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国家地理:Halloween:Goliath Tarantula 食鸟蛛奇They're the big, hairy spiders of our nightmares. And it's no wonder we are afraid. Tarantulas are the biggest of all the arachnids. These spiders are killing machines perfectly adapted to their habitats. And the biggest and battiest of them all is the Goliath. It can grow to nearly a foot across with fangs an inch long. The Goliath makes its home in the remote rainforests of South America.Night is when the Goliath is most active. But for these ambush predators, hunting means lying in wait. Near the entrance to her burrow, she lays down a silk welcome mat. It acts like a tripwire letting her know when something has ventured within range. Even with eight eyes, Goliaths like most spiders have weak vision. They are alerted to the presence of prey by vibrations rippling across their sensitive hairs. It's only a matter of time before some hapless creature like this floor mouse wanders too close and brushes against the silk. It's like ringing a dinner bell. The Goliath's venom proves fatal to this mouse.But for most people, the tarantula's bite is no worse than a bee sting. According to researchers, there has never been a single confirmed human death from a tarantula bite. Perhaps knowing the facts about these ancient predators can help turn human fear into fascination.tarantula: a very large hairy spider found chiefly in tropical and subtropical Americaarachnid: an arthropod of the class Arachnida, which includes spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticksGoliath: a person or thing of enormous size or strengthlie in wait: wait in hiding to attacktripwire: a wire that is stretched close to the ground and activates a trap, explosion, or alarm when disturbed200708/17000Kurdish Rebels Kill 15 Turkish Soldiers土耳其部队与库尔德武装激烈冲突At least 15 Turkish soldiers have been killed in a clash with Kurdish rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party. or PKK. The clash occurred on the Turkish Iraqi border late Friday night. The Turkish state has been fighting the PKK for more than 20 years. This latest clash is most serious in recent months.星期五夜间,在土耳其部队与库尔德工人党反政府力量的战斗中,至少有15名土耳其军人被打死。这场战斗发生在土耳其跟伊拉克的边界地区。二十多年来,土耳其一直在跟库尔德工人党进行战斗。这场战斗是近几个月里最激烈的战斗。A statement by the Turkish armed forces says 15 of its soldiers were killed in an attack on a military outpost near the Iraqi border. The attack is being blamed on Kurdish rebels of the Kurdistan workers Party. 土耳其军方发表声明说,一个靠近伊拉克边界的土耳其军事哨所受到袭击,15名军人丧生。土耳其军方认为是库尔德族反政府力量库尔德工人党发动了这次袭击。Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is visiting Turkmenistan gave more details of the attack. Erdogan said he was saddened to learn that 15 soldiers were killed and 20 others were wounded in an assault by the PKK terrorists. He said two soldiers were missing and 23 members of the PKK were killed during the attack.正在土库曼斯坦访问的土耳其总理埃尔多安介绍了这次袭击事件的更多细节。埃尔多安说,获悉在库尔德工人党恐怖分子的袭击中,有15名军人丧生,另有20人受伤,他非常悲痛。埃尔多安说,袭击中有两名土耳其军人失踪,库尔德工人党有23人被打死。The attack, according to Turkish media reports, lasted several hours and involved scores of PKK rebels using heavy weapons. It is the most serious attack by the PKK since last year. More than 20 members of the PKK were also killed in the fighting.据土耳其媒体报导,这场袭击持续了几个小时,库尔德工人党几十名成员参加了袭击,他们使用了重武器。这是去年以来库尔德工人党发动的最激烈的袭击。战斗中还有20多名库尔德工人党成员丧生。The same outpost was the target of another attack in May. Clashes between the PKK and the Turkish state have intensified in the last few weeks, as PKK members attempt to cross back to their bases in neighboring northern Iraq ahead of winter. Ankara accuses the PKK of using Iraq as a base to launch attacks against its forces. Prime Minister Erdogan promises a firm response. 这个哨所在5月曾经受到袭击。过去几个星期以来,库尔德工人党和土耳其政府军之间的战斗有所加强,库尔德工人党成员企图在冬季到来之前越境回到他们在邻近的伊拉克北部的基地。安卡拉指责库尔德工人党把伊拉克做为基地向土耳其军队发动袭击。土耳其总理埃尔多安保要对这次袭击做出坚决的回应。Erdogan said as the political authority, they shared the same determinism displayed by the security forces. He said they would reassess counter-terrorist measures and continue the fight against terrorist organization PKK with determinism.埃尔多安说,做为政治当局,他们跟安全部队显示的决心一样的。埃尔多安说,他们会重新评估各项反恐措施,继续坚定地打击库尔德工人党恐怖组织。Last month the prime minister asked the Turkish parliament to extend a year long authorization for the Turkish military to launch attacks into Iraq against PKK bases, a vote is expected in the coming weeks. The Turkish air force regularly carry out air strikes against the rebels in Iraq, the most recent being last week. Last February Turkish soldiers entered Iraq in a eight-day long incursion. 埃尔多安上个月请求土耳其大国民议会延长一项授权的期限,这项为期一年的授权允许土耳其军队进入伊拉克袭击库尔德工人党的基地,预计议会将在几个星期内进行表决。土耳其空军定期对伊拉克的反政府分子进行空袭,最近一次空袭发生在上星期。土耳其军队今年2月进入伊拉克,实施了一次为期8天的进攻行动。Despite such operations, retired Turkish general Haldun Solmazturk says the PKK still remains a serious threat. "They have the ability , the day factor ability, to practically ambush Turkish units inside Turkey," he said. "And they have the ability to attack military outposts, presumably well-prepared, well-armed, well-equipped."土耳其退役将军索尔马兹土尔克说,尽管如此,库尔德工人党仍然构成严重威胁。索尔马兹土尔克说:“他们有能力在土耳其境内伏击土耳其部队。他们还有能力袭击军事哨所。他们应该有充分的准备,武器装备精良。”The PKK have been fighting the Turkish state, for Kurdish autonomy since 1984. The Turkish government is due to meet with the heads of the armed forces to discuss their reaction to this latest attack. Analysts say they will be under intense public pressure for a firm response.1984年以来,库尔德工人党为了争取库尔德人自治一直在跟土耳其当局作战。土耳其政府计划跟武装部队负责人开会,商讨如何对最近这次袭击进行反击。分析人士认为,他们将受到公众的巨大压力,要求对这次袭击做出坚决回应。200810/51754No Paul, it’s not. Everything is not OK!不,保罗,一切都不好!You look pale. Here, sit down, drink whats left of my tea.你看起来脸色苍白。坐这里吧,喝点我的茶。Oh, thank you! Oh… what are those bits floating in it?谢谢!上面漂浮着的一小块是什么?Oh theyre just lumps of soggy biscuit.只是一块块泡软了的饼干。In fact, if I can just...get that bit out...with my finger...for you… Mmm, delicious!事实上,如果我可以把这小块用我的手指拿出来……真好吃!Now, tell me what happened.跟我说说出了什么事。Well, its terrible...太可怕了。Oh dear! Just as Anna was doing really well, it looks like her interview has come to a sudden end.天啊!当安娜做得很好时,看来起面试要突然结束了。What’s happened? Join us next time to find out.发生了什么?下集节目跟我们一探究竟。But before we go, heres a reminder of how Anna structured her response.但在我们离开之前,再回忆一下安娜是如何组织她的回答的。Firstly, this job is an ideal match for my skills and experience.首先这份工作和我的能力与经验完美匹配。Secondly, I know Tip Top Trading is one of the fastest-growing companies in London and… above all… the reason I want this job is…其次我知道Tip Top Trading是伦敦发展最快的公司之一,最重要的是,我想要得到这份工作是因为……Anna couldn’t remember the word ‘motivated’, so she just found another way of saying what she meant.安娜想不起来“积极性”这个词了,因此她换了一种表达方式。I really, really want the job and I am willing to work very hard if I get it.我真的很想要这份工作,如果我能成功,我会非常努力工作。Nice work, Anna!干得好,安娜!Lets hope you get the chance to finish your interview next week!希望你下周可以有机会完成面试! /201612/479865

US Senate Opens Debate on Climate Change Bill美国参议院辩论减排温室气体法案  The U.S. Senate has begun debate on legislation aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. In a 74 to 14 procedural vote, senators agreed to move ahead with debate late Monday. But chances of the bill's passage appear slim, with many lawmakers concerned about its impact on the economy. 美国国会参议院开始就一项气候问题立法进行辩论,这项法案的目的在于减少造成全球变暖的温室气体排放。在74票赞成14票反对的程序性投票后,参议员们同意星期一晚些时候开始辩论。但是这项法案获得通过的可能性很小, 因为很多国会议员担心这项立法会对经济产生冲击。The legislation would set caps on U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from electric utility, transportation and manufacturing industries beginning in 2012, with the goal of reducing such emissions by as much as 66 percent by 2050. 这项法案将为美国的温室气体排放设定上限,从2012年开始,电力业、交通运输和制造业都要减少温室气体排放,到2050年,实现减排66%。Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who calls himself an independent Democrat, is a chief sponsor of the measure: 来自康涅狄克州、自称是独立民主党人的利伯曼是提案主要发起人之一。"Beginning in 2012, this legislation would place a cap on the aggregate greenhouse emissions that 2,100 facilities in America that are responsible for 85 percent of those emissions in this country," said Senator Lieberman. 利伯曼说:“从2012年开始,这项立法将为美国两千一百个设施的温室气体排放总和设定上限,它们的排放量占全国的80%。”The bill would create an incentive system that would give credits to industries that cut pollution. Industries that failed to reduce emissions would be forced to buy credits from others. 这项议案将设立奖励制度,给减少污染的工业记点。而不能完成减排指标的工业将被迫要从其他企业那里购买点数。Senator John Warner, a Virginia Republican, the other cosponsor of the bill, says Americans are concerned about the impact of climate change and want Congress to act. 议案的另一位发起人、维吉尼亚州共和党参议员约翰.沃纳说,美国人对气候变暖的影响感到关切,希望国会采取行动。"There is a great feeling all across America by people in small villages and towns and large cities to state legislatures and others that we must move and move now," said Senator Warner. "Do something. Doing nothing is not an option." 沃纳说:“美国各地,不论是村庄,小镇,大城市,还是各州议会,都有一种深切的认识, 都认为我们必须行动,现在就行动,拿出实际行动。无所作为不是我们的选项。”But other Republicans, including President Bush reject the legislation, saying it would increase energy costs and lead to job losses. 不过其他共和党人,包括布什总统都反对这个法案,他们说,这样会提高能源成本并导致工作机会流失。Even before the Senate began considering the bill, the president highlighted his opposition, saying the measure would cost the U.S. economy trillion. 甚至在参议院考虑这个议案之前,布什就强调了他的反对意见,说这个议案将使美国经济损失六万亿美元。"There's a much better way to address the environment than imposing these costs on the job creators, which will ultimately have to be borne by American consumers," said President Bush. "And I urge the Congress to be very careful about running up enormous costs for future generations of Americans." 布什说:“保护环境有一个更好的方式,比强制那些能创造工作机会的企业增加成本的作法要好,而这些成本最终要由美国消费者承担。我敦促国会要特别谨慎地对待会给美国未来几代人带来巨大代价的作法。”White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said the president would veto the bill in its present form. 白宫发言人佩里诺说,布什总统将否决现在这个法案。Senator James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican, says the legislation does nothing to press other nations, particularly China and India, to cut their emissions. 来自奥克拉荷马州的共和党参议员詹姆斯.英赫夫说,这个法案完全没有要求其它国家、特别是中国和印度,减少温室气体排放。"All major emitting countries, including developing nations, must participate in order for any U.S. program to produce meaningful reductions in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases," said Senator Inhofe. "Today, China emits more carbon dioxide than we do, and that divide is only going to grow." 英赫夫说:“所有主要的温室气体排放国家,包括发展中国家,都必须参与其中,这样,美国的减排措施才可能产生有意义的效果。今天中国排放的二氧化碳超过了我们,这种差别只会加大。”Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, responded: 参议院多数党领袖哈利.里德是来自内华达州的民主党人,他说:"Should we as some say wait for China and India to act? Of course not, Mr. [Senate] President," said Senator Reid. "Since when does America let other countries lead the way? It is our responsibility to forge the path that other nations will follow." “我们是否应该像一些人说的那样,等待中国和印度采取行动呢?当然不是,美国从什么时候开始让其它国家来牵头了? 我们的责任是开创道路,其它的国家会跟进来。”All three major presidential candidates, Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, support government-imposed limits on greenhouse gas emissions.  所有三名竞选美国总统的人--共和党的麦凯恩参议员以及民主党的奥巴马和克林顿参议员都持政府对温室气体排放进行限制。Supporters of the Senate bill believe chances for passage will be better when there is a new occupant in the White House next year. 持参议院这项议案的人认为,明年总统换届时之后议案通过的机会将比较大。200806/41043

You've heard the old saying "First comes love, then comes marriage." Unfortunately it fails to mention something a lot of couples struggle with, that's Money. In the years of columnist for the Washington Post, Michelle Singletary has heard from a lot of women who are constantly fighting over the family finances. She offers up some sound advice and a new book lt;Your Money and Your Mangt;.Good morning and good to see you again. (Good morning). Congratulations on the new book. (Thank you). So, as you write this column, all these years you write in this column hear from a lot of people and you hear from a lot of women with money problem.I do, I do. That's what inspired me to write this book. I get hundreds of E-mails on a weekly basis. Lots of them from women saying: I've got this issue with my man, and I got this issue with my husband, should I stay with this boyfriend? We're, you know, clashing over money, what should I do? And I just said, I wanted to write a book that takes them to every stage of their relationship from being single to dating, to be engaged, to marry and unfortunately, if it happens, if you divorced, but most of it concentrates on women and marriages and how to handle their money which are honey 'cause they're just not handling it well.Handling not well, now you said there are a lot of mistakes that married er, women make and No.1 is that, not discussing money with the guy before you go down the aisle.Absolutely. They will spend a year planning a wedding and less than an hour if they're talking about money. I mean this is the number one thing couples talk about and the number one thing they don't talked about before they get married.All right, or the No.1 thing they fight about, maybe. yeah!Absolutely, absolutely and it's crazy to me to get married to someone and you haven't for example, pool the credit reports and gone over them. And I say it to them, / people guess, "How could I share my credit report/?" Wait, you share almost everything else these days. You know honey.... So your mothers will open up your financial books when it's time for you to get married. So, there is no nasty credits surprises. I can not tell you how many times brokers and lenders have told me that they've been a loan-close or, you know, to get the loan and they find out that one of the spouses have a lot of debt that they haven't shared with their spouse. (Wow, wow). Do you believe that?As they are getting y to get the mortgage for the house whatever, (That's right) There they are the closing and suddenly comes...somebody comes up and somebody is really surprised. Er...you say one of the other big mistakes that woman make: they treat their husbands like a roommate. So what does that mean?That's right. Well, you know, they comment the relationship. They want to keep all their parts over here and you divide up the bills and pay it, you know, you take it this way. And it's like their roommates not lifetime-mates. If you want to be that way then stay single. Right. But when you get married everything should be merged, so that you talked about your money. I mean it's unbelievable, people will be making say, the woman makes more than the man, she wants to control the money 'cause she makes more. Right. But together they make a whole lot of money. Sure. And you know, it's unbelievable, you know, for women we, we're told to be independent but when you get married, you cease to exist. It's us, it's our income, our money, our debts, our bills, everything.Which leads us to the other big mistake you call it "a tit for tat-spending." What's that all about?Well, you know, often times happens when income is not the same. And so someone will try to outspend each other because they, for example, say the husband makes more, well, he wants to have more allowance than the woman. So he may spend more.So he gets wheels for the truck. (You're right) Whatever. And she wants to come and I'm gonna do, I'll do you one better.That's right. That's right. My husband for example, plays golf. I, I, I'm cheap, you know this, I don't know how to spend any money. Golf is an expensive hobby. So when in some relationships the one will try to go out and spend a lot to match what he spends on golf. (Sure) My husband...he loves it 'cause he just gets to spend on the golf and I get to save all the money. No, you are kidding.I knew what you are saying, though. But the other thing that some people do and you say this is really serious is they hide their purchases then.That's right. That's right. Financial infidelity. Keeping separate purchases or, or cash and not letting you spouse know about it. Now lots of women when they get y to get married, their mother will tell them to keep a secret account. My grandmather called it the home rack huzzy account. You know, in case he run out with a home rack huzzy, but that's not a good state. (That's not a good thing?) You should not have financial secrets in your marriage, (Yeah!) everything should be disclosed.Michelle Singletary, always a pleasure to see you. Thank you so much. The title of new books is:You Money And Your Man. How you and prince charming can spend well and live rich. 200809/47725

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