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天河区长安医院妇科广东省长安医院胎停检查多少钱The chairman of the Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi, a rising star of the consumer technology industry, said that sales more than doubled last year to .2 billion and that the company planned to expand further into global markets.中国智能手机品牌小米是消费技术行业的后起之秀,该公司董事长说,去年小米的销售额增长一倍有余,达122亿美元,该公司计划进一步在全球市场上扩张。Xiaomi, a five-year-old company, sold 61.1 million handsets, a 227 percent increase over 2013.小米公司诞生于五年前,去年它售出6110万部手机,比2013年增长227%。Revenue rose 135 percent to 74.3 billion renminbi, or .2 billion, the chairman, Lei Jun, wrote on his company blog.小米董事长雷军在公司客上表示,公司营收743亿元人民币,同比增长135%。Xiaomi overtook Samsung Electronics in the second quarter of last year and became China’s biggest-selling smartphone brand by number of handsets sold. The privately held company, based in Beijing, recently completed a round of fund-raising from investors that Mr. Lei said valued Xiaomi at billion, making it one of the world’s most valuable technology brands.以手机销售数量而言,去年第二季度,小米超越三星电子(Samsung Electronics),成为中国最畅销的智能手机品牌。这家民营公司总部设在北京,最近从投资者处完成了一轮融资。雷军说,据此小米估值为450亿美元,这让它成为了世界上最具价值的科技品牌之一。Xiaomi plans to expand further abroad after selling a million handsets last year in India, its biggest foreign market, Mr. Lei said, though he gave no indication which markets it might focus on.小米最大的国外市场是印度,去年它在那里销售了一百万部手机,该公司计划在海外进一步扩张,雷军说,不过他没有明确表示小米可能重点关注哪些市场。Xiaomi ran into legal trouble in India in December after a court blocked sales of some handsets while it heard a complaint by Ericcson of Sweden that the Chinese company violated its patents.去年12月,小米在印度遇到了法律上的麻烦:由于瑞典爱立信(Ericcson)称小米公司侵犯了它的专利,印度一所法院禁止该公司销售一些手机。Mr. Lei called the case a “rite of passage” for a young company.雷军称这个案子是一家年轻公司的“成年礼”。 /201501/352644广州市那家医院封闭抗体检查 Volvo is bringing Made in China to American drivers. The Swedish carmaker plans to export a roomy, long wheelbase version of its S60 saloon to the US from Chengdu in China, where it operates a factory with its owner and Chinese joint-venture partner Geely.沃尔沃(Volvo)正在将“中国制造”的汽车送到美国司机的手中。这家瑞典汽车制造商计划从中国成都向美国出口一款内部较宽敞、轴距较长版本的S60轿车。目前,沃尔沃在成都与它的母公司兼中国合资伙伴吉利(Geely)运营着一家汽车制造厂。The vehicle, called the S60L, marks a possible turning point for the motor industry, as a mainstream carmaker pilots the long-awaited introduction of Chinese vehicles in the US, the world’s second-biggest auto market — albeit with a European badge.这款名为S60L的汽车可能标志着汽车业的转折点,它标志着一家主流汽车制造商开始试行一个备受期待的计划:向美国引进中国制造的汽车——尽管这款汽车仍顶着欧洲的徽标。目前,美国是全球第二大汽车市场。“It’s something that’s unique and we’re very proud to be the first,” says Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo’s chief executive, speaking at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.在底特律北美国际汽车展(North American International Auto Show)上发言时,沃尔沃首席执行官哈坎#8226;萨缪尔森(Hakan Samuelsson)表示:“这是十分独特的经历。让我们非常自豪的是:我们是第一个这样做的人。”China’s car manufacturers have so far failed to make a dent in the global auto market, despite the fact that it is now more than three decades since Volkswagen set up one of the country’s first big joint ventures. For example, BYD, the electric carmaker backed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, had planned to introduce China-made vehicles in the US in 2010, but the plans fizzled out.自大众(Volkswagen)在中国创办首个大型合资企业以来,时间已过去了逾30年。然而到目前为止,中国汽车制造商仍未对全球汽车市场产生很大影响。比如,曾获亿万富翁沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)投资的电动汽车制造商比亚迪(BYD),曾计划在2010年向美国引进中国制造的汽车,结果却不了了之。Volvo began production of the S60L at the Chengdu plant in 2013, and has capacity to make 120,000 vehicles each year.沃尔沃于2013年开始在成都的工厂生产S60L,其产能为每年12万辆。The question is whether US consumers are y for vehicles made in China, which lacks a strong reputation in carmaking despite it being the world’s biggest producer of manufactured goods and boasting industrial prowess in areas from consumer technology to textiles.现在的问题在于,美国消费者是否为接受中国制造汽车做好了准备。毕竟,虽然中国是全球最大的制造品生产国,在包括消费高科技产品和纺织品在内的领域,中国也以强大的工业实力而自豪,但是中国在汽车制造领域的名声并不是十分响亮。“This is something the industry is going to watch very closely,” says Stephanie Brinley, analyst at IHS Automotive. “We want to understand how consumers feel and are going to react, but right now we just don’t know.”思迈汽车信息咨询公司(IHS Automotive)分析师斯蒂芬妮#8226;布林利(Stephanie Brinley)表示:“汽车业对此将极为关注。我们很想了解消费者的感受,并了解他们将会如何回应,然而目前我们还对此一无所知。”Volvo says it is simply making best use of the global manufacturing footprint offered by Geely. It stresses the factory equipment, training and employee qualifications are the same whether in Gothenburg or Chengdu.沃尔沃表示,该公司所做的只是充分利用了吉利提供的全球生产基地。该公司强调,不论是在哥德堡还是在成都,工厂设备、人员培训以及员工素质都是完全一样的。“We are not talking about exporting a Chinese car,” says Mr Samuelsson. “It’s a Volvo. Nobody has said the S60 [made in Genk] is a Belgian car. We know the quality is absolutely the same, if not better.”萨缪尔森表示:“我们在讨论的并不是出口中国轿车。我们出口的是沃尔沃。没人会说在根克(Genk)市生产的S60是比利时轿车。我们知道的是,这些产品的品质就算不能说是更好,也得说是完全一样。”“In the end you have to be a bit humble and accept that the customers are the ones deciding.”“归根结底,大家还是应该谦卑一点,让顾客来做决定。”Honda sells its Chinese-made Fit car in Canada. But for some US consumers, the Volvo S60L will trigger some uncomfortable associations, according to analysts.本田(Honda)也在加拿大销售中国制造的飞度(Fit)轿车。不过,按照分析师的说法,沃尔沃S60L会让美国消费者产生不好的联想。“Many Chinese cars are not y for American primetime, as we’ve seen some very subpar Chinese vehicles displayed at American auto shows,” says Michelle Krebs, analyst for Autotrader.com. But she adds that very few US consumers know — or care — where their cars are made.Autotrader.com网站分析师米歇尔#8226;克雷布斯(Michelle Krebs)表示:“许多中国汽车都没有做好走入美国‘黄金档’的准备,尽管我们曾在美国车展上看到过一些十分低档的中国汽车。”不过,她补充说,美国消费者极少有人了解或关心汽车的产地。Volvo’s S60L, which has sold to about 25,000 customers in China since launch, forms part of the company’s wider plan to resurrect its fortunes in the US.自推出以来,沃尔沃S60L轿车已在中国出售了2.5万辆,该款车型是沃尔沃在美国打翻身仗的更大计划的一部分。Volvo this month reported record sales of 466,000 vehicles for 2014, thanks to strong growth in the Chinese market, the world’s largest by sales.由于在中国市场的强劲增长,沃尔沃这个月录得2014年销售46.6万辆的创纪录销量。目前,中国是全球汽车销量最大的市场。But the US, once Volvo’s biggest market, has been a problem and is now just 12 per cent of sales. The company sold 56,000 vehicles in the US last year, down 8 per cent on 2013.不过,曾一度是其最大市场的美国对沃尔沃来说却是个问题。如今,在沃尔沃销量中美国市场所占的比例只有12%。去年,该公司在美国的销量是5.6万辆,比2013年下降8%。“Our programme narrowed, so we concentrated on too few cars,” says Mr Samuelsson. “We have to reverse that.”萨缪尔森表示:“我们收窄了产品计划,专注生产的非常少的几类轿车。我们必须改变这种状况。”Volvo has put in place a new management team in the US and ramped up its marketing activities in the country.目前,沃尔沃已经在美国配置了新的管理团队,并加大了在美国的营销力度。Initial volume expectations by Volvo for the S60L in the US are low — about 1,500 a year. More important will be the XC90, a sport utility vehicle, and a new S60 saloon, being launched in Detroit.沃尔沃对S60L在美销量的初步预期很低,只有大约每年1500辆。对沃尔沃来说,更重要的车型将会是XC90这款运动型多功能车(SUV),以及在底特律推出的新款S60轿车。Mr Samuelsson wants to get the company selling 100,000 vehicles in North America by broadening its product range, part of a plan to reach 800,000 in global sales over the medium term. “We need to grow here faster and this [S60L] is a piece in that puzzle,” he says.萨缪尔森希望,通过增加产品种类,能让沃尔沃在北美的销量达到10万辆,从而实现在中期内达到全球销售80万辆的计划。他说:“我们需要在北美市场的快速增长,这款(S60L)车型就是这一完整拼图中的一块。”But the importance of the S60L stretches beyond its volumes.不过,S60L的重要性不止是在销量方面。Mr Samuelsson says the car could be followed by other Volvo models made in China for export. Analysts say rival manufacturers may replicate Volvo’s move, including Buick, the General Motors brand that builds its Envision crossover SUV in China’s Shandong province for the Chinese market.萨缪尔森表示,在S60L之后,沃尔沃还会出口其他在华生产的车型。分析人士表示,包括别克(Buick)在内的沃尔沃对手可能会采取与沃尔沃同样的举措。别克是通用汽车(General Motors)旗下品牌,它在中国的山东省针对中国市场生产昂科威(Envision)跨界车。 /201501/3541503 Free Apps to Make You More Productive三款免费的应用程序可以提高你的生产效率In the olden days, productivity tools were a bit bulkier: pen, paper, the occasional actual, physical clock. Now, you can have just about anything you need to improve your efficiency, right in your phone or tablet. These are some of the best apps for getting stuff done.过去的产能工具有点笨重:笔,纸和偶尔较为实际的生物钟。现在只要用手机或者平板电脑就可以获得你所需用来提高效率的东西。这些就是可以使事情做好的最棒的应用程序。1. HabitClock1.习惯钟(Free for Basic Version, .99 per Month for Premium, for iOS)(基本版本可免费使用,按照国际标准每月需交纳.99的保险费);HabitClock lets you make a list of habits you#39;d like to perform in the morning,; writes Walter Glenn at Lifehacker. ;If you#39;re looking for help thinking of suggestions, it even shows trends so you can see the kinds of habits other users are creating. When the built-in alarm clock goes off, HabitClock shows you the first habit in your list and starts a timer. When you#39;ve finished it, click Done to move on to the next habit.;沃尔特·格兰在Lifehacker 网站中写道“习惯钟可以帮你列出早上喜欢做的习惯清单。如果你想寻求建议,那么它就会展示出其他人创造出来的一些习惯。当内置钟表启动之后,习惯钟就会在你的列表中显示你的第一个习惯,并且开始计时。当你完成这一习惯之后,表针就会‘滴答’进入下一个习惯”。2. focus@will2.集中注意力音乐电台(Free for 100 Minutes, a Month, per Year, for iOS, Android, and Online)(在安卓系统或者联机情况下,可免费使用100分钟,国际收费标准为每月,每年)Like to listen to music while you work? Focus@will offers songs and playlists geared toward boosting your concentration. The developers worked with neuroscientists to pick music most likely to inspire workers to enter ;the zone.;喜欢边工作边听音乐吗?集中注意力音乐电台可以提供一些歌曲和播放列表,从而帮助你提高注意力。开发商和神经系统科学家合作,挑选出了最有可能激发工作者进入工作状态的音乐。3. ToDoist3.简洁日程(Free for Basic Version, per Year for Premium, for Android, iOS, Online, Etc.)(基本版本可免费使用,按国际标准每月需交纳.99的保险费,可在安卓系统、联机和其他情况下使用)Ordinarily to-do lists can help you cross off projects and get stuff done, but they can#39;t tell you how to be more productive in the future. ToDoist tracks your productivity, enabling you to become more efficient.普通的工作清单只能帮你划掉已完成的工作,但是却不能告诉你将来如何提高效率。简洁日程可以跟踪分析你的生产力,从而帮你提高效率。Tell Us What You Think告诉我们你的看法Which apps would you add to this list? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment!你会将哪个应用程序加入到应用列表中呢?我们想听听你的看法!写下! /201504/370242广州市中医院看多囊

佛山去那人流最好This year, Ford, announced it was opening a research and innovation centre in Silicon Valley. But it’s not just computer geeks that the great American carmaker is hiring these days. It has recently taken on a plethora of social scientists as well, in its research labs in Michigan and around the world.今年,福特(Ford)宣布将在硅谷(Silicon Valley)建立一个研发与创新中心。但是这家美国汽车巨头聘用的并不只是计算机怪才。最近,福特还为位于密歇根乃至世界各地的研究实验室聘请了大批社会科学家。These psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists are trying to understand how we interact with our cars in a cultural sense. It is a striking development and one worth pondering in a personal sense if, like me, you spend much of your life rushing about in a car.这些心理学家、社会学家以及人类学家正试着从文化角度来理解我们是如何与自己的汽车互动的。这是一个引人注目的动向,也是一个值得从个人角度深思的议题——如果你像我一样,每天花费大量时间驾车奔波。In the early days of the company, Ford executives did not seem to be overly concerned about “culture”. The founder, Henry Ford, was cavalier about his customers, famously declaring: “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” But while the company has become far better at offering a customised service since Ford’s day, its cars generally seemed to have been designed by clever engineers who tended to assume that everyone liked the same things that they did: mostly flashy gadgets.在公司创立的早期阶段,福特的高管似乎并没有过度担忧“文化”。创始人亨利#8226;福特(Henry Ford)对顾客漫不经心,他有一句“名言”:顾客想要什么颜色的汽车就能拥有什么颜色的汽车——只要它是黑色的。”但是,尽管自从福特时代以来,该公司已经在提供定制化务方面取得长足进展,但总体而言,迄今福特汽车似乎都是由高智商的工程师们设计的,这些人倾向于假定,每个人都喜欢他们所喜欢的东西:大多是花里胡哨的小玩艺。These days, Ford executives have realised that it is not good enough to create cars simply according to what seems cool to its (mostly male) engineers in Michigan. They need to take a much wider and more imaginative view of consumer tastes.如今,福特的高管已经意识到,单纯依据其密歇根工程师(绝大多数为男性)认为炫酷的喜好来造车是不够的。他们需要从一个更开阔、更具想象力的视角来看待消费者的口味。That is partly because of globalisation — and, in particular, the fact that Ford (like all carmakers) is more reliant on the Chinese market for sales. Unsurprisingly, Chinese consumers often have radically different ideas of what makes a great car, especially if they are female.部分原因是全球化,尤其是福特(就像所有汽车制造商一样)现在更依赖于中国市场增长销售的事实。并不奇怪的是,中国消费者(特别是女性消费者)对什么才是好车往往有着截然不同的观点。A second reason why Ford is becoming more interested in culture is that the nature of cars is being transformed in a surprising way. Back when Henry Ford started making his Model T, the task of building cars was a job for technical engineers. Today, it also involves computer experts since cars now contain a dizzying amount of software.福特对文化的兴趣日益浓厚的第二个原因在于,汽车的本质正在以一种出人意料的方式发生转变。当年亨利#8226;福特开始打造其T型车(Model T)时,制造汽车是技术工程师的工作。而现在,研发汽车的过程还涉及计算机专家,因为汽车包含了令人眼花缭乱的各种软件。That has prompted tech companies to jump in. Last month, I listened to some engineers at Viv Labs, a Silicon Valley start-up created by the founders of Apple’s intelligent personal assistant Siri. They explained how we would soon be using cars embedded with artificial intelligence. Companies such as Google are creating self-driving cars and even Apple is rumoured to be creating a car of its own — a move that would probably create even more waves than last week’s launch of the Apple Watch.这促使技术公司加入进来。上个月,我与Viv Labs的几名工程师聊了聊,这是由苹果(Apple)人工智能助手Siri的创始人建立的一家硅谷初创企业。他们向我解释,我们将在不久的未来使用搭载人工智能的汽车。谷歌(Google)等公司正在打造无人驾驶汽车,甚至有传言称苹果也在研发自己的汽车——此举很可能将比上周发布的Apple Watch掀起甚至更大的波澜。As competition from the tech sector heats up, this is not only putting traditional car markets under pressure but also fostering creative thinking about the future of travel. Executives at Ford are now trying to look at the whole business of carmaking in a wider sense — both by hiring social scientists and by working with consultancies such as ReD, a group that specialises in social science research.来自科技行业的竞争日益升温,不仅让传统汽车制造商承受压力,还为未来旅行育创造性的思维。现在,福特高管正尝试以一个更开阔的视野来审视整个汽车制造业务——通过聘请社会科学家,并与专门从事社会科学研究的ReD之类的咨询机构共同合作。“We are looking at the bigger cultural context of cars,” explains Christian Madsbjerg, co-founder of ReD, who says that while Ford used to design cars “inside-out” (based on what engineers wanted), it is now trying to create them “outside-in” (based on what consumers want to experience). Or as Parrish Hanna, Ford’s global director of human machine interface, argues, what Ford is trying to do is promote “innovation” while using social scientists as consultants.“我们正在寻找汽车更大的文化内涵,”ReD的共同创始人克里斯蒂安#8226;马斯比耶尔格(Christian Madsbjerg)解释道。他称,福特过去设计汽车是“由内而外”(根据工程师的要求来设计),而如今它正试着以“由外而内”(根据消费者想要的体验)来打造汽车。或者正如福特全球人机界面总监帕里什#8226;汉纳(Parrish Hanna)所称的那样,福特尝试去做的是促进“创新”,并请社会科学家担任顾问。Though it remains to be seen what type of car will emerge from Ford’s new centre, I applaud the project for two reasons. The first is somewhat partisan: I trained as an anthropologist and have always lamented the fact that the discipline tends to be woefully under-appreciated and under-resourced. If companies such as Ford are now hiring social scientists, it might give anthropology a badly needed boost. Indeed, groups such as ReD say anthropologists are now cropping up in an increasing range of companies, such as Samsung, Adidas, Carlsberg, Lego and so on.尽管福特新的中心会研发出何种车型尚有待观察,但我出于两个原因而赞赏该项目。第一点多少有点偏袒之意:我曾经学习成为一名人类学家,并且一直对该学科倾向于被严重低估及资源不足耿耿于怀。如果福特之类的公司现在开始聘请社会科学家,这或许会给人类学带来一个亟需的推动。事实上,ReD等集团称,人类学家如今在越来越多的公司中崭露头角,比如三星(Samsung)、阿迪达斯(Adidas)、嘉士伯(Carlsberg)、乐高(Lego)等。The second, more important reason this trend is interesting is that it could point to a bigger shift in business attitudes. Back in Henry Ford’s day, the power relationship between corporate executives and consumers was imbalanced; these days consumers can band together to express their preferences — and change their tastes at lightning speed.这种趋势有意思的第二个也是更为重要的原因是,它可能指向商界态度的整体转变。在亨利#8226;福特的时代,企业高管与消费者之间的实力关系是不平衡的;如今消费者可以联合起来表达自己的喜好——并以闪电速度改变自己的口味。So when you next get into a car, it is worth taking a look around and thinking about what you might tell an anthropologist if they were sitting in the passenger seat. Could you imagine a radically different way of driving? Does the way we imagine “cars” meet what you really need? And if it does not, how might we — or those brainiacs in Silicon Valley — redesign the experience? I daresay the answer would make Henry Ford spin in his grave.所以,当你下一次坐进汽车里时,你应该环顾四周并想一想,如果人类学家就坐在副驾座位上,你或许想告诉他/她些什么。你能想象出一种完全不同的驾驶方式吗?我们想象的“汽车”体验是否满足了你的真正需求?如果这未能满足你,我们——或者硅谷的天才们——该如何重新设计这种体验?我敢说,亨利#8226;福特地下有知的话也会忙活起来。 /201503/366462广州检查弱精专业医院 广州天河做人流最好的多少钱

广州天河哪家看妇科Measured against how long we have been around, humans began ing only recently. The earliest scripts emerged about 5,000 years ago.以人类存在的整个历史衡量,人类只是在最近才开始阅读。最早的手稿出现在大约5000年前。The Greeks produced a fully-developed alphabet, with vowels, about 3,000 years ago. Johannes Gutenberg printed his bible 560 years ago.希腊人在大约3000年前发明了带有元音的、成熟的字母表。约翰内斯#8226;谷登堡(Johannes Gutenberg)于560年前印刷出了圣经。If ing from the printed page is recent, then ing from a digital screen is a just-peeled-the-protective-plastic-off novelty.如果说人类只是从最近才开始阅读印刷文字的话,那么从数字屏幕上阅读就如刚刚撕掉塑料保护膜一样的新鲜。Many have described the advent of digital ing as the biggest revolution since Gutenberg. We are still not sure what digital screens are doing to the process of ing. While researchers have tried to examine the difference between print and onscreen ing, the results are fuzzy.很多人把数字化阅读的出现描述为自谷登堡以来的最大变革。我们尚无法确定数字化屏幕对阅读过程具有何种影响。尽管研究人员尝试了研究纸质阅读和屏幕阅读的区别,但结果并不清晰。Some studies have found little difference in comprehension and recall between those ing print and those looking at screens. Others have found lower understanding and memory among screen ers.一些研究发现,纸质阅读和屏幕阅读在理解和回忆方面几乎没有区别。另外一些研究发现,屏幕阅读者在理解和记忆方面表现较差。Apart from the difficulties of assessing how people absorb meaning, digital devices are still changing and developing, attempting to make the ing process smoother.除了在评估人们如何吸收语意上存在困难外,数字化设备仍在不断变化和发展,试图让阅读过程更加顺畅。As ing researchers Anne Mangen of the University of Stavanger and Don Kuiken of the University of Alberta admit, it is best to see their and others’ studies as “an exploration of possibilities rather than explicit hypothesis testing”.正如阅读研究员、挪威斯塔万格大学(University of Stavanger)的安妮#8226;芒让(Anne Mangen)和加拿大阿尔伯塔大学(University of Alberta)的唐#8226;奎肯(Don Kuiken)所承认的那样,最好把他们和其他人的研究看作是“一次关于可能性的探索,而非明确的假设检验”。Their research examined whether people differently on a screen (the Kindle app on an iPad) and a printed page, but also looked at the difference between fiction and non-fiction. They gave their subjects a piece of writing describing an actual murder at a mall, and told one group it was made-up and the other that it was real.他们对人们在屏幕(iPad上的Kindle应用软件)和纸质阅读是否存在差异进行研究,不过也观察了阅读小说和非小说之间的差异。他们给了研究对象一篇讲述一宗发生在商场的真实谋杀案的文章,告诉其中一组这件事是虚构的,告诉另一组文章是真实的。Among those who thought it was fiction, there was little difference between screen and print ers. Those ing from the iPad were a little unsure of their location in the text. But their grasp of the narrative, their immersion in the story and how much sympathy they felt with the characters differed little from that of the print ers.在认为阅读内容为小说的研究对象中,屏幕阅读和纸质阅读之间几乎没有差别。在iPad上阅读的人对文中所述事件的发生地点有点不确定。但是他们对文字叙述的理解、对故事情节的投入以及对人物的同情程度,与纸质阅读者几乎没有差别。Among those who thought they were ing non-fiction, there was a significant difference. The iPad ers had less narrative grasp, less immersion and less sympathy.那组认为自己阅读的是非小说的研究对象,则存在显著差别。与纸质阅读者相比,iPad阅读者对文字叙述的理解更差,对故事的投入更弱,同情心也更少。Why the difference? The writers e research suggesting that ing non-fiction involves fast processing (“skimming”)” while fiction involves slow processing (“savouring”).为什么会存在差异?两位作者引用研究称,阅读非小说涉及快速处理(“略读”),而阅读小说涉及慢速处理(“品味”)。The suggestion is that ing screens for factual information encourages skimming so that when the narrative is more detailed it becomes less comprehensible.这似乎表明,在屏幕上阅读事实类信息促使阅读者进行略读,因此当文字叙述比较详细时,理解就较差。This matches my experience. I am ing 10 novels, as chairman of the judges of theFinancial Times arts awards for emerging market countries. As I have been travelling, I have mostly been ing on a Kindle.这与我的经验相符。作为英国《金融时报》评判新兴市场国家艺术奖的主席,我目前正在阅读10本小说。由于我最近在出差,我大多时候都用Kindle看书。I prefer real books, for the heft, the ease of paging back and the sense of how far I have — which I can see and feel, rather than relying on a percentage at the bottom of the page. But a Kindle is compact and easy on the eyes and, like the students in the study, I have had no problem immersing myself in the stories.我更喜欢实实在在的书,因为它有重量,能轻易翻回之前的页,也能直观感受到自己已经读了多少——这是我“看得见摸得着”的,而不需要依靠屏幕下方的进度条来判断。但是,Kindle外形小巧紧凑,阅读起来不伤眼睛,而且就像上述研究的参加者那样,我可以让自己投入故事情节。Reading news is different. When my morning train is crowded, I from an iPhone app rather than a newspaper. When I get into the office and page through the FT, I find I have most of it — but not all.阅读新闻则有所不同。当上班的列车很拥挤时,我用iPhone上的一款app看新闻,而不是直接看报纸。当我进入办公室浏览英国《金融时报》时,我发现自己看过了大部分内容——但并非全部。When I use an app, I what I am interested in. When I a print newspaper, I find myself ing things I did not know I was interested in.当我使用app时,我只看自己感兴趣的内容。但我看纸质报纸时,我会看一些之前不知道自己会感兴趣的内容。Others have spoken about the serendipity of print, but I think there is more to it. Reading from a mobile phone, the fastest-growing form of digital ing, is useful, but it is, literally, narrower than print.有人曾谈到纸质阅读的意外收获,但我认为没这么简单。作为增长最快的数字化阅读方式,手机阅读很有用,但是它显然比纸质阅读更“窄”。A newspaper offers peripheral vision. There is the likelihood not only that you will come across unexpected information, but that you will connect it to other things you have .报纸提供周边视觉。你不仅可能看到意想不到的信息,还可能会把它与你读过的内容联系起来。This is important for those whose job is to think about the threats, opportunities and changes that might affect the business. It is not an either/or. You have to be immersed in the digital world too to know what it is doing to people’s behaviour.对于职责就是思索可能影响业务的威胁、机会和变化的人来说,这很重要。这并非是个非此即彼的选择。你也必须沉浸到数字化世界中,才能了解它对人们的行为产生了什么影响。Studies in the US show that those who still a newspaper are higher-earning and better-educated.美国的研究表明,如今仍然阅读报纸的人的收入更高、受教育水平也更高。They are also generally older. But every now and then I meet a 20-something digital native who s print newspapers, too. I immediately assume they have a great future.他们也普遍年纪更大。但是我也会不时地遇到一个20多岁的“数字化原住民”在阅读纸质报纸。我会立马认为他们拥有一个光明的前途。 /201507/385725 Bill Gates is planning to double his personal investment in innovative green technologies to bn over the next five years in an attempt to “bend the curve” on climate change.比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)计划在未来5年将自己对创新绿色技术的个人投资增加一倍,至20亿美元,希望借此改变气候变化的趋势线。The billionaire philanthropist said he had invested about bn in dozens of early-stage companies — including battery, next generation nuclear and free air carbon capture — hoping they would develop “breakthrough” technologies.这位亿万富翁慈善家表示,他已对数十家早期阶段公司投资约10亿美元,希望它们将开发出“突破性”技术。这些公司活跃于电池、下一代核电和大气层碳捕捉等领域。Mr Gates, who is listed by Forbes as the world’s richest person with a net worth of almost bn, said he had invested directly in about 15 companies and indirectly in another 30. “Over the next five years, there’s a good chance that will double,” he told the Financial Times.以接近800亿美元净资产被《福布斯》(Forbes)列为世界首富的盖茨表示,他已直接投资了约15家公司,另外还间接投资了30家公司。他对英国《金融时报》表示,“未来5年里,投资额很可能将翻倍。” /201506/383336广州长安医院收费标准广州天河最贵的人流



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