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广州白云流产较好的医院广州天河长安医院治疗封闭抗体阴性怎么样好不好担心与忧虑Part-对话详解及文化洗礼 -- :56: 来源: 详解实用对话WorryRose:Has Alan shown up? yet?Jack:No, not yet. I guess something came up?. He’ll call soon enough to let us know what’s going on. He’s good that way.Rose:I wonder what it could be.Jack:I don’t know. I hope it’s nothing serious.Rose:Last week his sister was admitted to the hospital.Jack:What happened?Rose:She was in a serious car accident. She was hurt pretty badly. They thought she was going to die.Jack:How is she now?Rose:She fell into a coma?... The doctors aren’t too hopeful. But I hope they’re wrong.Jack:Poor? Alan. He’s going nuts. His sister is all he has left; his parents died last year.Rose:Yes, he has been through a lot in the last year. I hope his luck changes soon. Maybe his sister will pull through?.担 忧罗丝:艾伦露面了吗?杰克:没有,还没露面我猜肯定发生什么事了他应该会打电话告诉我们的要是那样就好了罗丝:我在想会是什么事杰克:我也不知道希望不是什么严重的事情罗丝:上星期他住院了杰克:怎么回事啊?罗丝:他出了车祸,伤得很严重他们都觉得她快不行了杰克:那她现在怎么样?罗丝:她已经昏迷了医生觉得没有太大希望了不过我希望他们的判断是错的杰克:可怜的艾伦他都快要发疯了他可是他惟一的亲人了,他父母去年刚去世罗丝:是啊,他去年经历得太多了我希望他能时来运转也许他能挺过来呢详细解说“show up”的意思是“露面,出席”,例如:Uncle George didn't show up our wedding because he got. (乔治叔叔没有来参加我们的婚礼,因为他忘了)“come up”的意思是“发生”,例如:I'll let him know if anything comes up. (如果发生什么事,我会告诉他的)“fall into a coma”意为“陷入昏迷状态”单词“poor”在对话中的意思是“可怜的”,例如:How's your poor father? (你可怜的父亲怎么样了?)另外“poor”还可以表示“贫穷的”,例如:My family used to be poor. (我家过去很穷)“pull through”的意思是“度过难关,恢复健康”单 词wonder v. 想知道, 对…感到惊讶admit v. 接纳, 允许进入accident n. 意外事故hurt v. 伤害,(使) 受伤,(使)  疼痛coma n. 昏迷FUN 轻松:贴士寻找中国人错误英语的根源英国语言学家艾利斯认为母语干扰是导致第二语言学习者出现错误的主要原因母语干扰主要表现为负向迁移,即学习者在一种语境中学会的知识会干扰在另一种语境中的学习中国学生学英语也是如此英汉两种语言的文化背景、表达习惯、句型结构以及词汇的运用等方面各不相同,所以中国的英语学习者因受汉语的影响,经常会说出一些“中国式英语” 详解 对话 文化 口语广州天河长安摘环多少钱 埃及考古学家哈瓦斯说,科学家们在大金字塔塔内深处利用机器人又发现一道石门Another stone door found in Egyptian pyramid1) Scientists using a robot have discovered yet another door deep inside the Great Pyramid,Egypt’s archaeologist) Hawass said.This find is a similar stone door with last week’s door,but this in the northern shaft,last week's discovery in the southern shaft.There’ve been 3 doors discovered in the Great Pyramid.Hawass said he would consult with other experts to try to determine whether the doors have symbolic or structural3) roles and use those theories to map further exploration). 1遇到麻烦时英语怎么表达 -- :38:7 来源: 遇到麻烦时I cant speak English.No English! (我英文不行)我的英语不太好My English isnt good enough.请安排一位会说日语的人A Japanese-speaking person, please.请再说一遍Pardon me?Arent you John? (你不是约翰吗?)Pardon me? (什么?请再说一遍?)Excuse me?I beg your pardon?Could you repeat that?您说什么?What did you say?您能慢一点儿说吗?Would you slow down, please?Please say it more slowly.我们想请一位会说日语的导游Id like a Japanese-speaking guide, please.What can I do you? (您有什么事?)Id like a Japanese-speaking guide, please. (我们想请一位会说日语的导游)I want a Japanese-speaking guide.有会说日语的人吗?Does anyone speak Japanese? *用于当无法用英文表达自己想说的事情时Does anyone here speak Japanese?Is there a Japanese speaker here?我们语言不通I cant make myself understood. *make oneself understood 表示“(用外语等)表达自己的意思,让别人明白自己的感觉”I cant get my point across.I cant get through to him. (无法让他明白)我不知道这用英文怎么说I dont know how to say it in English.I dont know it in English.I cant express it in English. (我不能用英文表达)日语中的“义理”用英文怎么说?How do you say “giri” in English?How do you say “giri” in English? (日语中的“义理”用英文怎么说?)You say, “obligation”.(用英文是obligation. What “giri” in English?How should I say“giri”in English?How can I express“giri”in English?What the English word “giri”?英文管这叫什么?What do you call this in English?失窃叫警察!Call the police!Call the police! (叫警察)Sure thing! (好的)Please call help! (快叫人帮助)我的包被偷了I had my bag stolen.My bag was stolen.Somebody stole my bag.我该告诉谁?Who should I report it to?失物招领处在哪儿?Where is the Lost and Found?什么样的包?What kind of bag?What kind of bag was it?里面都有什么?What was in it?里面有多少钱?How much was in it?我们找到后会跟你联系的Well call you if we find it.Well contact you when we find it.您能填一下儿这张表吗?Could you fill out this m? *fill out表示在空白处填写m为“表格”Please fill out this m.请您写一下被盗经过Please give me a report on the theft. *theft “窃案,偷盗”Please fill out a report on the theft.日本大使馆在哪儿?Where is the Japanese Embassy?我的护照丢了I lost my passport.My passport is missing.I cant find my passport. (我找不到我的护照了)Ive misplaced my passport. (我忘了把护照放到哪儿了)这儿有会说日语的人吗?Does anyone here speak Japanese?能补发一本吗?Can I get it reissued?请取消我的卡号Please cancel my card number.我该怎么办?What should I do?What should I do? (我该怎么办?)You should ask the man over there. (你该去问问那边那个人)What do I need to do?呼救十万火急!It an emergency!快叫大夫!Please call a doctor.救命啊!Help! *无论什么样的紧急情况下都可以用Help! (救命啊!)What happened? (怎么了?)Somebody! (来人呀!)Help me! (帮帮我!)小偷!Thief! *遇到小偷或扒手时,用这样的喊声来引起周围人的注意Robber! 日常英语 英语口语广州市长安孕前检查多少钱

广州宫外孕正常手术点多少钱美是如此宝贵,如此适意于我们的最温柔和高贵的情感,所以一想到芸芸众生居处在美之间,却对美几乎视而不见,就会令人内心苦痛The Love of Beauty The love of beauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature. It is a moral quality. The absence of it is not an assured ground of condemnation, but the presence of it is an invariable sign of goodness of heart. In proportion to the degree in which it is felt will probably be the degree in which nobleness and beauty of character will be attained. Natural beauty is an all-pervading presence. The universe is its temple.It unfolds into the numberless flowers of spring. It waves in the branches of trees and the green blades of grass. It haunts the depths of the earth and the sea. It gleams from the hues of the shell and the precious stone. And not only these minute objects but the oceans, the mountains, the clouds, the stars, the rising and the setting sun - all overflow with beauty. This beauty is so precious, and so congenial to our tenderest and noblest feelings, that it is painful to think of the multitude of people living in the midst of it and yet remaining almost blind to it. All persons should seek to become acquainted with the beauty in nature. There is not a worm we t upon, nor a leaf that dances merrily as it falls bee the autumn winds, but calls our study and admiration. The power to appreciate beauty not merely increases our sources of happiness - it enlarges our moral nature, too. Beauty calms our restlessness and dispels our cares. Go into the fields or the woods, spend a summer day by the sea or the mountains, and all your little perplexities and anxieties will vanish. Listen to sweet music, and your foolish fears and petty jealousies will pass away. The beauty of the world helps us to seek and find the beauty of goodness. by John Ruskin, English essayist and artist 877广州长安医院看妇科怎么样 广州天河长安无痛取环

广州长安看不孕树我想我永远也不会看到象一棵树那样优美的诗篇,树那饥渴的嘴唇紧紧贴住大地乳汁甘美的胸脯,它整天仰望着上帝,举起枝叶繁茂的手臂祈祷,它那茂密如发的枝叶里夏天会筑起知更鸟的安乐窝,雪花飘落在它怀里,它同雨水亲密无间诗歌出自我等愚人之手,而树却是造化的天工乔埃斯·基尔默 (1) prest pressed的变体,为了与下面一行最后一个词breast押韵而采用 ()flowing breast: 相当于breast flowing with milk,解作"流出奶汁的乳房',用来比喻土壤的肥沃 (3)leafy arms: 指叶子茂盛的树枝 61 The biggest secret of successOnce there was a young man who came to ask Socrates how to learn philosophy. Socrates said nothing but took him along to a river. He suddenly pushed him into the river cibly. At first the young man thought Socrates was kidding so he didn't take it to heart. But Socrates also jumped into the river and pulled his head into water desperately. At this time the young man was really scared, his instinct of living made him use all his strength lifting Socrates and climbed to the bank.The young man asked Socrates with puzzle why he did that, Socrates replied"I just want to tell you whatever you do, do it with a determination to be unexpectedly rescued from a desperate situation. Only like that can you make a genuine achievement." 83671广东妇幼保健院治不孕广州市看乳腺检查哪家医院最好的



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