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  • #39;At the chief#39;s house,在村长家#39;he#39;s doing his bit to prove not all men are useless in the kitchen.他正在身体力行的说明,并非所有男人在厨房里都是废柴#39;He#39;s making chicken soup with ginger and chilli.#39;他用姜和辣椒做鸡汤This dish is relatively simple.这道菜相对来说比较简单He#39;s very smart not to do anything complicated!他很聪明的没有做更复杂的事But I think people don#39;t realise, when you#39;re cooking at home,但是我觉得人们没有意识到,在家做饭时you should keep it really nice and simple.应该做到简单精致#39;I#39;m using chilli and garlic to make one of my favourite dishes -我用辣椒和蒜做了一道我最喜欢的菜#39;chicken stir-fry with fresh herbs.#39;用新鲜的草本植物爆炒鸡肉I#39;m just going to put my chicken in.我准备把鸡放进去Adding the marinade in there...然后加上卤汁..and I#39;m going to add all my lovely herbs here.然后加我喜欢的草本植物#39;This is what I love about Chinese food. All you need is a wok,这就是我喜欢中国菜的原因,你只需要一口锅#39;a flame and fresh ingredients to make a simple and delicious supper.一把火和新鲜的佐料就能做出一道美味#39;To go with the chicken, I#39;m making a classic Yunnan dish.我用鸡肉做出了一道云南经典菜#39;Pineapple rice.#39;菠萝饭Ginger, a little bit of salt.姜和少许盐Then we do our rice.然后开始做米#39;The key ingredient in this dish is pre-cooked cold rice,这道菜的关键是先把生米煮一下#39;ideally a day old, stir-fried in very hot oil.理论上要先(把煮过的米)放一天,用热油烹#39;To break up the clumps, give the rice a good stir.#39;把米块打碎,充分搅拌#39;Then add the pineapple and fresh mint.然后加上凤梨和新鲜薄荷#39;The wood fire gives it a lovely smoky flavour.柴木给了这个菜增加了烟熏的美味#39;With fresh local ingredients,用当地新鲜的佐料#39;this is traditional village cooking at its best.使这种传统的家常菜达到极致In Thailand, we say ;hom;. What mean ;hom;?在泰国,我们说hom 这是什么意思Fragrant - if something smells good,是芳香—如果味道好闻we say ;hom;. ;Hom;?我们说HOM. HOMFragrant? We are y.芳香,我们准备好了Just have to wait for Ching and the rest of the women for the fish.等女人们弄好鱼就好了Yeah, everyone is hungry.大家都饿了So this is the banana leaf wrap, that#39;s the fish.这是香蕉叶,那是鱼Ah, beautiful!很不错She says it#39;s very good!她说这个不错This is a soup the chief made,这是村长做的鸡汤and this is pineapple rice.这是菠萝饭You know what you just ate? No. It#39;s a centipede.你知道你吃的是什么么。不,蜈蚣啊Oh! That#39;s an interesting flavour!多有意思的美味It#39;s quite sweet.尝起来有点甜Yes, but I wouldn#39;t order it every day.恩,但我觉得我不会天天吃这个Wow, this rice is delicious!这个米太好吃了So inspired by their use of the local ingredients,他们对自产食材的充分利用fishing for your own fish.自己抓鱼这种方式启发了我You can#39;t get fresher than that. Isn#39;t that wonderful?最新鲜也不过如此了,太棒了不是么They#39;re really close to the earth. Nature. Yes.这里的人真的是亲近土地。是的,接近自然 Article/201510/402769
  • 栏目简介:A later high-speed train service is now available between Shanghai and Beijing. The new schedule is off to a good start as all tickets sold out for yesterday#39;s first service. Sun Caiqin brings us the story from Hongqiao Railway Station. Article/201703/496725
  • Confucius was a Chinese philosopher of the Zhou dynasty, whose teachings of moral, social, political, and philosophical behavior and theory would later become the foundation of a system known as Confucianism.孔子是中国周朝的一位思想家,他在道德、社会、政治、及哲学行为与理论的教诲,后来成为一个被称做儒家的体系其根基。The teachings of Confucius was studied and written about from the time of his death until the founding of the first Chinese empire in 221 B.C. His teachings included humanist towards others, ritual and etiquette, love of parents for their children and of children for their parents. An emphasis was placed on self-cultivation and skilled judgment, rather than a knowledge of rules.孔子的讲学从他辞世到西元前 221 年首个中国帝国建立期间被研究及写下。他的教诲包括对他人的仁、仪俗及礼节、父母对子女的爱及子女对父母的爱。重点被放在自身修养和熟练的判断力,而非对规则的了解。His ethical ideals in teachings were also communicated through metaphor, innuendo, and anecdote or story. One of his most well-known teachings is—what you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others. Confucianism rose to prominence during the Han dynasty around 200 B.C. Many followers practiced his teachings as a religion. However, because it lacks a metaphysical aspect, most consider Confucianism as an influential social philosophy.他教诲中的道德理想也透过隐喻、讽刺、轶事或故事来传递。其中一个他最广为人知的教诲是--己所不欲,勿施于人。儒学在西元前约 200 年汉代时始达兴盛。许多追随者把他的教义当作一种宗教来实践。然而,因为儒学缺乏一种纯哲学的面向,大多数人视儒学为一个具影响力的社会学。Confucius avidly promoted an autocratic social structure. In the years after his death, rulers looked to scholars of Confucianism for assistance in managing their empires and governing their people. Confucianism was appealing to rulers who found that its principles would essentially help society become self-regulating. These principles of behavior and their implementation are thought to have later influenced strong central rule, and the absence of rigidly enforced legal structure.孔子热烈地提倡一个专制的社会结构。在他逝世后,统治者靠着儒家学者来协助管理他们的帝国及统治他们的人民。对于那些发现其原则实质上会帮助社会变得自律的统治者而言,儒学很吸引人。这些关于行为和其施行的原则被认为后来影响了中央集权统治、及严格执法体系的缺乏。Confucius spent his final years teaching his followers and communicating his wisdom.These dialogues would eventually become a set of texts called the Five Classics.孔子利用他的最后几年教导他的弟子和散播他的智慧。这些对话最终变成一系列称作《五经》的文本。 Article/201411/341596
  • Two saved from rubble days after disaster尼泊尔地震数天后从废墟中救出2名生还者After the 72-hour golden window for rescue, hopes of survival are fading in Nepal.“黄金72小时”的救援时间过后,尼泊尔幸存者的生还希望已变得越来越渺茫。Yet there are still precious moments of joy in Kathmandu.然而在加德满都仍继续上演着这样的奇迹时刻。Two people were rescued from collapsed buildings on Thursday.在倒塌的建筑废墟中,周四又有2人获救。A woman was pulled from the rubble, where she had been trapped alongside three dead bodies.一名女子从废墟中被拉了出来,她同3名死者被困在那里。And a 15-year-old boy...identified as Pemba Lama...was found trapped between two floors.还有一名15岁的男孩被发现困于两层楼之间,后经确认是帕巴拉玛。A US disaster response team worked at the scene overnight to free the boy.一个美国灾难响应小组耗时一整晚终于救下这个小男孩。Waiting crowds roared and cheered as the teen was carried out on a stretcher.在拉玛被救出抬上担架时,等候的人群爆发出一片欢呼。 Article/201505/373027
  • Before I continue with this presentation I would like to explain在我继续我的展示之前some terms associated with cancer. In this presentation我想要解释一些有关癌症的术语we will focus on risk. Risk is the likelihood of在这次展示里 我们将重点关注风险developing cancer based on lifestyle choices风险就是癌症基于and family history. Prevention is the生活方式选择和家族史的发展的可能性lifestyle choices an individual takes to预防就是一个人采取的生活方式选择reduce their risk of being diagnosed with cancer来降低被诊断患有癌症的风险and reoccurrence is the return of cancer复发是指治疗后癌症再次出现after treatment. This presentation will focus on这次展示将会重点关注ways to reduce risk.It is important to understand减低风险的途径the difference between pre menopausal breast cancer理解更年期前乳腺癌和更年期后乳腺癌and post menopausal breast cancer. Pre menopausal的区别是至关重要的breast cancer occurs in younger women更年期前患乳腺癌发生在年轻女性身上Often times the women who get this form of breast通常 患有这种乳腺癌的妇女cancer have a genetic predisposition and these cases都是遗传性的are typically more severe and harder to treat些病例通常很严重比较难治愈Post menopausal breast cancer is a more common form更年期后患乳腺癌在年纪较大的and occurs in older women. It is linked女性身上更为常见to a younger age at a woman#39;s first period and这和女人年轻时的初潮an older age at the start of menopause. Women also以及年老时的更年期初期有关have a higher risk for developing breast cancer女性也可能有更高的患乳腺癌的风险if they have no children or are older when they如果他们没有孩子或者年纪很大了才要孩子have their first child. There is also a strong link在中年或者更年期后患乳腺癌to obesity after mid life and post menopausal很容易肥胖breast cancer. This map shows incident rates of这张图展示了2007年breast cancer in females by state in 2007个州女性患乳腺癌的发生率The states colored in light green have the用浅绿色标记的州发生率最低fewest rates and those in dark blue have the highest蓝色州最高The numbers show that the states colored in数字表明浅绿色标记的州里light green, about 100 to 117 women per 100000每100000人里面有100-117位女性有乳腺癌have breast cancer, and the states colored with而那些深蓝色标记的州里dark blue have an incident rate of about每100000人里面有125-140位女性有乳腺癌125 to 140 people per 100000. In 2010 over在2010年200000 females and almost 2000 men were超过200000名女性和将近2000名男性newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The American被最新诊断患有乳腺癌institute for cancer research, a non profit美国癌症研究所是一个由世界癌症研究会organization with funding from the world cancer提供资金持的非营利性组织research fund gathered a panel of scientists to世界癌症研究基金会聚集了一批在科学家review research done on breast cancer risk and研究分析乳腺癌风险和体育活动的调查physical activity and published their report in 2007在2007发布了他们的报告They also looked at the effects physical activity had他们也在注意更年期前后on breast cancer risk before and after menopause and体育活动对乳腺癌风险的影响considered the difference between occupational and也在考虑职业活动和性活动之间的差异recreational activity. Many of these studies showed许多研究都强有力地明了convincing evidence that increased amounts of增强体育活动可以降低physical activity decreased the risk of breast cancer乳腺癌的风险This risk reduction was significant in这种风险的降低对于更年期后的女性来说post menopausal women but not in pre menopausal women有意义而不是更年期前的女性Next we will examine one specific research study with接下来我们会继续用相似的调查发现来观察similar findings.Physical activity and risk of一个更加具体的调查研究breast cancer among post menopausal women was护士健康研究组织2010年发布的研究包含a study done as part of the Nurse health study更年期后女性的体育活动和患乳腺癌的风险published in 2010. This multi year study examined这项多年研究明确地观察了这些护士的the relationships between lifestyle and disease of生活方式和患病之间的关系these nurses specifically this study was done to这项研究也观察了examine the associations of physical activity with更年期后的女性在体育活动breast cancer risk amongst post menopausal women患乳腺癌风险之间的联系The researchers were interested in the importance of调查者对于参与者生活中long term and recent activity in the lives of长期和短期活动的重要性也很感兴趣the participants. They also looked at the change他们也在注意活动参与者的in the participant#39;s activity and specific types of活动和具体活动类型的改变activity participants were involved in. Over 95000护士健康研究组织招募了post menopausal women were recruited from the nurse#39;s health study database.超过95000名更年期后女性 Article/201412/350691
  • Eggplant is a delicious, hearty, and versatile food. One of the easiest and most satisfying ways to prepare eggplant is to fry it up.茄子是一种美味,丰盛且多变的食品。其中一种最简单也最美味的烹煮方法就是煎。You Will Need你需要An eggplant一个茄子A paring knife削皮刀A colander滤器Salt盐A large pot一个大水壶Vegetable oil蔬菜油Tongs钳子A kitchen towel (optional)厨房用纸(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Top and peel eggplant1.去掉顶端,剥皮Cut the top from the eggplant with a kitchen knife, and then peel the skin off with a paring knife.用菜刀切掉茄子顶端,然后用削皮刀去皮。STEP 2 Slice the eggplant2.切片Slice the eggplant into 1/2-inch slices.将茄子切成半寸大小的小片。STEP 3 Place in colander3.放在滤器上Place the eggplant slices in your colander and sprinkle them with salt, making sure to cover every slice. Then weigh down the eggplant with a large pot for at least one hour to flatten it.把茄子片放在滤器上,洒上盐,确保每一片茄子都覆盖上盐。然后在茄子上方放置一把大水壶至少一个小时,把茄子压平。Sp the slices on a towel and pat them dry before frying.把茄子片放在纸巾上,压干,然后再煎。STEP 4 Fry the eggplant4.煎茄子Fry the eggplant in vegetable oil in a large frying pan until the slices are golden brown.用植物油在大煎锅里煎至茄子金黄色。STEP 5 Transfer back to colander5.捞到滤器里Replace the fried slices to the colander and serve as a nutritious side dish.把煎好的茄子片捞回滤器里,营养美味的副菜就做好了。Eggplant is a fruit, and is classified botanically as a berry.茄子是一种水果,植物学上被归入浆果类。 Article/201412/349230
  • 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201504/370562
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