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广州超导人流番禺妇科医院有几家Fishing-dragon Rice Bun 钓龙饭 It is said that Heqing Dam used to be a boundless sea where inhabited ninety-nine dragons lead by an alpha dragon named Tadpole, who stirred up trouble and unrest, leaving no peace to the nearby villagers. Since the founding of Nanzhao (an ancient Chinese country), Heqing invited a dignified monk named ChandraGupta, who led local people to expel the dragons and pave the sea. Thereafter the war among dragons and people went on incessantly for a decade and a truce was still not in the picture. So people pray to kwan-yin, the Goddess of Mercy, for a solution, which was to make a hook with bean sprouts and fiddleheads, a fishing line with potato noodles, and a bait with a steamed rice bun mixed with green barley and green beans. On the Beginning of Summer day, the alpha dragon was celebrating his birthday with his fellows in the Abyss Pool near Guanpo in Lijiang (a city in Yunnan Province). ChandraGupta lead people there to fish the alpha dragon from the sea. They pulled it southward toward the peak of East Mountain with the hope of sacrificing it to the demon in Dali (a city in Yunnan Province). However, the dragon struggled violently, with its tail leaving deep winding ditches on the ground, which later became Yang River flowing through Lijiang and Heqing with a fame of having a hundred and eight twists. Dragged to the Peace village, the dragon attempted to escape but in the end surrendered to the villagers who were beating him with sticks and rice buns. Since then, there was a full moon-like river course near the river flowing through Peace village and people named it “a pouch bag”. To commemorate the success of the great endeavor of their ancestors, later generations celebrates Fishing Dragon Festival on the Beginning of Summer day by holding public memorial ceremony and riddle-guessing-feasts while eating the Fishing-dragon Rice Bun.据传,鹤庆坝子原来是个汪洋大海,海里住着以蝌蚪龙为首的99条龙,时常兴风作浪,祸害周围山村的各族群众。南诏建国后,鹤庆从牟迦国来了个叫赞陀掘多的高僧,他带领着鹤庆的群众钓龙蟹海开疆。众人与妖龙大战了十年,成效甚微,后来,在观音菩萨的指点下,人们用豆芽、蕨菜作钓钩,用粉丝当钓线,用青大麦、蚕豆瓣和大米包成的馒头包裹钓钩作钓饵,到了立夏这一天,蝌蚪龙在它的老窝——丽江关坡的无底潭中办寿,赞陀掘多带领众人从潭中钓起蝌蚪龙,拉紧钓线往顺东山顶往南而行,准备把蝌蚪龙拉到大理,送给罗刹吃,妖龙一路挣扎,身尾摆滚之处,出现了一条弯弯曲曲的深沟,这就是今天流经丽江、鹤庆境内有一百又八道弯的漾江。当妖龙被拉到今天的太平村时,他想要逃脱,当地的群众忙用手中的棍棒和身上的馒头,使劲打妖龙,最后迫使妖龙降,从此,太平村这段河床上留下了一段环如满月的河道,人们称之为荷包套,后人为了纪念钓龙泄海的成功,把立夏定位钓龙节,这天,人们举办活动公祭,吃歌谜宴,品尝钓龙饭。 /201505/372996广州治输卵管不畅大概多少钱 广州天河保宫人流

广东省长安医院打胎广州白云卵巢囊肿微创手术多少钱 Paige Novick has her own line of costume jewelry, but she also designs fine jewelry, so she is well versed in the wearing and storing of both.佩奇·诺维克(Paige Novick)经营着自己的仿真珠宝品牌,但她也会设计一些高级珠宝首饰。所以,她对于佩戴和保存这两类珠宝,都颇有心得。When it comes to her personal jewelry boxes, she divides her pieces into two categories: not, as you may imagine, large and chunky versus small and delicate, but “wear now” and “store.” Jewelry she favors now, whether costume or fine, rotates often and needs to be easily accessible.谈及她的私人珠宝收藏,她先把自己的首饰分成了两类:可不是你想象的,“粗大厚重”和“小巧精致”那两类,而是“戴在身上”同“保存起来”的两类。她目前喜欢的首饰,无论是仿真的还是高档的,都会经常轮换,所以需要存取方便。“I tend to go for open trays and boxes or travel cases by Clos-ette,” said Ms. Novick, 48, who received a Rising Star award last week from Fashion Group International, an industry organization. “And I like to err on the side of whimsy, with things that are quirky and colorful.”“我常去买Clos-ette的无盖珠宝陈列盘与首饰盒,”今年48岁的诺维克说,她上周刚刚获得一家业内机构“国际时尚集团”(Fashion Group International)颁发的“冉冉新星奖”(Rising Star award)。“而且,我更偏爱一些奇思妙想的设计,宁可选择那些稀奇古怪又色艳丽的东西。”Pieces that are not in rotation at the moment are stored in “luxe, utilitarian boxes,” she said, made by companies like Elizabeth Weinstock and Smythson. “The more compartments, the better.”那些目前没被她纳入轮展的珠宝,都存放在“一些华丽又实用的盒子里,”她说,诸如伊丽莎白·温斯托克(Elizabeth Weinstock)和斯迈森(Smythson)这些公司做的珠宝盒,“储物格越多越好。”At a time of year when giving or receiving jewelry is more than a possibility, Ms. Novick went in search of appropriate containers for storing it.在每年最有可能送出或获赠珠宝的时间段里,诺维克会去淘一些适合存放珠宝的容器。At Flair, in SoHo, she found a wealth of options that were “like jewels, in and of themselves,” she said, referring to the liberal use of exotic materials and lavish ornamentation — with crystals and, in one case, a silver alligator. “These feel like movable sculptures and are such objects of beauty that you want to have them on display.”在苏豪区(SoHo)的Flair商店,她发现了多种选择。她说那些盒子“本身就像珠宝一样”,指的是其上大量运用了异域风情的材料,和琳琅满目的装饰——比如各式各样的水晶,还有一只盒子上镶嵌着一条银质短吻鳄。“这些首饰盒感觉像是可移动的雕塑作品,那么美轮美奂,让你想把它们都展示出来。”The Giraffe trinket dish that Ms. Novick found at Anthropologie was at the other end of the aesthetic scale, but equally useful. “This is perfect for delicate pieces you want at your disposal, like rings or little studs, maybe an ear cuff,” she said. And “it’s cute and makes you happy.”而诺维克在Anthropologie商店里找到的一只长颈鹿饰品托盘,则是截然不同的另一种审美风格,但同样非常实用。“这个盒子最适合用来摆放你要随时取用的一些精致首饰,比如戒指或小钉饰,也可以是一只全耳式耳环(ear cuff),”她说。而且“这个盒子很可爱,会让你用着开心。”She found another animal motif, a Hippo by Deborah Bump, online at Exhibit Modern’s shop on 1stdibs, but this time it was the artisanal element that spoke to her: “I love the fact that it’s wood, looks chic and sophisticated, but is practical and functional.”她在1stdibs网站的Exhibit Modern在线商店里,找到了另一件动物主题的饰品盒,这是一只由狄波拉·邦普(Deborah Bump)设计的河马。但这次,吸引她的是设计中的手工元素:“我就喜欢它的木头质地,看起来又时尚又精妙,而且功能强大,非常实用。”At Michele Varian’s shop on Howard Street, Ms. Novick picked out a concrete box with a walnut top that had a “very urban feel,” she said, and was a nice “juxtaposition of cool concrete and warm wood.”在霍华德街(Howard Street)的Michele Varian商店,诺维克挑选了一只带有胡桃木盒盖的混凝土质地首饰盒,这件物品“很有都市感”,她说,非常出色地“混搭了冷峻的混凝土与温暖的木料。”It was also the most masculine container she chose and, she said, would be appropriate for cuff links or men’s brocelets.这也是她挑选的最有阳刚气质的一款首饰盒,所以,她说这个盒子可以用来存放袖扣或男士手镯。But the box that Ms. Novick finally succumbed to, in honor of the approaching holiday, was a heart-shaped shagreen one that she found online at Aerin.而考虑到即将到来的情人节,诺维克最后选中的一款首饰盒,是她在Aerin网络商店找到的一个用粗面皮革做成的心形盒子。“This is not your average heart,” she said, referring to the exotic material. And it would be a good place to store any metals that might oxidize if left out in the open on a tray, she noted, because it had a cover.“这不是你们那种普通的心,”她指的是盒子所用的特殊材料。这个盒子非常适合存放金属饰品,那种首饰如果放在其他敞开的首饰托盘中,可能会被氧化,她指出,而这个首饰盒有个盒盖。Beyond that, she added, “It’s small, cute and sculptural: It hits all the right notes.” RIMA SUQI除此之外,她补充道,“它还很小巧可爱,有雕塑感:各方面都称心如意。” /201504/367496广州天河疏通输卵管医院

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