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英语口语每天说上半小时0(7) -- ::00 来源: Lesson 7 Computer 高速下载 1 Could you show me how to use the computer? Can you help me set up the computer?3 When did you learn to use the computer? Is it difficult to learn word processing? 5 What do you usually use your computer ? 6 Can you teach me some basics about computer? 7 Do you know how to copy a file? 8 Must I double click it ? 9 Is our daily life affected by computer? Do you think computers will replace man? dialogue 1 M: Would you please teach me how to use the computer? W:Sure , let's take a look at the first. M:Do I have to turn on the computer? W:yes, we can look at the computer and computer at the same time.And this will help us undstand both better . M:What should I learn first? W:Right now I 'll teach you to open files ,save files and copy files .Are you y?M:I am y I am going to get ,let's start! dialogue . W:Excuse me , can I use your computer to type my paper? M:No problem. W: I am afraid I can't finish typing it this afternoon.When will you use it tonight? M:Oh,Never mind,I finished my paper.So you can use it tonight . w:Thanks a lot! dialogue 3 M:There are something wrong with my computer. W:Really, what's wrong with it ? M:The computer doesn't work when I push the power botton.w:Oh,do you use your computer often ?M:Yes ,I don't know why it doesn't work this time.w:Don't worry. Have you got receipt with you ? M:Yeah! W:We'll go to your house and repair it on Tuesday.Ok? M:OK, I'll expected you around o'clock ?w:See you then. Good evening ,our program tonight focuses on personal computer.Ok,most of you will be working with machine that look like this one on the desk.we'll start by going over the different parts and what they do.In the center of the desk,it's the keyboard and monitor,keyboard has some special keys ,but basically is just like a typywriter keyboard,when you type something on the keyboard,the words are shown on the monitor.If you've aly used the computer and stored inmation in it,that inmation will be on a disk like this.When you want to look back at something,you put the disk into the disk drive.Now ,if you want to get a paper copy at what's on the screen,the printer will produce that you.OK,let's set all of this in motion.Computer1 The computers contains 5 basic sections:input ,memory,arithmetic and logic,control,and output. Because of its memory and speed,the computer can consider many more factors than a person can.3 Computers can do simple computations with lovely speed and perfect accuracy. Computers can gather a wild range of inmation many purposes.5 Computers can store inmation and pull it out whenever it needed.6 People's brains are a lot more complex than a computer.7 Computers have aly changed our lives of millions of people.8 The impact of the computer is amazing.9 We can't depend on computers to do everything us. We should use our brains to think and imagine. Dialogue oneLet's start to study how to use computers ,Paubler.It's good to know that a computer has two major parts,the hardware and the software.What's the hardware?The hardware of computer is basically all the concrete things you can touch with your hands and see with your eyes.That's seems obvious enough.then what about the software?The software of computer is all the programmes inside the computer that allow you to use the computer to do things.I see,actually the hardware is the easy part,I do want to study how to use the software.Right you are,Paubler,and since what you want to learn is how to use software ,we should also learn to refer to the computer s.Ever since I saw computer can do your project,I wanted to have a computer. Dialogue twoDo you know much about computers?Not a great deal.I've just been ing an about them.they'll be used all sorts of things now. ing system and things like that ,you mean ?Yes ,but they are used other things,too.Do you remember when we went to buy a ticket the flight to Paris .Yes?The man asked where we want to go,then he type out the inmation on the m and waited a reply.A few moment later ,he gave us two tickets.Of course,his machine must have been connected to a computer.That's right.Dialogue threeWell,known,Jim ,I'm...I'm pretty much in favour of your computers,I think computers teach kids to think ,because they require logical thoughts.But I...I don't agree with that ,because computers weaken kids' ability to think,because kids don't learn basic skills.What do you mean?They can't spell ,they can't add,they can't subtract,they even don't remember any more.that's because they rely on gadgets.That's not the gadgets.Creating programmes is stimulate thoughts. It engages their imagination and sharpen their mind.The computer is an important factor in our lives,each year ,we use computers more and more to help us to connect data and to provide their inmation ,at one time,people thought computers were only used banks ,dapartment stores and governments,but today ,the rapidly increasing number of computers are used many other purposes.The clothes you wear were probably manufactured with the help of a computer.The newspaper you could have been edited and typed by a computer.Even TV programs and commercials are often prepared by computers,there is no reason to think that their uses will decrease.Computer will become a greater part of our lives. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语广州长安不孕不育修复处女膜Teen: 少年 -01-6 3:9:51 来源: 在古汉语中,关于年龄的称谓着实有些繁琐,仅岁到19岁之间就有“豆蔻”、“及笄”、“舞勺”、“碧玉”…英语中,这个年龄段仅用一个teen就可代替不过,teen在古英语中还有“痛苦,愤怒”的意思,所以英语学习者往往会误认为它们之间存有某些联系实质上,一直到世纪0年代,teen(少年)才进入英语词汇,是teenage的简略形式;而teen表示grief、hurt、damage(伤害、痛苦)则源于古英语词“teona”,由此可见,二者并无根本联系我们平时用teen表示“少年”常用它的复数形式,如:She is not yet out of her teens.(她还不到岁)在口语中,teen也可做定语,如:Popular music, fashions, trends, teen-speak: they change as soon as you think you have gotten the hang of them.(流行音乐、时装、时尚潮流、年轻人用的俚语--当你以为自己完全掌握其来龙去脉时,它却又变了样)另外,表示“青春年少”时,我们也可以用adolescent,与teen相比,它更正式一点(中国日报网站编译) 少年 teen 英语 表示广东省广州市长安医院输卵管再通沉默本身也是一种思想和心境的流露,是灵魂的另一种形式的回声Indeed, a living being there is no such thing as true silence, silence itself is a revelation of the mind and the heart, an echo of the soul of a different m.Some people use silence as a disguise of the emptiness of the head.Some use it as a means to depict their disorientation and melancholy.And some use it as a way of expressing their angers and sorrows....Silence usually is ephemeral. It reminds one of the bronze bells dangling from a pagoda's eaves; on windless days they are a decoration upon the age-weathered beauty, but with wind they give out wonderful tinkling and jingling metallurgic sounds, as if echoing age-old stories of long, long ago...Do you not think the same of silent people?They say that "silence is golden", but of what nature is this "gold"? It can include integrity, honesty and kindness; it can stand indifference to and detachment from fame and tune; but it can also act as an excuse hypocrisy, slyness and cowardice... the glittering of gold may not necessarily be the most brilliant lustre in the world.Can it be that permanent silence is only represented by death?Perhaps even death cannot represent true silence, the carrier of the soul can turn into dust, so that the sincere and wise voices from the bottom of the heart will trigger long-lasting echoes in the seas of human hearts... 77广州长安不孕不育医院做人流好吗

番禺的人流医院广州长安女子医院药物流产Jack-leg: 不称职、蹩脚的 -01-7 00::7 来源: 理解这个短语的关键在于弄清楚"Jack"的含义,"leg"在这里没有什么实际意义Jack(杰克)是大家非常熟悉的一个英语人名,如电影《泰坦尼克中的男主角就叫"杰克"另外,Jack可以泛指"人、普通人或物",大家都知道这句谚语吧:All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. (只工作不玩,聪明的孩子也会变傻)Jackknife则指一种普通而实用的折叠刀,Jack-of-all-trade说得就是样样通却杂而不精的人Jack-leg 很早就出现在美语口语中,表示"不称职、蹩脚的、不熟练的 ",常用来形容的医生和律师,如:jack-leg lawyer(不称职的、品德恶劣的律师)综上所述,"Jack-leg fence"就表示"简陋、勉强能用的围栏" Jack 大家 杰克 律师Learn to Live in the Present Moment To a large degree,the measure of our peace of mind is determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment.Irrespective of what happened yesterday or last year,and what may or may not happen tomorrow,the present moment is where you are --always. Without question,many of us have mastered the neurotic1) art of spending much of our lives worrying about a variety of things --all at once.We allow past problems and future concerns to dominate our present moments,so much so that we end up anxious,frustrated,depressed,and hopeless.On the flip side,we also postpone our gratification,our stated priorities),and our happiness,often convincing ourselves that ‘someday’ will be better than today.Untunately,the same mental dynamics3) that tell us to look toward the future will only repeat themselves so that ‘someday ’never actually arrives.John Lennon once said,‘Life is what's happening while we're busy making other plans.’When we're busy making ‘other plans’,our children are busy growing up,the people we love are moving away and dying,our bodies are getting out of shape,and our dreams are slipping away.In short,we miss out) on life. Many people live as if life were a dress rehearsal5) some later date.It isn’t.In fact,no one has a guarantee that he or she will be here tomorrow.Now is the only time we have,and the only time that we have any control over.When our attention is in the present moment,we push fear from our minds.Fear is the concern over events that might happen in the future--we won' t have enough money,our children will get into trouble,we will get old and die,whatever.To combat fear,the best strategy6) is to learn to bring your attention back to the present.Mark Twain said,‘I have been through some terrible things in my life,some of which actually happened.I don't think I can say it any better.Practice keeping your attention on the here and now.Your efts will pay great dividends7). by Richard Carlson 86汕头妇幼保健院不孕专科晨曦是我的亚述古国; 日落和明月是我梦想中怕弗仙境;正午是我感觉与理解中是英格兰;夜晚是我神秘哲思与梦境的德意志The Beauty of NatureNature satisfies by its loveliness,and without any mixture of corporeal benefit.I see the spectacle of morning from the hilltop over against my house,from daybreak to sunrise,with emotions which an angel might share.The long slender bars of cloud float like fishes in the sea of crimson light.From the earth,as a shore, I look out into that silent sea.I seem to partake its rapid transmations;the active enchantment reaches my dust, and I dilate and conspire with the morning wind. How does Nature deify us with a few and cheap elements! Give me health and a day, and I will make the pomp of emperors ridiculous.Te dawn is my Assyria;the sunset and moonrise my paphos, and unimaginable realms of faerie;broad noon shall be my England of the senses and the understanding;the night shall be my Germany of mystic philosophy and dreams. 8天河做打胎什么医院好

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