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CHAPTER XIIDarknessSYDNEY CARTON paused in the street, not quite decided where to go. `At Tellson's banking-house at nine,' he said, with a musing face. `Shall I do well, in the mean time, to show myself? I think so. It is best that these people should know there is such a man as I here; it is a sound precaution, and may be a necessary preparation. But care, care, care! Let me think it out!' Checking his steps, which had begun to tend towards an object, he took a turn or two in the aly darkening street, and traced the thought in his mind to its possible consequences. His first impression was confirmed. `It is best,' he said, finally resolved, `that these people should know there is such a man as I here.' And he turned his face towards Saint Antoine. Defarge had described himself, that day, as the keeper of a wine-shop in the Saint Antoine suburb. It was not difficult for one who knew the city well, to find his house without asking any question. Having ascertained its situation, Carton came out of those closer streets again, and dined at a place of refreshment and fell sound asleep after dinner. For the first time in many years, he had no strong drink. Since last night he had taken nothing but a little light thin wine, and last night he had dropped the brandy slowly down on Mr. Lorry's hearth like a man who had done with it. It was as late as seven o'clock when he awoke refreshed, and went out into the streets again. As he passed along towards Saint Antoine, he stopped at a shop-window where there was a mirror, and slightly altered the disordered arrangement of his loose cravat, and his coat-collar, and his wild hair. This done, he went on direct to Defarge's, and went in. There happened to be no customer in the shop but Jacques Three, of the restless fingers and the croaking voice. This man, whom he had seen upon the Jury, stood drinking at the little counter, in conversation with the Defarges, man and wife. The Vengeance assisted in the conversation, like a regular member of the establishment. As Carton walked in, took his seat and asked (in very indifferent French) for a small measure of wine, Madame Defarge cast a careless glance at him, and then a keener, and then a keener, and then advanced to him herself, and asked him what it was he had ordered. He repeated what he had aly said. Article/200905/70968。

It was 3:00 am; I had woken up as usual with no particular reason besides the fact that I couldn't sleep for another minute without getting some energy out. I threw off the covers, put on a pair of pajama pants, and made my way out the backdoor and around all the bushes. I had just sat down on my swing, taking a quick look around to make sure that none of the lights in the house had turned on, when I heard the horse in the pasture on my left. I watched him run off to the other side of the pasture and stare back at me, clearly spooked, but I decided it was because I had started to swing and he wasn't expecting anyone to be there. Article/200906/72934。

有声名著之简爱Jene Eyer Chapter21 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人呼啸山庄 Article/200809/47258。

I have a strange hobby. It’s visiting factories. I’m really interested to see how things work and how they are made. I’ve learnt so many things on my factory visits. Factories are amazing. They are like mini cities. The thing that surprises me most is how everything works together. Everyone knows exactly what to do and when to do it. Even the robots. Car factories are cool, but very noisy. A car assembly line is like a giant ballet dance with everything moving perfectly together. It’s quite easy to visit factories. All you have to do is go to their home page and see if they have visiting times, or write to them. The best factories to visit are ones that produce food and drinks. You always get free stuff. Unfortunately you don’t get a free car at car factories. Article/201104/132587。

2 The directors of the Opera House2.歌剧院的经理们The Opera House was famous, and the directors of the Opera House were very important men.歌剧院很著名,而歌剧院的经理们也都是些非常显要的人物。It was the first week of work for the two new directors, Monsieur Ar mand Moncharmin and Monsieur Firmin Richard.这是两位新经理阿尔芒·蒙沙曼先生和菲尔曼·理查德先生上任的第一个星期。In the direc tors#39; office the next day,the two men talked about Joseph Bu quet.第二天,在经理办公室里,这两位先生谈起了约瑟夫·比凯的事。#39;It was an accident,#39; Monsieur Armand said angrily.#39;Or Buquet killed himself.#39;“这是个意外事故,”阿尔芒先生气愤地说,“要不然比凯就是自杀的。”#39;An accident?…Killed himself?#39; Monsieur Firmin said.#39;Which story do you want,my friend? Or do you want the sto ry of the ghost?#39;“意外事故?……自杀?”菲尔曼先生说,“你想要听一类故事,我的朋友?或者说你想听一个关于幽灵的故事?”#39;Don#39;t talk to me about ghosts!#39;Monsieur Armand said.#39;“不要跟我谈关于幽灵的事!”阿尔芒先生说,We have 1,500 people working for us in this Opera House,and everybody is talking about the ghost. They#39;re all mad! I don#39;t want to hear about the ghost, OK?#39;“这个歌剧院里有1,500人在为我们工作,而每个人都在谈论关于幽灵的事。他们都疯了!我不想听到关于幽灵的事,行不行?”Monsieur Firmin looked at a letter on the table next to him.And what are we going to do about this letter,Armand?#39;菲尔曼先生看着他临近的桌子上一封给他的信。“那对于这封信我们该做些什么,阿尔芒?”#39;Do?#39; cried Monsieur Armand.#39;Why, do nothing, of course! What can we do?#39;The two men the letter again.It wasn#39;t very long.“做些什么?”阿尔芒先生叫道,“为什么,什么也不做,当然!我们又能做些什么呢?”两位先生又读了一遍这封信。信并不很长。To the new directors致新任经理们Because you are new in the Opera House,I am writing to tell you some important things.Never sell tickets for Box 5;that is my box for every opera night.因为你们是歌剧院的新任经理,所以我写信告诉你们一些重要的事情。不要出售5号包厢的票;那是我观看每一场晚场歌剧的包厢。Madame Giry, the door keeper, knows all about it. Also,I need money for my work in the Opera House.吉丽夫人,那位看门人,知道这一切。除此之外,我还需要在歌剧院工作的钱。I am not expensive,and I am happy to take only20,000 francs a month. That is all. But please remem ber, I can be a good friend, but a bad enemy.我要价并不高,一个月拿两万法郎我就感到满足了。就这些。但是请记住,我会是一个好朋友,也会是一个死对头。#39;Don#39;t sell tickets for Box 5! 20,000 francs a month!#39;Monsieur Armand was very angry again.“不要出售5号包厢的票!两万法郎一个月!”阿尔芒先生又来气了,#39;That#39;s the best box in the Opera House, and we need the money, Firmin! And who is this O.G,eh?Tell me that!#39;“那是歌剧院最好的包厢,而且我们需要钱,菲尔曼!谁是这个O.G.啊?告诉我!”#39;Opera Ghost,of course,#39;Monsieur tirmin said.#39;But you#39;re right, Armand. We can do nothing about this letter.“自然是歌剧院的幽灵,”菲尔曼先生说,“但你是对的,阿尔芒。我绝对不能按照信上说的那么做。It#39;s a joke, a bad joke. Somebody thinks we are fools, because we are new here.There are no ghosts in the Opera House!#39;这是一个玩笑,一个恶毒的玩笑。一些人认为我们是傻瓜,因为我们是新来的。歌剧院里根本就没有幽灵!”The two men then talked about the opera for that night. It was Faust,and usually La Carlotta sang Margarita.然后这两位先生就谈论起当晚的歌剧来。当晚的歌剧是《浮士德》,通常由拉·卡洛塔演唱玛格丽塔。La Carlotta was Spanish,and the best singer in Paris.But today,La Carlot ta was ill.拉·卡洛塔是西班牙人,是巴黎最好的歌唱家。但是今天,拉·卡洛塔却病了。#39;Everybody in Paris is going to be at the opera tonight,#39;said Monsieur Armand,#39;and cur best singer is ill.“今晚巴黎的每个人都会到歌剧院来,”阿尔芒先生说,“而我们最好的歌唱家却病了。Suddenly! She writes a letter to us just this morning-she is ill, she cannot sing tonight!#39;她今天上午方才突然写信给我们——她病了,她今晚不能演唱了!”#39;Don#39;t get angry again, Armand,#39; Monsieur Firmin said quickly.“不要再生气了,阿尔芒,”菲尔曼先生急忙说,#39;We have Christine Daa, that young singer from Nor way.She can sing Margarita tonight.She has a good voice.#39;“我们有克丽斯廷·达埃,那个年轻的挪威歌唱家。她今晚可以演唱玛格丽塔那个角色。她有一副好嗓子。”#39;But she#39;s so young, and nobody knows her!Nobody wants to listen to a new singer.#39;“但是她太年轻了,而且没有人知道她!没有人想听一位新歌唱家的演唱。”#39;Wait and see.Perhaps Daaé can sing better than La Carlot ta.Who knows?#39;“等着瞧吧。也许达埃还会比拉·卡洛塔唱得更好。谁知道呢?” Article/201204/176653。

PART TWO - THE SCHOOLGIRLCHAPTER FIVEMr. Brocklehurst's VisitWhile Mr. Brocklehurst was talking, I [-----1-----] my face behind my writing alate so that he would not see me. But suddenly the slate fell from my hand and broke in two on the hard floor! I knew what would happen next.Mr. Broklehurst looked at me coldly."Come here, child."I was too frightened to move, but two big girls pushed me towards him. Miss Temple [-----2-----] to me, "don't be afraid, Jane. I saw it was an accident." Her kindness made me feel better, but I knew that soon she would hear the lies about me, and then she would dislike me too."Put the child on that chair," said Mr. Brocklehurst. Some [-----3-----] me up on to a high chair, so that I was close to his nose. Frightened, I felt everyone's eyes on me."You see this girl?" said Mr. Brocklehurst. "She is young; she looks like an ordinary child. But she is not. She is very wicked! Children, don't talk to her, stay away from her. Teachers, watch her carefully. You must punish her body to save her soul-- if she has a soul. This child... I can hardly say it... this child is a liar!""How terrible!" said the two Brocklehurst daughters."I learned this," continued the man, "from Mrs. Reed, the kind lady who cared for her. In the end, Mrs. Reed was so afraid of this child's bad ways that she had to send her here. So, teachers, watch her carefully!"Vocabulary Focusyou must punish her body to save her soul:你们必须惩罚她的肉体以拯救她的灵魂。表面上这是一所救助孤儿的慈善学校,但实际上却充满了险恶的伪善行为。这一句最能体现这个学校奉行的教育本质:从肉体和心灵上对孩子进行双重折磨。填空 :1.hid2.whispered3.liftedArticle/200904/66237。

I really want to have more knowledge. My general knowledge is pretty good but I want it to be better. When I was a kid, I loved quiz programmes on the television. I used to lots of encyclopedias to build up my knowledge. I now know most of the world’s capitals and which animals and birds are the fastest, and how many bones there are in the human body, etc. I love watching the news and this helps me get more knowledge. Even though I think I know quite a lot, I always meet people who are really knowledgeable. It seems some people know everything about everything. They are just like walking encyclopedias. I wonder if they’re happy with the amount of knowledge they have inside their brain. Article/201105/137330。

36The family heads of the clan of Gilead son of Makir, the son of Manasseh, who were from the clans of the descendants of Joseph, came and spoke before Moses and the leaders, the heads of the Israelite families. 2They said, "When the Lord commanded my lord to give the land as an inheritance to the Israelites by lot, he ordered you to give the inheritance of our brother Zelophehad to his daughters. 3Now suppose they marry men from other Israelite tribes; then their inheritance will be taken from our ancestral inheritance and added to that of the tribe they marry into. And so part of the inheritance allotted to us will be taken away. 4When the Year of Jubilee for the Israelites comes, their inheritance will be added to that of the tribe into which they marry, and their property will be taken from the tribal inheritance of our forefathers." 5Then at the Lord 's command Moses gave this order to the Israelites: "What the tribe of the descendants of Joseph is saying is right. 6This is what the Lord commands for Zelophehad's daughters: They may marry anyone they please as long as they marry within the tribal clan of their father. 7No inheritance in Israel is to pass from tribe to tribe, for every Israelite shall keep the tribal land inherited from his forefathers. 8Every daughter who inherits land in any Israelite tribe must marry someone in her father's tribal clan, so that every Israelite will possess the inheritance of his fathers. 9No inheritance may pass from tribe to tribe, for each Israelite tribe is to keep the land it inherits." 10So Zelophehad's daughters did as the Lord commanded Moses. 11Zelophehad's daughters-Mahlah, Tirzah, Hoglah, Milcah and Noah-married their cousins on their father's side. 12They married within the clans of the descendants of Manasseh son of Joseph, and their inheritance remained in their father's clan and tribe. 13These are the commands and regulations the Lord gave through Moses to the Israelites on the plains of Moab by the Jordan across from Jericho. Article/200811/56390。