiaomi, anointed a valuation in excess of bn at its latest fundraising in November, is keen to replicate its popularity in China into other major emerging markets. In April it unveiled plans to expand into as many as 10 foreign markets.小米希望将其在中国的受欢迎程度复制到其他主要新兴市场。在11月的最新一轮融资中,小米估值超过400亿美元。今年4月,该公司宣布了进军10个国外市场的计划。However, a Delhi High Court case suggests that this march abroad may also open it to more patent disputes, with companies demanding it pay royalties — something that rivals are less keen to pursue in China where claims are harder to press. Such payments would, in turn, eat into margins or drive up handset prices. In a ruling on a patent dispute with technology group Ericsson, the court ordered Xiaomi to suspend sales until February, pending a further hearing relating to its dispute with the Swedish company.然而,印度案件预示着小米在进军海外路上可能还会遭遇更多专利纠纷,拥有专利的企业将要求其付许可费——竞争对手不太愿意在中国起诉,因为在中国索赔会比较困难。这些出将进而侵蚀利润率或推升手机价格。在一项有关小米与瑞典科技企业爱立信(Ericsson)专利纠纷的裁决中,德里高等法院下令小米在明年2月前暂停销售,等待有关其与爱立信诉讼的进一步审理结果。Wednesday’s ruling stated that Xiaomi was “restrained from manufacturing, assembling, importing, selling or advertising” its products in India pending a further hearing, while India’s customs authorities were “directed not to allow the import” of mobiles and other products that may infringe Ericsson’s patents.周三的裁决称,小米被“禁止”在印度“制造、组装、进口、销售或宣传”其产品,需等待进一步审理结果,同时印度海关被“指示不要放行”可能侵犯爱立信专利的手机和其他产品的“进口”。Without a trove of its own patents, manufacturers such as Xiaomi could ultimately see their costs inflated by 5-20 per cent due to licensing fees, according to some experts. Xiaomi says it acquired 1,141 patents last year, a number considered unimpressive in the tech industry.一些专家表示,在缺少自主专利的情况下,小米等制造商的成本最终可能会因为许可费而上升5%至20%。小米表示,去年该公司获得1141项专利,在科技行业,这一数字并不起眼。Experts said this appeared to be the first patent litigation targeting Xiaomi since it outlined plans to launch into up to 10 foreign markets.专家们表示,这似乎是小米宣布计划进军10个国外市场以来,首例针对该公司的专利诉讼。“It looks like Xiaomi is experiencing a bit of culture shock in India,” said Wang Yanhui, secretary-general of the Mobile Phone China Alliance, an industry lobbying group. He said Xiaomi was not the first Chinese smartphone maker to be sued in India, however, it was the first time imports had been halted.行业游说组织——手机中国联盟(Mobile Phone China Alliance)秘书长王艳辉表示:“看来小米正在印度遭遇文化冲击。”他表示,小米并非唯一一家在印度被起诉的中国智能手机制造商,但它是首个被暂停进口的中国企业。The Delhi court ruling is likely to raise new concerns about possible intellectual property challenges affecting other Chinese smartphone and device makers — a group that includes Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo, analysts said.分析人士称,德里高等法院的这项裁决,可能会重新引起外界对其他中国智能手机和设备制造商面临潜在知识产权挑战的担忧,其中包括华为(Huawei)、中兴(ZTE)和联想(Lenovo)。Manu Jain, head of Xiaomi in India, said the group had not received official notification of the ruling from the court, but that its legal team was “evaluating the situation”.小米印度分公司负责人马努#8226;贾因(Manu Jain)表示,小米尚未接到法院方面关于裁决的正式通知,但公司法律团队正“对目前的形势进行评估”。 /201412/348651。

Apple has revealed new details about its controversial data centres in China, amid a dispute with the FBI that has raised questions about its privacy policies outside the US. 苹果(Apple)披露了其备受争议的中国数据中心的最新细节。目前,苹果与美国联邦调查局(FBI)之间发生的争执,已使其在美国以外地区执行的隐私政策受到了质疑。 In China — Apple’s fastest-growing market — the company has acceded to unusual government requests, such as using China-based data centres and incorporating a Chinese WiFi standard, drawing criticism over whether it was turning a blind eye to government snooping. China accounts for a quarter of Apple’s revenue, with sales of bn last quarter. 中国市场是苹果业绩增长最快的市场。在中国,苹果答应了政府提出的一些不寻常的要求,比如使用设在中国的数据中心,以及纳入中国的WiFi标准。一些人就此批评苹果是否是对政府的监听睁一只眼闭一只眼。上一季度,苹果在中国市场的销售额达180亿美元,占苹果总收入的四分之一。 Apple attempted to address these concerns in court documents filed on Tuesday in preparation for its hearing next week in the case brought by the FBI. The bureau is seeking court approval to compel Apple to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists. 周二,苹果试图在提交给法庭的文件中化解这些担忧。这些文件是为下周该公司将出席的一场听会准备的。这场听会是围绕FBI提起的一个案子。FBI正在争取法庭批准强迫苹果解锁圣贝纳迪诺案恐怖分子使用过的一部iPhone。 The Department of Justice has accused Apple of making special accommodations in China. In a court submission, Apple’s software head defended its dealings with governments around the world. However, he stopped short of saying that user data had never been accessible by any foreign government. 美国司法部(DoJ)指责苹果在中国作出了特殊的让步。在提交给法庭的一份文件中,苹果软件部门负责人为苹果与世界各国政府所打的交道作了辩护。然而,他并未表示从未有任何外国政府获取过苹果用户的数据。 “Apple has never made user data, whether stored on the iPhone or in iCloud, more technologically accessible to any country’s government,” said Craig Federighi, head of software engineering, in a statement. “苹果从未让任何国家的政府从技术上更容易获取苹果用户的数据,无论它们是存储在iPhone上,还是存储在iCloud上,”苹果软件工程部门主管克雷格#8226;费代里吉(Craig Federighi)在一份声明中表示。 “It is my understanding that Apple has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a ‘backdoor’ in any of our products or services,” he wrote. “我的理解是,苹果从未配合任何国家的任何政府机构在我们的任何产品或务上创建‘后门’,”他写道。 Apple attorneys said that its servers in China stored data that was fully encrypted, and that the servers were there to reduce the lag-time, or latency, for Apple users in China. Only Chinese citizens’ data were stored there, the attorney said, and the fact that the server was physically located in China was irrelevant because the encryption key was in the US. 苹果的律师表示,该公司中国务器上存储的数据是完全加密的,务器设在中国是为了缩短中国苹果用户的时延。律师表示,只有中国公民的数据存储在中国,而且务器的物理位置在中国并不要紧,因为秘钥在美国。 Apple began storing Chinese users’ data in local servers there in 2014, before the iPhone 6 went on sale in the region. 苹果是在2014年于中国发售iPhone6前开始把中国用户的数据存储在中国务器上的。 Mr Federighi said Apple only ever provided an unmodified iPhone as part of its applications for regulatory approval around the world, and had never shared the iPhone source code with any government. 费代里吉表示,苹果只提供过一部未修改过的iPhone——那是为了在世界各地申请获得监管批准——并且从未与任何政府分享过iPhone的源代码。 Apple received requests from the Chinese government for data on more than 4,000 devices during the first half of last year, and complied with three-quarters of the requests. By comparison, Apple received more than 9,000 requests from the US during the same period. 去年上半年,苹果收到了中国政府提出的逾4000次数据请求,遵从了其中的四分之三。相比之下,同期苹果收到的美国政府提出的数据请求超过9000次。 /201603/432408。