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呼和浩特整形美容的好医院呼和浩特去胎记需要哪家医院好呼市国际蒙医院点痣多少钱 The fitness industry健身产业It works out cheaper降低成本运作Cut-price gyms are seizing a growing share of a stagnant market减价的健身房在萧条的市场中的份额日益增加Bulk discount批量折扣GETTING out of a pricey monthly gym membership has traditionally been as hard as squeezing into lycra after the Christmas break.摆脱昂贵的月制健身房会员身份从传统意义上来说就如圣诞节假期后挤入莱卡那样难But at Fitness4Less, a low-cost gym in east London, membership is more flexible. Customers pay 15.99a month and can leave at any point. Like cut-price airlines and supermarkets, budget gyms are muscling in on the market.但是在伦敦东部的一个低成本健身房Fitness4Less里,会员制度更为灵活。客户只需每月缴纳15.99英镑,并且可以在任何时候终止会员关系。就像廉价航空和打折超市那样,廉价健身房也打算在市场中分得一杯羹。Their rise reflects the recent shakiness of Britain’s economy. Although budget chains constitute only 8% of the revenue, they now account for 21% of all fitness-club members. Low-cost gyms boast around 5,000 members per club compared with an industry average of about 1,900, according to Mintel, a consultancy. Such high numbers help keep membership cheap. Many accommodate such large numbers by opening 24 hours a day. That is appealing to the growing numbers of Britons doing shift work.廉价健身房的崛起反应了英国经济近期的局势动荡。虽然廉价连锁店的收入只占了8%,但是它们占到健身俱乐部会员人数的21%。与咨询公司Mintel作出1900名会员的平均水平相比,低成本的健身房宣称其每间俱乐部都有大约5000名会员。如此高的数字有助于会员制价格保持低廉。如此庞大的会员量要依靠24小时营业来分流。这也就吸引越来越多的英国人来做轮班。Membership turnover is high, too, but two-thirds of those who leave Fitness4Less come back, says Emma Edwards, one of its owners. Budget gyms are growing faster than any other part of the sector; roughly 200% since 2011. Pure Gym, a low-cost chain, has opened 75 clubs since . Fitness First, a mid-range chain where monthly membership can cost 70, only has 75 clubs now, down from 150 in 2007.会员制下的人员流动率也很高,但是有三分之二的顾客在离开Fitness4Less之后,都会再次回归它的怀抱,健身房老板之一艾玛·爱德华兹如是说。廉价健身房的数量的增长速度要完爆业界其他部分好几条大街:自2011年以来,差不多增长了200%。Pure Gym,一个低成本的连锁健身房,自年以来已经开了75家。而会员费为70英镑的Fitness First,一家中等规模的连锁健身房,从2007年的150家连锁跌至目前仅剩的75家。Budget-gym bunnies scan their fingerprints or use personal ID numbers to gain access. That cuts spending on costly membership cards and receptionists. There are few frills, such as saunas and cafes. Up to 70% of the machines at The Gym, another fast-growing chain, use no electricity, reducing overheads. No contracts mean no salaries or commissions for salespeople.廉价健身房的会员通过扫描指纹或者使用个人ID号进入健身房。此举削减了昂贵的会员卡与接待员开,例如桑拿浴室和咖啡厅等多余装饰,在健身房内很少见到。健身房内70%的空间都是健身的机器。而另一项急速增长的产业链就是不使用电能,这样可以减少开。没有合同就意味着没有付给销售人员的佣金或者工资。Other cheap ways to keep fit are thriving too, from online classes to low-cost mobile fitness apps. Fancy gyms—where single classes can cost more than a monthly budget gym membership–are also flourishing. It is just the flabby middle that is being squeezed.从网上课程到低成本的移动健身应用程序,使用其他廉价方式来保持身材的方法现在也十分流行。花哨的健身房-----在那里一个单独的课程的花费可以超过廉价健身房每月的会员费---生意也同样蒸蒸日上。这种单独课程的花费只不过是健身零碎花费的集中体现。翻译 周晓婷 校对 崔梦雪 译文属译生译世 /201411/341064Theres a bloom of cyanobacteria in Lake Erie right now. Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are predicting it could become the second worst on record.The bacteria produce a toxin called microcystin. A year ago, that toxin led to a ban on drinking water in Toledo and a few Michigan communities. Officials say microcystin can cause skin irritation and could affect the liver and nervous systems if you consume it in large amounts.This week, Toledo officials said they detected low levels of microcystin in untreated water from Lake Erie. But they say right now, their treatment system is removing the toxin and city water is safe to drink.Joel Mazur is the commissioner of field operations with the Toledo water department.;Were light years ahead of where we were before in terms of water treatment,; Mazur says.He says theyve stepped up monitoring and added more treatment steps to take out the toxin.;Were able to detect the issues in the lake far sooner than we were before and treat it,; he says.This years bloomWe took a boat ride with local officials, environmental groups and reporters to get a look at this years bloom.Sandy Bihn is with Lake Erie Waterkeeper. She holds up a glass of lake water with little green blobs floating in it.;Its not nearly as dense as it was last year when we were out here, because the bloom has moved further east which is good for the Toledo intake,; she says.Were three miles away from shore when Joel Mazur points out Toledos water intake crib. He says they put in an advanced warning system after last years crisis. So now, theres a monitor in the intake crib.;Now that were detecting microcystin in the water, we have crews that actually come out now and they are taking samples and taking it to the lab so we can have daily monitoring of the levels of microcystin that are in the water today,; Mazur says.Theres a water quality dashboard on the citys website. Right now, city water is at the ;watch; level. That means theyve detected microcystin in the lake but not in tap water.Phosphorus in Lake ErieIn June, Governor Snyder joined Ohio Governor John Kasich and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne in a pledge to cut phosphorus into Lake Erie by 40 percent over the next 10 years. Phosphorus gets into the lake from farm fertilizer, wastewater from cities, and leaking septic tanks along with other sources.Sandy Bihn says we need better monitoring of all these sources.;We know that ag is a huge contributor,; she says. ;I mean, we know what the categories are. We dont know the specific locations and amounts, thats what were missing.;She says officials need to track exactly how much phosphorus is coming from each source.Bill Myers agrees with her. Hes the president of the Lucas County Farm Bureau.;Im tired of hearing hypotheticals on where things are coming from,; he says. ;We need to know for sure what areas are contributing and target the highest levels with the quickest response to get the hugest decrease as fast as we can.;This spring, Ohio enacted a law that bans farmers from sping fertilizer on frozen or rain-soaked fields. Its intended to cut back on phosphorus that runs off those fields.A cyanobacteria puzzleScientists are trying to solve a mystery about these toxic blooms.Greg Dick is an associate professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of Michigan.;One of the really interesting findings so far has been that as we track these blooms through the season, the bloom develops and it progresses and its toxic,; Dick says. ;But then towards the end of the summer we still have a really strong bloom with very dense cyanobacteria, but the toxicity of that bloom changes. And in particular the toxicity of the bloom drops off.;He says they could find some clues in the DNA of these bacteria. Some strains have the gene to produce the toxin and others dont. Dick says theyre testing a hypothesis that nitrogen could affect how toxic the blooms become.201507/389677呼和浩特去烟疤

呼市妇幼保健人民中医院韩式三点多少钱呼和浩特激光祛痣那家医院比较好 But she knows about it and his buddies are really into it.Yeah,its pretty cool.她知道 他的小伙伴都很喜欢 挺好的Theyve never seen a movie that Ive done.Theyve never seen me do anything.Thats interesting.他们从没看过我演的电影 他们没见过我的任何作品 真很有意思啊I mean,Ive never...most of the time its not really suitable for children我的大部分作品不太适合孩子看But Ive never...you know, Ive made it a very specific kind of thing to separate my life and then my job但我很注重 把我的生活和工作分开 occasionally Ill flip around on TV and something will be on like Anger Management or something,well watch it and then theyll you know click it off.偶尔我打开电视 看到《愤怒管理》这样的节目 我会看 然后关掉Lets turn that off,I think thats wise.I think thats good.关掉电视 我觉得这挺好I like my kids to think Im a Realtor.我希望我的孩子以为我是地产商Ill say sold another house in the Valley.Good job,dad.我又在圣费尔南多谷卖出了一套房子 他们说 好样的 爸爸They really...they really dont seem that interested in this...in like any other movies Ive done alreay他们似乎的确对我演的其他电影不怎么感兴趣But this one,you know,theres something I think about the shrinking element and the ants that the kids are...但这部 我觉得是因为有缩小的桥段 还有蚂蚁 孩子们很The special effects are great and there are a lot of fun visuals特效十分精 很多视效十分有趣you becoming really small in the world that youre in and some of the problems you encounter being...its...比如你会在你所处的世界变小 还有你遇到的问题都……Right.Well,theres a whole new technology that theyve used to kind of film this.嗯 他们在这部电影中用了新科技It wasnt like in maybe some other movies theyve done previous to this they have a practical thing.不像此前的其他电影那样 他们有实物Like a big giant pencil or thumbtack and Im running around.像大铅笔或者图钉 我在跑This was all macrophotography.They are all separate units filming everything so colse up,这都是宏观摄影做到的 近距离拍所有场景So its all real and then the technology they use,they can put me in it.所以都是真的 然后他们用技术把我放进去well lets take a look at it,we have a chip here from Ant-man.我们看一段《蚁人》的片花吧Do you want to set this up?你要介绍一下吗?201607/452806内蒙古附属医院祛痣多少钱

呼和浩特新城区保妥适多少钱 Culture wars in Ukraine乌克兰的文化战争History lessons历史的教训The conflict in Ukraine sps to its museums发生在乌克兰的冲突波及至其物馆“HE WHO controls the past controls the future.” Orwells dictum now faces a new test. Shortly before Russia annexed Crimea, the Bakhchisaray museum, north of Sevastopol, lent some valuable artefacts to an exhibition in the Netherlands. The question as to which country these (and other objects from Crimean museums) should return is creating a diplomatic conundrum.“谁控制过去谁就控制未来。”奥威尔的这则格言现如今正面临新的考验。在俄罗斯抢占克里米亚前不久,北塞瓦斯托波尔的巴赫奇萨赖物馆给荷兰的一个展会出借了相当一批珍贵的文物。问题是,这些国家(和克里米亚物馆的其他出借对象)返还文物变成了一个外交难题。“Let yourself be overwhelmed by the gold of Crimea,” boasts the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. Never before has Ukraine lent so many mostly Crimean treasures. The Black Sea peninsula is filled with gems left by invaders over the centuries. The exhibition includes a Scythian gold helmet from 400 , pottery from Greek colonisers and a lacquered Chinese box that came along the Silk Road. “We have given our very best objects,” sighs Valentina Mordvintseva, a curator at the Crimean branch of the Institute of Archaeology. She fears she may not see them again.“都淹没在克里米亚的黄金之下吧,”阿姆斯特丹的阿拉德皮尔逊物馆夸口。乌克兰从未出借过如此多的宝物,并且多数是来自克里米亚。黑海半岛遍地都是几个世纪以来入侵者留下的宝物。展出的物品有公元前400年的斯基泰人的金色头盔、希腊殖民者的陶器和通过丝绸之路传来的漆器。“我们已给出了我们最好的物品,”Valentina Mordvintseva—这位来自考古学研究所克里米亚分所的管理者叹息道。她担心自己可能再也见不到他们了。Who is the rightful owner? On legal grounds, Kiev has the upper hand because the Allard Pierson signed a loan agreement with the Ukrainian state. And as the Netherlands does not recognise Russias annexation, Ukraine still owns the property. Yet the Dutch also signed contracts directly with the lending museums. And, says Inge van der Vlies, a professor at the University of Amsterdam, there is an ethical case for returning the objects to them. But there is no guarantee that Russia might not pinch the pieces the moment they arrive.谁才是真正的主人?法律上来说,基辅(乌克兰共和国首都)有更具优势,因为阿拉德皮尔逊与乌克兰签署了贷款协议。并且荷兰并不承认俄罗斯的抢占,乌克兰仍然拥有所有权。然而,荷兰也与贷款物馆直接签署了合同。同时,阿姆斯特丹大学的Inge van der Vlies教授表示,这是一个有关归还物品的道德案件。但也不能保,俄罗斯在他们抢占之时不会接手这些合同。The Dutch foreign minister, Frans Timmermans, does not wish to meddle but he also wants to avoid being seen to accept a new form of art looting. This may be impossible; whether the gold returns to Crimea or to Kiev, each side will accuse the Dutch of pilfering.荷兰外长堤孟思并不希望插手,但他也不想他这种沉默被看做是对这种新形势的艺术掠夺的认可。无论金子最终归还于克里米亚或是基辅,每一方都将指责荷兰的偷窃行为,这或许不可能发生。A UNESCO resolution warns of the “massive transfer of priceless cultural objects from Crimean museums to the Russian capital”. But a rogue Russia is hardly going to be deterred by reminders to stick to its obligations under international law relating to cultural property.联合国教科文组织(UNESCO)颁布的一项决议对“大规模的将物价的珍宝从克里米亚物馆转运至俄罗斯首都”一事提出了警告。但是这个决议几乎不能制止一个无赖般的俄罗斯,使其在涉及文化财产的国际法律之下履行其义务。 译者:张娣 校对:朱大素 译文属译生译世 /201509/398095呼和浩特腋臭医院哪家好呼和浩特第一人民医院激光脱毛多少钱




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