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赞比亚小象头脑冷静,击退只雌狮 --9 :01: 来源: 赞比亚的一只象从只雌性狮子口中逃脱,展示了他在压力下保持冷静头脑的能力拍摄视频的旅行团观光客说这只象在绝处逢生并赢得“大力神”的绰号 SOUTH LUANGWA NATIONAL PARK, Zambia, July 7 (UPI) -- An elephant in Zambia demonstrated his ability to keep a cool head under pressure when he escaped being made into a meal by female lions.赞比亚,南卢安瓜国家公园,7月7日(UPI)——赞比亚的一只象从只雌性狮子口中逃脱,展示了他在压力下保持冷静头脑的能力The , filmed by Jesse Nash on a tour with Normal Carr Safaris at the Chinzombo Safari Camp in Zambia, shows a group of lionesses descending on a young elephant.Jesse Nash在跟Normal Carr旅行团在赞比亚Chinzombo Safari营的行程中录制了该视频:只狮子涌到一只小象身上The elephant, keeping calm, swats at the lionesses with his trunk while making his way to a nearby body of water.这只象,冷静地,用鼻子扑打着狮子,并设法走到附近的水里The pachyderm reaches the water, but only a handful of the predators decide to stay on shore while the more daring members of the pride give pursuit in the shallows -- including one lioness riding piggy-back on the elephant’s rear.这只象走到水里后,只有少数的狮子决定待在岸边,更大胆的狮子们却一直追到浅滩里——其中一只狮子骑上了小象的背The elephant flees further into the water, causing the lioness to jump off its back, but the big cats continue to stalk the elephant.这只象又往水里走,使它背后的那只狮子跳离了它的背,但这些大型猫科动物继续追踪它The ends with the elephant, finally fed up, charging the lionesses and causing him to flee.视频的结尾这只象终于厌倦,向狮子猛冲并成功逃离The safari tour group said the elephant survived the encounter and earned the nickname Hercules.旅行团说这只象在绝处逢生并赢得“大力神”的绰号。

  • 美国50%的青少年存在手机成瘾问题 -- :: 来源: 这项调查结果表明,在科技飞速发展的今天,美国家庭正艰难地在手机与生活之间寻求平衡这同时也表明,人们对网瘾及其后果的争论仍将继续I donrsquo;t have teenagers yet, but watching my 8- and -year-olds spend endless amounts of time on iPads during spring break makes me worried about the day -- hopefully years from now -- when they have their own devices.我家现在还没有青少年,但是看到我一个8岁和一个岁的孩子在春假时无止尽的沉迷在平板电脑里,我非常担心当他们有了自己的智能设备后,这本该是充满希望的一年A new poll that confirms just how much teens depend on their phones gives me even more to worry about.一项新的调查显示出青少年们有多依赖他们的手机,这更加重了我的担忧Fifty percent of teens feel they are addicted to their mobile devices, according to the poll, which was conducted Common Sense Media, a nonprofit focused on helping children, parents, teachers and policymakers negotiate media and technology. A larger number of parents, 59%, said their teens were addicted. The poll involved 1,0 interviews with parents and their children, ages to 18.这项由专注于帮助儿童、父母、老师和决策者与媒体和科技协调的非盈利性组织;常识媒体;进行的调查结果显示,50%的青少年承认他们对智能设备成瘾而对家长的调查结果显示,59%的家长都认为他们的孩子依赖智能设备这项调查的对象是0名家长和岁到18岁之间的孩子Whether it is an addiction or not, two-thirds of parents -- 66% -- feel their teens spend too much time on their mobile devices, and 5% of teens agree, according to the poll.不管是否成瘾,据调查,3的家长;;约66%认为他们的孩子浪费了太多的时间在智能设备上,约有5%的青少年同意此观点Nearly 80% of teens in the new survey said they checked their phones hourly, and 7% said they felt the need to immediately respond to texts and social networking messages. Thirty-six percent of parents said they argued with their child daily about device use, and 77% of parents feel their children get distracted by their devices and donrsquo;t pay attention when they are together at least a few times per week.在这项调查中,将近80%的青少年说他们每小时都要查看一次手机,而7%的人认为有必要立即回复信息36%的家长说每天都会因使用手机发生争执77%的家长认为孩子因使用手机而被分散了注意力,不太重视他们每周仅有的几次相聚时间There are signs that some teens may be getting that message and realize too much time on their devices isnrsquo;t necessarily a good thing. More than one-third of teens, 37%, said they very often or occasionally try to cut down the amount of time they spend on their devices, the Common Sense Media poll found.有迹象表明,一些青少年意识到这个问题,知道自己对智能设备成瘾并不是一件好事超过,约有37%的人认为他们经常或者偶尔也曾尝试减少他们花在智能设备上的时间据常识媒体的调查结果Parents might complain about the amount of time their teens spend on their phones, but they admit they have their own difficulties when it comes to unplugging.家长们可能会抱怨孩子们太过浪费时间在手机上,然而,他们承认,即使是大人也同样对手机上瘾Twenty-seven percent of parents feel they are addicted to their mobile devices, while nearly the same number of teens, %, believe their parents are addicted, according to the poll.据调查结果,%的家长感到自己对手机成瘾,而同样比例的孩子们也认为如此。
  • 00英尺高空的透明玻璃滑梯,玩的就是心跳 --5 :8:37 来源: 人人都坐过滑梯,但你尝试过在00英尺高空,乘坐透明玻璃滑梯的刺激感受吗?在美国洛杉矶市联邦大厦的建筑,有一个特殊的滑梯,全封闭全透明,是不是很惊险呀! A new tourist attraction will be part of the aly amazing Los Angeles offering, allowing visitors to slide between the 70th and 69th floors of the U.S. bank tower. Suspended 1,000 feet (300 meters) above downtown LA, the Skyslide is 6 feet in length ( meters) and four feet wide (1. meters).纽约又推出了一项吸引眼球的新旅游景点:能让游客从美国洛杉矶市联邦大厦的第70层滑到第69层位于洛杉矶市中心00英尺(约300米)的高空,这个“天空滑梯”长6英尺(约米),宽英尺(约1.米)Attached to the building’s facade, this thing was made entirely from glass, which only adds to the excitement. The Skyslide is part of a major overhaul of the building, done by Singapore-based developers OUE and US architecture firm Gensler.这个全玻璃打造的滑梯能连接到建筑的外部,增加了惊险刺激“天空滑梯”项目是该大楼翻修工程的一部分,由新加坡开发商OUE和美国建筑公司Gensler.联合承办The million USD project also includes two observation decks, offering additional info on local landmarks, neighborhoods, and various other points of interest in Los Angeles.这项耗资5000万美元的工程还包括两个观景平台,可以俯瞰洛杉矶的地标性建筑,周边的风光以及其他迷人的景色But that sounds like a bit much to us; million? The U.S. bank tower is the tallest building in Calinia, and the th tallest in the US, which should explain why this building was preferred to others.不过,对我们来说,5000万美元可不是一笔小数目呀!然而,联邦大厦可是加州最高大楼,美国第高楼,这就可以解释为何选择在这栋大厦了Supposedly, it will cost only to entry the observation decks, with guests having to pay an additional ticket a thrilling ride on the Skyslide; not that much, really. Scheduled opening on June 5, , with reservations possible via the skyscraper’s website, the million project will probably get a lot of attention. Who’s first?据说,观景台的门票仅需5美元,不过,想要玩透明滑梯则要再加8美元,不算太多该景点预计于年6月5日正式投入使用,人们可以在这座天大楼的网站进行预订,造价5000万美元的工程自然是万众瞩目,那么,谁会是第一个?。
  • 说到冰淇淋,你只会ice cream!? --30 18::5 来源:chinadaily 1. hard ice cream 硬冰淇淋 硬冰淇淋中加入的空气较少,在外观上会更坚硬一些、冰粒也较粗 . soft serve 软冰淇淋 Soft serve is softer than regular ice cream because air is whipped into the product, making it creamier. 软冰淇淋中加入的空气较多,而且没有经过硬化处理,口感特别细腻圆润香滑,入口即化 3. sundae 圣代 圣代是冰淇淋甜品的一种据说其拼写来源于“sunday” 圣代通常包含一到两勺的冰淇淋,上面浇上酱汁或糖浆,有时还会加上糖果粒、掼奶油、花生樱桃或其他水果 . ice lolly 冰棍 没有冰棍的夏天不是完整的夏天萌萌的外表,看着就已经很幸福了~ 5. smoothie 冰沙 A smoothie is a thick beverage made from blended raw fruit or vegetables with other ingredients such as water, ice, dairy products or sweeteners. 冰沙是一种质地较厚的饮料,混合了新鲜蔬果和水、冰块、奶制品、甜味剂等 爽口水果加上凉凉的冰沙,既健康又解暑,一次满足两个愿望 6. milkshake 奶昔 A milkshake is a sweet, cold beverage which is usually made from milk, ice cream, or iced milk, and flavorings or sweeteners. 奶昔是甜味冷饮,通常由牛奶、奶油或冰冻牛奶和其他甜味剂混合而成 奶昔和冰沙的区别主要是,冰沙含的冰粒较多较粗,且不一定包含奶 7. bubble tea 珍珠奶茶 当然还少不了满大街的珍珠奶茶啦,夏天 shopping 必备 8. sparkling water 气泡水 气泡水是目前最火的健康饮料它具有抑制食欲、消除便秘、阻断糖类与脂肪的吸收、中和身体中的酸性等多种作用,绝对是健康人士的首选 9. root beer 乐啤露沙士汽水 这里的 beer 可不是啤酒哦,常见的 root beer 是不含酒精的,它是一种含二氧化碳和糖的无酒精饮料 . juice 果汁 各种果汁就不用介绍啦 Orange juice, apple juice, lemon juice, grape juice......任君选择 手机上也能学英语?还有机会和外教互动? 搜索微信订阅号:英语天天练(ttabc365)长可复制 关注后即可口语测评+免费试听!。
  • 银幕上的青春季——年北京国际电影节佳片推... -- :: 来源:i1st 导读:广大电影发烧友们,一年一度的电影盛宴——北京国际电影节本周将盛大开幕啦!月日至3日,海量电影等你来赏评~世纪君为大家精选了几部北影节展映的优秀青春片,它们展现出的青春不仅有爱情和友谊,更是压力和责任International movie festivals usually draw crowds of film buffs, hoping to see the latest cinematic marvels to hit the big screen.国际电影节总能吸引不少电影发烧友,他们希望见新晋影史传奇在大银幕上的风光This year’s Beijing International Film Festival, which runs from April to 3, offers a long lineup of critically acclaimed films, many of which dissect the trials of youth. These films go the themes typically associated with young people – treacly romance, everlasting friendship–in favor of more complex meditations on life. Their protagonists, young as they are, confront invisible ces far greater than themselves, pressures and anxieties that stretch back generations.今年的北京国际电影节于月日至3日举办,届时将展映大批口碑极佳的电影,其中不乏剖析、审视青年人的佳作这些电影通过融合常与年轻人联系在一起的两大主题——甜蜜的爱情和永恒的友谊,突出了对生活的多重反思电影中年轻的主人公们要面对自己难以克的无形力量,他们面临着几代人共有的压力和焦虑The Intern, instance, depicts a young entrepreneur striving to balance her career and family. Another anglophone film, Brooklyn, transports viewers from a small Irish town to New York City, where its heroine learns to thrive in a growing Irish immigrant commy. A third English-language film, Straight Outta Compton, dramatizes the real-life ascent of a group of young rappers who take music as a platm to denounce racial injustice.以电影《实习生为例,它讲述了一个年轻企业家试图平衡事业和家庭的故事另外一部英语电影《布鲁克林则把观众从一个爱尔兰小镇带到了纽约,电影的女主人公必须学习如何在快速壮大的爱尔兰移民团体中成长第三部英文电影《冲出康普顿则改编自一群年轻说唱歌手真实的励志故事,他们以音乐为平台,谴责种族歧视There are also stories that reinterpret the meaning of family and emphasize the weight increasingly placed on young shoulders. Our Little Sister explores what happens when three young women adopt their stepsister, while the immigration drama Dheepan presents a family bound not by blood, but by necessity.还有影片重新诠释了家庭的意义,聚焦年轻人肩上越来越沉重的责任《海街日记探讨了三接纳同父异母的之后会发生什么,而移民电影《流浪的迪潘则展现了一个不以血缘而以需求为纽带的家庭Each of these films showcases what it means to be young–and all the uncertainties that entails. They’re sure to leave you inspired, as you walk out of the cinema.每部电影都向我们展示了年轻意味着什么,以及它包含的所有不确定性当你走出电影院,它们一定会让你有所感悟Brooklyn《布鲁克林Directed by John Crowley IrelandUK导演:约翰?克劳利 爱尔兰英国Brooklyn is a film about a young Irish girl who must choose between two lovers and two countries at the same time.电影《布鲁克林讲述了一个年轻爱尔兰女孩必须同时在两个爱人和两个国家之间做出选择的故事Adapted from Irish novelist Colm Toibin’s best selling novel, Brooklyn is set in both Ireland and US, the two countries that the protagonist Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) calls home. In her native Ireland, Eilis had few prospects, an underpaid job and a grim future in a small town. When she immigrates to the US, she feels homesick but nevertheless finds her niche. She starts to attend night school in ing, has a promising career and finds love with a handsome Italian-American named Tony (Emory Cohen).电影改编自爱尔兰作家科尔姆?托宾的畅销小说,《布鲁克林的背景设定在爱尔兰和美国,这两个国家都是主人公艾莉丝(西尔莎?罗南饰)口中的家乡在出生地爱尔兰,艾莉丝在一个小镇里过着毫无希望的生活,干着收入微薄的工作,面临着残酷的未来当移民到美国后,她开始思念故乡,尽管如此,她还是找到了自己的位置她开始上夜校学习会计,找到了一份前途大好的工作,还和意大利帅哥托尼(艾莫里?科恩饰)坠入爱河Complications arise when Eilis returns to Ireland her sister’s funeral. During her brief stay, she becomes more in demand than she’d ever imagined. She gets a job as an ant and attracts the attention of a desirable local bachelor, Jim Farrell (Domhnall Gleeson).当艾莉丝返回爱尔兰参加的葬礼时,新的状况出现了在爱尔兰的短暂停留,她发现自己变得比想象中更受欢迎她找到了一份会计的工作,还受到了当地优质单身汉吉姆?法雷尔(多姆纳尔?格里森饰)的青睐Like many young people, Eilis stands at a crossroad. The decisions she makes will ultimately determine whom she spends the rest of her life with, where she lives and what career she pursues. Eilis’ struggles in the US have transmed her from a fearful girl into a confident, self-reliant woman, and it is her newfound insight into her own character that allows her to make the fateful choice.和许多年轻人一样,艾莉丝站在了人生的十字路口她的选择将决定她将和谁共度一生,在哪里生活,追求怎样的事业在美国奋斗的经历让这个曾经恐惧不安的女孩成为了自信、独立的女人,也正是她新发现的自己个性中的洞察力,让她能够做出命运的选择 over a century, American cinema has explored the immigrant experience, and an array of movies have depicted the struggles of migrants coming to the US. What makes Brooklyn fresh is its small town story and empowered female protagonist who feels torn between different worlds. “In Ireland, Eilis is a daughter with a history; in America she is a woman with a future; in both she is filled with displaced longing,” Guardian movie critic Mark Kermode wrote.一个多世纪以来,美国电影一直在探究移民的经历,不少影片描绘了初来美国的移民的艰难奋斗而让《布鲁克林与众不同的则是它讲述的小镇故事和它赋予女主人公选择两个不同世界的权利,这个抉择让她心痛英国《卫报电影员马克?柯默德写道:“在爱尔兰,艾莉丝是个有故事的女儿;而在美国她是一个有未来的女性;而无论哪个选择都让她有背井离乡的感觉”。
  • 《如果你忘记我(双语) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 巴勃罗;聂鲁达(Pablo Neruda,19-1973)智利当代著名诗人岁开始发表诗作,193年发表第一部诗集《黄昏,19年发表成名作《二十首情诗和一绝望的歌,自此在智利诗坛名声鹊起聂鲁达一生的作品主要有两大主题:一是政治,二是爱情这首诗究竟是献给爱人的,还是写给祖国的?让我们一起感受下吧 If You get Me 如果你忘记我 ◇ ——by Pablo Neruda ——董继平 译 I want you to know one thing. 我要你知道 一件事 You know how this is: if I look at the crystal moon, at the red branch of the slow autumn at my window, if I touch near the fire the impalpable ash or the wrinkled body of the log, everything carries me to you, as if everything that exists, aromas, light, metals, were all little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait me. 要你知道这是怎样的: 如果我看着 水晶的月亮,看着我窗前 缓慢的秋天的红色树枝, 如果我在 火堆旁触摸 那难以感触的灰烬 或者木头那布满皱纹的躯体, 万物都把我带到你那里, 仿佛那存在的万物, 芳香,光芒,金属, 都是小船 驶向 你的那些等待我的小岛 Well, now, if little by little you stop loving me I shall stop loving you little by little. 那么,现在, 如果你渐渐停止爱我 我就会渐渐停止爱你 If suddenly you get me do not look me, I shall aly have gotten you. 如果你突然 忘记我 就别寻找我, 因为我将已经忘记了你 If you think it long and mad, the wind of banners that passes through my life, and you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots, remember that on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms and my roots will set off to seek another land. 如果你认为那穿过我的生活 而吹拂旗帜的风 漫长而疯狂 如果你决定 把我留在那 我扎根的心灵海岸上, 记住 在那一天, 在那个时刻, 我将抬起我的手臂 我的根将出发 去寻找另一片土地 But if each day, each hour, you feel that you are destined me with implacable sweetness, if each day a flower climbs up to your lips to seek me, ah my love, ah my own, in me all that fire is repeated, in me nothing is extinguished or gotten, my love feeds on your love, beloved, and as long as you live it will be in your arms without leaving mine. 可是 如果在每一天 在每个一时刻 你都感到你注定要以 那种不可替代的美妙来想着我, 如果每一天都有一朵花 爬到你的嘴唇上来寻找我, 我的爱,我自己的爱, 那么所有的火焰就在我内心重复, 在我内心没有什么熄灭或被遗忘, 我的爱以你的爱为生,爱人, 只要你活着,它就会在你的怀抱中 不离开我的怀抱 作为一名坚定的智利共产党人,《如果你忘记我这首诗是聂鲁达避难时在异国他乡完成的家们认为这首诗具有双重含义,既可以看做是写给爱人的,也可以看做是写给祖国的但无论如何解读这首诗,它都当之无愧成为广为流传的爱情经典 小编很喜欢这一句,“on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms and my roots will set off to seek another land.” 你呢?。
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