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贵阳市第三人民医院治疗肛门疣病价格贵阳微创肛肠医院如何我喜欢的运动 My Favorite Sports -- ::53 来源: Table tennis isone of the most popular sports in China. It’s my favorite, too. It’s a good wayof exercise, and it’s easy to play. You don’t need many skills. I often playtable tennis after class. Most of my classmates like it. So we always havepartners. But if you want to play well, it’s not so easy. You must focus onyour gesture, your hands and your steps. I want to be better, so I practice itvery often. I have my own teacher to teach me. I work hard on it.乒乓球是中国最受欢迎的运动之一,也是我最喜欢的运动乒乓球是一个锻炼的好方式,也很容易学会,你不需要太多的技巧课后,我经常打乒乓球我们班上大部分的同学都喜欢打乒乓球,所以我们总是有很多搭档但是,如果你想要打得好就没有那么简单你必须注意你的姿势,手势以及步伐我想打得更好,所以我经常练习我有自己的老师来教我,我很努力学习它贵阳开阳县人民医院看混合痔多少钱 My Most Favorite Programme -- :7:00 来源: My Most Favorite Programme  The News Report has always been my favorite TV program. Almost everyday I turn on the TV at 6:30 p.m. and wait the news program. This has become a part of my life.  The News Report contains a large amount of inmation C from the international political situation to the latest foot-ball game. And the most important character is its fast pace. Because of this fast pace, news programs can contain much inmation in a short time.  In my opinion, the News Report is more than a TV program. It is a way of communication. From this program, people can know and understand world affairs. The world thus becomes smaller and smaller. I especially appreciate this benefit of watching the news.我的好习惯(My good habits) -- ::01 来源: 我的好习惯(My good habits)   in the morning. first, i get up. next, i brush my teeth. then, i wash my face. after that, i have breakfast. at last, i go to school.  in the evening. first, i finish my homework. next, i have dinner. then, i pack my schoolbag. after that, hang up my clothes. at last, i go to bed.  how about you?贵阳市微创肛肠医院治疗脱肛价格

铜仁市治疗大便出血哪家医院好排名哪里贵州乡村风光 --7 :3: 来源: 贵州乡村风光Guizhou's bucolic scenery offers a pleasant escape harried city dwellers and an economic lifeline local commies, Zeng Jun reports.Like most women from the mountainous Nahui village who work the farmland in Southwest China's Guizhou province, Yang Chaozhen, 60, looks much older than her age.Yang lives with her husband while her children and grandchildren work in Guangdong province.merly, they had to work from dawn to dusk to earn a living, but since , when the couple started to grow rape flowers in the scenic area of the Wanfenglin Peaks est, their lives changed the better.Wanfenglin Peaks est is a national -A tourist destination, located about 5 kilometers from Xingyi city, capital of Qianxinan prefecture in Guizhou province. It is famous its rape flower fields and fresh air. The name in Chinese suggests it is a "est surrounded by thousands of mountains." (There are five tourist attraction rating categories of China, with 1-A the lowest level and 5-A the highest.)"We can get oil from the rape seeds, and the local government offers some allowances. We can earn up to ,000 yuan (,0) every year, which is enough a decent life," Yang says.Nahui village is also known its Bouyei, Miao and other ethnic cultures. The local government set up an office to boost rural tourism in and encouraged villagers to plant rape flowers in the area by providing free seeds, fertilizers and extra subsidies. Ethnic Bouyei children and villagers in Nahui village perm folk music.[Photoby Zeng Jun China Daily] "Rape flowers can improve the Wanfenglin area's ornamental value and increase the incomes of villagers," says Cai Guohong, a local government official.The oil extracted from rape seeds is very popular among tourists and is a special product made in a traditional way. Last November, Nahui village was named one of the Top beautiful villages in China, on a list released jointly by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the China National Tourism Administration."There are many mountains in the world, but you will find a peak est only here," Xu Xiake, a noted geographer, said, after visiting Wanfenglin. Xu is a scholar of the Ming Dynasty (68-), who traveled around the country to conduct surveys.The beautiful view has become the main tourist draw and has started to change the lives of the villagers.The first China Wanfenglin Summit on Beautiful Villages was held in Xingyi in February , when government officials, along with local and eign experts, drew up a plan to boost economic progress in the countryside.Huang Yuanjiang runs a bicycle rental in Nahui village. His bicycles are very popular on good days. The rent a four-wheeled bicycle six people is 30 yuan an hour, and a four-person ride is yuan an hour."During the peak season, I can earn ,000 yuan per day," he says.In , Huang earned more than 0,000 yuan from this business. Now, his younger brother has given up a job in the city to work with him."As more eigners know of Wanfenglin, they visit here especially sightseeing and relaxing. Our villagers can earn much more through providing various services," says Feng Zirong, a Party branch secretary of the village."Last year, we received far more tourists than bee, and I can now earn 300,000 yuan each year," says the boss of a small hotel, Rongqiao Yizhan, in the village.Last year, the village earned 9 million yuan running folk inns. The boom in rural tourism has spilled over to estry and animal husbandry businesses. The village earns up to 00,000 yuan every year by raising more than 80,000 chickens, ducks and geese.At the second chapter of the China Wanfenglin Summit on Beautiful Villages last month, government officials and experts from countries discussed ways to promote agricultural products online.The campaign "is a good opporty China to further develop its villages and make them more modern, environmentally friendly and technologically advanced", Pak Heng Jonathan Ng said at the summit.The young scholar from Britain, who studies public administration, once held the view that Chinese villages were underdeveloped, but a recent visit to Nahui village changed his mind. "The villagers look energetic and happy."Following the summit, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a set of model guidelines to help development in the countryside. The model adopted Wanfenglin promotes leisurely travel. 贵州 乡村 风光贵阳微创肛肠医院看大便异常好不好 一个快乐女孩(A happy girl) -- :01:3 来源: 一个快乐女孩(A happy girl)i'm a happy girl.my english name is kitty.are you happy? i'm very happy.i have a good friend.her name is cheng xin ting.she has a pair of big eyes.i like her.i like english.my birthday is in november.i'm a good girl.i'm ten years old.i'm in class seven grade four.my teacher's name is yao hui feng.she is a good teacher!i like her.what color do you like? i like pink and perple.i want a rabbit my birthday.i like to eat hambuger.i like to go to shool.i have a good mother.i have a good father.oh,no!i'm hugry! "mumy! i'm hugry!"good bye!贵阳微创肛肠医院治疗脱肛价格

贵阳微创肛肠看肠道疾病好不好:The Sweet Candies --01 3:: 来源: The Sweet CandiesCharacters: Narrator(N),Salesman(S) ,Mom,Maggi(M), Alice(A),个Candy(C), 个Policeman(P)Preparation:学校门口布景,做糖果用桌及相关材料,Maggie家布景 Scene1(At Salesman’s home)N: In a dark dirty house, there lived a small, dirty sale sman. He always makes unhealthy candies and sells them to the students. He has a lot of money now. But how does he make the candies? Oh, xu …… He is coming! S: Hello,do you know me? No? Oh, let me tell you .I’m the famous candy salesman at the school gate.My candies arevery popular,I don’t know why.The foolish students always come here. I’ll be a boss soon! Candy, money, candy, money…… (看表) Oops! It’s time to make candies now. (把粉倒到桌上,加水,加糖等用力搓)press, press…… (一块粉掉地,捡起来看看,又放进粉里)Never mind! (满不在意的情) Press, press……(用口水搓搓手,然后继续)Oh, my god!(鼻涕出来,用手擦后继续)Never mind! They don’t know it. it’s OK,he hehe…… Now let me cut it! (菜刀在地上磨一磨,再用刀切)One, two, three, four, five……Wow,OK now! (推糖果出来)糖果钻出来(跳舞),跳完后,非常难过地说:Oh, I’m so dirty and ugly! What can I do? The students will eat me! And they will be ill! Wuwuwu…S: Mmmm…It looks dirty, (突然想到一个点子)let me give you a nice coat! (给它穿上) Wow! it’s so beautiful! Haha… … C: Oh, no! I’m dirty!(把糖果拖出来,放到摊子上推下场) Scene(At the school gate)N: when the class is over, all the students come out happily and the salesman goes to the school gate as usual. (Maggie和Alice 欢快地跑出校门,看到小贩)(小贩推摊子上场,吆喝):Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! …… M: Oh, Alice! Look! Candies! A: yummy! M: Let’s ask him. A: OK! S: Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! ……(引诱两个女孩) MA:we want two Sweet candies!S: Do you have money?(轻蔑) MA: Money?(对视) No….S: No money? sorry! (吆喝着Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! ……走开,下场) M: What can we do now? A: Let’s ask mom.M: But how to ask? A: How?…Oh,I know ,(突然想到一个点子,悄悄告诉她)M: Good idea! Year! (两人一起击掌,欢跳下场) Scene 3:(At Maggie’s home) N: The children have to go home and ask mom some money, they will do something clever. (妈妈在擦家具)MA: (冲进家高兴地说)mom ,mom .Let’s help you !(接过妈妈手中的布,拿起拖把“洗刷刷”音乐响起) (做完后,三个人坐在沙发上)Mom:You are so good today.M: mom…Mom: What’s the matter?A:Can we have some money,please?Mom:Why?M:we want to buy some candies.A: Sweet candies! ……Mom:You can’t. They are unhealthy.Please go and do your homework.(置之不理,转头看报,孩子走开)(M做出难过的表情)A:I know.(诡秘的表情,轻声在M耳边说)M:good idea ! Let’s go !(两人走到妈妈的前面)A:Mom .I want a new ruler,M: I want a new eraser.Mom:No,no,no…(继续看报)A;My ruler is broken.(拿出尺子)M:My eraser is so small.(拿出橡皮)Mom:(看后)Ok,But,don’t buy the food at the school gate.It’s unhealthy.Do you know?AM: Yes,madom.Mom: Here you are.(给钱)AM:Thank you ,mom,bye bye.(非常高兴,下场)N: The next day, when the class is over ,Maggie and Alice come to the salesman again. They buy some candies and eat them, (孩子高兴地买了糖,边吃边回家,小贩,M,A下场,)N: but soon they feel a stomachache. M: Aiyo!……(孩子到家后肚子痛两人躬着背进场) A: Aiyo!…. Mom: What’s wrong? M: I’ve a stomachache! A: Me too! Mom: What did you eat? Candies? M A: Yes. We had some candies just now. Mom:Oh! You’ve cheated me! I told you that don’t buy the food at the school gate, they are unhealthy!(生气) M A: But they look nice! MA: Aiyo…… Mom:Well, Let’s go to the salesman together and have a look! MA: OK. Scene : (At the school gate) N: When they get to the school gate, a policeman is asking the salesman to go away. (正走到校门口,发现警察驱赶校门口的小贩)P: Hey! You shouldn’t stay here, leave now! C: Let’s go home, let’s go home! (轻声并拉小贩) S: Why? My candies are nice and popular here! And…M: Mom,it’s him. Aiyo…(指着小贩)Mom:: He? (警察走过来问妈妈,朝小孩) P: What’s the matter with them? Mom: They got a stomachache after having his candies. S: Really? No,no,no…… P: Stop!(打断小贩) Look at the two girls!You must go with me!(非常严厉,然后抓住S) S: Oh ,no. (羞愧) Policeman(对小孩): Girls, please listen! Don’t buy the candies next time. They are unhealthy. Mom::Yes, And you shouldn’t tell a lie to me. Try to be an honest person! Will you? MA: OK, mom.P: Let’s take them to the hospital now. D: OK, Let’s go. (全部退场)N(出场): A few days later, the girls recovered. (全部出场)And this story is trying to tell you that some of the phenomenon must be kept down, we hope it could be improved soon.Thank you !(谢幕)本文由网整理 英语 话剧 剧本 小学英语作文读后感 -- :: 来源: 小学英语作文读后感Many people often use "mental illness" to scold one another. It is obversely that people always have some social prejudice on the "mental illness". In many cases, psychopaths always refuse to be given medication. No one can deny that it is disbeneficial to them,but the problem is not so simple.We must realize that the enced behavior against the respondent's will ,such as injection of mind-altering drugs ,is highly offensive to their dignity and autonomy. To some sufferers, the word "normal" is so boring,they really hate this,and I have to say that they also own the right to stand on their dignity! As a final comment, I should say that no matter how terrible the people may be, they should be entitled to make decision and there is on doubt that prejudice should be avoided in society.贵州省肛肠医院看外痔多少钱云岩区人民医院便血肛门异物肛瘘肛裂肛周脓肿治疗好吗




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