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广州绝育接通那个医院好江门做不孕检查三甲医院Milwaukee is named 'Drunkest City'   Milwaukee has been ranked by Forbes.com as "America's Drunkest City" on a list of 35 major metropolitan areas ranked for their drinking habits. Several drunk people.   Forbes said last Tuesday it used numbers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to rank cities in five areas: state laws, number of drinkers, number of heavy drinkers, number of binge drinkers and alcoholism. Minneapolis-St. Paul was ranked second overall; followed by Columbus, Ohio; Boston; Austin, Texas; Chicago; Cleveland; Pittsburgh and then Philadelphia and Providence, R.I., in a tie for ninth.   Rick DeMeyer, 28, said last Wednesday as he was celebrating his birthday at G-Daddy B he could understand Milwaukee's ranking.   "I have had people stay with me from London and Chicago, and they can't get over how much we drink," he said. "I guess we do."   But officials at Visit Milwaukee contend that the city has come a long way in ridding itself of its beer-guzzling image.   Milwaukeeans have plenty of other ways to entertain themselves without drinking alcohol, said Dave Fantle, a spokesman for the group. He noted a new convention center and baseball park had been built and the Milwaukee Art Museum expanded in recent years.   "We've gone from Brew City to new city," he said.   (Agencies)  近日,福布斯网站对美国35个主要城市的“酒瘾”进行了排名,结果,密尔沃基当选为“美国头号酒鬼城市”。   上周二,据福布斯介绍,他们请美国疾病控制和防治中心的成员根据五个方面对35个城市进行了排名,这五项内容包括:所在州的法律、饮酒人数、酗酒者人数、严重酗酒者人数及酒精中毒人数。   明尼阿波利斯-圣保罗双城区排名第二,其后依次是俄亥俄州的哥伦布市、波士顿、德克萨斯州的奥斯汀、芝加哥、克利夫兰、匹兹堡,罗得岛州的费城和普罗旺斯并列第九。   上周三,在G-Daddy B酒吧庆祝28岁生日的里克·德梅尔说,他可以理解密尔沃基为什么名列第一。   他说:“跟我在一起的伦敦人和芝加哥人都喝不过我们。我觉得密尔沃基人确实很能喝。”   而密尔沃基旅游局的官员称,为了摆脱密尔沃基的“酒鬼”形象,他们已经做了很大的努力。   旅游局发言人戴维·范特说,除了喝酒外,密尔沃基人还有很多其他的方式。他说,近几年来,密尔沃基市新建了一个会议中心和一个棒球公园,还扩建了密尔沃基艺术物馆。   他说:“密尔沃基已经由一个‘酿酒城市’转型为新城市。”  Vocabulary:   drinking habit: 酒瘾  binge drinker : 酗酒者 /200803/28888广州番禺体检项目 jtwG~.xlM,6sp(8KtRyV_r!nJENNIFER LAWRENCEIt#39;s no surprise the face of Miss Dior often opts for Christian Dior#39;s designs. And considering her gowns have only gotten more and more dramatic, no one would be shocked if she went all-out in this strapless number (sans bonnet, of course).詹妮弗#8226;劳伦斯这位迪奥经常选择克里斯汀#8226;迪奥的设计一点都不奇怪]y_sN@,4RO。考虑到她的礼只会越来越引人注目,如果她穿着这件露肩礼全力以赴没有人会感到惊讶(不戴帽子,当然)vqCp6er+1^VjrS。cZOQP~@WALdkM1)bLlq0HclVLNHjU1V5;u-UvphZ /201302/226314广州人工授孕医院

佛山去那间医院封闭抗体检查Twenty-two of PresidentBarack Obama#39;stop advisers make the top White House salary of 2,200 per year - but there is one official who earns 30 percent more.It#39;s not Chief of Staff Denis McDonough. Not Obama#39;s senior adviser and close friend Valerie Jarrett. Not Cecilia Munoz, who is overseeing White House efforts on immigration reform, nor Lisa Monaco, who advises Obama on homeland security and counterterrorism.The best-paid person of the 460 people who work at the White House is Seth Wheeler, a senior adviser at the National Economic Council, who is crafting Obama#39;s strategy on housing finance.One of the newest appointees, Wheeler earns 5,000, according to the annual White House report on its .9 million payroll released on Friday.Wheeler has been detailed to the role from the Federal Reserve where the pay scale is higher, a White House official explained.It also means he earns more than his boss, Gene Sperling, the director of the National Economic Council, who earns the White House limit of 2,200.At the Fed, Wheeler was chief of staff for the Office of Financial Stability Policy and Research. He is an ex-Morgan Stanley banker who worked for former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson during the Bush Administration, and was a key architect with the Obama administration#39;s mortgage modification program, helping craft the signature housing aid program known as the Home Affordable Modification Program.;His pay reflects the anomaly of the Fed pay scale,; said Phillip Swagel, who served in the Treasury Department under President George W. Bush. ;It is noteworthy that the NEC is pretty political so it#39;s fascinating that they have a Fed employee in a political position,; Swagel said.Federal employees who work for banking regulators, including the Fed, have higher pay scales than employees of other federal departments, said Julia Gordon, director of housing finance and policy at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank.;I#39;m sure if he went back toMorgan Stanley, he#39;d be making 10 times that,; Gordon said.Wheeler replaces Jim Parrott, who had been detailed to the White House from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and earned 4,385 last year. Parrott left the White House in January, and recently joined the Urban Institute.Wheeler#39;s salary approaches that of Vice President Joe Biden, who this year is poised to earn 0,700. Obama#39;s salary is 0,000.据英国路透社6月28日报道,美国总统奥巴马的22位高级顾问年薪17.22万美元,在白宫里薪资算顶级水平,但有一位官员的薪资比这还高30%。这个人不是白宫办公厅主任丹尼斯?麦克唐纳;不是奥巴马的高级顾问兼密友瓦莱丽?贾勒特;不是白宫移民改革计划监察员塞西莉亚?穆诺茨,也不是总统国土安全及反恐事务顾问莉萨?莫纳科。白宫460人中收入最高的是美国国家经济委员会高级顾问赛斯?惠勒,他负责制定奥巴马的住房金融政策。6月28日发布的白宫年度报告晒出了3790万美元工资单,其中惠勒的工资是22.5万美元。白宫官员解释称,惠勒是从美联储调过来的,那里的工资标准更高。这也意味着惠勒比自己的上司吉恩?斯珀林挣得还多。斯珀林是美国国家经济委员会主任,年薪17.22万美元,为白宫最高工资。此前,惠勒在美联储担任金融稳定政策与研究办公室主任。他是前根斯坦利的家,在布什政府时期,他为美国前财政部长汉克?鲍尔森工作。他还是奥巴马政府抵押贷款协议修改计划的关键起草者,帮助制定了住房可偿付调整计划。“他的薪资反映了美联储薪酬标准的特殊性。” 小布什政府时期在财政部任职的菲利普?施瓦格说:“值得注意的是,美国国家经济委员会政治性很强。让一位美联储职员从事政治工作,这非常有趣。”自由派智库,美国进步中心住房金融与政策主任戈登称,在业监管部门工作的美国联邦雇员,包括美联储,享有的工资标准比其他部门要高。“我敢肯定,惠勒若回根史坦利工作,挣的会是这里的10倍。”惠勒的前任是吉姆?帕罗特。帕罗特从美国住房和城市发展部调至白宫,去年年薪为14.4385万美元。他今年1月离开白宫,最近进入了美国城市研究所(Urban Institute)。惠勒的工资接近美国副总统乔?拜登的工资。拜登今年将拿到23.07万美元,奥巴马年薪则是40万美元。佛山哪些医院做人工授孕 广州长安妇科医院收费好不好

广东计划生育专科医院做全身检查要多少钱 Some people know what they want to do from an early age and focus on it relentlessly. Others reinvent themselves, changing careers and industries until they find something that works. As a reminder that the path to success is not always linear, we#39;ve highlighted what Richard Branson and 9 other fascinating and successful people were doing at age 25.有的人很年轻的时候就知道他们想做什么,并且坚定地专注于此。有的人通过职业和行业的调整来改变自己,直到发现自己真正想做的事情。通向成功的道路不会一帆风顺,我们来看看理查德-布兰森和其他九位成功人士在25岁时都在做什么。Richard Branson had aly started the Virgin Records record label.理查德-布兰森(维京集团创始人)已经创办了维京唱片公司At age 20, Branson opened his first record shop, then a studio at 22 and launched the label at 23. By 30, his company was international.20岁时布兰森开办了他的第一家唱片店,22岁时建立了一家工作室,23岁时创办了维京唱片公司。30岁时他的公司已经是国际级的了。Those early years were tough, he told Entrepreneur: ;I remember them vividly. It#39;s far more difficult being a small-business owner starting a business than it is for me with thousands of people working for us and 400 companies. Building a business from scratch is 24 hours, 7 days a week, divorces, it#39;s difficult to hold your family life together, it#39;s bloody hard work and only one word really matters — and that#39;s surviving.;最初的几年很艰难,他告诉《企业家》杂志:“我还清楚地记得那些岁月。对我来说,建立一家小型公司开始创业比领导成千上万的员工和400家公司要困难得多。白手起家创建一家公司意味着一周七天,一天24小时不停地工作,还有离婚,因为你很难兼顾家庭生活。那时工作非常艰苦,只有一个词最重要,那就是生存。” /201304/233913惠州不孕需要多少钱天河看不孕哪家医院最好



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