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To all those tests you crammed for包括你们努力准备才通过的考试to the plans youre making now for your careers包括你们为自己未来作出的规划to go on to graduate school例如去读研究生You all have seen so much你们经历了很多Youve witnessed this schools rebirth after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina你们见了学校被卡特里娜飓风摧毁后的重建the new buildings that replaced the ones you lost老教学楼倒下 新教学楼竖起the classrooms that started filling back up again课堂上重新聚满了学生the service projects that you all have done to help this community bounce back帮助社区的务项目又开始重新开展And I know along the way that each of you我知道 这个过程中has written your own story of resilience and determination to make it here to this day你们每个人都有自己不屈和坚毅的故事For example, as you heard例如妮可刚才就说过Nicole was told back in high school that she just wasnt college material上高中时 有人说她不是读大学的材料But now she is your class president结果现在她成为了你们的学生主席and shes headed off to Yale for her graduate degree并被录取到耶鲁就读研究生So there. Thats it情况就是这样And I know that some of you may come from tough neighborhoods我知道 你们很多人都来自条件艰苦的居民区some of you may have lost your homes during Katrina卡特里娜让你们很多人都流离失所Maybe youre like DeShawn Dabney也许你们的情况很类似于德肖恩?达布尼a graduate who was raised by his grandmother这位毕业生是由祖母养大的maybe thats your grandmother, isnt it, DeShawn也许尖叫的就是你的祖母 是吗 德肖恩Raised by his grandmother while some of his family members were dealing with issues由祖母养大的 同时他的一些家人也会帮忙处理问题Maybe just like him, youve been working part-time jobs也许和他一样 你也一直在做兼职since you were a teenager to make your dream of going to college come true撑着自己读大学的伟大梦想And now, today, youre all here y to walk across this stage and get that diploma今天 你们通过了重重试炼 准备走过这里 获得文凭And no matter what path you took to get here无论经历过的道路有多艰难you all kept your hearts set on this day你们的梦想今天终究还是成为了现实You fought through every challenge you encountered你们经受住了重重挑战and you earned that degree from this fine university今天终于从这所优秀大学获得了学位And in doing so, you are following in the footsteps of all those who came before you而这个过程中 你们都追随着前人的足迹201503/364673乌兰察布市去痣多少钱一颗When we announce that Bill Nye would be here to address you我们宣布比尔·奈要来演讲后Boston Magazine called him the regions best commencement speaker波士顿杂志将他称为区域最佳毕业典礼演讲嘉宾And the Today Show highlighted him as one of the four most interesting commencement speakers in the nation而;今日秀;节目则强调他将是全国最有趣的四位毕业典礼演讲嘉宾之一Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our 2014 commencement speaker Bill Nye Thank you女士们先生们 欢迎我们的2014年毕业典礼演讲嘉宾比尔·奈谢谢大家Im not worthy Thank you all so much我配不上非常感谢所有人Distinguished faculty parents guests, alumni, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls river hawks of all ages优秀的全体教职员工家长们贵宾们 校友们 女士们先生们 男生们女生们所有年龄的河鹰们and especially graduates, welcome and congratulations, you made it very nicely done特别是毕业生们 欢迎大家 祝贺大家 你们成功了做得非常好When I managed to get out, I mean, when I was graduated我毕业的时候是这样的after a few relaxing and easy years in engineering school our world was full of trouble在工程学院经过了放松安逸的几年后我们的世界充满了麻烦during my college years, we wound down a miserable war in Southeast Asia我上大学时 美国刚从东南亚战争的泥潭中抽出身来we experienced energy crisis in which people waited in their cars and long lines for fuel我们经历了能源危机人们排着很长的队等待加油Gasoline prices along the Lowell connector洛厄尔加油站的油价201509/401183内蒙古附属医院做红色胎记手术多少钱I try to be myself honest about my strengths and weaknesses 我努力做真实的自己 直面我的优点和缺点and I encourage others to do the same 我会鼓励别人也这么做It is all professional and it is all personal 一切都与职业相关 也都与个人相关all at the very same time 两者无时无刻不交融在一起As part of bringing my whole self to work 作为带着完整的自己去上班的一部分努力I recently started speaking up about 最近我开始公开谈论the challenges women face in the workforce女性在工作环境中面临的挑战something I only had the courage to do in the last few years 这也是我最近几年才有勇气做的事情Before this 在此之前I did my career like everyone else does it 我和大家一样小心翼翼地在职场上打拼I never told anyone I was a girl 我从没和别人强调 我是女儿身Dont tell 不说 原则I left the lights on 当我暂时回家照顾下孩子时when I went home to do something for my kids 我会把办公室的灯留着I locked my office door and pumped milk for my babies 当我锁上门在办公室边参加电话会议while I was on conference calls 边为我的宝宝们挤奶时People would ask,whats that sound? 有人会问 那是什么声音I would say,What sound? I hear a beep 我会说 什么声音?我听到哔的一声Oh, theres a fire truck really right outside my office 噢 我窗外正好有一辆消防车But the lack of progress weve made in the past decade 然而 由于我们在上个10年取得的进展很小has convinced me we need to start talking about this 我决定要开始公开讨论这点I graduated from HBS in 1995 我是1995年从HBS毕业的and I thought it was completely clear that by the time 当时我想 等到我们这届someone from my year was invited to speak at this podium 有人被邀请到这个讲台演讲的时候we would have achieved equality in the workforce 我们一定已经实现了工作上的男女平等But women at the top C-level jobs 但是在C级别的工作上are stuck at 15-16 percent 女性的比例始终停留在15%到16%and have not moved in a decade 10年来一点都没有变化Not even close to 50% 离50%还差很远and worse no longer growing 而且更糟的是 已经停止增长We need to acknowledge openly that 我们需要公开承认在执行级别的领导层gender remains an issue at the highest levels of leadership 性别仍然是个大问题The promise of equality is not equality 对平等的承诺不等于真正的平等We need to start talking about this 我们需要就此进行谈论201511/410529So my name is Amy Webb,我的名字呢,叫艾米·韦伯and a few years ago I found myself at the end几年前,我发现自己走到of yet another fantastic relationship又一段美好恋情的尽头that came burning down in a spectacular fashion.一切绚丽消逝And I thought, you know, whats wrong with me?你说我,到底怎么了?I dont understand why this keeps happening.真不懂,为什么每次都这样So I asked everybody in my life我就去问,身边的人what they thought.看他们,怎么想I turned to my grandmother,我找到,姥姥who always had plenty of advice,她总有,很多忠告and she said, ;Stop being so picky.她说 “别太挑剔了;Youve got to date around.“你得,多跟人谈谈;And most importantly,“还有,最重要的是“true love will find you when you least expect it.;“顺其自然,缘分始终会来的“Now as it turns out,而实际上Im somebody who thinks a lot about data,我这个人,总要找依据as youll soon find.这点相信你,很快会发现I am constantly swimming in numbers我总是沉浸在,数字当中and formulas and charts.长期和公式,图表打交道I also have a very tight-knit family,同时,我的家庭,非常和睦and Im very, very close with my sister,我和,关系特别好and as a result, I wanted to have所以,从小我就想the same type of family when I grew up.长大以后,要有一个温暖的大家庭So Im at the end of this bad breakup,所以这次分手,很伤心Im 30 years old,我当时30岁I figure Im probably going to have想着,起码要和下一任to date somebody for about six months交往6个月before Im y to get monogamous才能真正,确定关系and before we can sort of cohabitate,然后再考虑,搬一起住and we have to have that happen for a while before we can get engaged.之后再过段时间,才考虑订婚And if I want to start having children by the time Im 35,所以,如果想在35岁之前,要孩子that meant that I would have had to have been就意味着我必须on my way to marriage five years ago.提前5年为结婚做准备So that wasnt going to work.很明显,那行不通If my strategy was to least-expect my way如果换个思路 “顺其自然”等缘分into true love, then the variable that I had那么,我要面临的变数to deal with was serendipity.是运气In short, I was trying to figure out, well,简单来说,我想探个究竟,看看whats the probability of my finding Mr. Right?随缘偶遇真命天子,概率有多高Well, at the time I was living in the city of Philadelphia,当时我呢,住在费城and its a big city, and I figured,这是个大城市,所以我判断in this entire place, there are lots of possibilities.地方越大,机会越大So again, I started doing some math.接着我又开始,算数了Population of Philadelphia: It has 1.5 million people.费城人口:总共150万I figure about half of that are men,估计,一半是男性so that takes the number down to 750,000.有效人数,下降到75万Im looking for a guy between the ages of 30 and 36,我的目标是 30到36岁之间的男性which was only four percent of the population,他们,占这部分人口的4%so now Im dealing with the possibility of 30,000 men.算起来,可能剩下3万人I was looking for somebody who was Jewish,我要找,犹太人because thats what I am and that was important to me.因为我本身也是,这点很重要Thats only 2.3 percent of the population.他们只占,这部分人口的2.3%I figure Im attracted to maybe one out of 10然后,估计10个人当中,of those men,有1个我喜欢and there was no way I was going还有,我和爱打高尔夫的,to deal with somebody who was an avid golfer.完全合不来So that basically meant there were 35 men for me也就是说,对我而言that I could possibly date费城总共有35位男士,适宜约会in the entire city of Philadelphia.在整个费城!In the meantime, my very large Jewish family与此同时,我们犹太大家族was aly all married and well on their way其他成员,全部都结了婚to having lots and lots of children,而且还生了,很多很多孩子and I felt like I was under tremendous peer pressure所以我总有,巨大的压力和紧迫感to get my life going aly.要尽快解决,人生大事So if I have two possible strategies at this point这时候,我有两个办法Im sort of figuring out.我发现One, I can take my grandmothers advice一是,可以听姥姥的话and sort of least-expect my way尝试“顺其自然”into maybe bumping into the one碰上那一位out of 35 possible men in the entire在费城茫茫 150万人海中1.5 million-person city of Philadelphia,偶遇那35位男士,其中的一位or I could try online dating.又或者,我可以试试婚恋网Now, I like the idea of online dating,其实我挺喜欢,这个概念because its predicated on an algorithm,因为我们可以,用运算规则推算结果and thats really just a simple way of saying所谓运算规则,其实很简单Ive got a problem, Im going to use some data,当我们遇到问题,只要收集数据run it through a system放到系统里面,and get to a solution.就能找到解决办法So online dating is the second most popular way婚恋网,现在已经成为大家that people now meet each other,互相认识的,第二大途径but as it turns out, algorithms have been around不过,网站的运算规则for thousands of years in almost every culture.在几千年前,就可以找到In fact, in Judaism, there were matchmakers例如犹太族,a long time ago, and though从很早以前就有媒人they didnt have an explicit algorithm per se,虽然他们没有,列出公式they definitely were running through formulas in their heads,但在脑子里,一定琢磨过这些问题like, is the girl going to like the boy?比如,女孩会喜欢男孩吗?Are the families going to get along?两家人能处得来吗?Whats the rabbi going to say?拉比(犹太教教师或法学导师)会怎么说?Are they going to start having children right away?他们会不会马上生孩子?And the matchmaker would sort of think through all of this,媒人们会,先想好这些问题put two people together, and that would be the end of it.再把两个人凑到一起,就完事了So in my case, I thought,而我呢,我想well, will data and an algorithm能不能通过数据和公式lead me to my Prince Charming?帮我找到白马王子?So I decided to sign on.我决定注册Now, there was one small catch.这里还有一个小插曲As Im signing on to the various dating websites,我开设了几个婚恋网帐户as it happens, I was really, really busy.碰巧那段时间特别,特别忙But that actually wasnt the biggest problem.不过那还不是,最大的问题The biggest problem is that I hate最大的,问题是filling out questionnaires of any kind,我讨厌填,问答表and I certainly dont like questionnaires尤其不喜欢,that are like Cosmo quizzes.时尚杂志小编爱问的题目201505/374868乌兰察布市妇幼保健医院韩式三点多少钱

呼和浩特去眼角哪里好呼和浩特玻尿酸去皱价格I was actually very excited to meet many of you today until I actually did meet you and realized just how young you are all and how old it makes me feel. Tre Borden informed me that actually most of you were born the year I graduated from high school, which is personally a terrifying prospect for me. Its also a little worrying because the only thing I remember about my high school is my senior prom--actually the after-prom party--and I only remember bits and pieces of it. But if what I remember is true, it is very possible that some of you are my children. Especially you with the blue eyes and prematurely gray hair, right there. Let me just say that if that is true, for legal reasons I cant say whether or not you are my children, Im bursting with pride today. And Im sorry for not being around for the last 20 years or so.今天在见你们之前我一直非常激动。但真正见到了你们,我才意识到你们是多么年轻,让我感觉自己是多么苍老。特雷·伯顿(注:2006届耶鲁大学秘书长)告诉我,事实上,我高中毕业那年你们才刚刚出生,这对我来说是件恐怖的事情,也有点令人担忧,因为我对高中生活唯一记得住的事就是毕业舞会——实际上是舞会后举行的派对——我只记得一些零星的片段。但是如果我记得不错的话,很可能你们当中的有些人是我的小孩。特别是有着蓝眼睛和灰白头发的那些同学,没错,就是这样。我只想说,如果这是真的,尽管从法律上来说,我不能说你们到底是不是我的小孩,我心中依然充满自豪感。很抱歉在这20年左右的时间里我没有陪伴你们左右。Seriously, it is a pleasure to be here on what is remarkable day. Its a beautiful day if it doesnt rain and a very special day in your lives. Youve worked incredibly hard to get here, to get through here, and I hope youre all very proud of yourselves. You should be. And Im sure youve aly done this, but I hope that at some point this weekend--Im sure everybodys encouraged you to do this--that you look your parents in the eye and hug them close and thank them for all they have done to get you to this moment and this spot. Because as hard as its been for you. I guarantee you its been twice as hard for them.说真的,我很高兴能在这个特别的日子来到这里。今天是你们人生中特别的日子,如果没有下雨,就更加美好了。你们经过努力学习考上了这所大学,并顺利完成了学业,我希望你们为自己感到自豪。你们应该为自己感到骄傲。而且我相信你们已经这样做了,我也希望你们这周末能够抽出时间凝望自己的父母,紧紧抱住他们,感谢他们所做的一切,感谢他们让你拥有今天的成就——我相信已经有人鼓励你们这样做了。因为,你们历经艰辛才取得了今天的成就,而对于你们的父母,我保,他们经历了双倍的艰辛。 /201310/260741清水河县激光治疗鸡眼多少钱And were replacing that with the largest industrial project in the history of the world,将它转变成史上最大的工业项目,which is producing the most high-carbon greenhouse gas emitting oil in the world.生产温室气体排放量最大的高碳油类。And were doing this on the second largest oil reserves on the planet.这就是我们在世上第二大石油蕴藏地所做的事。This is one of the reasons why Canada,这就是为何加拿大,originally a climate change hero-we were one of the first signatories of the Kyoto Accord.它原本是环保英雄-我们是第一批签署京都议定书的国家之一。Now were the country that has full-time lobbyists in the European Union and Washington, D.C.现在我国派驻全职说客在欧盟及华盛顿特区。threatening trade wars when these countries talk about wanting to bring in positive legislation to limit the import of high-carbon fuels,以贸易战争为要挟,当这些国家希望立法限制高碳燃料进口,of greenhouse gas emissions, anything like this,讨论温室气体排放等相关议题时,at international conferences,在国际会议中,whether theyre in Copenhagen or Cancun,无论在哥本哈根或坎昆,international conferences on climate change,在讨论气候变迁议题的国际会议中,were the country that gets the dinosaur award every single day as being the biggest obstacle to progress on this issue.我们是荣获“化石奖”(颁给破坏国际气候变化谈判的国家)的国家成为谈判进展的最大阻碍。Just 70 miles downstream is the worlds largest freshwater delta,河流下游70英哩处是世上最大的淡水三角洲,the Peace-Athabasca Delta,和平-阿萨帕斯卡尔三角洲,the only one at the juncture of all four migratory flyways.它是四条候鸟迁徙路线唯一交会点。This is a globally significant wetland,这是对全球来说具有重要意义的湿地,perhaps the greatest on the planet.或许是世上最大的湿地。Incredible habitat for half the bird species you find in North America, migrating here.它是北美半数迁往此处的鸟类物种栖息地。And also the last refuge for the largest herd of wild bison,也是世上最大野牛群最后的避难所,and also, of course, critical habitat for another whole range of other species.此外,当然也是许多其他物种的重要栖息地。But it too is being threatened by the massive amount of water being drawn from the Athabasca,但它也深受来自阿萨帕斯卡尔河的大量水流威胁,which feeds these wetlands,它灌溉这片湿地,and also the incredible toxic burden of the largest toxic unlined impoundments on the planet,同时带来大量毒性物质来自世上最大的露天毒性蓄水池,which are leaching in to the food chain for all the species downstream.进入下游所有物种的食品链中。201511/409229乌兰察布妇幼保健人民中医院点痣多少钱

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