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【错误表述】The manager direct that the staffcould not gohome until he finished the task.【讲解辨析】句意:经理指示这个员工不完成任务不能回家。辨析:这个句子用到direct这个词做谓语,在本句话中是;指示;的意思,如果它后面接宾语从句的话,要使用虚拟语气,谓语结构为should+动词原形。在这句话中,它后面跟的宾语从句;;that the staff could not go home until he finished the task,这里谓语结构用的是could+动词原形(go),错误就在此。将could改为should即可。此外,should是可以省略的。【正确表述】The manager direct that the staffshould not gohome until he finished the task.The manager direct that the staffnot gohome until he finished the task.【举一反三】The owners directed that the factory(should) be closed.厂主下令关厂。James: So, Michelle, let me introduce you to Maria. She' s my colleague from Brazil. Maria, this is Michelle. 米歇尔,让我给你介绍玛莉亚给你认识。她是我来自巴西的同事。玛莉亚,这是米歇尔。Maria: Hi, Michelle. So what do you do here in Shanghai? I mean, what work do you do? 嗨,米歇尔。你来上海想做什么?我是说,你的工作是什么?Michelle: I work in advertising right now. How about you?我做的是广告。你呢?Maria: I' m actually in the wine business.事实上我在做酒的生意。Michelle: That sounds really great. I love wine myself! Is this your first time to Shanghai Maria? 听上去很不错。我自己本身也很喜欢酒!玛莉亚,这是你第一次来上海吗?Maria: No actually, I often visit. I usually come to China for business at least once a year. Also, I love the restaurants in Shanghai, so that' s a good reason to come. 事实上我常来上海。我每年都会来中国做生意至少一次。并且,我很喜欢上海的餐馆,这也是我来上海的原因之一。Michelle: Me too. Actually, there' s a great Brazilian restaurant I recommend. I mean, the food is delicious but the service isn' t so good. I often like to get together with friends and have a great barbecue there.我也是。我想跟你推荐一个巴西餐馆。那儿的食物很美味但是务很差。我经常和朋友们在那儿进行烧烤聚会。James: We should go together sometime.我们有机会也可以去那儿聚一聚。Michelle: Wonderful idea! I' d love that!好主意!我喜欢的! /201110/159113

刚刚过去的这个周末,香港女星何韵诗公开出柜,承认自己是同性恋。“出柜”在英语里就用come out来表示。接下来我们来看看有关女同性恋的不同说法。1. She is a lipstick lesbian, I think.她是女同性恋中的女生。Gay 这个词可以泛指男同性恋和女同性恋,但是女同性恋自己还有一个专属的单词叫 lesbian,曾经看过中文有人取其音而直译为;蕾丝边;。Lesbian 这个词既可以当名词也可以当形容词,所以,;她是一个女同性恋;的讲法可以是:;She is a lesbian.; 或是 ;She is lesbian.;若要照性别角色细分的话,lesbian 又可分成 lipstick lesbian 和 butch lesbian。所谓的 lipstick lesbian 就是指在一对女同性恋当中,角色比较倾向女生的那位,中文里的讲法叫;婆;。而 butch lesbian 不用说当然就是比较男性化的那位,中文的简称为;T;(意指 tomboy)。2. She has been a tomboy since she was born.她从生下来就很男性化。Tomboy 用来指那些比较没有女孩子味的女生,她们可能喜欢留很短的头发,外表看起来很阳刚,喜欢玩传统观念认为是男生才有兴趣的东西。当然,并非所有的 tomboy 都是女同性恋,有些tomboy只是非常男性化、表现的比较阳刚罢了。相较于女同性恋者有 tomboy,男同性恋者则有 sissy,意指;娘娘腔的人;。比方说:;He talks like he is a sissy.; (他讲起话来好像是个女生。) 当然,你也可以拿 sissy 当形容词用,比方说,;I#39;m not playing that sissy game with you.; (我才不跟你们玩那些女生玩的游戏呢!) /201211/209312

资料来源于EnglishPod,内容覆盖生活、学习、工作、等各个方面的小专题,纯正地道的美音,内容非常的实用,希望对大家喜欢。Daily Life - Planning a Bank Robbery (C0056)A: All right, so this is what we are going to do. I’ve carefully mapped this out, so don’t screw it up.Mr. Rabbit, you and Mr. Fox will go into the bank wearing these uniforms. We managed to get replicas of the one the guards wear when they pick up the money.B: Got it.C: No problem, boss.A: When you get inside, tell them that you are filling in for Carl and Tom, and say that they are on another route today. Don’t lose your cool. Just act natural.B: What if they want to call and confirm?A: You let him.C: What!?A: Dont worry, we have the phones tapped, so the call will be patched through to me, and Ill pretend to be the transport company.B: Ha ha, you are so clever boss!A: Okay, shut up. Only take as much money as you can fit in these bags. Dont get greedy! Are you y? Let’s go. /201002/96666

  Stan: Do you mind if I eat here?Lisa: Be my guest, I was just leaving.Stan: Well, I think that went pretty well for a first date.

  Garfield: Well, Christmas and New Year's have come and gone, nothing to do but sleep till Easter.Jon: Oh, very well, Garfield. You may have my steak.Jon: I know, I'm a sucker for the loving adoration of a pet. /201102/125020。


  栏目简介:《BEN老师英文下午茶》栏目通过轻松的英语学习氛围,帮助英语学习爱好者掌握常用的英语词汇和短语,了解当今美国流行的英语习语,是学习地道英语口语的好帮手。通过学习本栏目,可以提高英语听力和英语口语水平,逐渐积累英语词汇和英语知识,是学习英语不可或缺的英语材料。重点讲解:1. to record 拍下······2. sth was caught on ······被偷拍下来3. the sex scandal 性丑闻4. be involved in a scandal 被卷入······丑闻中5. sex/salacious pootoes 艳照6. improper remarks 不恰当的言论7. be used some vulgar words 脏话8. vulgar man 粗人9. enrage 使···勃然大怒10. stir 骚乱,骚动 /201504/370088Man: Paper or plastic?Pig: Check.Man: You have to pick.Pig: Check.Man: Check what?Pig: I’m paying with a check.Man: Who cares? Pig: Not me. You’re the one that keeps asking.Man: Because you’re not answering.Pig: I am answering...I don’t have cash and I don’t have a credit card.Man: So what?Pig: So. No paper no plastic.Man: You pig! I’m not asking you how you’re paying!! I’m asking you what you want your groceries in!!!Pig: A bag. /201011/118018

  14. outta out + of 没了,走了15. gotta got + to 必须做16. hafta have + to 必须做,一定要做 /201202/170359每日一句口语:Every day the sun is new, do not live up to the best morning. 每天的太阳都是新的,不要辜负了美好的晨光。【知识点讲解】live up v.快乐地过日子例句:One ought to live up to what he knows to be right.自己认为是对的,就应该在生活中去实践。 /201405/301431


  昨天,赵本山接到全国政协开会通知的新闻,再次张开了人们对于赵本山下一出好戏如何构成高潮的想象翅膀。而据媒体报道,赵本山也在积极准备提案,最近正在基层进行调研。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道China#39;s most well-known comedian Zhao Benshan will reportedly attend the country#39;s top political consultative body#39;s annual conference despite speculation of his possible fall from grace.据报道,中国著名喜剧演员赵本山将出席中国最高政治协商机构的年度会议,此前有关赵本山的负面传闻不断。【讲解】comedian是喜剧演员;political consultative body是政治协商机构。成都《华西都市报》报道,小品和喜剧演员(skit and sitcom actor)演员赵本山接到参加全国两会通知,正积极准备提案(work on his proposal),此前一直盛传他可能会面临调查(face an investigation)。赵本山与政治人物的关系融洽(rapport),此前有传闻称他涉及政治丑闻(political scandals)。他的电视剧九月份被叫停,缺席(absent)了文艺(literature)工作座谈会(forum),称后悔买了价值2亿元的飞机(aircraft)等事件,都让赵本山受到了媒体的广泛关注(grabbed media attention)。赵本山的生涯从辽宁省一个小城市的民间艺术团(folk art group)开始,33岁凭借在春晚舞台上的喜剧表演(comedy performance)成为家喻户晓的名人(became a household name)。之后赵本山成为春晚的常客,推出热门电视剧(produce hit TV series),并成立了集团(giant entertainment conglomerate)。 /201501/357239。

  今天主要讲一讲和甜有关系的单词和用法!1) sweet 甜 2) sweet tooth 喜好甜食 3) sweets 甜食大家有没有幻想过住在巧克力做的房子里呢?好甜蜜的梦! /201404/283536

  今天我们一起来看看怎么描述坐飞机的感觉。bored 无聊I get so bored on long international flights. 16 hours in one chair!? I hate it!坐国际长途航班好无聊。在椅子上一坐就是16个小时!?真讨厌!boring 无聊My computer and iPad alway run out of battery and the second half of the flight is so boring because I have nothing to do. And I have a really hard time sleeping on planes.我的电脑和iPad总是动不动就没电了,后一半航程没事做,真无聊!我在飞机上又很难睡着。time drags 时间过得很慢I feel like time drags on international flights I should pack some extra magazines to this time.我感觉坐国际航班时间过得很慢。我应该多带几本杂志在飞机上读。drag 累赘Long flights are a drag. 长途飞行就是累赘。Everybody feels cramped. Somebody always ends up eating really stinky food. And there always a crying baby that won#39;t let you fall asleep.每个人都觉得很挤。总是有人吃味道很大的食物。而且总有孩子哭,不让你睡觉。You know what the best part is? LANDING!你知道最给力的是什么吗?降落! /201407/307868

  A: I’ve decided to grow my own garden! B: What? You don’t know the first thing about gardening! A: On the contrary, I have been ing a lot of books about the subject. B: Oh yeah? Tell me then, smarty pants, how will you go about setting up your garden? A: Well, first I need to buy some things, such as fertilizer, seeds and tools. B: What type of tools? A: You know, the basics. A rake, shovel, spade and a hoe. B: Right. Well it seems like you have all your bases covered. What’s next? A: I’ll till the soil and then sow the seeds. I’ll then add some fertilizer and voila! Gardening all done! B: Well, good luck with your garden, especially considering we are in the dry season and it won’t rain for the next three months! /201107/143028

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