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广州白云人流手术哪家医院好天河妇科那家医院比较好Wedding Veil摘要:为什么在西方的结婚庆典上,新娘至始至终都戴着面纱?下面的解释可以回答你。Why does the wedding veil cover the bride's face throughout the ceremony in the West? The explanations below are some of the reasons for you.The custom of the wedding veil should predate wedding dress by centries.One of the explanations for this is that during the times of arranged marriages,the bride's face was covered until the groom was committed to her at the ceremony.So it would be too late for him to run off if he didn't like her face.And there is another explanation that the veil was worn to protect the bride from evil spirits that may be floating around her at wedding ceremony. /200905/69658广州天河妇科医院在线医生 61 因为我不能放弃爱你的念头because i cant give up the ideas of loving you62 因为我恨没有早一些认识你because i regret not knowing you earlier63 因为你让我追的好辛苦because it is hard to chase you64 因为我要打败其他条件比我好的人because i want to defeat all the others of better conditions than me65 因为你选择了我because you choose me66 因为我发誓要好好照顾你because i promised to take good care of you67 因为我了解你对我的心because you know of my heart68 因为你喜欢放风筝because you love flying kites69 因为你的打扮很有个性because your make-up has a stong character70 因为我有占有你的私心because i have the selfish idea of owning you71 因为你喜欢打排球because you like playing volleyball72 因为你喜欢唱歌because you like singing songs73 因为你的生日快到了because your birthday is coming74 因为你喜欢看书because you like ing books75 因为你的开朗because of your sanguine disposition76 因为我们分隔两地却两心相系because we miss each others even if we live in differet places77 因为身边有你的欢笑because of your cheerful smile around me78 因为你喜欢贝壳because you love seashells79 因为一颗心只能爱你一个because one heart can only love you one80 因为没有人痴的像我because no one is infatuated like me  /200812/59938Over 14,000 Santas march for world recordMore than 14,000 people dressed as Santa Clauses paraded in Portugal's city of Porto on Sunday to try to set a new world record for the largest gathering of Santas and raise money for charity.Despite cold weather and drizzling rain, the crowd in red-and-white hats and jackets, including scores of women and children with fake white beards, strolled through the city streets singing songs and dancing in the annual parade that started in the afternoon and continued after dark."It's not just a gathering of people at the time of the year when people normally get together, but it is also a social event to bring the warmth of Christmas to those who don't always have it," Vitor Ferreira, one of the organizers of the event, told reporters.Every Santa, or Pai Natal (Father Christmas) as he is known in Portugal, who took part in the parade donated 1 euro to buy presents for the needy children in Porto, Portugal's second-largest city, Ferreira said.He said 17,400 people had signed up to take part, although bad weather prevented some from parading. Still, over 14,200 showed up in the end, which organisers claimed to be record, according to RTP national television channel.According to the Guinness World Records web site (http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com), the previous world record for the largest gathering of Santas was set last year in Derry City, Northern Ireland, where a total of 12,965 people took part dressed up as Santa or Santa's helpers. /200812/58913天河妇科检查医院哪家专业

广州市长安清宫手术Girls just gotta have fries猜猜女性的最爱食品?What do you think is typical "girl food" and "guy food"? Maybe salads and steak?Not even close.We asked Harry Balzer, vice president of the NPD Group research firm, to look at 30 years of data on what Americans eat."Every day, since 1976, we have asked 3,500 people if they have gone to a restaurant and what they ordered," Balzer said.The most common thing women order? French fries.No kidding. Women order fries more often than any other food. Here's another surprise: The second-most-ordered food by women is burgers, followed by pizza. A main-dish salad comes in seventh.For men, the most-ordered item is burgers, followed by french fries and pizza. A main-dish salad is No. 10.Still, Balzer says there are some differences in eating choices."Men want to eat the same thing over and over, but women will try new things. They're more experimental. They like all those bs that men can't pronounce, like ciabatta and focaccia." (That's cha-BATT-uh and fo-KAH-chuh, fellas.)Balzer says it's not surprising that some of the fast-food chains are promoting double and triple burgers in ads aimed at men. "Men figure if one is good, two's a lot better. It's why we have razors with five blades."(Agencies)你觉得典型的“女性食品”和“男性食品”是什么?是沙拉和牛排吗?不沾边。我们请NPD集团调查公司副总裁哈里·鲍尔泽先生查阅了30年来有关美国人饮食的数据资料。鲍尔泽说:“从1976年开始,我们每天都会对3500人做个调查,问他们是否去了餐馆,以及他们都点了些什么。”那么,女性点的最多的是什么呢?炸薯条。不是开玩笑。女性点炸薯条的频率比其他任何食物都要高。同时,让人惊讶的是:女性点的第二多的食品竟是汉堡,其次是比萨饼。主餐沙拉则排在第七位。男性点的最多的是汉堡,其次是薯条和比萨饼。主餐沙拉位于第十。鲍尔泽先生说,男女在食品选择上还是存在着一些差别的。“男性喜欢反复吃一种东西,而女性则会去尝试新食品。她们更倾向于试验。那些男性甚至叫不上名的面包,她们通通喜欢,比如ciabatta(查巴塔)和focaccia(佛卡夏)。”鲍尔泽说,一些快餐店专门针对男性做双层和三层汉堡的促销广告,这并不奇怪。“男人们会认为,如果一个好,那么两个会更好。这也是商家推出带5个刀片的剃须刀的原因。”Vocabulary:French fries: 炸薯条experimental: 试验性的 /200803/32059广州天河超导可视人流手术 The Two Different Ways of British leisure life摘要:英国人素来以保守闻名。不过,尽管这样,他们仍旧会以有趣的方式享受生活。British people are always famous for their conservative nature. Nevertheless,they also have some interesting ways to enjoy themselves.Club life started with coffee drinking which began around 1650.Limited to fifty,list of membership of this club includes prominent members of the Commons and the Lords and other distinguished people.However, one of the famous clubs is a non-political club and was given the name the Other Club because its aims always to hear the other man's point of view.In contrast with club,there is the popular Pancake Day.It is on the first day of Lent, and usually occurs between February 2 and March 8. It is believed to remind that butter and eggs were forbidden during Lent and housewives were anxious to use up all they had left before the start of the frugal period. /200904/68171广州长安女子医院生二胎检查

番禺打胎什么时候最好The truth is women are always attracted to guys with unique and interesting personalities. In order to be successful with women, you have to know the right kind of characteristics to display to women. In the next few minutes, you’ll learn the most important personality traits to display that will draw women to you. Take a look and see if you’re doing something wrong!  女人事实上总是会被男人独特而有趣的特质吸引。为了成功地吸引女人,你必须知道应该将自己的哪一面展现在她们面前。在接下来的短短时间里,你将会学到吸引女人最该具备的特质。看看你是不是有哪些地方做得不对!Personality Trait 1Do: Confidence 自信  Whenever you’re talking to women, you have to show absolute confidence in yourself. No matter what happens or comes up, you should act like it doesn’t faze you. A confident guy can roll with the punchesand handle himself in all situations。  无论什么时候和女人接触都必须表现得绝对自信。不管发生什么事情,无论出现什么状况,你都应该表现得毫不担忧。 一个自信的人可以收放自如、从容应对各种局面。 /201002/95997 April Fools' Day is a day to play jokes on others, No one knows how this holiday began but people think it first started in France. 愚人节是大家互相开玩笑,用假话捉弄对方节日。没人知道这个节日时怎么开始的,但是很多人认为是起源于法国。In the 16 th century, people celebrated New Year's Day from March 25 to April 1. In the mid—1560s King Charles IX changed it from March 25 to January 1. But some people still celebrated in on April 1, so others called them April Fools. 16世纪,人们庆祝新年是从3月25日到4月1日,到了16世纪中期,查理四世国王把新年改为每年的1月1日到3月25日。可是一些因循守旧的人反对这种革新,依然按照旧历固执地在4月1日这一天送礼品,庆祝新年。主张改革的人对这些守旧者的做法大加嘲弄。 Each country celebrates April Fools' Day differently. In France, people call the April Fools “April Fish”. They tape a paper fish to their friends' backs to fool them. When he or she finds this , they shout “April Fish!” 每个国家庆祝愚人节的方式都不相同。在法国,被愚弄的人成为“上钩的鱼”。人们把用纸剪裁成的鱼贴在朋友的背后,当朋友们发现时,人们就大喊:“上钩的鱼”。In England, people play jokes only in the morning. You are a “noodle” if someone fools you. In Scotland, April Fools' Day is 48 hours long. They call an April Fool “April Gowk”. Gowk is another name for a cuckoo bird. 在英国,愚人节时,大家只是在早上互相开玩笑。如果你被愚弄了,你就会被成为“面条”。在苏格兰,愚人节会持续48个小时,被愚弄的人被称为“四月布谷鸟”。In the America, people play small jokes on their friends and any other people on the first of April. They may point down to your shoe and say, “Your shoelace is untied.” If you believe them and look down to see, you are an April Fool then.在美国,4月1日,大家互相开玩笑,用假话捉弄对方。他们会指着你的鞋子说:“鞋带开了”,如果你真的相信了,向下看自己的鞋子,你就成了四月傻瓜。 /201103/129894韶关人工受孕多少钱广州怀孕检查



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