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生命如诗,需要我们用心去感受那或豪迈洒脱、或婉约清丽的诗行...Human Life a PoemI think that, from a biological standpoint, human life almost s like a poem. It has its own rhythm and beat, its internal cycles of growth and decay. It begins with innocent childhood, followed by awkward adolescence trying awkwardly to adapt itself to mature society, with its young passions and follies, its ideals and ambitions; then it reaches a manhood of intense activities, profiting from experience and learning more about society and human nature; at middle age, there is a slight easing of tension, a mellowing of character like the ripening of fruit or the mellowing of good wine, and the gradual acquiring of a more tolerant, more cynical and at the same time a kindlier view of life; then In the sunset of our life, the endocrine glands decrease their activity, and if we have a true philosophy of old age and have ordered our life pattern according to it, it is us the age of peace and security and leisure and contentment; finally, life flickers out and one goes into eternal sleep, never to wake up again.One should be able to sense the beauty of this rhythm of life, to appreciate, as we do in grand symphonies, its main theme, its strains of conflict and the final resolution. The movements of these cycles are very much the same in a normal life, but the music must be provided by the individual himself. In some souls, the discordant note becomes harsher and harsher and finally overwhelms or submerges the main melody. Sometimes the discordant note gains so much power that the music can no longer go on, and the individual shoots himself with a pistol or jump into a river. But that is because his original leitmotif has been hopelessly over-showed through the lack of a good self-education. Otherwise the normal human life runs to its normal end in kind of dignified movement and procession. There are sometimes in many of us too many staccatos or impetuosos, and because the tempo is wrong, the music is not pleasing to the ear; we might have more of the grand rhythm and majestic tempo o the Ganges, flowing slowly and eternally into the sea.No one can say that life with childhood, manhood and old age is not a beautiful arrangement; the day has its morning, noon and sunset, and the year has its seasons, and it is good that it is so. There is no good or bad in life, except what is good according to its own season. And if we take this biological view of life and try to live according to the seasons, no one but a conceited fool or an impossible idealist can deny that human life can be lived like a poem. Shakespeare has expressed this idea more graphically in his passage about the seven stages of life, and a good many Chinese writers have said about the same thing. It is curious that Shakespeare was never very religious, or very much concerned with religion. I think this was his greatness; he took human life largely as it was, and intruded himself as little upon the general scheme of things as he did upon the characters of his plays. Shakespeare was like Nature itself, and that is the greatest compliment we can pay to a writer or thinker. He merely lived, observed life and went away. 688

Treasure in Sunken Ships Of the tens of thousands of ships on the ocean bottom, only a handful, less than 1 percent, contain negotiable treasure, such as gold and jewels. Most give us a different priceless treasure -- history. A sunken ship lies in trust, preserved in the airless environment of the sea and those in deep water are especially well protected. No dry land sites anywhere -- except perhaps Egyptian tombs--are in a better state of preservation than a vessel deep in the ocean.A sunken ship,theree, can be a rare window through which a moment in time is glimpsed. This is not to imply that sunken ships are always found intact. Most ships break up on the way down, hit the bottom at about 0 miles per hour, and become a chaotic, confusing jumble. I recall the chagrin of a novice diver who, after surfacing from an underwater tour of a 00-foot ship, asked his diving buddy, "Where was the wreck?" It takes experience to actually know a sunken ship when one sees it.But no matter what its condition on the way down,a ship deteriorates much more slowly as it sinks deeper into protective layers of sand and mud. Ancient vessels have been found in remarkably good condition. In 1977 a group of marine archaeologists excavating a 900-year-old wreck recovered engraved glassware. Greek coins, bronze kettles, and amazingly, Greek jars containing seeds, almonds, and lentils -- even a plate with chicken bones. 638

Six Way to Turn Desires into GoldThe method by which desire riches can be transmuted into its financial equivalent, consists of six definite, practical steps, theseFirst fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. It is not sufficient merely to say "I want plenty of money." Be definite as to the amount. (There is a psychological reason definiteness which will be described in a subsequent chapter.)Second determine exactly what you intend to give in return the money you desire. (There is no such reality as "something nothing.") Third establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire.th create a definite plan carrying out your desire, and begin at once, whether you are or not, to put this plan into action.Fifth write out a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire, name the time limit its acquisition, state what you intend to give in return the money, and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulate it.Sixth your written statement aloud, twice daily, once just bee retiring at night, and once after arising in the morning. As you --see and feel and believe yourself aly in possession of the money.It is important that you follow the instructions described in these six steps. It is especially important that you observe, and follow the instructions in the sixth paragraph. You may complain that it is impossible you to "see yourself in possession of money" bee you actually have it. Here is where a burning desire will come to you aid. If you truly desire money so keenly that your desire is an obsession, you will have no difficulty in convincing yourself that you will acquire it. The object is to want money, and to become so determined to have it that you convince yourself you will have it. 1

奥巴马突访小吃店引发的口语讨论,用错词的尴尬 --30 :7:1 来源: 奥巴马突访小吃店引发的口语讨论美国总统奥巴马在纽约州布法罗就经济运行和就业情况进行调研时,造访了当地一家以出售“水牛城辣鸡翅”而闻名的小吃店总统的突然出现让店里的员工和顾客都异常激动为奥巴马务的Mary Digiacom兴奋地告诉记者,她"never shaken so much bee in her life taking an order"(接待顾客时从未像今天这样激动到颤抖)然而比她更兴奋的是在店内就餐的Luann Haley女士,当她看到这位身材高大而消瘦的总统先生出现在面前时,竟脱口而出,"You're a hottie with a smokin' little body!"(你真是个身材诱人的帅哥呀!)Hottie在英语中有“辣、帅哥”的意思,但它却属于低俗敏感词,在美国如果用这个词形容女性,很可能会被对方打一巴掌,奥巴马在听到这个词后不免有些尴尬,一时语塞,只好微笑着伸出右臂拥抱了一下Haley女士,还不忘幽默地说上一句:(第一夫人)Michelle可能在看呢!没想到这一举动让Haley更加兴奋,她对着摄影机高喊,"That's right Michelle, eat your heart out!"这句话是什么意思呢?heart就是人的“心”,to eat one's heart out难道是“吃人的心”吗?虽然肯定不能如此解释,但倒也有这么几分意味首先,to eat one's heart out的意思是“非常沉痛而又绝望的悲伤”例如:Ever since grandmother died, grandfather has been eating his heart out - he's lost all interest in life and won't even get out of bed to eat自从祖母去世后,祖父非常伤心,他对生活失去了一切兴趣,都不愿意起床吃饭此外,to eat one's heart out还可以用在另一种场合,就是半开玩笑地让别人对你产生妒忌例如:Hey, Peter, you know that girl in the physics class you like so much, the one who won't pay any attention to you? Well, eat your heart out, buddy - I'm taking her out dinner and a movie Saturday night喂,彼得,你知道那个和我们一起上物理课的女孩吗?那个你非常喜欢,但是她从来也没注意过你的女孩?这下好了,你去伤心吧,我星期六要请她出去吃晚饭、看电影了!显然,Haley女士所说的"eat your heart out"属于后一种,她可是好好地“挑衅”了一下第一夫人:“是啊,米歇尔,你就吃醋去吧!”Haley女士是由于太过激动才用了hottie这么一个不雅的词来称赞奥巴马先生为帅哥,我们平时可不能这么讲要夸男人帅的话,在美国经常会听到女生说"He's so cute!" 这里的cute不是指可爱,它和handsome是一样的意思,就是指“好看”下面我们再来看几种说法:He is such a hunk!hunk这个词也是指帅哥,不过它说的是既有体魄又有男人味的型男,可不是那些温文尔雅、一脸秀气的儒生哦He is a lady-killer这个很好理解啦,lady-killer直译就是“少女杀手”,当然是以相貌来“杀人”的,所以就是指一下子便能迷住女人的男子He is really a heartbreakerheartbreaker这个词男女皆适用,能让你心碎的人肯定是让你无比沉醉的人,所以它就表示“对异性有吸引力的人”,在美剧中经常被翻译成“万人迷” 讨论 尴尬 口语 引发

Excellence is not an act, but a habitOur character, basically, is a composite of our habits. “Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny,” the maxim goes. Habits are powerful factors in our lives. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character and produce our effectiveness or ineffectiveness. As Horace Mann, the great educator, once said, “habits are like a cable. We weave a strand of it everyday and soon it cannot be broken.” I personally do not agree with the last part of his expression. I know habits can be learned and unlearned. But is also know it isn’t a quick fix. It involves a process and a tremendous commitment. Those of us who watched the lunar voyage of Apollo were transfixed as we saw the first men walk on the moon and return to earth. But to get there, those astronauts literally had to break out of the tremendous gravity pull of the earth. More energy was spent in the first few minutes of lift-off, in the first few miles of travel, than was used over the next several days to travel half a million miles. Habits, too, have tremendous gravity pull- more than most people realize or would admit. Breaking deeply imbedded habitual tendencies such as procrastination, impatience, criticalness, or selfishness that violate basic principles of human effectiveness involves more than a little willpower and a few minor changes in our lives. “Lift off” takes a tremendous eft, but once we break out of the gravity pull, our freedom takes on a whole new dimension. Like any natural ce, gravity pull can work with us or against us. The gravity pull of some of our habits may currently be keeping us from going where we want to go. But it is also gravity pull that keeps our world together, that keeps the planets in their orbits and our universe in order. It is a powerful ce, and if we use it effectively, we can use the gravity pull of habit to create the cohesiveness and order necessary to establish effectiveness in our lives. 375

英语句子:英语学习三十二课必修句() -01-7 :: 来源: 1. Your examination results are excellent.你的考试成绩优异. They all went to sleep except me.除我之外,他们都去睡觉了3. His excuse being late was that he had missed the train.他迟到的理由是没有赶上火车. Excuse me, but I must say you are completely wrong.对不起,但是我必须说你完全错了5. Please excuse my bad handwriting.请原谅我的字写得不好6. If you don't get more exercise, you'll get fat.如果你不多作运动,就会发胖7. What others think exercises a great influence on most of us.别人怎样想对我们多半会产生很大影响8. The journey was not as nice as we had expected.旅途不象我们预想的那样好9. I will do what is expected of me.我会尽本分的. It's too much of an expense me to own a car.对我来说,拥有一辆汽车的花费太大. He finished the job at the expenses of his health.他以牺牲健康完成了这项工作. I know from my own experience how difficult the work can be.从我自己的经验我明白这项工作会有多难. He experienced great difficulty in getting a visa to leave the country.他申请出国签经历了很大的困难. The lawyer explained the new law to us.律师向我们解释了新法律. That explains why she is not here.那就说明了她不在这里的原因. I can't express how grateful I am.我说不出我有多么感激. She is the express image of her mother.她和她母亲长得一模一样18. The hot weather extended into October.炎热天气一直持续到十月19. The capital is in the extreme south of the country.首都在这个国家的最南端. Love and hate are extremes.爱和恨是两个极端1. Her children have blue eyes.她的孩子的眼睛是蓝色的. The sun was shining in our faces.太阳光直射在我们脸上3. The building faces north.这栋建筑物朝北. He faced the difficulty with courage.他勇敢地面对困难5. It is a fact that I have written this sentence.我写了这个句子是事实6. He doesn't mind. In fact, he is even pleased.他不介意,事实上,他甚至很高兴7. Flowers soon faded when they have been cut.花剪下后很快就会枯萎. The closing music fades out when the hero rides off into the sunset.当男主角策马向夕阳驰去时,尾声音乐逐渐消失9. Hopes of a peaceful settlement are now fading.和平解决的希望正在消失30. I tried to fix the equipment but I failed.我想把机器修理好,但是失败了31. I fail to see why you find it so amusing.我不明白你们为什么对这件事感到如此好笑3. He got a fail in history and passes in other subjects.他历史考试不及格,其他科目都通过了33. I heard a faint sound in the distance.我听到远处有个微弱的声音. Our chances of victory are very faint now.现在我们取胜的机会已经微乎其微了35. A young student fainted in the hot sun.有个年幼的学生在炎炎烈日下晕倒了36. His knowledge of the language is fair.他对这种语言的了解相当不错37. It's not fair to kick another player in football.足球比赛中不允许踢另一位球员38. You must play fair.你必须公正处事39. We participated in the spring fair.我们参加了春季展览会0. Their love story sounds like a fairy tale.他们的爱情故事听起来像童话1. He has great talent, but he has lost his faith.他很有天赋,但是他已经丧失了信心. I kept faith with him.我信守了对他的诺言3. The dog remained faithful to his master.这条始终忠于它的主人. This newspaper gave a faithful of the event.这份报纸对那件事进行了如实的报道5. A fall of rocks blocked the road.掉落的岩石把路封住了6. He fell into the lake.他掉进了湖里7. They lulled me into a false sense of security.他们哄骗我,让我产生了一种虚假的安全感8. Your answer to this question is false.你对这个问题的回答是错误的9. She won her overnight fame by her first novel.她的第一部小说一问世,便使她一举成名50. His fame as a poet did not come until after his death.他死后才获得诗人之名51. He looks so familiar but I can't remember his name.他看上去非常面熟,但我想不起他的名字来了5. I am not really familiar with the local laws.实际上我对当地的法律并不熟53. He had to work hard to support his family.他不得不努力工作来养家5. There are five people in my family.我家里有五口人55. He is famous his fine acting.他以演技精湛著称56. We have an extractor fan in the kitchen to get rid of the smell of cooking.我们的厨房里有台排气扇,用来消除油烟57. My boss is a football fan.我的上司是一位足球迷58. The painting took his fancy, so he bought it.这幅画被他看中了,所以他就把他买了下来59. I fancy I have met you bee.我想我以前或许见过你60. The far side of the moon is difficult us to observe.我们很难观察月亮的另一边61. We walked far into the woods.我们步行深入林中6. They worked far into the night.他们工作到深夜63. Farewell! I hope we meet again soon.别了!希望很快我们能再见面6. It's time to say our farewells.是我们该告辞的时候了65. We work on the farm.我们在农场工作66. That farmer employs many farm laborers.那位农场主雇佣很多农场工人67. They pushed the boat further into the water.他们把小船又往水里推了推68. We can't go any farther without a rest.不休息我们就走不动了69. On the farther side of the street there was a row of small shops.街那头是一排小商店70. Fashions have changed a lot since I was a little girl.现在的时装和我还是小女孩时候流行的样子很不一样了71. They run faster and faster.他们跑得越来越快7. I like fast music.我喜欢节奏快的音乐73. He can't eat fat.他不能吃肥肉7. She wondered what fate had in store her next.她不知道以后等待她的将是什么命运75. They met with a terrible fate.他们的结局十分悲惨76. I have loved her like a father should.我爱她就像爱自己的女儿一样77. There are several faults in the page of figures.那一页的数字中有几个差错78. It was not our fault that we were late.这次迟到不是我们的错79. He did all he could to win his favor.他尽其所能去赢得他的好感80. A mother mustn't favor one of her children more than the others.母亲不应对任何一个儿女有所偏爱81. Who is your favorite writer?谁是你最喜欢的作家?8. I like all the books on the shelf but this one is my favorite.我喜欢书架上所有的书,但这本是我最喜欢的83. Who is your favourite writer?谁是你最喜欢的作家?8. I like all the books on the shelf but this one is my favourite.我喜欢书架上所有的书,但这本是我最喜欢的85. She has a great fear of fire.她对火有恐惧感86. Do not fear; I will support you.别担心,我会持你的87. The king held a feast us.国王为我们举行了盛大的宴会88. Christmas is an important feast Christians.圣诞节是基督教徒的一个重要节日89. Wet weather is a feature of life in this area.天气潮湿是这个地区生活的一个特色90. Her mouth is her best feature.她的嘴是她容貌上最好看的部分91. He left the city last February.他于去年二月离开这个城市9. Will you feed my cat me?请帮我喂我的猫好吗?93. Are you feeling better?你感觉好些吗?9. I like the feel of this cloth; it has a warm woolly feel.我喜欢这块布给我的感觉,它摸上去毛茸茸的很暖和 英语学习 句子 英语 我们

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