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内蒙古解放军第253医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱呼和浩特武川县提眉手术多少钱A war of words in China has reignited public debate over just how far genetically modified food -- still mostly illegal here -- has aly infiltrated the country.一场口水战再度激起了中国公众对转基因食品已在多大程度上渗透进中国的争论。目前在中国,大多数转基因食品仍是非法的。The spat began as an investigation. In April, following on government reports that illegal GMO corn and cotton had been found on the southern Chinese island of Hainan, the nonprofit Greenpeace, which monitors GMO issues, dispatched two employees to learn more.争论是从一次调查开始的。4月份,在政府发布报告称在海南岛发现非法转基因玉米和棉花之后,一直关注转基因问题的非营利组织绿色和平(Greenpeace)派出两位员工寻找更多。The two visited the area referenced in the report, a GMO development site run by Huazhong Agricultural University, one of the nation#39;s leading research institutes on crop genetics. The pair took three bags of rice seeds just outside the trial-planting area belonging to the university, which is working to develop GMO rice strains. They were planning to see if GMO seeds from the trial site had found their way to adjacent farmland.这两位员工访问了报告中提到的区域──华中农业大学运作的一个转基因开发基地。华中农业大学是中国领先的作物基因研究机构之一。两人在这所大学用于研发转基因水稻品种的试验田外取走三包水稻种子。他们计划观察来自试验田的转基因种子能否进入相邻的农田。Campus staff at the site, though, stopped them and demanded they return the seeds, saying the land outside the trial area also belonged to the university. The Greenpeace employees obliged, and were allowed to leave.但在场的学校员工阻止了他们,并要求退还种子。学校员工说,试验田外的土地也归学校所有。绿色和平的员工答应了要求,并获得放行。That might have been the end of the story. But Huazhong, still upset by the incident, then published an article on its website that accused Greenpeace of thieving GMO rice seeds. Greenpeace shot back, denying the accusations, while also noting that the university#39;s test bed was located less than 20 meters from surrounding farmland--an apparent breach of state law, which requires a minimum buffer of 100 meters.这原本可能是故事的结尾。但华中农业大学仍对上述事件感到不满,之后在其网站上发表了一篇文章,指责绿色和平盗窃转基因水稻种子。绿色和平则进行回击,否认华中农业大学的指控,并指出该校的试验田距离周围的农田不超过20米,明显违反国家法律。根据国家法律,转基因作物试验田最少需要有100米的隔离缓冲带。University officials couldn#39;t be immediately reached for comment.记者无法立即联系到华中农业大学的管理人员置评。The Ministry of Agriculture then weighed in. Without specifying Greenpeace by name, on Sunday, it said in a statement that said security around areas working to develop GMOs should be boosted. Greenpeace again responded, explaining why it had gone to the area, and suggested that #39;problems with the management of GMO seeds planted on a trial basis at the university could have led to GMO seeds #39;drifting#39; to areas outside the university.#39;农业部对此做出了表态。该部门周日发布了一份通知,通知并没有点名绿色和平,但是表示应该加强转基因实验基地周边的安全。绿色和平就此作出回应,解释了为什么会进入该地区,并表示“在调查过程中绿色和平注意到华中农业大学南繁基地存在管理问题,可能导致基因漂移风险”。This isn#39;t the first time Greenpeace has warned that illegal GMO grains may be running amok in China. The country is in the early stages of introducing GMO food into the human diet. While it has not yet allowed public sales of GMO grains, including rice, corn and wheat, it allows related scientific research and limited imports -- as long as the imports are used only for animal consumption. Some forms of GMO food are also permitted for humans if they#39;ve been processed, such as GMO soybeans used to manufacture soy oil. Even under these constraints, Chinese universities and companies do develop their own GMO strains.这并非绿色和平第一次就转基因谷物或在中国泛滥的问题做出警告。中国在生产人类可食用转基因食品方面正处于初级阶段。尽管中国尚未允许公开销售包括转基因大米、玉米以及小麦在内的转基因谷物,但是该国允许进行相关的科学研究以及规模有限的进口,但这些进口转基因谷物仅用于动物饲料。某些种类的转基因食品也允许被人类食用,但前提是这些转基因食品得到了加工,比如用于生产大豆油的转基因大豆。尽管在这些限制条件下,中国的大学和企业仍在开发自己的转基因品种。But the prevalence of GMO food in China remains a hot potato. Public resistance to GMO continues to run deep, in part because GMOs are closely associated with fears of becoming reliant U.S. technology, which still dominates the GMO industry.不过,转基因食品在中国的推广却是一个棘手问题。公众对于转基因食品仍然有较深的抵抗情绪,其中部分原因在于转基因产品与担心依赖美国技术挂上了钩。美国技术仍然在转基因领域占据主导力量。One might say the feud in Hainan has reached a draw. No law enforcement official has gotten in touch with Greenpeace so far, and there hasn#39;t been any sign of further investigations into the matter, Greenpeace spokesman Damin Tang said. Because the seeds were quickly returned, Greenpeace also had no conclusive evidence on whether GMO seeds had indeed #39;drifted#39; off the Sanya campus.有人可能会说海南的这起争端打了个平手。绿色和平的发言人唐大 说,到目前为止,没有执法人员接触绿色和平,也没有对此事进行进一步调查的任何迹象。由于已经归还了水稻种子,绿色和平也没有确凿的据来说明转基因种子是否已漂移出转基因实验基地。The debate has nonetheless spilled into China#39;s microblogging platforms, with opinions swinging between criticism of Greenpeace and suspicion of China#39;s government. #39;You have invited a thousand people to try to eat genetically modified rice,#39; a blogger wrote, referring to #39; taste tests#39; for the public conducted by officials and academics using GMO rice . #39;What position are you in to talk about stealing materials and keeping secrets? What are you afraid of losing?#39;不过,这场争论已蔓延至中国的微平台,人们在微上发表了从批评绿色和平到质疑政府的各种意见。在提到政府官员和学者组织公众“试吃”转基因大米时,一位网友写道:你们已经邀请了一千人试吃转基因大米,你们站在什么立场上说窃取转基因实验材料和保密?你们害怕丢什么?Others said the police should investigate Greenpeace. #39;Do you know it#39;s an extremist environmental group?#39; another wrote.还有一些人认为警方应该调查绿色和平。另一位网友写道:你知道这是一个极端的环保组织吗?But there#39;s aly a sense of resignation that the sp of GMOs is well underway in China. #39;Illegal GMO products have come into supermarkets, and the agricultural ministry still pretends to be unaware of it,#39; Cui Yongyuan, a former TV commentator, wrote on his verified Sina Weibo account.不过,现在已让人不由得感到转基因作物正在中国推广。前中央电视台主持人崔永元在他实名认的新浪微上写道:非法转基因食品都进了超市,农业部还假装不知道呢。 /201405/295039呼和浩特双眼皮手术的医院 The default background for Microsoft#39;s Windows XP operating system -- a perfect blue sky full of cotton-candy clouds above rolling hills with impeccably trimmed grass and daffodils -- is the spring day we wish could last forever. 微软公司(Microsoft) Windows XP操作系统的默认背景是一副春日景象――湛蓝的天空上漂浮着棉花糖般的朵朵白云,绿草茵茵、水仙成簇的山丘连绵起伏――真希望这幅景象可以一直持续下去。And fittingly, many people wish the operating system would last just as long. Introduced in 2001, Windows XP became so successful that Microsoft extended its support for an industry record of 12 years. Yet come April 8, XP#39;s sunny day is over. 同样的,对于Windows XP操作系统,很多人也希望它可以一直运行下去。由于Windows XP操作系统在2001年推出后大受欢迎,微软公司将对该系统的持延长至了创业界记录的12年。然而,随着4月8日即将到来,XP系统的艳阳天将不复存在。At that time, Microsoft will cut off all user support and halt security updates, leaving the software vulnerable to newly discovered attacks. XP computers will still work, but the #39;Bliss#39; background image will just be a facade. The operating system will no longer be a safe place to work or play. 届时,微软公司将不再向Windows XP的用户提供持,并不再提供安全更新,这将令Windows XP上搭载的软件易于受到新型病毒的攻击。使用XP系统的电脑仍可工作,但是“春光明媚”的背景图片将成为假象。不管对工作还是而言,XP系统都不再安全。#39;Our guidance is that you need to get off XP. It#39;s really that black and white,#39; says Tom Murphy, Microsoft#39;s spokesman handling the end of XP support. The company#39;s party line is that Windows 8.1 -- the latest in Microsoft#39;s foray into touch-friendly interfaces -- is a #39;fully modern operating system.#39; 微软公司负责结束XP系统持的新闻发言人汤姆#12539;墨菲(Tom Murphy)表示:“我们的建议是,你应该放弃XP。这是毫无疑问的。”微软公司宣称,Windows 8.1是一款“非常时尚的操作系统”。 Windows 8.1是微软公司在触控界面领域的最新力作。Since Windows XP first gained popularity, other alternatives have arisen. There#39;s Windows 7, of course, and offerings from Microsoft#39;s rivals, Apple and Google. Where is the best place for an XP refugee to go? I#39;ve been weighing each option. 自从Windows XP开始风靡以后,其他的操作系统也不断地涌现了出来。目前在市面上除了Windows 7以外,还有微软公司的竞争对手苹果公司(Apple)和谷歌(Google)研发的操作系统产品。XP系统的原有用户应该何去何从呢?我权衡了每一种可能的方案。Moving to Windows 8.1 升级至Windows 8.1If you have any doubt that Microsoft wants everyone to move to Windows 8.1, just visit amirunningxp.com. Designed to detect if users are running Windows XP, the site immediately suggests XP users upgrade to Windows 8.1 or buy a new Windows 8.1 computer. 如果你对微软希望每名用户都升级至Windows 8.1的意图持怀疑态度的话,那么你可以访问网站amirunningxp.com。该网站能够对用户是否安装了Windows XP进行检测,它会马上建议XP系统的用户升级至Windows 8.1或者购买全新的Windows 8.1电脑。Lots of computers from the age of XP can technically run the latest version of Windows. You just need a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of hard drive storage. The biggest catch is your display has to have 1024 x 768 resolution. You can download the Windows Upgrade assistant to see if your system meets the requirements. 从技术上讲,在XP系统诞生之际购买的很多电脑都能运行Windows系统的最新版本。你只需要1 GHz的处理器、1 GB的内存和16 GB的硬盘存储空间。最大的问题在于你需要拥有一台分辨率为1024 x 768的显示器。你可以下载Windows升级助手来查看你的电脑是否满足XP的系统需求。The Windows 8.1 upgrade DVD costs 0, and Microsoft has teamed up with a backup service called Laplink to offer a free and easy way to transfer files. Windows 8.1的升级DVD售价120美元,微软已经与一个名为Laplink的持务团队联手,推出了免费进行文件转移的务。If you don#39;t meet the system requirement, or view the upgrade process as a hassle, you could, of course, buy a new machine. But I am ambivalent to recommend Windows 8.1 to XP users. Microsoft revamped Windows, replacing the beloved classic desktop with a Start Screen of tiles that point to programs, files and services. You can still get to the desktop (there#39;s a Desktop icon), but there#39;s no Start in the corner. 如果你的电脑未能满足系统要求,或者你不愿为系统升级之事费心,你当然可以购买一台新电脑。但是,我对向XP用户推荐Windows 8.1颇感犹豫不决。微软对Windows系统进行了大刀阔斧的改革,把深受用户欢迎的传统桌面换成了由不同颜色的磁贴构成的开始界面,这些磁贴代表的是不同的程序、文件和务。你仍然可以回归到传统桌面(按桌面键),但是“开始”菜单已经不在传统桌面上了。Windows 8.1 is better than the original Windows 8 when it comes to the mouse and keyboard, and a forthcoming update will bring even more mouse-friendly enhancements, such as a close-window button inside apps. Ed Bott, Microsoft watcher and author of many Windows guides, says people should make the jump to 8.1, and that the next updates will make the system more similar to Windows 7. 在鼠标和键盘的使用感受上,Windows 8.1的表现要好于Windows 8,并且即将推出的更新版本还将带来更友好的鼠标使用体验,比如应用程序内的系统关闭按键等。微软监察员、多款Windows指南的作者艾德#12539;特(Ed Bott)表示,用户应该直接升级至Windows 8.1,今后的更新将令系统越来越像Windows 7。Moving to Windows 7 升级至Windows 7系统Still, Windows 8.1 may be a radical change of pace for old-school Windows lovers, which is why I think Windows 7 makes a lot more sense for XP exiles. 然而,对于守旧派的Windows粉丝来说,Windows 8.1带来的变化可能太大了,这也是为什么我认为Windows 7对XP的原有用户来说更合适。Despite Microsoft#39;s arguments that 8.1 is faster, safer and more reliable than Windows 7, everything in 7 is mostly in the same place as it was in Windows XP. You#39;ll find the traditional desktop, the trusty Recycle Bin and the Start Menu. 尽管微软声称,Windows 8.1比Windows 7更更安全、更可靠,但是Windows 7的大多数功能都与Windows XP处于相同的位置上。你能够在Windows 7中看到传统桌面、值得信赖的回收站和开始菜单。The problem is that, in its Windows 8 push, Microsoft has made Windows 7 harder to come by. But there still are two main ways to get it. The first and best choice is to buy a Windows 7 laptop or desktop from select manufacturer websites, including Acer, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo. They aren#39;t featured prominently, but go digging in the business-products sections of the companies#39; sites and you#39;ll find them. Microsoft and the PC makers still provide support, too. Dell#39;s Latitude 330 and Acer#39;s Aspire V3 are both good choices under 0. 问题在于,在微软推广Windows 8的过程中,Windows 7越来越难觅踪迹了。但是,仍然有两个方法可以获取Windows 7。第一个方法―也是最好的方法―就是从电脑厂商的官网上购买一台Windows 7台式电脑或笔记本电脑,这些厂商包括宏基(Acer)、戴尔(Dell)、惠普(Hewlett-Packard)和联想(Lenovo)。电脑厂商并未对Windows 7电脑进行大张旗鼓的宣传,但是通过搜寻电脑厂商的销售官网,你一定可以找到这些产品。微软和上述电脑厂商也仍将为Windows 7提供持。戴尔的Latitude 3330和宏基的Aspire V3都是售价在700美元以下的不错选择。If you don#39;t want to buy new hardware, things get trickier. Microsoft doesn#39;t sell box copies of Windows 7 anymore. And if you buy the .99 version sold by online computer suppliers like Newegg, you don#39;t get Microsoft support. You will get security updates until 2020, however. 如果你不想购买新的硬件,事情就棘手多了。微软不向任何人出售盒装的Windows 7操作系统光盘。如果你从新蛋网(Newegg)等电脑产品网络销售商那里购买99.99美元的Windows 7版本的话,你不会得到微软的技术持。不过,在2020年前,你都会获得安全更新。Moving to a Non-Microsoft Camp 转移到非微软阵营Of course, there are other places to go if you venture outside of the world of Microsoft. 当然,如果你想走出微软世界,外面的天地也很精。If you#39;re willing to spend more money than the average Windows PC, there are Apple#39;s Mac computers, which run OS X. That system will take some learning, but once you get the hang of it, it has a ton of great features. Apple also offers free classes for new Mac users at its stores. 如果你愿意付比一般Windows电脑更高的价钱,那么你可以选择苹果公司搭载了OS X系统的Mac电脑。你需要学习才能掌握OS X系统,但一旦你熟悉了该系统,你会发现它拥有很多很好的功能。苹果公司还向新Mac用户提供免费的店内课程。Chromebooks tend to be cheap since they just run Google#39;s browser. If you just need email and the Web, Acer#39;s C720 Chromebook is plenty powerful -- and only costs 0. Chromebook更便宜些,因为这款笔记本只能运行谷歌的浏览器。如果你只需要阅读邮件、浏览网页的话,那么宏基的C720型Chromebook就非常强大了,并且它的售价只有200美元。For the extreme computer literate, there are Linux options like Ubuntu, which run fine on older Windows XP computers. However, installing Linux requires patience and many popular programs won#39;t work there. 对于电脑高手来说,他们可以选择Linux操作系统Ubuntu,该操作系统可以在更老的Windows XP电脑上良好地运行。然而,安装Linux系统需要一定的耐心,并且很多热门的程序无法在该系统上运行。You#39;re best bet is to buy a Windows 7 computer. Whatever path you do choose, don#39;t be sad: You can always bring that perfect spring day wallpaper with you. 你最好的选择就是购买一台Windows 7电脑。无论你选择哪种办法,都不要悲伤:你总是可以将春光明媚的背景用作电脑桌面。 /201403/282977Wireless carrier ATamp;T (T) was the top target of so-called patent trolls in 2013, having been sued more than 54 times by them in 2013—more than once a week. This year#39;s list of top ten patent troll targets was published today in a Fortune magazine feature story about RPX Corp.(RPXC), which compiled the statistics.2013年,无线运营商美国电话电报公司ATamp;T成为了 “专利流氓”的首要攻击目标。一年之内,ATamp;T被这类公司起诉达54次,平均下来每周超过一次。今天,《财富》杂志在一篇关于专利集成公司RPX Corp的专题报道中公布了这家公司统计、编撰的2014年“专利流氓十大目标公司”名单。The article, called ;Taking on the Trolls,; states: ;ATamp;T is no anomaly. Google (GOOG) was hit with 43 [such] suits last year; Verizon (VZ), 42; Apple (AAPL), 41; Samsung (SSNLF) and Amazon (AMZN), 39 each; Dell and Sony (SNE), 34 each; Huawei, 32; Blackberry (BBRY), 31. Every brand on this unenviable top-ten list was sued by [a patent troll] at least once every 12 days.;这篇标题为《迎接魔头的挑战》(Taking on the Trolls)写道:“ATamp;T并不是一个特例。谷歌公司(Google)去年被起诉达43次,威瑞森通信(Verizon)被起诉42次,苹果公司(Apple)被起诉41次,三星(Samsung)和亚马逊(Amazon)分别被起诉39次,戴尔(Dell)索尼(Sony)分别被起诉34次,华为(Huawei)32次,黑莓公司(Blackberry)31次。进入这张榜单并不是一件令人羡慕的事,榜单中的这些公司至少12天就要被(专利流氓)起诉一次。”;Patent troll; is a pejorative term. A more neutral term, and the one that RPX uses, is ;non-practicing entity,; or NPE. An NPE is a company that sells no products or services of its own. In their most controversial form, NPEs purchase patents on the open market and then assert them against operating companies, like ATamp;T and Google, seeking licensing fees and, often, suing to get them.“专利流氓”这个称呼带有鄙夷的意味,而RPX公司所使用了一个更中性的称谓——“非专利实施主体”,即NPE。NPE公司本身不为他人提供任何产品或务。它们最具争议的做法是,在公开市场上购买各种专利,然后声称运营公司(比如ATamp;T或谷歌)使用了他们的专利,然后要求对方付授权费。NPE拿到授权费的方式通常是向这些公司发起法律诉讼。RPX is what#39;s known as a defensive patent aggregator. In exchange for a subscription fee—currently paid by some 168 companies, including Google, Verizon, and Samsung—it attempts to buy up potentially problematic patents on the open market, before NPEs can get their hands on them.RPX则是所谓的防御型专利集成公司。RPX向公司收取会员费,然后赶在NPE动手之前,抢先买下公开市场上对成员公司具有潜在隐患的专利。目前RPX共有约168家客户,其中包括谷歌、威瑞森通信和三星。According to RPX#39;s statistics—which have been relied upon by academics and government agencies—NPEs filed 3,608 new suits in 2013, up 19% from the 3,042 they filed in 2012, and their suits named 4,843 total defendants, up 13% from the 4,282 sued a year earlier. NPE suits accounted for 67% of all new patent cases filed last year, and 63% of all new patent defendants, according to the figures RPX shared with Fortune.学术及政府机构均仰仗RPX提供的统计数据。根据它向《财富》杂志提供的资料,2013年,NPE共提起了3,608起诉讼,比2012年的3,042件增加了19%。这些诉讼指向的被告共有4,843名,比2012年的4,282名增加了13%。NPE提起的案件占去年全部专利案件的67%,被告人数为总被告人数的63%。When one takes into account NPE cases filed in previous years and still unresolved as of December 31, 2013, the top NPE target was Google, which was fighting 72 active cases as of that date. The next nine companies in line after it were ATamp;T (70), Apple (68), Samsung (63), Sony (58), Amazon (54), Verizon (46), HTC (42), LG Electronics (42), and Dell (41). (The figures for Google include suits against its Motorola Mobility unit, which Google announced last month that it is selling to Lenovo (LNGVY).)如果按在2013年12月31日前未终结案件的总数来计算,谷歌是NPE的首要目标。截至这一日期,谷歌手头上还有72件没有终结的专利官司。其余九大目标公司依次为ATamp;T(70件),苹果(68件),三星(63件),索尼(58件),亚马逊(54件),威瑞森通信(46件),宏达国际电子HTC公司(42件),LG电子(LG Electronics,42件)及戴尔(41件)。【谷歌的案件数中包括针对托罗拉移动部门(Motorola Mobility)的诉讼,谷歌上月已宣布计划将这一部门卖给联想(Lenovo)。】NPEs have their defenders, as the Fortune story explains: ;These argue that giant tech corporations routinely pilfer innovations dreamed up by independent inventors, and that NPEs simply give these powerless individuals the financial support and litigation muscle they need to vindicate their rights. NPEs therefore serve not only small inventors, the argument continues, but also society at large, by preserving the incentive systems that our Founding Fathers wrote into the Constitution to ensure that the Thomas Edisons of the world would be motivated to provide the rest of us with the maximum possible benefit from their genius.不过,《财富》文章同时也写到,也有些人在为NPE辩护。“这些人的观点是,大型科技公司经常窃取独立发明家的创新专利,NPE公司不过是为这些无力反抗的人们提供了他们所需要的经济援和法律手段,以维护他们自身的权利。为了保世界上所有像托马斯?爱迪生一样的发明家能运用自己的天赋为社会带来更多福利,开国元勋们已将发明创新激励机制写进了宪法。而通过维护这一机制,NPE公司不只在为个体发明家务,更是在造福整个社会。”;Still, the sheer numbers have many people skeptical. Is ATamp;T really stealing breakthrough ideas from various Edisons at a rate of more than once a week?;“然而,仅仅从数字上看,很多人就对这种说法表示怀疑。难道说,ATamp;T在以超过每周一次的速度窃取爱迪生们的突破性成果吗?” /201403/279155呼和浩特永泰整形美容医院做吸脂怎么样

内蒙古医学院附属医院去痘印多少钱All is not well at Japan’s flagship electronics maker.这家日本的旗舰电子产品制造商可谓诸事不顺。Sony has projected its current fiscal-year loss will widen to more than .1 billion, a bigger loss than previously expected, as the Japanese company trims the value of its mobile communications business.随着索尼(Sony)下调了对其移动通讯业务的估值,这家日本公司预计本财年的亏损将超出之前的预计,达到21亿美元以上。The company said it will book an impairment charge of about 180 billion yen (.7 billion). The company is shifting gears in the mobile segment, now focusing on reporting more stable profits and concentrating on its premium lineup, while reducing the amount of models in its mid-range lineup. Sony had previously admitted sales of its mid-range smartphones, intended for emerging markets, hadn’t been as strong as the company had hoped.索尼表示,将计入一笔高达1,800亿日元(17亿美元)的资产减值。公司正在转变移动部门的运营方式,更多地着眼于稳定的盈利,将精力投入高端产品,同时减少中端机型的品种。索尼之前曾承认,针对新兴市场推出的中端手机销量不如公司预计的那样强劲。The mobile-phone business was Sony’s largest sales contributor last year, and was also the company’s most profitable electronics division just a year ago, according to The Wall Street Journal.据《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)报道,去年,手机业务对索尼的销售额贡献最大,也是公司盈利最多的电子产品部门。In the past, Sony has said the company needs to expand its smartphone business because many areas in which it competes — including the cameras and games markets — are closely tied to mobile devices, the Journal has reported. Sony isn’t expected to exit the smartphones business, but is expected to be more selective about which countries it targets and which models it debuts.《华尔街日报》称,索尼曾表示公司需要拓展其智能手机业务,因为该公司参与竞争的许多领域——包括相机和市场——都与移动设备紧密相关。预计索尼不会退出移动手机领域,不过会更加谨慎地选择目标国家和首发机型。 /201410/331984武川县妇幼保健人民中医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱 At the Collider exhibition in London’s Science Museum there is a mock-up of an office corridor at Cern, the huge Geneva laboratory where the Higgs boson was unmasked. A poster on a door, featuring the photograph of a cat, proclaims: “Lost cat”. Then, underneath: “Please return dead and alive to Erwin Schr#246;dinger.”伦敦科学物馆(Science Museum)的对撞机展上有条走廊,是根据欧洲核子研究中心(Cern,位于日内瓦的一座大型实验室,曾发现希格斯玻色子)一条办公室走廊的原样复制过来的。走廊里有扇门上贴着一张海报,醒目地印了一只猫的照片,上书“寻猫启事”。这几个字下面写着:“请将这只既死又活的猫还给埃尔温#8226;薛定谔(Erwin Schr#246;dinger)。”The cat – a feline in a locked box that is both dead and alive until the box is opened – was a thought experiment devised by physicist Schr#246;dinger to expose the counterintuitive weirdness of quantum theory. The theory posits that an entity can exist simultaneously in any number of states until the point at which it is observed, whereupon it will “collapse” into one state – either purring or deceased in the case of the trapped tabby, which is incarcerated with a poison that either has or has not been released through radioactive decay.“薛定谔猫”(一只关在箱子里的既死又活的猫,只有打开箱子才能知道它的死活)是物理学家薛定谔设计的一个思想实验,用来展示量子力学那有违直觉的怪诞。该理论假设,一个实体可同时处于多种状态,直到它被观测到的那一刻为止,因为那时它会“坍缩”成明确态——就那只被囚禁的花猫而言,就是要么它还在哪儿打呼噜,要么已成一具猫的尸体:关猫的箱子里放有一只毒气瓶,里面的毒气或者未被或者已被基于放射性衰变机制的触发器释放出来。Geniuses have spotted that tapping into the quantum realm could release fantastic amounts of computing power. Where a classical bit must be either 0 or 1, a quantum bit, called a qubit, can be 0 or 1 – or, crucially, a mixture of both. Freed of this “either-or” constraint, even a modest quantum computer would vastly outpace the fastest supercomputer. Cracking the world’s toughest encryption software, which would take a supercomputer about 1m years, would be an hour’s work.天才们已经发现,进军量子领域能释放出极其庞大的计算能力。一个二进制位(bit)上的数字非“0”即“1”;而一个量子位(qubit)上的数字可是“0”可是“1”——关键的来了,还可既是“0”又是“1”。摆脱了这种“非此即彼”的限制后,即便是一台一般般的量子计算机也能完爆最快的超级计算机。破解全世界最强的加密软件,超级计算机需要约100万年,量子计算机只需要一个小时。Google and Nasa have jointly forked out a reported m on a prototype quantum computer from D-Wave Systems, the only commercial company selling them.D-Wave系统公司(D-Wave Systems)是唯一一家销售量子计算机的商业公司——据报道,谷歌(Google)和美国国家航空航天局(Nasa)已联合出资1000万美元购买该公司生产的一台量子计算机原型机。D-Wave’s financial backers include Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Goldman Sachs and the Canadian government. The company can claim “coolness” in another way: since atoms need to be cooled right down in order for quantum effects to appear, D-Wave’s laboratory near Vancouver houses possibly the coldest place on Earth, just 0.02C above absolute zero (the point at which atoms stop moving).D-Wave的金主包括亚马逊(Amazon)创始人杰夫#8226;贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)、高盛(Goldman Sachs)以及加拿大政府。这是一家很“酷”的公司,这里的“酷”有着另一层含义:为了显现出量子效应,原子需要被大幅冷却,因此人们在D-Wave位于温哥华附近的实验室里可以找到大概是地球上最冷的地方,其温度仅比绝对零度(原子停止运动的温度)高0.02摄氏度。Where tech visionaries t, national governments follow. The UK will be spending #163;270m over the next five years to establish centres of excellence. As the world demands ever more powerful computers, and as conventional chips reach their physical limits, early investors hope Schr#246;dinger’s cat can be turned into a cash cow.科技先锋走向哪里,政府就跟向哪里。未来五年,英国将投资2.7亿英镑建立示范中心(centre of excellence)。既然世界需要更强大的计算机,而常规芯片又达物理极限,早期投资者们就寄望于薛定谔猫能变为摇钱树。There is only one problem: there is a simmering debate over whether D-Wave’s quantum computers are actually quantum at all. Scott Aaronson, a quantum computing expert at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says that while there is evidence for small-scale quantum effects, there is no definitive evidence that D-Wave has achieved a fully fledged quantum computer. Neither, Mr Aaronson says, is it faster than classical computers.只有一个问题:围绕D-Wave的量子计算机是否真的实现了量子计算,即将爆发一场辩论。美国麻省理工学院(MIT)量子计算专家斯科特#8226;阿伦森(Scott Aaronson)说,虽然有据显示存在小规模量子效应,但没有确凿据明D-Wave已造出了完全成熟的量子计算机,而且D-Wave的计算机也不比常规计算机快。Now IBM researchers have waded in. Two weeks ago scientists from the IBM Thomas J#8201;Watson Research Center in New York, abetted by colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, posted a paper entitled: “How ‘Quantum’ is the D-Wave Machine?” By taking on the same fiendish computing challenge posed to the D-Wave, and showing they could churn out pretty similar results with a classical algorithm, they claimed it was impossible to say definitively whether the machine was truly quantum.现在,IBM的研究人员也参与进来。近日,纽约IBM托马斯#8226;J#8226;沃森研究中心(Thomas J#8201;Watson Research Center)的科学家在美国加州大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)同僚的怂恿下,发布了一篇名为《D-Wave的机器到底有多‘量子’?》(How #39;Quantum#39; is the D-Wave Machine?)的文章。通过挑战D-Wave挑战过的一个极其棘手的计算难题,并用经典算法生成出与D-Wave极为相似的结果,这些科学家主张,不可能明确认定D-Wave的机器到底属不属于量子计算机。Geordie Rose, D-Wave’s pugilistic founder who is also a former Canadian wrestling champion, defended his machine and accused his detractors of cherry-picking data. On his Hack the Multiverse blog, he wrote: “When I saw how trivially wrong [the paper] was, it was like opening a Christmas present and getting socks.” Ouch.作为前加拿大摔跤冠军,D-Wave创始人乔迪#8226;罗斯(Geordie Rose)的好斗之风不改。他为自己的机器进行了辩护,并指责他的批评者挑选持他们主张的数据。他在自己的“侵入多重宇宙”(Hack the Multiverse)客上写道:“当我看到(那篇文章)错得多么没有价值时,感觉就像拆开圣诞礼物后看到里面是袜子。”哎哟,好辛辣!For all the delicious backbiting and ego-baiting and megamoney gambles, quantum computing really does look like the natural next step in computational problem-solving, even if it can only crack a limited class of problems. In these early days of the revolution, we may have to take it on faith that the quantum computers around today are the real deal.虽然这些背后中伤、瞄准别人自负心理展开的求关注行为以及一掷千金的豪赌让人看得津津有味,但量子计算看上去确实像是计算求解问题领域的必然发展方向,尽管它只能破解有限类别的问题。处于这场革命早期阶段的我们,或许不得不相信目前出现的量子计算机是名副其实的。Still, there is a pleasing irony to the uncertainty. Central to quantum theory is Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, which states that we can never measure every property of a particle to the utmost precision. The universe places fundamental limits on our ability to know: just as the fate of Schr#246;dinger’s famous cat remains a mystery to anyone outside the box, so, perhaps, does the truth about today’s quantum computers.不过,这种不确定性也带着一丝有意思的反讽意味。量子理论的核心是海森堡(Heisenberg)的不确定性原理(uncertainty principle),即我们永远无法极为精准地测量出一个粒子的每一项属性。宇宙对我们的求知能力设置了根本性的限制:正如薛定谔那只著名的猫的命运对箱子外的人来说仍是个谜题一样,与今日量子计算机有关的真相也有待时间来揭晓。 /201403/281248内蒙古自治区妇幼保健院祛眼袋手术多少钱

玉泉区妇幼保健人民中医院去胎记多少钱Samsung Electronics is following Google and Apple into the smart home with the acquisition of SmartThings, which allows a variety of internet-connected devices to be controlled by a single mobile app.继谷歌(Google)和苹果(Apple)之后,三星电子(Samsung Electronics)也通过收购美国公司SmartThings打入智能家居领域。SmartThings能让用户通过一个移动应用来控制各种联网设备。Samsung, which showed off a range of its own “Smart Home” appliances at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, said SmartThings would continue to operate independently but move to Silicon Valley as part of the South Korean company’s Open Innovation Centre.在今年1月的消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)上,三星曾展示过一系列自己的“智能家居(Smart Home)”电器。它表示,SmartThings将继续独立运营,不过会搬到硅谷,成为三星开放创新中心(Open Innovation Centre)的一部分。Washington DC-based SmartThings raised .5m in venture funding after receiving .2m from a Kickstarter campaign in September 2012.SmartThings目前总部位于华盛顿特区。2012年9月,该公司先是在一次Kickstarter众筹活动中获得了120万美元,接着又筹集了1550万美元风险投资。Samsung’s acquisition of the three-year-old start-up, for a reported 0m, represents another bid by a leading technology company to persuade more consumers that the benefits in convenience or energy-saving of wiring up their homes to the internet outweigh the security risks and additional complexities.据报道,三星以2亿美元的价格,收购了这家只有3年历史的初创企业。和其他已涉足智能家居领域的高科技企业一样,三星希望说消费者,将家居设备联网在便利性和节能方面的好处,超过了这么做的安全风险及额外的复杂性。It follows Google’s purchases of Nest, a maker of online thermostats and smoke detectors, and Dropcam, an internet-connected security camera developer, earlier this year. In June, Apple laid the foundation for its own move into the “internet of things” with HomeKit, a way to control heating, door locks or lights with an iPhone.今年早些时候,谷歌收购了Nest和Dropcam,前者生产能联网的温控装置及烟雾警报器,后者则是一家联网安保摄像头的开发商。今年6月,苹果也为自己向“物联网”的进军打响了第一。当时,该公司推出了HomeKit应用,用户可以在iPhone上使用这款应用,控制暖气、门锁或电灯。While Apple has allowed only a select few device makers to work with HomeKit so far and Nest has slowly opened up its developer platform in recent months, Samsung and SmartThings touted their “open platform for the smart home”, which now supports more than 1,000 products and thousands of mobile apps.到目前为止,苹果只选取了少量设备制造商围绕HomeKit开展合作。而Nest则在最近几个月才缓慢开放了其开发者平台。相比之下,三星和SmartThings则在大力推销它们的“智能家居开放平台”,这一平台目前已持逾千种产品和数千个应用。David Eun, head of Samsung’s Open Innovation Centre, said that more investments, acquisitions and partnerships around the internet of things were planned.三星开放创新中心主管戴维#8226;尤恩(David Eun)表示,三星还计划围绕物联网开展更多投资、并购及合作。Samsung’s own Smart Home family of products only worked with its own appliances, such as fridges and washing machines. SmartThings will continue to work with other companies’ products, including those from rivals Google and Apple, after the acquisition, while benefiting from Samsung’s reach and distribution.三星自己的智能家居产品只持三星的电器,比如电冰箱和洗衣机。而SmartThings则会在并购之后,在享受三星市场影响范围及分销网络的同时,继续兼容其他公司的产品,包括那些来自三星对手谷歌和苹果的产品。 /201408/321612 呼和浩特和林格尔县鼻部除皱价格和林格尔县妇幼保健人民中医院修眉手术多少钱




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