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Bruce Lee has the big middle finger raised toward any form of authority.李小龙对一切形式的权威都不屑一顾All kinds of dogmas, all kinds of traditions.He#39;s saying a big;Screw you; To all of them.他会对所有教条、所有传统说一句-去死吧。This guy was preaching back in the 60s you shouldn#39;t stay to one style.No one style is the best. Have a piece of everything.他在六十年代一直教育人们不要只盯着一种流派,没有最好的流派,要兼收并蓄。In 1968 he says, ;JKD in 69 will be different.;他在1968年说 1969年的截拳道会与现在不同I said, ;This is really good stuff we#39;re doing now.He says, ;JKD in 69 will be different.JKD in 1970 will be different.;我说现在这样就很好啊,他说1969年截拳道会有所改变,1970年的截拳道又会不同。Martial arts has evolved more in the last ten years than it has in the last 10,000 years,because all the stuff that Bruce Lee talked about and his philosophies and things that he believed were finally proven and now this new art was able to start to grow and evolve.martial武术在近十年里的发展比过去一万年都要多,这要归功于李小龙的理论和他的哲学,他所相信的最终都得到了验。现在新武术正要进一步发展、进化。Our main event, for the light heavyweight title,here we go!轻重量级拳击的一场重要赛事,现在开始。You talk about Chinese boxing.How does it differ from, say, our kind of boxing?Well, first we use the feet.Second to none.And then we use the elbow.你说过中国式拳击,它跟我们的拳击有什么不同。首先我们可以用脚,这点独一无二,而且我们可以用手肘。Oh! Beautiful elbow!Do you use the thumb too?You name it, man, we use it.You use it all. -You have to.漂亮的肘击。拇指能用吗?凡是身上的部位都能用。你们全都用 -必须的。Because that is the expression of the human body.I mean the... everything, I mean, not just the hand.因为这是一种身体的展现,我是说一切部位,不光是手。 Article/201311/266090。

  • 猿类、海豚和大象都是善于沟通的动物。网络是否能进一步纳入这些具有高感官能力的物种呢?:海豚研究员黛安娜-瑞丝 (Diana Reiss)、音乐家彼得-格布瑞尔 (Peter Gabriel)、物联网构想者尼尔-格申菲尔德 (Neil Gershenfeld),以及网络鼻祖之一的文特-瑟夫 (Vint Cerf) ,这別出心裁的四人小组提出了这个正在成长中的构想。 Article/201406/304587。
  • Ukraine To Restart #39;Anti-Terrorism Operation#39;Ukraine#39;s acting president orders renewed military action against pro-Russian separatists after two ;tortured; bodies are found.新闻背景:4月6日以来,乌克兰东部地区局势恶化,不断发生地方政权机关办公楼被持抗议者占领的情况,乌克兰当局将这些抗议者视为“恐怖分子”,于13日决定让军队参与此前由警方开展的“反恐行动”。美国副总统拜登当地时间4月21日造访乌克兰,称美方将会向乌克兰提供多方面援助。同日,代行总统职务的乌克兰议长图尔奇诺夫要求军队和警方恢复在本国东部地区的“反恐行动”。俄罗斯方面对此表示,乌克兰当局应尽快采取行动履行日内瓦文件,取消对平民使用军队的命令。拜登称,美国永远都不会承认“俄罗斯对克里米亚的非法占领”,美国将为一个统一的乌克兰而努力。俄罗斯外交部则称,拉夫罗夫对克里表示,乌克兰必须采取紧急措施,执行旨在化解乌克兰危机的日内瓦协议。 Katie Stallard#39;s been to the funeral of 3 people killed on Sunday in that checkpoint shooting north of Donetsk in the town of Slavyansk. Her report include images of open caskets at the service.Even on the steps of church outside their funeral, they can#39;t agree how these men died. The man with a microphone says they were killed by a knife. He#39;s interrupted by a man in a balaclava in the crowd.He says there was a sniper, there was a machine gunner, they were killing us with gunfire, not with a knife. These were professional, he says.Death to the murderer, they chant.Inside for all of the orthodox grandeur and the reverence, there are mourners and cameras side by side. Priests and journalists standing next to each other. For each family, this is a personal tragedy. But what#39;s happening here in a small town in eastern Ukraine has consequences much further afield. Russia says this proves the authrotities in Kiev are losing control. The government there says the checkpoint shooting was fabricated that all sides must abide by the Geneva peace deal agreed last week. But no one is really listening to them here.The exact circumstances in which these men died remains far from clear, but to people here, it doesn#39;t really matter, they believe that they died defending this town, they are honouring them here today as local heroes, and Geneva accord means absolutely nothing to people here.What can I say? there#39;s not gonna be a way out. It#39;s them who are sending people in kill our kids. They talked about a ed Ukraine, but there#39;s no ed Ukraine.I want it to be calm of our town so people can leave their houses and I would not be afraid to work outside with my baby. We met the self-proclaimed mayor of Slavyansk nearby, his bodyguards carrying assault rifles, and wearing the Russian victory ribbon. He said he doesn#39;t answer to Kiev.We do not recognize the Kiev, we can#39;t even call them a government. They are not the authorities for the majority of people in Ukraine, particularly here in Slavyansk.He said if Russia won#39;t send peacekeepers, they would like weapons that they have plenty of people here y to fight.And then they carry them out of the church to a round of applause. They chanted glory to the heroes of Donbass. /201404/293331。
  • 6th Lu Xun literature prize ceremony held in Beijing第六届鲁迅文学奖颁奖典礼在京举行The 6th Lu Xun literature prize ceremony was held in Beijing Tuesday night.第六届鲁迅文学奖颁奖典礼于本周二晚在北京的中国现代文学馆举行。Several award-winning writers and nearly 500 literature lovers attended the ceremony.众多获奖作家和近500名文学爱好者出席了颁奖典礼。Thirty four works, including ;Father#39;s Snow Mountain, Mother#39;s Grassland ;, ;Invisible Clothes; and a collection of traditional poetry were recognized out of more than 1,000 entries.包括《父亲的雪山,母亲的草原”》, 《隐身衣》和一部传统诗集等三十四部作品从1000多部作品中脱颖而出。 Article/201409/332027。
  • If you find yourself unprepared for class, take these steps to keep the attention away from you.如果你觉得没有做好课堂上发言的准备,采取下面的措施,让自己不被老师注意到。You Will Need你需要Confidence信心Focus集中精力Notes笔记Steps步骤STEP 1 Sit in the back1.坐在后排Sit in the back of the classroom, preferably behind someone who consistently engages in classroom discussions.坐在教室后排,最好坐在经常参加课堂讨论的某个同学后面。STEP 2 Look confident2.看上去自信Sit tall and look as if you are thinking about the question while wearing a confused look on your face.坐得笔直,看上去好像你在思考问题,同时显露出困惑的表情。Avoid looking down, which could attract the teacher#39;s attention and increase your chances of being called on.不要低下去,这会吸引老师的注意力,增加被点名发言的机会。STEP 3 Be alert3.保持警惕Be alert and pay attention. Do not stare out the window, pick at your nails, or doodle.保持警惕,保持注意力。不要望着窗外,修理指甲或胡乱涂鸦。STEP 4 Look through your notes4.查看笔记Look through your notes as if you#39;re trying to search for a forgotten answer.查看笔记,就好像你在试图寻找忘记的。STEP 5 Raise your hand5.举手Raise your hand, and when called on, ask the teacher if you can be excused to use the lavatory.举手。万一不幸被老师点名,问一下老师是否可以去一下厕所。The largest numbers of bachelor#39;s degrees earned in the 2006 and 2007 school year were in the business field.2006至2007学年获得学士学位人数最多的专业是商业领域。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/324553。
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