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.Twinkle,Twinkle, Little Star.小星星Twinkle, twinkle, little star,一闪,一闪,小星星,How I wonder what you are!我多想知道你的模样!Up above the world so high,高高地挂在天上,Like a diamond in the sky.好像空中的钻石一样When the blazing sun is gone,当炙热的太阳离去,When he nothing shines upon,当他不再将大地照亮,Then you show your little light,你发出你那阵微小的光艺,Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.一闪,一闪,闪耀整个晚上Then the traveler in the dark黑暗中的行人Thanks you your tiny spark,感谢你的微光,How could he see where to go,他如何能看清道路的方向,If you did not twinkle so?如果没有你发出光亮?In the dark blue sky you keep,你高挂在深蓝色的夜空,Often through my curtains peep经常透过我的窗帘张望, you never shut your eye,你从不闭不上眼睛,Till the sun is in the sky.直到太阳出现在天上As your bright and tiny spark你那明澈微弱的光芒,Lights the traveler in the dark.为黑暗中的行人照亮,Though I know not what you are,但是我还不知道你的模样,Twinkle, twinkle, little star.一闪,一闪,小星星

Part The Best Nourishment of Life第二部分 生命最好的养料A little boy almost thought of himself as the most untunate child in the world because poliomyelitis made his leg lame and his teeth uneven and protrudent. He seldom played with his classmates; and when the teacher asked him to answer questions, he always lowered his head without a word.一个小男孩几乎认为自己是世界上最不幸的孩子,因为小儿麻痹症使他腿脚行动不便,牙齿参差不齐他很少跟同学们玩耍,老师叫他回答问题时,他也总是低着头一言不发One spring, the boy father asked some saplings from the neighbor. He wanted to plant them in the front of the house. He told his children to plant a sapling each person. The father said to the children, ;Whose seedling grows best, I will buy him or her a favorite gift.; The boy also wanted to get his father gift. But seeing his brothers and sisters carrying water to water the trees bouncily, anyhow, he hit upon an idea he hoped the tree he planted would die soon. So watering it once or twice, he never attended to it.一年春天,小男孩的父亲从邻居家讨了些树苗,他想把它们栽在房前他叫孩子们每人种一棵父亲对孩子们说;谁栽的树苗长得最好,我就给谁买一件最喜欢的礼物;小男孩也想得到父亲的礼物,但是看到兄弟们欢快地提着水去浇树,不知怎么回事,他萌生了一个想法他希望自己栽的树苗早日死去他浇水一两次后,就再也没去照管小树苗了A few days later, when the little boy went to see his tree again, he was surprised to find it not only didnt wilt, but also grew some fresh leaves, and compared with the trees of his brother and sister, his appeared greener and more vital. His father kept his promise,bought the little boy his favorite gift and said to him from the tree he planted, he would become an outstanding botanist when he grew up.几天后,小男孩再去看他种的树苗时,惊奇地发现它不仅没有枯萎,而且还长出了一些新叶,显得更加翠绿、更有生气父亲履行了他的诺言,为小男孩买一了件他最喜欢的礼物,并对他说从他栽的树来看,他长大后一定能成为一名出色的植物学家Since then, the little boy slowly became optimistic. One day, the little boy lay on the bed but couldnt sleep. Looking at the bright moonlight outside the window, he suddenly recalled what the biology teacher once said, plants general grow at night. Why not go to see the tree? When he came to the courtyard on tiptoe, he found his father was splashing something under his tree with a ladle. All of a sudden, he understood his father had been secretly fertilizing his small tree! He returned to his room, tears running down his face without restraint.从那以后,小男孩慢慢变得乐观起来一天晚上,小男孩躺在床上睡不着,望着窗外明亮的月光,突然想起生物老师说过植物一般都在晚上生长何不去看看自己种的那棵小树呢? 当他轻手轻脚地来到院子里的时候,却看见父亲正用勺子在自己栽种的那棵树下泼洒着什么顿时,一切他都明白了,原来父亲一直在为自己栽种的树苗偷偷地施肥!他返回房间,止不住泪流满面Decades passed. The little boy didnt become a botanist, but he was elected President of the ed States. His name was Franklin Roosevelt.几十年过去了,小男孩并没有成为植物学家,却成为美国总统,他的名字叫富兰克林·罗斯福Love is the best nourishment of life; even if it is just one ladleful of clear water, it can make the tree of life thrive. Maybe that tree is inconspicuous; perhaps that the tree is so thin, and even some withered, but as long as there is nourishment of love, it can flourish and even grow into towering trees.爱是生命最好的养料,哪怕只是一勺清水,它都能使生命之树茁壮成长也许那棵树是那样不起眼,或是它还有些弱小,甚至还有些枯萎,但只要有爱的养料育,它就能枝繁叶茂,甚至长成参天大树 790

Part 5 John Adams to His Wife第五部分 约翰·亚当斯致妻Prince Town New Jersey Aug. th, 7于新泽西普林斯镇7年8月日My Dear我亲爱的I received your kind letter, at New York, and it is not easy you to imagine the pleasure it has given me. I have not found a single opporty to write since I left Boston, excepting by the post and I dont choose to write by that conveyance event conveyance, fear of foul play. But as we are now within ty two miles of Philadelphia, I hope there to find some private hand by which I can convey this.在纽约收到了你亲切的来信,你很难想象出它给我带来的快乐自从离开波士顿,我还没有找到一次给你写信的机会,虽然信可以邮寄,但我没有选择那种传递方式给你写信,因为害怕恶作剧,而现在我俩同距费城下超过英里,我希望在那儿能找人私下为我们传递这封信The particulars of our journey, I must reserve, to be communicated after my return. It would take a volume to describe the whole. It has been upon the whole an agreeable jaunt. We have had opporties to see the world, and to m acquaintances with the most eminent and famous men in the several colonies we have passed through. We have been treated with unbounded civility, complaisance, and respect.我们旅程的细节我必须保留到回家后再告诉你,整个旅途的经历都可以写成一册书了总的来说,这是一次令人愉快的旅行我们有机会看看大千世界,并且有幸结了路经的几个殖民地中最杰出的知名人士我们在那里受到了热烈欢迎和盛情款待,赢得了极大的尊重We yesterday visited Nassau Hall College, and were politely treated by the scholars, tutors, professors and president, whom we are, this day to hear preach. Tomorrow we reach the Theatre of Action. God almighty grant us wisdom and virtue sufficient the high trust that is devolved upon us. The spirit of the people wherever we have been seems to be very favourable. They universally consider our cause as their own, and express the firmest resolution, to abide the determination of the Congress.昨天我们参观了纳索荷学院,得到了学者们、导师们、教授们和校长的礼貌相待,今天我们要去听他们演讲明天我们会前往行动礼堂愿万能的上帝赐给我们充足的智慧和美德,让我们能够承受上帝对我们的高度的信任我们所到之处民众的精神面貌非常积极向上他们普遍认为我们的事业就是他们的事业,并且表达了最为坚定的决心,要遵守国会的一切决定I am anxious our perplexed, distressed province--hope they will be directed into the right path. I beg you, my dear, to make yourself as easy and quiet as possible. Resignation to the will of heaven is our only resource in such dangerous times. Prudence and caution should be our guides, I have the strongest hopes, that we shall yet see a clearer sky, and better times.我为我们地区困惑不安的人民感到忧心忡忡,希望他们会被指引到正确的道路上去、亲爱的,我恳求你,尽可能让自己放松和平静在这个危险的年代,顺从上帝的意志是我们唯一的精神柱谨慎小心应该是我们的指导方针我最强烈地希望将来我们能看到更加晴朗的天空和更加美好的时代Your of the rain refreshed me. I hope our husbandry is prudently and industriously managed. Frugality must be our support. Our expenses, in this journey, will be very great-our only reward will be the consolatory reflection that we toil, spend our time, and tempt dangers the public good.-happy indeed, if we do any good!你在信中讲述的雨景使我顿觉精神振奋我希望我们的农业要谨慎管理和苦心经营勤俭是我们的立足之本这次旅行的开会很大,但想到我们为了公众的利益而辛苦工作,花费时间,并且甘冒危险,我们倍感安慰,而这也是我们唯一的回报-如果我们做了任何有益的事,那的确令人感到幸福!The education of our children is never out of my mind. Train them to virtue, habituate them to industry, activity, and spirit. Make them consider every vice, as shameful and unmanly fire them with ambition to be useful-make them disdain to be destitute of any useful, or ornamental knowledge or accomplishment. Fix their ambition upon great and solid objects, and their contempt upon little, frivolous, and useless ones. It is time, my dear, you to begin to teach them French. Every decency, grace, and honesty should be inculcated upon them.孩子们的教育问题总是萦绕在我的脑海培养他们良好的道德,使他们养成勤勉、充满活力和富有进取精神的习惯; 让他们视每一种缺点为可耻和懦弱 激励他们满怀雄心壮志成为有用之才-使他们鄙视缺乏有用知识的人、毫无造诣的人和无所成就的人; 把他们的抱负建立在伟人、坚定的目标之上,而无视那些细小、琐碎和无价值的事情亲爱的,是你开始教他们法语的时候了应该让礼貌、优雅和诚实牢牢地铭刻于他们的心中I have kept a few minutes by way of journal, which shall be your entertainment when I come home, but we have had so many persons and so various characters to converse with, and so many objects to view, that I have not been able to be so particular as I could wish-I am, with the tenderest affection and concern, your wandering.我以日记的方式记了一些备忘录,待我回家时可让你浏览消遣不过,我们有那么多不同的人物要交谈,有那么多的事物要观察,所以我不能如我所希望的那样详细叙述这一切-接受我最温柔的爱意和关怀,你的流浪者John Adams约翰·亚当斯 395


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