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2018年12月19日 05:46:16

心碎的照片 堪忧的巴西奥运 --1 ::31 来源:chinadaily This photo, which shows a woman sleeping in front of a tunnel painted with the Olympics’ slogan — “A New World” — has absolutely taken over Facebook in Brazil. 一张照片在巴西火了这张发布于脸书的照片里,一位妇女躺在张贴有年巴西奥运会口号“一个新世界”的隧道口前睡觉The photo has been shared more than ,000 times and has gone viral inside Brazil. 这张照片在巴西国内迅速蹿红,其转发量达000多次Brazil has spent much of the last four years in the midst of a campaign attempting to sweep aside any sign of poverty in the city that’s due to the host the Olympics in just a few weeks. 过去四年里,巴西政府一直致力于消除里约的贫困现象,以便扮演好东道主的角色,迎接几周之后的奥运会开幕But the photo that’s rocketing around Brazil’s internet shows that as much as they try, the government can’t eradicate the city’s issues. 但这张走红网络的照片表明,不论怎样努力,政府也无法根除里约存在的问题A lot of people were sure that the picture was way too on the nose to be anything but Photoshopped. 也有不少人认定这张照片是PS过的Felipe Barcellos, the photographer responsible taking the photo, explained that he used the app Snapseed to edit the original image’s shadow settings and colors, which made a lot of people sure that he’d fabricated the picture. 菲利普?巴瑟罗是这张照片的拍摄者,他解释说自己使用了指划修图(Snapseed)软件编辑了原始照片的阴影设置与色调,导致很多人误以为照片是他伪造的But Barcellos made sure to post a of the scene to prove that the picture was legit. 但巴瑟罗确保能提供一段拍摄于这个隧道口的视频,以明照片的真实性Barcellos is a director, screenwriter, and professor at IED Rio, where he teaches a course titled Pocket Cinema, where he teaches how to tell stories via smartphones. 巴瑟罗不仅是导演兼编剧,还是欧洲设计学院里约热内卢分校的教授他上一门叫做“口袋相机”的课,给学生们讲解如何通过智能手机记录生活故事In an interview with BuzzFeed Brazil, Barcellos said that he saw the woman when he was on a bus leaving the neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca. 在接受美国新闻聚合网站BuzzFeed巴西版块记者采访时巴瑟罗表示,他是在乘坐公交驶离巴拉?大蒂茹卡街区时看到的这位妇女“I spotted the woman as she was laying down just outside the tunnel painted with the #Rio promo design. I decided to take a photo and talk to her,” he said. 他说:“我看到这位妇女时她正躺在粉刷上‘里约’宣传标语的隧道口外,我当时决定拍下照片,然后和她聊聊天”According to Barcellos, the woman didn’t want to talk — “she just wanted to sleep.” He posted the photo on his Instagram profile with the hashtag #BusStopTales, which is tied to a compilation of photos and short films taken along the road. 据巴瑟罗说,当时那位妇女并不想和他说话,“她只是想睡觉”巴瑟罗把这张照片和沿途拍的其他照片和短视频一起发到了他的Instagram主页上,并配了一个“公交站偶遇”的话题标签Some people left comments critiquing the Olympic games. 许多人在照片下面留言,批评本届奥运会的筹备“The makeup will be very beautiful, but when the eigners leave the country, the river will be more blurred and Brazil be ashamed,” this commenter wrote on Facebook. 有人在脸书上道:“不论外表粉刷得怎样光鲜亮丽,一旦各国游人离去,亚马逊河只会比以前更加浑浊,巴西也会蒙羞”Others pointed out that the photo “shows the untunate realities of Brazil.” 还有人指出,这张照片“反映了巴西现状堪忧” Barcellos, the photo, he says, “is an important part of the discussion on the supposed sustainable legacy of the Olympics.” 对于巴瑟罗来说,这张照片“是有关奥运会应该留下什么的讨论中一大关键佐”Vocabularyon the nose: 正好,恰恰,完全英文来源:buzzfeed翻译:刘佳丽(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning呼和浩特注射太阳穴价格东部700名教师教西藏学校 -- :: 来源: 由教育部等部门联合资助了一项教项目,鼓励东部发达地区的教师前往西藏教,以提升自治区的教育水平Some 700 teachers from Chinarsquo;s developed regions have been dispatched to schools in the Tibet Autonomous Region a three-year program to improve the quality of education in the region.来自中国东部发达地区的700名教师已经前往西藏进行教,他们被派往自治区的所学校,进行一项为期3年的教项目,该项目旨在提高西藏地区的教育质量The first group of 76 teachers have arrived in Tibet, y to take up positions in the regional capital of Lhasa, and in more remote areas such as Xigaze, Nyingchi, Shannan and Qamdo.第一批教的76名教师已经抵达了西藏,他们将在西藏省会拉萨,以及更偏远的日喀则、林芝、山南和昌都开始教活动Sponsored by the ministries of education, finance, human resources and social security, the program will improve education in Tibet, which is dependent on both central and regional government funding to ensure education farmers and herdsmen.该项目由教育部、财政部、人力资源部和社会保障部联合资助,旨在提升西藏自治区的教育质量该项目是由中央政府和自治区地方政府联合拨款,以期保障藏区农牧民的受教育权利Fang Lingmin, vice chairman of the regional government, said that the teachers from municipalities and provinces including Beijing and Jiangsu Province, will be divided into groups to assist teaching in the schools.西藏自治区副主席方灵敏(音)说,从北京和江苏等个省市来的教师们将被分成个小组,前往各地学校援当地教学工作Under the program, 00 teachers will also be selected from Tibetan kindergartens and schools every year to receive training and hands-on experience in schools in developed regions.该项计划的另一个内容是将每年从西藏的幼儿园和学校里选派00名教师前往东部发达地区接受培训和教育实践训练The central government has carried out various programs to support Tibetrsquo;s development. Under the assistance mechanism, teachers from developed areas are encouraged to take short contracts at Tibetan schools to help improve the local education.长久以来,中央政府都一直致力于采取措施以援西藏地区的发展在本次的教援助项目中,政府鼓励东部发达地区的教师前往西藏进行短期教活动,以求提升自治区的教育水平The new initiative, however, aims to concentrate the efts in the designated schools to make more significant changes.这一新项目计划集中力量,将教教师集中派往所指定学校,以期能够对当地的教育现状做出更大、更显著的改变Tibet has 1,855 schools and more than 600,000 students. The region was the first in China to offer a -year free education all children from kindergarten to high school, which has helped increase the average enrollment rate of primary, junior high and high schools to 98 percent, 96 percent and 7 percent, respectively.西藏自治区一共有1855所学校,学生总数超过60万人西藏是中国第一个提供从幼儿园到高中年义务教育的地区,这一举措将西藏平均受教育水平为小学、初中、高中的人口比例分别提高到了98%、96%和7%However, schools in remote areas still lack basic infrastructure to ensure stable power supply and even access to clean drinking water.然而,在西藏的一些偏远地区,基础设施建设仍然缺乏,人们难以有稳定的电力供应,甚至清洁用水也很难得到保障内蒙古呼和浩特市永泰医院激光祛痘手术多少钱女警穿比基尼抓贼 --30 18:00:3 来源: 瑞典一名女警在休假中发现了小偷,身上只穿着比基尼就将小偷制,数千网友点赞 A bikini-clad Swedish police officer has been praised tackling a suspected thief while she was off-duty sunbathing with friends in Stockholm.日前,一名身穿比基尼的女警因抓住一名小偷嫌犯而被表扬,当时她正在休假中,和朋友在斯德哥尔享受日光浴Mikaela Kellner told the Aftonbladet daily that she and a fellow officer pursued the man when they realised he had taken one of their mobile phones.米凯拉·凯尔纳对瑞典日报透露说,当时她和一名同事意识到这名男子拿走了他们的手机,于是她们两人便一起追捕他She told the paper that she would have intervened "even if she were naked".米凯拉对媒体说道,“即使着身体”她也会对小偷实施追捕A photo of the incident on Ms Kellner’s Instagram page has attracted more than 9,000 likes in less than two days.在不到两天的时间里,发布在米凯拉Instagram上的这起事件的照片就收到了9000多个赞The incident is said to have taken place in Stockholm’s Ralambshov Park on Wednesday, where the off-duty policewoman was sunbathing with friends.据说这起事件发生在周三,地点是斯德哥尔的罗兰布斯霍夫公园,当时休假中的米凯拉和她的朋友们在享受日光浴The group was approached by a man who claimed to be selling publications on behalf of the homeless.一名自称是为无家可归者卖报纸的男子靠近了她们Ms Kellner reportedly became suspicious when the man began lingering, setting some papers down over their blanket.据报道,当时这名男子开始拖延、赖着不走,还把一些报纸丢到了她们的毯子上,米凯拉对此起了疑心As soon as he left, collecting his papers, one of her friends noticed that her phone was missing.当这名男子捡起报纸一离开,米凯拉的一名朋友就发现她的手机不见了"There was no time, so I ran after him, maybe metres or so," Ms Kellner told Swedish news site, The Local.米凯拉对瑞典新闻网站《本地人说道:“没有时间了,所以我就追了过去,大约米远的样子”"One of my friends is also a police officer, so we got hold of him. He tried to get away so we held onto him harder."“我的一个朋友也是警察,所以我们就抓住了他他企图逃跑,所以我们就更用力的制住他”The stolen phone was swiftly recovered, and the man was arrested by a police patrol.被盗的手机很快就被发现了,该名男子也被一只警察巡逻队逮捕了"I’ve had a lot of positive comments both from friends and colleagues," she told The Local.米凯拉对《本地人说道:“我从朋友和同事那里得到了很多好评”"It happens all the time that valuables are taken like this... I mainly just wanted to raise awareness of how cunning these people are, almost like magicians."“这种事情时有发生,贵重物品就是这样被偷走的我主要是想提高对这些人的警惕意识,他们狡猾得就好像魔术手一样”卡戴珊因“不正统”被以色列网站从照片中删除 -- ::31 来源: 卡戴珊因“不正统”被以色列网站从照片中删除Israeli ultra-Orthodox site cuts Kim Kardashian from photoAn Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jewish news website has cut Kim Kardashian — one of the world's most photographed women — from a photo taken of her in Jerusalem this week.以色列极端正统派犹太新闻网站已将金·卡戴珊—一个世界上出镜率最高的女性——从一张本周拍摄的她在耶路撒冷的照片中抹除The original photo of Kardashian, her husband, Kanye West, and Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat was altered to put Kardashian behind a restaurant receipt. Kardashian was blurred in another.原始的照片中出镜的有卡戴珊、她的丈夫坎耶·维斯特、以及耶路撒冷市长巴尔卡特,而修改后的照片用一张餐厅收据挡住了卡戴珊另一张照片中卡戴珊则被虚化了Nissim Ben Haim, an editor at the Kikar HaShabbat website, said Wednesday they removed Kardashian because she's a "pornographic symbol" who contradicts ultra-Orthodox values.Kikar HaShabbat新闻网站的编辑Nissim Ben Haim周三称,他们刻意将卡戴珊的形象抹去,理由是卡戴珊是“色情的象征”,与他们极端正统的信仰相违背In an chiding Barkat dining with them at a non-kosher restaurant, Kardashian was referred to as "West's wife."在一篇关于巴尔卡特与卡戴珊夫妇在一家非犹太餐厅共同就餐的文字报道中,卡戴珊的名字也没有直接出现,而是由“韦斯特的妻子”作为代指Within the insular Ultra-Orthodox commy, pictures of women often aren't shown out of modesty. In January, an ultra-Orthodox newspaper removed German chancellor Angela Merkel from a photo.在保守极端正统派群体中,女性的照片常常不被显示今年1月,一家极端正统派报纸将德国总理默克尔从一张照片中删除Vocabularyultra-Orthodox 极端正统派 pornographic 色情的 insular 保守的,偏狭的(译者:丁潇BISTU 编辑:彭娜)内蒙古附属医院激光去斑手术多少钱

内蒙古医学院第二附属医院整形美容呼和浩特新城区opt嫩肤多少钱两分钟视频尽显美甲百年演变史 --01 ::59 来源:chinadaily They can be minimal, they can be over-the-top, but no doubt about it: a good manicure can certainly add a lot to a look.它们可能微不足道,也可能被过分看重,但是精致的美甲绝对能给你的外表加分Videos exploring a century of beauty and style trends have become increasingly popular lately, covering everything from hair to gowns to underwear – so it’s no surprise that fingernail trends are the latest to receive the treatment.最近,探索有关这一个世纪以来美丽与时尚潮流的视频越来越流行,从头发到礼,再到内衣,内容极其丰富,指甲现在受此待遇也不足为奇In a new by Mode, a hand model is given different manicures to represent each decade from 19 to , and quite a variety of colors and style are on display.Mode网站制作的视频中,手模做了种不同款式的美甲,从 19年至年,每十年各一款,视频还展示了许多颜色及风格各异的美甲'Discover how women have been styling their nails 0-plus years and watch how far nail styles have come - from the bare buff of the early 1900s to the hot details of the ’80s to today’s ethereal sparkle,' s the clip's description.视频的描述中说道:“去了解这0多年来女人们如何设计指甲款式,也看看这些款式的变迁——从世纪早期的自然色到80年代的精致热烈再到现在的梦幻闪耀”Starting with 19, the model's nails are simply clipped and buffed and her cuticles are cleaned up a simple natural look.首先展示的是19年的美甲风格,模特的指甲只是被简单地修剪并擦亮了一下,然后把指甲周围的死皮清理干净,看起来简单自然With the invention of clear nail polish in the 19s, the only change the 196 look is just a simple layer of clear lacquer.随着世纪年代透明指甲油的发明,196年美甲唯一的改变就是多了层简单透明的指甲油In the following decade, color begins to be introduced, and not only that, but the 1936 manicure even includes a half-moon shape carefully med using a brush and red polish.在接下来的十年里,五颜六色的指甲油纷纷登场,不仅如此,1936年还有一款半月形美甲,用刷子和红色指甲油细心涂抹而成Length came into style in the 190s, which the filmmakers illustrate by giving the model a set of long fake nails bee slicking them with a bright orange-red color.世纪0年代开始流行长指甲,视频制作人为了凸显这一点会让模特戴上一套长长的假指甲,然后涂上鲜艳的橙红色Not much changes the 1950s, as the length remains and just a darker shade of red paint is added.世纪50年代没什么太大的变化,长指甲依然盛行,只不过颜色偏向暗红色But then, in the 1960s, the age of counterculture and morphing styles, the filmmakers went an eye-popping pale pink on the long talons.然后到了世纪60年代这个反主流文化与风格多变的年代,视频制作人让人给模特的长指甲涂上夺目的淡粉色 the disco era, the model is given a disco ball-influenced mani with bright silver glitter, continuing on with the same length and oval-shaped tips.到了迪斯科年代,因为受到迪斯科球的影响,模特的椭圆形长指甲被涂上了闪闪发亮的银色 the 1980s, the model is given a whole new set of fake nails, this time with square tips, which are painted in a neon pink.世纪80年代,模特戴了一套全新假指甲,不过这次指甲顶端是方形的,涂上了霓虹粉Next, small triangles of black polish are added to the corners of each nail, separated from the pink by a strip of glitter and a single rhinestone on each nail.然后把每个指甲的一角都涂上了黑色指甲油,用闪闪的一道银线和单个的水钻与粉红的主色相隔开After that suitably over-the-top eft comes the stripped-down 1990s look - likely in honor of the grunge trend - with the vanishing of the false tips and just plain black polish.到了世纪90年代,也许是受到格郎基时尚的影响,精心雕琢的风气开始消退,代之以简约的风格,人们不再佩戴假指甲,只是简单地涂上黑色指甲油French manicures are the style of choice the 00s, but then the present day is markedly different, with the longest tips yet, painted with nude polish and topped with a sprinkling of golden glitter.1世纪初,法式美甲受到青睐但如今的美甲风又大不一样了人们喜欢把指甲留得很长,(从来没这么长过),在指甲上涂上裸色指甲油,然后再刷上一层金粉 Vocabularymanicure: 美甲bare buff: 自然色ethereal: 缥缈的buff: 用软物擦亮cuticle: 手指甲或脚趾甲周围的死皮lacquer: 漆morph: 变化talon: 爪rhinestone: 人造钻石stripped-down: 无装饰的grunge: 格郎基文化,一种邋遢、不分性别的反时尚时尚英文来源:每日邮报译者:胡苏虹(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮[]《惊天魔盗团主创来袭 -- 1:50:53 来源:chinadaily 6月日,《惊天魔盗团登陆中国影院,这是狮门影业年《惊天魔盗团的续集台湾流行歌手周杰伦加盟演员阵容,饰演了一位李姓魔术师,据称还是魔术道具店老板 The sequel of ;Now You See Me;, the original comedy caper produced by Lionsgate in , is scheduled to arrive in Chinese cinemas June th, . Taiwan pop star Jay Chou was also making his global mark in this film by being cast in Lionsgate's sequel Now You See Me and portraying a magician surnamed Li. 近日,美籍华裔导演朱浩伟和主演马克;鲁法洛在首映期间来华宣传电影他们高度赞扬了周杰伦的表演,朱浩伟导演称,“就像在电影海报中一样,你可以看到每个人都很出色,但他(周杰伦)站在那里自然流露出非常酷的气质我也想像他那样” Director of ;Now You See Me ;, Chinese-American Jon Chu, and a lead actor Mark Ruffalo have recently promoted the film during the premiere. Both of them have highly praised Jay Chou's permance. Jon Chu described his admiration in a funny way, ;Like we've been in the poster pictures, you can see everybody's pictures are all nice, but he just stands there and oozes cool. I want to be exactly like him.; 在首映发布会上,马克;鲁法洛在谈起和周杰伦的合作时显得十分谦虚,这令他立刻收获了记者的喜爱他表示,“他(周杰伦)太棒了,我已经演戏三十年了,才知道自己应该做什么,但周杰伦这么轻易就出类拔萃” At the premiere press conference, Mark Ruffalo was very modest in talking about his cooperation with Jay Chou, which immediately makes him win the hearts of the journalists present. ;He was so good, and I've been doing this so long. It's so hard me, it seems so easy him.; 丹尼尔;雷德克里夫、根;弗里曼和丽兹;卡潘也出演了该电影观众们奖看到四骑士再次出现,并被科技天才强行雇佣去实现最不可能的抢劫 Also starring Daniel Radcliffe, Morgan Freeman and Lizzy Caplan, ;Now You See Me ;, will see the Four Horsemen resurface and cibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet.呼和浩特杯状耳手术价格戛纳电影节的各个“单元” --18 3:19: 来源: 第68届戛纳电影节将在当地时间5月日正式揭幕这里不单是文艺电影的朝圣地,也是很多明星、时尚达人最爱的地方,同时也是真正能把世界各国的名导、大牌明星统统招至麾下的地方每次戛纳电影节颁奖时,我们都会听到各个竞赛单元的名字,今天我们就为大家细数一下戛纳电影节的九个主要单元1. Compétition (In Competition) 主竞赛单元主竞赛单元是戛纳电影节的主要活动,在该环节展映的影片将角逐电影节各类奖项,其中的最高荣誉——金棕榈奖(Palme d'Or, Golden Palm)能为获奖影片带来可观的票房收入和全球关注及发行渠道该单元一般只接受叙事类影片,不过偶尔也会有纪录片闯入. Hors Compétition (Out of Competition) 非竞赛单元非竞赛单元严格来说并不是戛纳电影节的正式组成部分,不过在电影节创办之初,这个环节就一直存在在该环节展映的影片多是未能达到参与竞赛单元标准(meet the criteria entering the competition)3. Un Certain Regard (A Certain Regard) 一种关注单元一种关注单元创立于1978年,意在吸收一些难以归类的小众影片该单元创立之初并未设立奖项,不过近几年也开始颁发“一种关注”奖. Cinéfondation 电影基金会单元电影基金会单元在1998年成为戛纳电影节的一部分,主要展映全球电影学院制作的中、短片该单元有自己的评选委员会,并且会对该环节获奖的前三名颁发现金奖励5. Cannes Classics 戛纳经典单元戛纳经典单元创立于年,主要是利用修复的胶卷放映一些经典影片,向全球电影发行公司、版权所有者、电影资料馆,以及国家档案库的工作成果致敬6. Semaine Internationale de la Critique (SIC) (International Critics' Week) 国际影评人周国际影评人周由法国影评人工会创立于196年,是戛纳电影节最古老的一个单元,主要关注电影界新人的作品该单元主要包括部由初次或二次制作电影的新人制作的故事片或短片角逐奖项,以及特别放映环节参赛电影由影评人周提名的国际影评人小组选出,获奖者会得到现金奖励7. Quinzaine des Réalisateurs (The Directors' tnight) 导演双周导演双周由一群法国导演于1968年创立,目的是在不受政治、审查和精英主义影响下放映影片8. Marché du Film (The Film Market) 电影市场电影市场是电影节举办的终极目标,所有电影从业人员汇集一处,商谈与电影有关的各种交易9. L'ACID (the Association du Cinema Independent pour sa Diffusion) 独立电影推广协会该环节由独立电影推广协会赞助,旨在为独立电影寻找全球发行渠道该环节被纳入戛纳电影节已超过年,不过在最近几年才得到电影节的官方认可独立电影推广协会单元每年会放映9部尚未在全球发行过的故事影片(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)内蒙古253医院整形中心

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