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广州天河宫颈糜烂会传染吗天河处女膜修复医院地址Im in an abandoned urban area pitting my wilderness survival skills against man-made dangers.我在废弃之城实践荒野求生术 于人为障碍之间穿梭This is for this.Im trying to access a building in search of survival essentials.这是黑暗模式 我在尝试进入这栋建筑 寻找生存必需品But my torch is out,and the series of ventilation shafts Im following have just got a load narrower.但我的火炬灭了 我所处的这节通风管 也变得越来越窄I hate cramped places like this.you know, there is so much of surviving confined places.我讨厌这种狭窄的地方 在狭小空间里求生要注意很多 Its just about trying to keep calm and not panic.要保持冷静 不能慌张As soon as you panic,your chest cavity expands,and a tight place becomes even tighter.Okay, just reach the end of this.一旦惊慌 胸腔便会扩张 狭小的地方便会感觉更窄 我们要到尽头了Its a tight spot,but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel,and one final squeeze should get me there.这块特别窄 但我能看见通道尽头的亮光 只要再挤一下 我就能出去了I have to control my breathing as best as I can,but the ventilation shaft is full of dust and grime,and Im reaching choking point.我要尽可能控制好呼吸 但是通风管满是灰尘与污垢 我快要窒息了its a difficult drop from ceiling to floor,requiring some acrobatics.从房顶跳到地上并不容易 这需要一些技巧but Im out and into the top floor of the building.Little bit, I got it, I got it.Man, its nice to be -- nice to be out of that place.但我还是出来了 进入了顶楼 慢慢的 可以了 天哪 爬出那个地方感觉真好At least Im off the roof and into the building.Lets check this place out.至少我不在屋顶上 而是在建筑物内部了 让我们先看看这个地方201609/468894广州白云什么医院治疗妇科比较好 How would you respond if you saw a sexual assault take place?如果你看到性侵发生,你会怎么回应?This shows what would happen if you stood on the sidelines and didnt do anything. 该视频显示如果你袖手旁观什么都没做会发生什么。While the was made by an Indian ad agency to highlight sexual assault in India, this could happen anywhere. 该视频是一家印度广告代理公司做的,强调印度性侵行为,这可能发生在任何地方。And in the U.S., 63 percent of sexual assaults arent reported by the survivor. Thats more than any other crime. 在美国,性骚扰百分之63不会被幸存者报道。这比其它任何犯罪要多。The anti-sexual violence organization RAINN suggests these techniques to help prevent sexual assault: 反性暴力组织RAINN建议这些方法有助于防止性骚扰,create a distraction, ask the person in trouble if they need help, call the police or 911, or find a backup like another bystander to help you out. 分散注意力,问那些陷入麻烦的人是否需要帮助,打电话给警察或911,或找一个援如另一个旁观者来帮助你。译文属。201703/499514Cmon, a six pack?拜托,六块肌肉?Who needs a six pack, when you got…THE NOSE.有一个帅气的鼻子,谁还需要六块肌肉?or a NOSE… when you got THE SUIT.有套漂亮的西装,谁有需要那个鼻子?Now you dont need a SUIT when you got THE MOVES.舞姿灵活,你就不需要西装了。Or MOVES when you got THE FIRE.有热情,还需要什么舞姿?or FIRE when you rock those HEELS.当你能穿高跟鞋时,还要什么热情?and HEELS when you ride those WHEELS.当你能驾驭轮椅时,才不需要高跟鞋呢。LOOKS… Man, who needs LOOKS? when you got THE BOOKS.长得帅...饱读诗书的你,又何必长得帅?Or books when you got some balls.当你有勇气的时候,就不需要书了。And who needs all that when you get THE DOOR.但当你给女士开门的时候,谁有需要以上这些?When you got THE DOUGH. THE BRAINS. THE TOUCH. THE ;AWWW;.当你玩儿面粉的时候,有头脑,懂的亲热,还有...Thats right...who needs some other THING when you got… YOUR THING.对啦,当你拥有自己的特色,何须其他特色来妆点。Now, work on it.来吧,耕耘自我。201702/490334广州长安医院好不好

广州白云可视打胎费用Before the Olympics, fans were worried about the state of the waters surrounding Rio. Now, the Olympics are here and everyone is wondering what happened to the water in the diving pool.奥运会之前,粉丝们担心里约的水质状况。如今奥运开赛,人们都在好奇跳水水池发生了什么。Diving fans were dismayed to see that the waters blue hues from the first few days of competition were gone, replaced by a green, murky pool.跳水爱好者惊愕地看到,比赛最初几天蓝色的水不见了,取而代之的是绿色、暗淡的水池。British synchronized diver Tonia Couch said the water made it impossible for her to see her partner.英国双人跳水运动员托尼亚·考奇说,绿色的水让它看不到自己的同伴。The leading theory about the color change is that an algae bloom started because the pool didnt have enough chlorine. 水池颜色变化的主要推测是藻类的大量繁殖,因为水池没有足够的氯。Sports Illustrated noted that algae typically blooms in warmer water, which could explain why the warmer waters under the diving platforms turned green, while the cooler swimming pool is still blue.体育画报指出,藻类通常在温暖的水中大量繁殖,这就可以解释为什么更温暖的跳水水池变成绿色,而较冷的游泳池仍然是蓝色。A spokesman for the games said officials are investigating the cause and added that they did test to make sure the water was safe for competitors.赛事的一位发言人表示,官员正在调查原因,并补充他们做了测试,以确保水对选手是安全的。译文属。201608/460089天河长安医院治疗子宫粘连多少钱 A document was drawn up for the king to sign not discuss, just to accept.他的面前呈上了一份文件 等待签署 不容讨论 只能接受What it said was so startling, so genuinely revolutionary,文件内容骇人听闻 革命的意愿尽现that 1258 ought to be one of those dates engraved on the national memory.1258年应像其他重大的日子一样 永载史书 被国人铭记The provisions of Oxford were at least as important as Magna Carta.牛津条款的重要性 至少能与《大宪章》相媲美In effect, the crown had been replaced by a new council of nobles and clergy.实际上 君主的权力已经移交给 由贵族和神职人员组成的新理事会That council now virtually ruled England.Foreign courtiers were made to disappear.该理事会变成了英格兰真正的统治者 外国朝臣被迫离开It has been ordained that there are to be three parliaments a year to view the state of the kingdom.按照要求 每年召开三次议会 以体察王国的情况It is provided that from each county there are chosen four law-worthy knights to hear all complaints for the common benefit of the whole Kingdom.同时规定 每个郡县要选出四名合法的爵士 听取百姓疾苦 促进王国稳定发展When the assembled community of the realm,including the king and Prince Edward,当王国当权者聚集在一起 包括国王和爱德华王子swore an oath to uphold the provisions,they could have been in no doubt about its significance for the moment for fate of the nation.宣誓维护这些条款的时候 他们绝不会质疑该文件 对国家命运的重要性And so Henry IIIs facade of omnipotent rule had come crashing down around his ears.就这样 亨利三世塑造的绝对权力的幻象 在他耳边轰然瓦解But he was not the only royal with a stake in events.但他并不是唯一受到牵制的皇室成员 /201610/470703天河复通手术多少钱

广州番禺做妇科检查一般多少钱栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/460645 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452209天河哪家医院人工流产最好广州长安妇科医院精液常规测试



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