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;Some of our people are insisting that we give birth to our new enterprise in a tub of warm soothing water with new age music and a vegan midwife.;我们中的一些人坚持说,我们的新公司需要在有安慰性的热水里诞生,由一个素食助产护士结绳,伴随着新生代音乐。 /201506/379829。

They say the best things in life are free。人们常说,生命中最美妙的事情都是无价的。A Reddit user asked people from around the world what life#39;s most simple pleasures were, one of which was getting in your own bed after a long journey。一位Reddit网(超火社交新闻网站)的用户向世界各地的人们问了这样一个问题,即,你的生活中最让你感到幸福的小事是什么?有人回答说,是在长时间的旅行后躺在自家的床榻上。Unsurprisingly, many pleasures that came out top on the list were ones that resulted in a sense of physical relief after solving annoyances or irritations。并不出人意料的是,在人们列出的这张幸福小事清单上,许多带来幸福感的小事都与焦虑、愤怒等情绪消除后感到的身体舒松感有关。These included extracting a popcorn kernel lodged in the teeth, back and head scratches, and also the satisfying first sip of a drink when thirsty。清单上的幸福小事还包括从牙齿缝里挑出了一颗吃爆米花时卡住的玉米壳,在背心上挠痒痒或者搔搔头,还有非常干渴的时候喝下第一口饮料时沁爽的感受。Reddit users also agreed that freshly baked b was another simple pleasure in life that made them happy。Reddit网上的用户们还表示,刚出炉的面包的香气也是让他们感到开心的幸福小事之一。A shower with good water pressure was another comfortable life pleasure that Reddit users praised。还有网友表示,在适合的水压之下冲淋浴也是一件令人感到惬意的幸福小事。LIFE#39;S SMALLEST SIMPLEST PLEASURES生活中最微小、最简单的幸福小事1.Falling asleep while it#39;s raining outside窗外下着雨,安然入睡2.Back or head scratches挠挠背、搔搔头3.A shower with good water pressure在舒适的水压下冲澡4.Lying in your own bed after a long journey长途旅行后躺在自己的床上5.Fresh baked b刚出炉的新鲜面包6.The first sip of a drink when you#39;re thirsty干渴的时候呷下一口饮料7.Getting goosebumps from a song听到一首歌深受感动8.Causing someone to laugh that you admire or look up to让一位你崇敬或敬仰的人开怀大笑9.Starting a task and finishing it有始有终的完成一件事情10.Waking up for work, only to realise it#39;s Saturday早起准备上班,忽然想起今天是周六 /201506/378774。

Q. Sakamaki has lived his life as an outsider.Q. Sakamaki在生活中就是一个局外人。As a Japanese photographer based in New York City since 1986, Mr. Sakamaki has spent nearly the last 30 years far from home, documenting wars, conflict and demonstrations. Even growing up in Japan, he moved from place to place, becoming an outsider in his native land.他是一名日本摄影师,自1986年起常驻纽约,远离家乡30年。他拍摄过战争、冲突、游行示威。即使是在日本长大期间,他也曾多次搬离居住地点,成为家乡的局外人。Now, Mr. Sakamaki has turned to China’s fringe provinces — Xinjian, Yunnan, Liaoning and others — where his project, “China’s Outer Lands,” catalogs marginalized minority groups that are rapidly becoming strangers in the territories they call home. The work is on display at The Half King in Manhattan until May 24.现在,Sakamaki来到中国的新疆、云南、辽宁等边远省份,拍摄他的摄影项目“中国的边远地带”。这个项目纪录了中国边远地区的少数族群,正在迅速变为那片他们称之为故乡的土地的局外人。Sakamaki的作品正在曼哈顿The Half King展出,直至5月24日。“#8202;‘China’s Outer Lands’ is about people instinctively looking for their own identity, between conformity or originality or autonomy or dependence,” Mr. Sakamaki said. “It’s natural, it’s happening in not only China, it’s everywhere.”This project is part of a larger, global story Mr. Sakamaki wants to tell. While “China’s Outer Lands” shows the clash between modernity and tradition in China, Mr. Sakamaki says that this conflict, along with wars and migration, has existed in other places and eras, such as during the campaigns of Genghis Khan.“‘中国的边远地带’是关于人们在遵从和独创、自治与依赖之间,本能地寻找自己的身份认同,”Sakamaki说,“这是很自然的,不仅发生在中国,也发生在世界的每个地方。” 这个项目是Sakamaki想要讲述的一个更大的、全球性故事的一部分。Sakamaki说,“中国的边远地带”表现出中国的现代化与传统之间的冲突。这种冲突,随着战争和迁徙的发生,也存在在其他的地方和年代,例如在成吉思汗时代的战役。“Behind the scenes, it’s not a romantic story,” he said. “It’s actually more like blood, blood, blood in history. One small change-up of power creates a huge wave of migration, often with new, bloody war. History shows that.”“在镜头的背后,不是浪漫的故事,”他说,“实际上它更像是历史中的血腥、血腥、血腥。一次小型的权力交替都会制造出新的血腥战争以及大规模的移居潮。历史已经明了这一点。”Chinese development in Xinjiang Province has attracted a rush of Han migrant workers, and Mr. Sakamaki says the native Uighur population, which practices Islam, is being marginalized. The juxtaposition drawn between the Uighur inhabitants of the region and the migrant Han workers is stark.Sakamaki说,中国新疆地区的发展吸引了一大批汉族打工者前来,而本土信奉伊斯兰教的维吾尔族人被边缘化了。这种维吾尔族居民与汉族打工者的并存很突兀。A Han couple poses in a field, dressed in traditional Western wedding clothes, as newly installed wind turbines tower over the countryside. Other signs of China’s new industrialism dominate the landscape.一对汉族夫妇身穿传统西式婚纱在田野间拍照,身后是新安装的风力涡轮机塔架。其他中国新工业化的标志占据了整幅风景。But in the same province, the silhouette of a Uighur boy is shown as he looks at the rubble of a demolished building in a Uighur neighborhood. The Chinese government says it is taking down buildings to build earthquake-resistant structures, but Mr. Sakamaki insists the government is posturing.Mr. Sakamaki works as an outsider, and his photos offer glimpses of indecision and unease.而同样是在新疆,一个维吾尔族男孩站在一个被拆毁的维吾尔族社区中,看着地上的碎石瓦砾。中国政府称拆毁这些建筑是为了修建抗震房屋,但Sakamaki认为政府只是在做样子。作为一个局外人,Sakamaki的照片展现了迟疑与忧虑。Mongolian men riding a motorbike fleck an immense field. The face of a polar bear pelt looms before the uniforms of China’s last emperor, Puyi. An unemployed man, close and out of focus, partly obscures high-rise buildings being erected around a memorial square, dedicated to the region’s iron industry.蒙古人骑着托车驶过巨大的田野。北极熊熊皮的背后隐约可见中国末代皇帝溥仪的皇。一个近景而虚焦的工人肖像,部分遮挡了在纪念广场附近林立的高楼。他曾为这个地区的钢铁行业做出贡献,现在已经下岗。This work is Japanese in style, Mr. Sakamaki says, and much more personal than traditional photojournalism. He sees China’s struggle for identity within himself and says that while the project takes place in China, the same ideas of independence and conformity are universal.“Japanese culture is very personal,” he said. “So I felt maybe I put my personality, my identity, my own Japanese history, and also my own identity as a human being, combined.”Sakamaki说,这组照片很日式,与传统摄影报道相比,带有强烈的个人风格。他在自己身上看到中国对于身份认同的努力与挣扎。他说,虽然这组照片在中国拍摄,但对于自主与遵从的想法是全球性的。”日本文化是非常个人化的,所以我认为也许我应该在作品中融入更多我的个性,我的身份,我自己的日本历史,我自己作为人类的身份认同。” /201505/375331。

The weekend’s here and you’re thinking about your plans. Here are 20 fun things to do this weekend. This list has ideas for everyone, from the outdoorsy types to the city slickers. Perhaps you have a new date, or you want to do something with the family. Whatever the case may be, you have lots of great activities from which to choose。又到周末了干什么好呢?下面就为你列出20件周末可以做的事。其中既有户外型的,又有适合都市人的;不论你是约会,还是欢度家庭时光,都能从中发现不错的活动建议哦。1. Take a Walk Around the Lake湖畔漫步Find a lake with a walking path and bring your partner or your canine companion. Enjoy the views, get some exercise and feed the ducks. Then, stop for some iced tea at the lakeside restaurant。跟伴侣或爱犬去湖畔散散步,欣赏风景、伸展胳膊、喂喂鸭子,然后再在湖边小店喝杯冰茶。2. Go On a Hike去远足Many areas have hikes of varying lengths within city limits or a few miles outside of the city itself. You can choose shorter, more level hikes or head to the mountains and make it an all-day affair. Don’t forget good shoes, water, sunblock, and a hat。许多城市边缘或离市区几英里的位置都有远足的地方。你可以选择短程但刺激的远足,或花一天时间去登山。当然,别忘了准备好鞋子、水、防晒霜和帽子。3. Go On a Bike Ride骑游Rent a bike from the local bike shop or ride your own. Map out a route and calculate the distance using a bicycling app on your smartphone. Take extra water and don’t forget to wear a helmet. This can be a fun activity for kids, too。在本地车店租一辆或干脆跨上自己的车去骑游。先标好路程并算好距离,在手机里设置好骑行导航软件。多带点水,别忘了戴上头盔。这项活动也很适合小孩子哦。4. Start a Fun, New Weekend Craft做有趣的手工活You know that old dresser in your room that you’ve been wanting to spruce up? Get some sandpaper, wood stain and polyurethane and turn that dresser into a beautiful piece of furniture。是不是一直想重新装饰房间里那张旧梳妆台?那就准备好砂纸、涂料和油漆,开始行动,把它粉饰得漂漂亮亮吧!5. Go to a Wine Tasting参加品酒会Head to a local wine bar and sample some of their finest offerings. Or, take it a step further and head to the local winery and sample their wines while walking in the vineyards。到附近酒吧喝两杯最好的酒酿,或者走远一点去本地酿酒厂,一边漫步葡萄园,一边品尝葡萄酒吧。6. Attend an Art Opening参观画展Check out a local or national artist and head to your favorite gallery. Drink some wine, eat a little cheese and hors d’oeuvres while walking around admiring and discussing beautiful works of art。去看看本地或国家艺术家画展。你可以一边就着奶酪与小菜品酒,一边欣赏并探讨精湛的艺术作品。7. Visit the Museum参观物馆Museums often have openings when they receive new collections. Attend a class, have your child go to camp, or browse the retail shop for gifts and clothing。物馆每次纳入新藏品都会设有开放日。学习课程,跟孩子去露营,或到零售店选几样礼物和衣。8. Go On a Picnic野餐Find a local park or recreation area and bring food and games for a day of fun. Play Frisbee, horseshoes, volleyball, soccer, or take a short hike. You might be able to swim or fish, rent a paddle boat, or find a comfortable spot to a book。带上食物,到当地公园或休闲区痛快玩一天。飞盘、马蹄铁、排球、足球或短途远足,随你玩。或许你也愿意尝试游泳、钓鱼、划船或躲在舒的角落看书。9. Go to a Karaoke BarK歌Sing to your favorite songs while enjoying the company of good friends. Order food, have a beverage and make a night of it。跟好朋友去KTV唱唱喜欢的歌,同时享用美味的食物和饮料,度过一个开心的夜晚。10. Read a Book then See the Movie读书看电影When you a good book, chances are it’s turned into a movie. Books like Harry Potter and The Help are recent popular favorites。当你读到一本好书时,很可能发现它也有同名电影。像《哈利波特》和《相助》就很受欢迎。11. Go To a Tea House去茶馆坐坐Change it up a bit and instead of going for the coffeehouse, look for the tea house. You can sample different teas, try tea in loose leaf form or try out unusual herbal blends from all over the world。与其去咖啡馆,不如改去茶馆吧。在茶馆,你可以品尝各种各样的茶,比如飘逸的叶茶,或来自异域的混合花草茶。12. Listen to Music at a Local Pub去本地酒吧听音乐Many bars and pubs feature local and regional artists throughout the week. Listen to a band you’ve never heard before. You never know. They just might become the next big thing, and you can say you saw them first。许多酒吧在周末会有当地艺术家驻场。尝试听听不知名的乐队演奏,说不定这些乐队哪天会大红大紫,而你还是一早就知道他们的呢!13. Run a 5K5千米长跑Running in a 5K is a great way to get in shape. Often, you can participate for charity or just for fun. Either way, recruit your friends or have them cheer you on. There are even 5K’s that are kid-friendly。5千米长跑对保持体形很有帮助。你可以加入慈善机构组织的长跑活动,或自己跑着玩儿。还有,别忘了让朋友给你加油鼓劲。另外,有些长跑运动甚至也适合小孩呢。14. Go On an Art Walk享受一场艺术之旅If there is an arts district in your area, you can visit lots of artist studios and see them in action. Arts districts often have once-monthly art walks where you can talk to artists, and purchase artwork right from their studios。如果当地有艺术区,何不去艺术家工作室了解他们的工作呢?艺术区通常每月都会举办活动,你可以近距离对话艺术家,还能直接从工作室购买艺术品。15. Visit the Animal Shelter and Walk a Dog拜访动物收容所,帮忙遛。No need to adopt (unless you want to). Visit your local shelter and let a canine friend get a little exercise and fresh air by taking him on a walk. It’s not only good for the dog, it’s good for you, too。你不一定非得领养动物(除非你愿意),但可以去动物收容所照顾宠物朋友,带着到处溜溜,呼吸一点新鲜空气。这不仅帮助了,也会让你有所收获。16. Go Consignment Shopping在寄售店购物If you haven’t tried this, you’re missing out. You can find real treasures at consignment shops. Items are often new, if not gently used. You can also score nice clothes or shoes for a fraction of their original cost。要是你从没尝试过这个,那可太遗憾了。在寄售店,你或许能找到货真价实的宝贝。这里的物品都比较新,你能淘到既物美又价廉的好东西。17. Shop Garage Sales商店库存促销时扫货Check your local listings and set up a route to hit a lot of garage sales in one day. This is a great opportunity to find furniture, household items and stylish clothes at incredible prices。先看看哪些商家有促销活动,定好路线攻略,然后就集中扫货去吧。促销时能买到不少便宜的家具、家用物件或漂亮衣。18. Head to the Farmer’s Market参观农场Meet local farmers and see where your food comes from. Many markets have music, local honey, baked goods, whimsical gifts, and a great opportunity to meet new people。去本地农场了解各种农作物。许多农贸市场都有音乐、自酿蜂蜜、烘焙食品以及不错的礼品,而且,你还能在那里结识新朋友。19. Attend a Poetry Reading at the Local Bookstore参加本地书店的读诗会Bookstores often have poetry ings; you can participate, too! Not only that, they might have local authors an excerpt from their most recent novel. Grab some coffee, find a comfy chair, and prepare for a night of literary fun!书店一般都有读诗会,而且向所有人开放。不仅如此,或许你还能碰上本地作家朗读自己的近作片段呢。捧一杯咖啡,蜷在舒的椅子里,经历一场曼妙的文学之旅吧!20. Go see a Play at the Local College去本地大学看场戏剧Students and professional actors alike put on theatrical performances throughout the year. Catch a matinee or bring a blanket and watch the sunset showing of Romeo and Juliet。学生和专业演员同样热衷于演戏。你可以趁午场或晚场时(别忘了带毯子)去看看《罗密欧与朱丽叶》。Have Fun!好好玩一玩吧!With this list of ideas, you’re sure to have plenty to do for a weekend of spontaneity, fun, and relaxation. You might learn a few things, see a play you’ve never seen, but you definitely won’t be bored。可做的事情这么多,相信你的周末肯定会过得轻松又开心。而且说不定你还能学到新东西,比如看一场好玩的话剧,总之你肯定不会无聊的。 /201507/386957。