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从化妇幼保健院检查妇科多少钱广东广州长安医院治疗早泄怎么样好不好Chinese housing prices rose at their fastest monthly pace in 18 months, a private survey showed on Thursday, the latest sign that the country#39;s property market, a key growth driver, is recovering from a year-long slump.周四,一项民间调查显示,中国房价出现18个月来的最大环比上涨。这一最新迹象表明,作为中国经济增长的重要引擎,中国楼市正从持续一年的下滑中复苏。The slumping property market is a major reason growth in China’s economy slowed to a six-year low in the fourth quarter. Economists estimate that building, sale and outfitting of apartments accounts for about a quarter of the country’s gross domestic product.不断下滑的楼市是去年第四季度中国经济增速放缓至六年低点的主要原因之一。经济学家估计,中国国内生产总值(GDP)约有四分之一来自住房建设、销售和装修。Average home prices rose 0.56 per cent in June from a month earlier, data from the China Index Academy’s survey of 100 cities show, up from a 0.45 per cent gain in May and the fastest growth since January 2014. In spite of the new figures, however, analysts expect the market to recover only gradually.中国指数研究院(China Index Academy)对100个城市的调查所得出的数据显示,6月份中国平均房价环比上涨0.56%,高于5月份0.45%的环比涨幅,是2014年1月以来的最高环比涨幅。但尽管如此,分析师还是预计楼市只会缓步复苏。“A nationwide property market recovery will remain a prolonged and strenuous process, dragged by large inventory overhangs in second and third-tier cities,” Australia and New Zealand Banking Group analysts led by Liu Li-Gang wrote in a note.以刘利刚为首的澳新集团(ANZ)分析师在一份报告中写道:“受二三线城市积压的大量库存的拖累,全国性的楼市复苏仍将是个漫长而艰苦的过程。”The central bank has slashed benchmark interest rates four times since November, helping to lower mortgage costs. The People’s Bank of China has also cut the amount of cash that commercial banks must hold in reserve at the central bank, increasing liquidity in the financial system.自去年11月以来,中国央行已四次降息,帮助降低房贷成本。此外,中国央行还下调了商业存款准备金率,向中国金融体系注入更多流动性。ANZ estimates that a 1 percentage point increase in property prices translates to 0.2 percentage points of GDP growth.据澳新估计,房价每上涨1个百分点,GDP增速就会提升0.2个百分点。Analysts also say that some investors are now taking profits from the Chinese stock market — which hit a seven-year high on June 12 but has tumbled more than 20 per cent in the past two weeks — and investing them into property, which looks more fairly valued after a year of falling prices.分析师还表示,部分投资者正从中国股市获利离场,并将所得资金投资于房地产。中国股市在6月12日达到七年高点后,在过去两周里下跌了20%以上。而房价在经历了一年的下滑之后,现在看起来更合理一些。Local governments have also taken measures to stimulate the housing market. Xi’an, in central China, recently allowed non-native homebuyers who purchase flats larger than 90 sq m to obtain a residence permit for the city, which comes with social welfare benefits.除此以外,地方政府也采取了多项措施刺激楼市。最近,西安市允许购房面积在90平米以上的外地购房者在西安落户,这意味着他们可享受到与西安户籍相伴的社会福利。The price recovery matches official data showing that new residential property sales were up 13 per cent annually in floor-area terms in May, the second month of gains after 13 straight months of falling sales.这一显示房价回升的调查结果,与官方发布的数据一致。官方数据显示,5月份新房销售面积同比增长13%,这是该数据在连续13个月下滑后第二次上升。The central bank’s first-quarter household survey showed that 14.7 per cent of residents said they planned to buy a home in the next three months, up from 13.8 per cent in the previous quarter.中国央行第一季度对家庭展开的调查显示,14.7%的家庭表示计划在未来3个月买房,而上一个季度的数字为13.8%。Rating agency Moody’s upgraded its outlook for China’s property sector on June 1 to stable from negative.6月1日,评级机构穆迪(Moody#39;s)将其对中国房地产业的展望从负面上调至稳定。Official data still showed monthly price declines for newly built residential apartments in May but the decline narrowed to 0.1 per cent, according to FT analysis of the figures. Official property price data for June is due out July 18.此外,根据英国《金融时报》的分析,虽然中国官方数据仍显示5月份新房价格环比下跌,但其跌幅却收窄至0.1%。至于6月份房价的官方数据,则定于在7月18日公布。 /201507/383919广州长安妇科医院做精液检查 Not so long ago, the US believed it had cracked the violent crime epidemic. “Zero tolerance” and “three strikes and you’re out” were the mantras of the 1990s. Declining homicide rates were its product. Today, as the riots intensify in Baltimore following the death of yet another unarmed black man in police custody, such verities no longer hold.不久之前,美国曾相信自己已经攻克了暴力犯罪这种流行病。“零容忍”和“三振出局”是美国社会上世纪90年代反复重申的信条,其结果是凶杀率下降。如今,信条已失效。在巴尔的,又一名手无寸铁的黑人男性在被警察局拘留期间死亡,之后爆发的骚乱正愈演愈烈。With 2.3m people behind bars, zero tolerance has delivered the largest incarcerated population in the world. US prisons are fuller than those of autocratic China, which has a population more than four times as big. It has also unpicked some of the gains of the 1960s civil rights era. Tens of thousands of black men are in jail for offences that merit little more than a slap on the wrist for their white counterparts. It is little use pointing to the fact that the US has elected its first black president. A generation believes it has been stigmatised and their complaints ignored. As Martin Luther King said before he was assassinated in 1968: “A riot is the language of the unheard.”美国有230万人在监狱,“零容忍”政策产生了全世界最大的囚犯人口。美国的监狱比威权制度下的中国还要满,而中国人口是美国的4倍多。这一政策还让上世纪60年代民权运动时代取得的部分进步付之东流。数万名黑人男性因为微小的过错坐牢,而犯同样过错的白人男性受到的责罚不会比打手心重多少。美国选出了首位黑人总统也说明不了什么。一代黑人认为自己背负着烙印,他们的不满无人理会。如马丁#8226;路德#8226;金(Martin Luther King) 1968年遇刺前所说:“暴动是不被倾听者的语言(A riot is the language of the unheard)。”Yet amid the gloom, there are signs that US politics is coming to terms with the scale of the challenge. Bill Clinton, who as president was the chief author of the 1990s penal reforms, recently admitted they had “overstepped the mark”. In his day, no politician could afford to be seen as “soft on crime”. Today, both parties accept the need to reduce the US jail population and give those with criminal records a fairer chance at starting over.然而黑暗中的一抹亮色是,有迹象显示,美国政界已开始应对这个巨大的难题。比尔#8226;克林顿(Bill Clinton)担任总统时曾是上世纪90年代刑罚改革的主要推动者。最近他承认,当时的做法“过头了”。在他担任总统的那个年代,任何一位政界人士如被视为“对犯罪心慈手软”,都难以承担这带来的政治后果。如今,两党都认同需要减少美国囚犯人数、给那些有过犯罪记录的人更公平的重新做人的机会。This is a positive change. Not only has the creeping militarisation of US police forces failed to sustain the fall in the homicide rate. It has created a culture of impunity that has led to several hundred shootings of unarmed civilians every year. Only a fraction involved are held to account. Little wonder that so many communities — from Ferguson, Missouri to Baltimore, Maryland — feel alienated from those who are meant to protect them. Little wonder, too, that many black men feel shut off from the opportunities that society gives to others. The question is: what to do about it?这是一个积极的变化。美国警方的悄然军事化不仅未能让凶杀率持续下降,反而制造了一种逍遥法外的文化,导致每年有数百名手无寸铁的平民被杀。只有一小部分涉事者被要求承担责任。难怪,从密苏里州的弗格森到马里兰州的巴尔的,很多地方的人们与本应保护他们的警察产生隔阂。难怪,许多黑人男性觉得自己被排除在社会给予其他人的机会之外。问题是:该怎么办?The most important step is to grasp the complexity of the challenge. Following the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old in Ferguson last summer, Barack Obama set up a task force on 21st-century policing. Its recommendations were laudable but abstract. The report focused on the need to rebuild trust between the police and their communities. Other groups believe it should be mandatory for police on patrol to wear body cameras.最重要的是承认挑战的复杂性。继去年夏天18岁、手无寸铁的迈克尔#8226;布朗(Michael Brown)在弗格森遭杀后,巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)成立了“21世纪警务工作特别小组”(Task Force on 21st Century Policing)。这个小组的建议值得称赞,但缺乏实际价值。它的报告聚焦于如何重建警察和社区之间的信任。一些其他团体则认为应强制警察巡逻时佩戴随身摄像机。More encouraging are proposals to overhaul the penal system. US drugs laws are counterproductive. In some parts of America young whites can now legally smoke marijuana. In others, black men face life in jail for possessing it. So too is the three strikes rule adopted by half of US states. The statistics on mandatory sentencing are clear. It is racially biased and must be ended. Non-violent offenders should also be able to purge their records. Here too, there are hopeful signs. The ultraconservative Koch brothers recently joined the “ban the box” movement where employers refrain from asking about an applicant’s criminal record until later in the interview process.更令人鼓舞的是全面改革美国刑罚制度的建议。美国的毒品法实际上起了反作用。在美国的部分地区,白人青年现在可以合法吸食大麻,而在其他地区,黑人青年仅仅拥有大麻就会面临终身监禁。美国半数州所采取的“三振出局法”也是如此。有关强制判决的一些数据清楚显示它存在种族偏见,因此必须终结。非暴力罪犯也应能清除他们的犯罪记录。好在这里也有希望的曙光。极端保守的科赫(Koch)兄弟最近加入了“禁止查问”(ban the box)运动,该运动倡导雇主不询问求职者的犯罪记录,直到进入后期的面试程序。Then there is the question of leadership. For understandable reasons Mr Obama has been reticent about the scale of young black alienation in the US. Now he has little to lose. In the 1950s and 1960s, a potentially radical generation was channelled towards constructive protest by inspirational leaders. Mr Obama is the only figure who can do the same today. Of all presidents, this one cannot afford to leave a legacy of simmering racial tension.再就是领导人的问题。出于可理解的原因,奥巴马对美国黑人青年的异化程度一直保持沉默。但现在他已经没什么好损失的。20世纪50年代和60年代,美国富有感召力的领导人将一代可能会走向激进主义的年轻人引向更具建设性的抗议。现在能办到这一点的人只有奥巴马。在历任美国总统中,他最不该留下让种族冲突继续发酵的政治遗产。 /201505/372665广州番禺不孕不育医院医院

广州番禺看子宫肌瘤哪家医院好China#39;s quality watchdog has started a campaign to ensure the safety of escalators after a mother in Hubei province was killed on an escalator at a department store after pushing her son to safety.湖北省一位母亲在百货公司搭乘自动扶梯时被卷入,临死前将儿子托出扶梯,随后中国质检总局开展安全检查确保自动扶梯安全运行。In a statement released on Tuesday, the special equipment bureau of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said it has ordered quality watch-dogs at local levels to examine the safety of escalators and moving sidewalks.周二,国家质检总局特种设备局在发布的一份声明中称,已经下令要求地方各级质检部门对自动扶梯和自动人行道开展安全检查。Unsafe equipment should be suspended immediately and repaired, the authority said.该部门称,不安全的设备应当立即停止使用进行维修。The measures followed the death of Xiang Liujuan, a 31-year-old woman from Jingzhou, Hubei province, who was killed on Saturday when she fell into a gap between the floor and the escalator at a store in Jingzhou.此前的周六,湖北省荆州市一名31岁的女子向柳娟在当地一家百货公司搭乘自动扶梯时,因陷入楼层和扶梯之间的空隙而被卷入电梯致死。Surveillance of the accident, showing Xiang lifting her toddler son to safety as she fell, was uploaded to social media, where it was shared more than 100,000 times on Sina Weibo.事故监控录像显示,向柳娟在陷入电梯之后,将其幼小的儿子托到安全的地方,这段视频被上传到了社交媒体上,并在新浪微中转发超过10万次。The number of escalators and elevators in China has risen sharply in the past decade amid the intense urbanization drive, according to the quality watchdog.质检部门称,在过去的10年间,由于城市化进程加快,国内自动扶梯和垂直电梯的数量急剧上升。In another accident on Tuesday, a woman in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, was killed after getting stuck between an elevator and a platform in a factory.周二发生的另一起事故,是江苏省无锡市的一名女子被卡在一家工厂的垂直电梯和平台之间致死。China had more than 3.6 million elevators and escalators in service by the end of last year, and the number is increasing by 20 percent each year. In 2003, the country had only 300,000 elevators in service.截止去年年底,中国有360万升降电梯和自动扶梯在运行,并以每年20%的速度在增长。而2003年全国总共才有30万垂直电梯在使用。A separate safety campaign was launched in March for elevators. Forty-eight elevator accidents resulting in 36 deaths were reported last year, according to the watchdog.质检部门消息称,去年有记录的垂直电梯事故达48起并造成36人死亡,今年3月份开展了垂直电梯专项安全检查。;The supervision of elevator safety in China is done by government departments, while in Western countries the responsibility lies with the users and property owners,; said an official with the administration#39;s special equipment bureau, who asked not to be identified.质检总局特种设备局一位不愿透漏姓名的官员称:“在西方国家电梯安全检查由用户和业主负责,而我国则是由政府部门来完成。”The subject of liability for a large number of elevators remains unclear, and that has made safety supervision difficult, he said.他说,大量电梯的责任归属不够明确,这使得安全监督很困难。;The safety problem mainly lies in the elevators that were put into service before 2003, when safety standards for equipment was relatively low,; he said.“出现安全问题的电梯大部分是在2003年以前安装投入使用的,当时的设备安全标准相对较低。”他说。An emergency response system has been established for elevators in 11 cities across the country, and residents who become trapped in elevators can dial 96333 to request rescue, the quality watchdog said.质检部门称,全国有11个城市建立了电梯应急响应系统,居民如果被困在天梯内,可拨打96333请求救援。 /201507/389442广州荔湾中医院体检多少钱 广州华侨医院体检多少钱

海珠人民医院看多囊Bells ringing from a church next to ChemChina’s headquarters yesterday morning provided a fitting soundtrack for the group’s chairman to explain its proposed 7.3bn takeover of Italian tyre group Pirelli.昨日上午在中国化工(ChemChina)总部,董事长任建新就这家集团对意大利轮胎企业倍耐力(Pirelli)的73亿欧元收购交易做出了解释。旁边的一间教堂传出阵阵钟声,充当了应景的配乐。“There is an old Chinese saying that it is better to knock down 10 temples than wreck one marriage,” Ren Jianxin, head of the state-owned chemicals group said. “It means that one must do everything in one’s power to facilitate a marriage. We are hoping that all the pieces can come together for our wonderful marriage with Pirelli.”任建新说:“中国有句老话,宁拆十座庙不毁一桩婚。这句话的意思是,人们要竭尽全力来成就一桩婚事。我们希望与倍耐力的联姻能美满。”Mr Ren and his counterpart at Pirelli, Marco Tronchetti Provera, believe the Italian group, which has a strong position in the high-end automotive tyre segment, can use its partnership with ChemChina to bolster its comparatively weak industrial tyres division, especially in China. “Pirelli’s size in this [industrial] segment is limited,” Mr Ren said. “Pirelli needs an Asian partner to develop its industrial tyre business.”倍耐力在高端汽车轮胎市场拥有强大地位,任建新与倍耐力负责人马可#8226;特隆凯蒂#8226;普罗维拉(Marco Tronchetti Provera)相信,这家意大利集团可以利用与其与中国化工的合作伙伴关系,做强它相对较弱的工业轮胎业务,尤其是在中国。任建新说:“倍耐力在工业轮胎市场的规模相对有限,它需要一个亚洲合作伙伴来发展这一业务。”China is the world’s largest automotive market, with 23m vehicles sold last year, but still has only 107 cars for every 1,000 people. That figure is expected to rise to 252 cars over the next 10 years.中国是全球最大的汽车市场,去年汽车销量230万辆,但每千人仍只拥有107辆汽车,预计未来10年这一数字将攀升至252辆汽车。The courtship between Pirelli and ChemChina began three years ago. But Mr Ren said the two companies’ hopes for a tie-up in 2012 were dashed when rumours of his approach leaked and “disturbed” the share price.倍耐力与中国化工的缘份开始于三年前。任建新表示,两家公司在2012年时就希望结盟,结果因为他接触倍耐力的消息走漏,引起股价“波动”,最终不了了之。Six months ago Mr Ren renewed negotiations with industrialist Mr Tronchetti Provera. “We really saw eye-to-eye,” ChemChina’s chairman said. “Our strategies and visions had not changed over the past three years.”半年前任建新再次与实业家特隆凯蒂#8226;普罗维拉洽谈,他说:“我们的看法完全一致,过去三年我们的战略和愿景都没有变过。”The first step in ChemChina’s complex takeover of Pirelli took place last week, when the Chinese group agreed to acquire holding company Camfin, Pirelli’s controlling shareholder.中国化工对倍耐力的收购过程颇为复杂,上周中国化工同意收购倍耐力控股公司Camfin所持倍耐力股份,踏出了整个收购计划的第一步。ChemChina will then make its more than 7bn offer for the entire company and take it private. According to Mr Ren, it ultimately intends to relist Pirelli’s automotive business in Italy and the two companies’ combined industrial tyre units in Asia.然后中国化工将发出整体收购要约,将倍耐力私有化,整个收购价超过70亿欧元。根据任建新的介绍,中国化工的最终打算是让倍耐力的汽车业务在意大利重新上市,以及两家企业合并后的工业轮胎业务在亚洲重新上市。He worries, however, that a rival bidder could scupper his plans. “I’m still worried about the deal, because after all it’s a public bidding process,” Mr Ren said. “Due to cheap liquidity, there might be blind counterbids that will hurt Pirelli investors and also the company’s longer-term strategy.”但任建新担心会出现竞购对手破坏他的计划,他说:“我还是担心这笔交易,因为这毕竟是个公开收购的过程。由于流动性便宜,可能会出现盲目还价,这样会既伤害倍耐力的投资者,也伤害这家公司的长期战略。”He hopes his promise to preserve Pirelli’s reputation as the “Prada of the tyre industry” will help to quell doubts about the ability of a Chinese state-owned Goliath with Rmb300bn in revenues and 140,000 employees to run one of the jewels in Italy’s industrial crown.任建新承诺要保住倍耐力“轮胎行业普拉达(Prada)”的声誉,他希望自己的承诺有助于消除关于一家中国国企是否有能力管理好倍耐力的质疑,倍耐力是意大利工业上的一颗明珠。作为中国的国企巨人,中国化工年收入3000亿元人民币,拥有14万名员工。“Our biggest pressure is to carry forward Pirelli’s culture, management and technology,” Mr Ren said. “Pirelli is a global brand that grew out of Italian soil. Can it grow if you change its soil? I don’t know and I don’t want to try#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;So we won’t move its headquarters, change management or transfer its technologies. This is all written in our agreement.”任建新说:“我们最大的压力是要继续发展倍耐力的文化、管理和技术。倍耐力是在意大利土壤上成长起来的国际品牌。如果改变土壤环境,它是否还能继续成长?我不知道,也不想尝试……因此我们不会迁移总部位置,变更管理层或转让它的技术。这些全写在我们的协议里。”Such reassurances appear to have won over Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi’s reformist government, which is highlighting the ChemChina-Pirelli deal as a sign of its more open policy on foreign investment as it seeks to boost the economy. On Saturday, Italy’s economic development minister, Federica Guidi, said Rome had “no right to intervene” in any such deal, especially as ChemChina’s takeover would make Pirelli “even more competitive”.上述保似乎已赢得了意大利总理马泰奥#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)的改革派政府的赞同。伦齐政府正在寻求提振经济,因此对外国投资采取更开放的政策,它将中国化工与倍耐力的这笔交易视为政府开放立场的体现。上周六,意大利经济发展部部长费代丽卡#8226;圭迪(Federica Guidi)表示,意大利政府“无权干涉”此类交易,尤其是中国化工的收购将让倍耐力“更具竞争力”。It is all part and parcel of a much broader Sino-Italian love affair which has seen Chinese investors take stakes in half a dozen prominent Italian companies, including the one that controls the country’s electricity grid and gas distribution. Italy, meanwhile, was one of the first European countries to sign up to the Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, despite strenuous objections from Washington.这笔收购交易是更广泛的“中意恋曲”的一个重要部分,中国投资者已投资入股6家著名的意大利公司,其中一家公司控制着意大利的电网和天然气分销系统。同时,意大利是申请加入北京牵头的亚洲基础设施投资(Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,简称“亚投行”)的首批欧洲国家之一,尽管华盛顿对该强烈反对。“The Italian public and government have been quite open to Chinese investment,” Mr Ren said. “We#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;feel grateful for the Italian government’s remarks regarding this transaction.”任建新说:“意大利的民众和政府已对中国投资敞开怀抱。我们……非常感谢意大利政府对此次收购交易的立场。”Additional reporting by Wan Li and Rachel Sanderson万丽、雷切尔#8226;桑德森(Rachel Sanderson)补充报道 /201504/367566 Over the coming weeks, a few Volvo cars will begin a historic journey from southwestern China to the US. The Swedish company’s S60L sedans will be transported by truck to Shanghai’s port, loaded on to car carriers for shipment across the Pacific, and finally rolled off in Los Angeles.在接下来的几周时间,一批沃尔沃(Volvo)汽车将从中国西南部运往美国,展开一段历史性旅程。这家瑞典公司的S60L轿车将先用卡车运到上海港口,再装载到汽车运输船上横跨太平洋,最终在洛杉矶卸载。Manufactured at Volvo’s new plant in Chengdu, the first made-in-China passenger cars purpose-built for export to the US are a reminder of how far the country — like Japan and South Korea — has come in global manufacturing.这批汽车产自沃尔沃的成都新工厂,是首批中国制造的专为出口美国订制的乘用车,它们提醒了我们中国(就像日本和韩国)在全球制造业已走出了多远。China has evolved from a supplier of low-cost, labour-intensive products to an exporter of what Ralf Speth, chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover, calls “the most complex consumer product on earth”.中国已经从低成本、劳动密集型产品供应国,发展成施韦德(Ralf Speth)所称的“地球上最复杂消费产品”的出口国。施韦德是捷豹路虎(Jaguar Land Rover)首席执行官。“China will probably follow the path we have seen with Japan and Korea but will do it faster,” H#229;kan Samuelsson, Volvo’s chief executive, said at this week’s Auto Shanghai, one of China’s two annual premier car shows. “I would say 2020 is realistic to see Chinese cars on the global market.”沃尔沃首席执行官霍坎#8226;萨穆埃尔松(H#229;kan Samuelsson)在本周开幕的上海国际车展上表示:“中国很可能将踏上我们见过的日本和韩国的发展道路,但是会发展得更快。我想2020年中国汽车出现在全球市场上是现实的。”上海国际车展是中国两大年度车展之一。Unlike Volvo, a unit of Chinese carmaker Geely, most multinational car executives are reluctant to talk about China as a possible future export platform for their companies.与隶属中国车企吉利(Geely)的沃尔沃不同,多数跨国车企高管都不愿谈论以中国作为其公司可能的未来出口平台。That is in part because they do not want to compete against sister units overseas and would also have to share their export earnings with their Chinese joint venture partners. Chinese government rules cap foreign ownership of automotive factories at 50 per cent.有部分是因为他们不想与海外兄弟公司竞争,另外他们还得与中方合资伙伴分享出口收入。中国政府规定汽车企业外资持股上限为50%。But with huge capacity investments in China coming on line just as annual economic growth falls to a “new normal” of below 7 per cent, the question about whether that capacity should be used for exports is not going away.但中国经济年增长正滑向低于7%的“新常态”,即将在中国投资的巨大产能就产生了一个挥之不去的问题:这一产能是否应该用于出口?Jacques Daniel, head of Renault’s China business, says his overseas colleagues raise the export issue frequently. “The question is often asked by our colleagues at Renault because they are afraid we are going to export,” Mr Daniel says. “But with such a big market here, all our energy should be focused on China.”雷诺汽车(Renault)中国业务负责人达业(Jacques Daniel)表示,他的海外同僚常常提到出口问题,他说:“雷诺的同事之所以会经常问这一问题,是因为他们担心我们要出口。但这儿有这么大市场,我们所有的精力都该集中在中国。”Renault is a late-comer to China, the world’s largest car market with more than 20m units sold last year. The French company will not open its first factory in the country until early 2016. The joint venture with Dongfeng Motor in Wuhan will have an initial capacity of just 150,000 units.中国去年汽车销量超过2000万辆,是全球最大汽车市场。雷诺在中国市场是个后来者,这家法国公司到2016年初才会在中国开第一家工厂。雷诺与东风汽车(Dongfeng Motor)在武汉的合资公司初始产能将仅为15万辆。GM and Volkswagen, the top two automakers in China, will have a combined manufacturing capacity of almost 10m units in their most important market by 2018. GM is in the midst of a five-year bn China investment drive that will increase capacity 25 per cent this year alone. Both companies believe that even such huge capacity increases can be absorbed by China alone.通用汽车(GM)和大众汽车(Volkswagen)在中国是最大的两家汽车制造商,到2018年,在中国这个最重要的市场上,两家公司的总产能将达到近1000万辆。通用汽车对华投资140亿美元的5年计划正在进行中,仅今年其产能就将提高25%。这两家公司都认为即使产能增加如此巨大,单靠中国市场就能吸收。“We want to build where we sell,” Mary Barra, GM’s chief executive, said at an Auto Shanghai briefing. “It’s still important to make sure we have the capacity for the domestic market.”通用汽车首席执行官玛丽#8226;巴拉(Mary Barra)在上海国际车展的发布会上表示:“我们希望在哪儿销售,就在哪儿建造产能。确保我们的产能满足中国市场仍然重要。” /201504/372022广东广州长安医院做输卵管检查广州市哪些医院精子检测最好



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