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广州长安结扎复通手术多少钱广东省长安医院人工受精多少钱President William McKinley is re-elected to a second term and Aspiring trust buster Theodore Roosevelt is installed as Vice President.让威廉·麦金莱再次当选总统 同时让托拉斯反对者西奥多·罗斯福坐上副总统的位子A clever play to silence his influence.这可是压制他影响力的一招妙棋With McKinley in office for another four years, John Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan have the freedom to expand their empires to unprecedented heights.麦金莱再当上四年总统 约翰·洛克菲勒和J·P·根就可以无拘无束地扩大自己的帝国使之达到前所未有的高度In September of 1901 President McKinley travels to Buffalo to give a speech heralding America#39;s prosperity.1901年九月 总统麦金莱旅行到水牛城发表演讲 以昭示美国的繁荣But that prosperity hasn#39;t reached everyone.但这种繁荣并没有惠及所有人Many are still struggling to survive and they#39;re fed up with McKinley#39;s close relationship with big business.许多人还在为生存而挣扎 他们受够了麦金莱与大企业的密切关系Leon Czolgosz is a former factory worker who recently lost his job at a company J.P. Morgan took over during the creation of U.S. Steel.利昂·乔尔戈什曾经是一名工人 J·P·根创建美国钢铁 接手一家公司时让他丢了工作As Czolgosz struggled, he took refuge in the growing anarchist movement.落魄的利昂·乔尔戈什从日益活跃的无政府主义运动中寻求慰藉He became convinced that the Government is helping the rich exploit the poor and he#39;s determined to put an end to it.他确信 政府正在帮助富人剥削穷人 他下决心要结束这种现象 Article/201607/453034广州天河区南方医院怎么样 It#39;s the people that are the best that win.最优秀的人才能胜利。The market proves it for you. So let#39;s go in detail.这是市场明出来的,接下来就让我们具体谈谈。TechCrunch doesn#39;t pick the winners.科技客不会挑选赢家。The Wall Street Journal doesn#39;t pick the winners.华尔街日报不会挑选赢家。Three cool kids in the crowd don#39;t pick the winners.人群中的酷小孩不会挑选赢家。The problem is everybody wants to be anointed a winner但问题是每个人都想被指定为赢家,or best at what they do before they#39;ve actually done it.或在他们实际行动之前就能成为行业精英。Let me just remind you and everybody else here,我仅提醒在座的各位,I built a business for 18 hours a day every day在我有勇气参加这样的演讲之前,running a wine liquor store for 13 years every day我每天有18个小时在做生意,before I ever had the audacity to come to something like this and talk.13年如一日得经营一家葡萄酒商店。Let me tell you something amazing.我再告诉你一些令人吃惊的事。If you#39;re good enough, you will win.如果你足够优秀,你就会赢。But if you are upset that somebody else#39;s grandpappy got them ahead of you, then you#39;re gonna lose.但如果你只是因为父辈原因使得起点比别人低而沮丧,那么你就要输了。Everybody started ahead of me. I#39;m just catching up.每个人都在我前面,我要奋起直追了。 Article/201706/512607从零开始学口语 第23讲:爱好(上) 相关专题:英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐日常口语会话120分钟 /200808/46639番禺哪个医院妇科最好

广州天河宫外孕的微创手术费用是多少Part 2(食) 4(1):对话-在麦当劳英语口语900句文本下载 /200708/16827广州第三人民医院治疗妇科怎么样 Here are the two basic concepts in acquiring wealth.以下是获取财富的两种基本概念。The first one is: for every 10 coins that you earn,第一种是:每挣10块钱,pay yourself one coin first and then spend the rest of the nine coins.先让自己存一块,然后才花掉剩下的九块。Don#39;t spend the coins at the supermarket, don#39;t spend the coins at a restaurant,不要在超市或者餐馆消费,until you have payed yourself that one coin first and then you can spend the rest of the nine coins.除非先让自己存下一块钱,然后你就可以花掉剩下的九块。Now... I see two kinds of butt-hurt behavior emerging from this.现在...这会引发两种棘手的行为。The first one is going to be something like this:第一种情况:Well, did you really have to tell us that we need to save in order to, um, acquire wealth?你真的有必要告诉我们存钱才能变富吗?Yes. I have done technical analysis, fundamental analysis,是的。我已经做了技术分析和基础分析,let#39;s look at the PE ratio, let#39;s look at this, let#39;s look at that for years now.查看了本益比及其他方方面面的信息。And as I was ing The Richest Man in Babylon last night,昨晚我在读《巴比伦最富有的人》的时候,this idea was one of the biggest paradigm shifting ideas that I#39;ve had in a long time in regards to acquiring wealth.我关于获取财富的思考方式发生了很久以来最大的变化。So for you to come to me with a clear conscience and complain like that, this is what you must have done.所以如果你问心无愧地来找我抱怨,那么你一定做过这些事。You must have for years now religiously put away that one coin out of ten every month, every month.几年来你每月都会坚定地从10块钱里存下一块。You never said, Oh, I don#39;t have enough funds this month, so I can#39;t do it this month.你从来没有说过,喔,我这个月没有足够的资金,所以这个月不能存了。No, you did it every month religiously and then after years of doing that,没有,你每个月都很认真的存下一块钱,若干年后,you can come to me and tell me, Well, this is just basic stuff.你可以来告诉我,这只是最基本的事情。But here#39;s the thing, if you indeed are that person, you will be the least likely person to come to me with that complaint但事实是,如果你真的是那样的人,你就最不可能跑来跟我抱怨,because you have cultivated a huge appreciation for that particular concept.因为你已经对那种概念培养了一种极大的感激之情。Now... Here#39;s the second part of the butt-hurt situation. It#39;s going to be something like this,接下来是第二种为难的情况。是这样:Well, I, I can#39;t, I can#39;t, I can#39;t do it. I have to pay for this, I have to pay for that.我存不了,存不了,存不了钱,我得买这个,还得买那个。I can#39;t put away that one coin. Here#39;s the thing... If you make a salary of 00 a month,我存不了一块钱。是这样:如果你月薪3000美元,and your employer calls you in and he says, You know what, our business isn#39;t doing so well你的雇主跟你说,“你也知道,我们的生意不是很景气,and so what we#39;re going to do is pay you 00 from now on.所以从现在开始你的月薪只有2700美元了。”Don#39;t tell me that you won#39;t be able to make ends meet. You won#39;t be homeless, trust me.不要告诉我你无法保障基本生活。你不会无家可归,相信我。In fact, it probably won#39;t affect you in any way. You won#39;t even notice it.事实上,它可能不会对你产生任何影响。你甚至不会注意到它。So, again the first concept... For every ten coins that you earn,所以,还是第一种概念, 每挣10块钱,pay yourself one coin first, and then you can spend the nine coins.先让自己存一块,然后再花掉剩下的九块。The second concept... As you start doing the first concept, you#39;ll be accumulating money.第二种概念...当你开始实施第一种概念的时候,你就开始积累财富了。Now what you have to realize is this: money is a commodity that generates profit just like any other thing.你需要注意的是:钱和其他商品一样,可以产生收益。If you had a house, you wouldn#39;t let it sit for thirty years如果你有一个房子,你不会让它闲置三十几年,and let it rot and not rent it out.并且任由它破损,还不租出去。And rotting is what#39;s going to happen to your money when it#39;s in a bank account with inflation.通货膨胀时,账户里的钱也会腐烂。But with the house it comes to you easily, Of course, we need to rent it out.不过房子很好解决,我们要把它租出去。Well, the same thing is true of the money. So let#39;s do a little bit of calculation...对于金钱也是同样的道理。我们来简单地算一下...If you don#39;t follow the first concept, what#39;s going to happen is after thirty years,如果你不执行第一种概念,三十年后,you#39;re going to have zero dollars in your account. You didn#39;t put away that one coin, now you have nothing.你的账户里没有任何存款。你之前没有存,所以你什么也没有。If you do follow the first concept, here#39;s what#39;s going to happen...如果你执行了第一种概念,那就是这样...If you have a salary of 00 dollars, the one coin is 0, so in thirty years,如果你月薪3000美元,那一块钱就相当于300美元,所以三十年后,you#39;re going to have over 0,000 in your bank account.你的账户里会超过10万美金。Now here#39;s what happens when you realize that your money can generate you profit...如果你认识到你的金钱可以产生收益,那就会发生这些事情...And the biggest problem in realizing this is the interest rate.而意识到这一点的最大问题在于利率。You look at the 7% and you think of 0... What#39;s 7% of 0?你看到7%的利率,并考虑300美金,300美金的7%是多少?Oh, not even . And it#39;s like, it#39;s not even worth it,居然不到30美金。好像是,不太值,but here#39;s where the compounding effect comes into play.但是这里复息效应就发生作用了。So with 7% interest, you would have over 0,000 instead of 0,000.7%的利率,你会有超过30万而不是10万美元。That#39;s three times the amount. With 10% interest, notice only three percentage point change,有三倍多。10%的利率,注意只有三个百分点的变化,you will have over 0,000. That#39;s six times as much. So again, two basic concepts...你将会有超过60万美金。足足有六倍多。所以还是两种基本概念...The first one: for every ten coins that you earn, pay yourself one coin first,第一种:每挣十块钱,先付自己一块钱,then spend the nine. That allows you to start accumulating wealth.然后再花掉剩下的九块。那会让你开始积攒财富。And once you#39;re doing that, realize that you don#39;t just let it sit.一旦你那么做了,请不要让它闲置。It#39;s like the house, you rent it out. You do the same thing with your money.就像房子一样,把它租出去。把你的钱也做同样的处理。And you also realize that the percentages of interest rates而且你也会认识到,that seem minimal are actually huge in the long term because of the compounding effect.从长远来看,由于复息效应,看上去很小的利率百分比实际上是很大的。 Article/201706/513707番禺区大石人民医院收费标准

东莞人民医院输卵管造影TED演讲视频:日常的用品 悲剧的历史齐亚·加非克拍摄日常用品--手表,鞋子,眼镜。这些照片看似平常;但这些物品都是从波斯尼亚战争中的万人冢中挖掘出来的。加非克作为一个TED研究员和一个土生土长的萨拉热窝人,为了给那些身份不明的牺牲者创造一个活生生的档案,拍下了每一件坟墓里的物品。 Article/201705/510149 UNICEF warns 75,000 kids in Nigeria could die from hunger if they don#39;t get proper aid within a year. 联合国儿童基金会警告称,如果一年内没有获得适当的援助,尼日利亚的75,000个孩子可能会死于饥饿。And it#39;s because the terrorist group Boko Haram#39;s attacks that are cutting off aid. All over Nigeria, people are starving. 这是因为恐怖组织科圣地的攻击正在切断援助。尼日利亚的人们都在挨饿。In Northern Nigeria, there are seven times as many people cut off from aid as in Aleppo, Syria. 在尼日利亚北部,相比于叙利亚阿勒颇,有七倍多人的援助被中断。My wife died. We just lost a baby three days ago that my brother#39;s wife gave birth to. My brother is dead; my father died not too long ago. 我的妻子死了。刚在三天前,我们失去了一个婴儿,是我兄弟的妻子生下的。我的兄弟死了,我的父亲不久前也去世了。Aid groups are trying to offer food, but there#39;s not enough to go around. 援助组织正试图提供食物,但是食物远远不够。One of the biggest issues? A lot of people outside of the country have simply stopped paying attention. 最大的问题之一?外界的许多人都已经停止对其关注。译文属。 Article/201610/473018广州市长安怎么去惠州治疗多囊专科医院



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