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广州长安做无痛摘环怎么样好不好广东计划生育专科医院在哪里Larry跟李华一起去逛商店。李华今天要学两个常用语,burn a hole in one's pocket和burned. LL: Wow, Li Hua - check out this new flat-screen TV! Too bad it's so expensive! LH: 是啊,现在物价这么贵,美元又一个劲儿贬值,真不知道还有什么人愿意买这么贵的电视。 LL: You're right, Li Hua. Spending money on things like that can really burn a hole in your pocket. LH: 什么?把我的口袋烧个洞!这可太危险了。你说It can burn a hole in my pocket肯定还有别的意思吧? LL: You guessed it! The phrase means that an item or expenses such as bills consume a lot of a person's earnings. LH: 那跟在口袋里烧个洞有什么关系呢? LL: Since money is traditionally carried in our pockets, the saying 'burn a hole in your pocket' symbolizes such high expenses. LH: 要这么说,living in the big city can burn a hole in your pocket. 除了电视,还有房租、电费和食物,光是日常花销就能在“我的口袋里烧个大洞”。 LL: Well said, Li Hua! If you have the same salary but move to a more expensive city, the daily cost of living can burn a much bigger hole in your pocket than before. LH: 这就是为什么花钱要有计划,不能想买什么买什么,否则肯定入不敷出。 LL: Gas prices have climbed to new highs. I only drive to work twice a week to save money, because it was really beginning to burn a serious hole in my pocket. LH: 最近油价确实贵得吓人,还好我坐地铁上班,既省钱又环保。 LL: There are so many things that can potentially burn a hole in your pocket. Expensive habits can really hurt you, which is why I'm glad that I quit smoking. LH: 是啊,你戒烟一年省的钱够加好几箱油的! LL: Soaring gas prices and cigarette taxes were burning such a big hole in my pocket that I basically gave up driving and smoking! LH: 你知道还有什么花销最多吗? LL: Let' me guess. Going out to eat! LH: 没错!跟朋友、同事、家人出去吃饭也是一笔不小的开销。 ****** LH: 说起现在的开销。我前两天出去看房子,才发现这里的房价原来这么贵! LL: It really is! Didn't you want to continue renting? LH: 我本来也是要继续租公寓住的,可是,说来话长。 LL: What happened? Did you get burned? LH: Get burned? 被烧伤? LL: 'Getting burned' is when you commit to something or personally invest in something with your emotions or money and you basically get nothing in return. LH: 噢,getting burned是吃亏的意思啊。那真让你说着了。我跟另外两个人一起签了约,结果她们最后一刻反悔了。 LL: Did you put down a deposit? LH: 我交了两个月的租金,其中一半是押金,结果因为违约,押金没要回来? I definitely got burned! LL: That's terrible! Did the two other roommates have another option, or did they end up getting burned, too? LH: 那两个人的押金也没要回来。但是她们决定一起到另外一个地方去租房子,起码她们还有个伴儿。 LL: So, they kind of burned themselves on violating the terms of the contract, but you were burned worse because what happened was a result of their actions and not yours. LH: 没错。她们自己反悔,押金被扣还说得过去,我可是被她们连累的。 LL: It sounds like you know what 'getting burned' means. Now the next step is ensuring that it doesn't happen again! Did you learn any lessons from getting burned? LH: 要说教训,那就是,下次一定不能轻信别人。这就是为什么我在四处看房子,我准备咬咬牙,自己买个公寓。 LL: Well, it looks like you've got it figured out. Hopefully you won't burn a hole in your pocket for a price. LH: (Laughing) 听上来真滑稽。我为了下次不再吃亏上当,宁可准备倾囊而出,自己花钱去买个公寓。 LL: I know. You will probably end up burning a hole in your pocket so that you don't get burned again. How ironic! 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是burn a hole in one's pocket, 指价格昂贵。另一个是 burned, 指吃亏上当。 /200811/55633广州长安医院简介 What are the requirements to apply for the position?应聘这个职位需要什么条件? /201102/126715Just because I had an affair with you doesn't mean I like you!我和你发生关系并不代表我喜欢你!这句话,真拧吧,.... 来分析一下Just because 的意思是:虽然...但是....一般的用法是Just because ...doesn’t mean例子:Just because I’m married doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see my old friends anymore. 虽然我结婚了,但这并不意味着我就不再想见老朋友 affair :风流韵事广州去那里做人流手术最好

广东长安医院地址Jade: do you remember where you were for the terrorist attacks on 9-11?Sam: yes, I was in my apartment in Beijing. Where were you?J: I was at home with my parents in New York City.S: really? Did you see the hijacked planes crash into and destroy the twin towers?J: I didn't see the crash itself, but I did see the smoke and everything afterwards from my parents' apartment building. S: that must have been horrible. Did you go out at all that day to see what was going on?J: no, we decided to stay in our apartment. With all the buses out of service and the underground trains at a halt, many people had no choice but to walk home. It was utter chaos.S: did you know anyone who worked in the World Trade Center?J: yes, my uncle's firm had an office in one of the towers.S: did he survive?J: unfortunately, he wasn't able to evacuate in time. He ended up dying in the tower.S: I'm sorry. That must have really been a nightmarish day for you and your family.J: it was. The hijackers didn't have any respect for human life not even their own.S: terrorist acts are deliberate and deadly and can affect every walk of life. /201004/102778广州天河妇幼保健院看不孕不育怎么样好不好 Wang Wei: pardon me. Could you please pass me the tissue?Simon: sure, here you are.W: thanks, I didn't expect the dish to be so spicy. Are you ok?S: yeah, I think the food is alright, it's not too spicy though it's a little salty for me. But you are Chinese, you should have known better.W: well, not every Chinese can handle spicy food in the way people from Sichuan and Cuizhou provinces can. Back where I come from, people don't eat a lot of pepers and chilies.S: Oh, I see how this food can be really hard for you. I can sympathize with that. I stayed in Sichuan for a year. The food was difficult at the beginning. Every dish was so spicy. After a while, I got used to the taste, and now I won't consider anything a real dish if it isn't spicy.W: yeah, you can increase you tolerance for spicy food, but so far, I haven't had the need or the opportunity. Every timr I try spicy food, it is a total disaster for my nose and eyes.S: I completely understand. I didn't intend on liking spicy food at first either, but when you have no other choicess, you've got to adapt.W: yeah, I guess that's a typical example of "when in Rome, do as the Romans do."S: exactly. /201001/93933广州市长安人流怎么样好不好

东莞那个医院输卵管通水最好对于chat这个词,相信大家并不陌生,它的字面意思为“闲谈”,即“没有特定目的或非正式的交谈”。不少人应该都曾经光顾过网络上的chat room(聊天室)吧。不过,chat当作动词时,后面通常也跟着不同的介词,并且意思也有所不同。Chat somebody up是指"说甜言蜜语".我们来看下面的例句:My boyfriend always chats me up.我的男朋友总是跟我说甜言蜜语。Chat with 是指与某人倾谈,例如:James likes chatting with his classmates during recess.詹姆士喜欢在休息的时候与同学闲谈.另外,我们用 chat about 指出闲谈的话题.例如:We chatted about Andy's performance in his concert. It was marvelous!我们谈及安蒂在演唱会上的表现,真的十分精!至于我们今天讲到的chat up,主要是指用甜言蜜语与异性搭讪聊天.如:Tom always chats Mary up to leave a good impression on her.汤姆时常用甜言蜜语与玛丽聊天,为了给她留下一个美好的印象. /201004/100448 Makayla: so, how should we go to the theatre?Gabriel: let's take the bus.M: I hate the bus system in London! The bus drivers are rude, the buses are never on time, and there are few people around who can help you.G: it's not that bad. You probably just had a bad experience once.M: it wasn't just once. Every single time I take the bus, something bad happens to me or to someone else on the bus.G: we could take the subway, but we'd have to go three stops along one line and then change trains twice.M: train fares are twice as expensive as the bus fare, too.G: if we don't hurry up, we'll miss the show. Should we take the bus?M: we're aly late, so I think we had better take a taxi.G: I don't think we'll be able to find a taxi very easily during hush hours. Let's just take the bus.M: fine. Have a look at the timetable to find out when the next one arrives.G: it looks like it should be here in just a few minutes.M: don't worry. Nothing bad will happen. I'll even buy your ticket for you.G: thanks, that was nice of you.M: see, now something good has happened to you on a bus trip! /10/87350广州天河长安医院检查尖锐湿疣多少钱广州不育专科医院




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