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Eat your broccoli, it#39;s good for you. More specifically--and not incidentally if you live in China--it can apparently help your body better deal with air pollution.吃西兰花吧,它有益于身体健康。如果在中国生活的话,更要吃西兰花了,因为西兰花可以提高机体应对空气污染的能力。According to a study published this week by the journal Cancer Prevention Research, an experiment conducted in eastern China#39;s Jiangsu province found that feeding villagers beverages concocted from broccoli sprouts had various salutary effects, including helping the body to more speedily eliminate ingested air pollutants. The study was conducted by researchers from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, as well as the University of Minnesota#39;s Masonic Cancer Center, among others.《癌症预防研究》(Cancer Prevention Research)期刊本周发布的一项研究称,在中国东部江苏省进行的一项试验发现,让村民饮用西兰花芽调制的饮料好处多多,其中包括帮助身体更迅速地排除吸入的空气污染物。这项试验是由约翰霍普金斯大学彭公共卫生学院(John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)和明尼苏达大学(University of Minnesota)的共济会癌症中心(Masonic Cancer Center)的研究人员共同实施的。The beverage--essentially a tea made out of boiled sprouts--was provided daily for 12 weeks to 291 adults as part of a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial. Study participants were drawn from the rural township of Hehe in the Yangtze River delta region, an area researchers chose in part because of its heavy levels of air pollution, something that they say is associated with a higher risk for lung and heart disease. Though the delta region, which includes Shanghai, comprises just 2% of China#39;s total area, it contributes at least 15% of its countrywide greenhouse gas emissions, they note.这种饮料本质上是由煮熟的西兰花芽所制成的一种茶。作为这项随机的安慰剂对照临床试验的一部分,291名成年人连续12周每日饮用这种茶。参与试验的人来自长江三角洲地区的和合镇。研究人员之所以选择该镇进行试验是因为当地污染严重,研究人员称肺病及心脏疾病的患病率上升与环境污染有关。他们称,虽然长江三角洲的面积只占中国总面积的2%,但温室气体排放量却至少占到了全国温室气体排放量的15%。Can diet really help change your susceptibility to pollution? According to researchers, eating broccoli sprouts #39;enhances the detoxication of some airborne pollutants and may provide a frugal means to attenuate their associated long-term health risks.#39;饮食真的可以改变机体受污染影响的程度吗?研究人员称,吃西兰花芽可以提高机体对某些空气污染物的解毒能力,这或许可以提供一种廉价的方式,用来降低居民面临的长期健康风险。That said, it#39;s obviously no cure-all for those living under China#39;s smoggy skies. #39;The ultimate answer [to China#39;s pollution] lies in Beijing with the policymakers,#39; said Thomas Kensler, who holds professorships at John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health as well as the University of Pittsburgh and was the leader of the study.但话又说回来,对于生活在中国雾霾空气中的人们,显然并不存在解决这一问题的灵丹妙药。肯斯勒(Thomas Kensler)说,中国污染问题的最终解决办法掌握在决策者手中。肯斯勒是约翰霍普金斯大学彭公共卫生学院和匹兹堡大学(University of Pittsburgh)的教授,也是本次试验的负责人。Still, Mr. Kensler said he is hopeful that more research can help further explore the ways diet might be able to help people strengthen their resistance to pollution. #39;We think this can contribute to potential solutions,#39; he said.不过肯斯勒表示,希望更多研究可以进一步探索利用饮食抵抗污染的方式。他说,他们认为这有助于找到潜在解决办法。If you#39;re not someone who keeps a y supply of broccoli sprouts at home, Mr. Kensler notes that regular broccoli sold at supermarkets also contains the key molecule, sulforaphane, though in considerably lower quantities. #39;The more bitter your broccoli, perhaps the better,#39; he said, adding that one would have to consume roughly 150 grams of broccoli in order to consume the same amount of sulforaphane contained in three grams of broccoli sprouts.肯斯勒指出,如果没有西兰花芽,超市里卖的西兰花也含有这种关键的物质萝卜硫素,不过含量相对较低。他说,西兰花越苦,萝卜硫素含量越高。他还说,大约150克西兰花中所含的萝卜硫素才与3克西兰花芽中的含量相当。The study wasn#39;t without its mild hiccups: according to the paper, #39;unacceptable taste and mild stomach discomfort were the common complaints.#39; Researchers said the addition of pineapple juice and lime juice, though, helped mask some of the less appealing aspects of the broccoli flavor.但这项研究成果也有不足之处。研究报告称,饮用者普遍抱怨这种茶口感不好,饮用后胃部略感不适。研究人员称,在茶中加入菠萝汁和青柠汁可以遮盖一部分西兰花芽的味道。 /201406/305910。

No one will be surprised to learn that texting is nearly universal among young adults with cell phones (so, um, all of them?). According to the data, 97 percent of cell phone users under 30 text every day. Oldsters are not far behind them: 92 percent of the 30 to 49 set text every day and 72 percent of the 50 to 64 age group do too.有手机的年轻人发发短信早已屡见不鲜了。(呃,所有人都这样?)数据统计显示,在30岁以下年龄段,97%手机用户每天发短信;年纪长点的也不甘落后:在30-49岁年龄段,有92%的人每天发短信;在50-64岁年龄段,72%的人也每天发短信。And while texting can be a great way to stay in touch, to make seamless plans and to share the minor frustrations and comedies of daily life in almost real time, it sure has a downside. What do we lose when we settle for the plugged-in and tuned-out life? Read on to learn why it really might be time to put the phone down -- even if it#39;s just for an hour or an afternoon or a day.当然,发短信可以保持联络,敲定缜密计划,即时分享日常生活的喜怒哀乐;可是,发短信也有弊端。我们在满足于手机生活的同时究竟又失去了什么?请往下读,了解为何应该放下手机——哪怕只是一个小时、一个下午或一天时间。1. It#39;ll help you sleep better tonight使你今晚睡得更踏实We all know that cell phone use during the wee hours can be disruptive to our sleep patterns, but it#39;s also true that texting during the day could harm our ability to get a good night#39;s sleep, according to a recent study in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture.众所周知,凌晨用手机会扰乱睡眠模式;其实,根据期刊《大众传媒文化心理学》的最新研究,白天发短信也会影响到晚上的睡眠质量。In the study, researchers followed the stress levels, texting habits and sleep of first year college students. They found that regardless of stress levels, the more people texted during the day the poorer their sleep was.在该项研究中,研究人员跟踪调查了大一学生的压力程度、发短信习惯以及睡眠状况,结果表明,撇开压力不谈,人们白天发短信越频繁,睡眠质量也越差。2. Your divided attention could keep you from what#39;s truly important注意力分散,错失真正重要的东西We#39;re not just talking about missing special moments -- although surely, texting during time spent with loved ones can prevent full engagement. We#39;re talking about priorities.这里要讲的不是错失特殊时刻——当然,和爱人在一起时发短信会妨碍约会。这里强调的是优先次序。3. Your posture is suffering姿势不当,身体受累Texting can actually harm your whole body. People get so focused on these devices that they end up holding their neck and upper back in abnormal positions for a long period of time; enough that other people coined the phrase ‘text neck,’ which is essentially referring to postural pain.发短信其实对全身都有危害。人们专心发短信时,脖子和上背容易长久保持不当姿势,因此出现了所谓的“短信脖”一词,暗指因姿势不当而引发的疼痛。Want to counteract the effect of all this stooping and texting? Bring your phone to eye level while you use it or actually training for your endurance texting with back, neck and core strengthening exercises. Oh, and give your phone a rest!想治好发短信时驼背哈腰造成的疼痛吗?那就在使用时把手机放到视线齐平的位置,或端正脖子及后背的姿势。还有,让手机消停一会儿吧!4. We can#39;t believe we still have to say this, but it disrupts your driving不得不再次强调:开车时发短信相当危险!Hopefully you know by now that you can#39;t text and drive (since it#39;s the law and all), but an astounding 80 percent of college-aged drivers admit to engaging in this behavior, despite knowing how dangerous it can be.希望你现在已经知道:法律规定,不可以边开车边发短信!尽管如此,仍有80%大学生年纪的人不顾个人安危,边开车边发短信。You are 23 times more likely to crash if you#39;re texting behind the wheel, according to a federal report. And cell phone use was associated with 18 percent of ;distraction;-related deaths.据美国一份联邦报告显示,开车时发短信,出车祸的几率要高上23倍。而且,因“分神”而造成的死亡,18%是手机惹的祸。5. It makes you a less responsible pedestrian使你走路时磕磕碰碰Even if you aren#39;t driving, your texting could be a liability to the people around you. A study in the British Medical Journal found that one in three people are distracted by mobile devices while walking and that texting was the most distracting of all the mobile activities -- including listening to music and talking on the phone.哪怕你没在开车,发短信也会给身边人造成不便。《英国医学杂志》上一项研究发现,1/3的人走路时会因使用移动设备而分心,其中,发短信远比听歌或煲电话等更容易引起分心。The researchers observed more than 1,000 pedestrians during rush hour in Seattle and recorded their phone habits and safety precautions as they crossed traffic junctions. They reported that texting pedestrians were almost four times more likely to ignore traffic lights, fail to look both ways at a cross and to cross outside of the demarcated crosswalk.在西雅图的高峰时段,研究人员观察了近1000名行人,记录下他们过马路时的电话习惯和安全防范措施。结果表明,发短信的人无视红绿灯的几率高达4倍,而且这些人既不注意两边路况,也常常走到人行道外面去。6. Your school or work performance will suffer影响学习或工作Your texting could be holding back your productivity at work or school. According to one study of college students, female first year students spend an average 12 hours texting and engaging in social media -- and extensive media use is associated with lower academic performance.发短信可能会影响工作效率或学习成绩。根据大学生的一项调查显示,大一女生平均有12小时耗在短信和社交媒介上,而沉溺于社交媒体和较差的学业大有关联。But it isn#39;t just college students who face texting distractions. A study conducted at the University of Michigan found that short interruptions at work -- even just the duration of ing or sending a text -- can increase the number of errors a worker makes during a single task, reported HealthDay.而且,不仅大学生有“短信分心”现象,根据HealthDay的报道,密歇根大学的一项调查还发现,工作时的短暂干扰——哪怕只是查看或发送一条短信,也会增加工作出错几率。7. It can prevent you from really enjoying the activities you cherish妨碍你享受真正值得珍惜的活动Google executive Bonita Stewart banishes her cell phone from her ballet class so that she can enjoy her dance practice unfettered by her to-do list.谷歌高级主管妮塔-斯图尔特在上芭蕾课时绝对不用手机,只有这样,她才能按照任务清单专心享受舞蹈训练。 /201310/262831。

Porsche unveiled the entry-level SUV it hopes will beat out rivals like Mercedes’ GLK and BMW’s X3.日前,在洛杉矶一个秘密的地点,保时捷(Porsche)发布了一款入门级SUV,该公司希望这款车将击败梅赛德斯奔驰(Mercedes)的GLK和宝马(BMW)的X3等竞争对手。The 2015 Porsche Macan is a small sport activity vehicle built on Volkswagen’s MLB platform (which it shares with the Audi2015款保时捷Macan是一款小尺寸运动活力车(SAV),使用大众汽车的MLB平台(与奥迪Q5和A4同一平台),不过外观与奥迪车型截然不同。Audi Q5 and A4) but that looks radically different from anything at Audi. Indeed, it’s very Porsche, sharing the side angles of a 911 and the height of a Cayenne—its front end is also very similar to its bigger brother—while repping even the Boxster a bit in the styling of its air intakes and side profile.事实上,这款车非常“保时捷”,采用与保时捷911相同的侧角,与卡宴(Cayenne)相同的车高——车身前部也非常类似于这位老大哥,此外甚至进气格栅和侧边轮廓都略微模仿了Boxster的风格。Porsche is hoping the entry-level SUV will fill out its portfolio the same way the Panamera (luxury sedan) and the Cayenne (luxury SUV) evened it out past the sports car core it developed with the 911, Cayman and Boxster. Audi, with its Q5, and Land Rover with its Evoque have also entered this mix, which is the best-growing and most profitable segment in the car industry today. Initial “cautious estimates” from top brass at Porsche put the Macan volume around 50, 000-55, 000 units sold per year; more recently they’re saying that sales numbers could reach as high as 75, 000 units, which would mean Macan would represent almost half of Porsche’s total volume.保时捷希望这款入门级SUV能像豪华轿车Panamera和豪华SUV卡宴一样,补全其产品组合,甚至超越保时捷在开发911、卡宴和Boxster过程中形成的运动汽车核心技术。奥迪旗下的Q5、路虎旗下的揽胜极光(Evoque)均属于这个细分类别,是如今汽车行业发展最快和利润最高的一块。保时捷高层的一开始给出的“谨慎预估”认为——Macan的年销售量将在5万至5.5万辆左右,最近他们表示销售数字可能高达7.5万辆,这意味着Macan可能将占据保时捷总销量的差不多半壁江山。Macan comes offering a choice from two engines for its new ride: a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that gets 340 horsepower (it’s the same engine as the one in the Panamera) or a 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6 that gets 400 horsepower. Those’ll get the car to 60 mph in as quick as 4.4 seconds, with a top speed of 164mph. No diesel or hybrid options are available now.Macan提供了两种引擎选择:3.0升双涡轮V6引擎(与Panamera的引擎一样)及3.6升双涡轮V6引擎,前者提供340马力,后者则为400马力。这两个引擎将使Macan最快在4.4秒内加速至每小时60英里,最高速度达到164英里每小时。目前该车还没有推出柴油或者混合动力版本。Off-road capability in the Macan comes in the form of an Off-road mode optimized to provide traction in dirt and snow; the suspension can be raised for an approach angle of 26.6 degrees and departure angle of 23.6 degrees—decent figures considering the smaller nature of this vehicle.Macan的越野性能体现在其越野模式,该模式专门进行了优化从而能在泥地和雪地情况下提供牵引力,该车的悬挂可以调高至接近角26.6度而离出角23.6度——考虑到该车身材较小,这是非常不错的数字。Inside, the Macan has leather-appointed sport seats, center-mounted dials, a 5-inch color display and a sport steering wheel. Upgrades like a Sport Chrono package, lane departure warning, active cruise control and carbon fiber trim abound. Expect the price to start around , 000.在车内,Macan配置皮革运动座椅,采用中央仪表盘设计,5英寸色显示屏以及运动式方向盘。升级项目包括Sport Chrono组件、车道偏离警告系统、主动巡航控制系统,此外车身多处采用碳纤维材料设计。预期该车的起步价约为5万美元。The Stuttgart, Germany-based automaker built this car to help its bottom line in the same way the Cayenne did 10 years ago — and from the looks of things last night, it fills that small-SUV gap nicely. It will likely be Porsche’s next best-seller.这家位于德国斯图加特的公司之所以打造这款车,是为了像10年前推出卡宴一样帮助增加利润,从当晚的发布情况来看看,该车完美地填补了小型SUV的空白。Macan可能将成为保时捷下一款畅销车。 /201312/267419。

As if you needed another reason to run out for another cappuccino, along comes a new study by three university professors suggesting that caffeine may help make the sleep-deprived more honest.一项由来自三所大学的教授合作的研究表明,咖啡因或许可以让睡眠不足的人更为诚实。这样看来,大家又多了一个理由再来一杯卡布奇诺。;Our research shows that sleep deprivation contributes to unethical behavior at work by making you more susceptible to social influences, such as a boss who tells you to do something deceptive,; says Michael Christian, a co-author of the study who teaches organizational behavior at the University of North Carolina#39;s Kenan-Flagler Business School. ;Caffeine can help you resist by strengthening your self-control and willpower when you#39;re exhausted.;“我们的研究显示,缺少睡眠会导致人们对社交影响的敏感程度提高,因此就会更容易做出一些有违道德的行为,比如老板让你去实施某种欺骗行为的时候,”研究的合作者迈克#8226;克里斯蒂安说道,他是北卡罗莱纳大学肯南弗拉格勒商学院(Kenan-Flagler Business School)组织行为学教师。他补充说:“但咖啡因却可在你疲倦不堪的时候,增强你的自控能力和意志力,以抵消这些影响。”The findings are important for managers, he adds: ;We tend to think of people who work nonstop as the best employees. But they are often the ones making the worst ethical choices. It#39;s the people working the longest hours, and getting the least sleep, that managers need to keep their eye on.;这项结论对管理者来说非常重要,克里斯蒂安说:“我们倾向于认为,不眠不休、努力工作的员工才是好员工,但是这些人同样也容易干出有违道德的事情。管理者们要特别注意那些长时间工作而又睡眠不足的员工。”The research, published in the March issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology, built on a 2011 study of 171 hospital nurses who showed ;increases in hostility and dishonesty, including theft, and decreases in self-control; after working long shifts without sleep, Christian said.这项发表在《应用心理学杂志》(Journal of Applied Psychology)三月号上的研究于2011年调查了171位医院护士。研究人员发现,在长时间工作却不睡觉的情况下,这些护士都表现出了更多的“敌意以及包括偷窃在内的欺诈行为,她们的自制力也出现下降”,克里斯蒂安说。For this study -- which, by the way, wasn#39;t sponsored by Starbucks -- volunteers who had been kept awake all night were divided into two groups. All were asked to chew gum in the morning, but one group got a plain wintergreen placebo, while the other chomped on gum laced with 200 milligrams of caffeine, or about the same amount that#39;s in two cups of black coffee.在这项研究(顺便说一下,这项研究并不是星巴克赞助的)中,志愿者们一夜没睡,随后被分成两组。实验人员要求他们早上嚼口香糖,但其中一组的口香糖中含有冬青草安慰剂,而另一组的口香糖中则含有200克咖啡因,相当于两杯黑咖啡中咖啡因的含量。The participants were then put in situations where researchers ;encouraged them to go along with a lie in order to earn some extra money,; Christian says. ;We tried to replicate a situation where a boss or a peer was pressuring them to cut ethical corners at work.;随后,实验参与者们被安排在一个场景中,研究人员“鼓励他们用谎言来赢取更多的钱,”克里斯蒂安说。“我们尝试模拟这样一种场景,也就是,老板或者同事给他们施压,要求他们在工作中违背道德,捞取好处。”The results: Those who got the extra boost of caffeine consistently balked when researchers urged them to cheat, while those who were just exhausted -- and had chewed the non-caffeinated gum -- showed a marked willingness to cast conscience aside and go along with the deception.实验结果显示,在研究人员不断催促他们欺诈的压力下,那些额外摄入了咖啡因的被试验者一致表示拒绝;而那些筋疲力尽、只是嚼了无咖啡因口香糖的实验者们却表现出放弃道德感,愿意实施欺骗的倾向性。Employers who want to reduce the likelihood of misbehavior should make sure people aren#39;t putting in too many long hours without a break and ;avoid scheduling tasks that require a great deal of self-control when looming deadlines make long hours unavoidable,; the study concludes. Two other suggestions: Put in nap rooms at the office and don#39;t skimp on the free coffee.对于那些力图减少工作中品行不端现象的雇主们来说,应该确保员工不用长时间工作而得不到休息。研究认为,要“避免在截止期限临近、长时间工作不可避免的时候,安排需要极大自制力的工作。另外,研究人员还提出了两个建议:在办公室中设置午休室,也不要不舍得提供免费的咖啡。;Our experiment doesn#39;t explain all of people#39;s decisions to do unethical things, but it is significant,; says Christian. He points to statistics from the National Sleep Foundation that show that most Americans say they sleep, on average, only about five-and-a-half hours per night. The clinical definition of sleep deprivation is anything under seven.克里斯蒂安说:“我们的实验无法解释人们做出有悖道德之举的全部原因,但是结论的意义十分重大”。他指出,全国睡眠基金会(National Sleep Foundation)的数据显示,大部分美国人每晚平均睡眠时间只有5.5个小时,而低于7小时的睡眠时间都会被临床诊断为“睡眠不足”。So are we less ethical than back in 1999, when most of us claimed to get at least seven hours of shuteye? Maybe not: Caffeine consumption is up, too. The National Coffee Association, a trade group of java producers and purveyors, said in its annual report last month that we#39;re gulping 18% more cappuccinos, lattes, and other espresso-based (: strong) coffee drinks than we did in 2013.那么,比起1999年来,如今的我们是否更加“不道德”呢?毕竟在当时,大部分美国人声称自己每晚至少会睡7个小时。或许是否定的,因为我们的咖啡因摄入量也在提高。美国咖啡协会(The National Coffee Association)是一个爪哇咖啡生产商和经销商的贸易团体。这个协会上个月发布的年度报告指出,我们消费的卡布奇诺、拿铁以及其他浓缩咖啡的总量比2013年上涨了18%。 /201405/294594。

They may be the symbol of good luck, but black cats have drawn the short straw in one respect: they don#39;t look good in selfies.虽然黑猫或许代表着幸运和迹象,但是有一点它却先天不足:自拍不上镜。 小编注:在有些国家的民俗中,黑猫象征着幸运和吉祥,而在有些国家的文化中,黑猫却代表着不幸和死亡。Today the RSPCA announced a rise in the number of black cats being abandoned by their owners, and attributed it to them not photographing well.近日英国防止虐待动物协会宣布,越来越多的黑猫遭到主人遗弃,因为黑猫在主人自拍时不上镜。A spokesman for the animal welfare charity said that more than 70 per cent of the 1,000 cats in its care were black, and blamed the trend for people taking pictures of themselves with their phones.该动物协会的发言人称,动物拯救中心的1000多只黑猫有70%都是黑色的。同时这位发言人还批评了人们用手机和动物自拍的跟风潮。He said: #39;There are a number of reasons for us having so many black cats, including the fact that black animals tend not to photograph as well as other cats with more distinctive markings.他说:“我们动物中心有如此之多的黑猫是多方面原因造成的,比如说主人在和宠物自拍合照时黑猫不如其他亮色猫咪上镜。”The spokesman added: #39;There is a national problem with rehoming cats of this colour.发言人补充道:“为黑猫们找到新家是一个全国性的问题。”#39;We really are puzzled as to why this still happens but we would urge people to never judge a cat by its colour and look at its personality instead.#39;“我们真的很不解,因为我们告诉过人们不要以外表和颜色来评价一只猫咪、而是要看它的个性,但黑猫遭嫌弃的情况还是屡屡发生。”Founder Ronnie McMillen, 71, said: #39;We have had a lot of black cats in this year - people don’t like black at the moment.71岁的动物救助中心创始人Ronnie McMillen说:“我们今年收留了很多黑猫——现在的人貌似不喜欢黑猫。”Animal lover Gabriella Fletcher, 20, from Stourbridge in the West Midlands owns 16-year-old black cat Susie, and regularly poses for selfies with her pet.20岁的动物爱好者Gabriella Fletcher生活在西米德兰兹郡的斯陶尔布里奇市,她拥有一只16岁的黑猫Susie。她经常和小宠物Susie一起自拍。She said: #39;It is hard to get a good picture as you can’t really see how beautiful Susie is.她说:“很难拍出好看的照片,因为照片真的无法展现出Susie真正的美丽。”#39;But it’s very sad that people feel the need to overlook them just because they are black. They are just as special as any other cat. Black cats are mysterious and so beautiful.“但人们只是因为它们浑身黝黑就嫌弃黑猫,这很悲哀。黑猫和其他任何种类的猫咪一样特别。黑猫神秘而美丽。” /201408/318608。