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栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧! Article/201510/405029TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/373012

I particularly like the green stuff that#39;s oozing out of it.我特别喜欢露出来的绿色菜So, I must admit,我必须承认I am surprised to be here.我很惊讶你带我到这儿来I kind of imagined you#39;d be sticking on a sort of, um,我本以为你会坚持让我进行you know, a veggie diet or something like that.素食或者类似的饮食Or, yeah, a lot of salads or something on the feed day?或在进食日吃很多沙拉之类的No, actually as long as you不 实际上如果你stick to the calorie goals on the fast day,在禁食日坚守你的热量摄入you can literally eat whatever you like在进食日你就能随心所欲地吃on the feed day.你喜欢的食物了One of Krista#39;s most recent studies克丽丝塔的最新研究中compared two groups on ADF,对两组进行隔日禁食法的人进行了比较one eating high fat, the other low fat,在进食日 一组人摄入高脂肪食物on their feed days.另一组摄入低脂肪食物I#39;m concerned about my blood glucose,我担心我的血糖I#39;m concerned about my cholesterol,我的胆固醇I#39;m concerned about a load of stuff.我担心一大堆东西Are those not, sort of, made worse by eating high fat?在摄入高脂肪后 这些指标不会变糟吗That#39;s actually what we thought would happen.那确实是我们原先认为会发生的事And then, surprisingly,然后 令人惊讶的是we saw the same decreases in LDL cholesterol,两组人的低密度脂蛋白胆固醇so that#39;s the bad cholesterol,降低的幅度相同and in triglycerides,甘油三酯也是and also in blood pressure.血压也是So in terms of cardiovascular disease risk,就患心血管疾病的风险而言it didn#39;t matter if you were eating a high-fat or low-fat diet.摄入高脂肪或低脂肪没有什么区别重点解释:1.ooze out 泄露例句:Black oil was oozing out of the engine.发动机渗出了黑油。2.surprise to 出乎 ... 的意外例句:It was a complete surprise to me.这确实让我又惊又喜,终生难忘。3.concern about 对 ... 的关心例句:He is full of concern about his sick mother.他非常挂念他有病的母亲。 Article/201510/406916Simple food preparation skills can also be completed简单的食物准备技能也可以在厨房里in the kitchen. Such skills can include gathering得到训练,这些技能包括,从储藏室收集ingredients from the pantry, adding pre-measured原材料,加入事先测好量的ingredients, stirring batter, setting the table and原材料,搅拌成糊,摆放餐具和much more. Once again grocery shopping with其他更多事情,再重复一遍,带孩子去杂children is not the most ideal situation but货店购物并非是最理想的情形,但是the grocery store is a great way for children ages杂货店对年龄在7到11岁的孩子确是一个7 to 11 to learn about different food options.学习不同食物选择的很好的方式7 to 11 year olds would be great helped when at在杂货店 7到11岁大的孩子将会得到the grocery store. They can speed up the shopping极大帮助,通过为他们所负责采购的by having their own section of the grocery list which材料列出的他们自己的购物清单they are responsible for gathering. By having them他们可以加快购物的速度,通过手上的help acquire the list they are able to see all清单,他们能够看到一种食材所有the different food choices for one item and where不同的选择,并且弄清他们在杂货店里they are located in the grocery store. Another great分别摆放于何处,另一个对这个年龄组opportunity for this age group is to introduce them很好的锻炼途径是介绍他们去to the different types of grocery markets such as不同类型的菜市场,比如cooperatives, ethnic markets and farmers#39; markets.合作社,民族市场和农贸市场All the diversity of food options will allow children所有这些不同的食物选择都会让孩子们对to broaden their food knowledge and expand on食物的了解大大增加,也会增加他们的their food preferences. Let 7 to 11 year olds help食物喜好,也可以让7到11岁的孩子帮助in meal planning by letting them pick a main dish准备餐饮,让他们挑选主菜和and a side that they can enjoy. By letting them pick他们喜欢的配菜,通过让他们挑选these entrees it will give the children a sense of主菜,这些孩子们会获得一种ownership in the meal and they will be more likely餐饮中的主人翁感,他们也因而更有可能to eat the meal because they picked it. They can把饭吃掉,因为是他们所挑选的,他们还可以also help in the preparation of the meal. Start by参与到饭菜的准备过程中,可以从introducing utensils like vegetable peelers,介绍厨房用具开始,如蔬菜削皮器can openers, paring knives and measuring ingredients.开罐器,去皮刀和配料量具As they continue to develop these basic skills allow当他们逐渐掌握了一些基本技能之后,允许them to cook on the stove with parent supervision.他们上灶台烹饪,要有父母的监护At 12 years old and older children can start planning在12岁或更大一些,孩子们可以开始至少a meal at least one night a week. Encouraging每周计划一次晚餐,鼓励青少年adolescents to plan a meal for the family is a great为家庭用餐作计划,这对他们的发展是一项skill for them to develop. It teaches them重要技能,通过拟定购物单,他们responsibility by creating a grocery list to make sure学会了一种责任,因为他们要确保that they have all the ingredients and planning ahead他们把所有原材料都加入其中了,他们还要to remember things like pulling frozen food out提前做好统筹,记得把冷冻食品拿出来to thaw, and becoming self-sufficient by cooking解冻,并且要逐渐学会自给自足,自己做饭for themselves. It also gives them the freedom给自己吃,这样做也给了他们自由to try new recipes which are appealing to them.可以去尝试新的对他们有诱惑力的食谱When preparing meals themselves it will help当他们自己准备饭菜的时候,他们会开始children to understand how different ingredients明白不同的食材间是如何interact together to develop flavor combinations.相互作用,从而变成美味的组合的As children grow and become more familiar with当孩子逐渐成长,对厨房也越来越熟悉the kitchen encourage adolescents to be creative之时,要鼓励青少年们发挥创造力and create their own adjustments to old recipes.对旧的食谱做出他们自己的改良Food preparation will help children develop lifelong食物准备会帮助孩子们开发他们一生的cooking skills. It is also a great way for busy parents烹饪技能,对于工作繁忙的父母而言,这也是to have their child help out because the children一个很好的方式,他们的孩子可以帮他们的忙can do some of their prep work before parents因为孩子可以在父母到家之前先做一些get home. Growing a garden is a great opportunity准备工作,开垦一片菜园也是件好事to create awareness about different types of fresh它可以帮孩子培养对不同类型新鲜草本和herbs and produce. A garden can help show农作物的认识,菜园可以用来展示the versatility of herbs and produce because having草本和农作物的多样性,因为把这些these foods on hand will make you want to discover食材拿在手里,就会让人想要发挥自己的creative ways to utilize these products. Gardens also创造力来使用这些东西,菜园也让allow parents to demonstrate to children where家长能够向孩子们展示食材foods come from, what fresh off-the-stem produce是从何而来,那些新鲜的从植物的茎而来的tastes like and problem solving skills on how to作物是什么味道,还有教给他们解决问题make the food grow. Family meals are an excellent的能力,如怎样培育食材,家庭餐饮是一个resource to utilize hands on activities such as极佳的途径,可以充分调遣人手进行活动,如grocery shopping, meal planning and food杂货店采购,餐饮计划和饭菜准备preparation. A study done by the University of明尼苏达大学完成的一项研究叫做Minnesota called project eat and similar studies饮食和类似研究,这项研究的have researched the benefits of family meals.内容是家庭餐饮的益处One thing that they have found is that meal patterns他们的一个发现是,在青少年时期形成的gained in adolescent years have been proven to饮食习惯已被明将被carry over into adulthood. The study also looked into带到成人阶段,这项研究还调查了how nutrition intake changes with the number of营养摄入是如何随着孩子在家饮食的meals children eat at home. The study found as meals次数而发生变化的,研究发现,随着饮食的increase so does the consumption of fruits, vegetables增加,水果,蔬菜的消耗也会增加and less of soft drinks. For nutrient intakes,而软饮料的消耗会减少,在营养摄入方面calcium, magnesium, potassium and fiber intakes also钙,镁,钾和纤维的摄入也同样increased. While the consumption of these foods增加了,那么,这些营养摄入的确是do increase with the increase of family meals.随着家庭餐饮的增加而增加的Family meals still are lacking in certain areas.在一些地区家庭餐饮并不太多At seven or more recorded family meals a week在有记录的一周其次或更多家庭餐饮中the dietary guidelines followed by my pyramid were我的金字塔膳食指南并未被遵照still not met for fruits, vegetables, whole grains and如在水果,蔬菜,全谷类和富含钙的食物calcium rich foods and for nutrient intake calcium方面,以及在营养摄入方面,钙magnesium, potassium, vitamin E and fiber were镁,钾,维生素E和纤维素也并未达到also not meeting daily requirements. Making a more每日要求,要在家庭饮食采购方面conscious effort to have family meals purchase and做出更加有意识的努力,在餐饮时提供serve fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat水果和蔬菜,全谷类和低脂milk at mealtime could help meet these recommendations.牛奶有助于使餐饮符合这些推荐标准In summary parents eating habits will be mimicked总的说来,父母的饮食习惯会被他们的孩子by their children so healthy habits in the home are所模仿,因此,健康的家庭习惯是the best practice. Start encouraging healthy habits in最好的锻炼,要开始在年轻孩子中鼓励培养young children because eating habits become more健康的习惯,因为在孩子成长的过程中,饮食permanent as the children grow. Actively engage习惯会逐渐成形不再改变,要积极鼓励children through grocery shopping, meal planning,孩子们参与杂货店购物,餐饮计划food preparation and growing食物准备以及…… Article/201505/373504You meet a new acquaintance,and as you go to shake hands after introducing yourself,you suddenly realize;Wait...I aly forgot their name;.认识了一个新朋友,当你上前与他握手自介绍之后,突然意识到“等等.....他们刚刚说自己叫啥来着;。Why does this always happen?and what does it say about your brain?Chances are you can remember someones face over their name-our brains are hardwired to recognize facial details.Brain scans even show that individual brain cells are fired in response to any given face.But when it comes to forgetting names,it may have to do with something called the baker effect.为什么总这样呢?这说明了什么?说明跟名字相比你更容易记住人脸,我们的大脑是识别面部细节的电路,大脑扫描显示全体脑细胞会对给定的一切面孔做出响应,但是说到忘记人名这事时,就跟面包师效应有关了。If I tell you I#39;m a baker,I#39;m providing information about what I do,and how I spend my time,but if I say my name is Baker,it has no mental links and is vulnerable to forgetting.After all,names are completely arbitrary and hold no specific information in them.如果我告诉你我是一名面包师(baker)这条信息介绍了我的职业,以及我平时做些什么,但是如果我说我名叫贝克(baker)它就只是个词,很容易被忘记,毕竟名字完全是随机的,其中不含有任何特殊信息。And if your brain can#39;t make connections between multiple pieces of information,particulary things you aly know or feel femiliar with,then you#39;re more likely to forget that information.如果大脑无法将多个信息,碎片与你已知或熟知的特殊事情联系起来,那这条信息就很容易被忘记。Of course,it doesn#39;t help that you#39;re often focusing on introducing yourself.This is known as the ;next in line;effect.Instead of watching and listening to the other person,your brain starts focusing on it#39;s own routine,What you#39;ll say,how you#39;ll move,etc.当然,如果特别注意自我介绍那情况就有所不同的,这叫“依次失真效应”不看其他人也不听其他言论,大脑集中于自身行为上,只考虑自己应该说什么,如何等等。And we simply aren#39;t very good at both disseminating information at the same time we try to take in and store new information,Our brains have both short and long term memory;but the short term memory or sometimes called ;working memory;can only hold so much information,and if you don#39;t focus on it,it fades away quickly.我们纯粹只是不擅长在散布信息的同时,尝试接受和存储信息,记忆分短期记忆和长期记忆,短期记忆又称工作记忆,只能携带少量信息,如果不多加注意,很快就会消失。Finally,other research suggests that ;drumroll;...you may just not care.Honestly-you may be at a party in which you#39;ll never see this person again,or just generally uninterested in forming a new relationship.最后,还有研究者认为遗忘只是因为....你不感兴趣,比如,你参加一个派对,认识了一些这辈子都不会再见的新朋友,或者你纯粹是个不爱交朋友的人。Simply put,the more interest you have in something,the more likely your brain is to make new connections.As a result,people who enjoy making new relationships are tuned in and focused,and barely feel as if their memory is being used or tested.So how can you improve your ability to remember names?简而言之,你对某些事越有兴趣,那么大脑就越可能建立起新的联系,因此,喜欢交朋友的人会专注于此,而且并不觉得自己在进行记忆,如何提高记名字的能力? Article/201506/381600

l felt that somebody was trying to get something out of this我感觉有人想要从中得利or they were manipulating a situation.或是在操控情势Michael was a target.迈克尔成了个目标Michael had made a lot of money, and unfortunately, in our world,迈克尔赚了很多钱 很遗憾的 在当今社会里we have people out there who would like to get some of your money.有些人也想要分点你的钱And they will do almost anything to get it.并可为此不择手段Michael is my brother. l love him a great deal.迈克尔是我的弟弟 我很爱他La Toya Jackson Press conference, lsrael 1993拉托雅·杰克逊 1993年以色列记者会But l cannot, and l will not be a siIent coIIaborator of his crimes但我不能也不会无视于他对孩子们against small, innocent children.所犯下的罪行lt was hard for me to believe that she believed that this was true.我很难相信她竟然会相信这是真的Just because, if you knew La Toya and you knew Michael, they were so close因为拉托雅与迈克尔感情很好that it just seemed unfathomable that La Toya would speak out against her brother.很难理解拉托雅 为何会公开谴责自己的弟弟l have seen cheques payable to the parents of these children,我看过开给那些孩子父母的票and l don#39;t know if these children were apparently bought,我不知道迈克尔是否与父母协议the parents, by Michael, or not, but l have seen these cheques.收买孩子们 但我确实看过那些票And l#39;ve seen these cheques through my mother.我也看过我母亲所开的票Jack Gordon was the guy#39;s name who basically put her out there促使她做出这些异于常理的事的to do things that was well out of her character.基本上是杰克·高登l can#39;t really say on television the words for Jack Gordon.我对杰克·高登的 在电视上不能播But he was a man who had no morals and very little class.但他是个没品又道德沦丧的男人 Article/201510/402975

栏目简介:A group of corporate VIPS and construction workers will have a chance to tour the Shanghai Disney Resort tomorrow, as it holds its first test run. Wu Ying tells us more... Article/201701/488458作曲家詹妮弗·林的神奇演出。她谈到了创作的过程,根据一个随机的音符序列即兴演出了一个动人的独奏曲 Article/201503/365055

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